Jack and Randy – Chapter 01



A chance meeting leads to a surprise.

“Are you ok Beth” asked my friend. Stupid question as I had just been told my husband, Andrew, had been killed in a car accident. We had been married for 10 years and now I was 30yo and a widow. After appointments with Lawyers and Accountants I learned than my husband, who was 40, had built up a portfolio of 2 rental houses, stocks and cash in the bank. I knew he was clever but I was surprised. “You will never have to work again” said the Accountant. That was the only good news as I hated my job. I resigned on the spot, thinking of taking a year off to decide what I wanted to do. Two years later I was sad, bored and fat.

I decided I had to do something. I joined a gym and went every day religiously. Gym in the morning, lunch and then a walk around the park in the afternoon. It filled my day but not my need for intimacy. You see Andrew and I had what could be described as a torrid sex life. Even after 10 years we made love nearly every night and experimented with every position possible and several we thought were impossible – but weren’t. Part of killing my boredom was the use of sex toys. First I bought a small vibrator and a larger one. They gave me certain relief but lacked the intimacy of another people. I tried dating but I kept comparing them to Andrew and they failed, usually on the first date. In short, I hadn’t had sex for those two years.

I had just finished my run one Friday and sat on a bench near home when this guy walked past with a dog on a lead. He was a black Labrador. The dog walked close to me and stopped, looking at me. “Hello boy” I said and patted his head. He immediately made a dive for me, forcing his head between my knees. “Stop Randy” shouted the guy and pulled his away. Meanwhile I was in shock. “You should be careful with that animal” I said sharply. “Oh I am so sorry Miss” he said “he can get a little excited at times”. I looked at the guy. I guessed he was in his 60s but the dog seemed quite young. “I am sorry too” I said “I guess I just got a fright”. “Let me make it up to you” he added “can I buy you a coffee or something? I am Jack, by the way” He seemed harmless enough and, quite frankly, it would break the monotony. “OK” I replied “a coffee would be nice”.

We walked a short distance to the coffee shop and sat outside. I asked him about the dog for no other reason than for conversation. I learned that it was his wife’s dog and she had passed away a year earlier and he kept it to remember her by. She had him for maybe two years but she had always had dogs. “She loved dogs and dogs loved her” he said. “Randy?” I asked. He smiled “yes each dog she owned she called him Randy”. “Very appropriate” I thought but didn’t say. “How about you” he asked. I told him a little about my life. “You must get lonely” he said “you should get a dog”. I laughed “I live in an apartment and dogs are banned. Anyway a dog would have no yard to play in”.

I finished my coffee and said I had to go. I went to pat Randy and he stopped me. “He is a bit sensitive in the head region” he said. I looked at Randy he cocked his head to one side and just stared at me. It was a little un-nerving to be truthful. I said goodbye and headed home. I don’t know what it was but as I lay naked on the bed with my vibrator I suddenly thought of Jack and Randy. His wife loved dogs and they loved her. Don’t pat him on the head. What had his attack all about? Was it an attack? And called all the wife’s dog Randy? I moaned loudly as I came for the second time. Was I over-thinking things? There was something weird about the whole Jack and Randy thing.

I didn’t see Jack for several days but I hadn’t forgotten our talk. I started thinking all sorts of nasty thoughts. Yes, I had heard about bestiality. I thought it was rubbish. An animal having sex with a human? Nonsense. But still, alone on my bed the thoughts returned again and again. I decided to try and settle things once and for all. I went for my run and spotted Jack and deliberately ran towards him. “Hi Jack” I said “It must be my turn to buy the coffee”. “That isn’t necessary” he said but I insisted. “Hello Randy” I said and he started to wag his tail. We went to the café and as I sipped my coffee and tried to think of a way to broach the subject that was playing on my mind.

“He is looking at me funny Jack” I said “it would so interesting to know what dogs are thinking”. He smiled. “Oh probably wondering why an attractive woman like you is drinking coffee with an old guy like me”. I laughed “how old?” I asked. “I’m 71 and long passed chatting up young women”. I was surprised “well maybe your wife didn’t think you were old” I said. I saw a twinkle in his eye “no Joy and I had a great life together”. “With Randy of course” I said. He smiled again. “Yes with all her Randy boys” he added. He then looked at me “tell me Beth, what do you really need to know? What are you dying to ask me? What have you been thinking? I blushed. “Yes you are wondering about my wife and her dogs. Do you really want to know?” he asked.

He saw my embarrassment and before I could answer he decided to take the lead. Just after we got married, God that was 50 years ago, we got a dog. My wife was a virgin but she soon enjoyed sex. One day I got home to find Joy naked and the dog she had called Randy with his nose in her crotch. She had her eyes closed and was moaning “Jack, yes lick me”. No the dog’s name was Randy but she was saying MY name. She opened her eyes and screamed. I sat beside her and kissed her. I had never performed oral sex on her. She explained that she would let Randy lick her and pretend it was me. It turned out that my efforts fell short of Randy’s oral abilities. So Joy and I decided to allow Randy to take charge. She trained him that when she patted his head that was his signal. Of course as the months passed Randy became more boisterous. One night he was licking away while I watched and he suddenly leapt up and tried to mount her. Completely by accident he actually thrust his cock into her and so began a lifetime obsession. I realised I would have to share her.

I sat totally numb. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Finally I blurted out “I thought stories of bestiality were fake. Made up or something”. He chuckled. “Do you really want to know more” he said and asked the waitress for a piece of paper and a pen. “Next time you are on the internet type in this address” he said, handing me the paper. I looked at the paper and then at him. “I think you will understand more” Jack said and then he and Randy headed home leaving me shocked. “My God, it might be real” I thought “or is just telling me a yarn”. I rushed back home and turned on the computer. I typed in the address and page after page of bestiality sites were listed. I clicked on the first one and sat stunned. There were video after video of women with dogs. Mating with them and even performing oral sex on them. Jack had been right. There was indeed such a thing as bestiality. But was his story true or had he made it up because he looked at these sites. Nevertheless I quickly got out of my running gear and used the vibrator to get myself off as I watched dogs mounting women and them squealing and moaning as if they were enjoying it.

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