Sex with a gymnast. News 07/29/2023


Hi everybody. This week I took pictures of the sex scene with Ilsa in the room with the last part of the Manticore School Kit. Before that, she and I sailed into the open sea to get the third ingredient for the potion. During the voyage, a small incident happened with Ilsa, which you will learn about if you play the game.

Ilsa turned out to be a very flexible girl. Sex with this gymnast is full of unexpected poses.

In total, I made 218 pictures in a week.

The flowchart has not changed.

Next week I plan to finish making pictures for the sex scene. After that, I will have to make the final communication in the main classroom. Then I will start preparing the publication of the new update. The new version of the game will be published in August.

Thank you all so much for your huge support!

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