Building a Dream: Part Two



. What time did we eventually fall asleep? About midnight I think. I got out of bed, quick wee then made two cups of coffee. Jay didn’t stir. She was still out for the count. Hardly surprising after last nights unexpected gangbang.

A continuation of our adventure in London in 2014 which led to the sexual awakening for us both. Most of the story is absolutely true. Some of the dialogue has been recreated as I can’t accurately remember everything exactly as it was said. The names of the persons involved have been changed apart from our good friends Manus and Sara who have given us full permission to use their real names. Enjoy!

It was the coolness of the room that woke me. I looked over at the fans and saw that one had been left switched on and was pointing at the bed from the other side of the room. I looked down at Jay who was still asleep, naked, lying on her front and partially covered by the sheet. Reaching for my watch I was surprised that it was only 7:30. What time did we eventually fall asleep? About midnight I think. I got out of bed, quick wee then made two cups of coffee. Jay didn’t stir. She was still out for the count. Hardly surprising after last nights unexpected gangbang.

I sipped my coffee and ran through the events and how they came about. The chaps we had met earlier in the bar bought the fans up, clothing was shed and, combined with Jay’s alcohol intake, a gangbang ensued. Nothing was planned. It just naturally happened and Jay certainly didn’t complain. It wasn’t anything that had happened to either one of us before and only the sort of thing you would see in a porno, but it did happen and it opened my eyes to the pleasure Jay got from it.

But then, she was drunk.

She opened her eyes and, noticing the coffee murmured “yes please.”

“How you are feeling?” I asked as she sat up and took a sip.

“Stretched,” she replied. “Sore and stretched.”

“Hardly surprising. “ I said sitting next to her. “How much do you remember?”

“Everything. I can’t believe that happened.” She sat up further and, as the sheet dropped, I noticed the marks on her red and sore looking nipples from the punishment they took.

We sat in silence drinking our coffees. I didn’t know what to say and she seemed deep in thought. She finished her coffee and gently lifted her breasts and examined her nipples.

“These feel a bit sore and…oh, very sensitive.” She gently stroked each nipple in turn, both still fully erect. “Sore, but not in a bad way. They feel, I dunno, kind of extra sensitive.” As she sat there stroking each nipple I could feel myself getting excited. Her nipples had taken some severe, but not damaging bites and punishment from last night but the fact that it didn’t bother her, in fact she even seemed to be getting some pleasure from it, had started to arouse me. I tried to push the excitement to one side and asked,

“How’s the rest of you?”

“Sore,” she answered swinging her legs out and walking gently to the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later I heard the bath being filled.

“I’m going to have a very long soak.” She said, poking her head around the door. “Can you grab something to eat and put ‘do not disturb’ on the door?”

“No problem.” I answered and was soon on my way to the canteen. We had a breakfast deal in with our room fee and I knew they wouldn’t mind if I took a couple of plate loads to the room.

Jay was lying in a very bubbly bath when I returned. I sat on the bathroom floor and in between eating my own; I passed her bacon, sausages, and toast which she eats one by one as she lay soaking.

“Do you want to talk about what happened?” I asked. She went thoughtful for a moment then looked over at me and smiled.

“Do you expect me to say I’m angry? Upset? Humiliated? That I feel abused? Disappointed that you let it go so far?”

“Well, I expect you to have an opinion.” I answered, not sure where this was heading.

“It’s okay. I don’t have any of those feelings.” She replied, rubbing bubbles up her arms. “It was a surprise. We’re normal people. Things like that don’t happen to normal people. But it did. I’ve never envisioned myself to be the type to let myself go like that. Yes, the drink loosened my inhibitions, but once it started I didn’t want to stop. Something inside me was saying ‘go for it, enjoy yourself’ and I did. You didn’t make any move stop it from happening and certainly seemed to enjoy yourself in the long run.”

“I would have stopped it.” I replied on the defensive. “If I had the slightest hint from you that it was wrong or you were uncomfortable, I would have stopped it.”

“I know, I know,” She said sitting up, exposing her sore breasts from the bubbles. “But you did enjoy it and I was too far ‘in the moment’ and I think if you had tried to stop it, I would have objected. I think I’ve always had this deep and secret imagination about wanting to know how it feels to be a bit slutty. To expose myself to others a bit. To loosen up and enjoy sex openly, even with others present, but the fact that we’re ‘normal,’ has always meant that we’re not that free to act out those fantasies.”

“Well, you certainly found out last night. How do you feel now, having experienced it?” I asked.

“I feel a bit free. I feel a bit liberated. I feel like I’ve gone beyond expectations and that we’re not as normal as we think we are. I’ve never actually pictured myself having sex with more than one man at a time. It’s not something we’ve ever considered and if you were to ask me 24 hours ago if I fancied having a gangbang, I would have known you were joking, because that’s not us. But we’ve done it now and it feels, well, good. I feel like a slut. I feel like I want to act out a slut fantasy”

This was a surprise. I was expecting some sort of recrimination from her, maybe some tears, not this.

“What about everything that you did, or rather, what was done to you. You went beyond limits that you set.” I asked

“I know, I know,” She replied staring at the ceiling. “But once it started and I realised how good it actually felt, I felt a bit disappointed that we had wasted so many good fucks not experimenting more.”

“Wasted fucks?”

“No, no, not in a bad way. When we fuck, it’s great but now we’ve both had our eyes opened. There’s more things for us to explore, share and enjoy. Last night I had several orgasms. No, not just several, it felt like one long orgasm. I came and came and came and despite being sore in both regions down there,” She nodded her head towards her bubble hidden pussy. “I still feel very turned on. It hasn’t disgusted me; it’s made me aware.”

She closed her eyes and playfully purred to exaggerate the point.

“But for today, no one’s going anywhere near those regions. Too sore.”

A short while later I helped her out the bath and, having dried, wrapped herself up in a dressing gown and lay on the bed.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked. We still had a few days left to explore London and visit the museums and galleries she had previously made a list to go to.

“I want to walk down the street and say to the next woman we pass ‘I’ve just had a gangbang, have you? I want to go out with no underwear on and see if anyone notices and find out what lengths people would go to see more. I want to experience sexual freedom. Be a bit more open, maybe a bit wild and daring.”


“No, just kidding. But that’s how I feel. It’s all a part of an awakening that last night has triggered. Having those men fuck me last night has made me realise that I can actually be attractive to others.”

“I’ve always said that,” I said, sitting next to her on the bed. “I’ve always noticed men, and woman giving you the once over before. You are a very fit and sexy lady.”

“I’m glad you think so and I have noticed men looking at me, especially when I’m in a short dress or low-cut top. I normally try to adjust myself, cover up to stop them gawping, but now I want them to look. I want them to stare. I want them to imagine what they would do to me given the chance. I feel like becoming a bit of a tease or an exhibitionist. It’s like when we had sex that time in the local park last year and those two couples went past walking their dogs. Remember how quick we got our clothes adjusted and walked out of the bushes as if nothing had happened? Well now I would carry on and let them watch. I want them to see me getting pleasure and hear me cum.”

“Like that woman in the dunes at Maspalomas?”

“Oh fuck, I forgot about that.” She answered.

The previous year we went on holiday to Gran Canaria. On the first day we had gone to the beach through the vast sand dunes. We were following a path that took us deep into the dunes and came upon a group of about 9 or 10 men who were all stood watching a woman who was on her knees having sex with one man while blowing another. We stopped, unsure whether to walk past or find another route. The men had their phones in one hand and were filming or taking pictures while openly wanking with the other. They were either naked or had their shorts pulled down. The men were a mixture of old and young, fat, or thin. Just normal people like us. The woman looked to be in her early thirties, was slim and showed no shame, in fact judging by the noise she was making, she was thoroughly enjoying it. We moved over to one side and sat on a dune about twenty feet away from the action slightly overlooking the scene. Neither I nor Jay were expecting to see this but neither did we walk away. We just sat down to watch as if it was the most natural thing to come across.

Both men came simultaneously and moved away to be replaced by two others directed by another man who I assumed might have been the woman’s partner. The woman swapped positions a couple of times, all the while keeping a cock in her pussy and mouth. From where we sat we could see her take the loads of cum in her mouth and on her tits from which she scooped the excess and licked her fingers clean. No condoms were evident either. Each man came in her to be replaced by another, obviously not bothered about ‘sloppy seconds.’

The woman looked over at us at one point, stopped sucking, smiled, and winked. She obviously enjoyed having a non-participating audience.

It was after six men had pleasured her and the next couple were starting that some of the men watching noticed me and Jay. A couple walked over to us, or rather to Jay, with their cocks in their hands offering them to her as they stared at her breasts. Jay was wearing a bikini with denim shorts and instantly threw her arm across her chest and we both stood up.

“No, No.” she said with a polite smile not wishing to offend or cause trouble, putting her hand up to back them off. “We’re just going.”

With that we went back the way we had come, occasionally looking behind us to make sure we weren’t being followed and found an alternative way to the beach. When we got back to the hotel that evening a quick Google search informed us that the dunes were a swingers/exhibitionists hotspot. In our ignorance we had walked straight through the main part. The rest of the holiday was spent sight-seeing and visits to family friendly beaches and within a couple of days the event was forgotten.

“Not exactly like that woman,” she said settling down on the bed and I noticed she had slipped her hand under her robe and was rubbing her nipples.

“I mean, she was letting complete strangers queue up to fuck her. I don’t think I could ever do that, even after last night. But the look on her face and the noise she made when she came was either bought on by the fucking or from the excitement of being watched. She was really enjoying herself. It’s that sense of freedom I mean”

I reached over and gently placed my hand under her robe and began to stroke a nipple.

“So, what do you want to do today?” I asked, as I felt myself getting hard.

“Not that,” she replied with a pitying smile. “I think I just want to stay here today under the fans and watch crap daytime TV. I’m too sore to play and too tired to walk around. You okay with that?

“Yeah, let’s stay here and order food in.” I replied, feeling slightly disappointed. “Is Homes under the Hammer on?”

The next morning, having had breakfast in our room, Jay was stood naked staring at her clothes in the wardrobe trying to decide what to wear.

“Problem?” I asked

“Yeah. It’s too hot for jeans and I’m running short of clean clothes that will be cool enough.” She ran her hands through the few items hanging up then crossed her arms. “If I knew it was going to be this hot, I would have bought more dresses.”

“What about the red flowery one?” I asked. It’s a backless summer dress that tied up around the back of the neck, similar to the one she wore previously, except no bra could be worn without showing the back strap, something Jay disagreed with. The other difference with this dress was that it had an elasticated waist and was a bit ‘flary’ and short, a good six inches above the knee. Jay normally wore it over a pair of jeans.

“No,” she said pulling the dress out and holding it up. “I only wear this with jeans and it’s too hot.”

“Then wear it without the jeans.” I answered

“Absolutely not. It’s way too short and will blow up with the slightest breeze.” She replied holding it up to herself in front of the mirror as if to emphasise the shortness.

“Well, you did say yesterday that you wanted to be a bit more daring. Wear it and if it does blow up, so what. What are people going to see? Only a pair of knickers.”

“More like granny pants,” she said holding up her underwear.

I must admit, they did look a bit dull.

“Okay,” I said. “Wear no underwear. Let’s act out your slut fantasy”

“What?” she exclaimed. “No way. There’s being daring then there’s being arrested.”

“Okay then, wear the granny pants then and at the earliest chance, I’ll buy you some new underwear. Something a bit sleek and a bit sexy that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Then you can change into them. Maybe you’ll get that thrill you’re after if your dress does blow up.”

She stood then thinking about it for about a minute. Holding the dress up before her in front of the mirror and lifting the hem to see how far it would potentially rise up.

“Okay, get your cheque book out, you’ve got a deal.” She said smiling. “Waterloo Station has shops. We’ll go there. I just need to borrow your razor first.”

Waterloo Station was only a ten-minute walk away. Despite the heat there was a bit of a breeze and the lightness of the dress fabric did cause it to gently blow up. Not fully up but enough to expose the granny pants briefly. Jay held it down as best she could until we entered the station concourse.

“I’m not sure about this,” she said looking around for a clothes shop. “The slightest gust and it was rising. I’m not sure I can spend all day trying to hold it down.”

“Then don’t.” I said, taking her hand and leading her to a lady’s wear shop. “In you go and take this.” I held out a five-pound note to which she refused to take.

“Ladies underwear, Steve,” she said, “Does not come cheap.”

I handed over a twenty and she disappeared inside. A short while later she came out and, taking me by the hand said, “All done, let’s go.”

It was as we got towards Waterloo Bridge when she told me what she’s bought.

“A very thin and lacey black G-string.” She said with a wink. “And they let me change into them once I’d bought them.”

I looked down behind her and imagined the thin piece of material nestled in her bum crack.

“How does it feel?” I asked as we started across the bridge.

“Very comfortable. I didn’t think it would but I can barely notice it. I must admit to feeling a little bit turned on.”

At that, there was a slight gust of wind that blew down the river causing the dress to rise. On instinct, Jay put both hands down to stop it.

“Don’t stop it,” I said. “This is all part of the thrill.”

Jay removed her hands and let the dress drop. It was only about a minute before a short gust blew it up again. This time she didn’t stop it. The bottom of the dress lifted up to reveal the lowest part of the G-string before dropping down. I looked behind us and the only people following behind were a man and a woman, businesspeople judging by the attire and they had clearly noticed what had happened. They smiled though as if to say, ‘don’t worry, it can happen to anyone’.

It happened several more times as we crossed the bridge and each time Jay let it happen. People approaching witnessed it and there was more than one double-look from men and woman alike. Jay giggled each time with her brazenness and I could see her looking at the people’s faces each time it happened. They got an eyeful then looked at her and smiled or winked.

Having crossed the bridge, I put my arm around her waist and let it slip down to gently cup her bum cheek. Wow, it felt weird holding her through the thin fabric, knowing there was very little beneath.

“How was that?” I asked.

“I am so fucking turned on right now.” She replied.

“Really?” I asked surprised.

“Yeah. Did you see the look on people’s faces? Oh my god. They had a good eyeful, front and rear. What must they think?” She asked looking around.

“They’re probably thinking about what it would be like to fuck you, now they’ve almost seen the goods.” She laughed at that and we headed towards Trafalgar Square, Jay smiling and occasionally giggling every time a breeze came along enough to lift the dress.

We went in the National gallery and spent time in there going around the different galleries. I’ve always liked the National Gallery. Fabulous works of art on display for all to see. A bit like Jay, I thought to myself as I admired Constables Haywain. It can sometimes be very peaceful, apart from now.

“You moron, Colin!” A woman standing behind me suddenly shouted. The man with her, presumably called Colin, who, despite no food or drink being allowed in the gallery, had opened a can of coke near her and it had spurted out over her too-low cut top and very, very short skirt.

“I’m sorry Tammy,” panicked Colin as he pulled tissues out from his bag and started dabbing her.

“Where’s the toilets?” the woman shouted as she went marching out of the room closely followed by clumsy Colin.

The episode over, I turned back to admire the art and also Jay who looked absolutely gorgeous. The summer dress was a good choice. It showed off her long legs and her loose breasts were pressing out against the tight material giving more than a hint of erect nipple. At one-point Jay bent down to pick up her shoulder bag off the floor when we got up from a bench.

Standing behind her I got an eyeful of her sweet arse with the ultra-thin piece of material running under and up through the bum crack. I could clearly see the outline of her pussy too as the material was very thin and lacey with barely a covering and had moved up between her pussy lips.

I wasn’t the only one to notice.

There was another couple standing close by, tourists I presumed. I happened to look up while Jay was bent over and they both were staring at Jays arse and I mean really staring. I looked over at them and they didn’t look away, they were having a good look, even tilting their heads.

Jay stood up, oblivious to what had happened. I took her hand and started to lead her towards another picture and whispered that she had gained some admirers. She turned around quickly and saw the couple were still stood staring.

They looked slightly older than us, only a couple of years were slim and very good looking. There was a continental look about them, something European. The man was dressed casual in jeans and a polo shirt. The woman was blonde and wore a short summer dress similar to Jays, but low cut and she was clearly not wearing a bra

They both smiled at us and we smiled back. Just a polite, friendly acknowledgement.

“What were they staring at?” Jay asked.

“Your arse and your pussy. Went you bent over the whole lot was on show and I mean everything.” Jay looked around to make sure no one was looking then discretely put her hand behind and under her dress and had a feel.

“Oh my god, it’s so thin it doesn’t even totally cover my pussy. It’s ridden right up. They must have seen everything?”

“But they obviously enjoyed the view. How does that make you feel?” I asked leading her away from that room towards the exit.

“Embarrassed, yet excited. I was really turned on crossing the bridge, watching everyone have a good look but this is beyond that. This is more than just seeing some skimpy knickers.”

“Yet, not even forty-eight hours ago there were five others seeing every part of you and very close up.”

“That was in a different environment, not in public and I was very drunk then. I do feel naughty though.” She replied taking my hand as we walked along.

“How excited are you feeling right now?” I asked.

“Honestly? Very. I‘m feeling very excited right now. Why?”

“Because your admirers are following us. No, don’t turn around.” Jay was about to then stopped. She looked at me, winked then started to rummage around her shoulder bag, looking for something. She found her lip-balm and applied some and as she went to put the lid back on, she let if fall to the floor.

She bent over forward to pick it up and stayed like that as she put the lid on and placed it back in her bag. The couple were a few feet behind us and they too stopped, again staring down. Jay had parted her legs a little which gave a clearer view of the pussy, not in any way entirely covered by the slim material that had ridden up again between her pussy lips. Jay slowly stood up, smoothed her skirt, put her arm through mine and we left the building.

“Did they get a good eyeful?” She asked as we stopped on the outer level overlooking the square.

“I think the whole art gallery got an eyeful. Did that turn you on, knowing they were looking?”

“Oh, fuck yes, I’m actually getting wet down there” she replied. “I feel so, so naked and slutty. Does that make sense? I feel like this is the most natural thing to do. I feel like I should have messed around like this long before. Maybe I’ve always been a closet exhibitionist”

“Maybe,” I said. “The day is young yet. Let’s see if we can get that closet door open a little bit more.”

Jay gave a naughty giggle, looked up at me and winked.

“I think you’re the naughty one.” She said with a big smile. “You pervy.”

I looked at the crowds around the square and spotted a group of about six men standing just below us admiring a floor chalk artist, all aged in their twenties and just having a casual chat.

“Let’s head off that way,” I said pointing towards Pall Mall which was past the group. “And maybe you’ll drop your lip balm again in front of the chalk artist. Jay looked down and immediately caught on.

“You really are trying to get me into trouble.” She said with a smile, walking away

She made her way towards the artist and I hung back and edged my way near to where the group of men stood. As Jay walked past she dropped her lip balm and bent down in front of the men to pick it up.

I heard exclamations of ‘fuck, look at that, nice arse, nice pussy, shit I’d love to have some of that,’ from the group as she took a little longer than expected to retrieve the item and put it in her bag before walking quickly away.

All eyes were on her as she left and I quickly caught her up.

“Well?” She asked. “Did they see?”

“Fuck yes,” I replied. “You should have heard them.

We looked back and we could see them watching us in the distance and they weren’t alone. The couple from the gallery were still following us.

“That’s weird.” I said knowing that Jay had spotted them too.

“Could be coincidental.” She replied. “Let’s head to Soho. I fancy doing a bit of shopping. If they follow us there then we’ll know something’s not right.”

We headed up Haymarket and shortly arrived in Soho. It was bustling with people. A mixture of tourists, office workers and locals all shopping, admiring the sights or just passing through. Jay was starting to get hot and was soon fanning herself with her hand.

“I need a shop with some air-conditioning. This one will do.” She said stepping through a doorway. I followed her in and then realised we had entered a sex shop. This was bigger than the one we previously visited.

It was long with three sets of aisles leading to the back of the store where another section with an S+M section sign was set off to one side at the back. The only windows were at the front of the store where the checkout was. The rest of the store was dimly lit with ***ively positioned spotlights shining down on the shelves leaving the aisles fairly dark.

The shop wasn’t busy. There were a few men in there and two couples glancing around at the goods. I noticed there weren’t any single woman. Jay had picked up a basket and was looking at the DVD’s then the books and magazines. I hung back a bit and watched the reaction of the men in there.

Just like the other day, they admired from a short distance. Jay walked over to the anal toys and was admiring the butt-plugs when a man slowly brushed past her. He was young, late teens-possibly early twenties. Jay was suddenly startled and she looked over at the man as he quickly made his way to the back of the store.

“What did he do?” I asked Jay who was still staring in the man’s direction.

“He squeezed my arse with a finger between my bum crack. It was very quick but I certainly felt it.” Jay seemed flustered and a bit agitated. “Oh my god, I just got goosed!”

“Shall I have a word?” I said looking for the man who had disappeared further into the back of the shop.

“No, don’t do that. I’m not offended. If anything, it was a bit of a thrill that someone in this day and age has had the nerve to ‘cop a feel.’” She stood almost deep in thought then said, “It was exciting. Being groped by a stranger.” She looked up at me. “I’m actually a bit turned on.”

She looked down the shop for the man but couldn’t see him.

“I wonder why he did it? “Jay said. “He didn’t know what my reaction would be. I could have shouted out and caused a scene. That kind of action would be classified as a sex crime nowadays. He’s either stupid or very brave”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to find him?” I asked

“No. If he comes past again, I’ll confront him, not you. You’ll probably end up punching him for taking advantage of his wife. I can be more subtle. It’s a shame that he felt he had to do that. From the brief look I got of him, he looked cute. He shouldn’t have to resort to groping people”

Jay moved to the shelves of anal play goods.

“Anyway, I want a new toy” Jay was looking at the butt plugs all lined up on the shelf. Small ones, long ones, thick ones, monstrous ones. She picked up a metal one and looked closely at it. It was certainly thicker than her own small, thin one. This was about four inches long with a girth of about two inches and had a heart shaped pink jewelled base. She kept hold of it then picked up an anal douche. Jay had never used one of these before, normally relying on good cleaning hygiene.

“Do you want anything?” She asked putting the items in her basket.

I looked at the basket and its exciting contents and replied “Nah, I’m good. You’re being a bit more experimental though”

Jay winked at me and asked, “Problem?”

“Not in the slightest.” I replied with a smile.

Jay looked around at all the single men in the shop. Most of them had started looking over at Jay, taking an interest in her basket contents and probably imagining her using them.

Jay noticed them looking then whispered to me, “Oops, I think I’m about to drop my lip balm.”

“In here? Are you sure?” I asked, looking around at the patrons.

“Oh, definitely in here.” She replied

She handed me the basket and groped around in her shoulder bag again for the small tube. She moved to an open area near the checkout and dropped the tube on the floor. From my vantage point I watched as she spread her legs a little then bent down to reach for it.

You could hear a pin drop. It went silent and all movement in the shop stopped as about a dozen pairs of eyes stared at Jay’s pert arse and freshly shaved, smooth pussy, the G-string material having ridden up between her pussy lips again. She slowly stood up and turned around. Everyone was suddenly busy either staring at the goods on display or looking anywhere away from Jay.

I was about to go up to her when I saw her look to the back of the store. The men who had groped her was stood at the far back by the entrance to the S+M section. We could only see his head looking at the shelves with his back to us as from the angle from the front of the shop you couldn’t see directly up the aisle to where he was standing to one side.

Jay looked at me then started walking up that aisle towards the man. I followed up the adjacent wall aisle until I was in the opposite corner to the man. Without noticing me, the man put the magazine back on the shelf and turned to walk down the aisle. I saw him walk a few feet then stop. I slowly crept to where the man had been and looked down the aisle.

Jay was a few feet in front of him. She didn’t look at him. She pretended to be taking an interest on something on a lower shelf that required her to bend forward, allowing her dress to ride up and expose the bottom of her arse cheeks. She stayed like that and didn’t move. I watched the man. He was young and good looking. He didn’t look like some groping pervert, he looked normal, like us.

There was no one else in the aisle nor in that part of the shop and no one apart from me was watching Jay now. From the inviting way she stood I could see that she was setting a trap. Let him touch her then she’ll confront him with harsh words or maybe even a slap. I knew she wouldn’t let the initial grope go without something being said or done, despite the excitement it had bought her.

The man stopped, unsure of what to do. He looked around to check if anyone was looking. He didn’t notice me as I had crouched down and was squatting behind the end of the aisle. I expected him to double back and move down a different aisle but he didn’t. He was stood staring at Jay

He slowly approached Jay and was within a couple of feet of her when she suddenly turned her head and looked up at his face. He must have been shocked but didn’t say anything nor move. With his back to me, I couldn’t see the look on his face. They stayed there staring at each other for a few moments before Jay turned her head slowly back to whatever was taking her interest on the lower shelf, not moving, leaving her arse poking out towards the middle of the narrow aisle.

The man looked around again then, without noticing me, went to slowly move past her. He got level with her and stopped, facing down the aisle. I watched as he slowly moved his right hand down and gently cupped her arse cheeks. To my surprise, Jay didn’t react. I expected her to stand up and say something, but she didn’t. She kept staring down at the shelf.

Realising that she wasn’t reacting to this the man started to squeeze and grope her arse cheeks, all the while looking around to check no one could see what was happening

He moved his hand under her dress and started to rub between her arse cheeks. Still Jay didn’t react. He looked around again and then with his other hand he slowly lifted her dress up and rested it on her back, fully exposing her arse. He then stopped rubbing her and hooked his finger behind the thin strap running up from her arse and ran his finger down, pulling it fully to one side. He then started to rub her pussy lips before gently pushing his middle finger into her pussy. This time she did react, but only by giving out a quite gasp through her parted lips. She continued to stare straight down, not moving her position. The man slowly finger-fucked her then inserted his forefinger, all the while looking around. He started to build up a rhythm and Jay started to pant quickly. She reached out and held on to the shelf as he got quicker and quicker. Jay was close to coming, her panting becoming harder and faster. How she would do this quietly, I didn’t know.

She reached down and grabbed a box from the lower shelf. It was a thick rubber vibrator. With one hand she shook it out of the box and put it sideways in her mouth like a gag. She was now bucking her hips backwards on to the man’s hand, forcing his two fingers in her as deep as she could. She shut her eyes and biting down on the vibrator she came, giving out muffled groans that only the man and I could hear. As she came I could see droplets coming out over the man’s fingers as she squirted a tiny amount and it ran down his wrist and on to the floor.

Slowly she stopped moving as the orgasm subsided. The man removed his hand and reaching up, licked his fingers clean of her ejaculate. Jay dropped slowly to her knees and stayed there for a moment still holding the bite marked vibrator before turning on her knees to face the aisle. She was still slightly shaking from the orgasm and made no attempt to stand up.

Jay looked down the aisle and seeing me crouching, peering around the corner gave out a cheeky and slightly embarrassed smile. I winked at her but still didn’t move to go to her. The man hadn’t moved either. He turned away from the direction he had been heading and I could see why. He was wearing some thin Chino’s and he had a big hard on. It was very prominent through the thin material and obviously didn’t want to walk through and out the shop with it.

Jay was on her knees face-to-face with his erection. She didn’t move. She was momentarily transfixed with the sight only a few inches from her face. She seemed unsure of what to do. She looked down the aisle towards the front of the shop then slowly stood up.

The men seemed unsure of what to do also. While he looked down the front of the store, probably hoping to escape without showing his excitement, Jay looked at me, smiled and standing up and smoothing down her dress, started to walk in my direction very slowly. The man noticed this and watched her. I considered standing up to reveal myself to the man but there was something in Jay’s body language that told me this wasn’t over yet.

She was rubbing her hands over her hips and around to the back of her arse cheeks. She was clearly still teasing him.

What was she planning? She had gone too far to berate him for his earlier groping and I had a feeling, albeit an excited, and slightly hopeful feeling, that this sexual indiscretion wasn’t over yet.

I backed up to the far-right corner, into an unlit slight recess directly opposite the S+M section that led off the end of the shop at the end of the aisle from where Jay was approaching. I knelt down as far as I could and watched as Jay reached the end of the aisle and noticing the S+M section entered it.

Jay stood there and scanned around looking for me. In my crouched position in the dim light she failed to notice me and I considered standing up and stepping out but the man had now reached Jay and had entered the section. The man stood with his back to a wall of rubber and stared at Jay who was stood before him. They just stared at each other, neither saying anything, just staring.

Jay then got down on her knees in front of him, facing his still very evident erect cock. The man looked around, even in my direction but he can’t have seen me as he quickly unbuttoned his Chino’s and released a very large and erect cock. It was fairly long with a wide girth and from my viewpoint; I could just make out a drop of pre-cum dribble from it.

Very quickly, Jay forced it into her mouth. This wasn’t a gentle slow blow job. She was really going for it. She reached up with one hand and wrapped her fingers around the shaft, head bobbing back and forward very quickly. The man threw his head back and placed both hands on the back of Jays head, giving little thrusts of his own. Jay stopped and tugged down his boxer shorts then slowly deep-throated him. She slowly fed the entire shaft down and into her neck, her nose pressed up against his pubic hair and his balls touching her chin. The man let out a gasp, clearly not having experienced this before.

Jay was still holding the vibrator in her other hand and I watched as she parted her legs and, moving the G-string to one side, entered the vibrator fully into her wet pussy. She was now bobbing her head backwards and forwards quicker, sucking his cock while her other hand moved the vibrator in and out with quick movements.

She stopped sucking and took one of his balls in her mouth while wanking him with her free hand. She alternated between each ball, giving both a goods suck before going to back to deep throating him. Several times she slowly withdrew his cock and long lines of saliva followed before she carried on, taking him deep into her throat

The man started to pant faster and together with Jays frenzied hand movements on the vibrator and slight groans she was giving out I knew she was going to come. The man threw his head back, let out a loud gasp and grabbing Jays head fucked her mouth as he came. Jay came simultaneously. I could see droplets of her cum shaking out in front of her as the orgasm hit. She carried on fucking herself with the vibrator as she came and I could see from her throat movements that she was trying to swallow all of the man’s cum.

Her orgasm subsided and she stopped moving the vibrator but left it in place. She grabbed the man’s cock with both hands and continued sucking to drain him of every drop of cum. She pulled it out of her mouth, a line of saliva trailing from his cock to her lips and looked up at him. He stared down, not moving nor saying anything. She squeezed his cock and a final spurt of cum flicked out and on to her chin. With her tongue she lapped this up and swallowed, licking her lips for any excess.

The man quickly pulled up his boxers and trousers, looked around the corner down the aisles and without saying a word, walked away and out the shop, leaving Jay still on her knees. I walked over to her and looked down at her. She looked up at me but something in her manner had changed. She wasn’t smiling, she looked vacant. She withdrew the vibrator and stood up. Having adjusted her clothing and puffing her hair she looked at me and said, “What have I done?”

“Do you want a de***ion?” I replied taking the vibrator from her and placing it back in the box I retrieved from the shelf. “You were teasing him and it’s kind of backfired.”

“But I was only going to let him touch me before suddenly confronting him. I was going to poke him with my finger and say he should have more respect for woman, that what he did could be classed as sexual assault…but I didn’t.”

“No, you didn’t. But it’s okay.” I said taking her hand.

“It’s not okay. I expected today to be a bit of fun with the G-string and a bit of flashing, but this has taken things beyond that. There’s a difference between acting and feeling a bit slutty and actually being a slut. And how do you feel about your loving wife getting fingered and giving a blow job in front of you.”

I wanted to say ‘fuck, I am so horny’ because I was. Throughout the whole thing I had nursed a full hard-on, but I could tell Jay wasn’t in the mood for that type of answer.

“It’s fine. I love you and I want you to be happy. We’ve never cheated on one another and I was here the whole time, ready to step in if needs be.”

She laid her head on my chest and I hugged her.

“I love you.” I said

“I love you too, so much,” she replied as we walked to the checkout. “But I think that’s the end of today’s adventures. I just want to go back to the hotel now.”

Jay stood by the entrance to the shop while I paid. I hander the basket over to the shop keeper, a big bald man with a long beard and arms covered in tattoos.

The man rang the items up and started placing them in a blank carrier bag. He put the vibrator in the bag and said,

“I’m glad you decided to buy this. I would have had to charge you anyway. No one wants to buy a vibrator with teeth marks on it that’s been used as a gag.”

I gave the man a quizzical look and he nodded towards the TV screen on his counter. On the screen were six colour CCTV images of different areas of the store. Two of the images were clearly showing the rear aisle and S+M area.

“You’re a lucky man,” the shop keeper said. “My missus is a right prude. I would love to see her getting a once over from someone now and again.”

“Thanks.” I replied smiling. He’s right. In a way I was feeling lucky. But how far could this go and for how long. I didn’t want to damage our relationship and clearly, today’s events had upset her.

I gave Jay the carrier bag and she put it in her shoulder bag. She felt the different boxes and finding an extra item looked at me.

“Think about it. I had to buy the vibrator.” I said. “I couldn’t leave it behind and they wouldn’t be able to re-sell it. If we had done a runner the police would find who damaged it from your dental records.”

Jay laughed at this but not in her usual fun way. She was still upset. I took her hand and went to walk away but as we turned the shop corner, we were suddenly face-to-face with the couple from the National Gallery. They must have seen us enter the shop and had hung around outside waiting for us.

They approached us and gave a little wave and said “Hi.”

“Er…hi?” I replied

“We’ve been waiting for you.” The man said. There was a slight accent I couldn’t make out.

“Okay,” I replied. “Why?”

“Well, we watched you leave the art gallery and followed you here.” The woman said smiling, again with a slight accent. “We are not sure of English protocols. We presumed we were meant to follow you.”

“Why were you following us?” Jay asked

“You told us to meet at the museum.” The man said pulling his phone out of his pocket. “When you left we presumed we were meant to follow you.”

“What do you mean, we were meant to meet you at the museum?” I said. “I think there’s been a misunderstanding.”

The man looked at his phone and started to read out loud. “Meet us at the National Gallery near The Haywain. You will know who we are as my wife will have everything out on display.”

The man turned his phone to show us the message. I recognised it straight away as the message service on Adult Friend Finder, the swinger’s website. It was the same site me and Jay had used previously with our failed attempt to find Jay a woman.

“I think there has definitely been a mistake.” I said. “We’re not the people you were expecting.”

The woman smiled at Jay and said, “But you bent over in front of us, twice. You ‘had everything on display,’ and it was a very nice display.”

“Yes, I expect it was,” I said. “But we’re not the people who had arranged to meet you. What are the names of the people you were meant to be meeting?

The man looked at his phone and said, “Colin and Tammy.”

I then remembered the woman in the gallery, covered in coke, calling ‘Colin a moron,’ who left to find a toilet, followed by moron Colin.

I quickly explained what I had witnessed to the couple who listened then started to look embarrassed, their earlier confidence now gone. They looked at each other and were quite unsure what to say.

Jay noticed this and decided to ease the situation.

“Have you come far to meet them?”

“We are from the Netherlands.” The woman answered

“You’ve come all the way from the Netherlands for a swing meet?” I asked. They looked at each other, again looking embarrassed and unsure what to say.

“It’s okay,” said Jay. “We’ve been on that site briefly before ourselves. We know what it’s for.” At that they both looked relaxed and smiled.

“No, we haven’t just come from the Netherlands for a swing meet.” The man answered with a slight laugh. “We are on holiday in London and thought it would be fun. Something to pass the time. We have been on the site for eight years but have never met anyone abroad, so we are not sure of how it works over here. You know this website?”

“Well, we only had one meet and it didn’t go well.” Jay replied. She was smiling as she said this and I think her earlier bout of regret was starting to subside.

“What happened?” The woman asked smiling at Jay.

“I’ll tell you what.” I said. “Let’s go for a drink and we’ll tell you all about it. You’ve missed your meeting now and it would be nice for us to have a chat with other people for a bit.”

Jay squeezed my hand in approval at the suggestion. I think she needed some distraction from what had just happened and a drink and a chat would do the trick.

Seeing them look at each other I quickly added,

“Not as a replacement for your meeting. I don’t mean that. It’s just to be social and, I suppose, a way of apologising if we misled you.”

They both smiled and the man said, “That would be nice.”

We led them through Soho until we reached the Montagu Pyke, a Weatherspoon’s pub on Greek Street. The air conditioning was a welcome relief to all.

We found a booth on the side wall and sat opposite each other, the girls by the wall. A short while later we were saying ‘cheers’ as we enjoyed the ice-cold beer and wine for the girls and a polite conversation followed.

Our new friends were called Manus and Sara. They lived in Amsterdam where Manus ran a test department for a wind turbine company and Sara worked as an art historian for a gallery. They were childhood sweethearts who had married young and been married for twenty years. Manus travelled a lot for his work and occasionally Sara would accompany him. This trip to London was a holiday though.

We told them about ourselves, just the normal work, family stuff and interests. We explained how we came to London to see the sights and catch a show

The conversation flowed and several drinks and a light lunch later we found ourselves laughing and joking as if we were old friends.

The conversation then turned to the swinger’s site. They asked what had gone wrong on our only meet and Jay, with some alcohol in her now, confidently told them. They both nodded along as if it was not uncommon for them.

Jay, on her fourth glass of wine, and without letting on about all our recent adventures, asked them about their swinging lifestyle. They were not shy in replying. They said they swung once or twice a month, always in the Amsterdam area and normally just with another couple. They sometimes went to swinging parties and belonged to a swinger’s club in Amsterdam which they visited two or three times a year.

Jay was sat; eyes wide open at this information. She had never met anyone so sexually liberated and I think it made what had happened in the shop almost irrelevant.

“So, have you had a gangbang?” she quietly asked Sara.

“Oh yes,” Sara replied with a wink. “Only at the club though. You? “

Jay didn’t answer straight away. She looked at me and I just shrugged.

“Yes,” she replied quietly with a slight tipsy giggle. “Two nights ago. It wasn’t planned, it just happened with some men at our hotel.”

“All the best one’s do. Cheers!” said Manus raising his glass. We all clinked and chorused cheers.

Leaning forward to Jay, Sara said quietly, “So, tell me all the gory details.”

Jay looked at me and I shrugged again as if to say, ‘tell her if you want to’.

So, she did. She can’t have been as drunk that night as I thought she was. Tipsily, she described everything that had happened in very clear and slow detail. Her first time with more than one man, her first time with two cocks in her pussy, her first fisting and her first anal. Finishing the story, she took a big sip of wine and sat back looking proud.

Both Manus and Sara gave her a quite clap.

“Brilliant,” said Manus raising his glass to her. “You really should get back on the swinger’s site.”

“No, I don’t think so.” Jay replied. “We only went on there to find me a woman. I’m not sure I could go through all that again only to be let down.”

“So, what happened in the sex shop?” Asked Sara.

Jay looked in shock at me then back to Sara.

“What do you mean? What happened in the sex shop? Why do you ask?” she replied.

“Well,” said Sara leaning forward to Jay “When I saw you at the gallery, your dress was clean. But you’ve come out of the sex shop and there is a little patch of cum on your dress.”

Sara reached up with her hand and gently touched Jays breast where a small spot of still slightly wet cum was evident near her protruding nipple. It was only a small spot and not really noticeable, but Sara had seen it. She gently rubbed the spot, or rather Jay’s nipple.

“Oh crap,” Jay said looking down to where Sara was rubbing. “It must have dripped off my chin.” Realising what she had just said she looked up in embarrassed shock. She went to wipe it away but Sara had already got the offending droplet on her finger.

“As you English say, ‘waste not, want not.’”

She held her finger to Jay’s mouth who, after a moment’s hesitation, licked it slowly off, all the while maintaining eye contact with Sara. Sara then gently started to rub the patch of dress where it had been.

“It won’t stain.” She said, still looking at Jay

“You’re a lucky man, Steve.” said Manus raising his glass in salute.

“It wasn’t me.” I replied.

Both Manus and Jay looked surprised.

“Wow!” said Sara to Jay. “So, having sex with random strangers in random places is your thing?”

“No, not at all. I’m not like that.” Jay answered.

She explained about the man groping her and how she wanted to trap him and say something but it had somehow taken a different direction.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We do it all the time. I thought you had been in a gloryhole. You should try walking out of an adult bookshop with your face covered in cum from the gloryhole” Sara said with a wink.

“What do you mean?” Jay asked.

“In Amsterdam in the adult bookstores, you know, sex shops.” Sara replied leaning forward to Jay. “They have gloryhole’s in the back.”

“Gloryhole?” said Jay. “What’s a gloryhole?”

“You don’t know what a gloryhole is?” asked Sara. “Do you not have any in this country?”

“None that I’ve ever seen.” I replied.

“Do you know what a gloryhole booth is?” Jay asked me.

“Remember that time when you had to go away for two weeks to look after your mother?” I replied

“Yes, you said you wanked yourself crazy to online porn without me there.” She replied.

“Well, I found gloryhole videos on there. They’re mainly American though. So, yes, I do know what a gloryhole booth is”

“So, what’s a gloryhole then?” she asked Sara.

Sara leaned forward and explained:

“At the back of the store there is normally a dark corridor. Along the corridor are rows of booths with doors that lock from the inside. They’re just over a metre wide. There’s a tv playing porn that sometimes you pay for in a machine or you pay the shopkeeper in advance if there’s a certain film you want to watch. There’s normally a stool or two to sit on, sometimes a bench. On either side of the booth is a small hole or a vertical slot at about waist level.” Sara stopped to sip her wine before continuing.

Jay was listening wide-eyed and I could imagine, probably getting excited.

Sara continued:

“You go in and lock the door and wait to hear if a man has entered one of the booths either side of you. If so, you put your fingers through the hole and, if you’re lucky, a penis will be poked through. Then you can play.”

“What do you do?” Jay asked

“Manus and I always go together, never alone as he likes to film or take photographs of me playing. I start by sucking. If they are going to cum, they knock on the wall so you can be prepared to swallow or take it over your face or titties. Sometimes I will back myself to the wall so they can fuck me. I like to suck and fuck with both holes each side at the same time.”

“How many men have you had in one of these?” Jay asked totally transfixed.

Sara took a big sip from her wine and said,

“Fifteen in one session is my personal record.” She replied. Leaning very close to Jay she said almost in a whisper, “Eight men came over my face, five in my pussy and two in my arse. When we left, cum was pouring out of me.”

“Oh fuck, tell me more,” pleaded a clearly excited Jay.

Suddenly, Manus pulled out his vibrating phone and after looking at it said.

“It appears that our earlier meet has got in touch apologising and would like to meet us shortly.” He said. “It would be rude not to since they had made the effort to meet earlier. I’m so sorry, do you mind if we leave you lovely people?”

“Not at all,” I said. “Please go and have fun.”

“Let’s meet for a drink, here tomorrow evening, if you’re free?” asked Sara looking at Manus who was nodding. “It would be nice to get to know you both a little more.”

“Sure,” I said looking at a nodding Jay for confirmation, also noticing that Sara was still rubbing Jay’s nipple.

“Here, about 8:00?”

“It’s a date.” Manus replied.

Kisses on cheeks followed then they left, although it didn’t escape my attention that Jay had got a kiss on the lips from Sara. I finished my drink and said to Jay,

“What now?”

“Hotel. I am so fucking horny and if I don’t get some cock in me soon I’m going to burst.”

Part Three coming soon

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