Miranda’s Loss of Virginity


How a late starter got started and didn’t want to stop!


If you were looking for a very best friend, Evelyn would be hard to beat, decided Miranda. They had known each other since meeting at the kindergarten in their small mid-western town. Chuckles Daycare Club had kept the toddlers of Midland, Ohio, happy for over a generation. Now, twenty years later and they were still inseparable. The difference now was that Evelyn had a boyfriend, a lover, a stud who fucked her like crazy at every opportunity when he wasn’t at work. Evelyn told Miranda in exhausting detail the explosive delights she endured and enjoyed under Greg’s skilled tongue, fingers and cock. They sat together enjoying a coffee outside their favorite coffee shop in downtown Baltimore where they both worked as lawyers.

“You need to find a lover. You’re twenty-four and never been fucked. I can’t believe I waited so long. We should have started at sixteen like Fiona did.”

Miranda chuckled, recalling how proud Fiona was of her achievements in managing to have all fifty-one members of the football squad over the course of one weekend at the age of eighteen and a week. She even managed the coach and his assistant! It would have been a nice even fifty-five if two of the players had not been off sick and never made it to the gym that weekend.

“I remember, it well. I only deleted the pictures a few months back. I have no idea how she managed to cope with all that, that manhood, and the heat in that hall. Did you see how they were all sweating? Ugh. No thanks.. I want my first time to be sweet, gentle, cool, in a nice room with Champagne and flowers and music and just one man, not a whole team.” said Miranda with a smile.

“Why not let Greg be your first? He’s kind, gentle and has the most beautiful cock you have ever seen. Well, okay, we haven’t seen many, I know, but his is spectacular.”

Miranda almost choked on her coffee.

“What did you say? Greg? He’s your boyfriend, for heaven’s sake. Why would you say that?”

“Because you’re my best friend forever and I love you and I want it to be special and Greg is very special, so why not with him?”

“But won’t you mind, him having sex with another woman?”

“You’re not another woman, Maddy, you’re my very best buddy and I would do anything for you, same as you would for me, I know.”

“Goodness. Well, I’ll have to think about it.” said Miranda.

She sipped her coffee, replaced the cup and held Evelyn’s hand.

“Yes, okay. I thought about it and it’s a great idea. You know how much I like Greg, because he is very kind and sweet and gentle with you, I know, so yes, he would be perfect. Are you sure you don’t mind, really?”

“Of course not, silly, it’ll be fantastic, you’ll see. And once he’s broken your duck you can set about finding as many men as you want with your looks and figure. You’ll be the most sought after hottie in the city. Baltimore and the East Coast will never know what’s hit it!”

“Goodness. Have you spoken to Greg about this?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, yes, we did sort of discuss it a few days ago, and again yesterday, and this morning before he left for work. ‘don’t forget to ask her’ were his last words to me as he closed the door.”

“Well, what are we waiting for? When can he be ready?”

“He’s always ready but he has the weekend off so you are on for Saturday night. Prepare to lose your virginity, Maddy. And be sure to tell me every detail on Monday.”

“It’s a deal.”


The door closed behind them with a solid, expensive sounding clunk as the electric deadbolt slid home. Miranda slid her key-card into the slot by the door and the lights came on all around the room. Moving a few switches, dimming the brightness to a more acceptable level made the room more welcoming. She put the ice-bucket on the table beside the bed. Greg slid the bottle into the ice, twisting it to bed it deep within the ice. The glasses he carefully placed beside the bucket.

“You get that open, Greg. I need to use the bathroom.” said Miranda.

She closed but did not lock the bathroom door behind her. She had no idea of the protocol involved but felt that erring on the side of risqué was the best choice. She quickly stripped and stood under the shower. She spread her knees slightly and peed, watching as the straw coloured liquid swirled around her feet. She soaped up and washed everywhere that mattered.

“You want me to wash your lady parts for you?” asked Greg.

He stood outside the glass shower cubicle, naked and obscured by the steam and water drops on the glass.

“You can wash my man parts for me. It’s all part of the pleasure, part of the build-up, the tension, if you like. If not, just say so and I’ll get started on the fizz.” he said.

Miranda had asked for him to lead the way. She pushed the door open and beckoned him inside the cubicle. It was large enough for two, this being the Carlton and there was plenty of hot water. Greg reduced the flow and picked up the expensive soap. He turned her and applied the soap to her back, swirling around and down her lean back. His other hand stroked, swept, worked up a lather as he applied yet more soap to her buttocks. He reached around and gave Miranda the soap. He used both hands now to sweep across her back, over her buttocks, up, up over her shoulders and around and down to her breasts. She shuddered as his fingers slid firmly over her erect nipples. His hands held the heavy globes of flesh as he pulled gently, up, down and around her chest. His hands slid further down, across her fluttering flat stomach, over her hips and down again, over her pubis and the tops of her thighs.

“You have a fabulous body, Miranda. You could have been a model, swimsuits or nude if you like. Your skin is so smooth. Here, make your hands soapy and wash me. He’s right behind you!”

Greg moved in closer to her and lodged his erection in the crack of her arse. Miranda did as she was told. She rubbed the soap between her palms. When she had what she imagined was enough, she slid the soap onto the tray and reached around behind her. She had never seen an erection up close, apart from in the few porn movies she had watched with Evelyn and several others on a few drunken evenings. She glanced behind as her hand enveloped the shaft. It felt hot, hard, stiff, and eager to please. She laughed.

“First time I ever touched one of these. It feels,…..wonderful.” she murmured.

“Does it get any harder?” she giggled as it twitched in her hands.

“Er, no. That’s about as bony as it ever gets. We need to rinse off and get to the bed.”

His voice sounded slightly strained. They rinsed each other, face to face now. His hands slipped between her legs, his fingers dividing her cleft, letting the warm water trickle along his arm and down to his hand. Miranda pumped once or twice as she sluiced water over his cock.

“Don’t do that too often or we won’t make it to the bed.” he said.

They dried each other. He made a big fuss of her breasts. She made a big fuss of his penis. She marvelled at its length and breadth. It looked huge to her but then she had nothing to compare it to.

“It’s big. I hope it’s not too big.” she said, laughing.

“It’s never been a problem before. Evie manages it and she’s smaller than you.” he replied, grinning like a child.

He led her to the bed, sitting near the pillows. He grasped the bottle of Champagne and unscrewed the foil and wire. He eased the top off, letting it pop out a few feet. He poured them both a glass and replaced the bottle in the ice.

“Here’s to your first time. I hope I can make it a memorable occasion.” he said.

He clicked his glass against hers and they both sipped. He evidently a lot more than she did as they placed the glasses on the bedside table.

“We should begin with a little massage. Consider it a first course, an hors d’ouvre, It’s a way for me to examine closely every inch of your fabulous body. It will also help you to relax. Concentrate on the feel of my hands, my fingers. Nothing else. Now lie on your tummy in the middle of the bed.”

Miranda obliged, her arms beside her, her head to the left, watching him. He gulped another mouthful of Champagne. He stood and moved to the end of the bed. He knelt, out of her view, and held her feet. He spent a minute rubbing them with his strong hands. He lowered her left foot and concentrated on the right. He took time to massage her ankle, her calf and behind her knee, trailing up to her thigh as he squeezed the toned muscles. He swapped legs and applied his expertise to her left leg, repeating the moves he had learned in Thailand several years earlier. He then concentrated his efforts on her buttocks, leaning hard onto her mounded backside, pressing the flesh and slightly spreading her rounded cheeks. His thumbs trailed inside the crease of her bum, sliding close to her bumhole each time he swept around the quivering globes. He noted that Miranda spread her legs a little wider apart. He knew an invitation when he saw one.

He moved further up the bed. Now he used his right hand to good effect on her backside while his left stroked her back and shoulders. He slid his fingers over her backside, down now across her pussy lips until he cupped her pubic bone in his hand. He pressed as his left arm circled and swooped over her back, down to join his right arm over her backside. He pressed his middle finger inside her, just a little, just spreading the lips enough to feel her heat, to feel her moist lips spread invitingly apart a little more with each passing stroke. Miranda raised her hips, offering herself to his hands and his view. He paused now, each time his hand rested on her pussy, his fingers dipped deeper inside each time until his hand became slippery with her juice.

“Turn over.” he demanded.

They drank again, his glass almost empty now. Hers almost full. She lay back and raised her hands behind her head. He placed a second pillow behind her. She smiled as he resumed his massage. His right hand went straight to her pussy. He slid his hand up and down, up and over and down and up and deep down into her cleft.

“I will make you come in a minute or two. Just relax and let it happen. I want you to hold my cock while you let me arouse you. Just hold it, feel the hardness. Imagine what it will feel like inside you in a few minutes. Now you can either watch my hands or look at my cock, as you like.” he instructed her.

Miranda reached down between them and gently grasped the shaft of his erection. It felt hot and hard, harder than in the bathroom, if that was possible. She felt his hand now between her legs. He spread her lips and used his thumb to rub around her clitoris. She raised her head to watch, tilting her hips up to gain a better view. He slipped one, then two fingers inside her, pushing in deep, then withdrawing slowly, all the while his thumb worked its magic on her engorged clitoris. Miranda masturbated without putting her fingers inside herself but she knew now that she would definitely be using them in the future. It felt wonderful.

The pressure built inside her. Her stomach tightened, her thighs shook, her breasts ached, her hands let go of his cock, now she held the globes of her breasts as she supported herself on her elbows. Her face reddened, her fingers pinched softly at her distended nipples. Greg concentrated on the task in hand, rubbing faster now, his fingers going deep inside her, three fingers now as her pussy stretched in anticipation. Her juice made the bed damp under her backside. He pressed on, increasing his rhythm until she began to whimper. Her chest flushed crimson as she closed her eyes. Her head fell back, her legs shook as she climbed the final hurdle, coming hard and fast on his shaking hand, her whole body suffused in heat, electricity, passion. Her synapses exploded as her body rippled, the shudders expanded from deep within her. She gripped his arm and pulled him hard up against her. She held tight, took a deep, gasping breath and fell back on the bed, replete, wiped out, semi-conscious.

It had been a while since Greg had induced such an intense orgasm in a woman. He felt quite proud of his achievement. He withdrew his hand and went to the bathroom to give his hand and wrist a quick rinse. He returned with a warm, damp facecloth and placed it gently on her pubic bone. He poured himself another glass of fizz as she wiped between her wet legs. He took the cloth and handed her the glass. They clinked once again.

“Second course. Lie down and let me show you how it’s done with a tongue! Ready?”

Miranda smiled and lay back on the pillows. She bent her legs, parting her knees just enough to allow his shoulders to fit between her legs. He fluttered light kisses along the insides of her thighs. He lingered on the soft skin near the top of her legs. His breath felt warm on her skin. He continued, kissing, licking now, his tongue sliding ever closer to her pussy. Miranda watched, holding her breasts once again, her fingertips gently pinching her erect nipples. Greg eventually put her out of her misery. He dipped his head, spread his tongue wide and lapped at her pussy, from clitoris to her perineum and slowly returning. He repeated the move a dozen times, still keeping his tongue wide and flat outside her pussy lips.

He held her thighs open with both hands, keeping his fingers stretched to pull her lips open. Now his tongue became like a spear, darting in and out of her pussy, probing, pushing and licking her clitoris and lips in ever deeper probes and ever harder licks. He flicked the tip of his tongue rapidly over her clitoris, sliding his fingertips further together, joining inside her, spreading her even wider open. Now he immersed his mouth in her pussy He had to withdraw to breathe, returning to the task, licking, sucking, flicking, probing. Miranda took just a little less than two minutes of his oral onslaught before she cried out, raised her hips and vibrated as her orgasm ripped through her whole body. She hummed, exhaled and cried out as the peak of pleasure crashed through her. The heat flashed through her tense body, suffusing her with hot blood and infinite serenity. For a few seconds she was adrift, afloat on a sea of ultimate pleasure, unaware of her surroundings, unable to feel anything other than the fire burning intensely within her.

She stopped vibrating and slumped back onto the bed. She took a deep, rasping breath and opened her eyes. Greg’s hand remained clamped between her legs, his face glistened with her juice, his teeth gleaming as he smiled at her beautiful face. They both looked like the cat that got the cream!

“I think you are ready for this now. Third course coming up!” he said.

He tore open the foil packet and unrolled the pink condom down the length of his rigid cock. Miranda watched, another first for her. She noted that when he held his cock in both hands there protruded about another inch of swollen head. She had her doubts about her ability to take such a long and thick cock inside her virgin pussy. Greg sensed her unease.

“You’ll be fine. Just lie back and relax. I’ll be gentle. Slow and easy. You’ll be fine, I promise you.” he said.

Miranda relaxed onto the pillows once again. Greg moved around to kneel between her legs. He held her right knee and his cock as he shuffled closer to her. He rested his cock on her pubic mound, sliding it back and forth a little. Miranda was horrified to see the head reached almost to her navel as he pushed forwards.

“It’s too big. Isn’t it too big? Don’t hurt me, please.”

“I won’t, Miranda, I promise. You’ll see. You’ll be fine. Let me put just a little inside now. Hold your knees with your hands and spread yourself wide open. That’s it, a little more. There, now, feel that?”

Miranda nodded as he lodged the bulbous head at the portal of her pussy. He rocked back and forth, applying gentle pressure to her virgin pussy. He looked down, assessing his progress. He thrust gently a few more times, each time another fraction of the head of his cock disappeared inside her. On the tenth push, he kept pushing. The head and another inch of cock slid inside her tightness. She moaned and clenched her muscles. Greg was ready. He stopped moving.

“Relax. Just let go. It won’t hurt, honestly. Just let go and you’ll see. You can get more inside if you relax a bit more, a bit more, there, you see? Half in there now, look.”

Miranda raised herself on her elbows and looked down at his cock, indeed lodged half-way inside her. Her sparse hair, trimmed short allowed them both to gaze at her pink lips enfolding his rigid member as he resumed gently fucking her.

“Just relax, let me fuck you. Don’t try to move. Just feel me inside you. How is that? Good eh?”

“Fuck, it feels wonderful. Put some more in, a bit more, more, that’s it. Fuck, it’s almost all in there. I never would have believed it possible. Fuck, that is so hard. I can feel you up here now, hitting inside me. That feels so great. Not painful at all. I think I love this” she laughed.

Greg concentrated on his moves, his cock slid easily in and out, a piston to her tight cylinder. He kept up a steady rhythm, concentrating on her pleasure. She had told him to be good and that was what he determined he would be; the very best that he had ever been. His right hand massaged her left breast. His left hand he held flat on her pubis, his thumb rolling over her distended, exposed clitoris. Miranda looked on intently, absorbing every movement, every sensation, every stab of pleasure as she rode her orgasm once again. She felt it begin between her legs, spread up through her body, urging its way up and out to her nipples, her breasts reddened, her breathing quickened, her heart raced, her body trembled and again she burst, as if a volcano of liquid fire had erupted deep inside her, spewing its red-hot lava through every vein in her body. She screamed and shook, her legs shot out straight, pushing Greg outside as she clamped them shut, trapping the intense, burning feeling inside her.

Greg laughed out loud at the intense reaction he had observed. Not often in his experience had a woman had such an intense orgasm, even those with plenty of practice. That this was Miranda’s first time amazed him even more. He knew he was doing something right and felt determined to continue until she had learned all he had to teach her. He sipped again at his glass, waiting for Miranda to react to his offer of more Champagne. She was still quivering slightly, trembling as her pleasure subsided. After a minute she sat up and took the proffered glass.

“What’s on the menu for the fourth course?” asked Miranda, laughing as she spoke.

“Your turn to do some work. My turn to relax. Climb on and get some work done.”

He rolled onto his back and held his cock vertically upright for her. Miranda understood what was required. She knelt up, lifted her left leg over his hips and raised herself enough to position her pussy directly over his erection. She held herself open as she slowly lowered herself down the length of rigid flesh. She hesitated a moment at about half-mast, but then gently slid on down all the way until her weight rested on his hips. She lowered her knees to the bed, leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest, covering his nipples. She smiled as she looked down at him. His grin split his handsome face, ear to ear.

“When you’re ready, just rock back and forth. No need to ride up and down. Keep your clit in contact with my bone. Rub it back and forth. You’ll come in no time.”

“I’m not sure I need another. I had three already. What about you? Don’t you want to come yet?”

“There is no limit to the number you can have. I, however, even at the age of twenty-nine, can manage one and then I need about half an hour or more to recover enough for a second. I am very happy to wait until you are totally fucked before I come. This is your special occasion, remember? Now, off you go, rub, don’t ride.”

Miranda did as he instructed, keeping her weight pressed down on his body. Her clitoris rubbed against his hairy pubic bone. Miranda felt another new sensation as she ground her now swollen clitoris against his lean body. It didn’t take long. She had not learned yet to prolong the fun. She raced to her next crescendo, anxious to repeat the feeling of intense ecstasy once again. She ground hard and fast, letting the orgasm hit her like an express train, smashing into her with full force, blowing her to small pieces of shattered flesh, scattering her around the warm room until she bounced off the walls to reform into human shape sitting on top of the most wondrous cock she could have imagined. She collapsed onto his chest, holding his shoulders.

“Am I allowed to kiss you. Will Evie mind, do you think?” asked Miranda.

“We don’t have to tell her. Yes, please do. Mmmmmnnnnnnnnice. More please”

Miranda kissed, nibbled, licked at his lips, sucking the lower lip inside, biting it gently and licking the firm flesh inside her mouth. She dribbled, he sucked, they clamped lips and their tongues battled for position, in and out, wrestling for supremacy.

“I can do that riding again. Don’t move.”

Miranda sat up, leaning on his broad chest and resumed, barely pausing long enough to regain her breath. She powered on to number five, slamming her body down, hard and fast, riding him a little now, plunging up and down with her strong legs raising her a few inches at a time. She crooned and moaned as her fifth orgasm approached. Greg relaxed and let her take control. She was fucking him now and in about one more minute, he would be unable to resist the sensation of her tight, hot pussy engulfing his erection. He decided to let it happen, he knew he was close to coming. They could always resume later.

“Keep going, Miranda. Make me come with you. I’m close, just keep going a minute longer. I’ll come with you.”

Miranda looked down at his face. The smile had gone, replaced with a serious frown. He held her thighs as she bounced over him. Sweat ran down between her breasts. Her face glistened. He raised his left hand and squeezed her pendulous breast as it bounced under her with each thrust. He pinched the nipple and heard her moan. He could feel his orgasm begin, deep in the back of his spine somewhere, racing through him. He knew it could not be stopped now, whatever happened.

“Slow, Miranda, slow down, let me come then you can finish. Slower, please, oh fuck, yes, slow, now just move a little, squeeze him, squeeze again, yes, that’s it, that’s it, coming, cumming, cumming, oh holy fucking hell.”

He exploded inside her, blasting his juice into the latex teat, filling it with his seed and his lust. Miranda moved so very slowly, milking his cock now with her muscles. She was close, she just needed a few more seconds. She decided not to wait or ask permission. She simply set off at a fast gallop and twenty seconds later exploded once again as her final orgasm ripped through her shattered body. She cried out, shook and collapsed onto his chest. She could barely register where she was or what day of the week it might have been. They lay, entwined for several minutes. Greg’s cock slowly deflated. He rolled his hips under her to withdraw the now limp cock and the used condom clear of her pussy. They relaxed and recovered slowly, for several minutes. Greg thought she might have fallen asleep but when he quietly asked,

“More fizz?”

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