Father’s Gift



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What is expected of someone who actually comes across this kind of power? Of course you think about how the power itself could be used for good, that’s what the hero’s in comics and movies do, but people are rarely so selfless. My name is Grant Palacios, and this is how I gained the power to control time.

I grew up in a small town in California, far from the coast. I lived modestly with my mother and older half sister. My father was never in the picture, and my mother never spoke about him. She insisted that she knew nothing about him, and I never pressed her too hard because it seemed to upset her.

My sister, Moriah, is a few years older than me. Her father comes around every now and then when he’s not deployed, and he seemed to always seemed resentful of my mother. Something happened between them but I was always to afraid to ask what, he’s a scary guy.

I don’t mind not knowing so much, but I was curious. Why wasn’t my father around? Did he abandon me? Did something happen to him? I don’t even know whether I should be angry at him or sad that he’s gone. I was 20 almost 21 years old and had made it this far in life without him, so it’s not even that I want him to make a return. I just have questions. Little did I know, I’d be getting answers very soon.

I work full time at a warehouse in town, and attend weekend and night classes at the local community college. It pays decently so that I can help mom with the bills and have a tiny bit of fun money. Some weeks I’ll put the fun money in my savings account. I’m saving for a car and I’d much rather get a new one. Needless to say I walk to and from work and school unless my mom lends me the truck.

Today I walk. I don’t mind, the fresh air is good and I like to clear my head during the alone time. I use the time to plan what I would do for my birthday that night. I didn’t have plans, I wasn’t very social, not a ton of friends, no girlfriend. It’s not that I’m not attractive, I’m 5’ 10” with black shoulder length hair, I’m Mexican, so I have cinnamon colored skin and brown eyes. I’m kinda fit but far from an athletes build. I’m sure someone has thought I was cute at some point. It’s just that if they have/do, they haven’t said anything.

My phone buzzes in my pocket. Ah it’s Gloria. She’s my best friend. A gorgeous Filipino girl with short stature and even shorter temper. She has dark skin and thick rimmed glasses that go well with her round face. She’s 5’2” a tad chubby and has “features” that are a bit big for her frame. DD tits and an ass that jiggles when she walks. If I hadn’t known her since we were 7 I’d have tried my luck with her so very many times. It’s been too long though, it’d be weird. Besides, she doesn’t like me like that. I shake the thoughts from my mind and respond to her texts

“Hey loser, you don’t have plans for your birthday do you?? ”

“Not with anyone. Just thinking about buying myself snacks at the store and crashing in my room later.”

“Lame ass!! Come hang with me, I’ll get you a cake, and we’ll watch some anime or some shit.”

“I don’t knoooow, schedules prettty tight.”

“Bullshit! Just be at my place at 8 later, nerd”

“Alright, weeb ttyl”

There we go, plans made. She done this every year since my 18th birthday. My mom got it in her head that I’m too old for birthday parties after I hit that age, which is fine, I kinda am. My mom usually gives me a gift and kisses me on the forehead, while my sister wishes me a happy birthday without looking up from her phone and that’s all I hear about it during the day. The rest of my family will send letters some with cash and what not. These days the best parts of my birthdays are when I get to spend time with Gloria.

I walk into work after finally arriving and step through the metal detector. Something about the day feels off, like I’m being watched. I shake off the feeling and clock in. My shift goes relatively slow, there’s a lot of work, but I think I’m mainly excited to get out of there.

When my shift finally ends, I clock out and dart out the door as quickly as possible. While I’m walking, I decide to text Gloria that I’m on my way. I look down at my phone and shoot her a text, not watching where I’m going. SMACK. I’ve run right into someone, falling to the ground. I look up and see a pretty girl looking down at me with her arm extended to help me up.

“Sorry about that, dude.”

“No, excuse me, I wasn’t paying attention”

She’s cute, not really my type but damn is she cute. She’s about my height, super skinny athletic build with some tight fitting clothes. I take her hand and pull myself to my feet.

“You’re Grant right? I was actually sent here to look for you.”

“Me? By who? What for?”

“Your father, sent me to give you this.”

She reaches into her sweater pocket and pulls out a small gift box. I’m taken aback by what she just said. My father? I extend my hand and shakily take the box from her.

“Happy birthday Grant.”

She walks away leaving me with a lot of questions. I pocket the small rectangular box and head over to Gloria’s place with my mind racing.

I knock on Gloria’s door and she lets me in, and I try to keep my mind off the gift for now, I want to enjoy my birthday. The night is a lot of fun, we watch shows and eat food, just the two of us. She sings happy birthday to me, and we have cake. While we’re eating she plops a box on the counter.

“Open it fucker.”


I raise and eyebrow at her but do as she says. I peel the paper back and flip the lid off the box.

“Iiiits, a….. rock?”

“It’s called a wishing stone loser. At midnight, you squeeze it and put all your energy in it and it grants you a wish”

“I see, so you got me a paper weight”

She punches me in the arm and laughs.

“Yeah I guess I did, but it’s pretty ain’t it?”

I shrug. It is pretty. As I pocket the small stone, my hand brushes up against the box I received earlier. I pull it out and place it on the counter. Gloria looks at it and speaks through a mouth full of cake.

“Who gave you that?”

“Some girl, she said it was from my dad… I haven’t opened it”

“Why not? Maybe it actually is something from your old man.”

I nod at her, figuring it couldn’t hurt to open the box. I pull the lid off of the box. Inside is an oddly shaped silver remote with only three buttons, pause/play, rewind, fast forward, and small screen. I gently pry the small device out of its container to examine it

“Whoa, it’s warm”

“Like it’s been used?”

“Like it’s alive”


I turn it over in my hand and shrug. I toss the box in garbage can and pocket the remote.

“Let’s get back to the show.”

We return to the couch and watch some weird Netflix anime for awhile until we’re half asleep. Gloria stands up after a few hours and stretches.

“Pause it loser, I gotta pee”

As she walks away I grab absentmindedly to my right hand side and pick up the remote and hit pause. Gloria stops in her tracks, and I raise an eyebrow.

“You good Gloria?”

No response.

“Yo? What’s wrong?”

Still nothing. I get up and walk over too her.

“Are you ignoring me?”

I walk in in front of her. What the hell? It’s like she’s frozen. I wave my hand in front of her face, snap. Nothing. I look in my hand and see the silver remote. I bring it up and look at the screen. ‘Paused’. I look at Gloria again.

“You have to be trying to prank me…”

I walk around her.

“Ok so, if you’re really frozen, you won’t notice if I do this!”

I reel back and give her the hardest smack on the ass that I muster. Her ass jiggles a bit, but she doesn’t react. Holy shit. She’s frozen. I make my way back to the couch and plop back down. I hit play on the silver remote. Gloria yelps. And looks back at me. She’s a deep red

“Grant what the hell!?”

“What? I’m way over here.”

She looks confused for a moment, rubbing her ass where I smacked. She nods.

“Ok… just pause the show already”

I hit pause on the TV remote and she walks off. I look at the silver remote and turn it over in my hand. Where the fuck did you come from? I hit pause again and walk over to the bathroom. Doors lock but I reach up and get the key from the door frame and unlock it. Gloria’s sitting there on the toilet, shorts around her ankles, elbows resting on her knees. She looks like she was deep in thought. She doesn’t react to me coming in. I wave my hand in front of her face again. She really is frozen. I get an idea and I can’t help myself.

“Sorry Gloria…”

I reach down and pull her tits one at a time out of her tank top. Damn, that’s what they look like. I’ve always imagined but they’re even better than I thought. My cock is starting to harden as I stare and unbutton my pants. I run thumb across her soft lips and part her mouth a little, while stroking my cock with my other hand. I press the tip to her lips and smear the precum across them like lip gloss before slowly pushing into her warm, waiting mouth. I groan deeply, and start slowly fucking her face. I get deeper and deeper until my shaven mound is pressed into her nose. I put my hand on the back of her head and press her face closer to me shoving my cock full down her throat. I feel a familiar tightening in my loins and my legs start to shake a little. My cock pulses as if it’s about to burst before shooting rope after rope of hit cum down her throat. I stumble back, my cock slipping from her mouth, I bit of my cum dripping from her lip. I pull up my pants and grab a bit of toilet paper to wipe her lip and toss it in the trash. I leave the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I unpause life when I reach the living room and wait for her to return. When she does she says she has a weird feeling her throat.

“Maybe you’re getting sick?”


I can’t focus the rest of the evening. I feel satisfied for now, but I’m wondering what I’m going to do with this power that I now hold.

At around 1 AM I leave Gloria’s house and head home. As I’m walking I begin to feel like I’m being followed, so I stop and look around. I half expect to see someone with a knife, or a gun, but to my surprise I see the mystery girl from earlier walking towards me.

You again? Hey, what the hell is this thing?”

“I see you have had time to figure out it’s power. It’s a time manipulation remote, a gift from your father.”

“How do you know who my father is? Why would he give me this? Why now?”

“I know you must have several questions, but I’m not the one who can answer them all. I work for your father. He sent me before to gift you the remote, and now to tell you where he is. He would like to speak with you”

“What makes him think I want to talk to him?”

“He knows. You’ll find him at River Valley Community Hospital, room 301. He will be waiting”

She turns and walks away. I hit pause on the remote. I need a moment, so I sit on the curb. Do I really want to speak to him? After 20 years of silence on his end? I know nothing about him, and I want answers but I’m nervous. The hospital is only a few blocks away. I hit play on the remote. Staring down at my feet, I try and will them to move. I slowly pick myself up and start walking in the direction of the hospital.

I step through the doors and up to the desk.

“Excuse me, do you know who’s staying in room 301?”

“Let me see… Looks like one mister Grant Velazquez, but visiting hours are over.”

“That’s fine, I just wanted to ask”

I walk back out the doors and hit pause again. I make my way back inside and take the stairs to the third floor. I imagine complex machines and electronics don’t work while the world is stopped. I find room 302 and hit play. As I put my hand up to knock I hear a voice.

“Come in son, I know you’re there.”

When I step inside I see an older man, around my mothers age. He smiles at me, but I don’t smile back. I’m just confused.

“I have so many questions.”

“I know you do, sit down junior”

I do as I’m told.

“What the hell is going on? What is this remote? Where have you been my whole fucking life? I’m so fucking confused right now. I don’t even know where to start.”

“I’ll tell you everything. Let me start from the beginning.

He begins to tell me that he met mother in high school. They fell in love but neither wanted to admit it. They remained friends for several year, in the time she fell in love with someone else, got married, had a daughter. He wasn’t so lucky. When he turned 23, something odd happened. He was taking a class on Norse mythology for history credits in college. His professor had all kinds of knick knacks that were supposedly artifacts from that time. While observing them one in a glass case called out to him. A small stone that seemed to shimmer. When the class was clearing for the last day of the semester, he approached the case, being sure he was blocked by the crowd of students, and quickly opened the door and snatched the stone, shoving it in his pocket. His professor had noticed and asked to speak to him, but rather than being angry he seemed happy to pass the stone on. He was old and no longer had any use for it. Claimed it was a gift from Loki himself. My father left the class room and staring at the stone in his hand. As he was thinking “What do you do?” The stone shift in shape into its current form, the remote. He quickly realized it controlled time and the shenanigans began. At first it was small things, lifting shirts, stealing bras and panties, but it soon turned to more. He’d start having sex with girls he found particularly irresistible. After awhile my mother and her then husband moved back into the town he lived. They got in touch and they got caught up over coffee at a local shop. She had moved on, she was in love with someone else and the love for him had been forgotten. He was disappointed but realized that he could still have her. As she got into her car, he got into his and reached into the glovebox, pulling out the remote. He hit pause and headed over to my mothers car. She had become even more beautiful and sexy since they had last met. He had sex with her but she was different from other girls. With other girls he was careful not to get any cum inside them, but with her that wasn’t the case. He came inside her, multiple times, and made sure she’d get pregnant. A few months later, her husband returns, and she finds out she’s pregnant. Her husband leaves, and I’m born.

He looks at me and waits for a response but I have nothing to say. It’s not that I don’t believe him, I’m holding the remote. I think for a moment. This explains why mom always claimed not to know who my father was. She really has no idea who it is, but I do now.

“Why pass it on now? You’re still pretty young”

“I’m dying Grant, and I loved your mother, Yesenia, more than anyone. I think she felt the same too, she did name you after me after all. That is why you get the remote over any of the others.”

“So do I have other siblings?”

“Probably hundreds, but only a few that matter.”

He takes a note pad off the table next to him and writes some things down.

“These are the addresses where you’ll find your siblings. You’re one of my two sons. The rest are daughters.”

I take the paper and look down at the five addresses and the names written next to them. They’re the names of the mothers and my siblings names. He gives me a run down of who the siblings are and how he knew the mother. He lays back in his bed.

“I don’t have a lot of time left junior. I just didn’t want to leave you with questions.”

He closes his eyes and waves me out the door. I leave and head home for the night.

The next day I head into work, remote in my pocket. I get a couple of weird looks as I go through the metal detector when I pull the remote out, but no one says anything. That day my productivity and quality are through the roof. I get more done in an hour that our fastest people would do in two. Everyone pats me on the back and jokingly asks for my help, asking what I’m on. I laugh it off and squeeze the remote lightly in my pocket, but not everyone is pleased to see me do well.

Later on my coordinator, a taller brunette woman with pale skin named Riley, approaches me, looking down at me through her glasses. She starts questioning me about how I’m doing so well. She such a bitch, everyone hates her. I give her smart ass responses. I shouldn’t talk back to her but I can’t help it. She’s clear pissed off that I’m getting positive and is trying to knock me down a peg in her own passive aggressive way.

“I see you’ve been flooding the conveyer all day. Not trying to leave room for your partners to pick?”

“I see you’re still giving people shit for no reason. They have plenty of room, I’m making sure of it.”

Her face turns a little read, angry at my response. She goes on a rant on how I have to leave more space for ten minutes before walking away. From the front she’s not much, B cup tits, low cut shirt. I hate her but she does have the nicest ass. She wore leggings today and her ass ripples with each of her heavy, angry steps as she storms away. My cock starts growing, and I can’t resist.

“Hey, Riley? Can you check that box there? The label might be wrong.”

She turns and glares at me, but then stops the conveyor belt and leans over the box to look at the label. Perfect. I hit pause on the remote and walk over to her and slap her left ass cheek with all my strength, a couple of times. I sliding my fingers into the waistband of her leggings and pull them all the way down to her ankles and give her ass few more smacks on the same side. I then spread her perfect ass and get a good look as her pussy and asshole. I can’t resist slipping between her legs and eating her pussy for a bit. My tongue slips up and down her slit and circles her clit before I suck on it for a bit. She tastes damn good and it’s only making my cock harder. I tongue her hole a bit and shove my fingers in. I start to notice that her body is reacting to the stimulation even though times is frozen. Her pussy is getting soaked, and I’m ready to take full advantage of the position I have her in. I stand up and get behind her, grabbing her hip with one hand and lining my cock up to her dripping wet hole with the other. I slam into her as hard as I can, I’m not trying to be nice. I pump my cock in her as hard as I can. I grab a hand for of her hair and pull her head back as I piston in and out, making loud slapping noises. I start smacking her ass again as I push her body more in the box while I fuck her. I feel my cum starting to build and I pick up more speed. I’m gonna cum inside her. I feel my knees start to buckle a little as I release a massive load into her waiting pussy. I groan with each passing wave as I unload rope after rope inside her. When I pull out my cum starts to drip down her thigh. My cock is still hard though and I spread her ass again. I spit on her asshole and line my cock up with it and thrust my cock hard into her tight ass, up to the base. I want this to hurt, I grab her hips with both hands and start slamming into her asshole, over and over. I smack her huge ass until it’s a deep red. I can feel myself getting ready to cum again so I give her one last good, hard thrust and cum deep in her asshole. My cock starts to soften and I pull it out with a soft plop. I claim her panties as a trophy then pull her leggings up. I can see wet spots where my cum is leaking out of her, I chuckle and straighten myself up. I make sure I’m back where I was standing before and hit the play button. Riley begins to speak.

“It’s corr- OH FUUUUUUCK!”

Her legs buckle and start to shake, she has her arm on the box to support her. Her breathing is ragged while she recovers from the ‘random’ orgasm she just had. He face flushes read and everyone stares at her. She’s visibly confused, as she looks around.

“What are you all staring at!? Get back to work!”

She try’s to get her composure back a little before running off on her still shaky legs. I smile and get back to work. I’m gonna enjoy having the power to fuck whoever I want.

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