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Hello everyone. I am 21male from Ahmadabad doing my internship as a journalist with a reputed media company. I am a reader turned author. Yes, I have been reading stories on this site since so long but it is now, at this moment when I decided to not just read other’s experience but also share my own. ?

So, let me give you a brief idea about how I look so that you can imagine well while reading the story. I am 5’11 athletic built body, dark shiny hairs, wheatish skin tone and brown eyes (thanks to my mom :p). Now let’s start the journey of sex and pleasure without wasting further time.

This all started from my school in Ahmadabad. We all have that ‘one’ girl in our school time group who would always hangout with boys and also act as boys! Rough and tough, she would play football rather than hand ball, would hear rock music than country love songs of Taylor Swift. Her name is ‘Mayuri’.

She was the tomboy of our class. I dare that none of the boys of our school would have ever looked at her the way we normally boys do! She was never in the ‘line maro’ list of ours. The reason was she was like a dude from our group. TIMES passed, we finished our school and went on our own ways. I never saw Mayuri again after school before my last encounter with her at the mall.

I saw her after 3 long years! Her boycut short hairs were now long silky below shoulder length hairs with brown shades. She was no more skinny.. Her perfect round shaped breasts were creating a bulge in my jeans.. Her glossy pink lips and fair clear skin was like rose petals.. My jaw dropped I was like..fuck! This cannot be Mayuri!

Her perfectly shaped thighs and a tight ass was clearly visible through her tight leggings. There were like 100’s of questions in my mind. She told me she completed her bachelors in fd from London and came back to Ahmedabad just few days ago. I told her that she was no more a tomboy which I used to know, to which she replied ‘Time changes everything jayveer’.

We exchanged numbers and came out of the mall. That night I was just surfing, reading blogs when I got a message on what’s app.. Yes! It was her. Mayuri.. We discussed how we used to be in school days and all.. I then started to compliment her looks and told her how beautiful she looks.

To which she said ‘Tu Aaj bhi esa hi hai..flirty! ‘I said ‘Tere sath Kabhi flirt Kiya nahi tha school time mein so Aaj kar raha hu’. Then she started complementing my looks we exchanged photos on what’s app.. Some from her London times and I also sent her some pictures from my gym, trekking tours and all.. Slowly the ‘kamdev effect’ started working on both of us. It was already 1 am.

She said ‘do u still do phone sex?’ (during school days I used to do sex chat with girls from my class, I was quite famous among girls for giving them orgasms just through sex chat) I was shocked because I never did that with Mayuri and she told me that all the girls used to talk about this. I said I don’t do that anymore but I can do it now for you. ? she sent a sexy emoji smile and nodded yes.

That night we had an awesome phone sex.. We also exchanged videos on snap chat of masturbating and her videos of fingering her pussy. We decided to meet at her place the next day. She got a beautiful home in thaltej area of Ahmedabad. She was alone at her home.

Dressed in red knee length one piece, her perfume was making me mad..it’s fragrance was so appealing, her long shiny silky hairs and glossy red lips, fair sexy legs I think she waxed her legs last nite, her breasts cleavage was visible and a tribal locket in a silver thread was adding start to her beautiful breasts and neck…

She offered me a sharbat and sat just near me on the couch.. I was literally staring at her body to which she said ‘aaram se jayveer ji, sharbat to pi lo’. Her voice, her ‘nakhre’ everything was making me mad… I went up close to her and smelled her neckline her shoulders.. The fragrance was awesome.. She started breathing heavily when I kissed her neck and l Licked her earlobe.

She then grabbed my hand and took me upstairs in her bedroom.. As we entered the room, I hugged her and kissed her all over her upper body.. She was turning hot by then. I made her lay on the bed and Kissed her legs.. Slowly I went up.. Even her thighs were smelling so good I wonder why.. I then rolled her one piece upto her waist and bite her inner thighs…

I was surprised her pubic area was not at all pigmented and dark as most of the Indian ladies have! Then slowly I rolled my wet tongue on her clit… She shivered in pleasure and moaned loudly.. This made me more horny. I literally started Sucking her hole and thrusted my tongue as deep as I could.. I was enjoying like hell…

I was feeling like to keep on licking Sucking and biting her pussy forever… That fragrance.. Those moans..omg! She finally raised her hip and shot her sex juice.. I sucked and drank it all..! She then got up..removed her one piece which was already rolled half..and boon! Her huge round plumpy breasts were swinging right in front of my…

She unbuttoned my jeans and took out my clean shaved rock hard dick in her hand and without wasting a minute… She gulped my tool till my balls in her mouth.. She was dripping her saliva on the top of my dick and again sucked it..With one hand she was caressing my balls… That feeling was like heaven. I could feel here teeth tickling my tip when I sucks it…

The smoothness of her soft tongue on my tool… The wetness of her mouth lubricating my dick…I hold her head from back and pulled her towards my dick thrusting deep to her throat.. To which she replied more wildly… After 7-8 minutes of non stop blowjob I shooted all my cum in her mouth.. Trust me.. She didn’t even let a single drop of cum to fall on the floor..she drank it all and sucked my dick clean.

I still remember then she look at me with that mischievous smile and that shine in her eyes. We both undressed each other completely.. She came over me on the bed..her naked body all over my naked body.. Her huge breasts to my chest… Her leg entwined to my legs.. Her belly on my stomach.. We kissed passionately in this pose for 10 minutes… The taste of her tongue.

Her saliva…woah! My dick again got hard was tingling her wet pussy. She then stopped kissing and smiled at me.. I took her off and got on top of her… I sucked her tits for another 10 minutes… Biting her nipples..and sniffing her cleavage… She was enjoying this a lot..I raised both her hands and licked her clean under arms.. She was mad by now… She parted her legs apart.

Adjusted my dick on her vaginal opening.. And I thrusted my dick deep inside.. She moaned aaahh jay…ohh..myy… She was pressing her hands against the upper side of the bed so that she don’t move upwards when I thrust her sexy wet vagina… She raised her waist giving me a perfect comfortable position to fuck her more deeper.

Soon I caught up my rhythm and was fucking her vigorously. As I already cummed once when she gave me a blowjob.. This round went on for longer time..like 10-12 minutes…our bodies were wet in sweating… I still remember sweat drops on her abdomen and cleavage.. Her lips her neck was also wet with sweat…We both came together.

By then she was moaning in pleasure… Ummm.. Yeaahh.. I parted her legs..made them broad and licked her inner thighs.. Near and above her pussy… She was grieving to get her pussy licked.. I removed her panty and sniffed her vagina… My gosh.. I still can’t forget that moment that exotic sexy smell… Her pussy was clean and pinkish…

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