Cybergenic Universe Prequel (Report #2)


Hello everyone, it’s again me, Dworkin! And the some news for a friends, who interested in me and what is going on with our project.
First week of the February I was outside of my city, I’ve visited the another city. I have got tired and have got rest in same time! The way to this city by the train is around 60 hours and during this journey I have read 2 books (The Hugo’s Laureats 91, 92’s years) and I’ve been thought about many things. Off course, I’ve been thought not only about our game, but about the whole our life.
Very soon I gonna have a birthday and I will get 30 years. And it’s seems now time to realize what I’ve reached for my life. I very hope, our project will be interested to all of you. And until to day of my birthday I will be able to mark the points in the list of my successes.
There are people, they said I born too early and that’s why I’m still flying in the clouds. I’m talking about different impossible things in modern time and getting lazy when doing routine, how I think, which doesn’t demand the creation. May be, sometimes they are right. I really wanna live in times when exist the teleportation or at least space journey. What can be more ordinary and more interested in same time then a new discovery. It’s not a everyday shaking in the bus on the way to job with a headache about be late even for one minute.
The universe in our big games exactly about it. About the world with a some dream. My dream. And, I hope, not only my dream. Actually it’s a scream of my soul: “Hey, you above us! You made something wrong! Let’s live all together right there!”
The story is writing in pauses of … The story completely in my mind and if it try realize on the paper (display) it’s pretty difficult. And one moment, not so long time ago I’ve realized, I waist of time for a paint frames and lines instead the writing a story! Ohh, shitty block-schemes.
At this moment one third of the story about Captain and Stella’s journey on the space ship is finished. At the end of the February z want to completely finish with this part of story. And it’s mean for the next is coming a huge work with a new huge story, which will bigger then this story in 4-5 times.
Watch for the news, guys!
P.S. Horribly got pain in my teeth. How do you think what to do now? Go to the dentist or wait and check, may be I’ll have got better without a doctor?


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