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Virtual sexy girl Billy

The black girl from our erotic games. This is Emma’s spacecraft pilot.

Description of girl Billy

Dossier. Extended version for admission 2. Adapted artistic version of the AI ​​398222TE210YY. For official use.

Junior debater of the caravan of the Great Desert of thirty-three great beasts feeding the entire Universe, Billy Valentin Jones. Spontaneous holistic pilot.
Despite the pompous name, the inhabitants of this planet are simple and responsive people who are ready to offer a traveler, a homebody, a diver, a snowman, a robot and everything else for any taste and for quite funny money. But only right now, otherwise in five minutes they leave for distant relatives and are unlikely to appear in your places.
Everyone must have two specialties – working and trading. The ruler of the planet has the title of “Senior Sales Manager” and changes every year based on the financial statements for the previous year. In the same way the hierarchy of the entire population is built. As a result, this territory is a leader in tax collection, as well as the absence of corruption, gray schemes and crime.
Billy was born in a simple family that could not afford to educate children in the best educational institutions. Notable for independence, thoroughness, irritability and luck. Relying on her last quality, she chose the profession of debater in her working specialty, which she learned in provincial Women. The closest analogues to the debaters are lawyers generally accepted in the galaxy, but there are no ships on the planet and all conflicts are resolved at the place of their origin.
True, when choosing a profession, Billy was sure that the debaters should be the initiators of the disputes, and not of the resolvers, but no one could argue with that.
Excellent reaction and resourcefulness earned her fame in the working profession, but did not help at all in the core, she didn’t know how to sell Billy at all. And her irritation on the pilot of the turbo carriage played a cruel joke on her. Her last dispute was the Great Piloting Dispute, which resulted in many other disputants losing a lot of similar disputes with the pilots, and Billy was expelled from the Association for violation of the provision on the repeatability of the dispute results.
According to the dispute, any person could sit at the control of any flying object, without prior preparation and without damage, deliver it from point A to point B. And Billy easily did it on a turbo trailer, glider, space superliner, anti-gravity lens, prayer mat.
The last flying vehicle was supposed to be the Holy Cow, an unknown space corvette, in which Billy flew off in an unknown direction and was never seen again.
However, the accounts of the losers of the disputants were wonderfully replenished with the amounts they lost, so that no one was offended by Billy.

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