Twins. Incest stories



“Oooh, that feels so… uhhh… good

Part 1

They were just the average American family. Or so everyone thought. They lived in the northern region of the United States, in a quiet and secluded village near one of the many lakes. They were an attractive family, and were very open. David and Karen met in high school and became sweethearts, and eventually married after college. David is a wealthy businessman and works in the nearby city, while Karen runs a small interior decorating firm at home. They had two kids when they were both only twenty five; Angela and Arin. Yes, twins. Both David and Karen came from families with sexual pasts (Karen’s mother was a stripper, and David’s father was a photographer for Playboy) and were very open when it came to sex. They loved their daughters dearly, and spoiled them rotten. Fairly well off, the family lived in a large cabin with high ceilings, wood everywhere, and nearly no doors (all the doors were glass French doors that were used to block sound.) The story begins twelve years after the birth of the twins…

The light shone brightly from the end of the hallway as both Angela and Arin walked into the hallway. The walked quietly along the balcony overlooking the large living room far below, rubbing their eyes. It was late, and they couldn’t sleep. They tiptoed up to the French doors leading into their parents’ room. Arin laid down, and very slowly sneaked along the bottom of the door to the other side of the entrance. Twins laid, Angela on one side and Arin on the other, peering through the bottom corners of the glass into their parents room. They always had a sense of curiosity, and needed to know what was happening at all times. What they saw beyond the doors blew their mind.

Karen stepped down from the bathroom in the corner of the room, with a white towel wrapped tightly around her body. The bathroom was a step higher and had a waist high wall going around, giving the room a sense of openness and sexuality. The girls stared at their mother, and lovely how sexy she was. At only thirty-seven, she had the body of a twenty-year-old. Working at home often allowed her the opportunity to workout often and keep in shape, and did she ever keep in shape. Her wet and darkened blonde hair hung softy on her firm, wet breasts, squeezed in by the pressure of the towel. This particular towel hung only an inch beyond her crotch, barely concealing her pot of gold. But she had nothing to hide. She often walked around the house naked as did her husband, and periodically her youthful daughters. They never felt like they had anything to hide from each other, and enjoyed the natural beauty of the human body. In college, Karen minored in philosophy and came to many conclusions about the human body. Karen stared coyly at her husband, who was lying in bed wearing boxers reading the paper. David was well muscled, although slightly slim, and had only fine light brown hair covering his body. Karen approached the bed, and crawled along it like a kitten prowling for a bowl of milk. In her position, she unavoidably gave her peeping daughters a full view of her puckered asshole, and cleanly trimmed blonde pussy.

The twins marveled in their mother’s natural beauty and often stated they wanted to grow up to be just like her. As Karen crawled near her husband, she reached her hand up to her breasts, and untucked the towel. The soft linen was no longer fastened to her body, and gently slid off her body. Her small, but firm breasts hung from beneath her as she continued her prowl towards her spouse. She left nothing for either him or her daughters to miss as her shapely and taught body swayed seductively back and forth. She reached up and slowly moved the paper out her husband’s view of her. He gazed lovingly at her, looking up and down her entire body, and then back at her angelic face and blue eyes, the same eyes shared by the entire family. Karen slowly leaned towards David, and gave him a slow, long kiss. Her tongue slithered into his mouth, and swirled around, deep into his mouth. David reached out to her, and grabbed her firm ass, pulling her towards him. The two lovers continued to kiss passionately, jutting their tongues into each other’s mouths, and caressing every inch of each other’s bodies. David slowly leaned forward, as Karen laid back onto the soft comforter. With his strong hands, David began to softly massage Karen’s left breast in small circles, barely making contact.

“Oooh, that feels so… uhhh… good…” called Karen softly as she arched her back slightly. She carefully slid her hands down the side of his body, to his hips, and then under his wasteband. Slowly and surely, she slid his boxers over his ass, and down to his knees. David continued the act by forcing his underwear cleanly off. The couple laid naked in their beauty directly in front of their twelve year old daughters. David slowly let his soft kisses fall onto her chin, then down her throat to her collarbone, down her chest and to her cleavage. He gently kissed everyone inch of one breast, and then the other before moving on to his wife’s nipples. He found nearly as much pleasure in making her hot as he did when she blew him. Karen began moaning more loudly as she came nearer and nearer to climax. David worked his way from her breasts down the small ravine of her tight stomach, down to her crotch. He slowed considerably when he reached her soft downy pubic hair, as Karen gyrated her hips back and forth. When David’s lips finally did reach the top of her slit, her hips shot up, and her legs shook in orgasmic pleasure. David continued to moisten her swollen and wet lips as he kissed her pussy, licking up her sweet juices.

“Mmmmmm honey… you taste like… strawberries…” David said as he moved his lips away from her needy cunt.

“Ummgh… don’t… stop…” replied Karen as she guided his mouth to her pussycat. David’s tongue sank deeply into her pussy, exploring every nook and cranny in her how, wet canal. He spelt out every word as Karen moaned unbelievably loud. Her Hips raised up and her leg muscles contracted as she reached yet another orgasm.

David looked up at his beautiful wife, his chin glistening with her juices and smiled.

“You should be careful, you’ll wake the girls.”

“Don’t look, but their watching us from outside,” she replied quietly.

David’s eyes widened as he searched for an answer. He smiled slightly and said: “Is this your way of teaching them of where babies come from, you slut?”

Karen looked shyly up to her husband and nodded her head seductively.

“Uh, uh… this is how I was taught the birds and the bees…” answered Karen as she sat up, and straddled her husband. She slowly sat down on her husbands now blood enlarged penis.

Outside, the girls laid wide eyed at the sight before them. They had always heard other girls talking about sex, and always had to pretend they knew what it was. Angela, being the athletic and brace one, assumed it was some kind of sport that only husband and wife played. Arin the younger and shyer one, thought it was a game, like Monopoly or something. Either way, they were finding out first hand what they never knew. Just at the age where their bodies were maturing, they were becoming more curious, and often watched jealously as their mother kissed their father. The odd time, they would be jealous of their father, but never knew why. Both girls had “boyfriends,” but at this precise moment, became more educated than anyone of them could ever teach them. They still had much to learn, but could now understand the tingling feeling between their legs. Neither of the girls had experience anything closely similar to sex, and were “ripe fruit.”

They stared as their mother rode their father and her pace quickening. They wondered to them selves how the hell something as large as their father’s “snake” fit into their mothers “garden” as the joke is often told. Both girls stared as their parent climaxed in a maddening frenzy and then collapsed onto the bed. Girls sneaked slowly past the door, and tiptoed down the hallway to their bedroom with millions of visions dancing through their heads.

Part 2

The girls ran into their room giggling, and slid the glass doors closed. They sat on their white laced beds situated parallel, and on opposite sides of the mediums sized room. Angela turned on the lamp on one the desks between the beds, and then walked across the room. She reached up on her tiptoes and drew closed the white curtain, similar to the one her parents neglected to close earlier. She walked slowly back to her bed, and sat down, her legs hanging over the edge. She stared at her sister, identical in appearance, and recognized he same shoulder length blonde hair parted down the middle, their deep blue eyes, small nose, and full lips. But this time, for some reason, her gaze continued down to her sister’s barely existent breasts. The thin material of the old nightly portrayed her soft pink nipples as they pricked out slightly. She looked down at her own breasts, and thought with anxiety about the prospect of looking like her mother. There was a moment of silence and awkwardness in the room until Arin spoke up.

“Mom sure did look pretty…” she said shyly.

“Yeah… she did… she is pretty…” answered her Angela.

“I sure hope we look like her when we get older…”

“I… uhhh… yeah… but it sure is taking a while” stated Angela awkwardly, once again looking down at her young body.

“It looked like Mom shaved her her… um… down there… since the last time I saw her naked.”


“Heh,” asked Arin, now enthusiastic, “do you have any hair down… there?”

“Uh… a little… do you wanna see?”

“Yeah, sure, I’ll show you mine, I have some too…” replied Arin now realizing she has nothing to hide.

The two girls stood up, and looking at each other, removed their sheer nighties that barely covered their butts any how. Angela walked over to her sister’s bed and sat down sideways facing her. Arin turned, and gazed at her sisters body and thought it amazing how similar they seemed.

“Can I… uh… look closer?” asked Angela, getting closer to Arin.

“Uhhh… sure…” she said.

Angela leaned in, and with her hands, spread her sister’s thighs so she could get a better look. She stared at the single small slit that was interestingly pink right now. She gazed carefully at the thin line of blonde pubic hair that lined her sister soft white skin. She reached out with her hand, and touched her sisters pussy with her index finger.

“Wooooh… what are you doing?” asked Arin curiously.

“Uhhhh… nothing..I just wanted to see what it… uhhh… felt like.”

Angela sat up, and spread her legs, allowing Arin to inspect her most private of parts. After Arin finished inspecting and feeling, the two girls sat facing each other, naked and legs spread.

“You know… you are very pretty… uhhh… Angie…”

“Yeah you too, you look like Mom.”

“Heh, let’s make a pact, Ok”

“Ok, what kind of pact?”

“Ok, well first you make a rule that we both have to follow, then I do, Ok?”

“Sure… ummm… Ok, I’ve got one,” said Angela Happily and enthusiastically, “from now one, we always have to sleep naked.”

Perhaps it was the sight of their parents or their new found sexual existence, but the girls felt experimental and brave.

“Sure… uhhhh… ummm… ok, whenever we can, we have to take our showers and baths together, Ok?” stated Arin, giggling.

“Even better, we have to spend as much time together as possible.’

“And we can never keep secrets from each other.”

“And we will try to always be as pretty and sexy as Mom.”

“And we be as sexy as possible, and we will share anything we learn about sex.”

“Heh, you got two.”

“Ok, then, you get two, and then we’re done.”

“Ok, we will lose our virginity at the same time, and get married at the same time, Ok?”

“Done then,” replied Angela ending the pact.

“Now we have to shake on it, Ok” stated Arin, sticking out her hand.

“How ’bout, since a lot of it is about sex, we kiss on it?”

“Sure… I guess… but I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

“Just do it like Mom does.”

“But you’re my sister, and a girl”

“Oh who cares?” asked Angela as she leaned forward and kissed her sister. The kiss lasted for about thirty seconds and ended sweetly and innocently. The two twins said goodnight to each other and Angela went to her bed. They pulled over their covers, and went to sleep naked, and united. Later that night, both would learn to explore their bodies and reached their first orgasm, and couldn’t wait to tell each other about it the next day.

Part 3

The sun shone brightly through the large window, casting white patterns of light on the soft coloured walls. The girls awoke wide-eyed and refreshed from their night of discovery. They felt years older as they awoke, now aware of the pleasures their bodies contained. But they did not only grow older, but closer to one another. There was no longer anything between them, and they felt like one whole person. Angela sat up and stretched her arms out as the comforter fell to her waist, exposing her young budding breasts. She rubbed her tender eyes and turned to look at her sleeping sister. Tossing her covers to the side, and got out of bed gingerly. Standing between the two beds, she drew the shades of their bedroom fully open, bringing in more light. Angela looked down at her sister smiling, still asleep, and thought to herself that she looked like an angel. That they both did. Arin awoke to the bright light and rolled on to her side to face her sister.

“Is it morning already?” she asked as she yawned softly.

“Actually, it’s past noon,” replied Angela looking at the alarm clock.

Arin slowly sat up and the comforter began to slide down her side. Her right breast was exposed, and she quickly grabbed the blanket. She hesitated for a second, and realizing it was only her sister, let the comforter fall to the bed. She saw her sister look down at her body, and hesitantly returned the glance. She didn’t know why she had the instincts to do so, but for some reason she was just curious. She could easily see in the bright light how similar they looked. She always knew their faces were the same. The same blond hair, deep blue eyes, and pouty lips. She now saw their tennis ball sized breasts were the same firmness, the same shape. She noticed how their hips both seemed to curve the same amount, and how they both had the same small line of blond pubic hair. Their similarities have always seemed to draw them closer, even more so now.

“I’m going to go have a shower, I feel kind of sticky from sweat,” said Angela softly as she moved towards the door.

“Sounds good to me,” replied Arin as she hopped out of bed and followed her sister.

The two girls stood beside each other with the door cracked open slightly. Arin stuck her head out slightly and looked down both ways of the hallway. The door opened and the two sisters ran across the hallway to the bathroom, careful not to be seen by their parents. The bathroom was large with a whirlpool, a separate seamless glass shower, two vanity desks (one for each of them) and of course a toilet. They walked across the grey ceramic tiles to the shower, and turned it on. Angela jumped in first and Arin followed as they quickly close the door. The water was frigid at first, and made their tiny nipples stand up.

“Hey,” called out Arin as she laughed, looking at her sister’s breasts, “your buttons are sticking out!”

“So are yours,” replied Angela making her sister aware that it was a two way street.

“You know, this is the first time we have showered together,” said Arin.

“Yeah, it feels kind of weird, but nice weird.”

As the water warmed up and steam began to appear, the two girls moved closer together to get underneath the one shower head in the shower. They had to stay within inches of each other to get under the warmth of the water. Angela tried to put shampoo in her hair, and nearly elbowed her sister.

“Can you do this for me,” asked Angela with puppy dog lips, “it’s kinda hard.”

“Sure, but then you’re gonna half to do mine,” replied her eagerly uncomfortable.

The two took turns washing each other’s hair, and making the experience very relaxing for the both of them. As Angela took her turn to wash Arin’s hair, Arin began to feel a tingling between her legs. She recognized the feeling from the night before, and began to move her hand instinctively down her body. It slid down her stomach, past her belly button to her hip, down the V and to her slit. She gently began to rub her swollen pussy with her hand as her sister washed her hair. Her tempo began to pick up and her body started to move. Her legs began to feel week and her knees began to buckle. She began to get the feeling that she wanted nothing more in the world than to reach climax like the night before. This was not true, she did have another uncontrollable dream the night before. Her muscles clenched and her legs shook as she reached her peak. Her juices flowed down her leg amongst the water, disappearing down the drain.

“Done,” Angela said, snapping Arin back to reality.

The two girls then grabbed their poufs and began to wash their bodies. Their nipples grew larger at the sight of each other’s wet, naked bodies, and they both began to feel turned on as they washed their chest. They both simultaneously slid their hands down to their crotches and began to massage their pussies. Angela backed up to the wall, and the two sisters stood masturbating, staring at each other. It only made them hotter, and made them want to never stop. Angela let out a soft moan, and not wanting to be left out, so did Arin. They continued as their hands got faster and their moans louder. Almost simultaneously, they arched their backs and came. They stood for a second silent, waiting for the other to make a move. Angela stepped away from the wall and walked towards her sister. She stopped right in front of her and put her hand up to Arin’s mouth. Arin put it between her lips and let it slowly enter her mouth. She licked it tenderly, and felt her sister reach between her legs. Angela brought her other hand op to her mouth and tasted Arin’s juices.

“Mmmmmm…that tastes good,” said Arin as Angela removed her finger.

“Yeah, kinda like hney,” replied Angela removing her finger from her own mouth.

She turned around and shut off the water, and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and began to dry herself off. Her sister followed, and stood beside her on the mat, drying her own wet body off. When they were both dry, they ran across the hall and back into their room and closed the door tight. They walked over to their respective dressers and opened their top drawers. They pulled out their underwear, and turned to face each other. Angela pulled a thin and old pair of panties over her thighs. She then put on her baby blue training bra that was just able to hold her budding breasts. Soon she and Arin would have to get real bras.

Arin nelt down and pulled up a pair of black string bikini underwear, matched by a grey training bra. The two sisters looked at each other and thought how beautiful the other looked. Angela through on a small t-shirt that still showed the bottom of her panties and headed for the door. Arin put on a pair of plaid boxers and a small tank top and followed behind her.

Angela stopped and turned around to look at her sister.

“It’s Saturday right?”

“Yeah.” replied her sister, shrugging her shoulders.

“Then Mom and Dad are gone for the day.”

“Right,” replied Arin, “so…..”

“Comon, I have to show you something I found the other day…”

The End

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