Deli Girl. Sex story


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Tom and Debbie have known each other for years, and now both are single, they explore life and sex

My name is Tom, I am 54, separated now about a year now, with the divorce becoming final soon, from an 8 year marriage that should have never happened, but oh well. I was married before too, that one lasted 24 years and two kids. She wanted to live a single life, one she really never got to experience because we married so young. I am 5’ 10, about 185 lbs, with salt and pepper hair. I guess I am of average looks, with a slight gut now. I work as a software specialist, and have been with this company 15 years.

For the last ten years I usually go to lunch and pick up something to eat out of the deli, at this local grocery store. In doing so, I made friends with many of the ladies that work the counter there, especially Debbie. Now Debbie is an attractive woman, but not drop dead gorgeous. She is 5’2, 140 or 145 lbs., with brown hair, and I know she is 55 years old, and is a widow of 3 ½ years. Her husband of 30 years had a massive heart attack while cutting the lawn back then. Debbie also has a very nice chest too, I would say 36D, and nice bubble butt, but also has that pouch many women have, at that age, in the belly area, but all in all, she is cute.

I usually stop there 3 or 4 times a weeks for lunch, and unless Debbie is off, she waits on me. She has a quick wit and loves to tease and flirt. Always has a smile on her face now. She was even like that when her husband died. I believe work was her refuge. I always would ask how many men were lined up at her door, dying to take her out? She would just giggled and say, oh, there is a few, but I keep the door closed, waiting on that special one, to come a knockin. She would always ask too, wheni was going to take her to lunch, and I would always laugh and say, when you think you can handle me for lunch.

A while back, I stopped in on a Monday, and had the usual banter with her, and when she asked about lunch, I said oh hell, and said to her, how about tomorrow at this time. She said seriously? I said yes. She goes you are on. Then I saw a radiant smile fall on her face, like she just won the lottery or something. Now I know from past chats, she hasn’t been out with any man, except one, and he lasted two dates, but was so full of himself, she couldn’t stand to look at him after the second date.

The next day I got to the store at noon, and Debbie was near the exit door, and waved to me. I went up and hugged her and asked if she was ready, she just nodded, and we left for this little diner that was two blocks away. Lunch was great, and the talk was even better. We really got to know one another. When her husband died, I did go to the funeral, and when it ended and people were leaving, she made a special effort to come up and give me a hard hug, and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for coming. We talked about family life and she asked how being single was going. I told her it was good, but did companionship. She said the same thing, and now isn’t sure she could live with another man, or at least not get married again. I told her she should be dating and she said, she would, but it is hard to meet good guys. The one’s she has met want to get married, or live together, and she just doesn’t want that, unless he was the ONE.

We left the diner about ten to one, knowing she only got an hour. As we were walking back, I thanked her for a wonderful time. She said it was nice and wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime soon. I said, yeah, I would like that too, and then, for some strange reason, I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t back away either, and when our kiss broke, we acted like it was natural. As we started walking, I asked if she wanted to do lunch again on Thursday, and she said really? I said, yep, this was fun. She said sure, but where this time. I said, how about I pick us up some fried chicken and do lunch at the park, if it is nice out, otherwise we’ll wing it. She said it sounds lovely.

That Thursday, I arrived about 15 minutes early to picked up some chicken and these big fries called JO Jo’s. Debbie was the one who waited on me. I asked for two breast, and she said yeah, you look like a breast man and I asked what she wanted , and she picked thighs, saying she was a thigh girl, which I said yeah, you look like a thigh woman. She just winked and said, wouldn’t you like to know. I got us some iced tea’s, and checked out and waited for her.

We drove over to the park, and surprisingly, there was no one around, for a warm June day. I said this is perfect, no one to bother us, and no screaming kids. She said, what, you don’t like kids? I said I do, but not when they are screaming like little banshee’s. We each have a couple of grandkids, so we do know what little one’s are still like. She said she loves her grandkids, except when they are acting up and don’t listen. I agreed with her on that. She was asking why I don’t date, and I said I really haven’t decided if dating is right for me, or just go out for casual fun. She said, oh, for casual sex then. I laughed and said, well yeah, but that hasn’t worked out to well yet. She said she sometimes thinks she would like to find a nice guy, go out, then maybe get busy in bed, with no strings attached to it.

We finished eating and cleared up the mess and I said we still have 30 minutes, would you like to walk for a bit, and she said sure. We walked, and for some reason, I just took her hand in mind, like we were on a date. She looked up at me and just smiled. Then I bent down and kissed her again, first lightly on the lips, and then pulled back to gage her reaction. Her eyes smiles, then her lips formed a smile, so this time I went in for another. As our lips met, we both parted them, and let our tongues explore each others. It turned into a long passionate kiss, and as we kissed, I pulled her in close, and could feel her breast mash up against my chest. They were definitely full, that’s for sure. I am pretty sure she could feel my cock, which was now hard, pressing against her stomach area. We stayed kissing for a few minutes.

When the kiss broke, all I could say was Wow, and so did she. I told her she was the first woman I have kissed like that in almost 3 years, and she said it has been over 3 and half for her. I told her that she was a wonderful kisser and she said the same back to me. She then asked, why so long, and I told her how the last two years of marriage, my soon to be ex, lost any desire for sex in any form. She was going through the change of life and what ever pill they had her on, killed any drive she may have had. Debbie said she can understand that, and said, the change of life is a bitch, and thank god I am through with it. I also told her that the ex enjoyed sex until after we married, then it started to decrease as time went on, and her bitchiness got more and more. Which is the main reason I left. I could do no right by her, even though I tried. We even went to consoling, but that didn’t help either. Debbie said she and her husband had a wonderful married life, and the sex was always great.

As we started back to the car, she asked if I could do her a favor, and I said sure, what is it. She said her computer, at home, somehow got a virus and now she can’t even go online. I chuckled, and said you really have to lay off of those porn sites. She laughed and said, but why, it’s a good way to pick up new tricks to use. I said, my my, you are a bad girl aren’t you. She laughed and said, wouldn’t you like to know. In my mind I am thinking, oh hell yeah I would. I said I could come over Friday evening, but she said she has to close, so I said how about Saturday morning after I go into the office for a bit. She said that sounds great and that she is usually up at 7:30 or 8 on her day off. I said great, I’ll be there then.

As we got to the car, and I opened her door, I leaned in once more and kissed her, and she kissed me back, with her arms going around my neck and mine around her waist. This kiss also lasted a few minutes. When we broke, she said, damn, how am I supposed to work now. I said, yeah I know. My cock was so hard now, and I am betting, she was quite wet. As we drove back, she wrote down her address and number for me, and I gave her my number. When she was getting out, at the store, she leaned back to me and kissed me again and said she had a great time today, and hoped to see me again tomorrow, at lunch time. I told her I probably wouldn’t be in, since I had to meet with a client. She gave a little pout and said well, then I guess I’ll have to wait until Saturday.

That night and Friday night, all I could think of was Debbie, and how much I wanted to be with her, sexually. I even stroked my 7 ½ inch cock thinking of her. Since neither of us was active sexually, I am sure we’d cum within minutes of doing anything. I was hoping she was laying in bed right now, using a dildo, or something, to get herself off too. That would be fun to watch, I am sure.

I was up at 5am Saturday, shaved and showered, and even though I don’t have a lot of pubic hair, I trimmed it back some. Before I was married, and dating another woman, she got me in the habit of shaving it all down there, but that can be a chore, and after meeting my wife and getting married, I quit doing it. She said it didn’t look natural shaved. Of course, her giving a blow job was usually out of the question. She usually had to be drunk to do that.

I left about 5:30 and headed to the office, and just before I left, I took a little blue pill with me. About 5 years previously, I was having trouble getting it up, so the doctor prescribed that, but I really think it was because I just couldn’t stand the bitching at home anymore, and that caused the ED. I got to work at 6am, and finished up a report for a client pretty quick. I popped the pill about 7am, and just waited around the office until about twenty after, and said oh well, I am going over and hopefully she is up too.

I got to her place, which was a nice house, in one of those well groomed neighborhoods, about 20 minutes from my work place. I pulled in and got out, went to the door, and rang the bell. I waited about 20 seconds, thinking maybe she wasn’t even up yet, and then the door opened. She stood there, wearing a wine colored silk night shirt, that just barely covered her ass. The top two buttons were undone, and I could easily see her cleavage and her nipples were poking out the material. She said, wow, I didn’t think you’d be this early. I apologized and said I could come back later. She said bull, come on in and said, I must look a mess right now. I said you look absolutely gorgeous just like that.

She guided me back through her home to the kitchen island and asked me to take a seat, then asked if I wanted any coffee, which I said please, that would hit the spot. She went to the cupboard to get me a cup and had to reach up to get it. When she did, her shirt lifted with her and exposed her ass, which was covered by a red, laced pair of panties that did not cover much. Seeing that made my dick twitch some. She had to know I could see it. Then she turned back around and as she did, I made it seem like I was looking around at her family room, which was off the kitchen area. After she poured me a cup, she fretted about her appearance, and I said you look fabulous, and if I may be bold, very sexy. She blushed some and thanked me. She said she didn’t expect me here so soon and I told her I got done with what I needed too, and figured you may be up already. She laughed and said she was up at 6am, but was just lounging around reading. I said I like how she lounges.

I was wearing only tan cargo shorts and a t-shirt, very casual like, and black silk boxers. She said that may be she should come over my place tomorrow morning and see how I lounge around. I said that would be fine with me, and I usually just wear boxers around the house. She goes, mmmmmmm, sounds even better. We both laughed at that.

I was sitting on the end of the island and she came over by me and stood there, while we drank. She said I have to tell you, I could not get those kisses out of my head these last two days. I told her that was all I could think of too. Then I stood up and took her in my arms, and kissed her passionately. Our kiss lasted for what seemed like hours, but was actually or a few minutes. My hands explored her back, feeling the silky material, but was wondering how her skin would feel. She was doing the same with me, but also pulling me in so we had no room between our front sides and I know she could feel my erection.

When she broke from the kiss, she asked, what do you usually wear to bed? I said, boxers, and in the winter, a t-shirt too. She said, mmmmm. She then surprised me when she said, well, since I am in my nightwear, you should be too. I looked at her and asked, really? She said why not, might as well be comfy before you work. So I stepped back and took off my t-shirt, and put it over the chair, then I undid my belt, and unbuttoned my shorts and let them hit the ground, and stepped out of them. I also removed my sandals. She stepped back and saw I had on black, silk, boxers. Then she came back in and just before we kissed, she said very nice, and very sexy. We kissed again, but this time I let my hands wander down to her ass, and squeezed both cheeks, and as I did, she moaned in my mouth.

After we broke from the kiss, she looked down at my boxers, and could see my raging hard on, but didn’t say a thing. We were like two teenagers doing it for our very first time, and not knowing what to do. Finally, she grabbed my hand and said some on, let’s get the computer taken care of. Here I am, with this beautiful lady, and we are scan’tily dressed, and she worried about her computer. I said ok, let me grab this CD and then off we went. She said her computer is in her bedroom. My mind was racing now, and wondered if I would even get close to fixing it.

Once in there, the desk was right across from her bed, and she booted it up. I sat down and inserted my CD, which would sniff out any virus. After a few minutes, the program did its chore and I found it. I then removed it, and went into the root section and made sure it was gone. Then I opened her browser to see if it left a cookie, which some do. I saw the cookie and removed it and then looked to see if any more were around, and that’s when I saw what she looks at, and was surprised. She logs on to Sex Stories dot com a lot. I looked up at her, which was just off to the side of me, with her hand on my shoulder, and said, oh you naughty, naughty girl. You like the site too? She blushed and said, well yes. I said me too. Some of the stories are out there, but most are written quite well, and very erotic. Theni asked, do you ever submit any stories? She stood there for a second, thinking how to answer, then just came out and said yes.

I asked what her pen name was for it, and she blushed again and didn’t answer. I said oh come on, maybe I have read some of them. Finally, she said it is Swing Gal. I said no way, I have read those. You are an amazing writer too. You really know how to capture a readers attention and are very erotic, which is what we look for, when we click on one. She said thank you, I try, and I really enjoy writing them. She asked if I ever wrote any, and I said I have, told her my name, but she said she hasn’t got to any of those yet. I logged onto the site, and then logged onto to my name, went to my stories published and clicked on one. Most of hers involved swinging, and a few of mine did too, so I picked one I thought she may like. It popped up, and I grabbed her hand and said come sit in my lap and read. She giggled and said, well, I don’t think we’ll need to worry about anything popping up, because it’s already up. She sat right down in my lap, wiggled her ass a little, which now had my covered cock resting between the cheeks of her ass.

She started reading, and as she read, she was moving around in my lap, and I could tell when she was getting to the sex parts, because she squirmed around a lot, which was driving me crazy. As she finished, she turned towards me and said, wow, I never knew you got into swinging. I said I had no idea she did too. She said that her husband John, and her started swinging about 10 years before his death. A couple they were friends with, introduced them to it, and they found they really enjoyed it. She said then, if you read those stories, then I will tell you, they were true, and yes, I am bi as well, which is why I said I like thighs. I laughed and said, I wondered about that comment. She then asked, were you bi back then too? I said yes, but bi oral only. She said she had asked John many times to try it, just once, but he said no every time.

She then got up, turned and faced me, straddled my legs and sat back down. Her arms went around my neck, and then kissed me hard. We kissed for 5 minutes, and as we did, she would rub her pussy over my aching cock. She broke from the kiss and had a big smile on her face. I looked at her and asked what? She said, I have been flirting with you a lot this past year, so why did you it take you so long to make a move? I grinned and said, I wasn’t sure that you were even ready for a lunch date, let alone what we are doing now, but the other day, I just said oh the hell with it and asked you and I am so glad I did. I have wanted to be with you for a long time. She giggled and said she has wanted this too for a very long time. Had I known you were into so much, like me, we could have been having fun for a long time now.

She then said, I hope what you know about me, does not change your view of me. I said, certainly not. Why should it? Just because you enjoy sex, no strike that, if your stories are real, then I would say love sex, then I think we’d be a perfect match. She chuckled and said, those stories actually did happen, and the couple in it, besides John and me, are real, and very good friends of mine, Darlene and Ben. Granted, I have not been with a man since John has died, but I never said I did not have sex since then. As she was talking, I was unbuttoning her top all the way, and opening it to reveal her lovely breasts. They were gorgeous, a bit saggy, but for a woman in her 50’s, they still looked mighty fine to me. Her areola’s were about the size of silver dollars, and dark, with long nipples protruding out.

She said that her and Darlene have been meeting weekly for about a year and a half now, for a little girl fun. She stopped and looked at me and asked, do you like what you see? I just went, mmmmmmmm, yes, and leaned into her and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it in. She gasped then moaned. She then grabbed my head and pulled it up and said stop for now, plenty of time to continue there in a bit.

She went on to tell me that Darlene was the one that brought her out of her shell, and at least started enjoying sex again. She said that John and her made a pact, long ago, when they started swinging, that if they were going to be with the opposite sex, then all four have to be together, at least in the same house, but not exclusive to same room, so that is why she hasn’t been with the both of them, she just didn’t feel right doing a threesome. But, she has made peace with John, in her heart and mind, and needs to move on and find someone who she can share a loving relationship and sex. Not sure yet if she can handle falling in love, but at least a close friend to go out with, and who will understand and be basically a sex buddy to begin with.

She laughed then and said, see, you thought you knew me. I was this sweet, mild manner lady at the deli counter, but in reality, a bit of a slut behind the bedroom door. I knew of her stories and what they did together, which ranged from the normal oral and fucking, to girl on girl, and both women liking it in the ass, and she loved double penetration too. They even slept with each others spouses alone, but in the same house or wherever they were at. She said she enjoys talking dirty, that she does have a kinky side and is not afraid to ask for something, if she likes it.

I looked at her and said, well my dear, I hope we can become great friends, who can help each other out in the bedroom, and in real life, outside the bedroom. I am not looking to fall in love, at least not at this moment. Fall in lust, oh hell yeah, and I would love to be your friend, with benefits, because the benefits look damn sexy. She laughed and said, you must be blind. I got saggy tits and ass, and a belly, although I can still see well enough to shave down there. I chuckled and said, look at me. I got a gut now too, have gray hair, and I have this feeling I wont be staying hard like I used too. She said, shush, you are very attractive to me, and I love your shape, and you are all man. And, who knows, we may suck together in bed.

Then she got up and let the shirt fall off, and started walking to the bed. She said, let’s find out how great we are together. Just before she got on the bed, she pushed her panties off, and was now naked. I got up and let my boxers drop, and now my cock was free and pointing right at her. Debbie looked at it, and licked her lips and said, oh my, that is one nice cock sweetie, and I see you like to trim down there, I definitely like. I grinned and said thanks, lets hope it stays up and can give you pleasure. She said, not to worry, just being with me is pleasure enough, that’s just a bonus.

I crawled up on the bed and laid down next to her, and took her in my arms. We started kissing passionately, and let our hands roam each others bodies. As I played with her tits, her hand was caressing my ass, then moved to my cock and lightly started stroking it. My one hand slid down her belly, then over her hair covered mound, and started playing with her pussy lips. She gasped when my fingers started stroking her outer lips. She broke the kiss and said, look, let’s not compare past lovers, although I will say, you are bigger than John, but let’s make a deal that we don’t need to compare size or performance, let’s just act like to virgins. I agreed, because I really didn’t want to know her lovers sizes or how they fucked her before.

I then pushed her so she was on her back, and I started licking down her body, taking my time when I reached her nipples, which were sticking way out. As I sucked, she moaned a great deal and her breathing had quickened. When I pushed both tits together and got both nipples in my mouth, and lightly bit down, her ass came off the bed and she orgasmed, and moaned out real loud. She said oh Christ, I came already, damn that felt good. I then started licking down her belly, stopping at her belly button and licking there for a bit, which she seemed to like a lot.

Once my tongue found it’s way through her small patch of hair, above her lips, she gasped again, and said, oh yeahhhhhhhhh, I need this. My tongue traced around her lips, breathing her musky scent, and tasting her sweet juice that was leaking out of her. For a woman in her 50’s, she was extremely wet right now. I then positioned myself so I was laying between her legs, and spread them wide, and took two fingers, and spread her pussy lips wide too. I looked at her pussy and marveled at the size of her clit, which had to be sticking out almost ¾ of an inch and as fat as my thumb. I was big and juicy and definitely needed some attention. I let my tongue work all around her inner lips, with her moaning a great deal now and telling me to eat her, keep my tongue right there.

My tongue started fucking her pussy now, and she was loving it. Her hips were coming off the bed, helping me get deeper, and telling me I was great at eating pussy. Then I finally started licking her clit. This drove her over the top, and when I took it into my mouth, her ass came way off the bed, and her body stiffened, and let out a groan, then said holy sit, I am going to cum. Her pussy was now real wet, and then a slight gusher of liquid came out, soaking my face, which I tried to lap up.

I was still licking her lips as she came down, from her orgasm, and she grabbed my hair and said, Oh Tom, please stop, I really need to feel you inside me, please fuck me. I rose up and scooted up so I could line my cock up with her soaking wet snatch. I rub the head up and down the slit. When I did this, she said, please no teasing, just put it in. I started easing into her. She groaned as the head went past her lips. I asked if she wanted me to go slow, and she said no need, she had her 8 inch dildo in there about an hour ago, just in case I didn’t show up. I asked, did you cum then? She laughed and said, oh yeah, but not like you just did to me. I sunk my cock inside all the way then and laid there a few seconds. She looked at me and said, oh my god, does this feel so good. I said you feel like heaven baby. Her pussy was so hot, and wrapped tightly around my cock. We started with long, slow strokes, neither of us wanting to rush it, because we’d both orgasm to quick. After a few minutes of steady fucking, I could feel that familiar twinge in my ball sack, letting me know it wanted to let loose this cream inside her. I fought that urge off, because this felt so good.

As we kept fucking I asked her if I needed to pull out when it was time. She chuckled and said, god no, that was tied off years ago and even over the change too, so I am good to go babycakes. As we fucked, she wrapped her legs around me, so her feet were on my ass, and her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a long kiss. This did me in and I started fucking her faster now, and we could hear our bodies slapping together. I was really starting to bang into her and she said, oh yeah babe, give me that cock, fuck me good now and give me your hot cum. My balls were reaching a point of no return and I started shooting rope after rope of cum deep inside her. Debbie yelled out, oh fuckkkkkkkkk, I am cumming too. Her legs tightened around me as we both came now. She was gasping for air, and holding me tight, as we started coming down from our orgasm.

We both had a sheen of sweat on us, but it felt terrific and I was still hard inside her. She said that was awesome and I hope you are ready for more. I said I sure am, but you have to wait a few minutes. I started pulling out of her and put my face down by her pussy. She asked, what are you doing? I said, a gentleman always cleans up his mess my dear. I looked at her pussy and could see our combined liquids pouring out of her, so I naturally started licking her pussy and drinking in our cum. She goes, holy shit, no man has ever done that before. I stopped and asked, do you want me to quit? She said, oh hell no, if you like doing it, please continue. I ate her and licked as much cum as I could, and when I was done, I slid back up her body and kissed her. She was on fire with desire then. Her tongue was licking my lips and face, tasting what we created, and then licked inside my mouth, trying to get more cum.

When she broke from the kiss, she goes, so are you one that like’s snowballing too? I said, yes maam, and she goes, mmmmmmm good to know. I placed my arms around her, and rolled with her so she could be on top now. She lifted her ass up, reached between us and grabbed my still hard cock and said, damn, I love a man that stays hard, and helped insert it back into her pussy.

Once I was all the way in, she sat up and was looking down at me and said, I think it’s time to let Debbie drive this time. She then said, not bad for a third date huh? I said it was a great third date. Then I looked at her and asked, would you like to do dinner tonight? She chuckled and said, oh, now you want a 4th date? I said oh yeah and then we’ll see if we can try for a fifth one. She said, well let me think about it, and rose up, so my cock almost came out, then plunged right back down onto it. She said, yes, let’s do dinner tonight, and then this for dessert. We fucked for the next fifteen minutes straight, with Debbie cumming two more times and then when she finished cumming, I shot my load deep in her again. When I was almost finished cumming, her pussy muscles contracted around it, and she fell into me, exhausted.

Debbie then rolled off and laid next to me. She looked at me and said, oh my god Tom, that was simply amazing. I haven’t felt this good in years. I said honey, you were absolutely great and such a talented lover. She giggled and said, you haven’t seen nothing yet, but maybe after our date tonight, you may see a glimpse, and if we have a fifth date. We then held each other and drifted off to sleep. About an hour later she awoke and kissed me and said, Tom, you better get dressed because my daughter is going to be here shortly, and it just wouldn’t look good, with mom naked in bed with a man, well at least until she knows we are dating.

We got up and got dressed and she walked me to the door and I said I will see around 5 then, for dinner. She kissed me and said that would be great. I kissed her one more time and licked my lips, still tasting our cum on them.

I picked up Debbie at a little past 5pm, and we drove to this little Italian joint I knew served great food. We did have to wait about a half an hour, so we went over what we did that day, while separated. I told her I stopped by my son’s, just to visit with him, his wife, and my grandson, then, went home and cut grass and relaxed. Debbie said her daughter showed up about 30 minutes after I left, her two daughters in tow and visited for a couple of hours, and then she just putzed around the house.

I had on cargo shorts, that were khaki colored and a tan polo shirt, and sandals. Debbie had on this light blue dress that was down to her ankles. It had a respectful V neck line, and showed just a hint of cleavage, and showed off her curves nicely. She laughed, and said she changed three times until she could find something that didn’t make her look fat. I said she looked great, and that she is not fat, which she really isn’t.

Dinner was great, and we both had the lasagna and wine. As we ate we delved into what our likes and dislikes were, in general, only because we both pretty much know what it is sexually we like. We both are avid readers, enjoy history and going to places of historic value. We both like fishing and camping, which kind of shocked me, because many women I know think camping should be done at a hotel room, that doesn’t have bugs all over the place. We both dislike people who have little patients, and know it all’s. I told her about my camper I have at a lake that is about an hour and a half away. The camper is 42 foot long with one big bedroom and then can sleep 6, if you rearrange the table and couch. It has a galley and bathroom, so really, all the comforts of home. Plus, I have a 22 foot pontoon boat, which is right at the water’s edge, from the camper. I love going there, and it was one thing I kept from the divorce. I chuckled and said, may be if you say yes to another date, after tonight, we could go down there some weekend. Debbie laughed and said, we’ll just have to see how you are this evening.

After dinner, we took a drive up to the lakeshore, which was a 20 minute ride. There is this one town that has a park that overlooks the lake, and has these swings, for couples, like you would see on a front porch. We walked around a bit and just enjoyed each other’s company, then I asked if she would like to sit on the swing and watch the boats that were out. She said that would be lovely, and so we did. As we walked to it, she held my hand, which made me feel good. Then when we sat down, she kept my hand and leaned into me. I turned to her and lightly kissed her lips. Finally she said, and giggled. I said, what? She said she was wondering when I was going to kiss her again, and I said I was waiting for the right moment.

Debbie looked at me and said, Tom, after what we did this morning, any moment is the right moment for a kiss. So leaned in and kissed her again, parting her lips with my tongue, and the heat from our kiss was taking my whole body new level. After we broke, she said, now that’s a kiss and if we keep that up, I may do unspeakable things to you right here. I chuckled and said, uhhh let’s not, I don’t really feel like spending a night in jail. Then she asked what I thought of the morning. I asked in what regards. She said that she was afraid I may think less of her. I said my god woman, I don’t have one ill feeling at all for you, or what we did. I enjoyed it very much, and grateful that you allowed me to enjoy you the way we did. And to be honest, I hope I am allowed to experience all of your pleasures again.

I also told her that I hope she did not think that I was the type to just go to bed with every woman I meet, because I don’t. She said she figured that out a while ago, and that she was glad I was her first lover since John. I asked if she had any reservations about what we did? Debbie said absolutely none, and that all she could think about today was me, and that she went around all day in a highly horny state. I kissed her softly on the lips and said, well, if being totally honest, I had a hard on all afternoon, just thinking about you.

She said she told her daughter, Katie, about our 3 dates we have been on, and that I was taking her out again tonight. Katie was happy that she finally wanted to go out. She has been bugging Debbie to go out and start living, because daddy would not want you sitting around missing out on life. I told her I told my son about her too, and they were happy too.

She then said she gave a lot of thought to where she would like to see this go and she said that although she said she wanted a companion and friend, she would not be opposed to it growing into a relationship, that was exclusive to each other. She said that after Katie said her dad would hate to know she was not living life, it finally clicked for her. I looked at her and said, that he would not oppose feelings that grew to love and affection for her, because he also, would love a chance to be with one person exclusively and everything that goes with it. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips and said that she thinks this just may have a chance then. Sometimes you just know.

It was starting to get dark out and I said that we should probably get going, and she agreed. On the ride home, we talked about the kids, and some of the goofy things they did while growing up. We both were laughing a lot and having a good time. I pulled into her drive and got out, but my engine was running. I went to her door and opened it, and as she got out, she looked at me with a puzzled look, and asked, aren’t you coming in? I said my dear lady, you did not ask, and I will never assume something, only because assuming makes me look like an ass.

She giggled and said, oh what the gentleman you are, but, yes, I do want you to come in, and I have this feeling you may be here for a good while. I quickly kissed her, and went an shut off my car and locked it up. After we got inside, and closed the door, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. It was a very long, passionate kiss, that lasted forever, but in reality, only a minute or two. Then she went to her refrigerator, and got out a bottle of wine, and then 2 glasses, and pour us wine. She led me to her couch then and we sat down.

After a few minutes, she got up and said she was going to get comfy, and suggested that I do the same, and if I didn’t understand what she meant, she said that my clothes better be in a pile somewhere. Now I was pretty sure before I even came over this evening, that sex was a good bet, so I took another blue pill, but only half of one, not knowing what two a day would really do. Then I took off my shirt, then my shorts, so all that was left, was this black g-string I had, but hadn’t used in ages. My ex actually bought me a few pairs, when we first started dating. Her thought was, if she could wear them, so could I. I even took the time to shave everywhere down below.

Debbie came out of room a few minutes later, wearing this white see-thru teddy, and matching see-thru thong, and when I say see-thru, I mean it hid nothing at all. Her dark nipples were sticking out, big and proud, and looking at her thong, I could see she shaved as well. She also had on white thigh high stocking, which completed this “cum fuck me” look. I said, Debbie, you look absolutely amazing and so sexy. She smile and said, well I think you must like what you see. She was looking at my bulge, which had begun to stiffen now and the head was peeking out from my G-string. She licked her lips and said, oh honey, you are so sexy in that, I may cum just looking at you. I said please don’t, at least let me help you in that department.

She pushed me onto the couch, and then straddled my waist and sat down, placing her arms around me, and kissed me hard. Our tongues danced over each other’s, my hands were holding on to her succulent ass, as we kissed. She stopped kissing me and said, wow, I love how you kiss. I said it takes two, to kiss well, and baby, you are great at it. She then said look, what we did this morning was fantastic, and bordered on love making. You were so attentive to my needs and so soft and caring, but tonight, I really need to be like that woman you read about in the stories. I need to feel like that woman again, like the whole woman I used to be. So if you can handle me being a total slut, one who wants to just fuck your brains out, then hold on baby, you are in for one hell of a night.

I said sweetie, we can be whatever we want tonight, and any night you want. I want you to be yourself, and if being slutty turns you on, then trust me, it will turn me on too. She giggled and said she knows, because she read two more stories this afternoon and got so turned on. Then she dismounted from me, got on her knees, and moved between my legs, and started rubbing my cock through the material. She looked up at me and said, you know, sucking cock is a favorite of mine. I said, yes, I remember reading that, so enjoy yourself sweetie. She then put her fingers under the waist band and slipped my thong off, exposing my hard cock. She looked and said, yummy, no hairs to spit out, such a sexy look.

She grabbed my cock and started licking the shaft up and down, then would suck on each ball. She was teasing the hell out of me, and knew it too. She never took her eyes off of mine as she did this. Then she licked the head of my cock, tasting my pre-cum, saying yummy. Then she started engulfing my cock, trying her best to take it all into her hot mouth. My moans and groans told her she was doing everything right. After about ten minutes of all of this, she could tell I was getting close, and pulled down on my nut sack and gripped my shaft at the base, and in doing this, I settled back down.

She lifted her head and said why don’t we go to the bed where it’s much more comfortable. She stood, and so did I. I took her in my arms and kissed her. Her arms were already around my neck, so I reached down to her ass, cupped her cheeks and picked her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist and I walked us to her bedroom, then to her bed. She laughed and said that was a first, and hoped I didn’t hurt my back. I told her I was fine and to quit thinking she was heavy, for she isn’t. I set her down on the bed’s edge, and she crawled up on it more, and patted the bed right next to her, telling me to join her.

I got on the bed next to her, and she leaned down and said, now where was I. I laughed and said, how about this time we 69, so I can pleasure you too. She swung her leg over my head and eased her pussy down to my face. I moved the thong out of the way and started licking her lips, tasting her nectar that was oozing out of her. She let out a gasp and said, oh fuck Tom, that feels wonderful. Then she started back on sucking me. I did not go slow this time, I spread her lips and started licking the inner area and her clit. Then I let my tongue roam down to her taint, then to her puckered ass. When my tongue made contact with her rosebud, her body shook and she let out a loud moan, then said yes, lick my ass lover. I started licking her hard then, trying my best to tongue fuck her ass. As I did this, she was sucking me harder and stroking my cock too.

I inserted two fingers in her pussy as I licked her asshole. My one finger found what I wanted, her g-spot. I started rubbing that and she went wild. She yelled out holy fuck, over and over. My tongue was in her ass and now my thumb was rubbing her clit too, and she started sucking harder and I said damn babe I am going to cum. When I said that, her body got real stiff and then started shaking, and then she let loose a gusher of cum all over my face and neck. I started cumming then too, and told her not to swallow it all. Right after the last spurt of cum entered her mouth, she quickly got off, turn around, straddled me and came down for a kiss, and push my cum into my mouth and then licked and sucked on my face, then back to my mouth.

As we kept kissing, she reached down, grabbed my half hard cock, and somehow managed to get it inside her. She broke from our kiss and said, holy shit babe, that was so intense. I have squirted just a few times in my life, and so sorry for drenching you like that. I said honey, you can drench me with any fluids you want too. She raised an eyebrow and said, oh really, well that’s something to explore another time, but right now, I really need to fuck this wonderful cock of yours.

As she started going up and down, she looked down at me and said, Tom, be my boyfriend. I laughed a little and said, damn, aren’t we a little old to be calling each other that? She chuckled and said yeah, probably, but who cares. I said ok, under one condition. She said, oh, oh ok, what? I said as long as you’ll be my girlfriend and were exclusive to one another. She said, oh Christ yes. But then she said, would you be ok if we also share with Ben and Darlene? I asked her if that’s what she wanted. She said yes. It was a lifestyle she really and truly enjoyed and could not think of a better man to share with them. I asked her if it is turning her on now, since she was fucking me harder now. She said yes, just the thought of you fucking Darlene, and letting me watch is a huge turn on for me. I said, well, then I guess we better make that happen for you soon, because I want to live for your happiness.

She bent down and kissed me more and then asked if I would suck Ben’s cock with her and I said oh hell yeah, and even swap his cum kissing. She let out a moan and said oh fuck baby, fuck me good now. I grabbed her ass and started pushing up deep inside her. She started yelling, that’s it baby, fuck my hot cunt. I started fingering her ass then and she goes, yes, play with my ass. Then she slowed a second and asked, you really like my ass don’t you? I said your ass is fantastic and love the way it feel’s in my hands. She said thanks, and I like when you hold it too. Then she got off a second and removed her thong, saying it was bothering her when she would go up and down.

Now I saw her shaved pussy and commented how sexy it was. She said that when she saw me all trimmed up, she decided to shave the rest off, and that Darlene shaves hers too. She said that when she saw I was completely shaved tonight, it made her even wetter than she already was. I asked where her phone was, and she replied, right there on the night stand. I rolled over and got it, and turned on the camera app. I asked her to pose, so that she was semi-sitting up and her legs spread. She said, ohhh, you kinky bastard you. I snapped a few pictures, then sent them to my phone. She then mounted me again, and as she did, I said stop, just as the head was in her pussy. I took a few more pics of that. She looked at them and said, damn, that is so sexy to look at. Then she took the phone and sent a couple of pictures to Darlene. She laughed and said, wait till she see’s those, she’ll be begging to come over.

She started fucking me again and said that she feels so naughty right now, and is loving every second of this. I was playing with her tits, as she fucked me. She would go up and down for a bit, then grind hard down on me and move her hips in a circle. I was moaning a great deal then, and so was she, and the more she ground down, the closer to an orgasm she was getting. I wasn’t even close yet. But her pussy was so tight, and gripping my cock hard. She leaned down and I started pumping up in to her and she said, shit baby, I have to cum again. I told cum baby, cum all you want, and she yelled out, fuckkkkkkkkkkk, and started cumming again. Once she started coming down from her high, she rolled off of me, panting. She said that she needed a short break.

We were laying on our sides, facing each other. I kissed her nose, then her lips. She said she hasn’t cummed like that, and so often, in ages. I said to her, I know we said no comparing, but when John was alive, how often did you guys do it. She said that’s not comparing, and that they would do it 3 or 4 times a week, unless someone was sick, or my monthly friend showed up, but even then, we’d do it in the shower, or I would give him a blow job. She said she was really horny during that time. She asked me the same, and I said with the first ex, we were 3 times a week usually, and like you, sickness or monthly friends arrival. And even after she told me she wanted out, and until she moved out, which was like 6 weeks, we fucked a few times a week. The second ex, well it was good at first, especially when we dated, like 3 or 4 times a week, but after we married, she slowed that way down, until it was a couple times a month, then every couple of months, until the last two years, then it was non-existent. I didn’t even see her nude those last two years.

Debbie, could not believe a woman could go like that, without any physical contact, even if it was cuddling naked. She said that although it sounds like her and John had the perfect marriage, they had their ups and downs too, but the makeup sex was wild, but they never stayed mad at each other long. She said that for over 2 years, after John passed, she couldn’t even think about being intimate with anyone, let alone date them too. Then Darlene pulled her out of her funk a little over a year ago, and she dated a couple of guys, but nothing that would lead to this. I asked why me then? She said I have been attracted to you for years, and have been hoping for a year now that you would finally notice my flirts and suggestions. I laughed and said, guess I am a little slow on the uptake, and like I said to you, I wasn’t sure if you were ready for dating. She giggled and said, well, I guess I have answered that question, wouldn’t you say? I laughed and said, oh yeah, in spades.

Then she said, just so you know, you are bigger than John, in length , but he was a little thicker, but you know, I love your thickness and definitely your length. Well, since we are being honest here, you are, by far, the wettest and tightest I have even been in, and so sensual and sexual. What I really adore is your openness about sex. She laughed and said, she was brought up catholic and always taught it was for making babies, but after having it, I was like, what do they know, it was fun and felt so good, and that her and John always experimented with sex, to see what they liked and disliked. Sex is for fun and pleasure, and also showing each other love too. She said like this morning the first time, we made love, where I felt so connected to you, as though we were one. But I also have my naughty, slutty side, that loves a good fucking. Maybe if women would view it that way, there would be less cheating or divorces.

Just then, her phone beeped, and she grabbed it. It was a text from Darlene, which said, “you bitch, that cock better be sharable and I like the new look, very sexy shaved like that, can’t wait to eat you like that”. Debbie laughed and said that Darlene isn’t one to mince words. Then another text came through, and it was a picture of her and Ben fucking doggie style, and damn did he have a long cock, with just the head inside her. Debbie texted back, “sure thing, as long as you share yours too slut”. She laughed and said, see, I knew we could share with them.

I asked her what her favorite position is, and she said it depends. If it’s love making, then you on top. Me on top too, but I can go a lot of different ways with that one, but I really feel in control when I am on top. And if I am in super slut mode, I love doggie, with you banging the hell out of me. Hearing your balls slap against my mound and clit, and your cock deep inside me, hammering me, really sets me off. And since we are now officially dating, I do enjoy anal as well, but we’ll need to work into that, because it has been so long. She then asked me my favorites. I said for love making, definitely me on top, and go real slow, and for all around fucking, you on top, but almost any position is great with me. They chuckled and said, typical man, as long as his dick is getting wet. I said, yep, you are right.

We started kissing again and she started stroking my cock back to life. She murmured, oh good, we can go another round. Once I was hard again, she laid on her back and asked me to make love to her now. So I laid on top and slowly inched my way inside her, until I was fully embedded. She groaned and said, oh my, you fill me so good. For the next ten minutes we slow fucked, with kissing the whole time, and lots of moaning. She started cumming again, and that then set me off, where I came too. Not like the first time, but a good orgasm that still curled toes.

As we laid there, panting, and starting to get our breath back, she asked if I would spend the night with her. I said, of course, if you feel you are ready for that. She said more than ready and hopes I would make love to her again in the morning. Just then her phoned beeped again, and it was a picture of Darlene’s pussy, with cum coming out of it. Debbie laughed and said, yummy, and then showed me. She texted back, yummy, and you welcome. I chuckled and said what was the “your welcome” for? Debbie said because we got them horny to fuck, not that it takes much for those two. We both hit the bathroom, and Debbie went and got us water. She returned and we drank, then slipped under the sheet, turned off the light, and held each other until sleep over took us.

I awoke at around 5am to pee, then gently got back into bed, and fell right back to sleep. Debbie was laying on her back, her breast exposed when I got back in, and I was tempted, to lean in and kiss them, but I did not want to disturb her. About an hour later, I felt warmth encircle my cock, and opened my eyes, to see Debbie with my half hard cock in her mouth. My cock immediately started to stiffen more, and she looked into my eyes, and then took her mouth off of me and said good morning sunshine. I said morning back to her and said if she was going to do that, then it was only fair that she let me have my breakfast as well.

She crawled up the bed, switched around and swung her leg over and gently lowered her pussy to my awaiting mouth and tongue. We licked and sucked each other slowly; no rush to it, and then, Debbie stopped, dismounted from me, turned again so she was facing me, straddled me and came down slowly on my cock. One inside her, she said she did not want to cum orally, but slowly this way, but she loves waking a man that way, and it felt wonderful having your tongue inside me too, but I really need to be looking in your eyes when we cum. Then chuckled and said it’s a great way to freshen one’s mouth for kissing now.

We started kissing and slowly made love. Neither of us was in a rush to cum, so we just kissed and fucked for 20 minutes, until she said she really needed to cum, and then it was like a switch was thrown and we started pounding in to each other. Then Debbie started cumming, moaning real loud, and holding me tight. I started right after her, filling her with my juice. When we finally calmed down, she started to get off, and I said wait. She what baby, and I said, come straddle my face now, I need to clean you up, so she scooted up and lowered her pussy to my face. I drank every drop she had to give me, then when I was finished, tapped her thigh so she could get off.

She goes and says, damn you keep that up you are going to spoil me. I said I really love eating our juices from you, so get used to it. She grinned and said she could get used to all of this, especially waking up with me and making love any morning I wanted it. She then bounced off the bed and said let’s take a shower.

Her shower was pretty big and we both had no trouble fitting in it, and washed each other down. She paid a lot of attention to my cock and I, her pussy and tits. She had me hard again, and stroked it a few times and said, her put it where it needs to be, and bent over some, so I could slip back in. As we fucked, she said this feels so wonderful. We did not cum this time, but enjoyed our shower, until the water started getting cold. We got out and dried each other off, and went back to the bedroom to get dressed.

As I dressed, and she was picking out something in the closet, I asked what her plans were for the day. She said, oh, I don’t know, I am hoping to spend it with this sexy man I know. I said, well, he is a lucky guy then. She winked at me and said, oh, he’ll get lucky alright. I am thinking, man this woman is a nympho, but I am not complaining. I asked her if we could go and get breakfast, then take a ride to Amish country. She said that sounded very nice. She pulled out this long dress, with a flower pattern on it, with many shades of reds and yellows, and look like silk. She put on this white lace bra, that hardly contained her breasts, and then slipped the dress on, sans any panties. I chuckled and said, oh you wicked girl you. She laughed and said, hey a girl has got to be prepared for anything and winked again at me.

We stopped at this little mom and pop diner for breakfast. Talked a great deal about our kids, and their lives and our grandkids too. She said she learned to long ago, not to trust a guy who did not have kids, for they are the ones to full of themselves and have to idea how to give fully to another. She said her eldest daughter came over one afternoon and was all upset. I asked her what was wrong.

Her daughter said that her and Bill just don’t do anything anymore together, and how did you and daddy always seem so happy? I told her we always took time for each other, always. Yes, you kids were our number one priority, but so was our relationship, so we always set time apart from you guys. Debbie said she asked her daughter if she remembered times her dad would come home from work, and they would tell you kids to watch TV, because mommy and daddy needed to talk. And her daughter said yeah, well we weren’t talking, we were having sex, and that’s why the radio was always playing loud in the bedroom then. Her daughter said MOM, please, I don’t want to hear this. Debbie laughed and said she told her, bullshit, you need to hear it. For some god unknown reason you must think sex is a bad thing, well let me tell you young lady, it’s the greatest thing in the world. So I told her start initiating sex whenever the feeling hits you. So what if the kids are awake, find them something to do, and take 30 minutes out for you two, and have a ball, oh, and make sure you both cum from it too.

I asked if that helped them, and Debbie said yes, she could tell her daughter was not as stressed like she used to be. After we finished, I asked if she minded stopping at my place so I could change, and also shave. She said that would be fine. When we got to my place, which was a small, 3 bedroom ranch, that at one time, was rental property for me, I went in and shaved. Debbie was touring the house while I did that, and was talking to me too. Then she came into the bedroom while I changed.

When I was fully disrobed, she said come here stud. So I walked to her, as she sat on the bed. She bent down some and took my cock in her mouth. She got me hard and said, oh look, now you’ll to do something with that, and then pulled up her dress, to past her waist, and said, mmmmmmmmmm, I think this would be a good spot to use that thing. I grabbed her legs, and held them out high, and walked my cock right into her wet pussy, and we fucked hard for 5 or 10 minutes, until we both came.

She went to the bathroom as I put on shorts and a polo shirt, and told me not to wear underwear, since she didn’t have any on either. I said, maam, you are one wicked woman. She came back out a minute later and said, sweetie, you have no idea yet how wicked I can be, and giggled. She asked if she was scaring me now, and I said no, I am looking forward to everything we can do.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the countryside and stopping in all of these shops, which were owned by the Amish. We wanted to grab something to eat, but all the restaurants were closed around here, because it was Sunday, and the Amish don’t work on Sundays. We both picked out things for our kids, well for me, it was for my daughter and daughter in law, because I knew they guys wouldn’t appreciate it. I also happen to notice this wooden jewelry box, that was kind of big, but not one that sits on the floor. When I was in Debbie’s bedroom, I notice she had these little glass trays that held her jewelry, so picked that up too. She looked at me quizzically but I said nothing to her.

On the way home, she said what a great time she had, and was glad I like to do those type of things. I was driving by the exit to where I would get off for the camper, and let her know it was about 15 miles from here. She said we should down sometime soon and stay the weekend. I whole heartily agreed with her.

When we got back to her place, after stopping to eat, it was almost 8pm. She went and got us some ice tea. I was sitting on her couch when she came back with the tea. I had brought in the box that had the jewelry box in it, so when she sat down, I handed her the box to open. When she pulled it out, she said, oh Tom, I can’t accept this, it cost so much. I said please accept it as a token of my affection for you, and because I noticed how all your jewelry is arranged in your bedroom. She giggled and said she always had it like that and never even thought of getting one of these.

She got up and placed it on the coffee table, then came back in front of me, and hiked up her dress some, so she could sit in my lap, facing me. She kissed me hard and then leaned back and said thank you for everything. These last five days have been fantastic, and if it was to end now, I would just die. I asked her if she wanted it to end, and she said no, we got too much exploring to do, in bed and out. We started kissing again, and as we kissed, I slipped the straps off of her shoulders, and gently tugged the dress down over her breasts. She leaned back to give me access to them, while her hands were holding on to my shoulders. I gently took a nipple in my mouth and sucked and licked it, then I did the other one.

Debbie’s hand went to my crotch and she lick her lips and said, oh my god babe, you are hard again. She pulled my zipper down and took it out. Then got up on her knees, hiked her dress up over her waist, and guided my cock back inside her. She said, my god, do you realize we have done this 7 and ½ times since yesterday morning? I said what the half is, and she said the shower, silly, remember, we didn’t cum that time. We were just starting fuck, when her phone rang, and it was Darlene. She said, let me take this a second, because this is the third time she has called and I don’t want her worry. I said that’s cool, but put it on speaker.

I said hello, and there was a pause. Finally Darlene said hello, is Debbie there, and Debbie said oh yeah, and moaned a bit. Darlene laughed and Darlene said, don’t tell me, you two are at it again. Debbie said oh yes we are, the 7th time as a matter of fact. Darlene then said, well try not wearing him out. I said no worries, we have over three years of catching up to do with any couple. Darlene said well stop a second and let me invite you two for a cookout next weekend for my grandson’s 5th birthday. Debbie said ok, and I said ok. Then Darlene said, are you two really doing it, and Debbie said Christ yes, he is so deep inside me, why would I lie. Darlene then said she was jealous. Debbie said go find Ben and have at it. She said nah, we already did twice today, I don’t want to spoil him. Debbie said she would call later, after I left. She hung up and threw the phone down, looked at me and said, now, please fuck me baby.

After we were done and rested a while, I said well I better get going, so can get a good night’s sleep. She said she was tired too. She walked me to the door and I said I would call her when I got home, but after I did a few chores and got in bed. We kissed for a bit and then I left. I did call her about 45 minutes later. She was in bed too and said she missed me already and wish I was in bed with her again. She said she talked to Darlene, right after I left. She said, I wont lie honey, but I tell her everything. I said that is fine, and that I understand that she is your best friend. She said Darlene is dying to meet me. I said, oh I bet. Debbie laughed and said don’t worry, she doesn’t bite, nibble maybe, but not bite. We then said good night.

I saw Debbie at work every day that week, except for Friday, which I was tied up in a meeting that day. That Monday, we couldn’t be together in the evening because she was going to her youngest daughters for dinner. Wednesday night she had me stay the night, making sure I brought close with me, since we both start our jobs at 8am. That night we made love and fucked twice, and the following morning, she set the alarm for 5:30, and we made love then too. This was a habit I was starting to like a lot.

Friday night’s, Debbie has to work until 9pm, but wanted the night to herself, to wash clothes and stuff, since a lot of the day, on Saturday, we’d be at that party. She called me at 11pm, just to hear my voice. I told her I missed her dearly, and she said she did too. She then said, why don’t you come over and I said no, not now, it is late and I want to get some sleep, and I am afraid if I am with you now, we wouldn’t sleep for quite some time. She tried hard to lure me over, but in the end she saw reason and said ok, but come over early tomorrow, since we have to leave by noon. I said ok, and said I will be over around 9 or 9:30 and we can do breakfast. She agreed and as I was about to hang up, and say goodnight, she said goodnight baby, love you, and hung up. Now I have almost slipped up by saying those words, but held my tongue for fear of messing this up with her. Then I was thinking may be she was just tired and didn’t realize what she had said. I turned in then and went to sleep.

I got at Debbie’s a little past 9, the next morning. She greeted me at the door, just wearing a baggy t-shirt. She kissed me and grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. I was thinking, Christ, I have hit the mother load in insatiable. She stood me by the bed and took off my shirt, then undid my shorts and let them drop. Next she pulled my boxers off and grabbed my half hard cock. Then she push me on to the bed, and stood there looking at me. She then pulled the t-shirt off of her and jumped on the bed.

She grabbed my cock again and started stroking it and then started sucking it, until I was hard. Then she threw her leg over me, kneeled up and then guided my cock inside her. She groaned once I was all the way in, and was looking down at me. I asked her, did you mean it? She sat and thought, and then said yes. She bent down and kissed me and said, now make love to me. I said are you positive, and she said yes baby, I do love you. I said good, and said, I love you back and we then made love for the next half an hour, with us finishing up with me on top of her, just like she likes then. We both came hard and long, and then panted like we had run a marathon.

I rolled off of her and then faced her, and she had tears running down her cheeks. I asked what was wrong, and she said not a thing, they are happy tears. I kissed them from her cheek. She said she thought she could never love another man, but knew deep down I was the one, a long time ago, even though I was a chicken shit to ask her out. But she really realized it Thursday night, when she went to bed alone, and craved to have me there by her side. I told her never to worry about that again, that even when were not together, we really are as long as were in each others hearts. She crawled into my arms and cried some more and said that she prays I wont ever leave her now, because I now own her heart and soul.

We kissed some more, and even though I was hard again, we decided to shower and get ready for the party. She held my cock in the shower and said, this is mine now, and then took my hand and placed in on her pussy and said this is all yours, anytime, anywhere. We were out the door by 11:30 and on her way to Darlene and Ben’s.

Now things are really going to heat up between us four.

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