The Date Pt. 01


Part 1 of 4

You call me Daddy, and it makes me chuckle each time and I smile back at your flirting. I like to talk with you and watch you as you work beside me. You’re certainly younger than me, but you have an amazing smile that lights me up from across the room. You’re fun to talk with on breaks, and even though I’m trying not to be disrespectful, I can’t help but watch your body move across the room. At first I think it’s wrong, the thoughts I’m having about you. You’re young enough to be my daughter, but… there it is again. You’re calling me Daddy.

I wonder if you know what that means in my world where youth and submission is signaled with phrases like that. Are you asking for some attention? Do you want to take this past harmless flirting? Do you want… a new teacher?

As I think these thoughts, and of all the things I’d love to start doing with you, you walk into the break room and walk over to the fridge passing by me as I lean against the counter. You get a water from inside and walk over with a feline grin on your face. “What are you thinking about… Daddy?” I smile and raise an eyebrow. You stand on your toes and lean in to whisper something to me. “I hope it’s about me.” You giggle and shift so your hip glides across my pants and my now bulging erection you made me realize I just had.

My eyes widen and I shift a bit to conceal, then quickly grab a chair. I look over to you and you smile and playfully run your tongue around the opening to your bottle. “Just needed some water, talk to you later!” You walk out of the room and then glance back at me as I am watching your ass as you leave. You smile and disappear.

Ok then, it’s on.

The next evening at the end of work, you walk out to your car. You sit down and begin to start it when you notice a package in the passenger seat. You look around suspiciously, then pick up the box. You read the card on top.

“It’s time to see if you are ready for the next step in our little game…If you’re into it, I’ll be waiting in my car outside your apartment tomorrow at 7:00pm.Wear this, and when I come to your door and see you in it, I’ll know you’re ready. We’re going to have some fun together.


You smile widely. This is it, you’ve been flirting with this man now for weeks and he’s called you on it. You don’t know what’s ahead, but you like how he’s taking charge. You put down the card and open the box. Inside you find a pretty black lacey necked dress, sized just right to be form fitting but not too revealing. Black stockings, lacey at the thigh with the line up the back. A black and white silken scarf. A layer of tissue paper separates to the next section: black and lacey bra and panties. Tasteful but very sexy.

Something else drops to the seat. What’s this? A little black leather choker… You squirm a little bit as the idea of what’s to come intrigues and excites you.

Saturday night comes and you get ready. You try everything on and it fits surprisingly well. You look at yourself in the mirror, you are a sight! You haven’t been out to do anything fancy in a while, and certainly never like this!

At seven exactly I knock on your door. You open it and I smile widely, “you look amazing…” I shake my head, “better than I would even imagine!” I lean in, “you smell amazing also… you make me want to… hmm. ” I bend my head down to your neck where I drink in your scent for a moment, then lightly kiss you and touch my tongue to your skin.

Your skin lights up with goosebumps and a shiver of excitement goes down your spine. I speak softly next to your ear. “Thank you for dressing up like you have. I have a fun evening planned for us, and if you say yes, I will be happy to take over now. All you have to do is do what you’re asked, respond if I ask you to, and moan freely when you want to.” The words shoot through you, like electricity to your belly. “If you say yes, your safe word is Ajax. Can you remember that?”

Your eyes go wide. A safe word? “Umm, yes, yes I can remember that…”

“Please say it for me.” I whisper in your ear.

“Ajax” you whisper.

“Excellent, say that and we’ll stop our game. No harm, no foul. Whatever happens, I want you to enjoy this, and if it’s too much, just say the word.”

You nod, knowing that you just accepted… you have no idea! Your imagination runs crazy and your heartbeat picks up, but at the back of your mind you know that you have the power to stop it. This is crazy, but you are excited!

I look at you deep in your eyes and ask “are you ready to start the evening?”. You nod and say “yes” softly with a big grin. “Ok, then” I say, and I carefully cup the sides of your face with my big hands and draw your lips to mine. I kiss you, softly at first, tasting your lips and your breath, and as our pulses pick up and the kissing heats up, our tongues begin to touch, to explore. Your body warms up, and nervousness you had begins to melt away as the urges you’ve been having for this man for the last few months come to the front in a rush. My hands run across your back, your sides, your hips. Touching softly, then with more strength, then shifting to your lower back. My lips break from yours and move to your neck. Each kiss sends jolts to your belly as your hands feel over my strong arms, my back, the back of my neck.

My hands trace down below you butt and lift you off the ground, pulling you against me. You quickly reply with lifting one leg and wrapping it behind my back, pulling yourself against my erection. It feels hard and hot in my pants and part of you wants to reach down to unbuckle me already. You hand starts down that way and I quickly brush it aside. I press you against a wall and then slide down your body until I am on one knee.

I raise your right leg over my shoulder and you balance with the other on the floor. I push the pleated bottom of your dress up and over my head and I press my lips between your legs, breathing heavy and hotly onto your pussy while pressing my tongue against you through the fabric.

“Daddy…” you moan as waves of feeling emanate from between your legs as I deftly lick and touch and rub you with my mouth through your panties. I spend my time here, moving my head back and forth to change the heat, the pressure, the angle as my tongue tastes your wetness soaking through. You can feel the buildup, the tension of an orgasm building quickly and as I lick faster and press harder you say through quickened breath, “I’m going to cum daddy… going to cum… “

I reach up and pull aside your panties quickly and bury my tongue up inside of you, the sensation pushing you over the edge as you uncontrollably begin to shiver and shake against my face as I lick you madly in little circles around your clitoris. You moan loudly, pulling my head towards your sex and ride the sensation to its end. Your mind is hazy, the feelings of pleasure pumping through your body, so you don’t notice me reach into my pocket and pull something out.

You feel me insert one finger, then another inside of you. You moan and press back against me. You feel something else… something a little larger begin to enter you. You look down to see me pressing a small pink eggs shaped piece of rubber inside of you, trailing a little pink wire of some sort. You start to ask what it was, but I reach up with my other hand and touch my finger to your lips as you are starting to breathe a little less heavily.

“This, my dear, is the beginning of our night! I’ve been wanting to taste you for weeks, and I was not disappointed in the least… “. I straighten your panties out and help your leg back down off my shoulder. I smooth out your dress, then reach into my pocket and pull out a handkerchief, and quickly wipe my face of your wetness. Once I do, I hold it against my nose and smell it deeply. “I’ll have to keep this handy if I need a reminder while we’re out tonight”. I smile to you.

“And that little device I slid inside that beautiful pussy that is mine for the night?” I pull out a little remote control piece. “This is for dinnertime entertainment!” I smile and press a button. A jolt of vibration goes off inside of you. Your eyes light up as your still sensitive pussy responds with a wave of pleasure. You giggle and bend over a little bit, then right yourself as the sensation ends quickly.

“So are you all set? Shall we go my dear?”

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