The Valentines Day Contest was fast approaching and I had no ideas at all. Last year I had one early and placed in the contest. This year my Muse was off on a holiday somewhere having a ball while I sweated bullets over a cold keyboard. That was the way the little redheaded bitch was and there was nothing I could do about it.

With a deep sigh, I picked up my glass of Jack and water and downed half of it. If I ever got my hands on that little redheaded bitch, I would tie her up and spank her naked ass until she couldn’t sit down. I grinned at that thought and took another long drink.

One more chug and the glass was empty. I eyed the glass for a second and then got to my feet. “This will never do,” I said aloud as I turned and stumbled over my office chair.

Wobbly, I staggered on toward the kitchen. A refill was in order.

Ice I had plenty of, water I had plenty of, Jack, now that was another story. I squinted at the bottle with one eye half closed. It didn’t help a bit. There was still only an inch in the bottle. That would never do, if I were going to write a contest winning story. An inch was less than nothing, I ponder as I fixed another drink. Something had to be done about this situation.

I realized that I was too drunk to drive, so I picked up the phone. Thank goodness for speed dial, I thought as I punched three on the phone. 1, was my ex girlfriend, 2, was the corner grocery, 3, was the liquor store, 4, was…. Well, we didn’t need to go that far. Anyway, I always lost bets I made when I was drunk.

“Hello, Friendly Liquor, how can I help you?”

“Hey, I’m a friendly licker myself,” I told the lady with a laugh.

“Evening Mr. Tex, what are you out of this evening?”

“Ideas and Jack Daniels,” I said with a chuckle. “Send over a dozen of each and my little redheaded Muse, if you happen to see her.”

“Ideas I have plenty of but probably not any you want to hear or my husband would approve of,” the woman said with a giggle. “How about two bottles of Jack and a redheaded delivery girl?”

“Right now, I’d be open to most any idea. I have a deadline and nothing to write about.”

“Sorry to hear that. That last story you sent me has damned near killed my husband several times.”

“I’m happy for both of you but that ain’t getting a story written now. That is if you don’t have pictures of you half killing your husband. Those might ignite the writerly juices.”

The woman giggled and said, “Tex, you’re a funny, funny fellow. I’ll have your order on its way in a few minutes.”


A little while later, I was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar staring into an empty glass. The empty bottle of Jack got a frown ever so often also. “How do they expect a thirsty man to write stories when he’s…. Uh…. Thirsty.”

The doorbell rang and I looked at the chimes on the wall. About the third time they rang, I made the connection between them and the door. Leaving my empty glass on the counter, I stumbled to the door and opened it.

I had to blink several times before my eyes focused on the short, cute little redhead with a fifth of Jack under each arm. Somewhere in my mind, a switch clicked and I grinned. I reached out and pulled the bottles from under her arms.

My eyes focused on the deep cleavage at the top of her green sweater and I licked my lips. “I don’t know where the hell you’ve been but it sure helped your boobs,” I said and licked my lips again.

“What?” The young woman with the bright red dyed hair asked with a confused look on her pretty face.

“Your boobs, they’re twice as big as they used to be,” I told her. I reached out to see if they were real but a bottle of Jack already occupied my hand. I turned and walked back to the breakfast bar to set the bottles down.

As I crossed the room, I heard my muse say, “What the fuck are you talking about. I don’t know you and certainly have never showed you my boobs.”

I chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, you’re the same little bitch you’ve always been. Come on over here and have a drink. I have an idea for a story all of a sudden and I need to talk it over with you.”

“Pay me for the booze and I’m leaving,” she said flatly.

“Don’t be that way. You know I always pay you for your ideas one way or another. Anyway, I owe you a spanking for being gone so long and not being here when I needed you.”

“You are one crazy motherfucker,” the young woman whispered to herself. To me she said, “Pay me so I can go.”

I walked back over to the door, bent suddenly, and lifted the woman across my shoulder. I turned carefully to avoid hitting her head on the door and carried her inside, closing the door behind us.

“What the fuck?” she yelled, struggling to get down from my shoulder.

“You’ve gotten heavier and bigger. You used to sit on my shoulder with no problem,” I told her.

“Put me the fuck down,” she yelled, struggling ever more.

I sat her on the barstool. “There’s no reason to yell.”

She jumped up and headed for the door. I grabbed her around the waist and tucked her under one arm. “Put me the fuck down,” she yelled again as she beat on my back with both hands.

“You’re repeating yourself,” I said as I carried her down the hall to my office.

“I’ll rip your dick off and feed it to you,” she yelled almost frothing at the mouth with anger.

“This will never do,” I said as I stood in the middle of my office with her struggling under my arm. My eyes came across a pair of my pajama bottoms lying on the floor. I put my foot on them and pulled the drawstring out of the waistband.

“This should do the trick,” I said as I sat down on the bench of my workout machine with her across my lap. I used the cord to tie her hands behind her back. When she kicked her legs, her tight short skirt rode up to show the bottom inch or so of her bare ass.

I slid her across to the left on my lap and moved my right leg to trap both of hers. My left hand held her upper body in place as I pulled the skirt up higher. She wasn’t wearing panties but then again my Muse never did. I ran my hand over her firm warm ass for a moment and then grinned. She was in the perfect position for that spanking I had visualized earlier.

“When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do,” I said with a grin and then frowned. “I think that only pertains to orgies.”

“When in Dallas, do Debbie,” I said next and then added, “I think that has to do with porn or something.”

“When you have a bare ass on your lap, spank it,” I said and then grinned.

“That’ll work,” I said as I raised my right hand and then brought it down solidly on her left ass cheek. The young woman yelled and struggled harder. I grinned at the red handprint on her pretty white skin and added one to the other cheek.

“That’s beautiful,” I whispered as I admired my handiwork. Two beautiful white ass cheeks and two pretty red handprints.

“I’m going to kill you,” the woman yelled.

“Maybe you will but you won’t be sitting down for a while,” I replied as I raised my hand.

“No!” she yelled as my hand fell. After that she was just yelling incoherently and then she was crying by the time I stopped spanking her now red, hot ass cheeks.

I ran my hand over the hot red skin and heard her moan softly between sobs. I rubbed her ass a moment longer and then dipped my hand between her thighs. Her small round pussy was slippery and wet. I explored the folds until I found her clit. She struggled but she also moaned even louder than before.

Rolling her clit around with varying degrees of firmness caused her hips to jerk and the moan turned into a cry of passionate release. I plunged my finger into her pussy and fucked her with it slowly. Her hips bucked and jerked against the intruding finger. When I added a second finger, her hips jerked even harder.

Her body was down to a quivering shiver by the time I pulled the fingers out of her pussy. She lay still with just her hips slowly working up and down as she made a soft whimpering sound deep in her chest. I looked at my slick shiny fingers for a second and then stuffed them in my mouth.

She had such a marvelous sweet, earthy taste. I sucked on my fingers until the flavor was gone. She tasted even better than the Jack and water and I wanted more of both. I carried her back to the living room and then into my bedroom. I dumped her on the bed and pulled a box out from under it.

The woman made a soft moaning sound and rolled over on her side about the time I pulled a set of ankle cuffs out of the box. Her eyes got wide and she wiggled toward the side of the bed. I grabbed her nearest ankle and held onto her as I tried to put the cuff on her.

I had always thought of my Muse as feisty but this was something else. I had to get up on the bed and sit on her back to get the cuffs in place on her ankles. Luckily, I could reach the box on the floor without let go of her or falling on my head. A strap around each post at the foot of the bed held her feet and legs as I untied her hands.

She kept moaning, “No, no, no,” over and over as I place cuffs on her wrists and strapped them to the posts at the head of the bed. I moved back to admire my handiwork again. Her skirt was up around her waist and her ass was still red. Her sweater was halfway up her back.

For a moment, I wondered how I was going to get her clothes off now that she was tied up. A pair of scissors on the nightstand answered that question. I cut the sweater up the middle of the back and then up both sleeves until it fell away. Her pure white skin looked bright against the dark blue of my bedspread.

“No, please no. Don’t hurt me,” she whispered in a trembling voice as I cut the skirt up the center.

“Hurting you is the last thing I want to do,” I told her as I traced the crease of her ass with the smooth cold metal of the scissors. She gasped loudly and then shivered. “Eating your pussy until your head caves in shouldn’t hurt. Just the opposite in fact.”

The woman struggled and yelled, “No! Let me loose. This is rape!”

“Rape? How can I rape a figment of my own imagination? Some people have some silly ideas.” I told my Muse as I caressed her warm red ass cheeks.

With her lying on her stomach, getting to her sweet pussy could be a problem. After I stuffed two pillows under her hips, her ass tilted up just right to present her wet pussy and the darker pink of her anus.

“Perfect,” I said to myself. I also noted that her arms and legs were spread even wider now that her butt was lifted. She definitely was not going anywhere soon but that did not keep her from struggling.

“Let me go! I’m not who you seem to think I am. I’m the delivery girl for the Liquor Store.”

“Yeah, the Licker Store,” I said with a grin as I caressed her ass. “I think a drink is in order. Then we can get down to business.”

“No! You don’t need another drink. You need to let me go,” the redheaded young woman yelled.

With a frown, I reached into my toy box and pulled out a ball gag. “This should keep the noise down,” I whispered as I climbed on the bed.

It was a bit of a struggle but I got the ball gag in place. Now all I heard from my Muse was muffled mumbling. “Much better,” I told her as I climbed off the bed.

I stood beside the bed, my eyes wandering up and down her lush body. I caressed her hot pink ass and then dipped a finger down to stir the juices at the opening to her sex. “You sure have ignited my imagination since you returned. Just like the old days.”

She was trying to yell around the gag but only loud mumbles reached my ears.

I moved my finger up and teased her anus. She jerked and mumbled even louder as I pressed my finger tighter to the ring of muscles guarding her rear. Her hips flexed down as far as the pillows allowed but I kept the pressure on until my slippery finger broke through and sank to the first knuckle.

“You’ve sure tightened up on vacation. Must have been one boring spot where you went,” I said off handedly as I reached into the toy box and pulled out a small bright red butt plug. “But I know how to fix that.”

The girl’s hips jerked as I teased her slippery opening with the plug. It slipped into her pussy easily. I left it there for a second and admired the contrast of colors between the bright red of the plug’s handle and her coral pink slit.

“You are more beautiful than I remember,” I muttered as I pulled the plug out of her pussy. I took a sniff of the plug and then a lick. “You smell so sweet and taste even sweeter.”

When I pressed the end of the plug to her asshole, she jerked downward with a loud muffled yell. The long tapered plug opened her ass easily for the first half of its length. Then I had to work it in and out slowly until it popped into place. Once it was in place her hips flexed up and down rhythmically.

I grinned and arranged the t-handle on the butt plug to line up with the crack of her ass. “So pretty,” I whispered as I turned and headed for the living room and another drink as my thirst was back.


A ray of sunshine through a crack in the blinds in my living room awoke me to an all-familiar tune. A special edition of the Anvil Chorus with my head between the anvil and the hammer. A throbbing headache that was in tune with my heart. How much had I drank?

When I sat up in my old recliner, the headache got worse and my stomach did a flip-flop. When did I go to sleep in my chair? I did not even remember sitting down in it. The last I remembered I was in the office staring at the computer screen.

I stood up wobbly. I still felt drunk. A full fifth of Jack, along with a three quarter one and an empty stood on the bar. Now I was confused. I only had one bottle when I started drinking the night before. I started to shake my head but thought better of it.

Maybe a shower and a bottle of aspirins would clear some of the fog out of my head. On unsteady legs, I headed for my bedroom and the bathroom.

I was half way across my bedroom when I realized there was someone on my bed. I stopped and turned that way. In the dim light, I made out a pale white body tied spread eagle over a couple of pillows. “What the hell? Who the hell?” I asked aloud. The young woman appeared to be asleep from her slow regular breathing.

Now, I definitely needed a shower because I did not remember anything about this young woman. What had I done? What had we done? I shuddered at the first question and shivered at the last. If I did not remember that, I needed to quit drinking.


Four aspirin and a long hot shower later, I returned to the bedroom for a clean shirt and a pair of slacks. The clothes I’d had on smelled like a three-day drunk from just one night. As I buttoned up the shirt, I stood by the bed looking down on the beautiful redheaded lady.

I shook my head slowly as no memory from the night before explained her. I moved to the foot of the bed and leaned in to inspect the butt plug closer. I could see her anus contacting and relaxing around its base. Her opening moved in unison.

For a moment, I wondered what she was dreaming about. For the first time I noticed that her clothing had been cut away. What the hell had gone on last night? With a sigh, I headed for the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Maybe I would get some answers when the woman woke up.


I was working on my second cup of coffee and trying to decide if I should try to eat something for breakfast when a muffled mumbling sound drew my attention back to the bedroom.

When I approached the side of the bed and came into the young woman’s view, the muffled noises got louder and sounded angry. The fire in her eyes made me pause as I reached for the strap on the ball gag. I knew trouble was brewing but eventually I would have to undo the gag.

As I removed the gag the young woman yelled, “Let me go, you asshole. I’m going to make a bowtie out of your balls.”

I took a step back and said, “That’s not much incentive for me to let you go, now is it?”

The woman glared at me but before she could yell again, I asked, “Who are you and why are you tied to my bed?”

“I’m the delivery girl from the liquor store and I might ask you the same question on why I’m tied up. You did it,” she replied, her anger just under the surface.

“Uh…. I don’t remember you. In fact, I don’t remember much about last night at all. I don’t drink often for the obvious reason that I don’t handle booze very well.”

The woman made a growling noise and struggled with her bindings. “You picked on the wrong chick this time,” she said, anger strong in her voice. “And what the fuck is a muse? You kept calling me that.”

“Uh, I’m a writer and a muse is an imaginary character that sits on my shoulder and whispers naughty things in my ear for me to write.” I explained. “She is the source of my inspiration so to speak.”

Struggling again the young woman yelled, “I’ll give you some fucking inspiration when I get loose. Not to mention a split fucking head and….”

My hand landed solidly on her bare upturned ass. She gave a yelp and stopped struggling. “There is no need for that kind of language,” I told her.

“I thought you liked naughty words.”

“Naughty, not vulgar. Sexy and sensuous would be even better.”

The girl struggled again and then stopped suddenly. Changing tactics, she pleaded, “Please. Please let me go.”

“You’re still too mad for me to do that.”

“Keeping me tied won’t make me any less mad.”

“Probably so, but I’ll feel safer,” I said softly. It was true but I was also stalling for time as I tried to figure out how to let her go and save my balls at the same time.

“Sorry about your clothes by the way,” I said in way of apology.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take the cost of them out of your ass when I get free,” she growled at me.

“That doesn’t sound good,” I said under my breath.

“I don’t guess there is any way of bribing you, is there?” I asked as a silence stretched on.

“You could promise to kill yourself after you untie me.”

“Not likely. It would be a lie in any case.”

“No, it would be murder as soon as I’m free,” she whispered softly as she pulled on the straps hard enough to make my old bed creak.

To change the subject I asked, “I assume the butt plug wasn’t your idea.”

At the mention of the butt plug, her hips flexed just enough to draw my attention to her superb ass. “You do have an outstanding ass, I must say. I can see why I was attracted to it and that red plug looks gorgeous against you white skin.”

Her hips flex slightly again, as she said, “I don’t allow anyone to mess with my ass. I don’t like it.”

In spite of myself, I grinned. “From the way your hips keep moving, it sure looks like you do like it. Maybe I should work it in and out a few times just to test the theory.”

“No!” the young woman said sharply. Then she struggled again as she yelled, “Let me go!”

I sighed deeply. I had gotten myself into a pickle this time for sure. I wasn’t sure which was going to be worse, her beating the crap out of me or prison. Did they allow inmates to have laptops? So many question and so few answers.

With another deep sigh, I said, “Look, I’m sorry for what happened to you. In fact, I don’t remember what might or might not have happened to you. As I said, I don’t drink well. What if I said, I would never drink again. Would that satisfy you?”

“Not hardly!” The young woman yelled as she struggled with the straps. “You won’t get the chance to drink in prison.”

“I won’t get to write either unless they allow laptops in there. And probably not the kind of stories I like in any case.”

The woman rolled to the side slightly and looked up at me. “Are you someone I might have read? Someone famous?”

“No, not hardly. Writing is my hobby, my creative outlet. It started as a way to relieve boredom and now it’s an obsession.”

“An obsession? Like tying up women and molesting them? Now there is your obsession.” The woman fumed. “There is your muse. I’ll bet you’re a child molester in your spare time.”

“Hey now, there is no need to be rude and vindictive. I love children; I would never hurt one for the life of me. As for molesting you, I can’t remember but I think the only thing I did was… uh… stick that butt plug in your ass.”

“How about the spanking and sticking your fingers in my pussy? Making me come my brains out. Cutting my clothes off and then sticking that damned thing up my ass. Not to mention talking out of your head and threatening to eat my pussy.”

“That explains the pillows under your hips,” I said thoughtfully.

I stood there looking down at the young lady and then sighed deeply. “Yeah, that all sounds about right for my thinking when I’m drinking but I’ve never acted on them before.” I shook my head slowly as I added, “It had something to do with the contest coming up shortly.”

“Contest? What fucking contest?”

“Uh, the Literotica Valentines Day Contest. I need to have a story finished by the thirteenth of January and as of right now I don’t have a clue what to write.” I paused a second as my eyes ran up and down the young woman’s body. “Maybe I do have an idea or two….”

“Don’t even think about it,” the woman growled.

“Between your ass sticking up like that and that red butt plug sticking in it, it’s hard not to think about,” I mumbled more to myself than in answer to her growl.

“Untie me and I’ll gladly get my ass out of your sight, believe me.”

“I still need my muse and a story,” I protested.

The young woman sighed and asked, “What kind of a story do you need? Maybe I can play the part of your muse since you thought I was her last night. Anything to get me out of here.”

“A little self-serving but it is nice of you to offer,” I told her as I thought about what kind of story would be good.

“Me? Self-serving? Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.”

Distracted and deep in thought, I replied, “I’ve only done one, no, two interracial stories. Good ones are hard to write. I need something quick and easy with a big punch to it.”

“Untie my arm and I’ll give you a big punch,” the woman muttered.

“Since you are already tied up and have that butt plug up your ass, maybe something in the D/s category would be good,” I mutter back.

“What the hell is D/s?”

I looked at the woman and sighed. “You don’t know what D/s is? You are not going to be much help in that case.”

“I’m the only help you have,” the woman pointed out.

“Uh, that is true. By the way, what is your name?”

“Kerry, but you can call me Death Without Mercy,” the woman said sarcastically.

I did a double take and then laughed. A moment later, I said, “You are funny, do you know that? In a droll sort of way that is. I’m too serious most of the time. My stories need more humor, or so I’m told.”

“Then write a comedy of errors. That’s what you have going here anyway.”

“That’s true, isn’t it,” I said with surprise in my voice. “Only thing is, you will have to bring me up to date so I can make notes. I don’t remember, remember.”

Kerry sighed and said, “It all started when you answered the door, took the two bottles of Jack from me, and made comments about my boobs. About how much bigger they were.”

“Hold on right there. I need my laptop and a chair. I’ll be right back.”


Once I had a chair, a TV dinner tray, and my laptop set up, her dictation of the night before was easy to get down on paper.

“And then you disappeared and I fell asleep. That’s about the gist of it.”

I nodded as I scanned back over what was written on the screen. Off handedly I asked, “Had you ever came from being spanked before last night?”

“I had never been spanked in my life before last night. My parents did not believe in corporal punishment, for God’s sakes, much less spanking someone’s naked ass,” Kerry said hotly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that either of your parents would spank you bare assed or otherwise. I needed to know for some back-story. A first time spanking for someone is different than one for someone who likes spankings and gets them regularly, so to speak.”

“Who the fuck likes spankings, regular or not?”

“Obviously you do since you came like crazy when I spanked you,” I said softly.

“Uh….” Kerry whispered and then shivered as her ass flexed slowly up and down.

“I was out of my mind with fear and shock,” she whispered a moment later, her ass once again moving up and down slowly.

With a grin, I got up from my chair and walked to the end of the bed. When my fingertips trailed lightly over her ass, she gave a jerk and yelled, “Don’t even think about it,” as she struggled with the straps that held her spread-eagled.

“And you would stop me how?” I asked softly. “From the looks of the dampness around your opening, I think the thought of that spanking is turning you on. Not to mention me standing here looking at you spread out in all your glory.”

Kerry’s ass wiggled side to side as she struggled again but there was a slight rocking motion at the same time. I reached between her spread thighs with my left hand and massaged the long bundle of nerves just above her clit. She growled and struggled harder.

My right hand landed solidly on her right ass cheek. She gave out with a gasp and stopped struggling. I continued to massage the nerve bundle as I whispered, “Much better.”

A moment later as her hips moved to press the nerve bundle tighter to my finger, I added, “Your milky white skin takes a nice handprint. I’ll bet that it stings so nicely.”

Kerry made a soft whimpering sound and lifted her hips taking the nerve bundle out of my reach. My hand landed solidly on her ass again. She made a gasping whimpering noise and lowered her ass back to where it had been. I went back to the massaging right above her clit.

“Is the sting even better now?” I asked as I ran my palm over the red spot on her ass.

She nodded and then quickly said, “No.”

I stopped rubbing her ass but continued to massage her pussy. “Your damp pussy and head nod tells me different.”

Her hips quivered and then she whispered, “I wish you wouldn’t rub me there. I have to pee and that is making it worse.”

“I can fix that easily. You are not the first to be tied up and have to pee,” I said as I turned and walked toward the bathroom.

Kerry rolled up on her right side and watched me for a moment. As I reached the bathroom door, she asked, “Aren’t you going to untie me?”

“No need,” I told her as I went through the door.

A moment later, I returned carrying a small porcelain chamber pot and a damp washcloth. “I keep this for just such occasions,” I told her with a grin.

“I can’t pee in that thing in this position.”

When I reached the foot of the bed, I removed the cover from the pot and held it between her legs. She gave a jerk as the cold porcelain touched her skin. “Yes, you can, just relax and let it go,” I whispered softly.

“You’re watching,” she protested.

“Yes I am and yes I will,” I said with a grin. “Watching a young woman pee is so intimate, don’t you think.”

Kerry groaned softly and then gasped as I pressed the pot up closer to her sex. “Go ahead and pee,” I told her sharply. “If you pee on my bed you really will get a spanking. One even harder than last night.”

Her ass flexed up and down but she did not pee. I slapped her hard on one ass cheek and then the other. She shivered hard and then groaned as she started to pee.

When I whispered, “Very nice,” she stopped peeing. With a louder groan, she started again. I let her finish without another comment.

I sat the pot on the floor and used the damp cloth to wipe her sex. The cold of the cloth made her jerk and then shiver as it worked over the outer surface of her hairless sex and then in between the folds.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” I asked as I picked up the pot and headed for the bathroom.

Kerry did not look at me but she did shake her head.


I returned from the bathroom but this time I had a Hitachi vibrating wand in my hand. I laid it on the TV tray while I went to get an extension cord from the kitchen. When I returned, Kerry was looking at the vibrator.

“What’s that for?” she asked softly.

“Something to keep you entertained while I get those notes into a working story” I told her.

“Turn me loose and I’ll help you.”

I grinned and said, “No, I don’t think so. Maybe a little later.”

Kerry growled in frustration and struggled with the straps. My handprint on her left ass cheek stopped that quickly. I used three short straps from my toy box to secure the Hitachi wand to her right thigh. After moving it up until the large round head barely touched her outer pussy lips, I plugged it in.

With a grin, I pressed the switch on the side of the wand for low. It started to buzz and Kerry gave a jerk and then flexed her hips trying to get away from the vibrations. She soon discovered that moving her hips up pressed the head even firmer to her sex and that she couldn’t move far enough down to get completely away from it.

“You play with that and I’ll write,” I told her as I patted her ass gently.

“Asshole! Get that damned thing away from me!” she yelled as her hips flexed and jerked several times.

I walked around to the side of the bed and got the ball gag off the headboard. “Do I need to use this?” I asked sticking it close to her face.

Her eyes got big and she shook her head sharply.

“Good because I might have questions as I go along.”

Kerry made the growling sound she used for displeasure as I turned and walked over to sit down at my makeshift table.

“Mused, Chapter one, Page one,” I said as I started to type.


By the time, I finished the rough draft from the notes about the night before, Kerry was whimpering softly on the bed. Her hips would jerk ever so often and she would whimper even louder as she pushed her hips down and held them there. Then she would either tire or forget and her hips would rise. Her hips would jerk again and she would whimper louder. It was a cycle.

I got up and stretched before I walked over to the foot of the bed and pushed down on the end of the Hitachi’s handle. This pressed the large round head tighter to her pussy lips. Kerry gave out with a soft yell and flexed her hips wildly. When I let go of the handle, she moaned and then groaned.

Loosening the straps, I moved the head farther up until it was just below her clit. When I tightened the straps, her hips jerked and then moved wildly again. There was no getting away from the vibrations now.

“You’re torturing me,” she yelled and then moaned loudly.

“And such sweet torture at that,” I whispered with a grin as I reached for the butt plug.

I worked the handle slowly back and forth and then pulled on it gently. Kerry went crazy as a monster of an orgasm washed through her body. “Oh yes, you do like that butt plug,” I whispered to myself.

Releasing the butt plug, I lowered the zipper on my slacks, and pulled my hard dick out. I stroked myself as I watched Kerry’s hips jerk and twitch. As they calmed, I walked around to the side of the bed.

Kerry’s hips were down to the quiver and twitch mode by the time she opened her eyes. They seemed to focus on nothing for a moment and then they locked onto my slow moving hand. Her eyes got big before she glanced up at my face, and then returned her gaze to my hand and dick.

Looking back up to my face, she took a deep shivery breath and asked, “What…. What do you plan on doing with that?”

“Other than giving myself a little taste of pleasure, I haven’t decided yet.” I told her softly.

When she went back to watching my hand and didn’t say anything, I added, “I could stuff it in your sweet, sopping wet pussy, or up your tight little ass, or….” I let the sentence trail off and then asked, “Want a taste?”

There was a clear drop of fluid on the end of my dick. Kerry eyed it and then shook her head sharply.

“Too bad, I was hoping you might.”

Kerry shook her head again and then moaned softly as her hips jerked from the vibrator still happily buzzing away on her sex.

“Ah yes, the sweet torture continues,” I whispered as I used a fingertip to collect the drop.

Reaching forward, I smeared it on the young woman’s lips before she could turn her head. “Asshole!” she yelled and rubbed her mouth on the bedspread. A moment later, she turned her head and asked, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Just collecting information for more of the story. That and allowing myself to taste a little of what it is like to be a Master. I have written a lot of stories about Masters and slaves, Masters and submissives, but I have never actually tried any of it for real. Just play time with ladies I know who are into such things.”

“I am not submissive or a slave,” Kerry said as she struggled again. The vibrator moved and brushed her clit. She gave out with a gasp and froze as a shivering shake ran up and down her body.

“You say that now but I wonder….”

“You wonder what?” Kerry asked after a long moment of silence.

“I wonder if all your yelling and anger are just a cover for something else. Your hair is dyed red but you are not really redheaded. Is it real or is it all a front. How to find out, that is the question.”

Kerry looked at me hard. “The hair dye is for shock value.”

I grinned at her and then laughed. A few seconds later, I said, “A hot, red, stinging ass from a spanking is shock value. Dyed hair is a cover up or camouflage. Little old ladies dye their hair blue. Nothing shocking there, just a bad dye job.”

“Mine is not a bad dye job. I wear mine red, green, blue, even purple, when the mood strikes me. It makes people look at me. Some are shocked, some are envious depending on their age.”

I nodded. “You have this need to be the center of attention.”

“What! I just like fucking with peoples heads.”

“Interesting,” I said as I walked over to the makeshift writing table and sat down.

When I started to type, Kerry asked, “What are you writing?”

“I’m just bringing things up to date. You just relax and enjoy the vibes,” I said with a grin.

Kerry growled deeply and started to wiggle but quickly thought better of it.

I typed steadily for a half hour and then leaned back and stroked my dick. Kerry was moaning softly, her eyes closed as little quivers in her hips from the vibrator told a story all their own. I wonder briefly what would happen if I fucked her with the vibrator still in place. She would go absolutely nuts.

With a sigh, I let go of my dick and tucked it back into my slacks. Then another thought crossed my mind. “Time for lunch,” I said aloud as I stood up.

At the foot of the bed, I paused and tapped on the handle of the wand and then tapped the handle of the butt plug. Kerry growled deep in her chest at the first and whimpered loudly at the second. I used one finger to trace the slippery opening to her sex. She whimpered softly and slowly lifted her hips.

The vibrator brushed her clit as she did. The resulting explosive orgasm had her hips jerking and bucking. With a grin, I jammed two fingers into her pussy and massaged her g-spot. That was like adding gasoline to a volcano. Kerry gave out with a long, loud, drawn out yell as her inner muscles grabbed and held my fingers tightly.

As the yell died, her hips collapsed back onto the pillows and she lay motionless. Her inner muscles still quivered and pulsed around my two fingers. I was still grinning as I slowly eased my fingers out of her sex. “That one is going to live in her memory forever,” I whispered softly.

I looked at my shiny fingers for a moment and then sucked on them greedily as I turned the vibrator off. After a minute or so, I popped the fingers out of my mouth. “Talk about a tasty lunch,” I said aloud as my eyes roamed over her very wet sex. “That looks like more but….”

Un-strapping the vibrator from her thigh gave me more room but it still wasn’t right. Anyway, she was out of it so that took away the pleasure of hearing her moan and groan. Maybe it was time to move things elsewhere. Then I remembered the set of old handcuffs and leg irons I had in my toy box. The leg irons had a two foot chain between them and another chain connected the cuffs to the middle of the leg iron chain.

“That might just do the trick if I can get her into the living room and onto that old straight back chair,” I said talking to myself.

Untying her wrists was easy enough and then I saw the leather cuffs on her wrists. “Perfect,” I said as I clipped them together behind her back. I clipped the ankle cuffs together also. The four straps were still on the cuffs. I used one strap from her ankles and one from her wrists to hogtie her.

I stepped back to admire my handy work. As I did, she moaned softly and fell over on her side and off the pillows. I moved the pillows over out of the way. There was a large wet spot on the top one. With a grin, I headed for the kitchen to refill my coffee. Then I needed to get that old metal straight back chair from the back porch. There had been a change in my plans.


Kerry was mostly dead weight as I carried her into my office. I sat her down gently in the old metal straight back chair and tied a wrist to each of the back legs. Then I moved her feet back along the side of the chair and tied the ankle straps to the back legs. This spread her legs. Her ass was right on the edge of the chair seat. I could see the red butt plug and her open, very wet pussy easily.

I hurried back to the bedroom for my toy box and a pillow. When I returned, I used another strap to tie her upper body to the chair back. It ran just under her breasts. The pillow was stuffed under her back for support. I stepped back to admire my handy work.

About then, she opened her eyes and groaned softly. She looked around quickly and pulled at the straps. “Hey! What the hell?” She said sharply. Then she struggled hard enough to rock the chair. “Let me loose,” she yelled loudly.

I got the ball gag out of the box and moved around behind her. As the gag came down in front of her face she yelled, “No!”

Lowering the gag until it rested on her upper chest, I said, “I won’t if you be quiet and behave.” I buckled the strap and left the ball gag around her neck.

When I came back around in front of her, she just glared at me. If looks could kill, I would have been flat on the floor dead. With a shivery sigh, I got a blindfold out of the box and went back around behind her. She kept moving and shaking her head to keep me from tying the ends.

After a moment, I gave up on tying it and reached over her left shoulder to pinch her left nipple firmly. She gasped loudly and said sharply, “Ow, ow, ow, that fucking hurts!”

“Then be still while I put the blindfold on.”

“I don’t want to be blindfolded!”

With a soft chuckle, I said, “I wasn’t asking you, I was telling you.” Then I gave her nipple a little more pressure and a slight twist.

“Oh shit!” she yelled as she squirmed in the chair. A few seconds later she said loudly, “Okay, okay.”

I released her nipple and tied the blindfold over her eyes. “See, that wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

She shook her head and then whispered, “I thought you said you weren’t going to hurt me.”

“It seems pain is a good way to control someone. I had always thought so as I wrote about it but this is the first time I actually put it into practice,” I told her.

When she did not reply, I asked, “Does your nipple still burn?”

She nodded her head slightly.

“That is something else I had right,” I said more to myself than her as I walked around to stand in front of her. Her left nipple was larger and harder than the right. She gave a jerk when I flicked her right nipple up and down with my nail. That nipple grew larger and harder.

“Interesting,” I said as I walked over to my office chair and sat down.

I thought for a moment and then asked, “You’ve never been blindfolded before, have you?”

She shook her head.

“This should be interesting for both of us. You from the fact that this is something new and for me to see if I can make it worth your time.”

“What?” She asked as she tilted her head to the side. “You are one crazy mother fucker.”

“Isn’t fowl language what got your ass spanked last night?” I asked.

“Uh, no. Your muse being gone so long and my struggling to get away from you is what got my ass spanked,” she replied quickly. “Over my language, you just threatened to spank me again.”

I chuckled. “I was testing what you told me earlier.”

“You think I would lie to you? For what purpose?”

“That is a good question that I don’t really have an answer for,” I replied. “Lets just say I’m a little paranoid where you are concerned.”

Kerry frowned and whispered, “More like scared shitless than paranoid.”

My hand shot out and the three middle fingertips caught the end of her breast sharply. She gave a jerk and gasped loudly. Her upper body rocked back and forth slowly. Was she waiting for another slap on her nipple or what, I wondered?

I was out of my element, I realized. I had no idea what to do next. With a deep sigh, I leaned forward and took the blindfold off her. She blinked a couple of times and gave me a confused look. I sighed again and asked, “What would you really do if I untied you?”

A murderous look crossed her face and then she looked down at the nipple I had slapped. “I, uh,” she said and then looked at my face. “I don’t really know.”

“What happened to mayhem and murder,” I asked softly.

“I’m not sure. This being manhandled thing makes me mad on the one hand but,” she paused to shiver. “It excites the hell out of me on the other.”

I nodded. “I understand both sides of that from what I’ve seen.”

“So why did you stop?” she asked softly.

The question shocked me somewhat. “I, uh, realized I didn’t know where to go next after I slapped your nipple.”

She gave me a funny look and grinned. “Slap the other one. Lick and tease the one you slapped with your mouth and tongue. Use your imagination. If I yell stop, make me come one more time. Jesus, do I have to think of everything.”

My mouth was hanging open as I stared at a real live Muse.

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