Poll about sex scenes in the game.


We want to make the game so that you can watch sex scenes at any time.
Therefore, there are two options for sex scenes.
Option 1.
Dworkin wants to make the game sex scenes linear. So you can not choose poses in sex. As in the game “The Dungeons and the Bungler.” You will be able to choose poses later when you watch sex scenes separately.
Option 2.
Stranger wants to make in-game sex scenes non-linear. You can immediately in the game choose sex poses. As in the game “Team Christmas”. This disrupts the normal dialogue. (I think there is no dialogue in sex scenes.)

What type of sex scene do you want?

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  1. Hi, I’m 42 years old and I’ve just found out like 3D girls adult games etc but how on earth do you get past the age verification bit without your back card being flagged up by fraud etc? Or are all web browser games a con? So far I’ve tried “World of Whorecraft” and “Westsluts” but again I cannot get past the age verification even with VPN.

    I’ve played Patreon games on my Mac but I really want a 3D virtual girl on my iPad. I’m new to this scene can anyone help me please?

  2. Hi. Many on the Patreon use their credit cards. And there were no reports that they had stolen money. No one checks your age. You just press the button “I am 18 years old”.

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