Dominant Daddy Needed


It was the start of the summer holiday, mum and dad were going on holiday as dads work always closed down at the end of July for 2 weeks, this year I didn’t really want to go and they said my aunti would pop in and see me every day to make sure I was ok.

The Saturday came and mum n dad flew off on holiday, I invited my boyfriend around, he was a few years older than me, he stripped me and told me I was going to be his slut for 2 weeks now whilst my parents were away and that every time he visited I had to be naked, he told me to get into various poses and started to take some really naughty pics of me, bent over with my cheeks spread showing my tiny pink hole, then sitting with my legs spread wide, some with toys inside me, sucking his cock, with his cock in me and cum over my face tits and in my hair, he sent them to me and said he would keep a copy to and then he left, I showered and whilst in there used the shower on my pussy to bring myself off.

My mind was racing and I really did fancy an older daddy to dominate me, someone with a big cock and that was strong and enjoyed a young teenage school girl, so I put my uniform on and took some pics, then slowly undressing until I was just in stockings and my school tie.

I went on to a BDSM site and registered put that I was 18, made up my DOB and then posted my pics, my profile displayed me as a submissive teenage school girl looking for a dominant strong fit daddy that was over 50 and knew how to use a slut. I got a few instant messages from guys in their 20’s telling me how they would use me and degrade me, and then a guy messaged me, 55, fit, six pack, nice pecs, all his hair and teeth, non smoker had his own detached house with land in the  country, nice big 9” cock and told me he had wanted a sub teenage school girl slut to play with and use as he see fit.

I messaged him back to say hi, and sent him some pvt pics showing my face and full body naked which he had requested, I was 5.5’ size 8 very slim, I did a lot of gymnastics and swimming, I had a small 32B chest with 30 hips and 26” waist, long blond hair down to my bum and blue piercing eyes, he replied and said I looked amazing, sexy and he would love to play with me. We arranged to meet Sunday afternoon, he told me to wear a short dress, stocking but nothing else and that the rules are that when I arrive through his front door I must remove just my dress, I am never allowed to be in his house dressed only stockings or fully nude.

He picked me up from some garages out of the way from anyone,I got into the front of the car, he immediately unbuttoned the top of my dress to look at my breasts and lifted the bottom to see my smooth tiny pussy, he looked at me and smiled and told me I was a good girl. We drove out into the country, about 45 minute drive, we then drove up a long narrow drive way and then eventually arrived at this big old country farm house, surrounded by high hedges and double gates at the front, he walked around and opened the door for me, I stepped out and he told me to remove my dress, I was very nervous and asked if I could get inside first, he slapped my face hard and told me that daddy wants me to remove my dress and do as I am told, my face stung like hell, I wasn’t ready for this sort of thing but now I was a little stuck and frightened, I removed my dress and handed it to him. He walked to the back of his car and put it in his boot the returned with a leather strapped gag and put it into my mouth then buckled it up, he put leather straps on my wrists and fastened them together behind me back, he pushed me up against the bonnets of his car and kicked my legs open, he put some leather cuffs on my ankles, then started to caress my calf’s, my thighs then started to kiss my arse cheeks and his fingers wandered to my pussy and arse, my pussy was starting to get wet, I was getting turned on by being gagged and tied, he laughed and told me I was a good girl for letting him play and for my pussy getting nice and wet, he slipped a finger in and moaned and commented on how tight I was, he started to lick me arse and slid his tongue inside me then moved to my pussy.

He told me he knew I wasn’t 18 and that I was much younger because he had seen me at the swimming galas with my club and knew I had just competed in the under 15’s. He told me he was going to enjoy me and pleasure me like I had never been before and that I would be staying the night as he had the week off work and knew my parents were away.

He walked me into his house and up the stairs to one of the bedrooms, when he unlocked the door it look like a sex dungeon, there was a large cross which he took me to, it was higher than me, he tied my wrists and ankles to it facing it, I was spread open and couldn’t move, he started to gently spank my arse and up my back, down my legs, gentle whipping, up in the middle of my legs so I could feel it on my pussy and then my clit as it starting to protrude, he gently kissed my neck and whispered that he was really going to enjoy his teenage submissive slut, he kissed down my back and run his tongue up and down over my arse crack moaning as he went, at the same time his fingers were running over my pussy, I was nice n smooth and his rough large hands a thick fingers felt good over my tight teen pussy. 

He played and toyed with me for what seemed like hours, whipping me, touching me, inserting fingers into my holes and licking said holes, I was very weak now, exhausted with orgasms, his fingers penetrating me felt amazing especially when he used both holes. He untied my feet and then my wrists, I collapsed into his arms, he took me to a bench were he laid me down, he tied my ankles which had my legs spread wide open with easy walking access at the front of my pussy, the bench there was shaped to give access to both holes, he tied my wrist above my head then he told me to relax.

He blind folded me then I heard to movement of something then I felt something penetrating me and then I heard it, he had put a fucking machine on me, it was very long and not to thick so it was comfortable until he pushed it closer and then it was fully penetrating me, he told me it was 12” but only 9” was in me as my pussy was so young and tender and he wanted the to really feel his cock spread me, he sped the machine up, it was fucking me fast, he had now put a wand on my clit and it felt amazing I was cummin in seconds but he never stopped, he told me he would make me pass out, then it happed, I squirted everywhere, it felt like was pissing myself, I felt his tongue down there cleaning me up and his fingers making it continue, he was drinking me telling how sweet I tasted, he told me I was such a good little girl and how much daddy appreciated my juices and tight young teen body.

After about 20 minutes he untied me and carried me to another bench, this time he tied my ankles to posts so my legs where spread high and wide and my head hanging backwards over the bench, I heard him unzip his jeans and them hit the floor then his shirt, he walked around to my head and told me to open my mouth wide, I looked up and all I could see was this 10” thick piece of meat, for skin pulled right back showing me his bulbous head leaking cum, he told me to stick my tongue out and he wiped the head all over my tongue, I could taste his salty cum but I enjoyed it, I licked his head cleaning him up then he told me to keep my tongue out as he slowly pushed the head into my mouth, then I felt it hit the back of my throat, surprisingly I didn’t gag, he withdrew a little and told me to take a deep breath, then I felt it hit my throat and slowly sliding down, he started to fuck my throat, I could hear him moaning, I started to clench my throat muscles on his big cock, I just heard, omg that’s amazing, he continued, I was mumbling as I needed to breath but he carried on, then I must have blacked out because when I woke up he was eating my pussy and arse, it felt good then he heard my moans of pleasure, he walked back around and told me I had to finish him off, he slid his cock back down my throat and continued to fuck me, but this time he pulled out every minute for me to breath, after a while I felt his cock stiffen, his head enlarge along with his shaft and then I felt him shoot hot stream after hot stream of cum into my stomach, it must have been a waterfall there was loads of it, he pulled out and told me to clean him up which I did.

He walked around and sat on a chair and continued to lick at my pussy and arse making me moan with pleasure, he told me he had wanted to taste me for a few years now since watching me swim in my tight swimsuit, he said he could often get a good look at my pussy lips being hugged by it and then last year as my young tits started to grow I started to look amazing, he told me he had seen me naked a year ago in the changing rooms as my curtain was slightly open and how much it made him hard watching my tiny body.

I felt his fingers slid in me and thrust up to my g-spot, he told me to relax and that he wanted me to squirt again so he could drink me, he finger fucked me and licked n sucked on my clit for a while then it happened again, he quickly with drew his fingers and his mouth engulfed my Pussy as he drank my juices, he spread the skin on my legs allowing him more access to get his tongue deeper, it did feel so good then he slowly stopped, I was exhausted still, I couldn’t move he told me he was going to take me now and that I should be prepared to get the fucking of my life. 

I felts something penetrating my arse, this was the fucking machine again, he slowly pushed it right in and then turned it on at a slow pace but it was going deep, I told him to stop as it was hurting, he spread some more lube on my arse and told me to relax I’d get used to it and then enjoy it, after 10 minutes I stopped crying and started to relax, I started to feel good, I was now moaning a little, I looked down I could see him stroking his hard cock watching me getting fucked, he stepped closer to me then I felt his thick hard cock press against my pussy then I felt the large head pop inside then the shaft slowly following till he was balls deep inside me, he let out a moan at the same time as me, he looked down and told me I was a really good little slut and he wanted me all the time, he started to fuck me slowly, then he got into a rhythm with the fucking machine, slowly in and out but deep, both in and both out at the same time, I felt full, full of cock in both holes, I was being used by my dominant daddy and it felt so good, he lasted for about an hour just slowly fucking me until he filled me with his cum, I felt it shoot and hit the walls of my stretched vagina soaking my insides with his hot man seed, he continued to fucked my well lubricated pussy for 5 minutes then with drew, he pulled out the machine and I was fully spent, totally used, he walked off, 5 minutes later he returned, scooped me up and carried me to a nice hot bubble bath where I relaxed for an hour or so.

He told me tomorrow night would be more exciting and less intimate.  

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