Sex Games News 05/15/22


Hi everybody. News about the development of our games.

The Solomon Convent News

This week I finished all the images. In total, there are more than 2070 of them in the game. The last 155 images were made during the week.

The rest of the time I was engaged in various checks and improvements of the game. For example, I clarified the text colors of the characters, changed the font in the text pictures. I spent a lot of time on the selection of sound effects and moans during sex. I found low-quality sex animations and remade them. I changed the cursor in some situations — when you need to select something on the screen.

Now it’s a small matter — we have to wait for the screenwriter to check all the errors and typos in the text and translate the text into Portuguese.

As you noticed, I added a picture of the progress of the game to the site. I hope it will help you understand at what stage the game is currently in development.

I have changed some of the subscription levels. Walkthroughs are now available with a $3 subscription instead of $7. The new game, which will be developed by us, will be in early access for a whole month. Previously, access was 2 weeks.

That’s all the news for today. As always, many thanks to those who support us, like us, write comments.

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