Gay Meets Bisexual Man



Gay man meets a bisexual man and teaches him the lessons for gay sex.

Chad lived on the 2nd floor of an apartment building located at the Melony Avenue and 11th Street crossing. The bus stop was only a couple of steps, as you came out from the building. On weekdays, he would stand with my coffee mug in the balcony to watch the bus coming from at least 8 – 9 blocks away with a stop in between. This would give him enough time to go leave his mug in the kitchen sink, pick his bag, walk down the 16 stairs from the 2nd floor and come out to walk to the bus stop. He never had a problem in over a year living there.

As he had asked from his employer, suddenly he was allowed to come to the office at the start of the 11:00 AM shift instead of the 07:00 AM shift. He noticed a change. A tall, very slim and single framed guy was always there waiting for the bus that came in to the bus stop at 10:30 AM. Naturally, after seeing each other at the bus stop for about a week, he started saying hello and then of course, they tried to sit next to each other in the bus. His name was Jared and he was a manager at a book store in the city center. Chad would get off the bus at the bus stop closer to the post office, where he worked, after about a 10 minute ride and Jared went on till the city center and closer to his job. Slowly as the time passed, they got a good understanding, not a friendship. Days changed to weeks and months. Jared told Chad, he had divorced his wife after a marriage of about one year although they had lived together for 5 years before marriage. He was about 30, fair color but not white, dark black hair and brown eyes. Chad also told him that he was fresh out of college, 24, in between girlfriends and still undecided about marriage and to whom. Jared laughed as Chad said that sex was so variant and good between couple of girls and it was making the choice and the decision very difficult. Chad did not pay much attention, when he repeated the word ‘Variant’ back to Chad and giggled loud.

It was a relatively a nice Saturday in March, Chad recalled. The clouds were all over the skies and the weather report said, it was going to rain but still it was all dry. Just as a habit, at around 08:00, he came to the balcony to notice that the rain had started and it looked bad already. Looking to his right, he saw Jared running to the bus stop trying not to be soaked as much and then he was under the shelter and Chad could not see him from the balcony. Chad decided to call Jared in to give him an umbrella or something to keep him from getting drowned in the rain. With his keys in hand, he walked down the stairs. As he opened the entry door, he could see Jared sitting in the bus stop under the shelter trying to shed the rain water off his clothes. The position Jared was sitting in, he saw Chad as Chad opened the door and appeared standing in the door. He waved to say hello and in return, Chad also waved and signaled him to come over to him. He was slightly hesitant but quickly stood up and ran towards the door of the apartment building. Chad took him in and found out that he was expecting a delivery of books from the publisher and had decided to go take care of it, instead of leaving it to the staff working the shift on that dreary wet Saturday.

Kidding that he was trying to prove bein a conscientious worker, Chad asked him to come into the apartment and get an umbrella, and a hot cup of coco or coffee. He agreed to walk in to the apartment but said no to the umbrella or the coffee but wanted to use the phone to make a call. As they walked in, they both realized that Jared was over soaked and he could catch cold. Chad offered him the bath robe if he wanted to shed those clothes and put them in the dryer. Shivering Jared agreed and took his clothes off and put on the robe as Chad went to start the dryer. Now Jared had time to make a phone call, even sit and talk until his clothes were dry. As Chad came back after putting his clothes in the dryer, he offered Jared a cup of fresh brewed coffee and he thankfully accepted. Chad brought two mugs in a tray and they sat at the center table against each other in the living room. Jared was sorry to have used Chad’s phone because his phone was having some problem and he could not hear anything back on it plus he was also very thankful because the phone call made his day easy because the delivery of the books was cancelled by the publisher and now he did not have to go to work. As they sat talking about different topics, somehow Jared mentioned that on his days off he preferred to enjoy drinking rum if nothing else and Chad told him that he was not big on getting drunk, to which Jared said quickly that he agreed. There were other ways to have fun, he added with a smile.

On my days off I try, Chad said; but I don’t get a girl every time I try. Jared again giggled and said, he knew the difficulty and he believed that was not the only way to go and asked Chad if he had ever tried to go the other way. Chad suddenly realized that Jared was checking him out. “No”, he said, he had played around my share with the girls in high school and college but never gave a deeper thought of trying out with the boys”. He did not deny or dismissing the idea because there had been times when he did fantasize about the other cocks when he was enjoying a masturbation sessions.

Jared got quiet for a second and then said that he remembered, once Chad had told him of variant sex and he wanted to know what Chad meant by that. It suddenly came back to Chad and he apologized for what was not said and he only misunderstood. Chad clarified that he meant of having had sex with various girls and not the way Jared had interpreted it. Jared was not fully satisfied with the answer and asked Chad if he had never thought of how another guy’s erect penis felt?

Chad must have blushed, hearing such straight forward question by Jared and he added, “I am sure, you have checked out the cocks while watching the porn videos, if you do not deny watching porn as well”.

“No, I do not deny it”. Chad said, “It is kind of impossible to miss them in that position. I enjoy watching them especially when they are shown in close shots of sliding in the tight pussy”.

“Do you also deny, never thinking of getting your cock sucked by another man? Asked Jared.

“Well, I have wondered if it would be any different”, was Chad’s reply.

“Why don’t you come sit next to me here on the sofa”? Jared pated the spot next to him on the sofa and Chad amazed himself at his own response, how quickly he responded and got over to the sofa next to Jared, definitely feeling a little nervous. Jared quickly placed his hand on Chad’s thigh as he said, “It is quite a fun” and seeing no resistance from Chad, he moved onto Chad’s big cock already swelling and twitching. “I can see your interest for the idea”. Jared added and started fondling Chad’s cock through the jeans. “I would love to teach a guy the pleasure of man to man sex”. He was ready to give Chad the first lesson. The warmth and the passion of his grip became the key factor and he proceeded. Jared sang praises of Chad’s big, heavy and manly cock. He was bringing his mouth closer and invited Chad for a kiss. Honestly, by now Chad’s cock had taken over and the decision was made as he moved closer and his lips touched Chad’s. It felt like a spark but it was good. Soon their tongues and lips were mingling and dancing together without any dithering. Slowly Jared’s hand moved from the Chad’s cock to his waistband, unhooking, unbuttoning his pants and gripped Chad’s cock through the underwear. He suggested to get naked as they broke the kiss. Jared stood up and took his shirt off and also slid his pants and the underwear. His cock popped out. It was fully rigid and looked like a sword curving upwards to the ceiling of the room. It was beautifully cut with a crafted cockhead on the top and very pink in color. He moved to the middle of the sofa and kneeled in front of Chad while rubbing his own cock and balls as Chad took his shirt off. Jared smiled as he muttered something very quietly. He reached with an arm around Chad for another deep kiss. It felt great to press closer to his naked body. His sword for a cock was stabbed in Chad’s belly. They broke the kiss and Chad took hold of Jared’s hard cock for the first time. It was warm, soft and smooth around the very hard core, imposing his hand to move up and down the shaft. Jared also began to play with Chad’s prestigious cock and loaded balls. Then he asked Chad to lay back for the first lesson to start.

Chad moved to the middle of the sofa and laid back with his neck on the rounded sofa arm. Jared came on top, belly to belly to give him one more kiss, slowly moving to Chad’s nipple and began flicking and lip biting there, making Chad moan with the ecstasy. Gently and slowly he moved south, spreading Chad’s legs and quickly took the tip of his cock in the wet and warm mouth. His tongue was grazing at Chad’s helmet and also trying to dip into the cock slit making Chad moan loud with pleasure. Jared took more of Chad’s cock in his mouth. Now his tongue was rubbing the ridge at the bottom of Chad’s hard cock and his hand was fondling the heavy balls. He was going crazy sucking and licking Chad’s hard shaft all the way down to the thicker base. He was making Chad’s juices warmed up in the balls by taking them in his mouth one by one and quickly returning to the long length of the cock making him moan with delight.

Jared advised Chad to enjoy himself and let the orgasm come without warning him and Chad only grinned to him as he took the cock back in his mouth. The expertise of his mouth, lips and tongue to suck Chad’s cock and the visual joy soon brought Chad to the threshold with his breathing getting faster and balls getting even heavier with the excessive load of the juice in them. Jared responded to the obvious signals, sucking much faster and taking him to the point of no return and Chad erupted full force in his mouth. He kept sucking, coaxing Chad’s cock much harder in his mouth. Chad had a very intensive orgasm under the influence of a very best blowjob. Jared sucked out every last drop until the extremely sensitive cock got deflated and slipped out of his mouth. He looked in Chad’s eyes and asked, how he felt and Chad could only say, “Amazing”.

Jared moved up, close to Chad and they kissed again. After breaking the kiss, Chad expressed that it was his turn and Jared encouraged him to try and practice, what he had learnt in the lesson, offering his hard cock to Chad for caressing, fondling and playing. Chad moved in between Jared’s legs and began playing with his cock. It was slightly bigger and thicker as well. Chad squeezed it in his palm. Although Jared was cut but still there was plenty of soft skin around the middle hardness. Chad pulled the skin back, moved his mouth closer and took his tip in the mouth. It tasted quite salty and there was a strong musky smell around his balls. Chad ran his tongue over his cockhead, enjoying the softness and then gulped it deeper in his mouth. He had to open wide to take the girth in. Hearing Jared moan, Chad began to move his mouth up and down the shaft.

“You are a very good and fast learner”, said Jared to Chad who was enjoying to have Jared’s cock in his mouth although it was getting impossible to take more than the half of it. He was trying to do a satisfying job for Jared by licking, sucking the shaft as well as the balls, using his tongue and lips particularly on the cock slit wanting to finish him and increased his pace.

“Oh my God! You are doing great”, Yelled Jared amid his loud groans. “I am going to feed you soon”.

Now Chad picked up the speed a bit more enjoying the movement of Jared’s thick shaft in his mouth. Jared’s hips were also moving in unification with the sucking action. Soon Jared sighed and Chad felt the cock jerk in his mouth while the juice squirted from it into his throat. Chad sucked harder attempting not to lose any seed of life. He had sucked his first cock and really enjoyed it and knew that nothing was going to stop him from it, now on. Jared dropped out of his mouth as Jared commented his efforts and Chad smiled back. Jared praised him for the best performance and asked if he was ready for the next lesson. Chad almost knew, what was being suggested but he wanted to be sure and asked, what Jared had on his mind?

“How about trying to sex with another man”? Answered Jared and Chad having had fantasies agreed with Jared. “It gives you some more options”, Jared said, “Sex is a great joy and pleasure but sexing and playing with a man’s body, feeling his hard cock and full balls is a very different and heavenly kind of bliss. Saying this, Jared reached and gently held Chad’s cock and laughed to feel it getting hard. Jared’s hand moved to Chad’s hip and Chad was sure, he was planning to fuck Chad. Chad thought about a minute, what had turned him on about the few stories he had read about the gay faggot men. The narration of the gay bottom, describing about being fucked was always awesome and causing a stirring in Chad’s mind. He felt his cock getting harder.

Jared grinned. “I am going to make it wonderful for you and much more enjoyment than sucking a cock. You will follow the directions because you are going to learn by doing it to me”. Jared moved his face closer and made Chad to kiss him while he dropped on Jared’s side and made him go between his legs. Jared moved his arm around Chad’s neck and pulled him close to his asshole while his finger was circling the orifice. It felt very good to Chad as Jared slowly brought his face between his ass cheeks. Jared produced a loud moan feeling Chad’s warm breath at his fuck hole and his own fingers circling at and around the hole.

“I am sure, you are going to love this”. Jared said, getting in a missionary position and asked Chad to reach for the condom and the KY lube tube in Jared’s pant pocket. Taking the KY, Jared coated Chad’s cock with it and wiped his lubricated fingers in and around his own tightly puckered asshole. “Just relax and enjoy the great feelings” Jared said, as he rolled the condom on the thick cock shaft of Chad. “Let me know if you feel any discomfort and also go a bit slow, after all, you are not supposed to hurt my ass”. Jared was very suggestive. Just like a maestro, Chad rubbed his lubricated fingers and then his cock shaft back and forth on the ass crack. It was a totally new sensation. Jared’s breathing got picked up. He took some lube on his fingers and started coating his own cock with it while Chad slowly penetrated his hole.

“Don’t push hard yet, I feel a tremendous pressure in my bowels due to the thick girth of your sex meat”. Jared gave directions to Chad. After a minute, he asked Chad to start the fucking machine and repeated to tell him if Chad felt any discomfort. Chad felt Jared’s asshole opening wider. His cock tip was inside Jared’s hole. “Nice, you are doing very well”, appreciated Jared telling Chad that he was fully in. Soon Chad’s shaved pubic bone was humping against the ass bubble. “Your ass feels great”. Chad said, “Let me know if your ass feels pain”. Chad was thrusting with a bit force and power now, pumping up the speed. Jared was feeling a kind of pleasurable glow in his ass as chad fucked him faster, hitting the pair of balls below Jared’s asshole. Soon the joy started spreading from Jared’s ass as Chad got fucking at a good pace and Jared shouted of his orgasm surging fast in him. Chad maintained his pace and Jared felt the pleasure concentrating in his own hard cock shaft. He was ready by now to cum. Chad continued the deep thrusts, his cock sliding deeper with each stroke and they ejaculated together. Their cocks pulsing together as they ejaculated.

Chad moaned deeply, “That was awesome”. He slapped Jared’s ass and lay on top of Jared. The glow slowly reduced in his ass and he also confessed that Chad fucked him very good and it felt great. Soon Jared rolled off and smiled at Chad as he asked him if he could stay for a while and Chad happily agreed.

Till evening, until after the rain had stopped; Chad had fucked Jared twice again and now Jared asked for his clothes to be brought from the dryer. They took a shower together and Chad sucked Jared once again in the tub in a very prolonged 69 position. Chad was ready, if Jared would have chosen to fuck him but Jared said, he was ok with being a bottom only.

Now Chad and Jared moved together in a 2 bedroom apartment and living happily enjoying good sex more often and Jared also gets to be a part of threesome, when Chad brings in a girl.

The End. Please send your comments….. AWC January 12, 2021.

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