My first job pt1


My name is Courtney, I had just turned 18, I have been in and out of foster homes since I was a kid being taken advantage of by both parents and there brothers and sisters so I couldn’t wait to leave them and get my own place and a job.

My social worker helped me get a studio flat and a job, the flat was a above a local florist the couple that owned it and the flat where in their 50’s, very friendly and helpful, I had gotten a job in a a local logistics company working on the chutes sorting parcels into cages, it was a night job but I started in the summer so it was still warm, I would wear leggings and t-shirts with my boots, my long blond hair neck on a pony tail, I wasn’t a slim girl, a plump girl I would say, big 36DD Breasts, 40” hips blue eyes and I was told a lovely smile, my heavy breasts were always apparent through my fitted t-shorts and the guys and some girls always had a good look.

I worked through an agency and the guy who run the site for them was in his early 40’s, older than my own mum and dad, he was good looking, big built and I could tell he was a powerful dominant guy by the way he would look at me and talk to me.

Because of my childhood I was always weary of older guys, I knew what they wanted and always had gotten it, but this guy was different, he was also kind with it and looked after me, made sure I was trained well, had all my breaks and got plenty of shifts so I could afford to live.

One evening I had gotten a puncture on my bike, it was 3am and we had just finished, I asked if he would mind giving me a lift and that I’d pick my bike up on the mot I g and get my puncture fixed, he drove me the 2 miles home and pulled up in the small high street and turned off his car, I thanked him and asked him if he would like to come on for a coffee, he thanked me but said no he needed to get home to his wife and young child as he would be up in a few hours to take him to school, i leant over and kissed him on the cheek and told him I’d see him at work tonight, I walked through the side gate, through my front door and up the stairs to my living room, I looked out and could see him looking up, I assume to make sure so was in ok, as I stood looking down I could see the orange glow of the steer light on my top, I looked down and he was still watching, the window was almost to the floor so it let lots of light in, I slowly timed my t-shirt and then my bra, my heavy breasts released and fell, I ran my hands up over my stomach to my breasts and cupped them in my hands and squeezed them, as I looked down he continued to watch, I was now getting very horny and wanted to give him a good show, I slowly pushed down my legging and wet panties and stood up to reveal my naked body to him, my hands squeezed my breasts again, pulled my hard nipples, I could feel my pussy leak as I was so turned on by my display, I didn’t know what had gotten in to me, I had never done anything like this before but I had an erg in me that wanted this married man, my fingers ran over my stomach to my bald wet wanton pussy and parted my lips, I could feel my juices leak out as my lips opened and I slid a finger inside, I felt so tight and wet, I thought to myself how much he would really enjoy my tight cunt, how good his cock would feel inside me and much he would enjoy fucking my tight teenage pussy, as I looked down he waved and pulled away.

As I watched his car slowly drive up the road with my fingers still inside me I looked up to see the man opposite watching me stroking his hard cock at his window, he was a married man but in his mid twenties, his wife was 22, we had chatted a few times and I knew he liked looking me up and down, I continued to play as he wanted, I put my finger up to tell him to wait and came back with a kitchen chair and my small dildo, I spread my legs and put my feet on the window board and proceeded to fuck my pussy for my older voyeur living opposite, as I fucked my fingers squeezed and rubbed my swollen clit, then I squirted, all over the window, my body nicked like a buckaroo my hard swinging back n forth, I calmed down to then see him shoot over his window.

I had never done anything like that before but it felt so good, I cleaned up, closed the curtains and went to sleep ready for the next evening at work with my much older voyeur. 

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