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Virtual girl Nadia TE

Dossier. Extended version for admission 2. Adapted artistic version of the AI ​​398222TE210YY. For official use.

Chief engineer for maintenance of power plants of artificial space objects Nadia R24 Tereshkova.

Nadia was born on a planet with the name New Planet 225, which is not typical for the rest of the galaxy. This space object is the territory of the New Empire 19.1b. The population of the territories is characterized by extreme logic and focus on results. Among the galactic community fixed code name “Anthill”.

Each member of the society “Anthill” is grown specifically for the tasks in vats for cloning of the accelerated type. Information about the future vocation is already loaded into the cerebral cortex by artificially growing the necessary neural connections in conjunction with the coding of electrical impulses. The technology is patented and is considered the most protected secret. Citizens “Anthill” to find outside their territories is not possible.

Nadia was grown for special installations for repair and maintenance of power plants, which is an asteroid with a diameter of 40 miles, the experimental source of energy of which is an artificial black hole the size of a hydrogen atom. She spent one year in a vat, one on training simulators and one on the intended place of work. Extremely strong, has bones reinforced with metal and artificial ligaments, is not afraid of radiation, perfectly regenerates, is a real superman with excellent skills and knowledge in the professional sphere, combined with the brain of a teenager in terms of social rules and connections. She loves sweets.

A whole series of successful upgrades along with the usual maintenance of engines allowed its genotype to become the jewel of the “Anthill” data bank. The simplicity of character, kindness, spontaneity and openness to everything new allowed her to achieve high results, since, unlike professional skills, character coding was impossible and most often the citizens of the Anthill were arrogant snobs, confident in the only correctness of their development path.

A damaged corvette of unknown type with the name “New Folder (2)” was seen not far from the drifting Nadi shipyard, awaiting new orders, it was decided to tow it to the surface, repair and study it. The presence of biological objects detected during the scanning process, according to the protocol, forbade visiting an unknown ship. But there was candy in his gateway.

An hour later, the ship left the shipyard and disappeared in an unknown direction.

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