Weekend away


I had just turned 20, I was going away to Brighton for bank holiday weekend, I knew it would be full of people, scooters, loads of places to drink, dance and watch a few bands.

I had brought a few mod dresses, some sexy knickers and I didn’t worry about bras as my small 34B breast where firm and I didn’t need to wear them, plus it always gave me a thrill not wearing them and having my nipples poking out of my tops for any wandering eyes to see.

With there being plenty of drink, drugs and horny old men I knew I was on for a good weekend, I booked in to my hotel on the front Friday afternoon and was staying grill Tuesday Morning, so I guessed I’d get some action, I brought a few of my favourite toys just in case I didn’t.

I checked in to my room, got out my bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke and my weekend begun, I poured my 3rddrink and was feeling naughty, I was on the 5th floor looking out to sea, I was just on my red lace thong up against the window, drink in hand, looking down on everyone walk g past below, my other hand in my knickers touching my wet lips.

It was so thrilling being away, not knowing anyone and being so naughty and daring, my Alexa was playing some northern soul quietly in the back ground as I was miles away a enjoying the thrill, my fingers exploring for anyone to see, as I came out of me daze I could just make out a guy on the beach with binoculars looking up at me, I could see the sun reflecting off the lenses, as I looked down I froze, I didn’t know what to do, I was shocked someone could actually see me.

He waved a small hand wave, I waved back and he gave me the thumbs up, then I knew I had his attention, I removed my thong, stood up and gave him a thumbs up, immediacy he replied, we was watching each other now and it was confirmed, I pulled a chair close to the window and pulled out my big 10” fat dildo, I couldn’t put it all on but the girth stretched me and always made me squirt, I only needed a few inches inside me but it always did the job.

I  started to play, I was already wet so the head of this big cock easily slid into my wet wanting cunt, I placed my feet on the windows and spread my legs wide, he must have had an amazing view, he watched me for at least 15 minutes, I cum 5 times and squirted all over the window twice..

After I finished I stood up and waved at him and blew a kiss, he waved back and I turned and walked away, I sat on the bed and couldn’t believe what I had done, I then went for a shower and got ready to go out.

I put on one of my little Fred Perry dresses, white lace thong and headed for the Volks Club on the front, I knew there would be a lot of mods there, some great music and plenty of people to talk to and dance with.

I arrived and got some food from next door before they closed then headed over, there was no tables, it was rammed full of people, there was a big group of couple, single ladies and men, they waved me over and asked me to join them, some of them in nice suits, some in jeans and polos and all the woman had dresses on, sixties mod style, they all looked amazing.

I sat next to this woman in a lovely black and white sixities style dress, it was short like mine but she had some tights on, we got chatting and one of the guys brought me over a vodka and coke, I got talking to the lady, she was very slim, bobbed blond hair, green eyes and nice breasts, I’d say 34DD at a guess, we both said how lovely we both looked, I commented on everyone else and said they all looked good, I told her this was my first ever weekend away on my own and I was looking forward to it, I told her I liked the music and clothes and always wanted to come to the scene to experience it with like minded people, she place her hand on my bare thigh and told me I had come to the right place and immediately looked at me and said, no tights, then complimented me that I had lovey firm smooth legs and they felt nice to touch, her hand slid up and down my thigh, I don’t know why but my legs parted allowing her to co timid, she leaned I. To me and kissed me on the cheek and told me that a few men were already eyeing me up but to stick with her as the night was young and she would show me the best places to go, as she was finishing talking I felt her fingers brush over my thong, she looked and said, lace panties, I said yes they are my favourite type, I like them so there isn’t much lace so they are see through and they feel nice on my smooth pussy, she just smiled and agreed that smooth is the best.

After a few drinks I asked her where the toilets were, so she asked one of the guys to save our chairs and told me to follow here, she took me inside to the ladies where there was a big cubicle and she followed me in, I felt a little uneasy but as I locked the door she had already pulled her tights and knickers down and was having a wee, she sat back and allowed me to watch as the urine spewed out from her, as I watched I felt aroused, I walked over to her, her hands wandered up the back of my legs lifting my dress, she pushed it right up and was kissing my toned flat stomach, she told me I looked amazing and asked if she could see more, I stepped back and lifted my dress, I was now stood in just my lacy white see through thong and a pair of retro Adidas trainers, I hing up my dress and walked back over to her, she placed a finger in either side on my though and slowly pulled them down, I stepped out of them, she pulled my closer and started to sniff my pussy, she looked up and told me that my cunt smelt so sweet, she told me she enjoyed younger ladies especially teens as they are always so sweet, she lifted my leg and placed my foot on the bar on the wall and started to lick my pussy lips, I held on to her head and started to move my hips on time with her tongue.

After a few minutes I felt. Couple of fingers enter me, they where so long and skinny compared to men’s hands, she curled them inside me and immediately hit the right spot, as she heard me Yelp she latched onto my clit and now I was in heaven, she was finger fucking my g-spot whilst sucking and nibbling on my hard clit, she soon had me squirting and cumming all over her face. 

After I recovered she told me she wanted to watch me piss, so I sat on the toilet, she stood in front and kicked my feet apart so my legs were now wide open, she told me to sit right back so she could have a good view.

She crouched down and kissed my tummy as I started pissing, her fingers went to my pussy, she told me to not stop, her fingers opened my lips as her tongue licked my clit and allowed my piss to flow over her tongue and into her mouth, Ii felt her fingers enter me again, as I looked down she was drinking my piss whilst fingering me again, my piss was making a mess over her face but we was both loving it

A few more pushes and I’d finished, she withdrew her fingers and her tongue was cleaning me up, she pushed my knees up and pushed her tongue right inside my pussy, she has me cummin again within a few minutes and I was squirting over her face, again she cleaned me up after.

I got my dress and knickers on then we both washed up and left, a few of the guys made some jeering noises as we walked back out and 1 particular guy smiled and just said to her ‘good’ she replied ‘yes very’, I asked her who it was and she told me her husband and he would join us later back at their suit at the grand, she gave me a pill and told me to take it, she said it would relax me and make me feel good.

A few more drinks and we was up dancing, I felt good, like I’d never felt before, my first time away on my own, I had met and chatted to some amazing friendly people and I knew I was in for a good time all weekend, we moved on to another bar where there was a live band, a mod cover band, they was playing lots of stuff, the jam, the who, secret affair some ska, I was heaving with so many well dressed people, some skin heads but it was all friendly and a great environment to be in, I didn’t think it could be this good.

I was up dancing most of the night, a lot of guys and a few woman were always around me, as it was packed a few of them were groping my arse and tits but I loved it, I was enjoying being molested, was it the vodka, the drugs or both, I didn’t know but I didn’t care, I was just enjoying the moment with all these like minded people.

It got to about 12am and people were now emptying the bar, my friends said they were going back to their suit and would really like me to join them, I said yeah why not, we walked back, I was holding her hand and her husbands hands were all over my arse and tits, he asked us both if he could fuck me tonight, he told me he had watched me all night and he really wanted to feel himself inside my tight young pussy whilst we get watched, his wife laughed and said she didn’t mind if I didn’t, I laughed and kissed her on the lips and looked at him and told him this weekend was for making memories so they could both do what ever they wanted,

We got to the room and they had a bar in the room, drinks where flowing, my dress and knickers where removed and we was kissing touching and dancing when the door knocked, they told me to open it they I would enjoy the surprise, I opened the door naked and there where 5 smartly dressed guys, all slim and good looking, they looked me up and down and told me they had heard there was a party here and as one of them picked me up they all walked in, they had arranged this for both us woman. We was all drinking and popping a couple more pills, I was out of it again, feeling a high, feeling amazing, dancing, being groped.

I got pulled into the bedroom by one guy, he pushed me to my knees, and took his clock out, he was a good 8” and rock solid, he told me to sit on my hands he was going to control and dominant me all night and the others would join on soon, he forced his cock down my throat and fucked my face, I then must have passed out as I remember snippets of memory of having all my holes filled and seeing my friend getting filled as well, she was moaning loud and I was being man handles by all the guys, I remember having my face covered in cum, over my tits and I believe all 6 guys fucked me for most of the night.

I woke up the next day on the sofa covered with a blanket about 12pm, my pussy and arse was very sticky and I could taste cum in my mouth and over my face, I got up and walked into the bathroom and took a shower, then I felt hands on my body, he was touching me all over and said he wanted me again but with me awake for all of it this time, he pushed me down, I started to suck him deep, he was moaning so loud, I pulled away and asked him where his wife was, he said she had gone next door with a few of the guys whilst we fucked you all night, the other 2 had left early to go and use his wife so we was alone, he lifted me up, put his arms under the back of my legs and lifted me off the floor, then slid his cock into me very slowly, I felt every vein in his thick rippled cock as it slowly slid in me, as he got balls deep I moaned loud and then he started to pound me hard and deep, pulling almost out then slamming into me, he fucked me like that for about 30mins, then bent me over and took me from behind for at least 45 minutes, my pussy was getting really soar now.

I was begging him to cum or stop as it was hurting, he said he wasn’t ready for either, I pulled out of me, dragged me into the bedroom, threw me on the bed on my back, lifted my legs over his shoulders and said it’s time for deep and hard, as I said no his cock thrust balls deep into me and made me squeal, he said I was a really good slut and he was going to have me again, his hands gripped my wrists and he was on top pinning me down, he ducked me good and hard and emptied his load inside me.

I showered again and cleaned up, told him I was hungry, he walked me back to my hotel and came up to my room with me whilst I got changed, brushed my teeth and put on some deodorant, some lippy and stood in front of him naked, he stood up, spun me around and pushed me naked up against the window and said once more before we go out, he then started fucking me from behind in front of the world, then he whispered in my ear, he was the one on the beach watching me yesterday, I froze as he fucked me deep, he didn’t last long this time, he turned me around and cum in my mouth, there wasn’t much this time, just a couple of small shots of cum but he tasted good.

We went for some food and met his wife before the evening begin again. 

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