D-DAY – Destruction of a Family



D-DAY, June 6, 1944, a day that was the beginning of the end for Germany and Adolf Hitler’s vision of the perfect Aryan society according to his distorted beliefs. Can you imagine that Nazi officer’s eyes as he spied a thousand Allied ships approaching the Normandy coast from his bunker on the cliff? I hope to have a similar reaction from my wife of twenty-five years coincidentally on that same day years later. My story begins.

Chapter One

My name is Jason Dixon, I’m a mid level manager in a nationwide manufacturing company. I’m 46 years old, 6′ 1″ tall with weight proportionate for my height. My wife Lauren is now a 45 year old beauty. She’s a bottle blonde but with those blue eyes she’s turns heads everywhere she goes. She’s a Pharmacist for one of our local pharmacies. We married just before she started pharmacy school. We scrimped, saved and managed to get her through those four years. Two years into graduate school Lauren became pregnant with Anna who was born in June while Lauren was out of school. Anna was and is the “Apple of My Eye” as they say until Dana came along two years later making me a proud father again. I have two intelligent, beautiful daughters. Anna favors her mother more than Dana who has some of my physical features and temperament.

We are not financially wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but we are comfortable with stable jobs. We raised our girls to be responsible young ladies and to stay true to the values we taught them. Anna is about to turn twenty-one years old in June and just received her Bachelors degree in Nursing. Dana is nineteen.

About a month ago, Anna called me at work.

The conversation went like this.

“Hi, Dad. How are you?”

“Hi, Sweetheart. In the words of the infamous Dave Ramsey, better than I deserve. What can I do for you, Honey?”

“Dad, Jack and I were talking and just so you know, yes we’re getting serious. I love him and he loves me, No, I’m not pregnant if that’s what you’re thinking but just for future reference I was inquiring as to your blood type? Jack and I are going to get typed to make sure we are RH compatible if we were to have children.”

“Anna, I don’t know that I’ve ever been blood typed. Really never had a need, I guess.”

“Ok, Dad. I was just wondering. No big deal.”

Your mom and I are expecting y’all for lunch Sunday. Will you be able to make it?”

“We’ll be there. Love you, Dad.”

“Love you too, Baby. Bye.”

Later that evening, I was already home when Lauren drove in from work. Damn, that woman looks like she’s on her way to a beauty pageant and she just worked a ten hour shift at the pharmacy.

I greeted her at the door with a hug and a kiss which she returned with a kiss and a little squeeze of my soldier through my pants leg.

She said, “Wow, Sailor, I think I have just the medication to help you with that swelling. I’m a Pharmacist, you know.”

I unbuttoned her blouse as she dropped her lab coat to the floor. I lifted her right breast from its cup and sucked her distended pink nipple into my mouth.

“Oh God, Jason, that feels so good. Suck my nipple, Baby.”

She was moaning and unbuckling my pants as I continued to bathe her erect nipple with my tongue. She reached inside my boxers and wrapped her long fingers around my rapidly swelling penis. I let go of her nipple, picked her up and sat her on the kitchen table. I slipped the ballet flats off her feet that she loves to wear at work. I stripped her pantyhose and panties down her legs and off her feet in one smooth motion. I spread her legs and sent my tongue into her now very wet vagina.

“Oh, Jason, No, Baby, I need a shower before…Oh My God, you’re gonna make me cum. I’m gonna cum, Baby. Don’t stop! I’m there. Oh GOOOODDD!”

After twenty-five years, I knew my baby’s orgasms were on a hair trigger. She flooded my face with her juices. Her body trembled and she arched her back forcing my tongue deeper into her as she orgasmed. Before she could catch her breath, I stood up at the edge of the table with her bare feet on my shoulders and plunged my penis into her. I began a steady rhythm in and out of her. Her bright red toes were caressing my face. I gave her one more deep thrust into her and and held it against her cervix, sending my semen into her womb.

“Oh Yes, Jason, fill me up, Baby. I feel you squirting in me. Leave me full of you.”

She looked into my eyes and said, “I love you, Jason. I love it when you take me like that. I’ll be turned on the rest of the evening feeling you inside me. Damn, Baby, you curled my toes with that one.”

I gently pulled out of her and kissed her sensually. Her hands were behind my head pulling my lips into hers as we tried to come down from our orgasmic highs.

We both got off the table and kissed again. I looked at this woman that I loved with all my heart. There was a stringer of my sticky cum clinging to her labia. It finally broke free and dripped onto her toes. We both began laughing.

She raised her foot up to me with her pretty toes pointed straight at me and said, “You made this mess in me. Clean my toes, Stud”

I said, “Ewwww, Baby. That’s nasty but I like the thought.”

“You mean you’ll lick my pussy after you’ve cum in it but you won’t lick it off my toes?”

She reached down, swiped the big glob of cum off of her toes with her fingers and put them in her mouth.

“Ummm. If you won’t partake, I will. I love how you taste, Honey.”

I said, “Baby, you are every man’s dream woman.”

She said, “Just yours, Jason. Only yours.”

Later as were preparing dinner, I mentioned to Lauren that Anna had called today.

“Honey, Anna called me inquiring about her blood type. Apparently she and Jack are going to be typed for RH compatibility should they get married and start a family. I thought that was interesting. I don’t know my blood type. You think I should be typed?”

She replied, “I don’t guess it could hurt anything in case you ever

needed to give blood to one of us, you would know. I know I’m type AB.”

“Good to know, Honey.”

Chapter Two

The next day I made an appointment with my Primary Care Physician and told him I wanted a blood type included in my lab work.

A few days after my appointment, my doctors office called me with the report. It turns out that I’m also type AB so Lauren and I would not have a problem with donating blood to each other.

Sunday, Jack and Anna showed up for lunch. Jack, Anna, Dana and I were on the back patio talking about everything going on here and there when Anna said, “Dad, Jack and I had the blood test done and we’re both type O positive. So we are glad to say we are compatible as far as blood line goes.”

Dana said, “I had mine typed for a Biology class last year. I’m type A positive.”

I said, “That’s great girls.” I was typed last week and your mother and I are both type AB.”

Dana looked at me kind of strange and said, ” Dad, that must be a mistake. I learned a lot about blood types in that class. Two type AB’s can’t have a type O offspring. The lab must have blown that one.”

I said, “Yeah, they probably made a mistake. I’ll call tomorrow morning and get a copy of my lab results.”

Lauren called us into eat. The girls were busy chit chatting about girl stuff while Jack and I talked. He’s twenty-four years old and a rookie State Trooper having just graduated from their academy six months ago. He’s head over heels in love with my Anna as she is with him. I watched them together thinking how great young love is. My mind wandered off to Dana’s information regarding our blood types. How could that be? Surely there’s been an error somewhere.

The next morning I called my doctor.

Dr. Jackson said, “Jason, I’m looking at your lab results and there was no mistake. You’re type AB. Is there an issue with that?”

“No, Doctor, I’m just confirming some information. Can a mother and father who are both type AB have a type O child.”

He said, “The short answer is no but stranger things have happened. Genetically, it’s not possible.”

“Ok, thanks, Doctor.”

I sat there musing over the information I had. I was rapidly coming to a devastating possibility. I’m not Anna’s biological father. It can’t be. Lauren would never have cheated on me? Would she?

Later that day, Dana came to my office after class. She sat down in the chair across from me.

She said, “You think Mom cheated on you all those years ago, don’t you?”

“Dana, you’re a very perceptive young lady. I don’t know. I’ve been sitting here thinking about that very question. I can’t let myself believe it.” A tear ran down my face.

Dana got up and hugged me.

“Dad, I’m here for you. Just tell me what you need me to do. I love you, Mom and Anna. If this is true, it could destroy our family.”

“Dana, I’m going to ask you to keep quiet about this before I go making any accusations. Do not let on to your mother, sister or anyone until I have proof one way or the other. Please do that for me. I know the subject was brought up in front of Anna Sunday but let’s try not to say any more about it if we can help it.”

“Sure, Dad. I understand. I’m sorry.”

“Me too Baby. Me too. Dana, there is one thing you can do for me. Get some strands of Anna’s hair. I think a DNA test is in order. Also get a DNA kit for yourself and swab your mouth. I feel certain that you are mine but I want to make sure.”

“Will do, Dad. I’ll have them for you by tomorrow evening.”

She wiped the tears from my face that now began to drip on my shirt.

Two days later, I sent Anna’s hair along with Dana’s and my DNA swabs to the lab. I knew it would take a few weeks to get results. I fought with myself during that waiting period. Do I really want to know? What will happen to my family? Then I thought, Anna will soon be twenty-one. If it’s not me, she deserves to know who her sperm donor is.

Three weeks later, a courier delivered the dreaded envelope to my office. It sat on my desk all day. I watched it like it was a snake about to strike, afraid to open it. Dana called and said she would be right there and asked me not to open it until she was present.

When she arrived, we both were now looking at it like that proverbial snake.

She picked it up and handed it to me. I opened the seal and pulled the paperwork out.

The moment of truth…

These are the DNA test results for Father subject A and daughters B (Anna) and C (Dana).

The results are that Subject C is 99.8% biologically related to subject A.

The results show that Subject A and Subject B are NOT biologically related.

“Dad, I don’t know what to say. I’m furious with Mom. How could she? Who’s Anna’s father? I’m sorry Dad, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. YOU are Anna’s father. You raised her from birth in every way except this one. YOU are OUR father.”

I was in shock. Just staring at the wall. I still don’t believe it and I’m looking at the proof. The blood type, the DNA results are overwhelming evidence that Lauren had an affair and became pregnant by her lover. It’s in black and white.

“Dad. Dad! Are you ok?”

“No, Dana, I may never be ok again.”

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

I said, “First, I want to know the identity of Anna’s bio-father. Then, I’ll go from there.”

“Dana, it seems I remember back when she was in college, she was very much taken with her tutor in Microbiology. She never stopped talking about how smart and sexy he was. We were young and stupid. I let it go in one ear and out the other thinking we were rock solid. I wonder…what was his name…Todd something…Todd…Todd…Mathews. That’s it, Todd Mathews.”

Dana and I began searching for a Todd Mathews locally and then through the University that would be about Lauren’s age.

“Dad, I found one that might be him.”

I wrote the phone number down that the internet had for him.

I called the number and a man’s voice answered.

“This is Todd.”

“Mr. Mathews, my name is Roger Daltrey and I’m putting a little something together for the University. Are you the Todd Mathews that graduated at the top of your class in 1997.”

“Yes, Sir, that’s me.”

“Great. Could we meet somewhere over a beer and let me get some information from you?”

He said, “I work for a law firm as a paralegal. Never quite got through with the law degree. I think I can I can break free for a bit.”

I said, “No problem. How about The Golden Spur in about an hour. I’ll be wearing a blue suit drinking an IPA at the bar.”

“I’ll see you there. Hey, catchy name. Did you play with…”

I finished his thought, “Nope, no relation to The Who.”

Chapter Three

I was sitting at the bar when a man I would describe as ruggedly handsome walked up to me and said, “Mr. Daltrey?”

I said, “Yes, that’s me, Mr. Mathews?”

We shook hands and sat down.

I said, “You mind if we move to a booth?”

He agreed. I asked him what he was drinking and bought him a beer.

I started by saying, “Todd, if I may call you Todd. I’m doing a piece on love, sex and college in the 90’s compared to today. Some of the people I’ve talked to said you were The Man, if you know what I mean, in that category back in the day. We’re you the one the ladies were lined up to get into bed with?”

We laughed. He said, “I wouldn’t go that far but I did have my pick of the litter, so to speak. I did some tutoring and I made sure it was mostly the ladies that needed my brain and my body, if you know what I mean.”

He smirked letting me know he was pretty much full of himself.

“Anyone special without mentioning any full names?”

“Oh yeah. There were several special ladies but there was this one. Damn! She was hot and married. We carried on an exclusive relationship for about six or seven months. We met at my apartment or any place else where we could make love. We would study for an hour or so and fuck like minks the rest of the time. Many times she went home to her husband full of my sperm. We always used condoms when she was fertile but during her safe time I filled her up but we had an “oops” and I knocked her up. She was in Pharmacy school at the time, if I remember correctly. Her name was Lauren. A lot of them came and went but I’ll never forget her. Being she was married and having sex with me and her old man too, she said she would tell him it was his baby and life would go on. That woman rode me like a stallion. She loved the feel of my cum shooting inside her. It gave her the most intense orgasms. We fucked for another couple of months without protection being she was already pregnant. We fucked until her baby bump was noticeable then she said as much as she loved the sex we had to stop. She never let me have her ass though. She said that was for her husband. But that was the end of us. I haven’t seen her since.”

I said, “Well, I don’t think they’ll let me write all your explicit sex for publication but I get the idea.” I was barely holding it together. My worst case scenario was confirmed.

I was on the verge of breaking down. My heart broke in a million pieces as he droned on about his and Lauren’s sexcapades.

I turned my phone recording off in my pocket and looked at him.

“Are you married, Todd?”

“Yes, sir. Fifteen years and two kids.”


He said, “What?”

I said, “You have three kids including the one you left in Lauren’s belly that night. I’m Jason Dixon, Lauren’s husband of twenty-five years. The one you were cuckolding back then. I just found out that Anna, YOUR twenty-one year old daughter, is not mine.”

“Oh, Shit! What do you want from me?”

I said, “Nothing, Todd. You took the only thing I loved in this world from me twenty plus years ago. As long as you do what I ask you to do, your wife and kids will never know you have another child unless you or Anna tell them. These are the divorce papers you will serve on Lauren at my house at two o’clock on June 6th. That is your daughter’s 21st birthday and we are having a party. She deserves to know who her bio dad is. Whether you have a relationship or not is up to her. At that time, you will show up and serve the divorce papers on Lauren and meet your daughter. Anything you don’t understand about what I said?”

“No, Sir, I understand. Mr. Dixon, but please. That was a long time ago. We both were young and horny. She loved to fuck. I’m sorry. It should have never happened. I beg you, don’t do this.”

I said, “Well, it did happen. By the way, she still loves to fuck. Maybe after the divorce, you two can hook up again. She’s still as hot and beautiful as she was then.”

I handed him the divorce paperwork and walked away.


June 6th, D-Day arrived. Lauren, Anna, Jack, Dana, and myself were present. The house was decorated nicely with the appropriate decorations for a twenty-one year old birthday party.

Dana said, “You’re going to do something, aren’t you? Oh, Dad. Not now. Please.”

I said, “Baby, the wheels are in motion and will be coming off soon. This train wreck can’t be stopped.”

I walked over to Anna and said, “Anna, Sweetheart, I love you with everything that’s in me. Never forget that. You are about to learn some information that is important to you. I hope you don’t hate me but I felt you needed to know. Our family will never be the same afterwards.”

Lauren said, “Jason, what’s the matter? What are you talking about?”

Precisely at two o’clock, the doorbell rang.

I sadly said, “Lauren, that’s for you.”

She opened the door and there stood Todd Mathews, her lover of twenty plus years ago.

Lauren cried, “Oh My God! Todd? What are you doing here? NO! NO! You can’t be here!”

“Hello, Lauren, I’m here at the request of your husband to serve you divorce papers and to meet my daughter.”

Todd handed her the envelope and said, “Lauren Dixon, you’ve been served.”

I said, “Hi, Mr. Mathews, please come in. I’m so glad you could make it to Anna’s birthday party. I see my wife is so thrilled to see you that she has fainted.”

Lauren fainted and dropped to the floor. Jack caught her before she could hurt herself. Her world had just exploded. Jack picked her up and laid her on the sofa. She awoke quickly and looked around.

She said, “No, this can’t be happening. Jason, please don’t do this.”

Anna said, “Dad, I don’t understand. Why does this man say he’s my father?”

“It’s simple, Anna. Your mother and Mr. Mathews had an ongoing affair while she was in Pharmacy school. Bottom line is you are the result of their affair. He impregnated your mother. Remember when we had the conversation about blood types? Well, it seems that your mother and I are both AB. Dana was correct. AB parents cannot have a type O child. DNA tests confirmed it. Mr. Mathews is your biological father. I don’t know who else your mom was screwing back then but I am Dana’s bio-dad.

Lauren was back with us crying, openly and loudly.

She said, “You were never suppose to know. I fell for Todd’s bullshit hook, line and sinker. I’m so sorry, Jason. I’ve tried to make up for my betrayal all these years. I love you more now than the day we married. When I found out I was pregnant, I was so scared. I knew you weren’t her bio father but you have raised her. She’s yours in every way. You and I made her the person she is today..”

I said, “Lauren, you say you fell for Todd’s line of bullshit. You must have gotten quite a bit on you while he was slinging it because you kept fucking him and bringing his semen home to me for over six months. Even after you knew you were pregnant, you kept fucking him. Really? Make it light on both of us, Lauren. Sign and let me move on. My heart is in a million pieces. Oh, and you are right about one thing. We made her the person she is today.”

Anna looked at Todd, then me and broke down. I walked over to her, kissed her and Dana on the cheek.

“Girls, I love you both with all my heart. I always will. Your mother has some decisions to make. You both are adults but I will always be just a phone call away. Anna, I’m sorry I did it this way but you deserved to know. Take care of your mother. I’ll be in touch. I left a recording of my initial conversation with Mr. Mathews on the kitchen table along with my ring. When you listen to it, you’ll know why I have to go. My attorney’s card is there also. Lauren, he will have all the information you need when you retain your attorney. Good Bye.”

“Good Bye, Mr. Mathews You may go, stay…whatever. Oh, by the way…”

I turned and hit him with everything I had right in the face. I’m sure both his jaw and my hand have a broken bone or two. Then a hard kick to his balls. He folded like an off suit deuce-seven poker hand and went out like a light.

I looked at Jack. “Jack, if you’re gonna arrest me. Let’s get it over with so I can hit the road.”

Jack just stood there with his mouth open, not believing what he just saw.

I picked up my two suitcases and walked to my truck. I just drove in no particular direction. Drove until my eyelids wouldn’t stay open any longer. I was hurt and humiliated. I wanted to reek the same havoc on my cheating wife. Just like the invasion of France in 1944, I left a path of maximum destruction in my wake.

Chapter Four

It was two days before I turned my phone back on. As expected it was full of messages and missed calls from Anna, Dana, and Lauren’s parents.

I listened to the last voicemail from Dana.

She said, “Well, Dad, you went for maximum hurt and destruction and you got it. Mom’s in the hospital under a suicide watch. She’s devastated. She won’t stop crying. She just says, “I’m sorry” over and over. Please come home. I’m mad at you for the way you handled it but I understand. Anna is staying with Jack and is barely holding on as we speak. I’m glad she has him to cling too. She is confused and hurt. She doesn’t know if she needs to be mad at you or Mom. She told Mathews that she never wanted to see or hear of him again. She wanted nothing to do with him. He said he understood and went to the ER for a broken nose and jaw. Again, come home, Dad. I love you.”

I listened to Anna’s voicemail.

It just said, “Dad, please. I need to talk to you. Please.”

Tears rolled down my face. It was killing me knowing it wasn’t my blood in her veins. Then to make it worse, Lauren kept it from me all these years. Am I overreacting? Damn right I am. Lauren needs to feel the pain I’m feeling.

I responded to Dana’s voicemail by text.

Dana, I got your voicemail. I’m sorry that your mother is in the hospital. She should have known what her betrayal even though it was years ago would do to me and us. I can’t come back right now, maybe never. I hope Anna can have some type of relationship with her father since I’m not him. I love you both and no, I can’t just turn off twenty-five years of loving your mother either. That’s why this hurts so bad. I need some time to get my head straight. Please tell your mom I said to just sign the papers and let me move on.

Love, Dad.

I wound up in the ER in some little town where they found I had two fractured bones in my hand. So now I was sporting a nice fiberglass cast too.

I turned my phone back off knowing it would be filled back up again in a few days. I just drove some more winding up somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. I went to a branch of our local bank and withdrew enough money to get me by for a month. I knew Lauren would see it on the bank statement and know where I was. I wasn’t hiding, just moving around. After a few weeks, the loneliness crept in. I missed my girls terribly…all of them. I was still furious at Lauren. She had been my rock for so long, I didn’t know how to live without her.

After a month, I called my attorney who told me that Lauren had signed the paperwork and we were just waiting on a hearing date and property split.

I listened to one of Anna’s latest voicemails. It didn’t sound like Anna.

She said, “Ok, Jason, the harlot, tramp, whore, whatever you want to call her signed the divorce papers. She’s walking around so full of antidepressants that she’s no more than a zombie. You got your revenge. I hope it gives you peace of mind knowing that you destroyed her. Yes, she was and is wrong. She knows it and can’t change it. She cheated on you with another man and got pregnant by him in an ongoing sexual affair. You have every right to be furious and divorce her but If she had been faithful I wouldn’t be here. Maybe some other version of me would be but it wouldn’t be me. I have to live with the fact that I’m a product of infidelity. That means I can’t and don’t want a relationship with the asshole that filled Mom with his sperm and MY Dad, the man I’ve adored for twenty-one years, no longer wants me. I’m sorry…I love you.

Wow, Anna is hurting. I knew she would but I hoped she would deal with it. I guess I’ll be single soon.

I hadn’t checked my email in awhile so I did and saw one from Lauren.

“Jason, my loving husband, I’m sorry I haven’t tried to contact you. I’ve been under a doctor’s care since that day. Jesus, Jason, I’m a Pharmacist, I know what these drugs do. I’m so blitzed most of the time now that I don’t even know what day it is. Right now, they are the only way I’m coping with losing you. The girls made me listen to the recording you made of your conversation with Todd at the bar. I’m so ashamed. Ashamed because his version was pretty much the way it was.”

“I know the news about Anna killed you inside. I want you to know that I couldn’t be more sorry regarding my behavior during that time. There’s no adequate excuse. I was a horny, newly married young woman who was not ready to be a wife. The excitement of a man other than my husband giving me mind blowing orgasms and filling me with his semen a couple of times a day was overwhelming. It’s not that he was better than you sexually. To put it crudely, he was just a different dick for my oversexed mind and body to enjoy. I never even considered I might get pregnant by him til I missed my period.”

“Even after I confirmed I was pregnant, I continued the affair. I guess that shows you how screwed up I was mentally and sexually. It didn’t occur to me what was really happening until I took a good look at my prominent baby bump and my growing breasts.Then, it hit me. You’re going to be a mother. There’s a little life inside you. I was having sex with both of you so it wasn’t necessary to keep it a secret. I had already told you that you were going to be a daddy. You were so thrilled and I just kept on fucking Todd too. I’m a terrible person let alone wife.”

“I signed the paperwork so you can be free to find someone to love you. I tried to make up for my sins of the past by being the best wife I could be but they caught up with me as infidelity eventually does. Just so you know, there were no others. I lost the one man in this world that I love so much that I would gladly die for. I grew up in those years after Anna was born and became the woman and wife you deserved and I still lost you. I pray that you will forgive me someday. Please don’t cut Anna out of your life. She’s a wonderful young woman. We did that, Jason. You and I. Be as proud of her as you are of Dana who, by the way, has 100% of our blood in her veins. I miss you…and love you.


Once again, I have tears running down my face as I was truly lost in my emotions. God, how I loved her. There was a knock on my motel room door.

I opened the door and there stood Anna.

She rushed through the door and into my arms.

“Dad, Oh, Dad. You’re crying?”

She threw her arms around me and began hugging me like she would never let me go.

Wiping my eyes, I said, “How…How did you find me?”

“Dad, Really? My fiancée and love of my life is a State Trooper. He’s Superman and the other hero in my life. You being the first. We’ve been looking for you for a few weeks.”

I asked, “Why, Anna? I wasn’t good enough for your mom. Why do you want me in your life. I figured you would hate me for outing your Mom and Mathews. Then dropping that bomb on you.”

“I kind of knew, Dad. When Dana said there must have been a mistake with the blood test. I checked. She was correct. There was no way you could be my biological father. That meant Mom had a lover 20 plus years ago. Jack and I were still trying to process what we knew on my birthday. You already had it all though. The who, the when, and the how I came to be.”

“I’m sorry about that voicemail. I was hurt and mad. I didn’t know who to blame. I took it out on you.”

I said, “You know, Honey. I don’t think you’ve ever called me Jason before.”

Anna said, “Well, here’s the second time. Jason, I need my father, my Dad, the man who made me what I am today, to walk me down the aisle in November when I become Jack’s Badge Bunny for life. I need you, Dad.”

I said, “Ok, Anna. Give me a sec and I’ll give Todd a call. He’ll be thrilled.”

Anna slugged me on the arm and said, “Ok, Asshole, very funny. I just included Asshole in the list of your new titles. By the way Dad, you’re 800 miles from home. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, I had to spend last night in a hotel…with Jack. I took advantage of Jack. He might be pregnant. It was our first time to be intimate and he’s not on the pill.”

I laughingly responded, “Jesus, Anna, that’s too much information. Dads don’t want to know that stuff.”

I looked through the door at Jack sitting in the car with that deer in the headlights look. I’m sure he was recalling the vision of Todd laid out in the floor bleeding.

“Anna? Please don’t tell you’re mother I’m coming home. I don’t want her to get her hopes up that anything is changing. I still have a lot of soul searching to do and my heart hurts. I’ll be home in a few days.”

“Ok, Dad. Please don’t beat her up anymore then she’s already beat herself up. She’s has nothing left. That light in her eyes that used to be there when she saw you walk in the door is gone. She does nothing but go to work, come home and cry. It’s hard to see her like that, Dad. She wears your T-shirts to bed every night. She refuses to take her rings off. She won’t until she receives that court document saying that you’re free. She still clings to that little bit of hope that you will forgive her.”

“We’re headed back. We might have to spend the night out again,” she said, grinning from ear to ear.

I frowned at Jack. He just smiled and gave me a little half hearted wave through the windshield.

Chapter Five

After Jack and Anna left, I sat their thinking about Lauren’s email and what Anna had just told me. I knew my hurt and humiliation was still taking it’s toll on me. I couldn’t see stopping the divorce. Yes, her affair is old news to Lauren but it’s like it was yesterday to me. I knew if I wanted to have a relationship with the girls I would have to learn to tolerate Lauren if only as my ex wife.

I began packing to return home. The vacation time I had taken from work was about up and I needed to get back.

When I returned, I located a small apartment that would suit my needs until the divorce was settled.

I called Lauren, “Jason, it’s so good to hear from you. I’ve missed you so much. Are you going to stay here at the house?”

“No, Lauren, I’ve found an apartment. I just need to get some clothes and things things from the house for work if that’s ok. I can’t stay there with the feelings I have right now. I hope you understand that you’ve had over twenty years to come to terms with your lies and betrayal but it’s like yesterday to me. I’ve only known about your betrayal for a month. It’s too fresh and raw.”

There was silence and I knew I probably just dashed any hope she had for us.

“Oh…ok, Jason. I understand. I want you to know that I love you. Do what you have to do.”

The weeks and months went by. The day we had our final court hearing, it was like I was another person. The hole in my heart Lauren left was bigger than ever. During the waiting period, she had texted and phoned me trying to put a foot back into my life. Some I answered, some I didn’t.

We stood in front of the judge, who hesitated a moment and looked at each of us.

The judge said, “Mr. and Mrs. Dixon, unfortunately, this is likely to be the last time I call you by those titles. There is obviously unfinished business between you two. I can see the heartbreak in both of you. Before I end this marriage, I want to say that I think you’re making a mistake. I know the circumstances that led us here today and I’m not unsympathetic to Mr. Dixon. The heartbreak of finding out that you’re not the biological father of the daughter you raised from infancy and the lies associated with it, are obviously devastating.”

“Mrs. Dixon, as you know, I’ve talked to both of you privately, I know that you still love this man and somewhere in the broken pieces of his heart, he still loves you but he’s adamant that he can’t stay married to you. Sometimes love by itself can’t overcome the feelings of disrespect and betrayal that he feels. I’m granting this divorce against my better judgement.”

“God be with you both. Courts adjourned.”

I looked over at Lauren, she was sobbing. Anna and Dana were with her, holding her.

Lauren looked at me through her tears and said, “I’m so, so sorry.”

I just said, “I know.”

Dana and Anna left their mother’s side and walked over to me. They hugged me with tears in their eyes.

I said, “Take good care of your mom, Girls. She needs you.”

Dana said, “And who’s going to take care of you?”

“I don’t know, Baby. No idea. But tonight, I feel it’s going to be Jack Daniels or Jose Cuervo and in the morning I’m pretty sure the rest of me will be as dead as my heart.”

I kissed both of them on the forehead, gave Lauren a last, sad look and walked out.

I woke up the next morning with what sounded like somebody beating on my apartment door with a frying pan, but it was just my alarm going off. The empty Jack Daniels bottle on the floor told the sad tale. I stumbled around and found some aspirin and a bottle of water. I’m pretty sure someone took a shit in my mouth.

I thought, “Jesus, what’s that smell. Damn, it’s me. Ok, Jason, you have got to get your shit together and move on. You got what you wanted, didn’t you? That cheating whore of a wife is history. You’ve divorced her. You punched out her lover and baby daddy of twenty years ago. You happy now? No, you’re not. Your once happy family looks like the beaches of Normandy on June 6th, 1944. Nothing but bodies everywhere. Difference is, the Allies still overcame and won. There were no winners here.”

I turned the water on and just leaned against the wall in the shower. My head was pounding. I finally cleaned up and brushed my teeth three times. Never again, never again.

The months went by…two then four, then eight months since the divorce was final. I speak to the girls often and have even texted with Lauren several times about different things, mostly about the girls. First thing I knew a year had gone by since my world imploded.

I was in a local bar with some coworkers having a beer after work when she walked in…Lauren, and she wasn’t alone. She was on the arm of an average looking man in an expensive suit. She appeared to be in her work clothes minus the white coat. What was this feeling? Anger, Jealousy, what? She’s moved on and I obviously haven’t. I excused myself and started to leave when she saw me. Her hand went to her mouth and she untangled her arm from her man. I just smiled at her and walked out. Her eyes never left me. She started to rise from her seat when her date grabbed her hand. I just nodded. He was unaware of our nonverbal communication.

I got in my truck and drove away, ignoring the tears rolling down my cheek. I had wondered what it would be like if I saw her out with another man. It was heart wrenching. I was almost to my apartment when my phone rang.

It was Dana. She said, “Hi, Dad, how are you?”

I said, “Hi, Kiddo, I’ve been better but I can’t remember that far back.”

“Dad? Mom’s seeing someone.”

“Oh, really? I guess she’s moved on. She’s still a beautiful woman. I’m not surprised some guy latched on to her.”

I didn’t mention that I had seen her and her new man.

“Dad, she’s been seeing a therapist for several months who has convinced her to move on with her life. She’s dating.”

I said, “Ok, Dana, why are you telling me this? I divorced her. She’s free to do whatever she wants. I’m no longer a part of her life other than you and Anna.”

“Damn it, Dad, You are so blind. She may be dating but there’s only one man she wants and that’s you. Annas’s wedding is in a few months. Isn’t it going to be awkward if she shows up with a date?”

“Dana, I can’t control what your mom does or doesn’t do. We talk occasionally but she doesn’t speak of her love life. I will ask her next time we talk if she plans on bringing a date.”

“Ok, Dad. Just wanted you to know that it looks like she’s moving on. I miss you. I know you still love her. Damn, you two are stubborn as mules.”

Another month went by. I had a couple of calls from Lauren but I didn’t answer them. No point, she’s moved on.

I had not dated anyone since the divorce. My heart wasn’t in it and it just wouldn’t have been fair to drag my baggage with me on what’s supposed to be a fun outing but things change.

I was working on a bid for our products when an absolutely gorgeous woman bolted into my office.

She came through the door and said, Hi, I’m Melanie Ford and you’re Jason Dixon, I believe. I hear you need a date for tonight and I just happen to be available so here I am. We have reservations at that new restaurant everyone’s raving about, Angelicas.”

She wrote her phone number and address on my desk calendar and said, “I’ll be ready at 6:30 with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes…IF you are into that sort of thing.”

She winked and was back out the door as quick as she blew in.

I thought, “What just happened?” Then, I smiled. I see Anna and Dana’s fingerprints all over this date. I have to say if they are gonna fix me up with a blind date, this one is a knockout.

I went home and was getting ready when it hit me that’s it’s been over twenty-six years since I’ve been on a real date. Do I even know how to act? All those years with Lauren, I just stared at her anytime we were out, taking in her beauty and knowing she was mine.

When I arrived at Melanie’s house, I went to the door and rang the bell. She opened the door and I thought, “Who is this woman? She’s even more beautiful than when she was in my office.”

She said, “Well, Jason, do I pass inspection?”

I said, “Jesus, Miss Ford. You take my breath away. You sure I’m the guy you want taking you out? You are smoking hot.”

Melanie’s long black hair hung just over her shoulders, her eyes were the bluest I’ve ever seen. Her lipstick was red and her make up was perfect. She was wearing a royal blue dress that stopped just above her knees. I could see the points of her nipples telling me there was no bra under that dress. She had on sun tan hosiery that ended with her gorgeous blue polished toes protruding out of the sexiest stiletto peep toe heels I’ve ever seen.

I escorted her to our Uber she told me she had ordered. We got in and she immediately put her arm in mine. It felt good. The attention she was giving me was going straight to my cock. I was doing my best to hide the chubby that was definitely there.

We walked in and the host seated us. Melanie was a delightful date. We talked and discussed most everything. She is divorced also. No drama with hers. Just a amicable breakup. She listened to as much of my story as I wanted to tell at this point in our relationship but I got the feeling she already knew much of my story. She caught me gazing at her eyes.

“See something you like, Jason?”

Honestly Melanie, I think I’m dreaming. I’m just an average guy. Nothing special and you’re beautiful. I’m so far beneath you that I don’t really know why I’m here. It’s not everyday that a Goddess busts into my office telling me we’re going out tonight. Suddenly, I felt nylon covered toes on my bare leg, snaking their way up my pants leg. I nearly lost the mouthful of tea that I’d just sipped.

Melanie laughed and continued her seduction up my leg as far as my pants leg would allow.

Then, as fate would have it. I’m watching my ex wife walking toward our section on the arm of the same man I had seen her with before. They were seated and she had not noticed me yet. They were holding hands and she was smiling at him, obviously smitten.

Melanie said, “Jason, I think you are the nicest, sexiest man I’ve had the pleasure of being with in years. Thank you for allowing me this evening. I realize my introduction was a little out of the ordinary but sometimes circumstances require bold action and I’m in need.”

“Oh?” I asked. Then I felt them.

“Do my toes that I just placed against that bulge in your pants that’s been there since we got out of the car give you any idea as to my needs?”

Just about that time, Lauren looked around and saw me. I saw her deflate when she saw Melanie. She glanced down and couldn’t miss Melanie’s foot in my lap. Those sad eyes that I had seen and knew so well for over twenty-five years were watering as she tried to hold back the tears. Her man was still holding her hand.

She arose and walked over to our table just as Melanie pressed her toes against my swelling dick. I gasped out loud. Melanie grinned.

“Hi, Jason, how are you?”

“I..I…I’m fine,Lau..Lauren. How are you? Looks like you’ve bounced back pretty well. Is he your new beau? Oh, I’m sorry. Melanie, this is Lauren, my ex wife. Lauren, Melanie.”

Melanie pressed her toes harder against my cock under the table as we talked, knowing exactly what she was doing to me. I reached under the table and caressed her toes and foot.

Melanie said, “Well, Lauren, it was nice meeting you. Have a nice dinner. We’ll be leaving soon. I have some dishonorable plans for Jason later.”

I said, “Good night, Lauren.”

Lauren, hurriedly walked back to her table where they soon left without eating.

We ate a wonderful dinner with her toes never breaking contact with my cock through the whole meal. I didn’t mind caressing them under the table either.

I paid and we got into our Uber. Soon as I closed the door, Melanie was all over me. She told our female driver, “Drive. I don’t care where, just drive and turn that mirror in another direction unless you want an education. I’ll tell you when to go home.”

She smiled in the mirror and said, “Yes, Ma’am. Enjoy the ride.”

Melanie unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and freed my swollen , aching penis from its confines. She took the head I her mouth and bathed it with her tongue swallowing the copious precum that was now flowing freely from the tip.

“God, Jason, you have a gorgeous cock as she stroked and licked it.”

I could stand no more. I pulled her off my dick and kissed her. She responded by melting into my arms. I unzipped her dress. She lifted her breast to my lips and I sucked a beautiful pink nipple into my mouth.

She moaned as I made love to her. She kicked her heels off and wrapped her legs around me. I removed her dress and my pants. I moved her thong aside and speared her labia with my tongue. Her clit getting all the attention I could give it.

She moaned aloud, “Oh, Shit! Jason, I’m gonna cum. You’re making me cum. YES! YES! I’m there.”

Her back arched and her toes curled next to my face. She just kept cumming as I continued my assault on her clit.

“Jason, Baby, STOP! Oh Please! I can’t take anymore.” Her pussy convulsed again oozing some fluids from inside her.

All of a sudden, we heard our lady driver yell, ” WOOHOO! Go for it Girl! Don’t worry about the seat, I’ll clean it later. Mister, I think she needs that big dick inside her.”

To my unbelievable surprise, Melanie said, “Park this thing, strip and join us. What’s your name?”

She said, “Angel. My name’s Angel.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. This just doesn’t happen to average Jason Dixon. I suspected Angel to be in her mid to late thirties. She found a secluded spot, stripped and joined us in the huge back seat. We were all naked except for Melanie’s stockings and garter belt. I plunged my cock into Melanie’s pussy and began pumping in and out of her.

I said, “Melanie, I’ll need to pull out. I don’t have a condom.”

She said, “Don’t you dare. I’m clean and on the pill. Fill me up, Cowboy.”

Angel said. ” Me too. Save some in that tank for me.”

I was in heaven. How did I get so lucky this night. Two fine looking women who love to fuck. Damn!

I was getting close to cumming in Melanie. Angel had Melanie’s stocking clad toes in her mouth trying to suck the polish off of them.

Melanie said, “Oh God, I’m cumming again.”

Once more she showed all the signs of having an intense orgasm. Without cumming myself, I pulled out of her and sunk my cock into Angel’s blonde pussy. Melanie was sucking on Angel’s nipples with Angel’s fingers in Melanie’s pussy. I pulled out of Angel and went down on her. Her clit was long and distended. I sucked it into my mouth.

Angel moaned, “Oh Jesus, YES! I’m cumming. DON’T STOP! YES! That feels so good..

Angel squirted all over my face and into my mouth.

She said, “I’m sorry. I should have warned you. I’m a squirter.”

I put Melanie on her back and buried my cock all the way into her. I bumped her cervix.

She winced. “Ow, Cowboy. Easy on the cervix.”

I pulled back a bit and began nice easy strokes in and out of her.

“Yes, Jason, just like that Baby. Give it to me. Cum inside me. Deep.”

Angel reached behind me and began massaging my balls.

She said, “That’s it. Fill her up. I feel his balls contracting. He’s gonna cum in you.”

Melanie said, “I know. I can feel him squirting against my cervix. It’s so warm. Fill me up Baby. Make me leak for a week.”

I finished in her and we all three collapsed on each other. We rested and told each other how much we enjoyed this. Then, I felt four sets of toes caressing my sticky cock. Ten blue ones and ten red ones. It was still covered in my own cum and both ladies fluids. It was only a few minutes before my forty-seven year old cock was standing proud again.

Angel straddled me and lowered her wet pussy down on my shaft. I knew I’d last a lot longer this time. She took all of me inside her to where her long clit was rubbing against the base of my penis. She basically fucked herself until she came again. I felt her fluids running down my shaft and onto my balls.

Then she said, “I’m going to fuck you til you cum. I want what you have left in the tank in my womb. Cum in me. DO IT! Shoot your hot sperm in my cunt.”

It was too much. I groaned and began pumping my second load in Angel’s hot little pussy.

She said, “Damn! That feels good inside me.”

Exhausted, we got partially dressed and headed to Melanie’s place. We thanked Angel for going above snd beyond the call of duty. She was a Trooper. She said the pleasure was all hers. She got a $500 tip and left.

As we walked to her door, Melanie said, “Jason, I can feel you inside me. You’re also dripping down my leg. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight. You think maybe you could join me in my bed tonight? I would love to cook breakfast for you in the morning after we make love again.”

I laughed, “Dang, Melanie. I don’t know. You know I really need to get home and wash some clothes, wash dirty dishes, watch some paint dry, watch the news…”

She slapped me on the arm and said, “Get your ass in my shower. You need to wash Angel’s juice off of your dick. My pussy cream is the only cream that needs to be on it now.”

We showered and she sucked my cock until I was ready to cum again.

She said, “Don’t cum yet. Save that load for my pussy..

We got naked and comfortable in her bed and I finally said, “OK, which one do you know?”

She said, “What? What are you talking about?”

I repeated, “Which one do you know, Anna or Dana. One of them set this up. Got their fingerprints all over it.”

Her face blushed. She said, “How did you know?”

I said, “From the moment you burst into my office and informed me we were going to dinner.”

She said, “Anna. I’ve know your daughter for a couple of years. I tutored her some in nursing school. I’m a nurse. She told me your story and said you were in dire need of a loving touch. She secretly pointed you out to me one day as we saw you getting lunch. I agreed to help you out. But…as wonderful as tonight was, I had no intention of letting it go as far as it did. It was just supposed to be dinner and conversation. I know I overstepped my bounds. She even knew your ex would be at the restaurant. She wanted to make her jealous hoping to put your family back together. The jealous part worked especially when she saw my toes on Mr. Happy under the table.

“Melanie, you’re the most beautiful nurse I’ve ever laid eyes on. I have never been more thoroughly satisfied as I’ve been tonight. I don’t know if Lauren and I will get back together. She shoved a lot of heartache in my direction. Yes, I know it was twenty plus years ago for her but it’s new to me.

She said, “Now, if you don’t mind, Sir, I need that gorgeous cock back inside me.”

“Melanie, this time, I’m in charge. I’m going to make love too you.”

I started at her bare toes, kissing the tip of each one,

“God, Jason, I love that.”

Then up her legs to her knees where I kissed behind her knees to the soft pale skin of her inner thigh next to her puffy well used labia. I sucked on her thigh leaving a huge hickey.

“You Fucker, you just marked me, didn’t you?”

Then straight to her clit. I didn’t stop licking it until she was in the middle of a screaming orgasm.

I plunged my penis into her cum soaked pussy adding another load to the one already in her.

“Jason, I love the feel of you cumming inside me. That’s such a turn on for me.”

“Glad to oblige, Ma’am,” I said.

“By the way, Jason. Angel was in it all the way too. She’s a friend of Anna’s from work. She was hot, wasn’t she?”

I said, “Boy, I was set up all the way, wasn’t I?”

“Fraid so, Cowboy only Anna doesn’t need to know about our “after party” so to speak. I think our mission was a complete success. Jason, to be truthful, I needed last night as much as you did. So much so, if you don’t get back with your wife, call me. Now what do you want for breakfast.”

I said, “YOU” as I went back to work on her cum filled pussy with my tongue.

“Oh, Baby, are you sure you want to…as my tongue invaded her entrance once more. Oh God. I’m full of you. Make me. cum again, Jason.”

After breakfast, we said our good byes and I went home. I checked my phone. It was full of missed calls and texts from Anna, Dana and even a couple of voicemails from Lauren.

I listened to Lauren’s voicemail first. I decided to call her

She answered the phone with, “Hello, Jason. I have to say, you out did yourself with that woman the other night. Who was that beautiful woman that was seducing you in front of God and everybody under the table? Her foot was in your crotch the whole time. She made no secret that she was going to rock your world. I could never have competed with her.”

I said, “Lauren, you’re obviously dating. I divorced you. I have no say in who you date or fuck. That’s the second time I’ve seen you with that guy. I guess you must like him. On the same token, you have no say who I date. Just so you know, that’s the first date I’ve been on since we split up. My brain wanted to but my heart wouldn’t let me. You don’t seem to have that same burden. I wish you and him all the best. Good bye, Lauren.”

“Jason, he’s…” was all she could say before I hung up. Her voice was always music to my ears. I knew my voice was going to break if I didn’t hang up.

Chapter Six

Anna’s wedding day was rapidly approaching. I had to have contact with Anna and Lauren as to my role in the wedding which was basically pay for it and show up. The night of the rehearsal dinner, Lauren was there with her new beau on her arm.

I saw Anna and Dana approach her and they weren’t happy. Their conversation was pretty animated with Anna doing most of the talking from what I could see. I turned and walked out the door. I heard footsteps running behind me.

Anna said, “Dad! Dad! Where are you going?”

I said, “Baby, I’m not needed here. Looks like your mom has things well under control. She even brings her boyfriend to your rehearsal dinner. That’s shoving it in my face, don’t you think?”

“Dad, we were going to wait to tell you. Craig has asked her to marry him. She said yes. He’s her fiancée.”

“I see. So I guess you and Dana have met your new step dad-to-be? Wow, she didn’t waste much time finding my replacement did she? Well, I’m glad she’s happy.”

“Shit, you still love her, don’t you? What a mess. Dad, please stay for the dinner.”

“I’m sorry, Honey. I can’t. It would be too awkward for me. I’m gonna go have a beer someplace. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Even though Lauren knows all my beer drinking haunts, it was a surprise to see her stroll in and take a stool beside me at the bar.

“Wow, Lauren. You found me. Is the dinner over?”

“Of course, after twenty-five years of knowing and loving everything about you, knowing where you drink was easy. Yes, the dinner was over pretty quick with you not there.”

She touched my arm and said, “Jason, can we find a booth and talk?”

“Why, Lauren? Wow! That’s a nice ring on your finger. I understand congratulations are in order. Have you set a date?”

“Jason, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have brought Craig to the dinner. That was thoughtless of me. Anna and Dana both read me the riot act about how disrespectful that was to you.”

“Lauren, it’s obvious that you’ve moved on in a big way. Right out of divorce into another relationship and marriage to boot. All within eighteen months. Not bad. Kudos to Craig for getting into your panties so quick.”

For the first time in our life together, Lauren slapped me.

I said, “What the fuck, Lauren?”

“Just to set you straight. Yes, I agreed to marry Craig when he asked and NO, no one but you has been in my panties since the day you took me on on the kitchen table before my wonderful life with you imploded. I told Craig that we would not be having sex until after the wedding so I haven’t had sex with anybody but you and the biggest mistake of my life. Yes, we’ve kissed and he’s felt up my boobs. I’ve jerked him off a few times but he hasn’t been inside me or even touched my pussy. I just couldn’t do it as much as he wanted too.”

I said, “Well, Good for you. That makes me feel so much better. Tell me, Lauren. Do you love him? The last time you told me that you loved me wasn’t that long ago. You must have an enormous capacity to love so do you love him?”

“I don’t know, Jason. He says he loves me. I’m so confused. I like him and he treats me well. We have a lot in common. He’s a physician.”

“I see. You’re trading up. Can’t blame you for that. I know where I was in the pecking order and it wasn’t on top. Don’t ruin his life and make yours worse by marrying him because he’s a nice guy and you need a man in your life. Just giving you my two cents worth.”

“Jason, the night we saw you with that gorgeous woman seducing you at that restaurant, I lost it. I cried all the way home. I wanted to scratch her eyes out. I couldn’t eat or sleep for a week. That should have been my foot in your lap you were caressing under the table. Ok, I’ll say it. I was green with jealousy with a capital G. Craig broke up with me over it. I’m pretty sure he knows he doesn’t have my heart. He’s still hoping he can win it but I know only one man has it and that won’t change in this lifetime.”

“You know, Lauren, just curious. How does Anna feel about having her third dad in her short twenty-one years? Does Craig know why we divorced?”

“No, he doesn’t know the story. No reason to tell him. YOU are Anna’s dad. Always will be.”

I said, “So, you’re starting off this marriage with a lie…a lie of omission albeit but a lie just the same.”

“Jason, this whole thing is a lie. I love you. I LOVE YOU! There…I said it. As long as I love you, there’s no room for anyone else. I made a mistake…no, another mistake by agreeing to marry Craig. Is that what you want to hear, Jason? I couldn’t marry Craig even if I wanted too because I will never stop loving you. I was your Queen and you, my King. Nothing but the horrible thing I did to us could change that. As bad as I would love too, I can’t change it, Baby. I can’t. If I could change it by cutting off a leg a or an arm, I’d do it but I can’t. I hope you can forgive me some day.

She got up and walked out, leaving me with those words playing over and over in my head.

The next day we all showed up at the church. My Anna was a beautiful bride. Lauren and Dana were both stunning in their new dresses, shoes and make up. Lauren was barely holding it together, constantly drying her eyes. Craig was nowhere to be found.

As the Wedding March began, Anna’s bridesmaids were escorted followed by Lauren and a Groomsman. She was seated on the front row in front of her parents.

Then it was my turn. My Anna kissed me on the cheek and took my arm.

She said, “Don’t pass out on me now, Dad.”

We started down the aisle. Our friends and family turned toward us a we proceeded slowly to the steps in front of the pastor.

The pastor asked, “Who gives this woman in marriage.”

I said, “Her Mother and I.”

I kissed her on the cheek and placed her hand in Jack’s.

I turned and took my place…I thought , my place. Yes, this is my place, beside Lauren. I took her hand and squeezed it. Tears wear rolling down her cheeks.

She whispered, ” Thank you, Jason, for making this a special day for Anna in spite of her parents.”

I said, “No matter, who provided the sperm, she’s mine.”

Jack was in his Class A uniform as were his Groomsmen. As the ceremony proceeded, I watched Lauren, the proud mother of the bride. She was more beautiful than the day I met her. As the pastor introduced Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCall to the room, his fellow Troopers marched out and made the traditional arc and salute as the newlyweds left the church. Lauren was escorted out with me following. Once outside, Anna threw the bouquet in the direction of her mom who had no problem catching it.

I walked over to Lauren. I said, “Looks like you have another wedding to attend someday.”

She looked at me with those sad eyes and said, “No, Jason, the man I want, I lost. He has to want me with all my sins and mistakes.”

Then I saw, Craig coming our way. I said, “Lauren, looks like that man, your fiancée made it after all and is headed this way. I’m going to say bye to the girls and make sure no one has stolen my stool at the bar. I’ll see you around.”

I said my good byes. Jack and Anna would be on their way to Hawaii in a few hours. I hugged both of them and left.

Chapter Seven

There I was, perched on my favorite stool, still in my tux watching some meaningless football game on the tube over the bar when deja vu struck.

“Jason, do you think we could stop meeting like this and meet somewhere where alcohol isn’t the basis for the location’s existence?”

“Ah, but Lauren, my sweet Lauren, when your life is in the shitter, your kids are gone and your wife of 25 years belongs to another, Mr. Jack Daniels is a good friend. He never lets you down. You know exactly where you are and where you’re going. Where’s your beloved?” I asked.

She said, “The only beloved I’ve ever had is sitting here with me now. We talked after you left. I told him there was no way I could marry him. I thought maybe I could learn to love him. Maybe it would work but logically I knew we didn’t have a prayer with you in my thoughts every minute of every day that I breathe. I gave him the ring back and told him to find someone that could love him the way he should be loved. It wasn’t me.”

“And after I left, I received an interesting phone call…STUD.

I said, “Oh, Yeah?”

“Yeah. Melanie. You do remember Melanie, don’t you…Cowwwwboyyyy?”

“Oh, Shit!”

“Yep, I’m pretty sure she was three sheets in the wind when she called but your one night stand informed me I had one week to bring you home and back in my bed or you would be in hers where she would make you forget my name…again, as she put it. She said I was a fool for letting you go. She also mentioned someone named Angel. Do you know anyone named Angel…Cowwwwboy?”

I was trying to find something for my eyes to focus on other than Lauren.

“Lauren, I vaguely remember an Angel. Can’t remember exactly where.”

“Oh, Melanie was quite specific. Something about the back seat of an Uber ride and a double team? Something about you being the best she ever had? Ring any bells?”

I sat there thinking about how to whitewash this without throwing Anna under the bus?

I blurted out, “It was your daughter. Anna set it up. She was pissed that you were dating. She thought I should do the same.”

“Jason, now that’s just low. You’re throwing your sweet daughter into the grease to cover your night of debauchery and unbridled sex. Shame on you. I heard you left both Melanie and Angel exhausted and leaking. Like I said, she sounded pretty drunk and she had no problem telling all.”

“Ok, Lauren, Yes, I fucked their brains out. Both of them until they were begging me to stop. I left them babbling incoherently from the multiple orgasms with their pussies full of cum . You happy now. I had a year of pent up semen begging to be spewed into a warm, wet receptacle. I’m sorry if you’re mad but that’s the way it was. We aren’t married. I’m free to fuck whoever I want. Melanie threw herself at me and she was insatiable.”

Lauren looked at me. This was a look I had not seen in a long time. She wasn’t mad about getting a play by play of my night with Melanie and Angel. The look was lust…pure lust in those gorgeous eyes.

Lauren leaned over in the booth we’d taken. She took my hand and slid it up her thigh under her dress. I felt the top of her lacy stockings and the straps of the suspender belt. Then as she kept moving my hand northward, I felt her smooth hairless mons and then her wet labia.

“Put your fingers in me, Cowboy. Make me cum right here in this booth. I dare you. Do it, Jason. You’re not chicken are you? A big stud like you taking on two at a time shouldn’t have a problem with fucking his ex wife in a bar booth. When you get me there, I might yell out, I’m gonna cum, right here in the bar.”

She gasped as I slid two fingers into her vagina and began massaging her G spot. She raised her leg and put it in my lap giving me better access to the pussy I knew so well.

She slipped her other heel off and slid her nylon covered toes under my pants leg just as Melanie did that night.

She whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna cum, Jason, I’m so close. Kiss me so I won’t yell out when I do. I’m there, Honey. Don’t stop. Yes. Yes.”

Suddenly she tensed up, her tongue went in my mouth, her pussy clamped down on my fingers and I felt her warm juice flood my hand and fingers not to mention the booth.

“Jason, take me home and fuck me or I’m going to suck you off in this booth. I need you inside me.”

For the next two hours, I fucked my ex wife in every way possible. She received two loads of cum in her womb. She cleaned me up and now she’s trying to get me hard again by licking the head of my cock until I’m hard as a rock. I think I going to have to check into getting some Cialis if this keeps up.

She said, “I understand you have at least three loads in those big balls. You’ve been holding out on me. I aim to find out. I guess I should thank Melanie for this.”

I said, “Melanie who? Lauren Dixon, have I told you how much I love you.”

“Yes, you have but I’d like to hear it again, Cowwwwboy.”

Melanie’s drunk phone call created a monster. I just thought Lauren was hot before. She’s literally on fire now. Remind me to send Melanie a Thank You note.


Are Lauren and I back together? Yes and no. We are a work in progress. Our love never died, but my trust in her took a direct hit. Just because her indiscretion was 20 plus years ago didn’t make it any less painful knowing that the daughter I raised was not mine. With some counseling and a lot of love from our daughters, we are both learning to put that part of our lives along with the anger and guilt that go with it in a place where it can no longer hurt us. We may or may not remarry but our family is together. Only time will tell. Right now, the Cowwwwboyyyy is in the saddle. There are unintelligible noises coming from Lauren’s lips as I cream her insides one more time. The Dixon’s are back.

Thanks for reading. Some of you will like my story. Some won’t. Yes, it’s a reconciliation love story. The 1* cuck idiots can go ahead and place your 1 * where the sun don’t shine. I appreciate those of you who understand that life and relationships take broadside and direct hits and can still survive. This story was not a hiccup in their marriage it was a full blown disaster but not every disaster in a marriage has to be a life destroyer.

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