Jane’s Demonic Breeding



Hello, friendly readers! Please note that everyone in this story is 18 years of age or older. Also be aware that this story contains a variety of kinks, including breeding, cum inflation, and overly large penis. If that’s not your jam, let us part as friends. But if you’re into it, read on! It’s my pleasure to present this infernal work of erotic fiction, inspired by numerous classic (and vastly superior) writings on hell.



Jane sat at her computer, doomscrolling through the postings on an online classified ads site. It was midnight, and the only light in her studio apartment was the glow of her monitor. The text on the screen was reflected in her oversized, dorky, hipster glasses as she leaned in close, desperately hoping that one of the listings might contain the solution to her woes.

At age 19, and a freshman in college, Jane was only really sure about two things: one, that she was probably never going to fulfill her parents wish that she become a lawyer. And two, that she wanted more than anything to be a mother. Her parents were both well-educated professionals, and they insisted that Jane start a serious career before starting a family, but for her, a family was all she wanted — damn the career.

However, due to a tragic quirk of her genetics, she could never get pregnant. Years of doctor visits as a child had confirmed a small but obvious defect in her reproductive system. It wouldn’t impact any other aspect of her life — she was in fabulous health in every other respect, in fact, and in fantastic shape for her age. But the fact remained that, medically speaking, she could never be a mother.

Her friends had suggested surrogates or adoption, but Jane’s dilemma was that she wanted — needed — to carry the baby herself. She wanted to raise a child of her own, of course, but that was only part of it. Jane wanted to feel life quickening within her, and her belly swelling as her baby grew. In fact, the idea of being bred got Jane so turned on she couldn’t think straight. The notion consumed her waking life and haunted her dreams.

More than once, Jane had to excuse herself from class when her perverted thoughts became too intrusive, so that she could sneak off to the girls’ restroom and frig herself silly. Given the cute, nerdy hipster persona she projected in public, she wondered what her professors and classmates would think if they knew her secret little kink.

Her perverted side had eventually turned into a full-blown alter-ego. It had started as her just posting lewd photos online with her face hidden, often with titles referencing her desire to be impregnated, and she’d developed a small but loyal following. Over time she’d even grown adventurous enough to post gifs and even videos — for those generous fans willing to pay, of course. Her fans were well aware of her little fantasies, as she tended to end many of her recording sessions by screaming out her need to bred while she masturbated herself to a series of explosive orgasms. In fact, she was still recovering from just such a recording session as she sat naked in her computer chair with a discarded and well-used vibrator nearby.

Her camera was still on, in fact, though she wasn’t recording, and Jane caught sight of herself on her second monitor. Seeing her ripe, nubile young body, Jane thought what a shame it was she was unable to conceive. Her breasts were perfect little handfuls, with wide, puffy areolas, and nipples that jutted out like two hard erasers. Her skin was pink and smooth, shiny now with sweat from her self-induced bliss. Jane had wavy blonde-meets-brown hair, her natural color, and it hung loose and unkempt now, though she often wore it in a tight ponytail in class. Her little mouth had just the slightest pout to it. Jane was short in stature, and a quarter Japanese on her mother’s side, giving her brown eyes just a hint of an exotic cast. All in all, she thought with a bit of vanity, why wouldn’t any man love to put a baby in me?

And many had tried, of course. Since going away to college at Great Midwestern University (Go Rivermen!), Jane had dated liberally. Her upper-middle-class parents had paid for her to have her own tiny apartment off-campus, which gave her plenty of privacy with gentleman callers. Her boyfriends usually balked at the idea of cumming inside her, but after Jane explained her unique situation, they were all too happy to blast away. Secretly, Jane hoped one of them might manage to fire the magic bullet that got her pregnant, but none of them had proved up to the task, and none of them lasted very long.

So, Jane’s typical nightly ritual, after she finished a recording session and waited for the video to render, was to scroll pathetically through online classifieds, looking for any kind of miracle treatment or therapy that could fix the little problem with her ovaries. She’d turned to the mystical and the occult, even going to visit a few so-called shamans and witches, but they’d all turned out to be fakers and charlatans. But she kept at it, hoping beyond hope that one day, her prayers would be answered…

Jane stopped scrolling. An ad had caught her eye. In large, bold, all-caps text, she read the headline:


She was intrigued. Many such headlines had proved bogus before, but the simple brash confidence of this one pulled her in. She clicked on it and read the text of the ad:

“If you are reading this ad, your predicament must be this: you wish to be a mother, but human science and your own meager flesh have failed you. Do not despair, for I possess the solution to your problems.

If I deem you worthy to carry my spawn, I will breed you over the course of a single appointment. Whatever ailment or impediment you may be suffering from is of no consequence — I will overcome it. You will absolutely, without a doubt, fall pregnant, and your child shall be perfectly healthy.

The price is this: the child shall be mine, to raise as I see fit, and to be visited by you, its mother, as often as I decide, or possibly never.

Serious applicants should reply to this posting, and address their missives to Azalok. A reply will follow directly.”

Jane chuckled as she finished reading. He was certainly confident, this man who called himself Azalok. She figured it was probably just some nerd who watched too much anime having a laugh, but she figured, what the hell? It couldn’t hurt to reply. The board was anonymous, anyway, so it wasn’t like this person would be able to find her. She clicked the reply button, and a message box popped up, addressed to the user called “Azalok.”

“Okay,” Jane typed. “You sound pretty cocky, Mister Azalok. Tell me, have you ever actually been with a girl? Or are you just some dork in their mom’s basement? Well, I’ll tell you what: I’m in need of your services, as unbelievable as they sound. If you can back up your big talk, then you’ve got yourself a deal.”

She signed the message “Madrigal_Counterpoint,” the username she posted her nudes under. After reading over the message once more, Jane clicked Send.

Sitting back in her chair, she chuckled to herself. I’m so pathetic, she thought. After all, would she be up past midnight replying to random classified ads if she wasn’t pathetic? Oh well, she thought. No harm done.

Jane stood and stretched, yawned hugely, and turned to head towards bed. Her tiny apartment consisted of just a single room which contained her bed, computer, and television, with a kitchenette and a small bathroom adjoining. She might have been supported by her parents, but they weren’t about to spring for the life of luxury. Still, it suited her needs well enough. She flopped down on the comfy covers of her unmade bed and snuggled in, ready to drift off to dreamland.

That was when she heard the knock at her door.

Jane startled, jumping a foot in the air. Who in the hell would be knocking at this time of night? Her first thought was that it was her last boyfriend, Brad, coming to beg for her to take him back. She’d dumped him after he got too drunk at a party and started hitting on her best friend, Alahna. But Brad was a stuck-up frat boy, and he didn’t seem like the needy type.

Her next thought was that Alahna was here, and in some kind of trouble. But surely Alahna would have texted first. When Jane glanced at her phone and saw no new messages, she doubted that was the case.

A neighbor, then? Locked out of their apartment and desperate for aid? She didn’t talk to her neighbors much, and in the complex she lived in people didn’t tend to socialize outside of basic pleasantries when they passed in the hallway.

As she was running through the possibilities, the knock came again. It was a steady, firm knock, not too loud, but far from meek. Not a cop-knock, but the knock of someone who was confident they were in the right place, and did not like to be kept waiting. It was then that Jane remembered she had a peep hole, and kicked herself for not thinking of it sooner.

She padded on bare feet across the soft carpet to her door and brought her eye to the narrow peephole. Through it she saw a clear, if distorted, view of the stranger who had come knocking.

And if she’d had on socks, they would have been knocked off.

Her caller was a man who looked to be either in his late twenties or early thirties, but he had a certain ageless quality that made it hard to tell. The clothes he wore seemed effortlessly chiche, like he’d just tossed on whatever he had. A black leather jacket hung open over a tight black shirt that seemed painted onto an extremely well-defined chest. He wore faded denim pants with a tear over one knee. It seemed he was a bit behind the times as far as trends went, but she wasn’t complaining.

His clothes were one thing, but it was the head on his shoulders that really captured her attention. A light dusting of jet-black stubble dotted his solid jawline. A pair of provocative lips curled in a slightly sardonic smirk. Thick, expressive eyebrows were set about eyes colored a piercing cobalt blue, so dark they were almost black. His hair was dark as midnight and swept up and back, with the same thoughtless allure as his wardrobe.

He was, in short, one of the most attractive men Jane had ever seen.

For a few moments she forgot who she was as her heart thudded in her chest, entirely transfixed on this mysterious hot guy outside her apartment. Who is he, she thought, and what in god’s name is he doing here? Already her brain was imagining kissing those sultry lips and peeling that skintight shirt off of his rippling abs…

“Ahem,” said her visitor, clearing his throat. His voice was a bit muffled through the door, but she understood him clearly. “Are you going to let me in, Miss Madrigal, or just stare?”

Jane gasped. How had he known she was watching him? She panicked, suddenly feeling incredibly rude and voyeuristic.

“Just a second!” she called back instinctively.

Then her brain caught up with her mouth and she realized that the mysterious stranger had just called her “Miss Madrigal” — the name of her internet persona. Immediately she thought of the classified ad she’d just answered, and the words “I will breed you” reverberated in her mind. There’s no way this could be Azalok — right?

Jane backed up into the room and realized she was still completely naked. She grabbed a silky, cream-colored robe hanging on the back of her desk chair and threw it on, cinching up the belt. It was short and thin, leaving little to the imagination, but in her addled state she thought little of it. Returning to the door, Jane caught herself about to undo the chain and open it. What am I doing? she thought. He could be a serial killer for all I know!

“Who is it?” she said, her voice coming out meeker than she intended.

“You know who I am,” replied the man. His voice was a rich, commanding baritone, like that of a Roman senator used to addressing halls full of aristocratic nobles. It was a voice that was neither harsh nor angry, but brooked no dissent.

“Umm,” said Jane, hesitating. “I do?”

With an exasperated sigh, the man said, “You summoned me here, Miss Madrigal. Or do you prefer Jane?”

Her heart jumped into her throat at the use of her given name. How does he know my name? I’ve never met him before in my life! She was terrified now, and thoughts of stalkers raced through her head. Alahna had always told her the whole e-girl thing was a bad idea, that it was bound to attract creepers and weirdos. Now there was one right outside her door.

“Just who the hell are you?” Jane demanded, finding her voice. “Don’t make me call the cops, dude!”

She set her eye to the peephole again, wondering if her threat would send him away. Yet a part of her was relieved to find him still standing there, rolling his brilliantly dark eyes as he blew out another sigh. “Miss Madrigal. You do me a great disservice. Are you not the one who accused me of being, and I quote, ‘just some dork in their mom’s basement?'”

“Ohmygod,” sputtered Jane. This was too crazy. Those were her own words, typed into a computer message not ten minutes ago. “How can you know that?” she asked, less of a demand this time and more of a plea.

“You replied to my posting, Miss Madrigal. I offered a service, and you said that if I could back up my claims, then we would have a deal. Well, I am he, the one with whom you communicated: Azalok.”

Her fingers acted without instructions from her brain. Trembling, Jane undid the deadbolt on her door, but left the security chain on. She cracked the door open and peered out into the hallway. Her mystery man’s dreamy eyes lit up at the sight of her, and he stroked his stubbled chin thoughtfully.

“Ah,” he remarked, “Even more beautiful in the flesh. I am a fan of your work, you know.”

“You… are?” she squeaked.

“Of course. Artful, playful, seductive. You are a cut above the other… what is the phrase… ‘internet thots,’ I believe?”

She couldn’t suppress a mad giggle at hearing this man with the stentorian voice and precise elocution say the word “thot.”

“Did I say something funny?” he asked, cocking his head to one side.

“Umm… no, not really. I’m just frazzled. Look, this is so weird, man. Even if I believe you’ve seen my pics, and even if I believe you’re the guy from the classified ad, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Did we not strike a bargain?” he replied, brow knitting in confusion.

“A… bargain? What?”

“I offered a service and you accepted. In fact, I believe your words were: ‘you’ve got yourself a deal.’ Offer and acceptance, the basis of a contract, no? I believe it is customary to honor one’s contracts, in this realm.”

Jane’s mind was racing as she focused in on just what sort of agreement they had made — on what, exactly, he had offered. She felt a guilty tremble in her loins, and couldn’t help biting her bottom lip as she fought down the excitement coursing through her.

“Say it,” said Azalok, his midnight-blue gaze suddenly turning predatory, his voice taking on a commanding timbre.

“Say what?” she stammered in response.

“What you want from me. The service I offered, which you accepted. Say it.”

“I… I didn’t… I mean…”

Say it,” he ordered, and this time his voice seemed to deepen and echo with otherworldly force, buffeting her soul with its insistence.

The words were practically ripped from her throat: “To breed me,” she whispered.

“There, now,” he said, his expression softening, an eager smile spreading across his face. He flicked his hand up in a casual gesture and the chain on her slipped from its track as if by magic. Jane stumbled back into her room as the door swung inward, and Azalok strode into her home.

He shut the door behind him and surveyed the apartment. It was small, but Jane had furnished it as well as she could, even hanging a few prints of her favorite paintings by Leonardo and Bruegl on the walls. Azalok made a shrugging gesture as if to say, not my style, but good enough.

Jane was suddenly feeling very vulnerable, noticing now just how tall and muscular this man was. He towered over her, and she realized he could easily overpower her if he wanted to. And then there was the matter of how he’d undone her lock with a flick of his hand…

As if sensing her discomfort, Azalok grinned disarmingly and said, “Aren’t you going to offer me something to drink?”

“I… oh. A drink. Of course.” Jane’s hospitality instincts kicked in. “Would you like a beer?” she asked, striding over to the fridge in the kitchenette. “Sorry the place is such a mess.”

“No no, it is perfectly cozy,” he replied charitably. “And a beer would be most welcome.”

Jane got a couple of hoppy IPAs from her fridge and opened them. “Do you want a glass?” she called over her shoulder.

“Just the bottle is fine,” her guest answered.

Jane returned to the main room and handed him one of the bottles. She gestured over to her empty computer chair, and Azalok gratefully took a seat. Jane sat on the bed, facing him, and took a drink of her beer. Somehow, going through the routine of offering a guest a drink and a place to sit took the edge of the massive weirdness of the situation. She realized that she’d left her vibe out sitting nearby the chair Azalok was lounging in with his legs crossed, but if he notice, he didn’t comment on it.

A few moments of awkward silence passed while they both sipped their beers.

Then Jane couldn’t help herself any longer.

“Just who… what are you, man?” she asked.

“Hmm,” he mused. “A good question. The answer is actually very simple, but probably will only raise more questions for you. Let us say… I am a servant of one who fell. Once my kind dwelt in paradise, but now they tred a baser path.”

She let those words sink in, and the lessons from Protestant Sunday School she’d been forced to sit through as a child came back to her. “You’re… a demon?” she asked, incredulous.

“Yes!” said Azalok, grinning and snapping his fingers. “You have it exactly — I am a demon!” He chuckled, as if never having realized it might be put in such simplistic terms. “But forget what you read in your holy books about good and evil. The truth is not so simple. My master, Lord Morningstar, quarrelled with he who dwells above. Of course, neither side was without folly, but in the end our faction lost, and so we were cast down. It is what it is. Still, better to rule in hell, than serve in heaven, no? I have found this existence quite liberating, to be honest.”

“So… wait… you’re a literal demon… like, Satan is your boss… but you go around posting online classified ads?”

Azalok took a pensive swig and tapped one foot absently, composing his thoughts before he answered her.

“You know, it seemed odd at first to me, as well. But, one must keep up with the times. Our only real recreation is in playing with mortals — hell is terribly dull, take it from me. It used to be that I had to appear in clouds of smoke, with the scent of brimstone in the air, and go through this dreadful pageantry just to convince a mortal to promise me their unborn child. The internet has made things so much simpler, to be quite honest. The amount of young women with a breeding fetish is almost unbelievable.” He grinned, and added as an aside: “And I also enjoy the videos of cats.”

Great, thought Jane. A literal, immortal demon from hell, who posts online and likes cat videos. This is officially the weirdest day ever.

“Ah, but I digress,” said Azalok. He stopped tapping his foot and fixed Jane with his alluring cobalt-blue gaze. “Let us get back to the matter at hand. We made a deal, conditional of course. I agreed to breed you, should I find you acceptable, and you agreed to be bred, should I be able to back up my claims. I assume that you are unable to conceive by traditional means?”

Jane nodded. “Not for lack of trying, though,” she muttered.

“And we always want that which we cannot, have, do we not? Now, as to your condition — you wanted me to back up my claim, yes? Allow me to do so.”

Without any kind of ceremony, Azalok put down his beer, stood up, and began to undress. Jane sputtered, her mouth dropping open as this deliciously hunky man took off his clothes without any hint of modesty. First he slipped out of his leather jacket, and then he peeled his black shirt over his head, revealing a chest so toned it could only have belonged to a demon. Next he slipped off his boots, balancing one one foot and then the other. Jane covered her gaping mouth as Azalok undid the buckle of his pants and slid them down his legs. He wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Well?” he asked. “What is your assessment?”

Jane was absolutely gobsmacked by what she saw hanging between Azalok’s legs. It was, without question, the biggest cock she had ever seen, in person or on the internet. She had seen some enormous cocks online, but this one put them all to shame. Even flaccid, it hung almost as long as her forearm, and it was just about as girthy as well. One long vein ran from base to tip, and it pulsed visibly with blood. The head of his dick was concealed in a sheath of foreskin, but she could easily make out the bulbous swell of it, and glimpsed the purplish head peeking out.

His balls were just as unbelievable. The demon’s pair were as thick and heavy as oranges, except they were bright red in color. She imagined all the semen those things must hold, and it sent a pleasurable shudder through her. Jane could swear she saw his demonic nuts pulse and ripple, the seed within squirming to find a human womb to inseminate.

Azalok said, “My particular demonic expertise is fertility. My seed has arcane properties: it can heal conditions like yours, and prepare a fertile human woman to bear my children. And as you can see, this human-like form I take in the mortal realm is… well… gifted. So what is your verdict? Have I backed up my claim?”

With equipment like that, she thought, How could I not get pregnant?

Jane gulped and nodded. “I think it’ll do.”

“Very well,” said Azalok, clapping his hands. “Well, then, it’s my turn. My caveat was that I must find you acceptable to bear my child. If you would be so kind as to disrobe?”

Jane wasn’t usually modest, and she’d shown her body to thousands of random men on the internet, but she was suddenly feeling a little shy. Maybe it was because Azalok was by far the hottest, dreamiest, most bewitching man she’d ever seen. But she steeled her nerve — it was only fair, after all, now that he’d shown off his goods to her, that she return the favor.

Jane stood up and took a few steps forward, into the center of the room. Slowly, making lots of eye contact with the very naked and very sexy demon standing nearby, she untied the belt of her robe, shrugged her shoulders, and let it fall to the ground. Jane half turned and flexed her shoulders back, thrusting out her tits and showing off the swell of her pert bottom. It was a pose she’d practiced in front of her webcam many times, designed to make thousands of random dudes hard, and she was desperately hoping it would have the same effect on Azalok. She let her lips hang apart seductively and gazed at him through half lidded eyes. She still had her oversized dorky glasses on, and her dirty-blonde hair framed her face like two curtains. Lastly, she ran one hand down her stomach to her pussy lips. Her vulva was already becoming engorged with blood, and she spread herself open with two fingers, revealing some of the pink, moist flesh within.

“Am I breeding material?” she asked breathily. It was a phrase she’d often uttered in her videos.

Azalok whistled in appreciation, and she was happy to see his soft cock flex a bit as blood flowed into it.

“My, my,” he remarked. “For a petite woman, you are curvy in all the right places. Your breasts are a bit on the small side — B-cups, I think? — but they will surely swell with milk when you conceive. Your hips aren’t exactly what I would call ‘child-bearing,’ but they are curvy enough. Your sex is attractive, if small, but with the help of my abilities, a fully natural birth should be more than possible. You are neither as rail-thin as a model, nor overly plump. And I do so appreciate that your fraction of Asian heritage gives you just a hint of the exotic, especially around the eyes. I can see you have an intellectual streak as well, given those lenses. I believe you will make an excellent broodmare.”

Hearing him describe her as if she was a piece of livestock at a farm auction which he was considering bidding on was somehow demeaning and super hot at the same time. Jane couldn’t help but tease her lower lips gently with her pointer finger during his speech.

Azalok continued. “Well then, only one thing remains. This is your last chance to back out, Jane. I may be a demon, but I am not a monster. If you wish, I will call off our deal and go away. But if you take the next step, then I will breed you thoroughly, fill you with my demon spawn, watch you swell with child, and then take our offspring away to raise as I see fit. You will be mother in name only: a vessel to carry my seed, and nothing more. If you ever see your child again after birth, it will be solely at my discretion. What is your decision?”

Jane thought about backing out. Honestly, it was crazy that she was even considering it — was she seriously thinking about having sex with this abonimably well-hung demon, letting him knock her up, and swooping in nine months later to carry away their child? I must be insane. Or dreaming. Or both. But now she was picturing his impossibly huge cock depositing its surely equally huge load inside her, and imagining her belly bump as his child began to grow. She found herself getting more turned on than she’d ever been in her life, knowing that it might actually be possible for her to get pregnant. Even though she’d just come several times in a row during her video recording session not long before, the blood was pounding in her loins, and her nipples had hardened into aching points.

She had to be crazy.

Because the next thing she said was, “Okay, dude, I accept your offer. Don’t make me regret it.”

“Excellent,” growled Azalok. Her eyes flicked down to his cock, which was swelling rapidly with blood, growing even larger than its already-titanic size. It continued to grow as he described exactly what he planned to do with her. “This process will take some time. I must prepare your body to receive my spawn, and correct the imperfection that prevents you from conceiving. You will be exhausted when we are finished, but I assure you, the experience will be quite pleasurable.”

Jane listened and watched with increasing trepidation as his dick inflated slowly but surely to its true size. The thick vein curling along the shaft throbbed as it delivered blood to the rapidly-growing organ. His broad cockhead emerged from its sheath, and the ridged corona flared ostentatiously. The fat tube of his urethra was visible on the underside, and she imagined it had to be wide to accommodate the oceans of sperm in those enormous balls. His cock was now definitely longer than her forearm, from fingers to elbow and beyond, and it was thicker than her wrist.

“Holy shit,” she said, her eyes going wide. “How is that going to fit inside me? You’ll break my damn vagina if I try to have sex with that. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty petite girl.”

“Do not be concerned,” replied Azalok, dismissing her worries with a flippant wave of his hand. “I have been with mortals your size and smaller. Once you are adequately prepared, my cock will fit as if your body was made for it. But your vagina is not ready yet. Perhaps we might start with… your mouth?”

He raised one of his expressive, dark eyebrows expectantly, and Jane felt herself melting. Am I really about to suck the cock of a stranger who just showed up at my door? God, I’m such a whore…

Despite her internal recriminations, Jane found herself going down on her knees on the carpet in front of Azalok. His mighty cock was at eye level now, and she admired its throbbing girth. She stroked the underside with a tentative hand, finding the flesh smooth and taut. Experimentally, she tried wrapping her hand around it, and found her slim fingers couldn’t even get all the way around. The head was so fat she thought there was no way it could fit her mouth, let alone her pussy. A bead of precum leaked from his tip, and she noted it had an odd color — not the pearly-white she’d come to expect from guys, but instead a darker hue, with a slick sheen that made it look almost like oil. She hesitantly extended her tongue, looking up as she did so, and meeting Azalok’s dreamy midnight-blue gaze as she licked the drop of pre from his tip. The taste sent a jolt through her: it was sweet and rich with just a hint of saltiness, sort of like caramel flavored with sea salt.

“Oh, fuck me,” she purred. “I have got to have more of that.”

She inhaled an intoxicating whiff of his rich, masculine odor, and then went back for more. Jane’s hot little mouth couldn’t even stretch wide enough to fit the entire head, so instead she suckled the tip, coaxing droplet after droplet of the heady pre onto her waiting tongue. She swallowed it greedily and used her busy hands to stroke his shaft as she did so. One of her hands found his pendulous nuts dangling between the demon’s legs and caressed them gently, feeling them roil with pent-up semen.

Azalok growled above her and placed both of his strong hands on her head, digging his fingers into her brownish-blonde hair. He didn’t try to move her head, or pull her hair, but it was a possessive gesture nonetheless, and Jane was incredibly turned on by it.

“You are going to be fantastic at this, I can already tell,” said Azalok. “I really am a fan of your work, you know. Your stills were one thing, but your videos were quite another. Watching you writhe in orgasm as you begged to be impregnated was a truly arresting sight to behold. Well, tonight your wishes will all come true. My potent seed will attune your flesh and render you most amenable to breeding. But I shall have to dole it out a little at a time, so as not to overwhelm you. I have complete control over my reproductive organs, you know. I need not spend an entire load at once. In fact, if I want to, I can release just a single spurt… like this!”

Jane had continued suckling through his entire speech, moaning debauchedly at his lewd complements. Her tongue flicked up and down his cock’s mouth, greedily drinking down each bead of pre it released. She was completely unprepared for when, as he said the word this, Azalok’s balls flexed, and a single spurt of cum rocketed down his shaft. She felt it with her hand as it swelled the throat of his cock, and then it exploded forcefully in her mouth, instantly filling the chamber and bulging her cheeks with thick, goopy semen. The rich, salted-caramel taste was overpowering, and she swallowed it little by little, feeling its heat roll down her throat. She worked her tongue across her teeth and gums, collecting every little bit and making sure she swallowed it all. When it was gone Jane sat back on her knees, panting heavily, her nipples achingly hard and her pussy quivering needfully. She was officially cum-drunk.

“There,” said Azalok. “You should feel that in your stomach right about now, warm like a strong spirit. Its magic will start to spread through your body.”

“What are you doing to me? That was just one spurt but it was the size of an entire load!” moaned Jane. The cum she’d swallowed felt hot and heavy in her stomach, and now her whole body was growing warm.

“I am changing you,” said Azalok. “My cum has the ability to make your body more flexible and receptive for me. And I produce much more than a normal human man. Now, lay back on the carpet and spread your legs.”

Jane did as he ordered, bending her knees and planting her feet on the ground. Between her angled legs she could see her demonic lover kneeling down, his tumescent cock pointing aggressively at her slender body, aimed directly at her little pussy.

“Are you going to fuck me know?” she asked, biting her lower lip in trepidation.

“Not yet,” he said. “Look.”

Azalok walked forward on his knees until he was sitting above her and laid the heavy weight of his cock across her stomach. It reached past her belly button, almost to the valley of her breasts.

“Holy fuck!” she exclaimed, some reason cutting through her addled state. “No way will that fit!”

Azalok grabbed her legs with his powerful hands and bent her knees back, raising her butt slightly into the air. He positioned his cock at her sex and ever so gently kissed her puffy vulva with the bulbous, purple-red flesh of his turgid yet spongy cockhead. She yipped and shuddered in pleasure, already on a hair trigger from sucking his cock, but he didn’t let her come just yet. He stroked his fleshy cockhead up and down her moist pussy lips, avoiding her clit. Gradually her labia parted for him, and the tip of his cock head poked inside her warmth. Jane was teetering on the edge, going mad with need.

“Please let me come,” she begged. “I’m dying for it. I need to feel more of your cum inside me. I want your seed to flood my womb!”

Azalok released one of her legs and pressed his thumb against her clit, rubbing it in tiny, rapid circles. She shattered into a million pieces, her whole body quivering violently as she came hard and hot. Jane’s head tilted back, tongue hanging out as she let out a wanton gurgle.

“How about another shot?” asked Azalok. There was a playful note in his baritone voice. His cock’s tip was still wedged into the narrow foyer of her vagina. With a flex of his humongous balls, he sent a single potent blast up the long throat of his cock. It fired down her vagina and splattered rudely against her cervix, like he’d hit the bullseye, making her womb vibrate in response.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” moaned Jane. “You nailed my cervix with that one!”

“God had nothing to do with it,” growled Azalok with a chuckle.

The demon let her go, withdrawing his cock from its shallow intrusion, and Jane continued to come her brains out. It stretched on for what felt like ages, her writhing on the carpet as she felt his hot seed working its way into her core. At last she was left with just pleasurable aftershocks. Her body was coated now in a fine sheen of sweat, and she felt hot all over. Just as she was settling down into the carpet below, Azalock’s cock suddenly belched forth another single spurt, which flew through the air and splattered across Jane’s stomach and tits, leaving a long, oily, dark stain on her pink skin. She trembled at the heat of it.

“Apologies,” said Azalok. He was smirking wickedly, amused by what he’d done. “You looked so hot, I could not resist decorating you with my seed. You seem like the type who enjoys being covered in come.”

“Oh yeah,” said Jane, looking up at him with a wanton smile. “But I prefer it inside me.”

Jane felt a tingling feeling in her abdomen, and a painful twinge. She sat up and doubled over, clutching her guts as the pain sharpened. It seemed to be centered on her womb.

“Fuck!” she shouted. “What the fuck did you do?”

Then, just as the pain grew unbearable, it faded, leaving Jane gasping for breath.

“Your wish has been granted,” said Azalok. “The abnormality which prevented you from conceiving has been corrected by the seed I just put inside you.”

“Oh my god,” said Jane. She somehow knew it was true, and could feel something quivering inside her, a part of her that had been dormant before, now vivified by Azalok. Tears of joy streamed down her face. Before she knew what she was doing, she’d jumped to her feet and thrown herself onto Azalok, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She buried her head in his neck, sobbing for joy into the demon’s firm, smooth flesh.

“Thank you,” she said, the words coming out muffled. “Thank you so much.”

Azalok had grabbed her by the waist and butt to support her and stumbled back half a step, but he was more than strong enough to hold a petite girl. He seemed taken aback by the display of gratitude.

“Ah… you’re welcome,” he replied.

Jane lifted her face and looked into his dreamy dark blues, knowing her teary face was probably a mess, her glasses all wet and smudged. But she didn’t care.

“You don’t know what this means to me! All my life I’ve wanted to be a mother. Now I can be.”

She gave him a peck on the lips, then giggled at herself. She had only meant it to be a brief thank-you kiss, but now she wanted more. Parting her lips slightly, she kissed him again, deeper this time, and he returned it. The kiss turned sloppy and hungry, their lips smacking and tongues dueling with one another. By the time she broke the kiss, she was gasping for breath.

“Thanks again,” she said. “Now put me down. I want to suck your cock again.”

Azalok laughed out loud at her words, the first time she’d gotten a real laugh out of him. It was a rich, full sound that rumbled like the earth itself.

“Very well, little human. Let us see if you can do better this time.”

He deposited her on the ground and Jane wriggled to her knees before him yet again. This time she was filled with an enervating need to please him, to reward him somehow for healing her. Azalock’s mighty cock hadn’t softened in the slightest, despite the three abundant spurts it had given her, one of which was still drying on her tits and belly. His enormous, apple-shaped cockhead was pointed right at her, leaking dark fluid.

She kissed it as she’d been kissing his mouth moments ago, using her tongue to stimulate the slit. Azalok growled and grabbed hold of her hair again, but this time he applied gentle but insistent force to the back of her head. Panic went through her at first, but then she relaxed and let him control the pace. She widened her lips as far as they would go, and found to her surprise that her mouth seemed somehow more elastic than before. It spread wider around his bulbous cockhead, and wider still, till her lips were almost grotesquely stretched. Then, with a final effort, he pushed her head forward another inch, and the wide corona of his penis popped past her lips. It grazed her teeth as he drove his entire head into her mouth.

Jane couldn’t believe it! His cockhead was seriously as big as an apple, and now it was entirely inside her hot little mouth. Her lips and jaw felt stretched to the breaking point, but it was a good hurt. She looked up into Azalok’s eyes and saw a predatory gleam in his midnight-blue orbs. She did her best to waggle her tongue inside her stuffed mouth, trying her damndest to stimulate his titanic cockhead. Salted-caramel precum was leaking out at a prodigious rate and sliding straight down her gullet.

Fuck yes,” said Azalok. “It usually takes a human hours before she can put my cockhead in her mouth. I think you deserve a reward.”

Knowing what was coming, Jane reached out with both hands to take hold of his enormous nutsack, caressing them, feeling them tense as they got ready to release some of the pressure inside them. They flexed hard, and his urethra swelled as a spurt of potent cum flowed up it. Jane moaned sluttily around the intruder muffling her mouth as a blast of rich, greasy cream exploded in her mouth and splattered into the back of her throat. She swallowed as best she could, making a lewd, suckling sound. It felt warm and hot as it rolled down her esophagus.

She looked up and met Azalok’s eyes. He raised a questioning eyebrow, as if to say, ready for more? Jane grunted in affirmation. Another spurt flexed out of his nuts, barrelled down his cock, and burst into her mouth. She had a bit of trouble swallowing this one, as the remnants first were still sticking to her tonsils, but she managed not to cough. It should have been impossible, but Azalok’s ensorcelled cum had somehow suppressed her gag reflexes and loosened up her throat considerably.

Sensing that she couldn’t handle anymore now, Azalok began the process of withdrawing his penis from her mouth. She had to stretch her jaw impossibly wide again as the corona scraped past her teeth and lips, but after that the rest slid free with a pop. Ropes of saliva mixed with his dark, salty-sweet essence hung between her lips and his cockhead. The spongy head of his tool glistened with fluid, and she admired how beautiful it was, shiny and angry and red. She flexed her sore jaw, still not believing that thing had fit inside.

Azalok growled wickedly, and before Jane could prepare, a third spurt erupted from him, smacking her directly in the face. It coated her glasses, forehead, and cheeks, and some even went up her nose and into her gaping mouth. She fell backwards onto the carpet from the force of the blast, and heard the demon laughing wickedly above her.

“That was rude!” she sputtered as she snorted cum from her nose.

“Yes,” he said with a shrug. “But, you know. Demon.”

Jane couldn’t help but laugh. The truth was, she loved it. Having her face cummed on was a forbidden kink of hers. It was so degrading that she hardly ever let guys do it, but a handful of times, usually in the throes of a brain-curdling orgasm, she’d asked her partner to spew his load all over her pretty face.

Her dorky glasses were thoroughly coated in dark demon essence now, so Jane removed them. She could see well enough without them — she wasn’t blind as a bat, just nearsighted. The rest of the bust on her face — at least as big as the entire loads which other men had put there — she began wiping off with her fingers. Once her fingers were thoroughly coated, she popped them into her mouth and sucked them clean, swallowing as much of the delicious cum as she could get.

“You ought to be feeling full by now,” remarked Azalok. “That was, what, one spurt in your mouth, then one in your vagina, then two more in your mouth? Plus the one on your face and on your belly.”

“Mmm,” she hummed in agreement, her lips busy with her fingers. She realized he was right about her feeling full. Her stomach was starting to feel heavy, like she’d just finished drinking a big smoothie. And moreover, very little of the load he’d put in her pussy had leaked out. It was so thick it stuck to her inner walls, and somehow it all seemed to be flowing towards her womb, where it oozed past her cervix.

“How much can demons cum, anyway?” asked Jane as she finished cleaning her face of his sweet treat. “That was six spurts already, and most guys I’ve been with max out at seven or eight. By the looks of those balls of yours, you aren’t nearly done.”

His sack was swollen even larger now, taking on the appearance of two ripe, red grapefruits. They were tight and heavy, quivering with the stupendous load they held. It looked uncomfortable, to be honest. Azalok must have had the same thought, as he gritted his teeth.

“Well, all demons are different,” he answered. His baritone voice sounded a bit strained as he said it. “For me, once I have decided to breed a woman, my testicles will continue to produce seed until I have completed conception. The process can take a while… your body is coming along faster than most, but I fear it will still be a while. To be honest, I am feeling somewhat… backed up.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” said Jane, frowning and pitching her voice higher, like she was talking to a baby. “Say… I have an idea that might help relieve some of that pressure. I may not be ready to hold your complete load yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you work off that tension. Besides, I’m curious to see what your entire nut looks like.”

Azalok raised his brows and gestured with one hand, as if to say, the floor is yours.

Jane clapped her hands with delight and hopped into her queen-sized bed. She laid on her side, facing the wall, and patted the bed behind her, inviting Azalok to curl up in a spooning position. She soon felt his heavy weight settling in behind her, and his turgid length pressed hotly into her back between them.

“Hand me that bottle of lube in the top drawer of the dresser,” said Jane. She always kept a bottle handy, and Azalok located it in short order. After passing it to Jane, she squirted a generous amount into her hands and rubbed it to warm it up. Then she spread her legs and used the lube to slick up the inside of her thighs.

“Okay,” she said. “Let’s do some demon frottage!”

Azalok made a sound of understanding, at last seeing her aim, and happily inserted his huge member into the gap between her thighs. Jane clamped her legs down tight around him, feeling his cock press up against her swollen, dripping vulva. He began to thrust immediately, growling in pleasure at the feeling of fucking her thighs. Jane looked down and marvelled at the sight of his bulbous cockhead thrusting out between her legs. It felt incredible as his shaft stimulated her in just the right way, parting her folds and sliding against her engorged clitoris. If she squinted her eyes, she could almost imagine it was her hellish cock emerging from her thighs. That thought turned her on even more.

“Yes, baby,” cooed Jane. “Oh, you’re going to make me come like that. But I want to see you come too. Let it all out. Show me your entire load. Fuck my thighs and then paint my wall with your cum.”

Azalok’s pace increased, as did the wet shlick shlick shlick sound his cock made sliding between her thighs, and the fleshy smack smack smack of his hips slamming into her ass. Jane was teetering on the edge, biting her lip to stave off the huge orgasm building in her core. She knew that Azalok could probably come anytime he wanted, given his insane control, so there was no need to wait for him. The pressure in her sex built and built, until she could hardly stand it.

“I know you’re close, baby,” she urged as his thrusts increased in intensity. “Do it for me. I’m close too. Let’s come together. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m coming!

She let herself go, yipping with pleasure as her body began to quiver. Her head tilted back into Azalok’s shoulder, tongue lolling out as her brain melted in orgasm. The demon behind her wrapped his arms around her, mauling her breasts, and bit her shoulder possessively. With a final wet slap that made her flesh ripple, her let go as well. She felt his balls flexing, felt the semen travelling up his cock, and felt it flex as it belched the first spurt of cum out. It hit her wall with a forceful splat, marring the soft powder-blue paint with thick, dark nut.

“Holy shit!” Jane grunted out through gritted teeth. There was so much load on her wall, and he’d only fired one shot! She was amazed that she’d swallowed that much, let alone three gulps of it. Even one shot looked like he’d thrown an entire smoothie against her wall.

He released his jaws from where they had dug with painful pleasure into the soft flesh of her shoulder, and growled as his straining tool bucked again between her thighs. It mashed into her clit as it did, sending her into new heights of pleasure. She felt another gout of sperm travel up his cock before it rocketed out, splattering the wall with a wet smack. She started to really lose control now, thrashing in his demonic clutches, her vision going blurry.

Azalok grabbed her hair forcefully and tilted her head to make her look at the wall.

“Watch,” he commanded, as he fired another shot at the wall, making three huge ropes of dark demon bust dripping down the powder-blue paint. “I’m going to put this inside you very soon.”

She felt in an orgasmic trance as she came endlessly on his girthy member which was wedged up tightly against her puffy vulva and sensitive clit. He fired a fourth shot, then a fifth, and each time she felt his nuts flex strongly into the backs of her legs. He put a hand on her stomach and rubbed it tenderly, and said into her ear in a low, husky growl, “Imagine all that going into your womb. Your belly will swell with my seed.”

Jane came even harder as she pictured it, her tongue lolling helplessly out of her mouth as she lost all control. Five, six, seven blasts of cum hit her wall, so much now that it was hard to see the blue paint behind all the dark, greasy nut. Eight, nine, ten, and now the wet spot on the wall was so thoroughly soaked that it was ricocheting off the wall and splashing back onto Jane. Eleven, twelve, and Jane was barely conscious, covered in little splashes of dark bust and grinding mindlessly on the supreme cock between her thighs.

With a last demonic bark and a heave of his strong cock, Azalok shot the thirteenth and final blast of his orgasm. When his balls at last unclenched, he released Jane’s small, still-quivering body, and slid his infernal cock from between her legs.

Jane heard Azalok say, “By Lucifer, I needed that! You know, you surprise me, Jane. I have never done something like that with a human before. It was… unique.”

The bed shifted as he climbed out and headed off to her bathroom to wash up. He left Jane lying there insensate, her brain fogged by orgasm, her body drenched in sweat, her stomach muscles sore from clenching as she climaxed. Her pussy was still throbbing weakly with the last vestiges of orgasm, but it gradually subsided, and she began to catch her breath.

She lay there for a minute just staring at her wall. It looked like an obscene piece of artwork, an abstract cum-painting in the medium of oily-black demon seed. It was extra thick and sticky, and most of it hung in place on the wall instead of dripping down.

As much as she had enjoyed seeing it, it was a shame to let it go to waste. Suddenly Jane had an idea. She climbed onto shaky legs and went to her kitchenette. Rummaging through the cabinets, Jane located her stash of reusable water bottles that she took to the gym with her. Grabbing up all the largest ones, and a large spoon, Jane returned to her bed. Placing the mouth of a 32-ounce bottle beneath the massive collection of nut, Jane used a spoon to begin scraping the sweet essence into the bottle.

The sound of her toilet flushing came from the bathroom, and then she heard the sound of her sink running as well. The door opened and then Azalok came out, whistling a soft tune to himself. His cock was soft again, and his balls had shrunk down to their usual size, which was still huge. When he saw what she was doing, he let out an amused chuckle and dropped into her computer chair to watch her work.

“Saving it for later, Jane?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” she replied. She’d filled one bottle now and was hard at work on the second. “It’d be a shame for such rich, tasty cum to go anywhere but in my belly.”

“You are very fortunate. I usually do not deposit so much of my seed outside of a living receptacle. Be sure you savor that.”

Before long she’d cleaned off the wall and filled four huge bottles with Azalok’s goopy seed. She fixed the stoppers so that they wouldn’t spill, and scampered back to the kitchenette to place them in the fridge so that they’d stay fresh for later. Then she licked her spoon thoroughly, making sure Azalok saw her tongue stretching lewdly from her mouth to capture every last drop.

“There is still some residue on the wall,” the naked demon pointed out. “Are you going to lick that off as well?”

“No,” she answered. “I’ll let that stay there and dry, so I can admire it. It’ll be a constant reminder of how hard I made you come.”

“How much you ‘made’ me come, eh? We shall see who makes who come.”

He stood up and beckoned her over to him. Jane slinked across the floor, swinging her hips sexily. Azalok’s well-muscled, hunky body looked incredibly sexy now that he’d gotten all flushed and sweaty, and she couldn’t wait to have him again. When she reached him he took her in his strong arms and lifted her off the ground. Jane squealed in surprise, but then she wrapped her legs around his solid torso for support and draped her hands behind his neck. He put one powerful hand under her soft bottom and the other behind her head. Jane was face-level with the demon now and gazed deep into his bottomless midnight-blue eyes, feeling she could become lost in them. A deep, hungry rumble rose from his chest to his lips, and then he bent his lips to hers, kissing her possessively. She melted into his kiss, letting him plunder her mouth with his tongue and bite her lips ravenously. When he broke the kiss at last she was breathless.

“What now?” she asked.

“Now,” Azalok replied, “I think the seed I put inside you earlier has had time to do its work. Your body should be much more flexible now and ready to receive me. I believe I shall warm up by making love to that pretty face of yours. And after that, I shall claim your womb.”

As he told her what he planned to do, she felt his hardening cock rise up and press against the bottom of her thighs and butt. Jane sighed and rubbed herself against it, praying that he was right, and that she could take him fully. She thought he was probably telling the truth — the heat in her womb and stomach from earlier had subsided, and she no longer felt that heavy fullness like she’d eaten a meal. Somehow, her body had absorbed the potent magic.

“And then you’ll impregnate me?” she whispered breathily.

“Absolutely,” he replied. “But there is something I should tell you: My demonic genetic material can only successfully quicken your human eggs if I inject you with a complete thirteen-part load. That means no pulling out halfway through. I will fill you so full of my seed that your stomach will need to expand to hold it all. Do you think you can handle that?”

Hanging there in Azalok’s arms, sitting astride his burgeoning hard-on, she pictured that huge load he’d sprayed on her wall. She imagined that abominable tool filling her womb with eight pounds of demon cum. Surely that can’t be possible,she thought. But then again, he is a demon. In spite of her doubts, the idea of taking that monstrous nut turned her on incredibly. Even though she’d come her brains out multiple times already that night, her loins were heating up again. Her quim was slicking up the top of his cock as she ground on it. She decided that no matter what happened, she wanted to let Azalok have his hellish way with her.

“I can handle it,” she replied. “Or I’ll die trying.”

“Very well,” said Azalok. “Let the final act begin.”

He carried her to her bed and she dropped out of his arms. While Azalok remained standing, Jane spun around and laid on her back, so that her head hung just over the edge of the bed. She was looking straight at the head of his cock, which had turned a dark, angry red and was weeping oily black seed. The long vein on top throbbed heavily with blood. Jane’s heartbeat quickened as she realized what was coming. She tilted her head back further and opened her jaw as wide as it would go, presenting a target for her demonic lover.

“Your human mouth and throat should be adapted to me by now,” remarked Azalok, “But even so, this may be… intense.”

He grabbed the sides of her head with both of his strong hands. She shuddered at how dominant he was being, feeling utterly a slave to his lusts. He pressed the tip of his cock between her soft, gaping lips and squirted a bit of pre into her hot little mouth. Jane purred with pleasure as she swallowed the delicious sea-salt and caramel essence. It felt warm as it rolled down her throat, and she felt its potent magic going to work immediately, enchanting her already-infused flesh further.

As he began to apply more pressure, Jane felt her lips stretch grotesquely wide. The flared corona of his penis reached her mouth and stalled out for a moment. Jane gave a grunt of frustration, and Azalok pulled back a bit before slamming his hips forward. This time, the spongy flesh of his cockhead squeezed past her lips, and his whole head was in her mouth once more. More and more scrumptious pre dribbled into her throat, and she swallowed it greedily.

This time, however, Azalok did not stop at her mouth. He pushed his cock further until it bumped the entrance of her throat. Jane felt a momentary panic, worried she would suffocate, but the magic he’d poured into her body had done its work. His cock battered her throat open, squeezed past her uvula, and rammed its way into her esophagus. She placed a hand on her neck and felt the enormous bulge his dick was making. Holy fucking shit, she thought. She would have said it out loud but her mouth was gagged and filled to the brim with man-meat.

Jane stared upside down at the demon above her, slowly fucking her face and feeding her his cock. He had a look of intense concentration, and she could see how turned on he was. Inch after inch pushed into her waiting mouth, precum squirting now straight down into her belly. A lewd, uncontrollably instinct overcame her, and she started flexing the muscles of her throat around him, as if trying to swallow.

“By the mighty walls of Dis, that feels incredible!” said Azalok. She could hear the strain in his deep, sexy voice as he struggled to control himself. “But… I will not… come… yet. Not even… a spurt. I am… saving it all… for your womb!”

It was as if he had issued her a challenge. Jane began flexing her throat faster, and used her hands to fondle her own body, writhing on the bed in the way she knew would drive him crazy. She frigged her pussy desperately and pinched a nipple with the other hand. She could see that her efforts were having their desired effect from the way Azalok’s stomach muscles tensed up.

“No!” he barked. “Infernal mortal! You… will… not… succeed!”

He slid his cock backwards, intending to unsheath it before he burst in her throat. But Jane had one last gambit to play. She stopped fondling herself and reached backwards, twisting her hands awkwardly so that she could grasp both of his enormous, roiling nuts. Then, ever so gently, she squeezed them, massaging and milking out their wonderful, copious bounty.

“FUCK!” Azalok shouted, losing control. The demon suddenly thrust forward with terrible power, hilting his hellish cock in her throat. His gigantic, pulsating balls slapped her forehead. She felt them flex, and then his cockhead, almost touching the opening of her stomach, fired a blast of scalding hot cum directly into her belly.

Jane started rubbing her clit furiously and in seconds she was joining Azalok in climax. The idea that she had coaxed that spurt from him, even when he was trying to hold back, was insanely hot. For a few moments, she was in control of this prime male specimen from hell’s umbral plains.

But that one spurt was all she got. Azalok yanked his cock free with a roar of frustration. As it popped wetly from between her splayed lips, it flung greasy black droplets across her messy face, one even splashing onto her tits.

“You bitch,” rumbled Azalok. His face had taken on a furious aspect, mouth twisting into a frown and midnight-blue eyes burning with rage. The demon had truly come out now. It was a terrifying countenance. In an instant, Jane went from orgasmic bliss to terror of the beast she had awoken. “I meant to save every spurt for your womb, as I have already wasted an excessive amount tonight. I shall make you pay for that.”

Jane was too weak from orgasm to resist even if she’d wanted to. Powerless, she limply allowed Azalok to manhandle her body. The demon grabbed her legs and spun her around so that now her ass was on the very edge of the bed. Holding her by the ankles, he lifted and pushed her legs up and back, bending her knees almost to her shoulders and lifting her ass off the bed. Jane was fairly flexible, but the strain of it started to burn. Still, she didn’t protest, knowing that any complaints would probably only incense him further.

Now she was spread lewdly on the bed, her puffy, drenched vulva gaping open to show her splayed, pink inner labia and the darker cuntflesh within. Azalok wasted no time in pressing the head of his cock up against her entrance. Her own wetness mingled with the saliva and cum coating his cockhead in slick. His cobalt eyes gleamed with predatory intent, and Jane was feeling a heady mixture of trepidation and excitement.

“Now you will feel what it is like to be fucked by a demon!” roared her lover.

Her soft, pliant folds yielded before the might of his hellish cock as Azalok pushed forward. His first thrust buried just the apple-shaped head of his cock inside her, but even that was quite a lot. Jane yipped as her vagina was instantly filled and stretched beyond belief. She arched her back and thrust her tits into the air, wriggling helplessly in the demon’s unbreakable grasp. Little squirts of pre-cum drizzled into her love tunnel, and at the angle he had her bent at, they rolled straight back towards her womb.

“Oh fuck!” she howled. “You’ll rip me apart!”

Azalok steadied his hips and thrust again, this time driving his demonic member even deeper into her hot, fleshy channel. She shrieked as several more inches disappeared. The outline of his cock was visible beneath her skin, and her labia were stretched into a tight ring around him. She could feel every pulse of his cock’s fat vein, as well as the ridge of his urethra on the underside.

“Nononono,” she wailed. “My pussy’s going to break!” But even as she protested, she felt a mind-numbing pleasure growing in her burning core, fueled by his magic-infused cum.

Unrelenting, the demon thrust again, growling with pleasure as his fleshy battering ram crashed into her cervix. Jane came hard and violently, the intensity of having her cervix stimulated almost too much to bear. But there was relief as well: she’d taken him fully, and now all that remained was to be inseminated by him.

Or so she thought.

As she quivered violently in his grasp, he levered her legs back even further, until her knees actually did touch her shoulders. No way, she thought, realizing dimly that being bent that way should have really fucking hurt. Then Azalok started moving his cock again, just tiny little thrusts, each time nudging the mouth of her womb. He was probing her cervix, coaxing the little os open. Jane gasped at the sensation and felt a droplet of precum shoot straight through the breach and splash into her womb.

“I told you I would claim your womb!” growled the demon.

“That’s impossible!” howled Jane, even as she felt it happening.

Azalok started thrusting harder against the gates of her uterus, and each time they opened a little bit further. Her womb reverberated with every impact. Gradually the demon broke down the walls of her innermost sanctum. First the spongy head and the slit on his tip got through the widening aperture, and poured a steady stream of oily pre into her womb. The magic suffused her core, molding it to his will. Soon her cervix relaxed even further, allowing all but the flared crown to breach her most sacred depths.

Then with a forceful thrust, and a howl of conquest, Azalok burst through her final barrier and penetrated her womb.

Jane’s mind exploded in pleasure. He was actually fucking her uterus, and the feeling of his spongy cockhead rubbing up against the soft, sensetive flesh of her core was too much to handle. Her tiny womb was wrapped around his cockhead and molded to its shape like rubber. She came like a bitch in heat, utterly submitting to the demon who had claimed her. Her head went back and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. Jane’s eyes glazed over. Her arms flailed wildly, and her legs would have too if not for Azalok’s titanium grip.

Yes!” he shouted in triumph. “You are mine, human!”

Struggling against the soul-searing orgasm, Jane managed to squeak out a few words.

“Do it!” she begged. “Impregnate me!”

“Not yet,” hissed Azalok. “I shall thoroughly ream you out first.”

He began fucking her through her orgasm in long, powerful thrusts. Pulling back almost all the way on the back stroke, he would then thrust forward from vulva to uterus, making his heavy balls slap against her ass like a spanking. Her organs felt like they were being rearranged, and with every hilting she could see the head of his cock pushing up a tent of flesh that was almost up between her breasts.

“Please!” Jane wailed against the exquisite torture. “Fill me with your seed!”

“No!” he refused. “Not until you are a whining, simpering mess, with all the sense fucked out of you. I shall breed you like a sow, then take my child from your unworthy flesh and never see you again.”

She must have really pissed him off if he was speaking so insulting to her. He’d been so polite before! A thought occurred to Jane, cutting through the orgasmic haze: what if there was a way she could still prove herself to him…

“Let me ride you!” she said.

“What?” asked Azalok, halting midthrust.

“Let me ride you,” she repeated. “Please. Lay back on your bed and let me service you… Master.”

Azalok paused, stunned into silence for a moment. Then he barked with laughter and unsheathed his cock. It felt like her guts were being pulled out, and when it came free it was glistening with her cunt juice. He released her legs and she gratefully stretched them out, sighing in relief. Azalok climbed into bed with her and lay on his back. His cock jutted proudly up into the air like a flagpole, swinging a bit each time it throbbed with blood.

“Very well,” he said. “Service me, wench. But I warn you: if I am not satisfied, you shall be punished.”

“Don’t worry,” cooed Jane sexily. “I’ll see to your every need.”

She had to stand up over him to accommodate his cock, which was difficult on her sore and shaky legs. Poising her already well-fucked cunt over him, she slowly lowered herself onto his rampant, hellish shaft. It parted her easily, and she sighed in pleasure at the feeling of being filled once again. She’d felt strangely empty without it. Jane sank down until she was kneeling, and as she sat back against Azalok’s thighs, feeling his weighty balls beneath her soft ass, his cockhead nestled once more into her uterus. There was a wicked bulge along her abdomen where his cock was straining her innards, but surprisingly there was no pain. In fact, Jane was starting to wonder how she had enjoyed sex with regular men before…

“There,” she sighed, caressing the bulge. She stroked his cock beneath her skin lovingly. “It’s like it belongs there. Feel it.” She took his strong hands and guided them to the bulge in her flesh that went past her belly button and nearly to her swollen tits. Azalok growled in approval as he felt himself through her smooth, flushed skin.

“Beautiful,” he agreed.

“Now just lay there and let me please you,” Jane said.

Bracing herself with her hands on her ankles, she leaned back slightly, causing his dick to press pleasurably at the front wall of her overstuffed pussy. Inspiration struck Jane, and she knew just what to do, as though instinct took over. She flexed her internal muscles, starting with the outer lips of her sex, then the muscles down near the entrance of her vagina, and then in turn all the muscles all the way up, finishing by somehow squeezing her uterus around his head. Azalok’s eyes shot wide open, as if he couldn’t believe what she’d done.

Inspired now, Jane repeated the sequence. It was like a ripple, beginning at the bottom of her sex and going all the way up to her womb. She didn’t know how she’d gotten such control over her muscles, but she figured it had something to do with all the ensorcelled cum her body had absorbed. It was tricky at first, but soon she’d gotten the hang of it and worked up to a rapid rhythm.

“By the fires of Mount Erebus!” roared Azalok. “How can a human have mastered this technique?”

“Your hellish cock inspired me, Master,” cried Jane. “I exist only to please you. Please fill my belly, Master. Imagine me swelling with your seed, falling heavily pregnant, creating new life. Let me bear your spawn!”

She flexed her muscles faster, milking him at a blistering pace. Jane could see his control slipping away. His cock trembled and swelled within her, preparing to deliver its payload. The grapefruit-sized balls beneath her ass tightened and boiled with cum. Jane’s ovaries were quivering, knowing they were soon to be injected with potent demon sperm.

“Now!” she pleaded. “Breed me!”

“Yes!” shouted Azalok, fully committing now. “Yes! Accept my seed! TAKE IT!

He grabbed her hips and thrust upward hard, lifting her off the bed. His balls flexed beneath her, and she felt sperm racing up his cock, swelling out its throat against her insides. The first spurt of his cum exploded with incredible force into her already-stuffed womb. It made an audible SPLORCH within her body. Jane’s uterus was forced to stretch to hold it, and she could see a growing bulge in her abdomen where his cockhead had belched its essence inside her.

A second shot followed, making Jane jump and shudder. She fell over the orgasmic cliff again as she watched the bulge expand to her belly. Impaled and coming hard, a third blast expanded her belly further, hiding the outline of Azalok’s cock completely. Jane looked three months pregnant now, with a growing weight inside her rapidly filling womb.

Four, five, six blasts went off inside her, and Jane’s orgasm reached new heights. Her belly sloshed with the pounds of bust it now held. Her tits swelled, nipples achingly hard. She ran her hands over her stomach, cradling its fecundity. She felt it ripple and vibrate each time Azalok’s cock bucked wildly inside her.

Seven, eight, nine bursts, and now Jane looked six months pregnant. Her tits began to leak a silvery, milky substance as the excess magic found an outlet. The liquid rolled down her sweaty, heaving chest and across her gravid tummy. Her orgasm was still increasing in strength, and she began convulsing as if possessed. Tears streamed from her eyes, and she screamed out with unbridled joy, no longer caring if her neighbors heard what was happening.

Ten, eleven, twelve bursts, Azalok’s cock making audible splorch sounds inside her. Jane now looked nine months pregnant, as if ready to pop at any moment. The pressure in her tits became too great, and the silvery substance sprayed out, drenching the demon laying below her. Her strength gave out and she collapsed forward onto Azalok, resting awkwardly on her inflated, squishy tummy.

At last, Azalok’s powerful nuts flexed one last time, his cock swelling inside her as the final rope, magical number thirteen, travelled down its length. His cock bucked forcefully, stirring the sea of cum in her massively over-inflated womb. She felt the last boiling spurt of seed fire off deep inside her. Jane’s eyes glazed over, and she was taken by a vision of the torrent of dark, demonic seed roiling inside her core, and her small ovaries being overwhelmed by it all. His spawn surged towards her eggs, and one tiny, demonic swimmer connected with a fertile, human egg. A tiny spark of life flared within her, and she knew, without a doubt, that she was now a mother.

She was so completely drained, utterly fucked out, and had no more strength left to move or even speak. Azalok laid her gently on her side and wiggled his penis inside her a few final times, squeezing out any excess droplets. He every so slowly and tenderly unsheathed himself, being sure to let her womb close gradually around the plug of his head so that none of the cum inside her could escape. When her cervix had closed up, he pulled his dick the rest of the way from her stretched vagina, and it popped wetly free. Despite his efforts, some of their mingled juices ran out of her abused love-tunnel and soaked into the covers of her bed.

The demon rolled her onto her side and tucked her under her covers. He curled up behind her, holding her possessively in his strong arms, his size comforting as he spooned her. Azalok kissed the back of your head with surprising affection.

“Rest now, Jane,” he whispered in her ear. “You did very well. Your body needs time to absorb my essence. When you awake I will be gone. But your wish is granted. You are a mother. I will return soon to check on my offspring. For now, sleep.”

She did.


Jane slept for twelve hours straight. She woke up to about fifteen text messages from Alahna, wondering why she hadn’t gone to her classes and asking if she was okay. Jane sent back a sleepy reply, saying she wasn’t feeling well. The truth was she felt super groggy, like she’d taken a bunch of sleeping pills. Slowly she climbed out of bed.

Memories came back in dribs and drabs, and suddenly Jane remembered the night before. It seemed like a dream… until she looked at her stomach and saw that it was still gently swollen and packed with cum. Placing a hand over it, she could swear she felt a little vibration of energy.

A spark of life.

Jane grinned from ear to ear. She’d done it! She’d actually found a way to get pregnant. Sure, it’d meant giving her body to a demon and signing away her unborn child to be raised by him, but that seemed a small price to pay. Her reproductive system was functional now, so she didn’t see any reason why she couldn’t get pregnant a second time, after her deal with Azalok was done.

But she was getting ahead of herself. The thought of being pregnant was incredibly hot, and she decided to record a video immediately for her fans. First she’d show off her swollen tummy, and then she’d masturbate for them to let them know how much being pregnant turned her on.

Jane limped over to her computer chair — her legs were still sore and aching — and flopped into it. She sighed and wiggled her mouse around, still feeling foggy. As her computer woke up, she realized the light from her webcam was on. Somehow she’d forgotten to turn it off after her recording session last night. Then a second realization hit her like a ton of bricks:

Her entire liaison with Azalok had been recorded.

With a gasp of excitement, Jane saved the video and restarted it from the beginning. She gaped with awe as she watched herself answering the door, letting the demon in, offering him a beer, watching him undress, and then…

Then, with a grin of satisfaction spreading across her face, she started fingering herself. All thoughts of making a new recording had drained from her mind: this video was just for her.



Thank you very much for reading! As I edited this, I realized it was pretty thin plot-wise and really just mostly sex — but hey, that’s not a bad thing, right? I do have more ideas for these characters, and I’d like to explore what carrying a demon baby will be like for Jane as well as what Azalok does when he’s not fucking cute college girls. But you’ll have to stay tuned for the next one to find out! In the meantime, let me know what you thought, I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. Take it easy, friendly readers.


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