Hot Dog. A Western Love Story!



Molly pulled my spectacular erection. At least, that’s what she called it and she should know about erections, her being a working girl and all. She hefted the steel hardness in her soft hands and pumped me into her hot, sucking mouth. I rested my hands on her red-haired head, to keep her rhythm slow enough that I didn’t blow my load into her throat. I wanted her to see me come this time. I had been saving it up for days and there would be a shower worthy of the great flood. I favoured her breasts this time. Hers were big, not overly big but full and swinging when she was on her knees. I wanted to impress her with the quantity and the force when it came.

She sucked and swirled, her firm tongue rasping under the hot crown. Her two hands pumped gently as I talked to her.

“Molly, you are the sweetest girl here. You do everything just perfect for me. Don’t suck too much or I will come in your mouth. I have enough in there to choke you, Girl. I want to come on your beautiful tits, but not yet, later. Can you do that thing with your tongue again, you know, when I have to turn around?”

Molly stopped her sucking and let go. I turned and knelt on the bed. I leaned my head on my hands, down on the pillow. She got behind me and applied her oral skills to my butt hole. She even poked her tongue inside some and almost made me come there and then. She milked my cock and fondled my balls as they hung in front of her busy mouth. I was ready to explode but first I had me some riding to do.

“On your back, Molly. Show me that sweet pussy of yours. Let me taste your juice some afore I fuck you.” I told her.

Molly seemed happy to oblige. She rolled on her back and spread her legs wide. She raised her feet and waited to rest them on my shoulders as I knelt before her sweet altar of lust. I prayed that I could do justice to this sweet girl and give her the orgasms she so richly deserved after all her efforts to please me. I went to work, delicate like, just as I saw hummingbirds sipping from the purple flowers back home as a kid. I knew she liked it like that, she told me so. I sipped her nectar for five full minutes afore she began wailing and thrashing her hips. Her grip on my hair was something fierce as she pulled me hard into her opening. She was soaking my face, screaming the house down as a thunderbolt shot through her and shook her fit to break every bone in her body. My, did she come in some spectacular fashion! I have to admit my mouth on her sweetness was more akin to my very-cross-bred mutt eating his breakfast than a hummingbird right there at the end.

I waited some for her to recover. I knelt between her legs and stroked some of her wetness on my cock. He wasn’t going to be denied now. I could see her, wet, open, hot, pulsing as the contractions in her pussy winked at me. I could smell her juices. Her thighs and my face were wet. I moved forward, lowered my cock head to her ready pussy and slipped him inside in one long, hard push. Molly grunted and opened her eyes. She smiled up at me as I began to stroke him in and out. She loved the long, slow strokes, she told me. I obliged and fucked her for a full five minutes. I wanted her to come one more time afore I showered her belly and breasts with my cum. She pulled on my shoulders, her feet joined up around my back, pulling me in on the in strokes, slamming us hard together. She began her moaning, wailing, screaming once again as the pressure rose in my balls. This would be spectacular for the both of us, I knew it. She began to shake, shout, shudder and shimmy her hips as her orgasm ripped through her. I gave her one last hard stroke before pulling out. I leaned back, gripped the exposed portion of my cock and withdrew, the pressure built now to an explosive climax. The first blast would blow her head off if I could just aim it up under her chin. Just a few more strokes and…

“Get up, you lazy bastard. We have work to do.”

Gill Verner kicked me none too gently in the thigh. My dream ruined, my orgasm gone, me erection real but now straining for a piss, not as nice a feeling as seconds before.

“Shit, Gill, I was having the sweetest dream about Molly. I was just about to finish on her tits. You ruined my whole day.”

“Yeah, well, only another week and you can do it for real, with a real whore, not some dream.”


So began another day on the trail. A walk to the bushes for a piss and a dump. Then the luxury of a bath in the creek beside the camp. I washed and scrubbed at my teeth as best I could. Steak and beans for breakfast came as no surprise. Then as the sun came up, saddle up and get them doggies moving. They yipped and barked and scurried and harried the herd into life. It takes a lot to break the inertia of eight thousand head of cattle. They like staying put, eating grass and shitting everywhere. They don’t much care for walking any more’n I do. It takes about an hour to get them all moving in the direction you want them to go and it takes some skill to keep them moving for ten straight hours. Four strips of beef jerky is lunch and a canteen of water until sundown and the evening meal brings another tedious day to a close. We would sit and drink cheap coffee and sip cheaper whiskey, sing some and tell all the tall tales we knew for an hour afore we turned in around eight. Sleep came easy, deep and restful for eight solid hours afore we were up again at four.

I have never looked forward more to a hot bath and a hotter woman. Well, not since the last time I was on the trail. I had been wrangling stinking, noisy, misbehaving cattle since my fifteenth birthday, over ten years back. This herd of eight thousand, give or take, sometimes took almost half the day’s light to pass any given point in places where the trail narrowed. Other days we would make ten miles and thank the Lord. The work was tedious, hot, backbreaking and boring. My bandana did little to stop me swallowing dust and the smell of cowshit but we all wore them, looking like outlaws.

The trail head was just two days away. The town of Bandera had long been one of my favourites. The President Hotel kept a steady flow of young women to serve drinks, sing, play music, dance and flirt with the customers. Cal Maddon had a supplier back east who trawled the poor houses and orphanages, promising them real jobs in a real hotel. He didn’t mention that they would be expected to fuck the customers. I had already spent a lot of time, and money, in there in the past ten years. Six months back, Molly had stayed with me the six days I had free. She was a doll but told me she was moving on soon as she could. I didn’t expect to see her fabulous breasts again on Saturday.

We would get paid Saturday when we reached the cattle pens and all the steers were corralled safely. A hot bath would set me back two bits and the hot woman a dollar for the whole night. I would have over four hundred dollars to spend so I knew I was in for a good time. Life on the trail was an unending series of hot days and cool nights under the stars and the open sky. Nine of us plus the two who worked the chuck wagon got real friendly over the weeks we were on the drive, if you know what I mean. Gill Verner and I had become close after the second day. He is a head taller than me, and ten years older but we got along just fine. I’m a head taller than most folk but Gill is just a long lean pole of a man. We followed the unwritten rule of cowboys on the trail; help each other out but never do what you don’t feel comfortable with. We would please each other with our hands and nothing else on an almost daily basis. Neither of us wanted the other in our mouths, much less anywhere else, for sure. Some of the men did the whole routine of anal and oral sex but I had never been into that. Gill would unload me from behind, making sure I jetted my juice out into the dirt in front of me. He would rub his erection on my backside while he did it, to get him nice and hard, he told me. I sometimes thought he pressed just a bit too hard. We would swap places and I would do the same for him. I didn’t feel the need to rub my dick in his backside, specially since I just shot my load. We took bets on who would shoot the furthest. Gill was slightly ahead in terms of taking the dollar stakes. Saturday would be different, I would shoot my juice all over a woman’s breasts and anywhere else she would let me. Now that was something to look forward to.

Gill and I had decided to forgo our daily ritual today and tomorrow, saving it up for Saturday. Just two more nights on the trail and then we could all celebrate. That first cold beer and that first hot woman would both taste better than anything else in the world. Gill gave up a half a day’s pay and rode into town on the Friday night. He promised to return for the corralling which would begin at six on Saturday. I was happy to wait, there was no hurry.


Saturday morning and we finally penned the last of the cattle around eleven. Matt Harding, the trail boss, sat at a table and dispensed our money. He was a good man and had a kind word for all of us, promising more work in the future. We shook hands and made our different ways to wherever we were headed. Gill and I were headed into town, a few miles west. Some of the others were headed home to wives and families. First stop, new pants, shirt and a jacket, next the bath house and the barber’s shop. It took over an hour to scrub all the grit and sweat from my body but I needed to be clean if I was going to entertain a woman later. The barber spent twenty minutes on my beard, shaving me as clean as a newborn baby’s ass! I smelled just fine after he splashed me with some stinging balm. I was ready. First up now was a meal. Chuck wagon menus are limited to meat, beans and meat, meat and beans or beans. All washed down with coffee and soaked up with hard pan bread. I wanted something different. Miss Angie’s Eating House on Main had the finest food in Texas, well, almost. I spent a half dollar and an hour in there, feasting on as much as I could stuff into me. I had to find a room and sleep it off before the evening began.

The President has attic rooms for four bits a night. The bed almost fills the room but it is comfortable and clean. I used a latrine for the first time in two months before I went up and undressed for bed. I folded my clean clothes and placed them on the chair by the door. My trail clothes were in the wash-house getting a good scrubbing. I slept from three until seven, ready for the long night ahead. The dining room in the hotel was almost as good as Angie’s. The steak was sublime and the potatoes and vegetables were just what I needed. Time to hit the bar and see what was on offer.

Being a little after eight, the saloon was crowded. There were more girls than I remembered from last time six months back. Seems business is booming! The large room was filled with stinky smoke from cheap cigars which almost all the men smoked. I had avoided getting into that habit, at least. The noise was raucous and almost deafening. Two men sat at a piano adjacent to the long, gleaming bar and bashed out some well known tune. Several others sat around close by, singing, most of them off key but happy enough. I ordered a beer and downed it in one. The second I would take more slowly. I know what too much beer does to me when I want to impress a woman and it ain’t pretty. I’m older and wiser now. I walked around the big room, past tables filled with men gambling or just sitting talking. Some had girls on their knees. Some men were fondling the goods on offer. The girls were busy making arrangements, bargaining or offering services and delights the men would find nowhere else on earth, well, in Texas anyway.

I was about to begin my second turn around the room when I spotted a girl sitting alone at a small table under the stairs. The table was almost hidden in the dark shadow. I looked closer, she was slender, dark with olive skin. I figured she might be a half-breed, maybe Mexican or Indian, but her face was pretty, what I could see of it anyway. She looked down at her hands on the table. I approached and asked her if I could sit with her. She didn’t say anything, just nodded a little nod and pointed to the vacant chair.

“Howdy, Ma’am. I’m Garland Freeman. Folks call me Gary. What’s your name?”

She hesitated and looked up. Now I could see why she sat here in the shadows. The left side of her face was blue, her eye swollen and dark, the left edge of her mouth puffy and cracked. A dry scab lined her lovely lips. She didn’t speak.

“Whoa! What happened to you? Don’t tell me. Some bully didn’t take kindly to you saying no to something. Am I right?”

She nodded and looked back down at her hands, now in her lap. She gripped her fingers, as if to stop them shaking. I guess I had reminded her of the event, maybe only yesterday by the look of the bruises.

“Did you tell the Boss Lady what happened?”

She shook her head, tears glistening in her eyes. She sniffed.

“You should tell her. She can stop this sort of thing happening again. Who was he? Do you know his name?”

Once again, she shook her head. At last she spoke, quiet and slow, kinda like a child who did something wrong.

“He’s real tall, skinny and dirty, most likely come in from a trail. He were fine to begin with, apart from being smelly and all, but I’m used to that. He paid an extra two dollars when we got in the room, for extras, he said. Took his time some to make me wet with his hands. He was real gentle for a while, slow and smiling. Then after about five minutes he made me turn around on my knees which is fine by me. Lots of men like it that way, doggy style. Then he pushed it up against my hidey hole. He wanted to put it in my back passage and I told him he couldn’t. Told him to finish what he started, where he started. He got angry and laid into me, hit me four or five times, kicked me while I was on the floor, here in my ribs. I think he cracked one. He took his two dollars and and left on his brown mare. I watched from my window out front. My name is Sarah, by the way.”

“Howdy, Sarah. Did you happen to notice if he was wearing a straw hat, kinda grey with a black band around?”

“Yes, he was. You know him then?”

“Yeah, I know him. He’s on our crew. We just did eight weeks on the trail. I never figured him for the violent type. You never can tell. I’ll remind him of this next time I see him. He won’t be doing it again for a long time after I finish with him. How long you been doing this, Sarah?”

“I came from Pittsburgh just a a few weeks back. I only had a few men on account of my dark skin color. He were the first that got violent, the first to hit me. I had one who wanted me to hit him but that were different.”

Sarah almost smiled just then. I felt a jab of sympathy and wanted to do something to make the pain go away.

“Sarah, are you up to spending the night with me? I promise I’ll be real gentle. You don’t even have to fuck with me if’n you don’t wanna do it so soon.”

I don’t know why I said that, considering I was desperate to fuck a woman and had thought of little else these last few weeks. I just felt so damn angry that Gill had treated her badly. I wanted to comfort her, is all. I could wait one more day for a fuck, I figured. Sarah studied my face for a moment. I guess she liked what she saw. I am clean, handsome, rugged with thick curly hair, almost blonde when its clean. My hands are big and strong and I guess my smile did it for her.

“Yes, why not? Pay the Boss Lady afore we go up. I’ll wait here.”

The Boss Lady was a face I didn’t recognise. They changed frequently as time passed, going from working on their back to working the small desk near the bar as they progressed up the seniority list. The new boss looked about thirty but she still had that look, that smile, that energy that some of the working girls had, those that stayed clean, that is. I handed over my money and pointed to the table under the stairs. Sarah nodded as she made eye contact. She stood up, ready to leave. She was kinda short, but in proportion.

“Treat her nice. She’s new.”

“I’ll do that, Ma’am. I won’t hurt her, I promise.”


The girls lived ten to a room under the eaves so business was conducted in the guest’s rooms. I had a single room since I was hell bent on getting naked and dirty with a woman and didn’t want an audience. As Sarah walked past me into the room I noted that her head would reach my nipples. She probably weighed less than a sack of corn. Sarah sat on the bed and began to unlace her boots.

“You don’t have to do that, Sarah. If you want to talk and maybe hold someone who won’t hurt you, that’d be fine.”

“Talking and holding would be nice but lying on the bed would be the place for that.” she said. “Sides, there ain’t but one chair and that’s occupied with your gear.”

She smiled at me and I was hit by a surge of sympathy for this pretty young woman. I kicked off my boots, untied my neck-tie and joined her on the bed. She lay back with her fingers entwined over her belly.

“Tell me about yourself, Sarah, just a little.”

She looked up at the ceiling and spoke quietly, her voice sounding pleasing and delicate.

“I lived in Pittsburgh with my parents ’till they died of cholera back in ’81. I got took in by an orphanage but it were a terrible place. I stayed two years and escaped as soon as I had the chance. I hid under the dunny wagon one evening and just rode on out. I asked the first kind looking man I saw if he would help me. Turns out I was good at spotting kindness. Mister Shawcross put me with his sister in the house he had in Linden Grove. I stayed there half a year and worked at his office in town. He sold steel and bought coke, making lots of money. Several girls worked there and we all flirted with the men in the office, hoping to find a husband.

Late one afternoon a few weeks back, a handsome man met with Mister Shawcross. We all looked through the glass at the tall, well-dressed visitor. When he came out he headed right for my desk. He put a note on the desk blotter and tipped his hat, giving me the broadest smile. He put notes on two other girl’s desks. I still have the note. Here, you can read it.”

She opened her purse and handed me the note. It read,

‘You have the nicest smile. Please do me the honour of accompanying me to dinner tonight at The Monongahela House. I will be waiting in the lobby at seven. I have a proposition that you might find interesting and even lucrative. Yours, Thomas Edward-Maddison.’

“What was the proposition?” I asked.

“A job as receptionist in a hotel in Texas. Newly opening, two hundred rooms and four dollars a week with free board and lodging. He showed me pictures and told me how much I could save. He explained how it was a luxury hotel so the guests were all moneyed men. He had a rail ticket with him and handed it over. Told me it was good until the end of the month. Take your time, he said. Well, I was on the train the next morning. I got met in Pipe Creek and put on a coach out here to Bandera. I had the name of the hotel and the message to report to the manager on arrival. And here I am, in the not so new President Hotel and working as a chamber maid by day and a bar girl by night, all for one dollar a week and full board. At least that part were right. Tips I get to keep. I made eleven dollars since I been here.”

As she spoke, she played with the buttons on her jacket, eventually undoing them, one by one, kinda slow but deliberate, as if she were thinking ahead about what comes next. When she opened it a little to cool off, I noticed she had firm breasts, high on her body as she lay back.

“Take your’n jacket off. It’s warm in here.” she said.

She were right, it was kinda warm and I didn’t need no jacket. I threw it on the chair as she shucked hers off. I threw hers on top of mine.

“Your turn, Mister Gary. What’s your story?”

I smiled and tried to think back to my life and what she might find interesting. I couldn’t think of much.

“I was raised on a cattle ranch in west Texas, did some school, went on my first drive at fifteen and been doing it ever since. There ain’t no more to tell, really. I spend a little and save a lot. I’m saving to buy a parcel of land out west, near the sea and grow fruit is what I have in mind. I hear the climate is kinder there. Bandera has apples but I want oranges, they are all the rage right now. I figure another drive later this year, I’ll have enough for some land. I need two thousand bucks for the parcel I have in mind.”

All the while I was talking, Sarah was undoing the buttons to her blouse, slow, kinda deliberate, as if she were thinking about what comes next. I were hoping it would be her skirt and undergarments but I decided to be patient. I asked her,

“So what do you have as a plan for your future? You think you’ll find a husband while you work here?”

I realised as soon as I said it that it were a dumb question. I was good as telling her she had no hope of finding one while she was whoring at The President hotel.

“Sorry, stupid question. But what’s your dream, Sarah. How do you get out of here?”

“I will find me a man. He don’t have to marry me but he just needs to take me out of here and then he can do what he wants with me. I will keep him happy, clean, fed and drained of desire to look at another woman. He needn’t pay me as long as he never raises a hand to me. I’ll be his slave. He can dominate me but never hit me. All he has to do is tell me what he wants and I’ll do it. I learned real quick what men want when Mister Shawcross made me pay for my free room at his sister’s. I were a virgin ’til then but his sister put me right. She told me exactly how to make Mister Shawcross happy. All I had to do was obey his orders and show respect. He made me kneel, beg, plead and talk real dirty to him but he never hit me. He had some ropes and a harness affair I had to wear but he were gentle enough. You said you’d be nice to me, not hurt me, just hold me and talk some. Well, we talked some and we still ain’t got to the holding part. I need to shuck my skirt. It’s real warm in here. You could do with losing a few layers yourself. Get them pants off.”

I sat up and did as she suggested. I threw them on the ever growing pile of clothes on the chair. As my pants landed, so too did her skirt, drawers, and a white corset affair. When I turned around, Sarah was naked. I didn’t see the point of keeping my underdrawers on, nor my shirt, so they topped off the pile. I lay next to her, examining her body.

She had black hair down to her shoulders, straight and clean. Her face, apart from the bruising, was exquisite, small features but strong, with high cheek bones and big dark eyes. She smiled up at me as I leaned on my elbow. I cupped her left breast in my right hand and held it, feeling the weight and firmness under my fingers. Her dark nipples hardened as I rolled this one between thumb and finger. Her body was lean, slim, almost too thin but toned and strong. Her belly looked hard. A purple bruise the size of my hand stretched across her lower ribs. Gill would suffer for that. Her black pubic hair she had trimmed short. I like that. Her legs were straight and well muscled. Her right hand was behind her head, her left stroked my lightly haired chest. I rolled her towards me and held her close, face to face, her breasts crushed into my chest, her backside level with my navel, her knees touching my swelling organ. I kissed her, on the side of her mouth, not on the cracked lip.

She took a moment to respond. She kissed me back, puckering her lips and moving her head from side to side, just a small movement. I felt her tongue dart out and lick my lips. I opened my mouth a little and let her taste my tongue. She got into it then, pulling my head with her hand, her left hand around my back. I cupped her left breast and rolled the nipple, just like before. Her hips moved against my stomach. Somehow, her knees gripped my cock, arousing me further. We kissed for maybe a minute before I tested the waters by sliding my right hand down over her belly. I took care not to touch the bruise. I ventured on down and cupped my hand between her legs. She splayed them a little to give me access. I lodged my middle finger in her cleft and stroked. She moaned a little into my mouth. I moaned back as she squeezed my cock with her left hand. I know I am big, bigger than Gill, for sure. I hope she wasn’t going to be put off by the size. Molly was much bigger all around than Sarah and she loved my cock. Couldn’t have enough of it, she told me. Sarah moaned some more as my finger slipped between her lips and entered her warm depths.

Seems Sarah was up for having some sex. I’d have to be gentle though or her ribs would suffer.

“You can sit on top of me if’n you like. You don’t have to but I was thinking maybe we could make this work. What ya’ think?”

“I think that would be just fine, Mister Gary. Lie back and enjoy the ride.”

Sarah straddled me, just like mounting a horse. She squatted and reached down to hold my cock vertical. She came down real slow, easing him inside her, little by little as she stretched her pussy lips apart with her other hand. I held her hips, taking her weight as she lowered herself further down the rigid shaft. She rode me slow, a walk, then a slow trot, then a canter, then a gallop. She wailed and screamed as she came on my hardness, her pussy squeezing me with her gripping muscles. She moaned, cried, shook and shuddered as she came down from her high point.

I was close to coming. I rolled her on her back, held her ankles high and wide and plunged into her real quick. When I knew I was coming, I pulled out and pumped my shaft over her belly. Five strokes and I exploded. I felt like I’d been hit by lightening as my cum jetted out, four, five, six spurts covering her neck, her breasts, her belly and filling her navel with thick white juice. She stroked her hands over her body, laughing as she did so. I had never seen a woman do that afore. Normally they rushed off to wash. Sarah grabbed me and pulled me close, hugging me tight. We stayed stuck together, kissing, stroking each other until a little later, we slept.

Sarah woke me up at five by sucking on my cock. She held my balls, fondled the now hard shaft with her right hand, her head rested on my stomach so I couldn’t see nothin. Wouldna helped if her head were out the way since it were dark as hades in that tiny room. I felt her lips circling, pulling, her tongue licking all around and across the tip and then down the shaft. Her left hand were busy between her own legs. I guess she were pleasuring herself.

“Sarah, you keep on there doin that and you gonna get an early breakfast. You’re real good at that, you know. I never had a girl suck me like that afore. You are making me feel special, Sarah.”

Sarah spent ten minutes stroking, sucking, licking and friggin herself so that we both came together. She moaned as she came, making the head of my cock vibrate in her throat. I couldna hold back and shouted out to her I was gonna come. I shot my load deep into her mouth. She kept sucking, kept pumping, slow now, pulling every drop out until I was drained. She must have swallowed most of it cuz when she came up and kissed me with her mouth open, there weren’t but a drop of me left in there. She laughed and kissed my open mouth, biting my lips and poking her tongue deep into my mouth.

“I have to pee.” she said and left the room wrapped in a sheet.

I lay there thinking about how I would punish Gill Verner when I saw him next. Tomorrow he would be at the church, him professing to be a religious type. Hmm, nothin much religious about how he treats women. I’d wait for him outside and walk him back behind the saloon to show him my new horse. He likes horses. I figured I would just deck him without warning and kick him some in the ribs. I have about twenty pounds on Gill, him being a bag of string and piss. Once he stopped complaining I would tell him why I done it. He wouldn’t know Sarah’s name but he would remember when I tell him about the pretty little dark-skinned woman with the black hair, then he’d remember. Sarah deserved better than this.

When she got back on the bed, I asked her,

“How would you like to move to California?”

Without hesitation she replied,

“That would suit me mighty fine. When do we leave?”

“I need another five hundred dollars. One more drive in October will see me close. You stay here, don’t get pregnant and make as much as you can. We’ll likely have enough if you can make twenty bucks a month.”

“Don’t worry, Mister Gary. I’ll make fifty. I never ate an orange afore!”

The End

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