Governor and Daughter 3



Forced to watch his daughter’s electroshock torture at the hands of their two sadistic captors, Governor Werdan offers to do anything to spare his little girl more pain. But will he have the stomach to do what Hakim and Salib demand?

Beneath a secluded warehouse in upstate New York, a naked 23-year-old girl writhed and bit hard on the cock-shaped rubber gag in her mouth while volts of electricity shot through her clitoris.


Her bulging eyes and twisting figure completed the picture of pain and torture. With her wrists chained above her head and her ankles tied tightly together, that was all she could do – twist and let out muffled squeals and screams through her gag. What made it all the more humiliating and horrific was the fact that her captured father, the governor, was forced to watch every second of it. He sat, bound to a metal chair, with his own nipples and testicles still wired for future electro-torture, and watched his beautiful, nude daughter, just recently graduated from college, be subjected to the same rough treatment that he had endured less than thirty minutes ago.

Their two captors were not reasonable men. Hakim and Salib were terrorists from the West Bank. They were grim men, fanatical, with only one purpose – to make the ‘godless western imperialists’ pay. Hakim’s younger brother had been part of a cell that had tried to sabotage a power station in New York, but a special law enforcement unit had detected them before they could act, killing Hakim’s brother and the other terrorists when they tried to resist. That special anti-terrorist unit had been set up by none other than Governor Werdan himself, and Hakim still blamed the governor for his brother’s death.

He had sworn vengeance. Now, after kidnapping both the governor and his vibrant 23-year-old daughter, Michaela, he was well on his way to making that vow come true.

“You like the show your daughter is putting on? Look at that pussy struggle! Those shocks are definitely keeping her attention, don’t you think?” Hakim mocked, turning the dial up again. Once again, the slender brunette screamed through her gag, twisted and trembled, her body streaked in sweat. The girl’s once pristine figure looked far from pristine now, and it wasn’t just because of the sweat that sheened her naked form. It was also the welts across her breasts, back, buttocks, and especially her legs, from the whipping she had received earlier. Governor Mick Ucomo Werdan had been mercifully unconscious during his daughter’s harsh whipping, but the evidence remained, taunting him, tormenting him.

Tears slid down Michaela’s cheeks.

“PPPPLLLSSS…NNNN…MMMMRRRRRR!!!” she begged through her gag, half-way intelligibly. Hakim seemed to think it over for the briefest moment. Then he turned the dial up for a third time, and the muffled screaming continued like music from a nightmare. The shock from the battery continued to pummel her poor, delicate clitoris. Finally, she lost all control. While she spasmed, her wrists jerking wildly in their chains, she lost control of her bladder. Piss streamed down her legs and made a disgraceful puddle on the floor beneath her feet. Her desperate, heaving sobs filled the chamber.

“I don’t know how much more your girl can take of this,” Salib chimed in, giving his partner-in-sadistic-crime, Hakim, a pat on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Mick Werdan had finally recovered his voice. He still couldn’t believe that this was happening… that this was real.

“Can’t you see you’re killing her!! Please, please STOP!” he shouted. Tears were flowing freely down his face as well, matching his daughter’s misery.

“Awww. Daddy wants to empathize more with his helpless tortured little bitch-daughter. Let’s give him what he wants,” Salib said with a dark gleam in his eye. He reactivated the wires attached to the governor’s testicles and nipples. Now, in unison, Salib and Hakim turned up both dials which connected the battery to their two captives. Governor Werdan’s shout of pain as the jolts zapped his balls and his daughter’s muffled cries as the voltage snaked through her clit now combined to form a kind of symphony of agony.



Hakim and Salib enjoyed hearing the difference in the sounds their two captives made. Michaela’s squeals of pain were higher pitched and more refined despite the muffling from the gag. Governor Mick Werdan’s shouts were more guttural, purely masculine. The two assailants looked down at their cocks, which were now both elongated and harder than a slab of granite.

“Ooohhh, your bitch’s show has reignited our libido, governor. Look at our cocks, nice and hard and ready to give your precious girl a fresh fucking,” Hakim added smugly.

But Salib stopped him.

“No, no, brother. We must be patient. This bitch hasn’t suffered enough to deserve our cocks again. Not yet.”

Michaela hung slack in her bonds, her quiet sobs trickling out of her like the piss that glistened along her legs.

Hakim let out a disapproving tsk-tsk. “True enough, Salib. And look at this worthless whore, peeing herself after just a little shock to her pussy. So shameful. Such a mess. She needs more torture.”

Just as Hakim turned up the dial yet again, making Michaela scream and gyrate, Governor Werdan shouted with his most desperate plea yet.

“Please stop hurting my daughter! I’ll do whatever you want! ANYTHING! Kill me! Cut my throat! Make me do whatever your twisted minds think up, just please stop hurting my little girl!” The governor’s frantic plea actually seemed to have an impact on the two captors. Salib’s eyes seemed to light up with an idea as the governor’s bellowed promise rang out through the underground room.

“Anything? Did you hear that, Hakim? Our proud governor would do ANYTHING to save his sweet little girl from more pain. I like the sound of that.” He leaned over, whispering in Hakim’s ear. Hakin’s answering grin made Mick Werdan’s heart sink but also fed into a tiny glimmer of hope. Salib turned and strode back over to the governor’s chair. Abruptly, he slammed the governor’s chair backward onto the floor. The metal chair was no more than a glorified stool, with no back, and Governor Werdan felt his body slammed against the concrete as the breath got knocked out of him.


“Lie there and don’t move, governor. You will do anything, yes? Then you can start by cleaning your filthy girl up for us. You will lick her all over…her pussy especially, and make it CLEAN. Understood?”

Governor Werdan opened his mouth, but no words would come.

He could hear poor Michaela whimpering and babbling as Hakim finally lowered her chains so that her feet could touch the floor again. He proceeded to undo her wrist manacles only to cuff her wrists in front of her. When he detached the gator clip from the poor girl’s clit, Michaela groaned as she felt the blood rush back into the most intimate part of her body. Next, Hakim loosened the girl’s gag so that the cock-shaped object dangled just below Michaela’s chin. With one hand now possessively cupping the girl’s ass, he proceeded to shove her in the direction of the governor’s tipped-over chair.

“This way, pussy. Daddy is about to comfort you. He’s going to lick your pussy. Aren’t you grateful?”

“This is…this is wrong!” Michaela sputtered, eyes wide with horror, disbelief, and revulsion. “Y-you can’t make us do this!”

“We can’t?” Hakim growled dangerously. From behind, his hand reached up, cupping and viciously squeezing Michaela’s right breast.


Putting the girl in a head lock, Hakim growled in her ear. “You want more shock to your pussy instead?”

“AAYY!!! No, Master. Please f-forgive this slut… I… will do whatever you ask.”

Hakim forced his fingers between her legs and gave her ravaged sex a few tender strokes, as if in reward for her submission.

“That’s more like it, cunt. Now I want you to face toward me and sit on your daddy’s face. Let him smell that cum-encrusted pussy and start cleaning it with his tongue.”

Blinking with disbelief, feeling like she wanted to puke, the alluring 23-year-old woman slowly swiveled around and began to kneel down on her father’s face.

‘I can’t believe this is happening. Please forgive me, father. Oh please forgive me,’ she thought desperately. Then she felt her cunt lips resting against her father’s lips.

“Let’s hear some licking, Dad,” Salib barked. “Hakim, get me the whip. Maybe Dad wants to see some more welts on his daughter’s tits!”

That seemed to do the trick. All of Mick’s resistance crumbled. Michaela’s cuffed hands held onto the overturned base of the chair as she faced toward her father’s feet, which were still bound to the chair legs. She could feel her father’s tongue now start to nudge between her soft, sore, and violated pink folds. She became hyper-aware as his tongue now explored her intimate depths more brazenly, lapping gently at her sex, awakening sensations that filled her with rivers of shame. The quiet, traitorous, guilt-ridden sounds of her father’s licks soon filled the basement. Michaela sat on her dad’s face, feeling obscene mini-waves of arousal emanate from her brutalized cunt as her dad’s tongue showed her the most forbidden kind of love.

Meanwhile, Mick Werdan tried to blot out everything in his mind. He tried to just mechanically do what he knew he had to do for his daughter’s sake. His tongue explored and stroked, licking dutifully. He tried to be like a machine, just doing as he was told. He tried not to dwell on the fact that he had his tongue inside his daughter’s own pussy, violating her at the behest of these two sick freaks. He tried not to think about the salty tang of two men’s leftover seed in his daughter’s cunt.

Hakim grunted. “Not bad, governor, but I think you can do better. I want you to make your young bitch CUM. Yes, you heard me right. Let’s see some taboo daddy-daughter love right now. I want your slut to be writhing, moaning, and coming within the next few minutes or I’m going to get very ANGRY. Understood?”

Showing that he had indeed heard the threat, Mick Werdan redoubled his efforts. His tongue began to furiously stroke along the inner walls of Michaela’s cunt. He laved, sucked, and even nibbled on the girl’s clit to maximize the stimulation. Soon he could feel, as appalling as it was, the primal response from his daughter’s pussy. He could feel her fluids and actually taste her sticky nectar as it began to flow freely onto his tongue. His tongue flicked inside her furiously, and he sucked on her pearled nub with a fervent zeal borne of sheer desperation, shepherding his poor daughter toward the most obscene climax.

Michaela, for her part, tried not to think at all either. She tried to lose herself in all the sensations. She pretended that her boyfriend lay underneath her instead of her own father. It was the only way to stay sane, the only way to not die of complete shame. The slender girl began to slowly grind her pussy against her father’s mouth, biting her bottom lip to hold in the moans which wanted to escape.

SLAP! From nowhere the tongue of a cruel whip smote the girl’s lower back, creating a new ribbon along a once-pristine span of skin, a new welt forming to attest to Hakim’s brutality.

“YAAAA!” The girl writhed on top of her father’s face. He kept licking frantically, thinking to himself all the while, ‘You sick bastards! Don’t whip her! I’m doing what you want. I’m trying to obey the best I can.’

“I said I wanted to hear your moans, bitch. Don’t stifle them. Don’t hold back. Let them out or next time you’ll feel the whip on your backside, and who knows, I might miss and hit your father by accident.” Hakim’s threat lingered in the air. Mick Werdan’s loud slurping sounds filled the room as he sucked madly on his daughter’s clitoris and drove her toward the precipice.

Michaela’s cuffed hands gripped the seat of the chair as she nudged her cunt into her dad’s mouth.

“Aaahhhhh… oh… oh god… oh please,” she sighed, finally letting out a cooing sound of pleasure and immediately hating herself for it. She bobbed in her face-sitting position on her dad’s head, grinding her wet pussy against his tongue as he gave her the only love he could right now, sucking and cajoling her forbidden joy nub toward an appalling, euphoric finish.

Salib fisted a hand in Michaela’s hair and twisted her head toward him.

“Is he making you horny, bitch? Do you want to CUM? Hm??”

Michaela felt the last shred of whatever dignity she had left now melt away like butter in the sun. She felt like less than animal. She felt like the worthless whore they had told her she was.

“Yes, Master,” she managed to choke out. Her nipples were hardened, fully aroused pink buds as she kept grinding her pussy with primal feminine rapture. Her dad’s skillful tongue had unlocked torrents of sensation she desperately wanted to deny but couldn’t. The girl’s lust-enshrouded face contorted with vying emotions – disgust with herself, pleasure-succumbed libido, and everything in between. Finally, Michaela Werdan could stave off the inevitable no longer. With a sudden moment of awful clarity, the girl felt pleasure tear through her body, overwhelming her, making her drown in ecstasy.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Michaela’s eyes snapped shut, her body shivering with the onslaught of a brutal orgasm. Mick Werdan’s tight sucking of Michaela’s clit bore the ultimate fruit, and now he felt spurt after spurt of the girl’s sweet, fragrant fluids bathing his tongue and face, sliding in excess down his chin as he lapped frantically at the girl’s love-juice. The sweetly scented fluid from his daughter’s own sex poured down his throat. He swallowed it without thinking. He loved the taste of her, though only his primal self would ever acknowledge it. The orgasm lasted for less than a minute, but it seemed like eternity to both father and daughter. As the very last shiver of Michaela’s spent body finally subsided, as the last twinge of pleasure shot through her clit and throughout her core, Michaela sagged with exhaustion and utter self-loathing.

“Fuck. That was hot,” Salib said.

Hakim nodded. “So it was. I think my cock needs some relief.”

“Mine too,” Salib agreed.

“Stay sitting on daddy’s face. He can keep licking your pussy for a little while longer,” Hakim growled. Stepping up to the base of the overturned chair, he and Salib both presented their pulsing, engorged shafts right under Michaela’s nose. The girl didn’t hesitate. She knew exactly what they wanted. The sexy girl leaned forward, licking the tip of each cock, slobbering all over one cock, then the other. Then she smothered Salib’s shaft with her mouth, sucking enthusiastically for a good twenty to thirty seconds, before switching her mouth to the other captor’s manhood, sucking his cock with just as much energy. Soon, taking the initiative, Michaela even took her cuffed hands and began to jerk off the cock of one man while she dutifully sucked off the other. Alternating back and forth, she pleasured the cocks of the men who held her own life and her father’s life in the palms of their hands.

“Uhhhhh!!!” Salib groaned. “This bitch is certainly getting creative with her attentions. I think our training of the slut will soon reach perfection.”

“AHHH!!” Hakim sighed with feeling. “She is a good sucker, I’ll give her that. It will be a pity having to kill her in front of her father to watch the look in his eyes, to see the misery on his face and complete my revenge,” he said darkly. As he said this, as if Michaela was trying to use her cock-sucking skills to convince him to spare her, she upped her attentions, her mouth impaled all the way now. She could barely breathe. Hakim’s cock rippled in her mouth as she took him in balls-deep, his testicles now pressed against her chin as she almost gagged. She felt as if her lungs were about to burst.

“UUUHHHH!!!! UGHHH!!!!” Her tongue slipped out to gently lap at the underside of Hakim’s testicles, and she kept sucking like a fervent whore just to please him. ‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill my dad. I’ll be your whore, I’ll pleasure you in a thousand ways, just please don’t kill us.’ Those maddening thoughts of survival, compelled by instinct, propelled her toward further humiliation and sexual debasement. She sucked Hakim’s cock with her nose crushed against the curls of his pubic hair, until at last he could contain himself no more.

At the same time, her hands pumping Salib’s rigid shaft and fondling Salib’s balls made his own churning batch of sperm too eager to be denied for even one second longer.



Almost as if choreographed in perfect tandem, the two Arab men now reached orgasm together. Hakim’s cock spewed and spurted its sticky rivers of seed deep down Michaela’s throat. She sputtered and nearly choked on it. Just barely, she managed to swallow the majority of it, though excess cum backlogged down her chin and oozed down to the girl’s tits. Meanwhile, Salib’s jerking cock shot thick streams of sperm which hit the side of the girl’s face, spurting even into her hair, and a few last heavy splotches landed squarely on the girl’s alluring breasts. Along the left side of her face, Michaela felt Salib’s warm, dripping layers of cum sliding down to her cheekbone. Her father’s continued tongue strokes between her legs had meanwhile sparked a renewed libido in her. She had started to gently hump her father’s face again without even realizing it. Now, staring at the two drooping shafts she’d just satisfied, Michaela was appalled at the thrill of arousal that snuck through her – a sort of primal feminine pride that she had fully satisfied these two virile males and their once stiff cocks.

With a collective and contented sigh, the two men took a step back and looked at their handiwork. The girl’s face, hair, and chest were now all glistening with cum. Her face remained flushed with arousal.

“Not bad, whore. You’re learning. Too bad not all the learning in the world will save you, though.” Hakim turned to Salib.

“It’s time. Let’s shock this bitch to death in front of dad.”

Salib shrugged. “It is your family honor that demands vengeance, brother. Though it’s a waste in my eyes, let it be as you wish.”

Mick Werdan’s shouts and Michaela sobs and pleas filled the room as the two men returned Michaela to her former position. Michaela struggled mightily, but with two men manhandling her there was little that she could do. Soon they had her strung up again, wrists chained overhead, the gator clip cruelly biting into her clitoris, her sex wired up for a fresh treatment of electroshock torture. They detached the girl’s cock-shaped pink gag and tossed it aside for good. She wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

Hakim stood right in front of her while Salib stood behind her, cupping and gently squeezing her tits one last time. His big, strong hands rubbed the jism along her breasts deeper into the skin while spreading the rest of it out over the rest of her sexy cones until they shone with a wet-sticky gleam. Meanwhile, Hakim gave Michaela an oddly tender farewell kiss, brushing his thumb across her bottom lip before he took a step back and grabbed the control panel for the battery.

“OK, bitch, we’re about to up the voltage. We’re about to fry your pussy. Time to say goodbye to Daddy.”

“NO! PLEASE!” Michaela’s screech was so desperate and primal, it made Hakim’s dick get hard all over again.

Meanwhile, Salib tugged gently on the girl’s nipples one last time. “I’m going to miss these perky melons of yours, girl,” Salib muttered dolefully. ‘What a waste,’ he thought.

“That’s enough, Salib. We can find you a fresh pair of tits to fondle once we get to Morocco. Now get your hands off the bitch. You don’t want to get fried too, do you?” Hakim added impatiently. Salib had kept toying with the girl’s supple cones for another few minutes, but now he finally removed them. He gave Michaela one last affectionate slap on the ass and stepped clear.

“Please don’t do this. Please don’t kill me!” Michaela cried. Mind racing, she blurted out whatever she thought might keep her breathing for a few more minutes or seconds. “You haven’t even fucked me in the ass yet, Master. Please! Please fuck me in the ass!”

Hakim stared at his naked captive. He watched her squirm, relishing the sight of the electrode attached to her helpless clit. The gator clip gripped her nerve bundle like the ultimate vice. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t dislodge it.

“Farewell, cunt. Get ready to scream like you’ve never screamed before.”

Meanwhile, Governor Mick Werdan prepared to watch the death of his youngest daughter. His heart shattered into a million pieces and he wanted nothing more than to die. And yet in that exact moment, a miracle seemed to happen. A voice rang out.


It wasn’t Michaela’s voice. It wasn’t Governor Werdan’s voice. It was a voice unfamiliar and feminine, a voice which came down from the top of the stairs leading into the basement. As Hakim removed his hand from the battery’s dial, Michaela shuddered with relief. Never had a voice sounded so beautiful to her. Never had she felt more gratitude toward a nameless human being, whoever it might be…

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