Witcher Hunt News 03/05/23


Hi everybody. This week I was making pictures for the final sex scene with Amrinn. This will be available when you come to her again in the brothel after passing the Elven ruins. I made 238 pictures in total.

I also started making pictures of scenes at the academy. The first time you will communicate with Joly.

The flowchart has not changed. The screenwriter wrote almost nothing.

This week I’ve been fixing minor bugs in the game. I write all this down on a piece of paper as a list of tasks. Here are some of them:

  • Add icons for Milenka and Alfred
  • Upload video files to the “Behind the Scenes” section
  • Change the parameters of the Cooking minigame
  • Upgrade the power should only take +1 to the time of day instead of +2
  • Remove the sound of defeating Belzebuf. It’s obnoxious, I need to replace it with another one.
  • The mouse bait button should be on the right so you can press it with your right hand on the phone
  • Shani’s masturbation replay doesn’t work
  • Problem with phantoms in the cemetery in the installed version of the game
  • Knocking on Merten’s door later than he comes out
  • Notes in the mini game in the right place have to stand longer in order to have time to press them
  • In the mini peeking game, the beat is too fast
  • Remove the sound from Denise’s jerk-off scene.
  • Swap the moaning sounds in the Belassiz scene
  • In the ” Harbour Guard” mini-game move left robbers to the left
  • Increase the size of the arrows
  • Add keyboard arrow keys to the mini-games
  • Make new game icons for the site

I have completed all these tasks and the game has become more convenient and there are fewer errors in it. If you see any other errors, be sure to write about them in the comments.

That’s all the news. Thank you all for your support!

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