I Love All Women



Mark is a self appointed stud dedicated to taking care of every woman he can. But, as time goes on, he finds that in the end, there is only one woman for him.

I guess that I should tell you something about me before I go any further. The one thing I absolutely love to do in this life is fuck. I live to fuck. I see a beautiful woman, hell for that matter, even a plain woman, I immediately want to be between her legs giving her my 7 inches of happiness. It may seem like I’m bragging, but, I’m damn good at giving a woman all the pleasure she can handle.

This brings me to what is going on right now. Earlier this evening, while at the gym, I met an absolute goddess. Her figure was perfect and her legs were long and muscular. She has six pack abs and a set of 34D boobs. She is a brunette and her hair falls half way down her back, when she lets it down. I immediately fell in lust as I watched her doing lunges.

I was working on the butterfly machine as I watched her. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The gym was almost empty, only us and a couple of other people. I was just finishing up my work out on the butterfly and watched as she walked toward me.

“Hi, my name is Pam Martin. I’ve been watching you work out and I can see that you know what you’re doing. I need to ask you for a little help….I need a spotter for bench presses….would you do that for me? If you want to press also, I can spot for you.”

She didn’t need to ask twice, I quickly agreed to help her.

“Hello to you too…I’m Mark, Mark Slade… I’m very pleased to meet you.” I said extending my hand out to her. “I would be glad to spot for you. As a matter of fact, I was going to ask you to spot for me…I guess you beat me to the punch.”

We went to a weight bench a few feet from us. She put about 70 pounds on the bar and lay down on the bench. I took my position at her head and she began. She was doing really well. Her breathing was perfect as she pressed the bar up then lowered it to her chest. I was having a great time watching her muscles move….to the point of causing my cock to begin to stir to a semi-erect stature.

She did ten sets then hung the bar on the rack. “Your turn,” she said to me, smiling.

I put about 140 pounds on the bar and lay down and began to pump. She was standing at my head, her legs spread. I could see the outline of her pussy lips pressing against the spandex shorts she wore….it was an absolutely beautiful sight. I continued till I finished 20 reps then hung the bar on the rack.

“Well, I think that’s enough for me tonight,” I said.

Pam smiled and said, “I think I’ve about hit my limit also…I don’t want to overwork myself and get really sore.”

I wiped the sweat off my face with a towel. “If you’re finished, would you like to stop off for a cup of coffee with me…I’d really love to get to know you better.”

She smiled, “I think I’d like that…I think I’d like to know more about you too.”

We put on our sweats, gathered our gear and left the gym. I told her that there was a small diner down the street that was really good. I frequently went there after working out to unwind. They have great coffee and a burger to die for.

“That sounds great,” she said, “let’s go.”

We talked as we walked down the street. She told me that she lived near here, close enough to walk to the gym. Her apartment building was only about a block from mine. I don’t know how I had never seen her around before. But, in the city, it really isn’t all that uncommon to have never run into someone.

We arrived at the diner and went in. There were only a few people there so it was rather quiet and intimate. We sat down in a booth as a waitress approached.

“Hi, my name is Julie, what can I do for you two this evening?” the waitress said.

I was a little hungry so I said to Pam,” I’m going to have a burger too, would you like something to eat?”

“Yeah, I could use something light…maybe a Caesar Salad and a cup of green tea,” she told the waitress.

“And I will have a bacon burger with cheese and fries….and I guess, coffee…black.”

The waitress left our table with our orders. I looked over at Pam and said, “I don’t think that I have ever seen you before, have you been going to the gym long?”

“Not really,” she replied, “I just started there about a week ago. I used to go to the gym over on Speer Blvd., but it was such a long way over there. I found Sarti’s and decided to move over here, it is much handier for me.”

“I’m glad you did, otherwise I might have never met you. I must say that you are a very attractive woman.”

She smiled and looked down at the table for a moment, slightly embarrassed at my compliment.

The waitress arrived with water and our drinks. “Your food will be out in a little while…if you need anything, just call me.”

“Thanks, I will,” I told her. She was a pleasant woman, about 30 with a good figure. As she walked away, I couldn’t help but notice that she had a really nice body. Mmmmmm, I thought, she might be good for a quickie one of these days when I don’t have anything going on. I turned my attention back to Pam. She had recovered from being embarrassed. I love her smile, it’s infectious.

“So what do you do for a living?” I asked.

“I work for a small investment firm over on 6th Street. I’m a financial analyst. I search for good investments and recommend them to our clients…..what do you do?”

“I’m an investigator for the DA’s office. I help local law enforcement with their cases and help the DA gather information on ongoing cases. It keeps me busy and I enjoy the work…there’s never a dull moment.”

“That’s interesting…but isn’t it dangerous?”

“It can be, but most of the time it’s pretty calm.”

We talked, getting better acquainted as the evening went on. Our food arrived, so we ate as we continued our conversation. She told me that she had broken up with some guy about a month ago and was seeing no one at the present time. I told her that I was seeing no one in particular either. She smiled as she sipped on her tea. The waitress cleared our dishes and refilled our drinks. Pam and I sat and talked for another hour or so and found that we had a lot in common.

We left the diner and started walking toward home. We would pass Pam’s building first. We talked as we walked along the street. We approached a bench at a park along the way and decided to sit and talk some more. At this point, I was very comfortable with Pam and I think that she felt the same way. After sitting and talking for a while, I saw my chance….I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips, paused and looked into her eyes, then kissed her deeply.

Pam responded by sliding her tongue into my mouth and pulling me very close. This kiss went on for, what seemed like, forever. I felt good sensations run through my body as we embraced. When the kiss ended, we still held each other and stared into each other’s eyes for a short while.

“Mark……….would you like to come up to my apartment and have something to drink….maybe talk some more, or……….?”

It didn’t take me long to reply with an enthusiastic, “YES…I’d love to.”

We got up off the bench and walked to her building. She buzzed in and we went up to the 3rd floor to her apartment. It was a very nice place, furnished in a modern motif….very neat and tidy. She turned on a light, and then went to the kitchen. “What would you like,” she asked.

In my mind, all I could think of was getting her into bed and I hoped that would come later. “I think I’ll have some tea, maybe a cup of green tea….that looked good earlier.”

I watched her as she retrieved two K-pods and popped one into the Keurig machine on her kitchen counter. As it began to brew, she walked over to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me deeply. Pam pressed her body close to mine and wrapped one leg around my leg. Again, the kiss went on and on and on. I could feel my cock begin to harden and I knew she could feel it pressing against her stomach. She smiled again as she released me and went to put the other K-pod into the Keurig.

All I could think was how totally hot she was. She brought the cup of tea to me and handed it to me. I followed her into her living room, where I sat down next to her on the couch. We just sat there sipping our tea and looking into each other’s eyes. I could see a look of desire in her eyes. I could see she had a longing that needed to be fulfilled. She sat her tea down and took mine from my hand. Pam turned to me again, and then kissed me again…a long and sensuous kiss. She stood up and took my hands….I stood also.

Pam smiled and turned, leading me from the living room to her bedroom. There was just a small night light in the room, but it put out enough light that I was able to see Pam. She removed her sweats and came to me again. Another kiss, her tongue was deep inside my mouth, toying with mine. She unzipped my sweatshirt and pulled it off my arms. I pushed my sweatpants down and stepped out of them. Our hands roamed over the other’s body freely.

I grasped her sports bra and pulled it up over her head, releasing her picturesque breasts. They were beautiful. I felt her tug at my t shirt and pull it up over my head. We kissed again….my hands ran over her bare back down to her shorts. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band and pulled them down. She raised her left leg and pulled it out…then followed with the right. In the dim light, I could see the body of a goddess.

Pam pulled my shorts down as she went down to her knees. She took hold of the base of my semi-hard manhood and licked the head. At this time I knew I was releasing a small amount of pre-cum. Pam took the head of my cock between her lips and started stroking it with one hand while she caressed my balls with the other. My cock became super hard in a matter of seconds. Pam then began taking me down her throat in long and slow strokes. The pleasure was indescribable. She could do things with her tongue that felt incredible.

In a short time, I was feeling the tinge of orgasm beginning down deep inside my balls. I think that Pam sensed it and pulled her mouth off of my rock hard cock. She looked up at me with a wanting look on her face.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth, Mark? I really want you to. I nodded my head and she swallowed my cock again. She began bobbing up and down on my hardness as she caressed my swelling balls. I could feel the rush of my hot seed speeding toward the end of my pulsing cock. I exploded inside her mouth, shooting jet after jet of hot cum. Pam was swallowing it as fast as I could expel it. When I finished, she milked my softening rod, sucking out every drop she could.

I took her by the shoulders and nudged her to her feet. I led her to the edge of the bed and kissed her, running my hands over her tits then down her body to her perfect ass. I gently pushed her down onto the bed. I just stood there admiring her perfect body for a few seconds. I could tell that Pam had worked diligently to have a beautiful, perfect body. There wasn’t a flaw anywhere. I leaned over her and kissed her on the lips, then started kissing her neck, then on down to her tits. I sucked in a hard nipple as I squeezed it…she quietly moaned as I lightly bit her nipple.

Her body had the scent of sweat and I could taste a hint of saltiness on my tongue as I moved it down over her stomach to her clean shaven pussy. I lightly ran my tongue over the outer lips of her love chamber. There was a hint of moistness, seeping from within her. I let my tongue probe between those luscious lips, tasted her sweetness and found her engorged clit. With my fingertips, I pulled those lips apart, exposing her pink flower, continuing to tease her clit with the tip of my tongue.

I could hear her moans of pleasure as I pulled her clit into my mouth, sucking on it gently. I felt a rush of warm fluid fill my mouth. It has a bittersweet taste, the taste that comes from deep inside a woman. I continued to pleasure Pam with my mouth and tongue, swallowing everything she gave to me. I felt her body shudder, her stomach and legs tightened, then, she screamed as pleasure overtook her whole body.

My cock had recovered and was standing tall, waiting to enter Pam and pleasure her again. Pam moved up into the center of the bed, her arms outstretched and her long legs spread. I moved up over her and kissed her as my cock pushed through the soft folds of skin and entered her warmth. I continued to slide my hardness deeper and deeper inside her till I felt it push against her cervix. My balls rested on her tight ass. The feel of her heart rapidly beating moved up through my hard cock into my body.

Her arms were wrapped around me, pulling me closer to her. Her hard nipples pressed into my chest and her breathing was heavy as I plunged my hard cock in and out of her tight cunt. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer as we moved together, both experiencing the extreme pleasure the other was giving. Sweat was pouring from each of us as we intently moved toward a mutual climax. We kissed as ecstasy overcame us both. Her body was tight and strained as I filled her belly with hot semen. I continued to fuck her, feeling our co-mingled juices run out around my cock and down the crack of her beautiful ass.

I continued to feel Pam’s body shudder as I moved in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. Her moans continued till her body went limp beneath me. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was beginning to relax.

From my experience, I knew that there was one more thing that would keep her coming back to me for more. I rose from her body and slowly moved my head down between her legs. I began to lick our co-mingled juices from her well fucked pussy, making her begin moaning again. I cleaned her from her pubic mound to the end of her ass crack, stopping to tease her sphincter muscle for a moment.

The instant I touched her anus with my tongue, she lifted up off the bed, pushing her ass to me. I lubed my finger with the juices still oozing from her pussy and pushed it slowly past her sphincter and inside her ass. I felt her body begin to shudder again as she held her ass up of the bed. I finger fucked her ass as I continued to lick her wet pussy, making her cum over and over again till she finally collapsed, exhausted, onto the bed.

I moved up and lay beside her, my hand lying on her taught stomach. Pam opened her eyes and pulled me to her lips. We kissed one of the most sensuous kisses I have ever experienced. When we separated, I rolled over onto my back and just lay there, savoring the pleasures I had just experienced. Pam rolled over and put her head on my chest and her leg over mine. We were both exhausted and dozed off to sleep.

When I awoke, the morning sun was streaming through her window. Pam’s body was still pressed up against mine. I moved my hand up and stroked her shining hair. I watched as she began to slowly awaken. Her head nuzzled into my chest as I continued to stroke her. When she opened her eyes, she saw me and smiled.

“Good morning.” She said.

“Good morning.” I replied.

She rose up onto her hands and knees and looked at me with a big grin on her face. Her eyes were shinning and her lips were moist. As she kissed me again, my hands moved up and stroked her tight breasts. They were so firm and succulent. Pam got off the bed and stood beside it with her hands extended to me.

“How about a shower,” she said, “I know I can use one and I’d love your company.”

I took her hand and followed her into the bathroom. We showered together, cleaning each other completely. Our passions arose again. She leaned back against the wall of the shower, raised one leg and I entered her. Again we both experienced an explosive orgasm.

When we had finished the shower and dried off, Pam looked at me and said, “Mark, last night was wonderful. I really like you and I hope that you will want to see me again.”

“Pam, there is no doubt that I want to see you again, matter of fact, how about tonight. It’s Friday. We can have dinner and see a movie or go dancing, whatever you would like to do.”

“I’d like that.” She said.

I put my sweats on, grabbed my gym bag and went to the door, Pam following.

I looked at her and said, “I’ll come by about 7, I know a nice little Italian restaurant over on Pike Ave that’s really quiet and the food is fantastic.”

“I’ll be waiting,” she said as I kissed her.

I went to my apartment and changed clothes. I put on a suit, grabbed my briefcase and headed off to work. I was in the middle of a very important murder case of which I was the lead investigator. It’s alleged that a man, Gerald Parker, came home early one afternoon from work and found his wife, Marie, up against the wall, impaled on another man’s cock. It’s alleged that Mr. Parker shot both of them, nailing them to the wall, with six arrows from his compound bow. The problem with the case is there are no witnesses that can put Mr. Parker in the house at the time of death. To complicate things, there are 8 witnesses that place Mr. Parker in a bar 2 miles away at the time. All the witnesses, including the owner of the bar, are close friends of his.

I know they are all lying, so I am trying to break just one of them and get to the truth about it and break his alibi. I’ve been working on this for about three weeks and having no luck. The DA is relying on me to open the case up and I’m going to do my damnedest to do it.

As I walk into the office, Julie, the DA’s secretary said to me, “Mark, she wants to see you, asap.”

“Ok, I’ll put my briefcase away and go in….thanks.”

I went to my office and put my briefcase on my desk then proceeded to the DA’s office. I guess I forgot to tell you that the District Attorney here is a woman, and I might say, a very intelligent, shrewd and beautiful woman. She and I have been seeing each other, on the sly, for over 6 years. She is married and has two kids.

We got to know each other when she was an assistant DA. At that time she wasn’t real happy in her marriage. Her husband, Mike, had been fucking his secretary for some time when she found out. After that we had sex on several occasions, you might say it was “get even” sex for her, but to make a long story short, they eventually worked out their problems and got back together. However, Marian decided to keep our relationship going, kind of a “no strings attached” relationship. Believe me, that woman can suck your balls out the end of your dick, and then blow them back in place.

“Good morning Marian, Julie said you want to see me?”

“Yes I do.” she said smiling, “I need to know where you’re at on the Parker case. We have a hearing coming up in two weeks and if we don’t come up with something, the Judge will throw the case out….and I don’t want that guilty son of a bitch walking.”

“I’ve been working on one of his friends, Jim Loving. I believe he is the weak link and is getting close to opening up. I just wish I had something to bargain with…I think it would push him over the edge. I’ve been checking back into his past to see if I can find anything I can use on him. If it’s there, I’ll find it.”

Marian rose from her chair and walked around the desk to where I sat. “Want to get together sometime this weekend. Mike is going to a golf tournament in Kansas, the kids will be going camping with their friends, which leaves little old me all alone and horny. What do you say?”

“I think I’d like that, Marian….how about Saturday night at my place. I’ll grill a couple of steaks, get out a good bottle of wine and take a little blue pill. The night will be fabulous.”

“I know it will, you have never left me disappointed Mark. I think you are probably the best lover in the state, maybe even the world. It makes my knees weak just thinking about what you do to me.”

I grinned as I got up and started for the door.

“Hey,” she said, “you’re not going to walk away without kissing me are you?”

I turned around with a sheepish grin on my face and walked back to her. I put my arms around her and kissed her, long and slow. She grabbed a handful of my cock and balls and squeezed. “I’m going to suck you good on Saturday, Mark….I hope you’re ready.”

I walked toward the door saying, “I’ll be ready, believe me, I’ll be ready.”

I walked past Julie and on to my office. I had to break this case, it was driving me crazy. When I got to my office, the phone was ringing. It was a private investigator that I used. He was one of the “good ones”, a guy that wasn’t like the sleazy PI’s that peep through bedroom windows.

“Good morning Mark, I think I have something on Loving that you can use for leverage. Yesterday, I was talking to an acquaintance of his. The guy really isn’t a fan of Loving. He told me that Loving was fucking this good looking black woman about 3 years ago. He knocked her up and she had the kid. He has been taking care of her ever since….and his wife knows nothing about it. You know, she has all the money. Loving didn’t have a pot to piss in when they got married and if she were to divorce him, he wouldn’t have a penny to his name. I think this might be the break you’re looking for.”

“Will, did you check this story out? Is it for real?”

“Mark, I have located the woman and the kid. They live in a really nice house just outside of town. The kid is almost white and his mama is a real looker. The house is titled to a corporation that Loving is the President and CEO of. I checked the business bank account and found out that the business has been writing checks to her….$1500 a week…..as a secretary. Mark, she doesn’t work anywhere, she is always at home or doing something with her son. You know Gil Sims, over at Mountain Motors? Well he told me that he sold a car to Loving about three years ago. I got a de***ion of the car and it’s the one that this chick is driving. I think it’s open and shut Mark.”

“Well, I guess that I need to have a little talk with Loving today. I have a feeling he is going to be very cooperative by the time I finish telling him this story. Plus, I’ll give him immunity to prosecution as the other “witnesses” will be charged with accessory to murder, after the fact. Thank you Will, you’ve done a great job…send me your bill, this is worth every penny.”

After we hung up, I called Loving and told him I’d like to talk with him again. I could tell he was nervous, but he agreed to meet me at a restaurant downtown. The place I chose was a really nice place. It had little booths that gave you a lot of privacy. I often took dates there because unless you walked directly by the booth, you never knew who was in there. It was very quiet and dark. When I arrived, Loving was already there, nervously waiting.

“Hi Jim, glad you could make it.” I said as I sat down.

“No problem Mark, what do you have on your mind?”

“Well Jim, it seems that you have a little secret that I sure wouldn’t like to see go public. I know you have a really good reputation in this town and I’d hate to see that go down the tubes.”

“What are you talking about Mark, I don’t have any secrets.”

His nervousness amplified. He was beginning to sweat and his voice was slightly breaking. “Well Jim, this is about a woman, Missy Franklin is her name, I believe. It seems you were fucking her on a regular basis a few years ago and knocked her up and she had your kid. It seems that your corporation pays her about 1500 bucks a week and she lives in a house your corporation owns, rent free. You also bought her the car she drives around. Do I need to go on Jim?”

“What are you trying to do to me Mark, if something like this got out it would ruin me….true or not.”

“Oh, it’s true Jim and you know it. What I need is you to fess up about this deal with Parker. I know he wasn’t in that bar with all of you. I need you to turn state’s evidence and tell the truth about what went on. In return, I will forget everything I know about Ms. Franklin….your wife would never find out anything from me. Once I prove that Parker is guilty, and I will eventually prove that, even without your cooperation. All of the witnesses in that bar will be charged with accessory to murder, after the fact. Of course, if you cooperate with me, I’ll see to it you are given immunity to prosecution. What’s it to be Jim?”

“Damn Mark, you’re putting me in a tight place, when I testify all those guys will come down on me…I don’t know what to do.”

“Well if you don’t help me, I’ll see to it your wife finds out about Ms. Franklin and her kid…..then you’ll be broke and go to prison. I really don’t see that you have a choice here Jim….do you?”

After thinking about it and assessing the situation, Loving decided to cooperate with me. I made him write a statement about what he knew, the fact that Parker wasn’t in the bar at the time of the murder and that Parker had come into the bar that afternoon, nervous and scared. He had told all of them what had happened and they all felt sorry for him because his wife was cheating on him, so they decided to give him an alibi.

I told Loving to go home and not talk to anyone about our meeting, to which he agreed. I took his statement and went back to the office. I typed a report and made out applications for warrants for the “witnesses”. Then I went to Marian’s office and put the paper work in front of her. As she read through it, a big smile came on her face. She was reading Loving’s statement.

“Well I’ll be damned, you did it Mark, you broke the case. Damn, this is the best news I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll take these applications over to Judge Jarvies and get them signed….damn that’s good work Mark. This is going to make Saturday even better.”

She came over to me, put her arms around me and kissed me. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you Mark….good work.”

“When you get the warrants signed, let me know and I’ll go execute them,” I told her.

“Ok, it will probably be about an hour. In the mean time, you need to arrange for some backup from the PD. These guys are all pretty tame, but you never know what a man is capable of till you corner him.”

I was feeling really proud of myself as I went back to my office. I called the PD and arranged for backup then finished up some paperwork and waited for Marian to return with the warrants. After a while she came in with the warrants for everyone except Loving. I went over to the PD and notified them I was ready to go execute the arrest warrants.

Things went really smoothly, the arrests were made without incident. The last warrant was for Allan Harding. He is an investment banker that works for a firm over on 6th Street. As I looked at the warrant, I realized that Pam worked for this firm. I hoped that this wouldn’t screw up our relationship.

We arrived at 2016 6th street and went in. I asked the receptionist where to find Allan Harding. She motioned down the hall and told us that his office was the last one on the right. As the officers and I walked down the hall, I saw Pam in one of the offices and she saw me. As we continued to Harding’s office, she came to the door and watched, not knowing what was happening.

I walked into Harding’s office. He recognized me as I entered. “Well, well, what can I do for the District Attorney’s office this time? Is there some poor innocent guy that you need to prosecute and need a witness for?” he laughed.

“You might say that…..you’re under arrest Harding, for accessory to murder, after the fact. Officers, cuff him and take him.”

Harding was noticeably upset. He was yelling something about who was the squealer. I ignored him as the officers escorted him down the hall. Pam was still standing in her door as I approached.

“So this is what you do for a living Mark,” she laughed, “you really didn’t have to demonstrate, I did believe you.”

I stepped inside her office. “I hope I didn’t upset you by arresting one of your co-workers. I really had no choice.”

“No, I’m not upset at all…he’s a total asshole. He is always hitting on me… once I was here working after hours and if the owner hadn’t came back to the office, I think he would have raped me. What did he do?”

“He and seven of his buddies lied about the whereabouts of a friend who had killed his wife and her lover. He’s going away for a long time.”

“Good,” she said, “are we still on for tonight, I’m really looking forward to it.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I can’t wait either.”

We said “so long” and I left the office. All of the “witnesses” were in custody and would be having their preliminary hearing Monday morning. The Judge had been informed about the new witness and the case was almost closed. I went back to my office and got a standing ovation when I walked in. Marian had informed everyone in the office of what I had done. It was what everyone had been looking for since the “witnesses” had come forward.

Marian came to my office and told me to take the rest of the day off, I had earned it. I didn’t refuse.

I whispered to her before she left my office, “Thanks…..I’ll see you tomorrow……about 5?”

“I’ll be there,” she said.

I left the office and went home. All I could think of is Pam, the goddess that I would make love to later tonight. My cock was hard, just thinking about her. The next two days were going to be busy….I hoped I could handle it…both of these women were extraordinary lovers. I’ll brag a little again, I can handle both of them. Matter of fact, both will be so tired, when I finish with them, they won’t want to fuck again for two or three days.

I showered and changed my clothes… I’m ready for my date. I’m off, going to Pam’s apartment to pick her up. My thoughts go back to last night and the visions of Pam with and without clothing. I must say, I prefer her stark-ass naked…she is absolutely flawless. As I pull up in front of her apartment building, the door man approaches and opens my door for me.

“Good evening sir, may I have you announced?” he asked.

“Yes, please….I’m here to pick up Pam Allison.”

“Certainly sir, I’ll accompany you to the elevators.” he said, then phoned Pam’s apartment and announced me.

He opened the elevator doors and pressed the button for the 6th floor. “Have a good evening sir, Ms. Allison is expecting you.” The door closed and up I went. This is some apartment complex, very secure.

When I got to the 6th floor, the door opened ad there stood Pam. I had barely said hi when she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a very intimate kiss. I’m not complaining, mind you, it was great.

“I’m so happy to see you. I just couldn’t wait to be with you.” she told me. “Come on in, I’m almost ready.”

I stepped into her apartment and sat down on a chair in the entry hall. Looking around the apartment, visions of the events of last night flashed through my head. I was thinking about Pam, I couldn’t wait till I got her back here later….it was going to be a great evening.

In a few minutes, Pam and I left her apartment and went on our way. The doorman opened the front door and escorted us to my car. “You two have a good evening,” he said to us as he closed the car door.

I drove to the restaurant and stopped out front. The valet came and opened Pam’s door as I walked around. He gave me a claim ticket and Pam and I went inside.

I told the hostess, “I have a reservation for Mark Jennings.”

“Yes, Mr. Jennings, a table for two on the patio. Mary Ann will show you to your table….have a good evening.”

Mary Ann showed us to our table and asked if we would like cocktails. I ordered a gin and tonic and Pam asked for a vodka tonic with a twist. I could do nothing but sit there and admire her.

“Is something the matter Mark? Do you see something I can’t?”

“No, no, no….. I’m just thinking how beautiful you are. You look exquisite this evening. I know I’m the envy of every man in here.”

Pam blushed. “You’re embarrassing me Mark but, but thank you.”

Our drinks arrived along with the menus. We talked and laughed as we looked over the bill of fare. After a while, Mary Ann came to take our orders. After ordering, we continued our conversation. Mainly, we talked about our pasts, trying to learn more about each other. I learned that Pam grew up in Texas in a small town. That explained the slight accent I detected.

The meal arrived along with a nice bottle of Chateaunuf du Pape, the perfect compliment for our meal. The meal was fantastic, as usual. Pam and I continued our conversation as we ate. There was a violin player that roamed among the patrons playing slow and soft music. The atmosphere was perfect and I could tell that Pam was having a good time, as was I.

After we finished dinner, we shared a bowl of spumoni and then ordered Courvoisier. As we sipped our brandy, our conversation turned to the events of the previous evening.

“Mark, I have to say, I had a wonderful time last night. I have never had a man that was so concerned with my pleasure. It was something I have never experienced at any time in my life….thank you. Plus, you are such a hunk.” She started giggling.

“A hunk?” I repeated laughing.

Pam sipped her brandy and grinned. I could tell this was going to be a memorable night. I think we both realized just how much we have in common. When we finished our brandy we decided to go back to her place, rather than go out dancing. We both wanted the intimacy we knew was waiting for us.

In the elevator at her building, we held each other close and felt the passion that was building within us. We quickly went into her apartment, Pam leading me by the hand to her bedroom. She turned to me smiling. A dim lamp illuminated the room and I watched as she slowly removed each piece of her clothing and dropped it to the floor, never breaking eye contact with me.

Her body was magnificent. I can’t remember any woman I’ve been with that had a body as perfect as Pam’s. I removed my clothing as I watched her. When she was totally naked, she pulled the top covers completely off the bed and lay down on it, extending her arms out to me. I crawled onto the bed till I was above her on my hands and knees. I kissed her…her arms wrapped around me and pulled me down on top of her. My cock was poised just outside of her well lubricated pussy. I could feel her wetness as she pushed her ass toward me, impaling her body on my hard rod. I could feel her extreme warmth wrap around my hard penis as I began to piston it in and out of her beautiful body.

We continued to stare deep into each other’s eyes as we slowly fucked. Her hands were gripping my ass, pulling and pushing me as my cock explored her depths and experienced the hidden pleasures that her velvet orifice lavished upon my body. I could feel sweat forming between us. I could feel her erect nipples pressing into my chest. I could hear faint moans coming from deep within her body.

She wrapped her long muscular legs around me, pulling me closer. Her eyes closed, her breathing stopped and I felt the muscles of her hot vagina contract and hold my throbbing cock deep inside her. Her back arched and I heard her whisper, “Oh my God Mark, I’m cumming…I’m cumming…I’m cumming…I’mmmmmm cummmmmmmming…..ahhhhh.”

My cock began to inject hot, sperm laden semen into Pam’s belly. She continued to hold me close to her with her legs, moving ever so slowly as I continued to fill her vaginal cavity with my fertile seed.

Her arms were wrapped around me, holding me close as she whispered in my ear, “Ohhhh myyyy Mark, I can feel your hot cum spewing inside me…it feels so good…Mark…………………..I’m in love with you Mark….I love you!”

Those words shocked me, but at the same time excited me more. I held Pam tightly while our orgasms subsided. Cum was slowly leaking from her as my cock began to soften slightly. Our bodies were exhausted. I continued to lie on top of Pam while my body recovered. I felt my cock slip out of her making a wet, sloshing sound. Her legs relaxed and her arms fell to the bed, limp. I rose up on my knees and looked at Pam laying there totally spent. I could see a small trickle of cum running out of her pussy and down her ass making a large wet spot on the bed. I got off of the bed and pulled the covers back up to cover us. I moved close to her and drifted off to sleep, whispering, “I’m falling in love with you too Pam.”

I was the first to awaken the next morning. We were both in the same positions as when we went to sleep. I just layed there and looked at Pam, sleeping so peacefully. Was I, indeed, falling in love with this beautiful woman? Can I have these feelings so soon after meeting her? Questions, questions and more questions kept popping into my mind as I lay there. I know that I have never felt this way about anyone in my life. My life has been seeing how many women I could take to bed. I don’t know what to think right now.

I eased out from under the covers, grabbed my underwear from the floor and put them on. Coffee…..the exixir that heals everything. I went to the kitchen and found the coffee maker and everything I would need to brew a pot. As the coffee brewed, I sat at the table, staring out the balcony door and thinking about what Pam had said to me last night before she drifted off to sleep and what I had whispered to her.

Aaah, the coffee smells great as I pour myself a cup. I hear movement in the next room. When I turn, I see Pam standing in the doorway, wrapped in a bed sheet and smiling at me.

“Good morning,” she said.

“And good morning to you too, Pam.”

She walked over to me and kissed me then said, “I smelled the coffee, I really need a cup.”

I poured her a cup as she sat down at the table. The sheet opened slightly, just enough to see the curves of her succulent breasts. We drank our coffee and talked. I couldn’t help but admire her tits while we sat there talking.

Pam was grinning from ear to ear as she watched me look at her breasts as we talked. She stopped talking, lifted two fingers up to her eyes and said, “Up here boy….while we talk look at my eyes, not my tits.”

Initially, it shocked me. Pam started laughing when she saw the look on my face. In a short time, we were both laughing hard.

I sat my coffee down on the table and went around to where she was seated. I took her by the hand and lifted her up from her chair. The sheet fell to the floor as we kissed. We had fantastic sex right there on the kitchen table, after which, we showered and I went home. We neither talked about the elephant in the room, even though I felt she wanted to say something. I think that is a subject that we will have to address in the near future.

As I went home I began to think about the upcoming evening with Marian. The good thing about Marian and I is that we are just fuck buddies…there’s nothing more. We get together once in a while and fuck each other’s brains out, then we fuck each other’s brains back in…..strictly a pleasure thing.

I am really beginning to like Pam a lot and I don’t want to fuck the deal up. I’ll probably have to talk to Marian about it and take a time out while I see if this thing with Pam is the real thing or not.

As I get back to my apartment, my phone rings. The ID says it’s Pam. “Hi beautiful, what’s up?”

“Well, after you left, I realized we hadn’t made any plans for tonight. Are we going out or are we staying in?” she asked.

“I’m sorry Pam. I forgot to tell you I have to work tonight. We are tailing a suspect in a case and I need to be there. Hopefully, I can get done before the whole night is gone.”

“That’s all right, we’ve been going at it really hot and heavy…I could use a quiet night. When you get finished, please come by…I really want to see you…”

“I’ll do that Pam, hopefully I can get finished up by 10:00 or so…I’ll let you know if it’s going to be really late.”

I don’t like to lie, but there are instances when the truth just shouldn’t be told…and tonight qualifies as one of those instances. I need to stop at the market and get some steaks and wine for tonight.

At 5 pm the steaks were on the grill, the wine was chilled and I had taken a little blue pill in anticipation of having a lot of sex tonight. I was making myself my 2nd gin and tonic when the door bell rang. Must be Marian I thought to myself. I answered the door and sure enough, my gorgeous boss was standing there. Tight jeans, boots and a low cut top that left little to the imagination.

“Come on in,” I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her,” you’re right on time. Can I fix you something to drink?”

As she grasped my semi-hard cock she said, “I’ll just have a glass of wine and this please.”

I shut the door and kissed her again. Marian was certainly in the mood for sex. She was unbuttoning my jeans as she kissed me again, this time with a lot of tongue. I knew this was going to be a great evening. It didn’t take Marian long to have my jeans around my ankles and my cock down her throat. In a matter of minutes she was receiving her reward for being the good little cock sucker she was. I spewed three long ropes of semen down her throat and into her belly.

She stood up wiping the remnants of cum from her lips and said, “Now that I have that out of the way, what’s the main course tonight?”

“I smiled as I pulled my jeans up, “Steaks, baked potato, broccoli, a nice red and as much cock as you want.”

Marian laughed. “I’m starved, that appetizer wasn’t really enough to stop my hunger pains, so let’s eat.”

Marian and I had a nice dinner. We talked about the case at hand and a couple more minor cases that were on the docket. After dinner we cleaned the kitchen and went to the bedroom. Marian was naked by the time she got to the door. “I’ve been waiting for this all day Mark, make me feel good.”

She grasped the covers on the bed and pulled them off then lay down in the middle. I got my clothes off as fast as I could then buried my face in her sweet pussy. It didn’t take long for Marian to cum on my face as she reached a huge orgasm. I continued to work her pussy over with my tongue. I think she orgasmed three times by the time I pushed my cock into her tight cunt. I began to fuck her hard, slaming my cock into her hot box and listening to her groan. Marian was delirious with pleasure. She was shaking her head back and forth as she lunged her pussy up to meet my thrust. One thing that Marian likes is rough sex…the harder the better. I could feel my balls getting ready to deliver a hot load of cum deep inside Marian. I knew she was cumming again, so I picked up the pace somewhat and slammed my cock into her depths as I blasted spurt after spurt of cum inside her vagina.

Fucking Marian can be a marathon type event and I could tell that this was going to be one of those nights. I collapsed on top of her, breathing like I had just ran the mile in record time. We were both sweating profusely and I could feel cum oozing from her well fucked hole as I lay there. Marian was laying there breathing heavily also, totally sated. I rolled off of her and lay there beside her, enjoying the vision of a beautiful fucked woman laying there next to me.

I rolled Marian over onto her stomach and lubed my fingers with the cum flowing from her gaping pussy. I lubed her ass and mounted her again, this time pushing my cock deep into her bowels. Marian moaned as I began to thrust into her. Her ass was so tight and felt so good wrapped around my 7 inches of meat. I began to thrust hard, hearing a slapping sound each time I plunged into her depths. The Viagra was doing it’s job, my cock was rock hard. In a short while, I pumped another load of cum inside Marian. She was just laying there moaning incoherently as I used her. I could hear her mumbling, “Soooo goood…soooo fuckin’ good….I like the way you fuck me…..sooooo gooood.”

I got off of Marian and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned, Marian hadn’t moved. I could see my thick cum oozing from her holes and the sweat on her back, glistening in the low light. She was spent and from experience with her, I knew she wouldn’t be up and around for a little while. I went to the kitchen to fix myself a drink and relax till Marian came around and wanted round two. I took another blue pill and smiled.

About an hour later, I was sitting out on the patio enjoying the evening when I heard Marian stirring. I saw her coming from my bedroom with a towel wrapped around her body. She was smiling and had a mischevious look in her eyes as she approached me.

“You fucker, you did it to me again…fucked me senseless. I sure wish Mike could fuck me the way you do. Of course, he doesn’t have the equipment you have to get the job done. Will you make me a drink?”

“Sure thing Marian, what would you like?”

“Vodka tonic with a twist please, and another good fucking.” she smiled as I went inside to mix her drink.

When I returned to the patio, she had dropped the towel and was sitting there totally nude. Marian is quite a looker. She is about 40 and has a fantastic body. Nice 36C tits and an hour glass figure. She has a full bush around her pussy, which I could live without, and a great tan…long auburn hair and green eyes.

I handed her the drink and sat down beside her. “You’re a beautiful woman Marian, I never get tired of having sex with you. You know how to treat a man. I guess I’ll never understand why Mike fucked around on you. You’re everything a man could want….and more.”

“Thank you Mark, but some men are never happy with what they have. They always have to be looking over the fence. That’s Mike. If it wasn’t such a big job and wouldn’t get so much media attention, I think I’d divorce him. He hasn’t given me an orgasm in over a year. He just doesn’t have it. At least I have you to give me great sex once in a while.”

“Marian, I’m glad we’re such good friends. I do love sex with you and I know I always will. There is one thing I must talk to you about and I need to do it now,” I said to her.

“Well, go ahead Mark, you know you don’t have to be nervous around me…just spit it out.”

“Marian, I met a girl. So far we’ve really hit it off well and I think that there might be something there for both of us. I know we don’t get together a lot, but I need you to know that I may not be available to you as much as I have in the past. If there is something there, I don’t want to fuck it up…you know what I mean.”

“Yes I do Mark….and I want you to know that I don’t want to be the cause of it getting fucked up. I know how hard it is to find happiness and if this girl is the one, then I’m all for it and won’t cause you any problems. The relationship we have is just one of pleasure and I fully understand that. If you are unable to be with me on a given night, just tell me straight out…please don’t lie to me and spoil what we have. If things work out with this girl, are you going to continue to satisfy me from time to time?”

“Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, Marian,” I said.

Marian looked at me smiling and said, “Deal…..now, let’s get back to some serious fucking, I’m still horny and I want you bad….I still have orgasms to have before sunrise!”

And that’s what we did. We fucked a lot before sunrise. I don’t know how many orgasms Marian had but I lost count at around 15. My cock was sore and I didn’t cum but 4 times by sunrise. The little blue pill was keeping me hard, but it didn’t manufacture orgasms or jizz. I was relieved when Marian told me she had to get up and put herself together so she could home and be there when Mike arrived.

I had breakfast ready for us when she finished in the bathroom. We talked and she reassured me that she was happy for me and my girl. After breakfast I walked her to the door.

“I’ll see you on Monday, Marian. It was a great night.”

“Yes it was Mark. You always make me feel like a woman should feel…thanks!”

I closed the door and decided to call Pam and make some lame excuse for not showing up at her apartment last night. Hopefully she wasn’t too upset with me for not being there.

“Good morning beautiful, I hope I didn’t wake you,” I said trying to be cheerful.

“Hi Mark, no I’ve been awake for a while. I missed you last night. I kept hoping you would show up…even when it got late.”

“It was a long night, Pam. I only got home an hour ago. I’m sorry I didn’t even call last night, but I couldn’t get free long enough….I’m sorry.”

“I understand…in your profession it’s not like you are on a schedule. You will just have to make it up to me and I know you will figure out a way to do it……….”

As she talked, I was thinking to myself that I hoped that this would be the only time I would ever lie to her. I have feelings for her like I have never had for a woman before. I don’t know how to explain it.

“Well my dear, I know this little sidewalk cafe’ out in Morrison that has the best home style food in the Metro area. We can have a late lunch or early dinner and talk some more. It’s not a rushed environment so we can take all the time there we want….what do you say?”

“I’d love to Mark. I just want to spend time with you.”

“I’ll pick you up about 2 then….if that’s ok.”

“See you then love…bye.”

I wanted to be somewhere in public with her today as my cock was feeling the wear and tare from last night. If I have to perform, I believe I can, but one thing I’m sure of is that it will hurt.

We had a long lunch and talked about life and our hopes and dreams. Pam had ambitions of owning her own investment firm someday. She was still taking some classes to further her education in the field. We had a wonderful day together.

When we arrived at her apartment, she smiled and said, “Mark, I’m really tired. Tomorrow is Monday and it’s going to be a hectic day for me…do you mind if we don’t make love tonight, I really need the rest?”

I felt relieved that I wouldn’t have to use my sore cock tonight and said, “Sure….you know, we don’t have to have sex every time we’re together. I just enjoy being with you.”

“I’m glad you feel this way Mark, it tells me that you’re not in this just for the sex.”

I kissed her good night and watched as she went into her apartment building. When she was safely inside, I drove to my apartment and crashed. I was a lot more worn out than I had realized.

Monday morning came and it was back to work. As I entered the office, Marian was standing at her secretary’s desk looking at a file she held. “Good morning Mark…I’ve got something here for you to look into. Come into my office and we can go over it together. Candice can make you a copy when we’re through.

I smiled as I followed Marian into her office. She closed the door, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me then said, “You really did me good this weekend. I was worn out all day yesterday.” She smiled, kissed me again.

“Now, down to business. I just got this case this morning from Captain Ryan over at Metro. It involves one of his detectives and the victim of a burglary…a Miss Joanna Larimer. It seems that while working on her case the detective in question developed a sexual relationship with Miss Larimer and now she is saying he forced himself on her. I need you to look into this and see if any charges are warranted. Captain Ryan wants us to investigate so there will be no allegations of inpropriority. I need this to be discreet and fast.”

“Copy that boss. I’ll get right on it.”

I left Marian’s office and went to mine and put my briefcase on my desk. After a while, Candice, Marian’s secretary, came in and brought me the file she had copied. As she handed it to me she leaned around me and kissed me. “Good morning Sir. I trust you had a good weekend.”

“It was a quiet weekend, I didn’t do much. How about you…do anything exciting?”

“No, Jared is in Oklahoma City on business. I kept hoping you would come by and entertain me…but I never heard from you. Don’t you like me anymore?”

I guess I should tell you about Candice and I. A while back she and her husband were having some problems. After work one evening, she and I went to a nearby bar and had a few cocktails. She needed to talk to someone about the problem with her husband. It seems he met a young woman and had an affair. I can’t imagine why he strayed, Candice is a beautiful woman about 45, tall and very shapely. We talked for some time and ended up at my place. She was ready for some “get even sex” and I was more than happy to oblige her. We got together a few times before she made up with Jared. You see, I just can’t refuse a woman who needs attention.

“Why didn’t you tell me hubby was gone, we could have kept each other company,” I told her smiling knowing well that I just didn’t have the time to work her into the weekend. “But, didn’t you tell me that you two had made up and things were good?”

“Yes, but I don’t know for sure, I think he is still seeing that little cunt. I think that she may have met him in Oklahoma City…but I don’t know that for sure…just a gut feeling.”

I began to visualize Candice naked and wanting me. “What are you doing for lunch today…..perhaps we could take a long lunch, if you were so inclined? Hell , I could even take off this afternoon and we could go someplace and relax. What do you think about doing that?”

“I’ll talk to Marian and see if I can get off this afternoon….I would love to be somewhere with you inside me.”

“Just let me know, and I’ll make the arrangements,” I told her as she left my office.

I knew that I would be working this new case today and would be out of the office. Marian would never know that I wasn’t on the job. Meanwhile, I’ll get over and interview Captain Ryan then try to find Joanna Larimer and have a talk with her. With a little luck, I can get this thing wrapped up this morning.

As I walked out of the office, Candice winked at me and said, “I’ll call you.” I knew she wanted me and she would do anything to get off this afternoon. I just can’t turn a woman, in need, down. It’s a curse I guess.

I arrived at Metro headquarters and found Captain Ryan in his office. “Captain Ryan,” I said as I extended my hand to him, “I’m Mark Slade from the DA’s office. The DA informed me that you had contacted her and asked for our office to investigate this allegation.”

“Yes I did,” he said as she shook my hand. “I do remember you from a case last year that you helped me with…….you did a really good job on that case. I’m glad she assigned you.”

“Thank you Captain. Now, what seems to be the problem?”

“Well, Ms. Larimer came in and accused Detective Barnett of forcing himself on her. The problem I have is that this case was over 6 months ago and she has not said anything about this till now. I talked with Barnett and he told me that the affair was consentual. What I need, is for you to find out if it was consentual or not. Detective Barnett told me that it was her that came on to him, a few days after the burglary. She had called him, to come by her place as she had remembered something else she needed to tell him. When he arrived, she had dinner ready and asked him to have dinner with her, which he did. She never did tell him the new information she had. I guess they drank a bottle of wine with dinner and ended up in bed. Barnett told me that she had become very possessive and he broke it off with her, after that she showed up here in my office, lodging a complaint against him.”

“Captain, I’ll have a talk with Barnett then I’ll go over to Ms. Larimer’s residence and talk with her. I’ll get back with you in a day or two.”

“That sounds good, I’ll be waiting to hear from you.”

I left Captain Ryans office and proceeded to Detective Barnett’s office where I found him busy working on some reports. I introduced myself and sat down and talked with him about the case. He told me the same information that he had told Captain Ryan. He added, “I know that I shouldn’t have gotten involved with her, but she was so beautiful and needy……I just couldn’t help myself.”

I told him that I completely understood his problem.

When I arrived at Ms. Larimer’s home, I found her working in her front yard. she was dressed in a pair of very tight short shorts and a halter top. As I approached her, I could see why Barnett had gotten involved with her. She was absolutely beautiful with one of the best bodies I have seen in a while….hell, she could have been a fashion model with her looks.

“Hi, Ms. Larimer?,” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied

“I’m Mark Slade from the District Attorney’s office. Could I have a few minutes of your time to ask you some questions about your allegation against Detective Barnett?”

“Yes, that would be ok….would you like to come inside and have a refreshment with me, maybe lemonade or iced tea?”

“I’d like that,” I told her.

We went inside her home and I sat down in her living room while she went to the kitchen to bring back the drinks. The house was furnished really nice. I could tell that the furniture was very expensive. After a few minutes, she returned with two glasses of lemonade, handed me one and sat down across from me.

“So, what can I do for you Mr. Ryan?”

As I gazed at her, my mind was thinking of all kinds of things she could do for me, but, this was business and I need to keep my cock in my pants. “I guess I need for you to tell me what happened, in your own words.”

“It all started a few days after the burglary. Lewis, uh I mean Detective Barnett, came by late in the afternoon and asked me if he could tie up some loose ends. He had a few questions he would like to ask me. I told him it was fine and he should come in. Well, you see, I had been in the shower when he arrived so I wrapped a towel around me before I went to the door. After he came in, I excused myself for a few minutes, so I could go put on a bath robe. When I returned he stood up and said it was only a few questions and shouldn’t take any time at all. When I sat down on the couch, Detective Barnett sat down next to me and began to ask his questions. When he finished he put his notebook back in his pocked and took hold of my shoulders and kissed me. He then told me how beautiful I was and that he was sure that a woman like me needed a lot of attention. He kissed me again and pulled my bath robe open as he pushed me down onto my back. He told me that I just needed to be quiet and lay back and enjoy what was going to happen to me. One of his hands was on my breast and the other was between my legs. In a few minutes, he had opened his trousers and pulled out his manhood. He then forced himself on me….sexually. Before he left, he told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone about this as it would probably get me into a lot of trouble. I believed him, sir. Then he started to come around every few days. He said that down at the office I was known as a slut and no one would believe a word I said. He would tell me to get naked so he could make me happy again. I was afraid that what he was telling me was the truth and no one would believe me. Sometimes he would come by two times a day and have sex with me. Sir, I was really scared of him and what he might do…afterall he is the police.” After this she began to cry and sob.

“So, Ms. Larimer, how long did this go on?”

“It lasted about 7 months. I finally had had enough of being scared so I bought some spy cameras online. I installed them so I could tape what he was doing….hoping someone would believe me about him. I recorded him having sex with me 3 different times. I’m really embarrassed to show them to anyone, but I have to stop this….it’s just not right…..I can’t live like this.”

“So, where are the recordings now?” I asked her.

“They’re in my bedroom, hidden.”

“Will you go get them, I’ll need to watch them to substantiate your story. Once I can see exactly what he is doing, I can charge him….and I really doubt that he will want to go to court, so there’s a good chance the recordings will never have to be shown in court. I know how embarrassing this is, but I promise you we will be as discreet as possible.”

Ms. Larimer got up and left the room, returning a few minutes later with four mini data cards. “It’s all here, it shows exactly how he treats me when he comes over here….there’s audio and everything. Please don’t think less of me when you watch them, I didn’t think I had a choice in the matter.” Again she began crying.

As I consoled her, I told her, “I will get back to you tomorrow after the DA and I have reviewed the recordings. If he should come here again, make sure the doors and windows are locked and don’t answer the door. Here’s my card with my cell number. Call me immediately….and do not open the door for any reason. Do you understand?”

She nodded that she understood.

“As I left her home and started back downtown, my phone rang. It was Candice. “Hi lover,” she said, “I’m off for the rest of the day, beginning at noon. Where would you like to meet?” she asked.

“How about at La Quinta, over on 4th st. I’ll call and get a reservation and will meet you in the North parking lot at about 12 :30, how does that sound? Better yet, I’ll get the room and text you the room number.”

“Sounds wonderful, lover….see you there…..I’m really wet and can’t wait to see you……byeeeeee.”

I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but you see, I just can’t resist….I can’t help myself. I can already feel her, smell her…..taste her. Mmmmm, I have to put up with this torture for another hour and a half…don’t know if I can wait….”

It took about a half hour to get over to La Quinta. I went in and got a room on the back side of the hotel….away from the street. Room 165. I drove over to Burger King and got us a couple of burgers and fries and a couple of large Cokes. I was stariving and I knew this would be a long afternoon.

I went back to the hotel and went to the room and sent a text to Candice. All it said was……165. I knew she would understand.

I decided to take a shower before Candice arrived. I saw no need to get dressed again, so I just wore my boxers. Now, I was ready…all I needed was my beautiful Candice. Just after 12:30, there was a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole and there she was. When I opened the door, she rushed in embraced me and kissed me a long, wet kiss. I closed the door and began to undress her as we inched toward the open bed.

She pulled away from me and said, “Honey, I want to take a quick shower, so I’m fresh for you…it will only take me a few minutes….ok?”

“That’s fine with me, I’ll be waiting….”

Candice stripped and went to the shower. I removed my boxers and got into bed. My cock was hard and anticipating what was to come. As Candice came out of the bathroom I asked her, “Before we get started, I got you a burger and a coke, want that first?”

“Hell no, I want your cock, and it looks like it wants me,” she said to me as she crawled over me. She straddled my mid section, aligned my cock and slid down until she was impaled completely. She began to grind on me, her hands on my chest. In less than a minute, she was having an orgasm. She continued to grind on my hard on, having orgasm number 2 within a short time. She smiled down at me, “Damn Mark, your cock is just as good as I remembered.”

When she leaned down to kiss me, I wrapped my arms around her and rolled over onto her back. Once there I began to fuck her hard, slamming my cock into her hole, listening to her moan. I wanted to cum. My desire to have that good feeling was intense and I wanted to shoot my load into her quickly. Candice began to move her hips fucking me as I continued to fuck her hard.

“HARDER, HARDER….FUCK ME HARDER,” she said as she began to cum again. Then I felt it, a raging torent of hot cum blowing out the end of my dick, inside Candice. One, two, three, four, five and then six huge ropes of my sweet jizz jetted into her hot pussy, making her scream, “I CAN FEEL IT….I CAN FEEL YOUR CUM FILLING MY WOMB……..AHHHHHH, IT FEELS SO GOOD LOVER…..KEEP FILLING MEEEEEEE.

I had just had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. As I lay on top of Candice, I kissed her and continued to slowly fuck her while my cock was still reasonably hard. I could hear the squishy sounds of cum being pushed out of her around my cock. I knew that it would be running down over her ass and onto the bed. As I rose off of her, I could see my white slimy cum oozing from inside her, down her crack and onto the bed.

“My God Mark, you made a mess of me,” she laughed as she wiped her pussy with two fingers then licked the thick cum from them. “And….you taste wonderful too, dear.”

Candice and I sat at the small table in the room and ate our burgers and talked. She told me that her husband had served divorce papers on her the prior evening and she was not going to contest it. “I want rid of the son-of-a-bitch. He’s still seeing that same little cunt and says he wants to marry her. Well that’s just fine with me, let her put up with the cheating bastard.”

“I’m sorry Candice. I really wish you didn’t have to go through this, but I do understand how you feel.” We continued to talk for the next half hour or so then went back to bed and fucked some more. We left the hotel around 7 pm. I was exhausted. I checked my phone and had no missed calls or messages, so I continued home.

When I got home I took a long hot shower, put on a robe and went to the kitchen to make myself a little something to eat. I wasn’t terribly hungry, but I needed something. I settled for a chicken pot pie and popped it into the microwave. I had no sooner shut the door of the microwave when the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Pam so I answered.

“Hi beautiful, how are you this wonderful evening?” I said to her.

“I’m doing well, could be doing a lot better if I could be with you,” she said.

“I just got out of the shower and was making myself a bite to eat, do you want to come over….I’ll open a nice bottle of wine for us.”

“That’s what I was hoping you would say Mark, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

When we hung up and I smiled and thought to myself, “Aaaaaah, the sacrifices I make for pussy.” The microwave finished. I removed the pot pie, ate it and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I left the bathroom, the doorbell rang. “The life of a real stud,” I said as I went to the door.

Pam was standing there in a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top. I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra….those beautiful nipples. She stepped in, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a long sensual kiss, kicking the door shut with her foot.

“I’ve thought about you all day. Mark, I’m going to level with you, since I’ve met you, I’ve not been happier and I want you to know that I am falling in love with you. I know it’s quick, but I can’t deny the feelings that are running through me. I think you feel the same, but I would like to hear it from you.”

This revelation caught me by surprise….I didn’t know exactly what to say. “Pam, I do like you a lot, I’ve felt that from the start. I know we’ve hit it off really well……..and I guess I can say I’m beginning to love you too. I just don’t want to rush things. I want to know you better, know everything about you plus, I want you to get to know everything about me.”

Pam had kind of a disappointed look on her face when she said, “I understand Mark but, I just have these strong feelings and I wanted to express them to you. I agree, we should not get too heavy right now, afterall, it has been only a short time…..so I can go with going slow….but just understand, I do love you.”

We embraced again, kissing deeply. It didn’t take long till we found our way to my bed. Pam slipped off her shoes, shorts and tank and was completely naked….all I had to do was open my robe. We lay together kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. I went down on her and gave her two orgasms then moved over her and pushed my 7 inches of hard cock all the way inside her. She was warm and tight wrapped around my dick. I could feel her contract her love canal and squeeze my throbbing cock. We fucked for the better part of an hour. I know she came 3 more times before I unloaded my cream in her belly. When I rolled off of her, she went to my cock and cleaned me of our mixed juices.

She moved up and spread her legs over my head and said, “Mark, I want you to show me you love me…..clean my pussy for me.”

I guess I’m a bit old fashioned, but I’ve never ate cum in my life. I looked up at her and knew I didn’t want to blow this so……I dove in to her wet pussy and began to clean her. I licked our comingled juices from her bald pussy then stuck my tongue in and began to suck on it. You know, it didn’t taste near as bad as I was prepared for it to be. When I finished, she scooted down on top of me and kissed me. I held her tight and soon we had fallen asleep.

The next morning we both awakened late so we hurridly had to get around to get to work on time. It was a little harder for Pam, as she had to go a few blocks to her apartment.

All day, I thought about what Pam had said to me the night before. I examined my feelings to try to figure out if I was indeed falling for her. I have never been in anything but “fuckbuddy” relationships, so I wasn’t sure what love was supposed to feel like. After much consideration, I realized that yes, I am in love with Pam.

The day at the office was a quiet day. Most everything I was working on was either done or at a standstill. Then at about 3 pm I received a call from Ms. Larimer. She told me that Detective Barnett was at her door, banging on it and demanding that she let him in. “Ms. Larimer, I am leaving right now. I’ll be at your place in about 15 minutes. Don’t let him inside….keep the door locked….I’ll see you in a few minutes. If you need to, call me on my cell…..bye.”

I bolted out the door of the office and called Metro to get a car to respond to Ms. Larimer’s apartment. Luckily, there was a car only a block from her place that was responding. Hopefully, we will catch him still there beating on the door.

When I arrived at Ms. Larimer’s apartment, the uniforms were already there. I ran inside to see what was happening. The two officers had caught Detective Barnett trying to break Ms. Larimer’s door down. They followed procedure and cuffed the Detective. I knocked on Ms. Larimer’s door and identified myself. She immediately opened the door. Barnett was being very loud and rude shouting, “That fuckin’ whore made advances on me….I was trying to get in and arrest her….”

I instructed the officers to take Barnett to the station and book him for sexual assault and harassment for now. If there were to be further charges, I’d ammend them later. The officers left.

I went back into Ms. Larimer’s apartment. She was scared….crying profusely. When I sat down next to her, she immediately put her arms around me and continued crying on my shoulder. “I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do…I was afraid of what he was going to do to me. He made all kinds of vile threats…..I was so scared. Thank you for responding so fast. I think you might have saved my life.” She continued to cry on my shoulder.

“Ok, Ms. Larimer, everything will be fine. He won’t bother you anymore. We had a chance to view the recordings you made and it is clear that he is guilty of assaulting you. He will be going away for a long time.”

Ms. Larimer had begun to stop crying and sat up. “Mr. Slade please call me June…Ms. Larimer is so formal. May I call you Mark?”

“That would be fine…..June. I hope you’re feeling better. Don’t worry about him bothering you any longer.” I told her.

Suddenly, without warning, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, with tongue. She came on so strong that I was pushed over onto my back on the couch. She began moving on top of me, not breaking her kiss. I was thinking, I can’t do this….this is nuts….how do I get out of this?

I was able to break away from her and regain my composure. “Please, Ms. Larimer…..I just can’t do this. I just arrested a man for having a relationship with you….it’s just not kosher.”

She smiled and replied as she stood up and came toward me, “It’s June, remember? That was not the same thing. He was forcing himself on me, I want you and I want to repay you for helping me resolve this problem, please Mark, take me……I want you….I want to be nice to you….you helped me so much.”

She then grabbed me around the neck and began kissing me again. Her arms were tight around me and I could not break their hold. Then, it hit me…….I WANTED HER RIGHT NOW! My cock was hard, I was beginning to respond to her advances. I thought to myself……fuck her, she wants it and wants it bad.

My hands went to the zipper on the back of her dress. I pulled it down then grasped the material at her shoulders and pulled the dress down…it dropped to the floor. I released her bra and let her tits fall free. In the mean time, she was undressing me as fast as she could. June took my hand and led me to the bedroom, where she pushed her bikini panties to her ankles and stepped out of them. She took hold of my boxers and pulled them down as she went to her knees and took my cock into her mouth.

I could tell that June was very experienced at sucking cock. She took my whole 7 inches down her throat as she kneaded my balls. What she was doing felt wonderful and I knew that an extended time period of this would surely end up with me cumming in her mouth.

I pushed her away and helped her to her feet. I moved her to the edge of the bed and pushed her down on the edge of the bed. Her pussy was beautiful. Just a landing strip of dark hair above her slit….everywhere else was completely hairless. I dove into her pussy searching for her clit. I sucked on it as I probed her hole with two fingers. As I ate that delicious pussy, I looked up across her belly and watched her chest heaving as she began to breathe harder. I reached up and grasped her left tit and tweeked the hard nipple…..she moaned loudly. I could feel her warm juices oozing from her pussy. I feasted like a starving man….then I felt her cum.

While she was recovering from her orgasm, I moved her up into the middle of the bed and mounted her, sliding my cock balls deep into her wet hole. I started fucking her with slow strokes at first. Then she said loudly, “I WANT TO BE FUCKED HARD MARK…….RAM ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK….I WANT IT HARD AS FUCK….GIVE IT TO ME……FUCK ME HARD…….”

I told her to get up on her hands and knees, then moved behind her and took her from the rear, doggie style. I was slamming my cock into her as hard as I could. I had grasped her by her hips to absorb the impact. I felt her cum 3 times while I fucked her hard. When I started cumming, I pushed her forward onto her stomach. I continued to slam my cum spewing cock in and out of her hot cunt. I delivered a large load deep inside June, then we both laid there, out of breath. My cock was beginning to deflate and cum was trickling out of her hole.

As I lay there regaining my senses, it suddenly hit me what I had just done. My little head had again made me do something that I might regret later. It also came to me that June had cameras all over her apartment….plus, I had just shot load of fertile semen inside a woman not knowing if she was protected……”OH SHIT !” I said out loud as I crawled off of this beautiful piece of ass.

“What’s the matter Mark, is something wrong?” she said concerned.

“I shouldn’t have done this June. To others it will look like I took advantage of you. And on top of everything else, I should have used a condom…..I just didn’t think fast enough.”

“You’re right Mark, a condom would have been wise….I’m not using any birth control. Like you I was caught up in the heat of the moment and just didn’t think…..I’m sorry about that Mark, but I’m not sorry I fucked you….I wanted it….I wanted to feel your cock inside me. It made me feel so warm and safe.”

I found all my clothes and began to get dressed. June came into the living room, still naked. I could see cum slowly oozing down the inside of her legs. I still couldn’t believe that I fucked her….I know better. “June, this can’t happen again. You are the victim in a case I’m working for the DA’s office and what we have done is highly unethical. I hope you understand why this has to end here.”

“I do Mark, believe me I see what a spot I put you in and I promise, I won’t utter a word about it. It will be our little secret. When will I see you again?”

“I’ll let you know the progress of the case and when the court dates get set…..if it goes that far. You will have to come in to the office and give a deposition, probably in the next few days….I’ll let you know.”

It was almost 6 pm and I need to get out of here. I was dressed and walking to the door. “June, I’ll be in touch.” I went out the door and left the building feeling like a dumb ass. I just hope she doesn’t get pregnant….what a dumb ass, I was thinking.

There was a message on my phone from Pam asking me to come over to her place tonight. I gave her a call and asked her what time I should be there. 7:30, I can just do this….I will need a shower to get the smell of my indiscretion off of me. I really don’t want to lose Pam. The more I think about us, I know I’m in love with her and that she is, more than likely, the one. I have to quit fucking around, perhaps I need counseling….that’s a thought.

When I got to Pam’s apartment, she opened the door and gave me a big kiss then she said, “I’ve really missed you all day Mark. I could hardly wait for you to get here.”

“And I have missed you so much today. I’ve been thinking about us and what you told me yesterday. Pam, I am in love with you and I don’t care if we take our time or not, I want to be with just you.”

Pam’s enthusiasm always amazes me. After I told her that I loved her, she tackled me like a defensive player on a football team, kissing me so long and hard it was hard to get my breath. “Slow down just a little,” I pleaded.

She was smiling from ear to ear and said, “I’m sorry, I wanted to hear that from you so much, I couldn’t help myself. Do you think we could take the second step and move I together…..I’d like to be able to be with you all the time.”

I looked deep into her eyes and told her, “I think that is one great idea…this running back and forth between our apartments wastes a lot of time. Your apartment or mine, which will it be?”

We decided that my apartment had more room and that she would move in with me. We started moving her things over to my apartment, working after work and on weekends. We were both pretty busy at our jobs, so it took a little longer to move than we had anticipated.

Living together was really nice for us. We had a lot of time together, which we put to good use. We found out that we were truly compatible and would be able to tolerate each other. Our mutual desire for sex, kept us busy most of the time.

I have found that I don’t have to fuck every woman around, I have one at home that can take care of me, sometimes more than I want. I do truly love this woman and I have not even thought about screwing another woman since she moved in. I think back on my sexual exploits before Pam and I think of an old song, “To all the girls I’ve loved before………..”


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