Sex Games News 08/27/22


Hi everybody. Two weeks have passed and during that time we have done something.

The flowchart has become bigger. New locations are being opened. The player can go to Shani’s clinic, to the forest, to the merchant.

The screenwriter and I have different opinions about creating dialogues and quests. So I make some notes on the flowchart. Of course, we eliminate all disagreements.

To date, there are 303 pictures in the game. Here are some of the pictures.

For those who can’t wait to play the unfinished version of the game, I made a link to the Patreon. The link is in the post with links to early access.

Here is this link.

I want to warn you right away — the game is unfinished. In some moments, there may be no pictures or the game will end unexpectedly.

Thank you to everyone who supports us! Thanks to you, we continue to make games for you.

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