How I made the mill. Witcher Hunt news.


Hi everybody. This week I was making pictures for new locations. One of these places is a mill. Since I didn’t find a normal 3D model of the mill, I had to create the interior myself. To do this, I downloaded several pictures from the network and built an interior room based on them.

Of course I made a simplified model. But the millstones and sacks of flour are in place.

Here is the medieval miller himself with a straw in his teeth.

The pictures turned out to be a little dark, so I’ll redo them. And just this week I made 48 pictures.

I also continued to create pictures for Dora’s quest.

I’ve already started checking the game and looking for bugs in it. Yesterday I played the game for almost two hours while almost not reading the texts. The game turns out to be big, long, intense. Next week I will continue to look for errors.

Here are the news for this week. Have a good next seven days to everyone.

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