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Virtual girl Adriana

Dossier. Extended version for admission 2. Adapted art version from AI 398222TE210YY. For official use.

Adriana V. Third, a biologist, was sent on a humanitarian mission to the planet Exodus. The peculiarity of this planet was a flaw in the genetic code of the population, as a result of which fewer and fewer men were born over time. Since this trait was dominant, migration from the planet was banned by the galactic community until a solution was developed.
By the time adriana arrived, a hundred years had passed on The planet, there were no men left, and how women coped with this can only be imagined. Adriana’s situation was complicated by the fact that Her lab world was too traditional and without a triple Alliance with two men, her family would not have blessed the relationship.
Adriana then was too talented and crossed the path more experienced, but less successful colleague-scientist home world-lab. In ties with this before it and set such a task, seeking send in exile, but as last aid for endangered Exodus, until his blockade. However, she took it as another challenge and, within just four decades, found the cause of the problem.
To solve this problem, it was necessary to manually repair some parts of the population’s gene code, which was not capable of any vaccine, as well as destroy the reagent in the atmosphere. Adriana was depressed. Complete isolation of the planet and the prohibition of space travel did not allow to take advantage of modern science, saved only stubbornness and the ability to wait.
At the time of the arrival of the unknown spacecraft, improbably filtered through the energy field, the planet was inhabited by extremely beautiful women who know exactly what they want, but are terribly afraid of anything new that can shake their unstable ecological balance.
Adriana is the only one who went into the Corvette, but came out empty-handed. The next day, the ship disappeared, and research showed that the atmosphere was completely cleared. The genotype was also restored.
A monument was erected to the brave biologist, on which she is depicted in a white coat, with a vacuum cleaner in her hands, symbolizing her love of cleanliness, as well as the clean atmosphere of Exodus.

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