The Caretaker


This is really my first attempt at writing anything, so feedback would be appreciated. Also, this is entirely fictional/fantasy. Consent is sexy, and so is not being a piece of human trash so never try to emulate anything you read here. 🙂

The Caretaker

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Liz moaned with each bounce on my cock.

Liz was a hot little blonde from my math class that had been pursuing me for the better part of the semester.

“Jesus you’re so fucking wet” I moaned as I leaned forward to pull her into me.

With my arms wrapped around her back holding her to me, I began pummeling her from below. She let out a series of squeaks as my long, thick cock pistoned her from below. Her small breasts jiggled in my face as her nails in my shoulder bit into the skin, her eyes rolled back into her head as orgasms wracked her body.

“Fuck” I yelled as I felt my cum start to broil in my balls.

I gripped her hips and held her down as I felt a massive amount of cum shoot deep into her gripping pussy. Bliss washed over my body as we slowly disentangled our bodies from each other.

“That was nice ” I sighed with a sheepish grin, glancing over at the cute girl to my right.

“I really wished you didn’t come in me Henry, I definitely have to get a Plan b now ” she replied, with a joking annoyance in her voice.

“Sorry about that, I should have warned you but I love finishing inside of women” I admitted without too much remorse in my voice.

“Oh, women plural now is there? ” Liz teased with an eyebrow raised.

I laughed, shrugging my shoulders as I stood to gather my clothes which were recently shed around her bedroom. I got a glace of myself in the mirror, perhaps with a bit too much of an arrogant appreciative stare. I was quite tall, standing at 6’4, with tan skin that was taut with muscle from my usual summer jobs in construction. I was always told I had extremely masculine qualities, dark black facial hair subtly accenting a razor-sharp jawline, dark eyebrows, and long brown hair with light curling at the end. I’ve been told I look like stunt double for Jason Mamoa. When women looked into my deep green eyes, they often told me my eyes seem to smolder, which always made them squeeze their thighs together. While I was quite fortunate to possess all these natural gifts, all paled in comparison to my favourite portion of my body; my cock. My eyes trailed down my fairly hairy chest and somewhat-defined abdomen and landed on my prized gift. I was blessed with quite a large cock, at about 8 inches when hard and so thick I could barely fit my big hand around it. The girls from high school loved it, and a year after graduation I had honed what skill I garnered from the girls that I had hooked up with during my high school days. Women were quite easy to come across after that, usually found in a bar after a hard days labour on the job, women were usually drawn to my naturally “hard” look. I usually went for the older ladies, the milfs and cougars out on the town, as they were the most appreciative of my youth and virility. They were also the most experienced, and taught me a serious amount of stanima and control that I had lacked when I was younger.

I stood transfixed at Liz’s standing mirror, looking at the sheen of mixed juices from her pussy on my cock. This was the the second time Liz and I had sex, the first time being back on prom night. We were both a little tipsy, and I was always interested in her casual good looks ever since she sat beside me in math class. We had good sex the first time, albeit a little bit foggy in the memory as we both had a generous amount of cheap beer that night.

“You better get out of here, my parents will be home soon” she said, giggling while watching me seemingly ogle myself in her mirror.

“You’re probably right,” I laughed ” But your Dad already took away my summer gig, so what do I really have to lose?”

“Well there’s also the fact of my defensive lineman boyfriend,” she said, in an almost challenging tone.

“I’m not too worried about it really, If I’m honest ” I said, as I flexed my muscles for her in the mirror, which elicited an amused grin.

‘Well if you’re really not scared, we should really do this again. I haven’t come like that since dating Jakob ” she admitted, rather sheepishly as she sat up from the sheets, displaying her b-cup breasts to me.

“I would Liz, but your Dad decided to give my summer job to your new boyfriend, so I took a job in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere a few hours away” I commentated, as I finally tore my eyes away from myself in the mirror and finally started to dress.

In truth, I really did not want to work for her father this summer anyway, while the pay was good and the physical labour kept my body in tip-top shape, the days were hot and long. I was already looking for another job when he told me, but he told me in such a casual way, as if my years of hard work had meant nothing, had stung. The lemon juice on the wound was that he was giving the job to Liz’s new boyfriend, who was dumber than a bag of rocks, and for more money too!

Liz took a moment to speak, searching for her underwear in the sheets before she finally spoke, “Well, that’s too bad Henry, but I suppose that would be for the best anyway. What are you doing out there anyway?

By the time she finished her sentence, I was already fully dressed in my usual jeans and button-down flannel shirt. “ Well the ad was called ‘Caretaker’, which is kind of vague but they pay was good and they offered free room and board on top of the salary so…” I trailed off my explanation as Liz had clambered above the sheets crawling towards her panties at the side of her bed.

Liz’s petite yet decently thick ass was perched in the air at the edge of the best as she stretched to grab her panties, as if ready to be mounted from behind.

Quickly blood rushed to my ears, as I felt adrenaline pump into my veins. The animal instinct in my body was beginning to climb its way back out, as I got a full view of her spread cheeks with her petite pink pussy presented right in front of me. I took three strides across the room and quickly gripped the tops of her thighs, getting a good grip to drag her further back to the side of her bed while still being on all fours. She yelped as she felt her entire bodily easily manhandled backwards.

I simply had lost the capacity to think critically, and was overwhelmed by the sexy sight, I quickly dove my head down and placed my tongue on her clit roughly. Liz immediately moaned and twisted, as her body was extremely sensitive to pleasure at the moment. I took this squirming as a means to slowly slide my tongue forwards, allowing my tongue to basically cover the entirety of her pussy and lick up. My tongue gently opened her lips, and her whole body shuddered as my tongue was running up to her hole where I had just deposited a huge load of my cum. This long lick elicited a loud moan that turned to a hiss, as my tongue passed her hole and trailed up to her ass. She giggled slightly and wiggled, as my tongue delicately probed inside her ass. While I was precise in this intrusion, I quickly began produce more spit as I wanted her nice and wet. I was giving full long licks now, from clit to ass, and was using the broad side of my tongue to wetly massage her ass. Liz just stayed there, unable to move as my iron grip held her down on all fours while also dragging her ass into my face.

This intense moment was interrupted as a car door slammed outside, which caused us both to jump.

“Fuck, fuck fuck” Liz repeated to herself, albeit in a different tone compared to how she said it about 10 minutes before, “they were supposed to be all day, not a few hours!”

I let her thighs go, watching her little ass jiggle as she jumped up and sprinted around her room collecting her clothes. I wish I had asked her out when I had the chance I thought, watching this little cutie make a mad dash around her room, but oh well at least I still got to have sex with her. I gave one last lingering stare as I watched her frantically throw a t-shirt on, as I silently slipped through her door. Unfortunately there was no easy escape route out of her house, and as I began to wonder how on earth I was going to get out of the house unnoticed, a feeling I have never had before began to emanate through my body. This feeling slowly washed over me, a feeling of un-caring and disregard. Who cares if I was seen, I don’t work for her father anymore, and what were they going to do? Call the cops for fucking his legal aged daughter? I shook my head, and began walking down the hall towards the stairs that would lead me right to the front door. It was then that I heard that very front door open, and two voices began to speak.

“… Henry’s truck, I’m sure of it! Jakob, Liz’s boyfriend, said quite heatedly.

“Well, I can’t see why he would be at my house, he’s not working for me this summer, you got his spot remember? “Liz’s father, John, responded with a bit of a huff in his voice.

“He’s a little bitch John, I’ll be way- “Jakob began to say before his eyes shot to the top of the stairs.

Jakobs mouth remained open as he saw me standing at the top stair, and his eyes followed me as I slowly started descending them towards the door.

“Henry, what on earth…. where….why…? “ John began, however as his eyes were flickering between me and the direction of his daughters room, his face began to redden. The realization of why I was there had begun to dawn on him.

“Henry, why the fuck are you here, looking for me to kick your ass? Jakob said with a sneer, still clearly not catching on to what John had already caught.

“Dad its not what it looks like I swear!” Liz shouted as she sprinted down the hallway towards the stairs, careening and sliding past them as she tried to abruptly stop. She was dressed in only a shirt and panties, which became apparent as she slid by, as her shirt flipped up and revealed her thong to both her father and her boyfriend.

Jakob, making the bag of rocks I compared to him before look downright brilliant, slowly put two and two together.

“Liz! What-fuck-Henry-Why” Jakob spluttered, too angry and upset to form a proper sentence.

With this sudden new air of confidence and disregard, I casually climbed the rest of the way down the stairs and announced “ Well Liz it was great catching up. John, you look well it was nice seeing you, no hard feelings about the job. Jakob you look- Well anyway”.

I was making my way to the door when my path was suddenly blocked by Jakob, who was shaking in rage.

“I’m going to beat the fucking-” Jakob stopped suddenly, as I had walked completely unperturbed up to his face.

What was I doing, I thought to myself, I’m big but I’m not some crazy tough guy. I could not quite explain exactly what I was feeling, but it was a mix of adrenaline, anxiety, and calm. All things that should generally be opposed to one another, much less ingredients to the same cocktail, yet It is the best explanation of what I felt. I just stared Jakob in the eyes, boring a hole into his soul. I did not say a word, no threats or commotion, just eye contact. For some inexplicable reason, Jakob faltered. He looked away, broke the eye contact I had created, and awkwardly shifted his bodyweight from foot to foot. Almost animal like instinct, I saw this as submission, and before John could even utter another word, I walked out of his house.

Walking with a level of self confidence and power I had never really tapped into before, I walked towards my truck with along strides.

“Henry? Why on earth are- “ Jennifer, Liz’s mom was interrupted by three very loud voices yelling from inside.

“Jennifer, you look as beautiful as always” I commented confidently with a cocky grin on my face.

Jennifer blushed and started to speak when the voices got even louder still, thought better of it and began to make her way to the front door. I strolled to my truck, whistling a tune to myself as I climbed into my old ford pickup. As I pulled away and made for the main street, I was forced to do some self-reflection on what had just transpired. I’m not an evil guy, I don’t think, normally if a girl is with someone, I would respect that. My decision to fuck Liz for revenge was petty, I knew that for certain. I had just got her in a very unfortunate circumstance, one in which I basically orchestrated. However, my mind was brought back to the moment of power and dominance I felt when staring down Jakob. That was a thrill. That was exciting. That was addicting. I shook my head, these thoughts were dangerous, as I already had a tough time controlling my already impulsive behavior. This cocky tough guy act mixed with the overwhelming sexual desire I felt, like when I saw Liz on all fours, was definitely dangerous.

“Fuck me, where are you when I need you Dr. Freud” I said to myself, making myself chuckle and pushing these annoying self-critical thoughts out of my head.

When I got home, I had a quick shower and a meal before I went to bed early. I would have to get up around 4 am and on the road if I had any chance of getting there before too late in the day.

“What the fuck “I muttered to myself as I listened to the crunch of gravel under my truck tires as I pulled in front of a massive gate.

I couldn’t see anything, as the gate was at the edge of a forest bordering a side street in which a ghost town would envy the patronage. I noticed a little metal box with a button on the gate, that sort of looked like a speaker box. I climbed out of my truck and approached the box.

“ Uh, hello? I spoke uncertainly into the speaker while pressing the button, unsure of how close I had to be to pick up my voice.

I waited for a response that was seemingly not coming, and my patience was starting to wear thing. I was on the road for 15 hours, finally finding this stupid gate that my GPS brought me to .

“C’mon this is the only place for miles, please be the right fucking place” I rambled to myself, while slowly turning around to check out my surroundings.

Just as I was about to give up and get back in my truck, I heard a loud crackle. “Hello? Who’s there? “ A voice enquired over the old radio.

“Uh, I’m the new caretaker? We talked over email, I’m here to start the new job?” I responded, a little worried that somehow they forgot or changed their minds.

“Oh, er, yeah um, we will open the gate for you” The voice responded in a concerned tone, identifiably female now.

“Oooookay then” I said to myself as I walked back to my truck.

Why was the woman on the radio so confused? Clearly she was expecting me, as she did not turn me away from the job, so why did she sound so confused? These thoughts were rattling around my head as I slowly made my way up the driveway as the gate clattered shut behind my truck. The driveway snaked through acres of woods, until opening up to a massive section of cleared property. On his left there were still trees, however on his right there was a massive open field with lush green gas. Towards the back of the property, there was a big Victorian style house, which reminded me somewhat of a fancy English boarding school. To the right of the house, about a hundred yards away, nestled a little log cabin in the bordering forest. While the house was bright with lights and life, the little cabin looked desolate and cold. The property took me by surprise really, it was about a 10-acre plot of beautiful grass fields and land in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

“I really hope I don’t have to take care of the house and all this property all by myself, fucking hell “ I said, still studying the landscape of the seemingly Herculean task ahead of me.

As I slowly made my way up the driveway, a large woman opened the front door and waved to me, pointing first towards the small cabin and then to the house. It seemed she wanted me to park by the cabin, and then come to the front door. I found a little dirt path that led to the cabin, parked, and made my way up to the house. As I made my way back to the house, I happened to glance back at the empty cabin. I had to stop walking, as I thought I saw the top of a head and a pair of eyes staring at me from one of the windows. I whirled around in surprise, however despite staring for a solid minute I could no longer see what I thought I saw.

“Start of every fucking horror movie, fuck me” I muttered to myself as I continued on my path towards the big house.

As I approached, I had to stand in awe of the massive house I was getting closer to. It was massive, stone, and ornate. How the hell did someone manage to bring the supplies out here? Who payed for that, and just how wealthy are the people I’m about to be employed to? Clearly they could afford to pay me more if they built this monstrous architectural feat.

The door that the woman that waved to me was a masterpiece of its own, one massive slab of real wood, while being at least 5 feet wide by 9 feet tall. I reached towards the lion head metal knocker on the door, and banged three times.


A moment passed before the door was pulled inward, and the woman that intiially greeted me was before me.

“Er, hello my name is Sarah, please come in “The large lady said while stepping back behind the door.

“Uh ok thanks, I’m Henry “I replied, still a little concerned over her confused tone, “were you the one I spoke to through the gate?”

“Oh, yes that was me I am the headmistress of this place “Sarah responded, shutting the door behind me as I made my way inside.

“This place, what exactly is it? Do you own it?” I questioned.

“Oh no, I am simply employed here. This is the House for Troubled Women, we assist women who are not deemed well enough for normal society “Sarah explained, still looking at me with pursed lips.

As I listened, I took the opportunity to survey my settings. The place was quite grand, much homier on the inside rather than its rather intimidating visage from the outside. Looking around I saw many different clues in which suggested more people lived here, that being multiple sets of cups and dishes sitting around, various sweaters of different sizes resting on a side table, and multiple different pairs of shoes at the door. As I was completing my 180 spin of the interior of the house, my eyes finally rested on Sarah. My eyes didn’t deceive me, she is quite tall, a bit shorter than me. Sarah was wearing a rather large housecoat, but I could tell she was somewhat of a plump woman, not fat by any means but definitely not rail thin. She had very curly hair, and somewhat olive coloured skin, possibly Mediterranean but most likely Italian heritage. She looked to be about mid 40’s, however she was quite pretty and did not show any harsh signs of age, just a few smile lines here or there.

“If you don’t mind me asking Sarah, what do you mean by ‘troubled’, and also why do you seem so wary of my presence? On the gate you seemed very unsure on letting me in, despite the fact you knew I was coming today.” I asked, as I shook off my jacket and started to take off my shoes.

“Not particularly violent or anything like that if that’s what you are wondering, we house women who cannot live on their own in regular society, or so their families feel” Sarah explained, “ and as to your other question, well, this is generally an all-girls institution. Even the caretaker has traditionally been a woman, our last one, Helga, retired a few months ago.”

Fuck, all girls? Did I just drive all the way out here to get turned away at the door?

“Oh, well that’s good then. So, sort of like a retirement home or more like a detention center for misbehaved kids?” I inquired further, “Well, I hope I can be the first man on the job!”

I flashed her a grin, hoping to tap into the charm and dominance I channeled yesterday.

Sarah reddened and looked away. It worked! Why did I not start doing this sooner?

“Both I suppose” Sarah began, “we sort of take women too old for adoption, juvenile detention, or simply parents not capable of taking care of a daughter with extra needs and too young for retirement homes.”

“Ok, so a mix of both that makes sense. How many residents do you have? Are you the only person on staff here?” I asked.

“We have 6 residents currently, but have had up to 12 at a time. After Helga our last caretaker left, the only other staff member is Tracey, who is my assistant with the house. “Sarah explained, while motioning me to follow her to what seemed to be the kitchen/dining room area.

Behind the counter stood another brunette woman, who looked to be about fifty, about 5’10, and skinny as a board.

Tracey was quite pretty, even at thirty plus years my senior. I could tell by her face that she was once a knockout when she was young, as her face had a bit more lines and wear than Sarahs did. Tracey was clearly white; however, she had a decent tan which suggested she spent a lot of time outdoors.

“Oh, hello “greeted Tracey, a puzzled look on her face.

“Hi, I’m Henry the new caretaker” I said, extending my hand that Tracey shook.

Tracey w

“Caretaker? But you’re a man!” Tracey exclaimed, looking from Sarah to me with a very confused look on her face.

“Yes, a man Tracey. I did not realize he was a man when I agreed to hire him” Sarah explained.

“Uh, is being a man a problem around here?” I asked carefully, not wanting to screw up this new job opportunity.

“Well, I suppose not it’s just only women have worked here for the 6 decades we have been open is all” Sarah said, while taking off her large housecoat.

That predator instinct rose in my chest, blood pounded my head as I watched Sarah remove her large housecoat. She was wearing a simple t-shirt and pajama pants, however Sarah was hiding a serious body underneath that coat. Sarah was quite tall and seemingly plump in that housecoat, however that housecoat was doing her no justice. Sarah had massive breasts, at least DD’s, which were massive considering her 6’2 frame. You could tell they sagged a little in her shirt, but they still looked absolutely fantastic. Her stomach was plump, as your metabolism slows as you age, however not unpleasantly so. Sarah also had a decently thick ass, that looked incredibly inviting. It must have been evident I was staring with such hunger in my eyes, as Sarah was beet red as she cleared her throat.

“So uh, yeah it has traditionally only been women but if you really need th-” Sarah began explaining.

“Yes, I want it.” I said cutting her off quite firmly, still with animal instinct throbbing in my body.

“I see, okay good I’m glad you came then “ Sarah responded with a bit more of a sultry tone, clearly pleased that such a stud of a young man was so transfixed with her older body.

Tracey saw all this and rolled her eyes, turning round and declaring she was off to check on the girls. Before she turned, I noticed Tracey all had a small grin on her face, which suggested perhaps she shared the mutual attraction that was occurring in the room.

‘If you’d like I could show you around a bit, maybe introduce you to a few of the girls and your private quarters? “ Sarah suggested as she began to walk towards a staircase.

Fuck, is she swaying that ass for me? I thought to myself as I watched Sarahs ass shake back and forth as she headed towards the stairs. Jesus get it under control for a while Henry, I chided myself, ever since yesterday you have been having fucking caveman instincts, relax. While I silently chided myself, I could not help but ogle my new boss, a mounting desire to simply push her to the ground, rip those pajamas off, and pound the shit out of her.

“Henry?” Sarah asked looking back over her shoulder, “ if you’d follow me up the stairs, that’s where the girls’ rooms are.”

“Yeah Sure that sounds great “I responded hurriedly, “ so when you say ‘extra needs” do you mean mentally disabled or serious mental illness?”

“Well not seriously mentally ill, you won’t have to worry about psychotic breaks and dangerous mood swings if that’s what you are asking. We have 2 sisters here who are a tad bit slow, and could possibly make it in the real world but are instead here. Their parents are extremely wealthy socialites who would prefer not to deal with them. They are two very lovely people, so despite the cruel treatment of their parents we attempt to give them happy lives here at the house. That is the extent of our mentally different residents here” Sarah explained as we ascended a long staircase.

“Hm okay, and the rest are willing residents of the house? “ I asked as we climbed to the top of the stairs to face a very long hallway, with at least 10 doors on each side adjacent.

The hallway was quite long, with many different doors. By different I mean decorated, as each door was exactly opposite one another, kind of like dorms, however each door had different colours and decorations on them, each with a small whiteboard in the middle.

“It would be best to figure it out as you meet them, so you can put a story behind a face so to speak “ Sarah said as we slowly started walking down the hallway.

As Sarah was about to say something more, one of the doors flew open and out ran a pretty little girl with blonde hair in pigtails . She had a cute face, extremely feminine with a little button nose, and big blue eyes. She was also buck naked. She was basically flat, with very little breasts but topped in cute little nipples. She was super thin but soft looking, completely hairless all the way round. She froze when she saw me, staring into my eyes. Suddenly, she grinned, spun, and bent over at the waist. She was displaying her pussy and ass completely too me, and the animal instinct started humming even harder than before. There was nothing more I desired than to rip my jeans down and slam my big cock into that perfect, tiny little pussy until I came.

“EMILY!” Sarah hollered, “you get your ass back in that room this instant! I’ll deal with you later!”

Emily looked back and grinned once more, giving her little butt a shake before sprinting back to her room and slamming the door, the whiteboard read ‘Emily’ with little hearts.

“Sorry about that, “Sarah said turning towards me, red in the face.

“It’s okay” I said shortly, trying to push down my sick perverse thoughts, while also rearranging my raging hard-on.

Saraj stared at the huge outline of my cock, and slowly raised her eyes back to look at mine before saying “I can tell you’re ok, and don’t worry you’re not awful. Emily just turned 18, she’s only 4’11 so she looks much younger than she is, in fact, everyone in this house is at least 18 so don’t worry about child proofing anything.”

“Good to know. So, is that Emily’s thing, why she can’t go out into society, likes to flash strangers?” I said, jokingly.

Sarah laughed and said “If only that was it maybe we could fix it, Emily is a wild child if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t know if she will ever be able to leave this place honestly.”

“A little wild never hurt anyway “I said while smirking, imagining what wild things Emily could do alone.

“Well you say that… Anyway “Sarah continued walking down the hall “I suppose I should just continue on making introductions, although I admit they won’t be as exciting as that one.”

“Thats okay,” I laughed, “On to the next one.”

“Well two actually” Sarah replied as she opened up the door opposite Emily’s.

Inside was a queen-sized bed, with two girls laying inside it, clearly having just woke up due to the commotion outside. They were basically identical, with red hair and freckles, extremely pale somewhat chubby faces. Despite them being a bit heavier set, both girls were pretty cute. They climbed out of bed to greet Sarah and I at the door.

“Hello.” they said in unison.

“Uh, hello “I replied, somewhat unsure of what I was dealing with here.

“Henry these are the girls I mentioned before, Miley is on the left and Riley is on the right!” Sarah explained, motioning with her hands as she explained.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Henry “I said while holding out my hand to shake.

They stared at me for a moment, blankly, and then rushed in for a double hug.

“Hi Henry, “they exclaimed while hugging me and I felt two sneaky hands sneak back and grab my ass.

These little devils!

“Thanks girls” I said, while checking to see that Sarah could not see my hands, reaching down and gripping both their butts.

Clearly, they weren’t expecting me to reciprocate, so they jumped when they realized I made a grab for my own. I found that both girls had massive butts, probably due to them being on the heavier set side, but much fuller than even a fat girl’s butt.

When we released one another, all three of us had cheeky grins that Sarah did not seem to understand, but hoped meant I was already working out.

“We will see you at breakfast girls. I Have to finish showing Henry around” Sarah said, gently pulling me out of the room.

“They are kind girls, just a little socially inept. They take a bit to understand cues, and what’s ok and what’s not. They mean well though,” Sarah explained as we made our way to the next room.

Three down, three to go I suppose, as I followed Sarah to the next door. She put her finger to her lips, signing to be quiet, as she cracked open the third door that read “Wu”. Sarah poked her head in, and I could not help but also lean in to get a look. Inside this room was very plainly organized, just a dresser and a bed. The air smelled thinly of jasmine and tea, and a very old Japanese woman was sleeping in the bed.

“Our oldest resident, Wu, likes to sleep early. She’s a kind woman, but her mind is failing a bit, which I think is fair at 88 years old.” Sarah whispered as she shut the door again. Sarah and I moved on to the next room, which read ‘Sasha”.

“Sasha is a nice girl, rarely communicates though and really loves to wonder, she needs strong direction or she gets a little- oh!” Sarah gasped as she opened the door to see a very dark-skinned girl with a natural small afro, furiously masturbating in the middle of her bed.

“I’m so sorry Sasha” Sarah shouted as she slammed the door, “ My goodness I’m sorry I’m not leaving a good impression of our guests! I half expected her to be roaming the grounds sometimes, she’s been hanging out in the cabin lately I figured she would be out there!”

“It’s not a problem don’t worry, “ I said as I fought the now constant urge to mount nearby females to mate with them viciously, “ I think I saw her in the window of the cabin when I pulled in here”

“Yes, that was most likely her. Don’t be offput by that, she will stay out if told to do so. You may be thinking why we let these girls roam around so much if they need to be housed here. We try to let them have as much freedom as humanly possible, to feel somewhat normal. We have trackers built into their bracelets so we know where they are at all times. These grounds have been meticulously kept for decades, not letting anything or anyone that could harm the girls onto the grounds. We sort of let the girls have free range of the property, but only the property. It will be part of your responsibility as caretaker to keep the grounds safe for the girls, but also to watch out for them as they live as free range as possible” Sarah explained.

“Is that really safe? Letting them out into the fields and woods at free will? “I asked curiously.

“As I said, we try to let them live a normal life here. While some need more supervision than others, they are not prisoners by any means. They can ask to leave the house at any time and we would let them. As to it being safe, we own all the land within 1000 acres of here and have done so for close to a century. It is known this is off limits, and we have multiple security measures in place. We have allowed girls to camp outside by themselves if they so desire, we have that much confidence in our grounds here!” Sarah said proudly.

“Huh if you say so, so who is the last resident?” I asked, hoping to hurry this along as I want to rest after a long day of driving.

“Oh, that would be Dana. She is our second oldest resident, and a little bit more work than some of the others. She’s 55, and has serious memory issues. She suffered a brain injury a decade ago and has extreme short-term memory. She functions pretty well still, she still can remember stuff from the past as well as care for herself in a basic means, but cannot remember what’s going on in the present. We once watched an entire movie, with her understanding and remembering what was going on the entire time, but as soon as it ended, she had no idea we had even watched one. She’s perfectly fine in every other way, but cannot seem to retain new memories “Sarah explained while opening the final door.

In the room sat a woman with black hair and pale skin, seemingly average height and looks. She was reading an extremely worn book, as if someone had read it cover to cover 1000 times over and over.

“Hey Dana, this is the new caretaker Henry” Sarah said while striding into the room.

“Hm” Dana mumbled while glancing up from her book, peering down her glasses,” Hello Henry, and who are you miss?”

Sarah sighed and gave me a look like ‘See I told you so, bet you didn’t believe me’.

“As soon as she’s done that book, she won’t remember reading it. She will pick it up again and again, she has been for 6 years” Sarah muttered to me under her breath, so Dana wouldn’t hear, “heading to bed soon Dana?”

Dana nodded her head as a text ringtone sounded in the room. Sarah opened up her phone and sighed.

“Tracey needs my help with Emily, apparently she went streaking in the entire house and is hiding out in the basement, could you help Dana to bed? After that you can head out to your cabin and we could talk more in the morning, sound good? “Sarah asked already halfway out the door and into the hallway.

“Yeah, no problem” I said, turning my head back to Dana.

She had stood up from her chair, letting the blanket she had wrapped around her fall to the ground. While she had a bra on containing her decently sized breasts, she was completely nude from the waist down. She didn’t even seem fazed by my presence, as she stretched to the ceiling then made way to her bed.

“Uh Dana?” I asked, testing the waters.

“Oh hello, who are you?” she replied, while turning the covers back so she can slide into bed.

“I’m Henry, remember? The new caretaker?” I said, adrenaline pumping through my veins as I slowly shut the door to the room.

“Sorry doesn’t ring a bell, handsome young man like you it’s a shame it doesn’t” Dana replied cheekily, looking up into the mirror in front of her, to see my reflection as she inched back the covers.

That animal instinct in my body was pumping. I was eying this lady down, she clearly flirted with me a bit but is she really all there? Do I care, I asked myself. That feeling of need was taking over, as I felt myself moving towards her, staring into her eyes in our reflection in the mirror.

I made a decision.

I spun Dana around hard, which made her gasp audibly. When we were face to face she had a confused look on her face, as if she was trying to recall if this was ok or not. I quickly pulled down my pants revealing my long throbbing member.

“Oh,” Dana mumbled, “that’s nice”

I smirked as I reached up and gripped her head and forced her to her knees. Before I could even force her head on my cock, she lunged forward taking half my length in her mouth. This sudden willingness took me aback, expecting I was going to have to be a little rough to get what I wanted. Instead, I was greeted with an open, willingly mouth to swallow my cock.

“Fuck,” I moaned as this cougar was sloppily sucking my dick.

Despite her willingness to participate, I felt the need to dominate even further, gripping her head anyway and beginning to thrust. Despite me taking advantage of this woman, I did not want to seriously damage her throat. With light thrusts, I was surprised to feel Danas hands on my backside, forcing me dick deeper with each thrust. I looked down into her eyes, and it seemed that she desperately wanted me to take control, for me to take her choices away. I suppose spending all day desperately working your brain to remember becomes exhausting, and shutting it off from time to time is nice. I was only too happy to oblige.

Dana must have been a good cocksucker back in her day, because she was providing tons of spit for me to face fuck her with. The feeling was amazing, as this absolutely soaking hole was taking most of my cock at whatever pace I chose. The sounds coming from her mouth were also spectacular, light gagging but with the constant smacking of spit being sucked in and out. The sounds of a wet blowjob were bouncing off the walls, and I half wondered how soundproof the walls were. That thought quickly vanished as the need to come was starting to rise. I spent most of the last hour being absolutely desperate to get my dick into one of these girls, and I was finally getting my release.

As I felt the need rising, I quickly ripped my cock out of her mouth, and pushed her backwards onto her bed. She was sprawled out, face covered in spit, with her legs spread. She had a decent amount of pubic hair, enough to cover her crotch area but not a jungle, which I found incredibly sexy. I didn’t spend too much time admiring however, as I quickly climbed on top of her, slid my cock up and down her pussy to gauge how wet it was, and sliding in. Dana was soaking wet, and while she wasn’t the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in, she was definitely not the worst.

“Fuck Dana, your pussy is so hot” I moaned in her ear.

She simply moaned back, wrapping her legs around me. I didn’t last much longer, maybe 20 thrusts, but that seemed enough for Dana as she squeezed her legs hard, and I felt her pussy contract multiple times.

I Moaned my pleasure into her shoulder, shooting six or seven healthy shots deep inside of her. I wasn’t really worrying about pregnancy at her age, and even if she was young, I wouldn’t care. Something had awoken inside of me, a dominating need to pump my loads into as many willing vaginas as possible. I slowly pulled my big cock out of Danas pussy, her walls slightly gripping me as if asking not to leave. However, I needed to know the extent of her memory loss. While I didn’t regret this fuck, I would not want Sarah to get mad at me for taking advantage of a resident sexually on my first day. After I stood up and gathered myself and walked to the door, I looked back at dana.

Still quivering slightly from her orgasm, she got up seemingly unaware that a large load of cum is deep inside her. “Oh hello, have we met? I’m Dana “She said to me with a big smile.

“Hey we have, but it’s nice to meet you again, I’m Henry “I said with a bigger smile, pleased that she didn’t recall what we just did less than 3 minutes ago.

As I made my way out of the door, I heard a chorus of doors being gently closed as well as giggling. I smirked to myself as I made my way to the stairway and down to the main floor. I glanced around again, taking my new surrounding in for the second time. I heard laughing somewhere in the back of the house, and I figured Emily had finally been caught.

As I began my walk down to the little cabin on the edge of the property, I reflected on the day. I’m currently on a property filled with sexually available women. I am someone who requires a lot of sexual activity, however I always felt that I was the one in control of this animal inside of me, not the other way around. I was left alone with one of these relatively defenseless girls for less than 5 minutes, and I fucked her throat so hard half her face was covered in spit. Was this too much for me? Was It really smart for my own mental wellbeing to stay in a place like this? A better question was, did I have the power to say no, and if I did, would I?

All these thoughts were rattling around my head as I made my way into the the small cabin. It was fairly simple open concept. Small table a few feet in the door, to the left was a small kitchenette with a stove, fridge, and cabinets. There was no door on the bedroom side to the right, just an opening which led to a queen size bed squeezed into a room with probably 2 feet on either side of it. Across from the table between the bedroom and kitchen was a small bathroom, with just a toilet and a small corner shower.

Well, it wasn’t much I thought to myself as I dropped the small duffle bag I had collected from my truck on my way back, but its everything I need I suppose. I took a quick shower to wash off the days sweat, and also to wash the copious amounts of spit and juices that Dana left on my cock, and went to bed

I quickly drifted off to sleep, but woke up around 1 am to a steady cry. Confused, and slightly creeped out by being this close to the forest and hearing sounds that almost sound like human yelps. However, as I cracked open my kitchen window, I discovered that the sound was coming from the house. Thinking someone was hurt, I quickly made my way outside towards the house. As I crept up towards the house, it soon became clear that the sounds were coming from a window in the house. I worked my way around until the sounds were becoming louder and louder.

When I finally got to the offending window, my jaw dropped.

Inside was a naked Sarah, lying on her back in her own bed. While this alone would have been a sight, seeing those massive tanned breasts shake and move, it was who else was in the room that surprised me; Emily. While lying on her back, Sarah had both hands in little Emily’s hair seemingly pushing her face into her pussy. She must have been doing a really good job, as Sarah was openly moaning and throwing her head back in extasy. I stood transfixed, watching this big woman dominate this cute little blonde girl so harshly.

To think, I felt guilty about what Sarah would think about me throat fucking Dana, here she was forcing little Emily’s face into her crotch.

I stood transfixed for a little while, watching the dynamic play out. Sarah must have come three times in that span. After the third time, Sarah began pushing Emilys head away, and to my surprise Emily was fighting back to get at her pussy with a grin on her face! Emily wanted this? This clearly wasn’t the first time this had happened, as Emily was quite adept at eating out pussy.

Then something else amazing happened. Tracey walked into the room. Holy shit, I thought to myself, Tracey too? Tracey walked in nude, and just like a suspected was a complete beanpole, no breasts to really speak of. She did have an aura of elegance though, which was quite alluring. She laid down next to Sarah and kissed her. Emily, clearly used to this, quickly swapped and buried her face into Tracey’s crotch. This time, it seems Emily is the aggressor as she forced her legs up into the air. It was quite an interesting sight, watching such a tiny girl dominate someone much taller, but it got me rock hard. Emilys little hands forced Emily’s legs into the air, giving her more access to lick. Emily did something that surprised me, she quickly dipped her head lower and starting eating out her ass too.

The little freak!

While watching this, I did not even notice that Sarah had gotten up to rummage through a drawer. However, when she turned around there was another shocker. Sarah was now donning a 6 inch strap on on. Holy shit, this is a house of depraved women! While Emily was busy eating Tracey’s ass, Sarah was lubing up her new toy. I could not believe what I was watching, as I saw Sarah approach little Emily from behind. Sarah mounted her, as I would mount some girl, and slid the cock in slowly. I could hear Emily’s groan from here, as she was slowly being fucked from behind while frantically licking Tracey everywhere. Watching Sarah fuck this girl, her large breasts swaying, her large dark brown nipples hardening as she looked down to watch the toy disappear into the tight little hole of Emily’s.

I had to walk away from the window, it was simply too much stimulation, I would have given myself away. While I wanted it to be known I knew about this little act, I wanted it to be on my terms, in my way. I had to readjust myself many times on my way back to my cabin, my cock refusing to go down.

As I opened my door, I was slightly startled to see someone sitting at my table.

Sasha, the dark skinned black girl we had accidently walked in on a few hours ago, was currently reading a magazine at my table. She was wearing an over-sized t-shirt and tight shorts, and a bonnet for her natural hair seemingly for bed, however she looked unbelievably sexy.

“Eek” Sasha squeaked, clearly forgetting that there was somewhere living here now, she tried to run past me.

I held out my arm to catch her, saying “ hey, its alright if you are here I don’t mind!”

She looked at me wearily, as if she did not entirely believe me, but after I walked past her to take a seat on my bed 10 feet away she relaxed.

“See, it’s okay, “ I said, trying to calm her down a bit.

As she began to walk back to the chair she was sitting at, I could not help but check her out. She was built like a gymnast, smallish breasts but an extremely thick and taut behind. I couldn’t help but stare at it as she walked by, it seemed so firm yet so soft at the same time, jiggling just enough as she walked to by hypnotizing.

My erection throbbed again, and I realized I finally had an answer to the question regarding if I had the willpower, would I resist? No.

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