Football at Cody’s


“Oh my gosh! Look at the time. They’ll be here soon. I still have to make the guacamole.” Lori pulled the avocados from the brown bag with the banana in it. She squeezed them gently. “Perfect,” she muttered as she started to slice them open.

Cody had his shit eating grin on his face but Lori couldn’t see it because he was standing behind her, cock pressed up against her ass, lips bearing down on her neck, hands cupping her breasts. “Hm?” he whispered, “are you ready Lori? My friends are dying to meet you.” And with that said, his hands were up under her skirt, pulling at her panties and fingering her pussy.

Yes, she was wet. She was always wet. Lori’s new Dom was all she had ever hoped for and more. Now she was fucked all the time, multiple times every night, by someone that not only satisfied but pleased. He had a wide variety of interests and was adept with all kinds of toys and tools. He liked owning Lori’s orgasms and he made her cum over and over and over again. She thought things would slow down for her after a couple of months of dating and training. But no. There was always something new. Something Cody wanted to explore, something he wanted to share. And when his big brown eyes looked into hers and she saw the sex master, fondly known as Sir, staring back all she wanted to do was become his toy. To be there for him, to serve and obey and to do whatever it was he asked for.

Later that day they were expecting four of his best guy friends over to watch a football game. A couple of weeks previously, when Cody asked Lori about this football get together, she was unsure. She’s never done anything like this before.

Cody asked her to make herself available to his friends. Cody wanted her to be a fuck toy and cum reppository for him and his friends. “Really?” was all she could muster in response. But he was there, holding her, stroking her, and she was blissed out on sex and attention. He was sucking a nipple and looking up at her and saying things like, “baby, they are going to love you. Their wives are all cunts and hardly ever put out. I want them to know how lucky I am to have found you and I want them to enjoy you as well. You are so hot sweetie.” His hand glides down to her pussy. “They are going to love this Lori. You have to let them try. Please baby.”

And in the thralls of another orgasm and her deep desire to serve, obey and please, she truly had no choice so she said, “Ok Sir, I will do my best and I will let them all have me to please you.”

“Good girl, good kitten. You are the best fucking slutty sub I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to surprise the guys with you.” And soon he was mounting her again and Lori squirted from all of the grinding and attention, or was it the bad dragon this time? Lori didn’t know. She didn’t care. She curled up to her Sir and laid her head on his tummy so she could soak in the aroma of their sex and feel his flesh on her cheek. They laid there, with him stroking her hair and she cuddling his leg until they both fell asleep. The last thing Lori heard was, “Good girl, good kitten,” her special treat for when she did something pleasing for her Sir.

And here they were, the day of the big game. With the guacamole nearly complete. She also picked up some pico de gallo from their favorite taqueria and she threw together a killer Texas caviar for everyone. Cody had the beers chilling in the fridge. She looked at them nervously and looked up at Cody. He saw the concern in her eyes, “Don’t worry baby girl, I’m going to take care of you. I’m not going to let any drunkards mistreat my baby. I won’t let anyone get drunk and be with you. I promise.” He pulled her in for a final embrace and a deep passionate kiss. I’m going to put the guac next to the bean dip, uh, I mean Texas caviar, and then we need to get you ready. You are everyone’s dessert after all.” He played with her ass as they walked down the hall to the big bedroom.

Cody had an amazing bedroom. A big comfortable king-size bed with a four poster frame and a canopy. Cody was a sensual Dom with some rigging skills. He had a whole cabinet furnished with all kinds of delights and tools. Lori had yet to try everything. On the far wall, he had a print of the half nude Raphael’s La Fornarina, the one where the woman in the painting is fondling her left breast. Lori loved that painting. He also had a copy of Picaso’s painting titled, “The Dream,” It’s the one that depicts a masturbating woman. He also had an amazingly comfortable loveseat that, um, one could comfortably make love on. Cody and Lori had used it frequently for this purpose.

Cody was very considerate at wanting to have Lori both feel comfortable and actually enjoy the experience. He also wanted to treat his friends. Lori was an amazing hucow, the best fucking hucow ever. She had big heavy luscious breasts and nipples that begged to be sucked on for hours and an ass that could compete with Aunt Franny’s from Robots. Lori was curvy and voluptuous and made for breeding. His cock had found a home and he liked to share his home with his friends.

The room was normally very light and bright but Cody closed all the curtains, even the heavy black out curtains, and the room took on a night time feel even though it was still early in the afternoon. He picked out Lori’s clothes. He chose the black baby doll with the cupless bralette and open slit black lace panties. It was a sexy look for Lori. It amplified her breasts and hid the girth of her tummy. Most importantly, Lori felt sexy wearing it. It was her favorite sex toy outfit. While Lori was getting dressed, Cody was pulling out some gear, lit some candles and put on some Tantra beats from Pandora.

Lori looked at what he pulled out. The ankle and wrist cuffs. These attach to the four posts of the bed to keep her tied down and spread eagle. Lori looked at him quizzically. She wondered if he really intended to tie her down for this. Cody saw her expression and said, “I’m going to leave the rest of the toys in the cabinet. I don’t want the guys going crazy on me. I just want them to fill up your pussy with cum for me.” And with that said, he took Lori’s hand and brought her over to the bed. He had her stand in front of him while he sat so he could suck on her nipples and play with her pussy at the same time. Lori was grooving to his touch and her head was thrown back. He could tell she was right on the edge of an orgasm.

“You excited baby girl? This going to be your first gangbang, huh?” More deep and sensuous kisses. She didn’t need to answer. He knew. He knew her story. How her slutty side excited and embarrassed her. Shame is such an evil emotion. That’s why he needed her to love this day. It could be a tipping point for both of them. She needed to let go of the shame and embrace the slut. He fingered her just right. Right enough to bring on a little shower of squirt. “Oh, my baby girl is ready. Ready for daddy’s friends to come over and play.”

He laid her out on the bed. First right wrist then right ankle, then a walk over to the left side for the same. She looked up at him and he could see the fear and doubt in her eyes. He softly caressed her face and let her know everything was going to be ok. He let her know how proud he was of her and how much his friends are going to love her. One last caress and then he put the blind fold on her. He was caressing and petting her and he started to explain how this afternoon would work.

When all the guys got there, he would walk them back to the bedroom so they could look at her and know what their dessert would be. He would be the only one talking at this point. Then they would all leave and they could wander back to the room as much as they wanted to while the game was on. He would only allow one friend in at a time and he would check on her after each visit. He would also bring her water and let her have a few potty breaks; let her get up and walk around a bit. He also promised to lick her pussy in between visits to get rid of all the cum the men are expected to leave behind.

Lori was thankful for the blindfold and the music. She used her stillness to connect with herself and get centered. She wanted to calm her nerves and be in a more mindful state better suited for experiencing what was to come. She was totally zoned out, not knowing how long she had been laying there, when there was a little knock on the door and Cody and his friends entered.

Cody walked up to the side of the bed and put his hands on Lori. One went to a breast, the other to her outer pussy lips where he stroked both nicely. “Guys, this is Lori. She’s my hucow sex toy. I’m opening up my hospitality to you. You may use her, one at time, anytime you like this afternoon. She is,” he took a minute to sweep her pussy and gather up some juices and then fed them to her on his finger, “she is so fucking ready.” Then he slapped her thigh and they walked out.

Lori was ready. She could feel her pussy juices spilling out and her nipples were super hard from Cody’s previous attention. She tried to relax, listening to the music, focussing on her breathing. She thought she heard the door open but it wasn’t until she felt a touch that she knew someone was there. He aped at her breasts and didn’t even take his pants all the way off before he was grinding away in her. She wanted to be repulsed but the pussy never lies and hers was gushing and her damn mouth formed that “o” and soon she started humming her song. She didn’t want to like being a slut but, oh man, that penis felt good. She loved being penetrated and before she knew it, he was off her and out the door.

Cody came in next. “Kitten, how are you doing?” He removed her restraints and gave her some water. He let her lean into him and he hugged her and told her how beautiful she was. He asked her how it was.

“Hm, it was ok.” She murmured into his chest.

“Baby girl, he came out of the room with a huge grin on his face. He loved it. He loved being inside you. He said you were the sexiest fuck he’s had all year. All the other guys are waiting for me to get back out. They all want their turn. Let me do a little inspection sweetie. Lay back down.”

Lori laid down on her back and spread her legs wide open for him. He put his face up to her pussy and licked away all the cum from his friend. He made sure Lori was primed and ready for her next fuck. He got her back into position with the restraints and returned the blindfold. “I’m so proud of you baby girl. You are amazing.” He kissed her some more, petted and praised her and then left.

The next friend came in right on Cody’s heals. This one got completely undressed. He straddled her face for a bit. Lori was excited to suck on his cock. He also spent some time kissing her and suckling at her breast. She was all kind of excited and wanting when he mounted her. He felt good, oh so very good. Lori’s orgasm song was loud and clear this time. She just couldn’t help herself. She squirted some with him as well. He was delightful. Lori was a little sad to see him go.

When Cody came in, he could tell his little slut was starting to relax and get into it. He saw her squirt spot on the bed. This time he left the restraints on and got between her legs. “Why look at what my baby girl did?! Did she like daddy’s friend? Did he have a nice cock? Did he do all the right nasty things with it?” And then he started licking away and giving her kitten nibbles on the inside of her thighs.

“Stop. Cody stop,” she giggled, not able to resist his playfulness. He popped up to her head.

“Really Kitten, you want this stop?” He was nuzzling her neck and caressing her cheek. She was melting. Her sex was back in focus.

“No Cody, please don’t let it stop. I love this Cody. I feel amazing.”

“Good girl. You are my best kitten.” Cody plied her with more cuddles and hugs and was soon out the door again.

Then the next friend came in. He undid her leg and arm restraints but he was a big man and was physically overpowering her. He grabbed her by her hair and had her bend over the bed. But he made sure she got a look at his huge cock. He made her lick it some too so she knew exactly how big it was and then he slammed in from behind and he fucked her like she was a bitch. He buried his huge cock into her and pounded into her over and over again. Her sex song was loud this time. She loved the way he was manhandling her. After he sprayed her insides with his seed, he pulled out and then made her get on her knees and lick him clean. She was so excited to be sucking on his cock. When he was getting ready to leave she followed on her hands and knees crawling after him before she realized what she was doing.

She ended up by the loveseat and crawled there instead. She was exhausted and cozy. She was in another zone. She felt an immense connection with all things. Her soul was at peace. She snuggled into herself. She didn’t even notice when Cody came back. But she knew it was late. The game had ended and she ended up napping on the little couch. He kneeled at her side. He took the blindfold off. He gently kissed her eyelids, and combed through her hair with his fingers. “You did so well my little cum slut. That’s what you are, isn’t it Lori? You’re my little cum slut, aren’t you?”

Lori slowly opened her eyes and gazed into Sir’s big brown eyes and melted impossibly more for him. She kissed his lips and whispered back, “I am your slutty cum slut bitch Sir. Thank you Sir. Your friends are nice. I hope they come back to play again.”

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