My man Roger is standing with his hands behind his head in our room covered with mirrors. I am licking and teasing the tip of his raging, thick, eight-inch erection as I tell him, “We haven’t had a third man for our sexual pleasure for more than a month baby. I want it soon, very soon, how about you baby.”

“Tell me yes and tell me about the man you are going to organise for us and I will finish the blow job I started.

“Make it exciting for me while you tell me. The more exciting for me the better the blow job,” I tell him as I take half his erection between my lips and tease his balls with my nails.

“Does that look good in the mirrors? Does my ass look good?”

I am Sarah, of French descent, in my mid-forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man Roger, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. My body is still good, both sexes love my legs and ass and the way I trim my pubic hair – less is more. Good hips, flat stomach, modest tits with long hard nipples when aroused.

I have a high sex drive, I am to please and be pleased sexually, I love being licked by both sexes. I lost all my inhibitions between my second and third husbands and I love having sex with an audience. And I really do enjoy some commentary during sex, an extra dimension.

I have a tacit agreement with my man (he is eight-inches and thick) that I can pleasure and be pleasured sexually by another man around once a month. We set some basic rules a while back, no intercourse, outer sex only – safe sex, my man can watch and masturbate. If the second man wants to blow my man I love to watch. Occasionally we have another woman instead of a man to pleasure us both, same rules apply.

Something I insist on is the second man must be much younger than me, usually fifteen or twenty-years and hung. We are very competitive and we enjoy competing to be the first to have the second man or woman, good foreplay. We do that by dressing, or undressing to impress for our third person.

“There is a man at the gym you would enjoy baby, James, tall with a toned athletic hairless body. Some of the other men must have been gossiping. While we were in the shower he asked me if it was true that we have threesomes.

“I told him I sometimes organise another man for both of us and how you sometimes organise another woman for us. I told him what a good performer you are and your preferences as I carefully looked him over.

“To tease him I explained you insist on men fifteen or twenty-years younger and hung and you were bi-lingual and bi-sexual. By then he was stroking his cock for me as he ogled mine.

“Do you think Sarah would like me?, he asked. I am twenty-seven and ten-inches, though not as thick as you. And bisexual he told me as he teased his erection.

“if you let me take some pics of you on my phone I will show Sarah, I told him. He was very keen on the idea and he really enjoyed flaunting his naked body and his erection while I took some pics to show you.’

“Would you like to see them now or later?”

“Now, you are teasing me, your little story has me very excited, you know it is more than a month since we had a third man. I will tease you by making you wait to finish your blow job.

“Wow baby, you have excelled yourself, he is a spunk and hung. I want him soon, very soon. And you, do you want him?,” I ask as I look at the pics he took. “And a good ass, a very good ass.

“Now you baby, I promised the more exciting the story for me the better the better the blow job. You know I always keep my promises, that man James has me very excited,” I tell Roger as I slide a cock ring on his engorged cock and clip it under his balls.

“Anything special you would like baby?”

“Edge me while I tell you some more about James. I told him about your gorgeous ass and how you insist on being licked to orgasm before you give a man a blow job. I told him Sarah gives the best blow jobs. And she likes me watching and masturbating.”

“Was that good baby?,” I ask ten minutes later after Roger has hit the back of my throat.

My man tells me he has arranged for James to call at three on Saturday, sex is always better in the afternoon we both agree. The anticipation of sex with a much younger, hung man has me full of anticipation.

I could hear Roger greeting James as I put the finishing touches to my make up. “Your body looks good in that skimpy black jock strap Roger, even better than the one I watched you in at the Gym.”

“You must be James, I have heard lots of good things about you,” I smile full of confidence as I make my entrance. I want to show my sexual prowess by giving James an instant erection. I am wearing heels, a good dash of French perfume and nothing else other than a black silk scarf tied around my waist.

“You are here for my sexual pleasure James, my man has explained my rules to you,” I tell him as I stand hands-on hips, with my legs apart while I watch his reaction as he ogles my naked body. “Undress for me, get naked for us,” I smile with the emphasis on us. He has his shoes and shirt off in a flash as my man and I watch closely. Then instead of dropping his trousers he teases his nipples before he undoes his fly and slides out a huge, ten-inch erection pointing up at forty-five degrees.

“Ten-inches Sarah, is that what you wanted me for?,” he smirks as he teases the underside of his erection with a fingertip.

“Yes, you are magnificent. Is that for me or both of us?,” I ask as I feel the weight of his erection in my hand and glance at my man for a reaction

“Both Sarah, your man had me semi-erect when he greeted me in his jock strap. Is he going to watch me pleasuring you?”

“Is that what you want James?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good, so do I, I love an audience. Kneel and lick my cunt while he watches,” I tell him as I take the initiative and stand with my back to a wall. He is far better at oral sex than I imagined as I arch my body forward to soak up the pleasure. (I found out later lots of other men at the gym had set him up with their woman.)

“is this what you wanted baby?,” my man teases as he tongue kisses me. Very exciting for me with a tongue pleasuring me at each end. “Undo me baby,” he whispers as he places one of my hands on the clip at the side of his jock strap. As it falls to the floor I wrap my hand around his rock hard erection.

“Love your glorious ass in my hands while I am licking you. You are old enough to be my mother Sarah, does that turn you on with your man watching?

“Yes, I am very turned on, I love being licked,” I whisper as I have my first orgasm for the afternoon. “Let me sit on the chair then you can watch him,” I tell him as I put my legs over his shoulders. “Two more orgasms and I will blow your magnificent cock.”

“This is our special sexual pleasure chair James,” I tell him as I organise him so he can watch in the full length wall mirror. “I want to give you a blow job to remember. Are you fine with my man watching?,” I ask as I kneel between his legs and push his erection back against his stomach as I lick the underside of it. “Is that good?,” I ask as I take his erection between my lips and at the same time rub a handful of ice on his balls.

“That is so good, so fucking good,” he moans as I lick his icy cold balls with my warm tongue.

“Would you like to suck my man’s thick erection while I blow you James? You know he wants you to blow him. Or would you like to wait until I am finished with you so I can watch?”

“Make me wait, an extra turn on for me, I want you to watch Sarah.”

“Good, I hoped you would say that,” I tell him as I wrap two hands around his erection and suck the tip of it.

“That is so fucking good Sarah, you are the best,” he moans as I pinch his nipples and slide my pursed lips along half his erection.

Then as I cup his balls with one hand and slide my thumb and a finger along his erection he is almost screaming. “That was so fucking good Sarah, you are the very best,” he moans as he masturbates for us.

Thirty minutes later we are all refreshed after showering together in our four-head shower. I enjoyed watching the two men flaunting their cocks for each other without saying a word or touching each other as I asked each of them in turn to wash my back.

After we dry off my man Roger is sitting in our sex seat with a magnificent thick, eight inch erection as I watch James kneel between his legs. “Make it good for me and Roger, really good James. Look at the veins on his cock, he really wants it from you while I watch.”

At the very moment James commences sucking my man, I passionately tongue kiss him. ”Make him work for it baby. Enjoy it for me, you know I love to watch a man blowing you. Kiss my ass while I watch.

Roger and I both have a sharp intake of breath as James wraps his pursed lips around his erection. Looking at his erection between another mans lips reinforces just how thick he is. James has a new erection ten-inch erection, but no where near as thick as my man.

“Look at the size of his cock baby, ten-inches for you, the same as I had. Size really is a bonus,” I whisper in awe to my man as James sucks his balls.

“I love watching you pleasuring my man James, you are turning me on. When did you decide you wanted to blow my man?,” I tease as I watch him licking just the tip of Roger’s erection as he slides a thumb tip and fingertip along it.

“The first time I saw him in the showers at the gym. I had heard rumours about both of you. So here we are,” he tells me as he swallows almost all of Roger’s erection.

“Watching another naked, hung man sucking your erection is a huge turn on for me baby. I am old enough to be his mother. Look at what I am doing. I am teasing my clit while I watch. I want to cum with you,” I tell my man sitting in our sex chair as I stand alongside him.

He is lying back at a forty-five degree angle with a look of immense, determined concentration as he soaks up the pleasure of another man sucking his cock, legs spread, his raging erection pointing to the ceiling as James teases and edges him.

For the third time James releases my man’s erection from his lips and sucks his balls. I must emulate this with my men, I muse as James has both of us so close. “Nearly there baby, so close, so good,” Roger whispers as he grabs my ass with a hand.

My man is breathing very hard and his body is so tense as James licks, sucks and teases just the tip of his erection. Then James squeezes his balls and slides almost his full eight-inches between his lips, Once, twice, three … on the seventh, my mans body spasms as he moans, “Cum with me baby.”

I did enjoy two men watching me cum. “You are awesome Sarah, that is a first for me,” James whispered when I squirted with both of the men watching.

The very next night, as we do every time after a three-way, my man and I teased, edged and fucked every which way. Stupendous sex without any verbal mention of the man we shared the previous day, though I am sure both of us were thinking about it.

“Next month a lady for us,” I tell Roger in the afterglow. “Would you like that? I know I would baby.”

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