Sisters Share a Valentine Boyfriend



I can’t believe it happened! Our first Valentine’s Day was not what Nancy and I planned.

It started with a Facetime session the night before. Every night we Face Timed. It helped make a long distance relationship work.

“Come, be my Valentine! I miss your bad self!” Nancy whined. Her black lace baby doll was her uniform for Facetime.

“I miss you too, baby. But I gotta work this weekend.”

“Don’t you miss these?” she whispered. Her hands lightly traced her saucy breasts.


Long blond curls contrasted and barely covered her black lace bra. I could not wait to tease those nipples into eraser tips again!

“I need your help with a few things here!” Her hands moved down to her bare legs.

“What’s that?” She loved to tease!

“I may have a plumbing leak that needs plugging. These panties are getting wet.”

“You should ask your building maintenance man.”

“No. I need maintenance from MY man. I think the problem is right here.”

She traced a furrow on the front of her thong. Slowly and insistently moving her finger, trying to push it through the lace.

“See what I mean?”

“Yeah, maybe I could help with your problem”. I groaned as I swelled in the patterned boxers she loved me to wear. My rock hard nipples and my heaving bare chest let her know she was making her point.

“Yeah. I really need your help!”

“We could…you know…mmmm…help each other all we want.” She was lifting her soaked thong.

“Come tomorrow! Come all weekend long!” Nancy almost whispered. Her eyes were partially closed and focused on my boxers.

“If you agree to come…I’ll tell you a smoking hot story you won’t believe.” She moved her finger under the lifted thong. She jumped when bare fingers met bare lips.

“A true one?” I coughed as this show was getting way out of control.

“Better than that! Two slutty sorority sisters. One surprised boyfriend. Want to hear it?”

I couldn’t keep my hands off my bouncing boxers.

“Say you will come.” she begged as she slid her thong closer to the iPad camera.

“I’m going to come right now!” I moaned.

“No, baby. Come to see me for the weekend! Please! I’ll make it worth your while!”

“OK! OK! I’ll try to get coverage at work. I’ll leave in the morning!”

“Awesome. I’m really…really…really excited you are coming!” she had started undulating on the bed. Her body excitement was obvious! This could be a wildest ending ever for the call!

Fantasy stories were how we ended the Facetime sessions. She knew what drove me crazy. Her improvised stories revolved around my hot buttons.

“So what’s it going to be? Two slutty sorority sisters? One lucky surprised guy?” Nancy whispered.

“That works.” I grunted.

I pulled my throbbing cock out of the boxers. She could see my naked chest and I was breathing heavy. She licked her lips and stared.

“Oh yeah, baby. It looks like you need to cool that monster down!”

I reached to the nightstand for my Facetime lube bottle.

“That’s it. I wish I was there! I would cover you with that warming and slippery lube. But my hands are a little busy.”

“So… my sorority sister was crying and moaning in bed. She had just arrived early from a date. Came home and ran straight to her bedroom. After a half hour I opened her bedroom door to check on her. She was face down and naked on top of her bed sobbing and rocking her body. Can you imagine she was naked?”

“Oh yeah. Tell me more!”

The lube dripped down the tower protruding from the boxers opening. I wiped it up off my balls to keep it on the shaft. I would not last the whole story.

“OK. I sat beside her and rubbed her shoulders, and down her back as I asked what was wrong. She sat up and threw her arms around me. Suddenly I was hugging my naked redhead sorority sister.”

My right hand imitated what I remembered of Nancy’s teasing technique. The individual fingers moving lightly independent of each other but in a rhythmic arpeggio on my soon to be exploding heat-seeking missile. Terribly exciting but hopefully not sending me into orbit before the story ends.

“I can see you like this.” Nancy had moved to her two hand thong shredding technique! The right hand middle finger slipped under the satin thong. She plunged inside and was searching for the G spot. The left hand three middle fingers rotated over the black satin covered clit! We would never finish this story!

“Oh baby, this is so hot!” I quit the self teasing and started my two hand method. One hand on top of another. Every lubed thrust showed the angry purple head sticking out of the two hands.

“Oh! You are gigantic! I wish I was there right now! Do your hands feel tight around that raging cock…like my soaked pussy? I would squeeze you inside so hard. Until…until…you fire that cannon deep in me. Deep in my pulsating pussy!”

“Baby…you have got to slow down the story…I’m so close…so damn close…”

“Did I tell you her skin was slippery with sweat? Her breasts smashed against my light stretch cotton top. And soaked me.”

“That is not slowing it down!” I screamed.

“I wanted her so bad! Women are irresistible when they look so wild but vulnerable. I started caressing her all over. She looked at me with tearful eyes. Then I kissed her. Kissed her forever it seems! Her hands traced my breasts. This was really going down.”

“I can’t take it! Oh, you would be so in trouble if you were here.” My two hand squeeze was not helping the situation.

“Her red bush was trimmed into a heart shape. The rest of her was as smooth as a baby.” Nancy whispered as her tongue played across her lips.

“So I kissed my way down to that heart-shaped patch. So close. She smelled so amazing.” She moved closer to the iPad and licked her lips for emphasis.

“I wanted to taste her. Just an inch or two more and…”

Then I heard her phone ring!

“Damn it! Hey Baby. It’s my sister on the line. I’m so sorry. I need to take this. I will make it up to you. I promise! See you tomorrow when you get here? And… save all that love for me!”

“Of course baby” I said, but she had already hung up.

I looked down at my cock poking out of the boxers covered in lube. Did she seriously expect me to save all my love for her? In this condition?

Should I call my ex Kate! To help my condition? She said she will keep the fires burning as long as I bring the kindling! Kate was just a ten-minute drive away. So much more geographically convenient than Nancy.

No. I should just be a good boy. Wait til tomorrow. She said she would make it up to me. If I can survive until then. Time to try that Kama Sutra orgasm control! It is supposed to make everything way more exciting. We will see.

Now I had an official girlfriend. I had to make some compromises to get those perks. Maybe I’m more suited to friends with benefits. This weekend could be the test if this girlfriend thing works.


I got a late start driving up the 5 for the five hour boring drive. El Rojo, my Red TR-6, was gobbling up the miles while the wind blew my hair.

Nancy’s call woke me out of the white line stupor.

“Hey Baby. Are you on your way bringing my hot ass valentine to me?” Nancy hummed.

“Certified USDA hot and juicy for you with an ETA of two hours!”

“I can’t wait! But would you do me a favor? My sister needs…”

“Oh No! This is our first Valentine Day’s weekend!”

“Sorry.. but she just broke up with her boyfriend. She is despondent. I invited her to join us for the weekend. Would you be a love and pick her up on your way? I don’t want her driving when she is this way. I will make it up to you! Anything. Anything you want. ” Nancy pleaded.

“The thing I want is a wild weekend with you!” I objected.

“Time to get your wild list started! I told Kim you would be by in about two hours then. I owe you an incredible makeup. Besides, it will still be hot to be together even with Kim around. I’m sure we can cause some damage when she is looking the other way! See you in a few!” Nancy signed off.

Damn! I needed a weekend of unfettered female companionship. It had been two weeks without seeing Nancy. Now the complications arose. Family problems. Jeeesh. It was almost like being married!


Nancy and I met at College.

The college was competitive as hell to get into. World class Engineering, Architecture and Agriculture schools attracted the best of the best! Only 1 in 10 applicants were grabbing a seat!

Arriving on campus, one thing was definitely missing…women. Only 2 of 10 students were women. And from what I saw, you could not count some Agricultural women as female.

The academic competition was fierce. But it paled to the competition for female companionship!

It was rough, but late in my junior year I finally convinced a senior woman to at least go out on a date with me. Yes, she was a farm girl! But definitely female.

It was like winning the lottery!

Nancy had all the female parts, and it enthralled me to match my parts with hers regularly.

Nordic, slim, short straight natural blond hair, athletic, not too busty, girl next door, big blue eyes but, most importantly, interested in me.

Together we taught each other about love and sex. We were both curious and compelled to discover all we could about sex.

She was everything I needed. But not quite what I wanted.

Oh sure. I needed female companionship in the worst way. But I might have picked a different girl if there was more to choose from. It’s playing with fire. Sex leads to relationships which leads to marriage and happily ever after. I really wasn’t ready to sign up for the whole enchilada.

She graduated and got a great job as an advertising executive in San Francisco, a five-hour drive from college.

I somehow convinced her to stay together after she moved. It was a little inconvenient, but being in a long distance relationship was still better than hanging with the boys at the cowboy bar.

Weekends and holidays weren’t enough to satisfy my desires for her. But the times we were together were incredibly intense and sexually exhausting.

She was in charge of planning this weekend’s festivities.

We planned special events for the days we were together. Nancy was very inventive in setting up crazy fun weekends full of sexual surprise and satisfaction. That was why I was looking forward to this first Valentine Day together!

And now it looked to be a sad sister sitting weekend. What a disappointment!


Kim, Nancy’s sister, was a hottie in her own right. If I met her before Nancy, I’m sure I would have made a full court press on her. We had only met one night at a family dinner. She brought her now ex Rex, and they had been poster children for Public Displays Of Affection. I remembered the chubby I had from watching them carry on at the family dinner. Kim was massaging Rex under the tablecloth while her Dad was telling old hunting stories. Now that is wild!

I swung by her apartment two hours away from Nancy’s place. Kim answered the door in an abbreviated Valentine theme work out outfit. A loose sparkly gray top with a shiny large red heart design. One shoulder was exposed and a black sports bra worked hard to support and enclose. I had forgotten how she could fill her top. The skin tight pink yoga Capri pants accentuated the very healthy female inside. The blond curly waist length hair brushed across her covered nipples, seeking the light. She looked like she had been crying. It was obvious this was a tough time for her.

“Hey Kim. Ready?”

“Good to see you, Michael! Let me grab my stuff and let’s get the hell out of this place!”

“What a cool car!”

The 1979 TR-6 Red Convertible I called El Rojo was a guaranteed head turner and female attractant. We stowed her luggage on the exterior trunk mounted luggage rack.

“Shall we down top?”

“Hell yes!”

We squeezed in side by side with our thighs almost touching in the tight cockpit. As I put it into reverse, I bumped her thigh with my stick shift hand. Then we were zooming down the highway. We had to talk loud to hear over the road and wind noise and the roar of the engine. It also helped to lean closer.

She told me what happened with her boyfriend on the drive. Hard to believe he was cheating on this almost perfect visage of young womanhood. Rex, now the Ex, told her last night that he had to take out his other girlfriend for Valentines Day. What other girlfriend? She was understandably furious. And looking to get even.

“I really need to talk with my sister about my dickhead ex boyfriend! We are so close. Nancy tells me everything. And I tell her…well…almost everything!”

I wondered what the hell that meant?

She was a writer for a home improvement magazine. But she wanted to be a novelist. And live the adventure of life. And write the story into a novel. Her life was an experiment. Living the free writer’s life. And writing about it.

So she read me what she felt about being with and without her ex boyfriend. She was going to add it to her novel.

“How was I going to survive? I will miss his waking me with a gentle bear hug and a bare massage. Touching every sensory center on and within my flesh. A never ending exploration of my female form that let’s me know he desires me desperately. And he never gets enough. He gets me yearning to be teased, to be taken, to be filled with his hot hard flesh everywhere I can be. To be consumed by his raging fire of primal lust and luxurious love for me. And all this before breakfast!” Kim read haltingly as she sobbed again.

She slid her hand to touch my leg. Just before the last line.

“I can’t live without the type of attention he has taught me to receive.”

I got crazy distracted listening and almost hit the guardrail.

“Wow. I feel that.” I quietly said.

“It’s good to be..I mean it’s good that you feel, what I feel. Oh god this is so awkward!”

“No worries. This weekend will get you back in your wild women mode again!”

“I can’t thank Nancy and you enough. Letting a sad sister hang around on a love fireworks weekend. I really owe you guys.” Kim sniffled.

“Just put in a good word for me with Nancy!”

“I will let her know how lucky she is! We are going to owe you!”


By the time we arrived in The City, Kim’s mood had brightened from our banter while screaming down the highway in El Rojo, the TR-6. It is hard not to smile driving in that speedy sleek convertible. People mistook us for lovers on our way to a romantic Valentine weekend.

“Hi Sis. We are here and ready to party!” Kim screamed as Nancy opened the door. Kim and Nancy’s hug was like they were reuniting after many years.

Nancy shocked me with a no holds barred kiss and sensual embrace. Her loose mid thigh short summer dress rode up during the embrace to expose red satin panties.

“I miss you, Love Machine!” Her hands roamed all over my back and ass to reacquaint her with all my rapidly exciting parts.

“I miss you too,” I whispered. “But let’s save the public displays of affection until we are alone and we can do something about it!”

Nancy laughed and loudly asserted so Kim could hear, “It’s perfectly OK for me to show my man some love in front of the sister I love! We have no secrets! She knows you’re a hot hunk and knows I’m crazy about you!”

There was lots of laughing and eye contact showing the sisters were on the same page.

Kim needed to use the restroom after the drive.

“Thanks so much Baby for bringing my distressed sister here for Valentine’s weekend. She is such a mess right now. I know it’s not what we planned. It will still be a good time. And I will make it up to you. I can’t wait to have you alone and in my arms and in my mouth and in my pussy and in my… get the idea?”

Mister chubby gave his own response by reacting to the incendiary talk and sexy embrace.

“And by the way…Kim really needs some sister time. And I don’t want to keep you up all night listening to girl talk. Could you sleep on the couch tonight? I will so make it up to you! I will really be in your debt. I know you will enjoy the payback!”

“How can I argue with that?” I said. But I knew this was not shaping up to be a great weekend.


Cooking with two women in a small apartment kitchen can be a glorious challenge. The small U-shaped kitchen with a counter facing the dining area forced us to bump into each other as we tried to work as a team. Nancy welcomed every touch. She did not seem to object when there were collisions between Kim and I.

My job was to keep the wine glasses always full. After the second bottle was gone, the kitchen workers yapped and laughed constantly.

I don’t know if but was the wine, but the sisters were talking racy. I was inebriated enough to be attracted to the weekend ruiner Kim, even if she was Nancy’s sister. I should have been extremely mad with her for ruining our plans. But she sure was a sexy little thing! And she was sending I’m available vibes every time her sister wasn’t watching. And even a few times she was watching. Strangely, Nancy did not disapprove. Hmmm. I told myself to remember, you are Nancy’s boyfriend! Keep your penis pointing at Nancy!

“Nancy, I brought a few Valentines gifts for you.”

“Whoa! You have Michael trained right!’ Kim approved.

“I did not know that Kim would be here, so I did not bring her any gifts. The gifts are kind of personal. Maybe even embarrassing. I can leave the gifts in your bedroom . We can open them next time.”

“How embarrassing can they be? My sister and I have no secrets. She’s a big girl. She won’t be embarrassed and neither will I! I want my presents now!”

“OK. How about after dinner we open the gifts!”

“Dinner. That reminds me. Oh Damn! I forgot to get the whipped cream and strawberries for the desert! Kim, would you be a love and walk down to the corner market and pick those up? I’ve got to watch the dinner. And Michael needs to open a bottle of dinner wine.”

“Sure. It’s good to stretch my legs after that ride in El Rojo’s cockpit.”

The second the door closed, Nancy turned down all the burners and hopped up and sat on the counter.

“Come here, Michael. The cook has something she needs help with!”

I moved closer to embrace her. She opened her legs wider so I could stand in between and be surrounded by her athletic smooth thighs. Her short summer dress rode up and barely covered the red satin panties exposed earlier. Nancy kissed me with an exuberant sexual kiss that left no confusion about what she wanted!

My cargo shorts knew where they wanted to be!

“We don’t have much time, Michael!” Nancy unbuckled the belt and pulled down the zip. The cargo shorts dropped from their own weight. Only the horizontal chubby stopped them from falling all the way to the tile floor. She reached down to stroke the package tenting the black satin boxers.

“Can you help me? I need to taste the sausage! Is there enough salt?”

“Only after I get a quick taste of the soup. Ladies first!”

I kneeled and ran my hands up her wide exposed thighs, moving her dress up. Her exposed red panties beckoned me for a long awaited kiss.

My tongue licked up her thighs as she moaned.

“Damn! It’s been so long! Hurry! She will be right back!”

My wet tongue reached the edges of her panties. She was having trouble sitting still with the stimulation. Her warm crotch was quickly showing a wet spot, revealing her lips. I backed off and breathed fiery breath on her womanly charms.

“Hurry, Baby! Don’t torture me!”

I loaded saliva on my tongue and drenched her slit from bottom to top in one lick. Then I inhaled her satin covered clit.

“Oh, my God! You are so fucking good at that!”

“Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…” Nancy moaned.

Then Kim knocked on the door.

We hustled to put ourselves back together.

“Come in, Kim! It’s open!”

“Oh, what a great little market! I got everything. How’s dinner coming along, Nancy?”

“We did some taste testing. Michael, how did it taste?”

“Amazing! More wine ladies?”

The dinner was fabulous! Nancy might be a keeper based on cooking alone.

The sisters chatted about the current man problems of Kim during dinner. Not my idea of a great dinner conversation. I kept the wine flowing, which got the sisters into feelings talk. Having a girlfriend certainly has it’s ups and downs.

Everyone pitched in for a quick, enthusiastic cleanup before we headed to the living room. Hopefully now that the feelings were exorcised we could have a little fun!

Nancy asked me to start a fire. We moved to the couch. Nancy told me to sit between the sisters.

“And now,” Nancy announced. “The Valentine’s Day Gift Opening Ceremonies!”

Nancy and Kim complimented the four professionally wrapped presents.

The first present of two glittery heart shaped candles drew oohs and ahh’s.

The second package of vanilla scented massage oil got the girls giggling.

The third package was a pink rabbit vibrator with remote internet control. Nancy was hitting me and the two girls could not stop laughing.

“Nancy. You need to let me borrow that rabbit!”

“No way, Kim! Get your own new boyfriend to bring you gifts!”

The last intricately wrapped box contained little nothings. Two baby doll lingerie sets. In mix and match colors. Nancy was finally embarrassed but still impressed with the two Valentine lingerie sets.

She lifted the first baby doll top in black satin with heart-shaped cutouts for the breasts with red lace trim!

“Well, that certainly puts the girls on display!”

“I didn’t know how they would fit?” trying to soften the idea going through her mind that I must be a pervert.

“Oh, they will fit! Maybe it would fit better on Kim than I. But we can make it work!”

“Look Kim…matching black satin panties with red peek-a-boo lace! There seems to be a theme here!”

“Nancy! You are going to need a bodyguard if you wear that outfit! I may have to be your guard sister.” Kim laughed.

“Wait, Kim…there is another outfit! Maybe there is one outfit for each of us!”

Nancy lifted the red bustier top with black lace accents and inserts. The top slit down the middle and tied with intricate black ribbons. The girls howled!

“Yep. This is definitely Kim style. Tight form fitting with ties that take forever to undo. Push up built-in bra to keep the girls in fine form. And what is this?”

“Michael, you horny man! Kim, this is a red satin with black lace accent panty. Very sexy! But catch this! Crotchless! Easy access! Open for business all the time! I think my boyfriend misses me!”

“Nancy, you have the best boyfriend! I should give you guys a little privacy now to inspect these gifts!”

“No. We need Michael to open his presents from me! Are you ready?”

“Let’s do it. Does anyone need a refill on their wine first?” I rose to go open another bottle but immediately realized my tented shorts were in no condition to get off the couch!

“Nancy. Look at what giving gifts to his girlfriend does to Michaels shorts! That is the mark of a great boyfriend! I want one just like him!”

I opened my first present. It was an assortment of three Valentine themed satin boxers. Kim and Nancy exchanged knowing looks of approval.

“Oh my. Someone also has a theme here!” I approved.

The second present was three Valentines themed edible panties.

“Nancy! You are going to torture your poor boyfriend!”

“With pleasure, Kim!”

“It looks like it for your pleasure Nancy!”

The third present was wrapped in a large roll.

“This might help you survive our FaceTime calls.” Nancy teased.

“What the heck is that?” asked Kim.

“It’s called a Flesh Lite. Michael can stick his hootzit in there and dream it is me!”

I unscrewed the top and saw the sculptured human flesh colored latex pussy.

“Oh, my Nancy. “Kim squealed. “That could make a girl friend obsolete!”

“Well, I can sure save on travel time!” I said while dodging Nancy’s swinging fists.

This was a lot of fun now, but I was getting horribly excited. I have to get some relief tonight!

“The last gift is something I thought we could have fun with.” Nancy said.

“Nancy. I think we can have fun with all the gifts!”

“Maybe next trip, Michael!”

I opened the last gift. It was a board game called Coupling For Couples.

“What is that, Nancy?”

“Kim. It’s a game for a couple to play…or multiple couples to play…to start coupling! Michael and I could play it to get in the mood and get some new ideas. If you had a boyfriend here, we could play it as two couples…and start coupling…in all sorts of suggested ways! It’s supposed to be a great icebreaker.”

“Nancy. You mean like couple with each other…or the other couple…or both…or…”

“All the above Kim! And more!”

“I have a stupid younger sister question: Can we play it with the three of us?”

“We would have to make some adjustments, Kim. Since it requires couples, Michael would have to be my man and also play the part of your man. I don’t know how well that would work.”

“Nancy! If Michael doesn’t mind doing the job of two men…then I’m in! I could use a good man…even if it’s just for a game!”

“Kim. You would have to twist my arm…but then again Nancy would probably break my arm if I agreed!”

“Michael. It’s OK with me if you want to be Kim and my partners…for the game.”

“Nancy. You are going to kill your man with suggestive presents and talk like that!”

“We will see if he can survive! Drumroll!”

“And now for the climactic conclusion of the Valentine’s Day Grand Opening Ceremonies! Michael, do you want to play your new couple’s board game? Or do you want a fashion show? You can only choose one!”

“That’s an impossible choice. Let’s start with the fashion show. Then maybe I can talk you girls into the couples’ board game.”

“It’s one or the other! What’s it going to be Michael?”

“The Couples Who Couple With Other Couples game! There, I decided!”

“No way, Michael! Dream on! Wrong choice!” Nancy ruled! Kim and she roared with laughter.

“What do you think Kim? Are you up to help me with a fashion show?”

“Count me in, Nancy. We all need another glass of wine first.”

“And you know Michael, the fashion show includes modeling your new gifts!”

“Just what I wanted!” I lamely agreed. All the blood in my brain redirected to my much smaller head.

The sisters excitedly ran into the bedroom to get ready for the show.


Kim announced “Our first model, Nancy, is wearing Michael’s new Red Valentine Boxers, and a Furry White robe, and probably nothing nothing else!”

“Nancy will need help to remove her Red Valentine Boxers. And substituting one of our audience members Boxers. Can someone from the audience help her?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as Nancy did her best runway walk to me on the couch. My hands ran up her bare thighs until the Red Valentine boxers and her luscious ass were in my hands.

“Michael, I need your boxers first so we can do this exchange. Can I assist you?”

Not waiting for my reply, she bent down, undid my belt, unzipped my cargo shorts and pulled them off. Then she pulled my black satin boxers off, exposing my proud tower! Kim and Nancy were staring at my meat. Obviously it must have been impressive.

“Your turn to help” Nancy whispered. As I slowly slid the Valentine Boxers down, I discovered she was nude under the boxers! That pretty little pussy I had FaceTimed to orgasm on last night’s call was inches from my face! She lingered for a minute to let me admire her, but then turned partially away.

My black satin boxers were now ascending her perfect athletic thighs to cover my brief view of heaven. She squatted on the floor and slipped the slippery satin Valentine Boxers up my legs into place over my complaining rock hard cock. With a devilish smile, she made sure the cock was fully massaged and covered.

The sisters ran into the bedroom whispering , negotiating and noisily getting ready for the next model.

Nancy announced, ” Our next Model, Kim, is wearing a satin Red Bustier featuring devilishly exciting ribbon straps. The built-in bra and low cut top lift and separate her bountiful breasts, while teasing just a hint of nipple.”

“Oh, my god! That is so hot, ” I quietly moaned, sitting on the couch while secretly adjusting my growing cock.

Nancy continued as Kim stood in front of me and rocked her hips from side to side and spun to block Nancy’s view but show me the uncovered goods! “A black satin panty with this year’s new crotchless feature shows off the best assets of our model!”

Kim stared down her body and slowly spread her legs to open the crotchless slit slightly. Kim moved her right hand in a graceful journey from massaging her left tit to sliding her middle finger along and into her barely exposed gash. She pulled her glistening finger out of her pussy lips.

Kim whispered to me so Nancy could not hear. “Would you like a taste?”

Kim moved her soaked finger across my shocked lips and into my mouth. My tongue went wild, cleaning her finger off as I devoured her sweet aphrodisiac juices.

“Come on, Kim! Don’t let the customers handle the merchandise! Help me get ready for the last model!” Nancy and Kim slinked off to the bedroom. I considered playing with myself, but who knows what will happen next.

After a few minutes, Kim walked out, still in her same outfit. Big blue eyes stared at me as pursed lipstick lips again nibbled on her fragrant wet finger.

Kim announced, “And now for our last model, Nancy! She is wearing a boyfriend selected black satin baby doll top. Her small athletic breasts are piercing the red lace trimmed heart shaped cutouts. Her eraser tip nipples are at attention.”

“Damn Nancy! That is even sexier than I imagined when I bought it!”

Nancy walked down the imaginary runway. Stopping and turning to show all the best angles to me, her captive audience. She finally stopped in front of me and started a lap dance. Shockingly her sister looked on. She sat and ground in my lap and let me feel what I could not have. My cock was working overtime to get out of the slit in the boxers.

Nancy whispered, “Happy Valentines Lover. I don’t want you to forget how this feels! Next time we get together you will never leave my bed for a week!”

“Hey Kim! I forgot something! Can you bring it to me?”

Kim brought the Flesh Lite from the bedroom and handed it to Nancy. Kim poured some heated lube onto the Flesh Lite as she giggled and stared.

“Michael, we want you to model this.” Nancy reached in my Valentine boxer’s slit to pull out my rocket! She teased the naked purple engorged head with the pink flesh of the silver Flesh Lite. This was crazy! What got into my sweet, shy girlfriend? Kim put a hand on my leg to steady herself for the show.

Kim lowered the cylinder over my begging cock! I slid into a sleeve that was so much like a real woman that I knew I would cum with just a few strokes. Tight and slippery, the substitute woman was driving me insane with desire.

“Oh, Michael. Does that feel good! Does it feel like…my pussy when I’m loving you?”

“Oh, fuck Nancy! It feels so much like you!”

The girls erupted in laughter. Nancy pulled the Flesh Lite off my complaining cock and handed it to Kim.

“I told you, Nancy! I won the bet! To a horny guy a pussy is a pussy even when it’s a Flesh Lite! You owe me that massage, now!” Kim insisted in between belly laughs.

“Sorry, Michael. You had the wrong answer! I need to give Kim her massage and we need to get ready for bed…we sisters have a lot of catching up to do!”

“We will see you in the morning, love.”

Having a girlfriend with a sister was still confusing. It was incredibly exciting, but very satisfying! I got the couch ready for the lonely, painful night ahead. It was undoubtedly a night for slapping the monkey. I would have to be quiet though since they left the bedroom door partially open.

Or maybe I should just try to sleep off this desire to go into the bedroom and make love to both teasing sisters. This will be easier to deal with in the morning.


It was hard sleeping knowing all I wanted to do to the sexy sisters. But out here on the couch, I was not living the dream of enjoying all that hot and horny female flesh.

I nodded out. But whispers from the open bedroom door woke me.



“You know we want this!”

“We need to keep it quiet.”

“But don’t stop what you are doing.”

“Thank God Michael sleeps like a log! If he hears anything, he will think it’s a wet dream!”

I slunk off the couch and padded over to the open door to investigate. I peeked in. The room was dimly lit by the two candles I had bought Nancy. Nancy and Kim were moving on the bed, casting wild erotic shadows dancing across the walls to mimic their sisterly love.

My Valentine boxers immediately filled with my cock’s reaction to this unexpected scene.

Nancy was on top of a moaning Kim with her back towards the door. Kim was slouching back against the bed backboard, watching big sister make her moves. Nancy was kissing down her body, slowly removing Kim’s red baby doll as she progressed lower.

Wait a minute! That was my Valentine’s gift for Nancy. Kim was wearing the one with the crotchless panties.

Nancy wore the pink baby doll with the heart-shaped tit cutouts. The pink satin thong separated her ass cheeks and framed my favorite soaked pussy. I could see the camel toe furrow as she was bent forward with her ass high in the air as she explored Kim.

In response, Kim’s elaborately painted finger nails started tracing Nancy’s furrow. Sliding the satin crotch against her hidden lips. Drawing Nancy’s moisture out to lubricate those lips and soak the thong.

Kim’s head swept up to stare at the ceiling as Nancy teased. When her head came down, she saw me and smiled. Nancy focused on Kim and faced the headboard. Nancy was unaware I was there.

Nancy slid Kim’s baby doll top up and off. Kim’s bouncing beautiful boobs freely swung. Nancy reached to caress the inspiring breasts.

“Your tits are amazing, Sis! I think they have grown! They are so much bigger than mine. Do they still taste as sweet?”

Nancy leaned down to consume the large puffy nipples. “Oh yeah. Sweeter than ever.”

“Not as sweet as your perfect strawberries! I love those little eraser nipples on those perfectly shaped athlete’s tits. Gimme some Sis!”

Nancy stopped sucking and let Kim have her turn. She shuddered at the tentative tongue then the warm wet mouth.

“Wait a minute! This is your Valentines present. You just let Big Sister make it all better.”

Nancy left one hand caressing Kim’s nipples while she moved down to continue her mission. Kim groaned and her body involuntarily spasmed when Nancy’s tongue started tracing up her thighs. First one leg, then the other. Slowly getting back to where she wanted to be.

“Oh Sis. Stop…teasing…stop…just do it…”

“It’s been so long. I don’t know if you will like it. Does this work?”

Nancy’s tongue licked along the pulsing lips slightly separating them with her hot dripping tongue. She was preparing Kim’s core for invasion.

“Please…Please…don’t torture me…put it inside me!”

“What do you want inside you? My tongue? My finger? Both?”

This was unbelievably hot! My rod was mobilizing to join the sisters! The purple head probed against the boxer flap until it found the opening. My tool popped out of the slot and insisted on getting closer to the action! I had to grab it before it hit the door.

“Mmmm…Please…Join us?” Kim whispered as her suddenly wide-open eyes concentrated on my tool extending from the Valentine boxers. Her sultry eyes were an invitation to trouble.

“What are you saying, Kim?”

“Oh. Ahhh! Oh! Don’t stop! I mean…I mean, wouldn’t it be great if Michael could join us?”

Kim continued, “Don’t you remember your boyfriend Bill…Wild Bill…and that night we shared him…on Mom’s living room couch? It’s lucky he didn’t die! We took him to heaven for sure!”

“Absolutely no way! Michael is a keeper. And I’m keeping him! Keep your hot pussy away from him! Besides, your juicy pussy is mine tonight! Now…where was I?”

Nancy descended again to tongue Kim’s smooth lower lips.

Kim ran her tongue across her lip and stared at me. She raised her shoulders in a signal of what can I do? Her body was no match for Nancy’s onslaught. She began undulating and thrusting in response. Moans and quiet swearing filled the air.

“Only a real sister could know exactly what to do to send me over the edge!” Kim moaned. “You have me so wide open! Oh, lick me. Make me so wet! Lick me right there. Right on my clit!! Oh! I’m going to burst!”

“Kim, you can’t cum until…until I find your G spot with my long thin fingers. Such thin fingers. I may have to use two fingers. Or maybe three. How many fingers would you like inside you?”

“Oh, quit torturing me, Nancy! Use the entire hand if you have to! Just make me cum…now!”

“One better?” as Nancy inserted one finger and started a come hither movement directly massaging Kim’s G spot.

“Mmmm!” Kim rocked against the penetration and direct hit on the pleasure center.

“Two better? Is there enough room?”

“Damn! That is better.”

“Three better? Are you sure you can take this? Luckily my fingers are so slim they still fit in your slippery tight pussy.”

“All those slim fingers could add up to the girth of Michael’s throbbing cock! I don’t call him coke can for nothing! But I don’t want you thinking about taking every inch of his coke can in your delicate little wide open but so tight wet pussy!”

“Damn it! You said I can’t have your boyfriend! I don’t care if you shove the entire hand in! Just make me cum!”

“Careful what you wish for! Let me see if you can take it!”

“Would it help if I lick…and maybe suck…on your clit while my fingers are thrilling you on the inside? Here comes all the fingers!”

“Damn it! Just shut up and…Just make…just make…me fucking cum! Oh, God…I’m…fuck…I’m so full! Fuck me with your hand! And the clit…don’t forget the clit! I’m so ..fuck…that is…mmm mmm…ahhhhh…fuck me…lick me…ooooh…I’m cuming!”

What a show! What was I to do but stroke along with the crazy rhythm of the sister’s love-a-rama! I was too busy watching to cum.

“Now Kim, can you do me the way I like it?”

“You want me to rub my soaked pussy all over your steaming cunt? Like this?”

“That’s it! Scissor me. I want to pound and slip and slide on you. Loving lips to loving lips.”

“You like the way my soft sopping pussy smothers your soaked, slippery cunt. Oh, I love the sound our parts slapping together. With the taste of you all over my lips!”

“This is so fucking hot! Make me cum! I want to cum all over your slippery hot hairless pussy. Then I want to lick you clean! Oh my god! I’m so…My pussy is going to melt into yours…So hot! I’m…I’m…I’m coming!”

“Oh, that was ridiculous! You are so fucking hot! Thank god you are my sister!” Nancy gushed.

“So Kim? What can I do for you!” Kim was still at fever pitch since she did not cum.

“I want some cock! Nancy, your fingers and tongue are amazing, but I need more!”

“Shall we break out Michael’s Rabbit Vibrator? He was so considerate to make sure it was charged before he gave it to me!”

“Hell yes! And I want to taste my big sister while I’m being stuffed! Sit on my face!”

Kim slid up and presented her open, sopping pussy to Nancy. Nancy wasted no time. She was tongue spelunking in Kim’s pussy while she fingered her clit.

Nancy slammed the rabbit deep into Kim. It’s rotating shaft filled Kim with a hot hunk of motion on her G spot. The rabbit ear tapped out a rhythm on her clit that could only end in orgasm.

Kim wanted to scream, but Nancy’s pussy muffled her, covering her mouth and nose. She loved to drive her sister crazy. But it was hard to concentrate when she was being worked by her sister at the same time. She was being pounded by the Rabbit while she ate out her sister. Could it be any better? Kim was so close to fireworks!

“Oh, damn Kim! You’ve got me so close again! You amazing lover! See why I have to keep you away from Michael? With that pussy…and that mouth…you would kill him! Just like…just like…oh fuck…you are killing me! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The two sisters went catatonic in a simultaneous bombastic orgasm!

It was time for me to schlep back to the couch before Nancy saw me. And before Kim did anything else to let Nancy know, I was watching. I was quiet padding back to the couch, but if anyone saw me, they would see my engorged cock leading the way!

Maybe it was time to try out that Flesh Lite! I looked for it but realized Nancy had taken it into her bedroom with the other gifts. Damn, this was a frustrating trip!


Nancy woke me with warm wet kisses to my neck and ears. I rolled from my back to my side on the couch to make room for her. Her slippery sheer robe rubbed against my satin valentine boxers and bare chest. The perfume of sleepy loved up female flesh surrounded me.

“Good morning, Love.”

“Mmmm…you are beautiful this morning!”

“I’m sorry we have not had the alone loving weekend we were planning. If my sister was not here, I would have already devoured you for breakfast. And be begging you for a second course.”

“Mmmm…I’m hungry for you too!”

“Baby, I have some bad news. Kim got called in to work at the magazine and she needs to get back now. She has an interview appointment at 10. I don’t have a car so you need to get her home. Would you do that for me?”

“Of course, Baby. And since I’m halfway home, I should see if I can pick up some hours at work this afternoon.”

“I’m sorry! Can we have a do over Valentines next weekend? I promise we won’t even leave the apartment. I’ll be yours…really yours…in any way you want…full Valentines Fantasy weekend! No little sister! Just you and my undivided attention all over you!”

“Call me tonight and I’ll cook up a preview for you!”

“Sure Babe. We better pack up and hit it if she needs to be there by 10.”


Quick showers and hurried goodbyes. Breakfast bars for the road and a thermos of coffee. Not the luxurious breakfast layout I was expecting. But we had to hit the road!

El Rojo, the TR-6, roared to life. As he was warming up, we dropped the top. We needed hoodies and hats. The cold San Francisco morning jolted us fully awake. We headed down the coast on Highway 1, hugging the coast .

Kim and I were silent, lost in our own thoughts, as El Rojo screamed down the highway.

A static filled Top 40 station was all I could get on the old radio. Cake By The Ocean came on and the energy in the TR-6 cockpit changed.

“I love that Cake By The Ocean song!” Kim said as she started dancing in her seat. “That reminds me of some crazy times!”

“Crazier times than last night, Kim?” I said to change to the subject that was consuming my thoughts.

“Ha ha! You didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t know you liked to watch, Michael!”

“Actually, I like to take part, but there didn’t seem to be an opening for that.”

“There were plenty of warm, wet and tight openings. If you just inserted yourself into the situation!”

Was she saying I should have jumped into the middle of their sapphic lovemaking? Just assert myself and insert myself into all that erotically supercharged female flesh?

“Unbelievable” I chortled as the old reliable started stretching the confining pants.

“Unbelievable that your girlfriend and her sister made love? She didn’t tell you we were close? Unbelievable that we share everything! Clothes, boyfriends, and even each other?”

“Unbelievable that you’re getting hard talking with your girlfriend’s little sister?” She reached for the swollen jeans and traced the obvious log.

“Unbelievable that Nancy didn’t want you to join in last night?”

“Unbelievable that she wants to keep you only for herself? She surprised me because we always share. Nancy uses me as bait to get the popular guys interested in us. I’ve always been the pretty and sexy sister. She insisted we were a package deal to get the men she wanted. But with you, she changed her tune. She says he’s my boyfriend and keep your hands and other parts off of him!”

Michael was silent. Where was this conversation going? Should he believe her? Or were these just stories to tease him? It was getting difficult to sit while his parts were being caressed by Kim. It was exciting, but what the hell? She kept challenging me.

“Didn’t you hear me ask if you could join us? If you could fill me with the coke can as Nancy called it? Didn’t you see me invite you to join us with my eyes, with displaying our bodies, with filling the air with horny love talk? Didn’t you want me? Didn’t you want her? Both of us together? Fulfilling every fantasy? Didn’t you want to make a move?”

I saw the sign for the State Beach 1/2 mile away. I pointed El Rojo onto the road to the beach.


The State Beach parking lot was almost empty. Without a word, we parked. If she wanted action, action is what she would get!

I took her hand. We headed down the eucalyptus forest trail to the secluded beach. The last part of the trail descended quickly down the 40 foot high cliffs that enclosed the private beach area. I saw the small wind protected area under the cliff. I guided a wide-eyed, smiling but confused Kim there and sat her in the sun warmed sand.

I took off my hoodie and lay it next to Kim. I signaled to her to do the same. The hoodies were our improvised beach blankets as we sat side by side.

The rhythmic roar of the waves filled our ears. There was no talking. There was no reason to talk.

It was time for action. Her challenges needed an answer!

I wrapped my arms around her petite, sexy body that had been teasing and torturing me for two days. I brushed back her curly blond hair to expose and kiss her neck and ears. There was no resistance. We uttered no words. Our breathing synchronized.

We both knew something was going to happen. There was no escape. I might not have a girlfriend when we finished. But this situation needed to be resolved.

Not waiting for permission, I kissed down her neck and reached to massage her very ample breasts. Her nipples were prominent erasers pushing through her workout top. She was not wearing a bra. God damn was she sexy! What a treat to travel over her tremendous tits with my anxious fingers. She was much more endowed than sister Nancy. It was playtime for me!

Her reactions gave me all the permission I could imagine. Kim’s breathing transformed into low moans with occasional quick gasps. She did not have to say anything. She was communicating full speed ahead! Her hands unbuckled and unzipped my pants. My Valentine boxers rose to attention.

I could smell her excitement over the pungent sea shore. Her warmth and vibrating energy unleashed my animal spirits. My hand slid down to cover her womanhood. I felt the heat and the soft squishy feel of soaked lips under the yoga pants. She opened her legs further to encourage my exploration. I could feel her mons and camel toe through the skin tight fabric. She looked naked under the yoga pants. Only one way to find out.

I slid my hand down her taut belly and under her waistband. No panties! And waxed smooth as a baby behind. Nancy had a pale blond bush shaved into a heart shape. Would I have to compare everything about the sisters? You bet I would!

Kim resumed her caressing of my Valentine boxer covered cock. She pushed down the pants farther to get a better angle. This was no time for me to be shy. I grabbed my pants and pulled them off. I rolled them up for a pillow to put it under her blond tresses. I laid her down so she could use the pillow. She laughed when I pulled off my Valentines boxers and wore them as a hat. Whatever it takes!

While I was getting adjusted, I took the chance to pull her yoga pants slowly down her legs and off to make another fragrant pillow for me. No words. But wide open blue eyes opening and closing with each wave of pleasure. And womanly love noises, those sounds that let you know you are really reaching a woman. But no words.

Remember, Michael, she wants action. I laid down directly on top of her, using my knees to encourage her legs to spread further. I looked down and saw her hairless mons. But my exposed throbbing cock was getting the best view for now. We melted into each other’s mouths with a kiss that seems to never end. Our bodies were involuntarily grinding on each other. Hands were grasping and caressing. Arms were squeezing. Her legs wrapped around my back and she locked her feet. She was trying to absorb me into her body. I could not pull my body out of her love leg lock.

My tormented belly bouncer erection was finally just an inch from entering heaven. The underside of my steel hard shaft was sliding along her slippery, sopping lips. They call it dry humping, but there was nothing dry about it. We were in a primal rhythm with my every thrust met with her thrust. My engorged cock head roughly rubbed her clit with every stroke. Her entire body was vibrating and her love sounds increased to a scream.

“Oh, God! I’m so close! Make me cum! Oh, rub that coke bottle head all over my soaked lips! And keep rubbing that monster on my clit…Cuz I’m going to explode…all over your big sister boy friend cock!”

I stepped up the rhythm, knowing the time for entry was near. I was in a love leg lock with my girlfriend’s sister. I was rushing her to orgasm with my naked turgid tool, rubbing her pulsating pussy and clit. It sure had her talking again!

“What do you want Kim? Should I just keep dry humping you until you explode?”

“Oh yeah. Make me cum, you bastard! Let me come all over your cock!”

“Or should I slam my coke can inside so you can feel how a real man fills you up?”

“No. No. Just let me cum all over your cock on the outside. Don’t stop now!” She was in anguish.

“Kim…We should slow down. What would Nancy say? Maybe we should take a break and think about this.”

I did my best push up and broke Kim’s leg lock. I laid on my back next to her. My vertical rocket was obviously not agreeing with this move.

Kim was out of her mind. Finally, she was experiencing what she and Nancy had been doing to me all weekend. Kim slipped her middle finger into her pulsating center. Her other hand did a five finger fast massage of her clit area.

“Damn. I can’t just do this to myself. Do it for me! Make me cum!”

I was silent. I slowly stroked my cock in case I needed it for more action.

“Damn you!” Kim screamed.

She sat up and rolled over on her hands and knees. She threw her leg over my prone torso and sat directly on me. My cock bent up to my chest.

“You have to make me cum! Can we do this?” Kim slid her body up so her pussy was on top of my face.

“Do what?”

“Don’t you want to taste me? All I need is a few licks and I’ll come all over your face!”

“Hmmm…let’s see how this works.” I wet the tip of my tongue and very lightly licked up her pussy lips from the bottom to the clit. One time. Then I stopped.

Kim jumped and almost convulsed when she felt that tongue. She was so close. And yet so far, unless I finished her.

“Oh, that is sublime. Don’t stop! Never stop!”

“I think Nancy would limit me to one lick. But we better never tell her. Because she would kill us. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Kim groaned and started sliding down my body. Maybe for a kiss? She moved down and raised up over my vertical erection. She grabbed it and rubbed it slowly over her soaked lips. She was watching intently as the purple head split her lips with each shallow movement.

“Fuck you, Michael!” as she descended and took me inside.

“Damn it! I told Nancy I would not fuck you! But I’m such a slut! It feels so hot!”

Kim’s cunt was a wet dream come true. I effortlessly slid through her engorged, blossoming lips into the tightest wet spot I had ever entered.

“Don’t cum inside! I’m not on any birth control. Do you have a condom?”

“No condom here. Maybe up in El Rojo in the trunk. It is a little inconvenient to get now.”

“Damn you, Michael! I can’t stand to look at your shit-eating grin while you are boning me! I know how to fix that!”

Kim raised off my throbbing cock and stared down at it. She hesitantly moved down to take me in her mouth. But she reconsidered. And just stared at it while she panted from excitement and exertion.

“Oh no, Kim! You will not leave me in this condition one more time! I need to fuck you!”

Kim moaned and spun her body around. She backed her dripping hairless pussy to hover over my flagpole one more time. Reverse Cowgirl was one of my favorite positions. There is something about seeing her ass dance while watching my cock enter her. But Kim was just hovering and teasing her clit with my rocket in her hand.

“I want to watch the ocean while you make me cum, Michael!”

“How do you want me to make you cum, Kim?”

Kim answered by guiding my rhythmically throbbing dick deep into her cunt!

“Damn it! Oh God! The way you fill me! Do you want me to dance my girly twirl all over your cock?”

Kim’s crazed pussy pulled and pulsed and sucked and squeezed my cock until it was ready to explode!

“We should not do this without a condom, Michael! Don’t you dare cum inside!”

“It’s OK. If I cum in you, I will lick it out. Is that safe enough for you?”

“No, it’s not!” Kim pulled off and fell forward with her ass high in the air and the front of her body touching the hoodies in the sand. She could not stop undulating since I still denied her orgasm.

“You are reasoning like an animal! This is out-of-control Michael!”

“Oh, so now I’m an animal because you have teased me into a fucking frenzy! Is that what you want? An animal?”

“I don’t want an animal! I want a man! And I want a man inside me! Right now!”

She wanted doggy style. I was happy to fill her from behind. Deeper and deeper with every naked stroke of my cock. Grabbing her hips. Making her tits sway with every loud moaning thrust. She banged right back at me and moaned.

It was hard to concentrate on the fabulous view of the ocean we had. Her love making was getting more intense!

“So deep! You are so deep! Damn you! I am so full. I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! But you can’t cum inside me! Oh, damn!”

“I can’t resist your smoking hot pussy a second longer. You are going to make me cum inside you! If you keep fucking me like this, I will have no choice but to fill you with cum!”

“Oh, you bastard! You are going to cum in me anyway, aren’t you? You can’t resist my churning cunt wrapped around your pulsating cock. You can’t…you can’t…resist?”

“Oh fuck! I’m so out of control! I’m so close to painting a masterpiece in your magnificent pussy! Do you want me to pull out?”

“Do it!” Kim screamed. “Just fucking do it!”

“Do what? Tell me!”

“Fucking cum in me! Now! Right now! I’m cumming! Cum with me! Cum! Please cum! Cum in me! Fucking cum with me!”

Kim slammed back into me, meeting every amazing pounding thrust. It was a mutual seizure. The world disappeared as we completed a never ending orgasm for both of us!

As we exploded into each other, our screams drowned out the waves and the seagulls. Unfortunately, they also drowned out another couple laughing as they hiked down the trail to the beach.

I saw movement and quickly pulled out of Kim. No time for an afterglow! We gathered our clothes and hastily wrapped our shell-shocked bodies. We were decent before the couple arrived down at beach level and could see us in the windbreak area.

We headed back to El Rojo. We were still shaking from the lovemaking. I embraced Kim and stared into her tired but mischievous blue eyes.

“You know Kim…”

” You know Michael…”

Dramatically pausing, we said in unison: “We can’t tell Nancy!”

We couldn’t stop laughing! Finally, we fired up El Rojo and headed to Kim’s apartment.


Kim was more animated on the last leg to her house. She talked constantly while squeezing my leg to accent the important parts. Unbelievably my body was responding again to her closeness and touch. Thank goodness we arrived soon. I walked her to her door and dropped the luggage just inside.

We hugged and kissed goodbye like we were on fire. My body was lobbying for round two, but we both had somewhere to be. She walked me back to El Rojo and sadly watched as I fired him up.

“Thanks for the ride, Michael.”

“Kim, I’ll give you a ride any time!”

“Mmmm…about that…Hey, now that you know where I live…would you be interested in maybe stopping by…you know.. on the way up or back from seeing Nancy? It could make the drive a little shorter.”

“Yeah, Kim. That might work…if you don’t tell Nancy.”

“Who is Nancy?”


Nancy and I FaceTimed that night. She apologized again and again for our Valentine weekend.

“I’m so sorry how our Valentine plans changed. But you better rest up Mister. Valentine’s makeup is going to be exhausting for you!”

“Maybe I can show you a little preview!”

She demoed the new rabbit vibrator with the crotchless panties. She told me a sexy story that prominently featured two slutty co-workers sharing a boyfriend. After a couple of days of teasing and torment, we shared a volcanic explosion! The Flesh Lite took it like a champ!

It was good to have a girlfriend at this moment! The orgasmic afterglow was worth all the pain along the way.

After we both regained our breath Nancy murmured, “How was the drive home?”

“Uneventful. We listened to the radio and watched the ocean go by. Kim got back in time for her interview. And I squeezed in a few hours at work.”

“You know, I really owe you for letting my sister Kim join us for Valentine’s Day. She was so distraught. She always needs sister support when she has man issues. Kim seemed so much happier when she left!”

And so was I!

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