Birthday Wish Comes True



A young man makes the most out of his Birthday Wish.

My 18th birthday and my parents are singing. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear John, Happy birthday to you, at the end of the song my parents asked me to make a wish like they do every year. Keeping my eyes closed thinking about this all year, knowing that my last wish had come true. My first wish was to be a great painter. Knowing that my wish I made last year came true, as I can draw down to the curly hairs between ones legs with perfection. I mean that if I have seen something once for just a second, I have that image in detail stuck in my head. A few issues though, I don’t seem to be able to draw anything from the internet or what I have seen on tv. I thought it was the way I said the words maybe or what I could remember what I said, as I thought about it, what I said was, that I want to know how to draw perfectly from life’s experiences. Knowing I wanted to learn to draw, my parents had bought me all kinds of painting stuff last year, from drawing pads and pencils, canvases, easel, oil and water paints, they purchased everything I could use to paint. After I got my bedroom all setup like an art studio, I lost that spark for no known reason, I just lost it. My parents were a bit upset with me asking to see some of my work, or why are you not painting, my mother would ask and I would shrug my shoulders and I said I don’t know, I just seem to have lost interest in painting. It was sad for almost four months, I could not even pick up one pencil and sketch a picture of a flower, which by the way was my favorite thing to paint then.

It was not until one hot summer’s night when I was heading to the bathroom late after studying for a test the next day. I had to go pee and well brush my teeth so I could go to sleep, I had a test in first period, which is my history class one of my worst subjects for me I have to say. I could hear my mother and father talking, I heard mom speak out, yes harder, that’s it. Then dad said not so loud our son might hear you. Mom giggled saying our son can’t hear a thing while he is sleeping. I continue to the bathroom were I washed up for bed and did my last piss of the day. Turning off the bathroom light I started back to my room when I hear my mother yell out, fuck me John, oh yes that’s it, fuck me like a good slut I am tonight, than I hear a slap, mom yelped and dad yelled back, your thinking about fucking our son, you whore. Mom laughed out loud, saying I sure am as his dick is much bigger then your dick and you know how much I like big dicks. Dad yells out, fuck you slut I am coming hard thinking of you riding Junior’s big dick. With their door closed and the hall light turned off, I had to see what was happening inside my parent’s bedroom. I slowly turn the handle and without making a noise I push the door open just a little and there I see my mother on all fours in the middle of their bed with dad kneeling behind her fucking mom as his last ejected cum was firing off inside her pussy. Just for a second I saw them in that position, I could picture my parents in my mind’s eye clear as day, them in that position fucking. My mother’s tits swinging as dad pounded those last few times before he finished. I even saw the sweat coming off mom’s smiling face. Now neither one of my parents are athletic or in shape in any context of that word. Dad has a dad body and my mother was ok, nice large soft tits and somewhat large ass and a bit of a stomach. A typical mother in my neighborhood anyways. So I quietly closed the door and head back to my room, thinking what the fuck was that about, mom wants to fuck me?

The next morning I headed downstairs for breakfast before I had to catch the bus to school. Nothing strange from mom, she just handed me my cereal and milk and went out to the family room to watch the morning news with her coffee. Now, I never really saw my mother different than just a mom, but what I heard last night, mom and dad have a fantasy about me doing mom? Strange and weird thing as I looked harder at my mother when she was in the kitchen. I did notice now that she was not wearing a bra as her tits bounced around as she walked and if I did not know better I would think she did not have panties on either as she walked out the room to watch the news.

I finished up my breakfast fast as I was running a minute late and wanted to talk to my best friend Sue before we got to school. Running, as most morning to the bus stop I see Sue there talking with some of her girlfriends, I grab her by her arm and pulled her away saying I have to tell you something. Laughing she yelled back ok, ok, but please let go of my arm. Moving a few feet away from the pack I whispered to Sue as I caught my breath that I saw my parents last night doing it. Sue looking at me weirdly, saying, doing what in her normal voice? I said, I saw them having sex last night. So, Sue says, I have seen my parent a number of times, it is what grownups do. I know that I said, it’s not that I saw them doing it. It is I can see them in my mind every last detail of it. Like a still pictures stuck in my head. I see my dad’s small dick, mom’s breast and hip, her hair some of it wet some dry, I could if I looked long enough at this picture in my head count the number of hairs on my dad’s chest and he has a lot of hair. Asking Sue, what is wrong with me? Why do I have this picture stuck in my head? And looking into Sue’s blue gorgeous eyes asking how do I get this image out of my head. All Sue said was, your dad has a small dick, sorry for your mom. Asking again, Sue what do I do? Shaking her head not saying anything other then try not to think about that and think about your history test this morning and we can meet up after school and talk more about this stuck image you have in your head. The bus pulls up, we all jump onboard and head off to school. Eight hours later that same bus is dropping me and Sue off along with a bunch of others. When I grabbed Sue’s hand pulling her to the side asking her if she had thought about what I said this morning and if she had anything thought of what is wrong with me? She nodded her head and said yes, but we have to get to your house first and try something. We ran all the way to my house, seeing my parents both work, it was the logical place for me and Sue to go, as often we would go to my house for drinks and play my PlayStation until they get home. We put our book bags down at the door and headed up stairs where Sue grabbed a sketchbook and a drawing pencil as she is handing me these things Sue tells me to draw what I see in my mine. Nearly a hour went by before I handed the pad over to Sue. She took it and as she was looking at it she was like, in aw of the simple sketch I made. Sue looking up at me asking do you still have that scene of your parents in your head? Nodding my head saying yes, but not as strong as before, it’s still clear, but something is different, it’s hard to explain, I told Sue. Good, that’s what I thought. After third period in school today I remembered you telling me your wish of being a great painter. Your parents bought all this for you on your birthday and you told me you had this room of yours all setup and once you did, you somehow lost all interest in painting? Now, I did not believe you at the time, as all you could think about for months before your birthday was how much you loved to paint and had asked your parents for all this stuff you got, then as soon as you received all this, you lost your passion to draw. Now you were pretty good before your birthday with flowers and trees and scenes like that stuff, but you told me more than once that you could not figure out how to draw people, no matter how many times you tried. Sue turns the pad around showing me what I just drew from memory of what I saw last night, I had to shake my head, it was picture, perfect picture of my mother on all fours being fucked by my dad from behind. You could see very small details the longer I looked, I could see my mother’s pubic hairs, dad’s chest hair, the five o’clock shadow on his face, the look on my mother’s face of being satisfied, sexually.

Sue taking the pad from me asked me to draw that same picture again, but this time in water colors. Shrugging my shoulder I setup my easel and began drawing, but this time it only took about half the time thirty minutes or so to finish and when I yelled out done and stepped back, me and Sue looked at what I just finish painting, our mouths were hanging open and speechless to what we were looking at. Sue a minute later just said, WOW. Looking at me and than the drawing and back to me, shaking her head just repeating the word WOW over and over again. There was really no other word to say after looking at the water color picture I just finished. It was so clear with true color of every little detail of my parents, it was as if you could touch them, as if they were alive in that position, with those faces. It was not just them this time, as it was in the sketch pad, no, it was their bed, the rug next to the bed is in there, the color of the bed sheets and blanket hanging off the bed. Their dresser on the wall behind the bed and on the left side of the painting, I drew the edge of their bedroom door, it was a perfect picture of what I saw from where I was standing, when I saw my parents fucking.

Not more than ten minutes later I heard my parents getting home and that meant the Sue had to go. Smiling Sue rips out the page from my sketch pad and rolls it up saying she wanted it to study it for research, leaning in she kissed me on the cheek, giggled once as she turned and left my room heading home. Me, I am standing there stunned as Sue never, ever did that to me before. A minute later, waking up from that kiss I headed downstairs smiling as I greeted my parents asking about their day.

After dinner I told my dad that I had some more studying to do for math class and I was heading up early to my room. Getting back into my bedroom I locked my door, picking up the pad I started to sketch again the scene still in my head, but not so obsessed with it anymore as I was this morning. I started the sketch and before I knew it was done two minutes later? Not as detailed as the water color painting, but more of a closeup of just my mother and father nothing else. I wanted to try something, so I flip the page over the top and with a new page I thought only of my mother this time and tried to just have her there on all fours with her expression on her face as I’m seeing it in my mind. It almost worked, but for my dad was only half in the picture, from the waist down he was there. While studying the last drawing I was reviewing my picture in my head and with some time I tried to remove my father from the scene, using all kinds of ways in my minds eye, from erasers, scissors, knife and I tried in mind to paint him out with no luck. I tried once to erase him after drawing him in, but I could not do it for some unknown reason.

The next morning at the bus stop I greeted Sue as she was by herself with her girlfriends near by giggling. Standing closer to Sue than I would normally, I told Sue what I tried last night of me just drawing my mother, Sue nodded her head saying, she thought that would be the case. Looking at her as if she held all the answers. Sue went on by saying that she found out that few people in history could ever draw what I drew yesterday, Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt and some others in history she stated. Sue explained that in today’s art world there seems to be no one that great. I said so, you think that those artist just wished on their birthday to be great painters and they did? Laughing as I knew something of their history, they were messed up in the head for some and not so fulfilling for others and some of their works is so abstract that no one could see those images in their brains. Sue agreed that not all could have made it with a wish, but some could have, is all she was saying and she did not find anything about birthday wishes, well strange birthday wishes being real. Sue said she had cheerleading practice after school today but wants to help me the next day. Sue suggested as the bus pulled up to try and drew objects from the internet or magazine, tv, or anything other than real life? Nodding my head letting her know I will try and to let her know what happens the next day.

Getting home from school, I headed to the home office where our only computer is I pressed the power button. While that was starting up, I headed upstairs for my drawing pad and my color pencil set this time. Then to the kitchen for a soda, snacks and back to the big soft chair behind the desk in the house office. Clicking the internet icon to get it up, I typed in women, clicking search and then I clicked images. Scrolling though the millions of photos at my disposal, not one image came to mind that seemed to stick like the one of my parents. Maybe it was the act that I remember so clearly. I typed in a porn sight I knew about and started watching some free short clips of couples, mom and son, threesomes and more, again nothing stuck. Nothing so far worked, so I closed the internet down and as I did I see a folder named Carol J. That’s the name of my dad’s secretary. Clicking on it I was denied access, as it required a password to open. Knowing my dad, he had it written down somewhere on the desk and opening the top left hand drawer there it was 1awsed2 the password. When I opened the folder there was dozens and dozens of files with each date listed as names of the file. Clicking the first one more than two dozen pictures had Carol looking up while kneeling and has my dad’s dick in her mouth. There she was in about thirty photos of her on her knees sucking my dad’s small dick. Now, she is a good looking lady in her late twenties kneeling in these photos sucking my dad’s cock. Closing that file though, I picked another file and found a movie in this one, I clicked on it and there I see dad is fucking mom from behind and Carol is getting her pussy eaten by my mom, cool I think, as I watch the threesome fucking Carol was telling my mother to be a good pussy licker for her as she is now mom’s new mistress. From now on when I need my pussy licked, Carol says, I know I can count on you Jessica as Carol directs mom in what she likes and all this time dad is just pounding away at mom’s asshole, slapping her ass and filming all of it. I closed that file once I finished watching the whole movie. Noticing the date on the file, this movie was shot over eight years ago, I scroll down and I see hundreds of files listed there by date. The last one was over a month ago. I clicked on it and see another movie clip, the movie starts with my mother on all fours with two young men from dad’s office fucking her, one with his dick in her mouth and the other fucking her from behind. I heard dad telling the men to fuck my wife good and you both will get raises next week. The one in the back pounding away at my mother’s pussy slapping her ass hard yelling out, what a slut she is and the one up front pushing his dick as far he could down her throat as she continued to gag a little, he continued to just fuck my mother’s mouth, saying that’s it whore gag on my dick like your husband told you to do. Each of the men reached down pinching my mother nipples hard to make her scream out, some from the pain they were giving her nipples, but she also seemed to enjoy the attention they paid to her tits. This went on for twenty three minutes, the young men traded places a few times as dad filmed them fucking her hard that it almost looked like a bad scene, but my mother throughout the movie kept yelling out for more and more, fuck me harder, fuck me boys. The last scene was with one man was laying down as my mother was on top bent over when the second man came up from behind and started to penetrate fucking her ass in a DP for almost the last three minutes and my mother was asking for more even then. Watching this I was a little disappointed in my mother and father to let these men fuck my mom this way, but what I also saw was that those guys seem to have small dicks compared to mine. I don’t have that big of a dick with comparing them to the guys at school, that is when we have to take showers as my lays about 4” and gets about 8” hard, I can only assume that the guys at school get just as big as mine when they are hard. The guys in this movie though could not be more then 6”, bigger than my dad, but not by much.

Thinking back to the other night when my parents had just finished fucking and saying what they said, I just now remembered my mom had walked into the bathroom once, a few weeks ago when I was in the shower stroking one out as she needed something in the closet. I yelled out for her to leave that I was still taking a shower. My mother only said she would be just a second getting something from the linen closet and she would leave. It seemed a long time to be looking for something to me, but she was only there for about 15 seconds and then she left. Things had started to make sense now when my parents where talking about me doing mom as she may never had a dick as big as mine before and they are fantasying about my big dick doing mom. I closed down the computer and head upstairs to see what I remembered and to see if I could draw anything close to my other drawings of mom and dad having sex two nights ago.

I get into my room and shut the door and head over to my bed. Laying there on my stomach with the pad in front, I start to think a lot about the first movie with mom eating Carol’s bald pussy. I start drawing Carol’s head, face, shoulders and by the time I get to her chest area it all looked like a bad scene in Mad Max. It was no good, so I ripped it out and tried the other movie scene with mom and the two guys, just as bad as the first drawing. Now, thinking about the blowjob. Carol was giving my father over eight years ago. Starting with hers eyes then her face and before I could get to the hair I was already ripping it out and throwing the sketch on the floor. I turned around and sitting up, I turned the tv on to see if that would help any in the way of my drawing. An hour passed by as I was flipping through the stations to see if I could catch that same clarity I have of my parents. Nothing, opening up my nightstand I pull out my Hustler magazine, no luck. With an hour before my parents get home I might as well use some of dad’s movies to stroke one out. Heading back downstairs with a small towel I head over to the office and start up the computer. Clicking on Carol’s folder and entering the passcode I scroll through the dates and see one date of Christmas Eve two years ago, when we had a small party with a couple of our neighbors including Sue’s parents and Sue I remember could not make it as she was watching her younger brother. Clicking on that file I see 19 movies and hundreds of still photos of all the neighbors that were there that night. Our black neighbors that live right next door, the husband was sucking my dads dick and mom was lick his wife’s ass and Sue’s dad had his dick in mom’s pussy and dad seemed to be eating Sue’s mother’s pussy. Thinking wow, my parents are some freaks when it comes to sex. I would never in a million years think they did this stuff. I knew them as straight up nerds, dad in his suit and mom dressed in nice dresses. This is a whole new world I have of my parents and I would have to guess that Sue does not know about her parents either, or does she? Sue mentioned that she has caught her parents fucking before on a few occasions is what she said. Maybe her parents are looking at her as mine are about me?

Looking through some of these photos I could see why dad liked our neighbors the Johnsons. She was hot, chocolate smooth skin, long black soft hair, her tits looked good as my dad was sucking on them while mom was licking her pussy in one of the photos. Mrs Johnson’s ass in that other photo of her bent over waiting on someone to come fuck me look as she was looking back at the camera. Scrolling down more I click the first movie time stamped 23:12 so just over twenty three minutes of our neighborhood orgy I get to watch. Sitting back, dick in hand, towel at the ready, I click the play button.

Soft music playing in the back ground and seeing everyone except dad tells me dad is behind the camera. Watching Sue’s mother, Betty naked was nice to see, she is small woman, about 4’10” C cup tits that had little bounce to them and what can one say about the perfect small ass that makes you want to just grab it and take a bite out of her gorgeous ass. While she was sucking Frank Johnson’s Johnson, it was something impossible to see. Now Frank has the biggest dick in the room by far, almost as big as mine, but his is bigger around I must admit. Betty was going all the way down his shift and back up, she seemed lost in sucking that black cock, as if she was in some type of trancelike state. Going fast at times and then slowing down to a crawl. There seeing my mother lying on the floor licking Betty’s pussy and Sue’s dad Carl was fucking my mother straight, fucking her hard too I might add, making moms tits fly all over the place. As that was happening dad panned the camera down to show Frank’s wife Joan, sucking his dick, telling dad what a bad white boy he is for filming her suck his cock in front of her husband. Later in the movie when I watched dad shove that small dick of his into Betty’s ass the first time that night, I came so hard watching the perfect ass any man could see getting fucked and me hoping that I can fuck her too someday soon.

After coming hard I closed down the folders and left to go back upstairs. It was maybe twenty minutes later when my parents got home from work. I stayed in my room while mom got dinner going and dad does what he does in the office. It was a quiet meal as dad would glance at me from time to time while we ate dinner. I got up, putting my plate in the sink, I told my parents that I had some more studying to do and that I would be in my room.

It was after 2:00am in the morning when I got up to use the bathroom. When I finished my business and was heading back I noticed my parents left their door open? They never leave it open. I kind of sneaked down to their bedroom doorway and peeked in. There I see dad lying down, with mom riding him slowly on top. Her eyes closed saying how much more time John do you think I have to wait before Junior will let me fuck him? Dad, while squeezing mom’s tits and pinching her nipples said, dear I think you will need to start wearing less clothing around the house, start slipping some and show these gorgeous tits of yours more to Junior, maybe he will get the hint that you would not mind at all if he just bent you over the kitchen table and fucked you like a mommy slut Joan is. You know Sue, Joan has enjoyed the threesomes they are having now that Kevin has joined in and she told me the other day how much she likes waking Kevin up for school with a blowjob, something about a growing dick in her mouth makes her pussy wet. Oh fuck! Oh fuck I’m cuming John just thinking of Junior’s dick in the morning growing in my mouth, oh fuck yeah. With that I stepped back to my bedroom thinking of what do I do now and now I have a second image in my head of mom riding dad just as she was cuming. Quickly I grab my pad and a pencil and I sketch the scene out. It took all of five minutes, I turned over and went to sleep.

The following morning as I sit there in the kitchen eating my cereal watching mom clean the dishes in her see through nightgown. Knowing that mom wants me and is doing what dad told her to do from last night talks they had when they were fucking and mom having her orgasm thinking of my cock. Seems strange somehow, knowing what she wants, and I’m not sure I want, well not just yet away. I will let mom do all the flirting she wants with me as long as I know dad is on board with it and given those videos he has, I am sure he is. Putting my bowl in the sink, I leaned into my mother and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left for the school bus where I could tell Sue everything I found.

I walked up to Sue and her girlfriends letting Sue know I have another picture. Kathy turns towards me saying, what, a porn pic, or are you showing Sue your small dick pic? I never did like the girl so I turned calmly and said yes, but not a dick pic, it’s of you with three dildos stuck in you and you knowing no real guy would ever stick his dick in you for fear it might get bitten off, no matter where he sticks it. I turn back to Sue as we walked a couple of steps away to show her the new sketch. Sue looking over the new sketch of my parents, I tell her what they talked about while they were having sex last night with their door open. Sue looking up from the sketch after looking hard at it, she seems off a little, maybe she did not get much sleep last night as we have a big test today and she was studying? The school bus was pulling up just as Sue was asking to come over as she has a couple of other things she wanted to try out. Shaking my head yes, we boarded the bus, off to school once more.

My six period class was art, which did not do much as far as improve my art skills, until today. Today Mr. Barrs brought his wife in for our monthly test, a sketch of a live model. Now the test is only graded on what we learned so far and not on how well a person can draw. We get in a semi circle as Mrs. Barrs stand up onto a pestle, removes her shirt, shoe and pants and we are left with her in her red hot smoking bikini. Mrs. Karen Barrs was hot for a mid forty year old. Long blond hair that went down to a tan firm ass, good sizes tits, say D cup maybe a little larger and a slim waistline that any lucky person would love to rap their hands around as she was great looking candy to have on ones arm. Mr. Barrs spoke up as whispers were going around the room. Mr Barrs said that the agency could not send anyone today and so my wife has graciously excepted to come in to be our model today. Now you all have 15 minutes to do a quick sketch with the pads provided, before you move on to the painting portion, which you will have until Friday to complete. Any questions? No, begin. I quickly pick up my pad and pencil, drawing out what I see and it was just as good as I did with my parent nearly perfect except Mrs Barrs does not have a bikini on. I took about ten minutes of the fifteen to complete the assignment and when I was done I raised my hand letting Mr Barrs know. Mr Barrs came over and whispered you know you still have 5 minutes left to work on anything more with your sketch. Nodding I handed the pad over to him for review. Mr Barrs nodding his head took the pad and walked back to his desk for a private view, as he did with everyone’s else’s sketches. He did a quick grade on them A through D was given out as he mentioned earlier no one fails art class as he always says, whom am I to judge your art styles. After given everyone’s pad back with a grade letting us know that those with A or B could begin the next part of our monthly testing, the rest please take the remainder of class to finish your sketches as you will need them to work off as my model will not be in again for this test. I quickly raised my hand asking if she would be coming back for our finals? Everyone laughed with that questioned. Mr Barrs looked over at his wife as if checking and she nodding her head yes, Mr Barrs turned back to me with a smile offering the class a yes and with that we all tapped our easels in our appreciation of Mrs Barrs excepting to model for the class. As the class began to settle back down and those of us that received an A or B pulled out their canvas and paints getting to work on our monthly test. Most of the students were painting it was just a couple that needed more time as the boys were having trouble concentrating, their dicks were poking hard on their jeans and it seems that Mrs Barrs did not mined the complements. The class bell rings and we all cover our work and started put our painting supplies back. Mr Barrs approached me asking if I could stay back, knowing I have study hall for my last class I had no reason not to.

Mr Barrs walking back to his desk with my sketch book checking out my other works in the book and they as he reaches his desk he sits down and looking at my last sketch of his wife nude standing on a pestle. He asked his wife to join him over at his desk, I was still putting my things away as the other students were leaving for their next class. She leans over looking at my work, then picks up the pad strolling through the other pages and than back to her sketched portrait, placing it open on her husband’s desk smiling, she see me approaching. Smiling back to her I asked Mr Barrs what was wrong? Both shaking their head no and Mr Barrs saying nothing is wrong per say. In reviewing your work before today I would put you as a good student with a lot of passion for drawing, but before today your grade level was a B at your best. Now I am not sure what or how or anything really to explain how you could draw my wife in such perfect detail to include her nipples. Now I am not saying you have seen my wife’s nipples prior to today, but the question is out there. How do you know what her nipples look like and why did you sketch her with a shadow of hair between her legs as if she did not shave in three days. Mrs Barrs looks again at the sketch and gives us a little giggle, shaking her head as she looked up at me asking did you peek in my bedroom window this morning before I got dressed? Still smiling I said no, but I wished I had. Turning back to Mr. Barrs who was still looking at the sketch I stated no, the sketch is just what I see in my mines eye. Mr Barr says you still see Mrs Barr like this as he lifts the pad pointing at the sketch? Nodding my head I say yes, but that is the only position I see her in. If you asked me to draw her in any other way I could not, that is until I see her in another position the only thing I can see right now is her standing on the pestle nude. Mr Barrs asked why nude? You do know she was wearing a bikini did you not see that? Lowering my head towards the desk I said yes Sir, but the lighting that Mrs Barrs was under I could see the details you now see in my sketch. Shaking his head no he turns to his wife asking if she would not mind taking off her clothes again and stand back up on the pestle, please? With some hesitation Mrs Barrs removes her clothes, leaving her again in just her two piece red bikini. With Mrs Barrs on the pestle I directed her to get back into the position she was for class and when she lifted her chin up, hands on hips with her body with a sight twist. Mr. Barrs and myself step back just a little, Mr Barrs shaking his head not seeing what I am now seeing again, I see her bikini has a flaw when she is in this position and the flaw I see is that it is transparent. Ok, I take Mr. Barrs and place him in the same spot I was in, taking one step closer to Mrs. Barrs I point out what I am seeing, circling her nipple and as I did I got a little too excited and traced her left nipple for Mr. Barrs. I blushed and apologized for touching Mr. Barrs wife’s tit. Mr Barrs said to continue and that it was ok to please go on with what I can see. Shaking my head just a little back and forth not truly understanding I continued, but a little slower this time as I reach across Mrs Barrs chest and start to circle her right nipple, saying see you can see the outline of your wife’s nipple here and as I slowly touch her we can see now that this excites her, as her nipples are getting harder and harder. Mr. Barrs smiling and nodding his head is if agreeing with me and Mrs. Barrs is still standing there being a model. The pubic hair Mr. Barrs said, how do you explain that? Looking up at Mrs Barr I asked her to spread her legs just a little bit apart. Mrs Barrs gets into this Wonder Woman stance, I take my right hand and slide it inside her bikini bottom and quickly cover her pussy with my hand, I discovered her pussy area was not shaved and had what one would call a few days growth. Looking back at Mr Barrs as I rubbed Mrs Barrs pussy, getting her wet and excited I said, this pussy area I drew was just my thought as I could not see this area. Sliding a finger inside Mrs Barrs pussy she moans out loud. Watching Mr Barrs expression from fear of what I was about to do to his wife’s pussy to excitement of seeing her pussy have my finger inside. Mr Barrs asked his wife Jan is she wet down there? Turning my attention to Mrs Barrs now I take my left hand and slap her firm ass cheek asking her to spread her legs more. Mrs Barrs quickly complied without a word, but with a moan from Jan from the slap or the finger I could not say. Untying the red bikini bottom I slide another finger up hard this time into Mrs Barrs very excited pussy and began finger fucking her right there in class. I don’t know why I’m doing this to Mrs Barrs, but it may have something to do with the movies I watch yesterday. I lowered my head as I remembered something from a porn I watched, I placed my lips over Mrs Barrs clit and licked and sucked it for really no longer than a few minutes when she started to spasm hard speaking out, oh fuck me I’m cuming Joe, she grabs my head and holds on tight, yelling almost as she cums all over my face and mouth, I continue to lick and suck on her clit. Just as she finishes she pushed me away saying she was to sensitive for anymore. Looking back at Mr Barrs who also just finished, in his hand giving himself a hand job. Taking Mrs Barrs hand I escorted her over to the desk where I bent her over and letting people in the room know that it is my turn now to get off now. I pulled out my 9” rock hard cock and as Mr. Barrs watches me push my cock slowly into his wife’s pussy, Mrs Barrs speaks out to Mr Barrs asking him, am I in for a good fuck this time? Without words Mr. Barrs just shakes his head yes, Mrs Barrs looking back at me saying only, you better fuck me good as your grade now depends on it. Smiling and with only 4” of my dick inside, I pulled back just a little and slam hard forward, my cock diving deep into Jan’s pussy, getting a good yelp out of her and just when she thought of having all of me inside her, I pounded a few more time into her tight little pussy giving her the full lengthy of my cock, with a yes, fuck me good, fuck me oh fuck, from her. I pounded away for a whole five minutes which was surprisingly short I was thinking, but Mrs Barrs did not think so as she came so hard that last minute just before I sprayed what seemed like gallons of cum deep inside her pussy, which she said caused another orgasm to hit her. Fuck, if I knew what I was doing right than as I had never fucked before this. We all got dressed, Mr Barrs approached me inviting me over this weekend if I was up for it that is. I hesitated, as I was not sure what to do here, Mrs Barrs gets on her knees in front of me and pulls my dick out saying to everyone that she needed to clean this cock before he leaves. Licking from the base to tip of my cock Mrs Barrs had my dick cleaned in just a few minutes which gave me time to think, saying yes to Mr. Barrs invitation for the weekend and as the last school bell goes off I head out to the bus smiling. Sue came bouncing onto the bus and planting her cute ass next to mine. I could not stop smiling which Sue caught on quick enough asking me, what happened? Shaking my head no and saying nothing happened, it’s, I am in a very good mood right now is all. We get to our stop and get off heading to my house as I had something to show her.

Dropping our bags by the door, Sue follows me to my dad’s home office, were I start up the computer and ask Sue if she wanted anything to drink? Soda was fine with her as I went to the small refrigerator in the corner of the room. Getting two drinks and a second chair we settle in as the computer finishes booting up. Clicking on the folder and entering the password the files are now accessible to Sue. I told her to click any one she wants as they are adult photos of mine and her parents and the neighbors all nude photos and a lot of movies with them exchanging partners. Looking at me strange like, she clicks one of the files and sees several movie icons, clicking one she sees her mother sucking my dad’s small dick while my mother is lying on her back licking her mother pussy and getting fucked by our black neighbor Mr. Johnson. Holly fuck was the first words from Sue as she sits back in the chair, taking a sip of her soda, shaking her head not truly believing what she is seeing, but not turning off or away from the show either. If I had to guess, she was excited to be seeing this movie. She starts rubbing her pussy over her jeans as she see her mother down a 5” dick and my mother getting fucked by a horse cock was the words Sue used. Thinking nothing of it I did a little bragging saying that he was not all that big. Sue looking down at my dick tucked behind my jeans as it grows down my right leg. Sue says prove it than, if you have the balls? Standing up Sue knows I am a sucker for dares. I unzip my jeans, pulling them down to my knees and than grabbing my black Kelvin Klein underwear, I show my semi hard 6” cock. I than dared Sue to do the same as your mother is doing to my dad right now. Without a word she grabs my dick and sucks me hard. Having Mrs Barrs lips rapped around my cock just a little while ago was far better than Sue was doing right now. I could only think that this was Sue’s first time as well. Holding the back if Sue’s head seemed natural somehow, I began rocking back and forth fucking Sue mouth. Sue got use to my dick as I pushed further and further back into her mouth until I started getting my full grown cock tip of my manhood into her throat. Gagging some Sue did not complain, but seemed to want more, as much as I could give as she grabbed my ass pulling me in deeper. Sue gave me my first cum blowjob as I yelled out I was cuming Sue pulled back just a little as she receive pulse after pulse of my warm creamy cum. Looking down at Sue, I said to her it’s my turn to eat some of you now. Sue stands up, grabs my hand and leads me out to the family room, where as it happens the movie we just watched was filmed right there. Sue strips off her jeans, shirt, panties and than finally her bra is dropped on the floor. Sue looking into my eyes saying, you are going to do more than eat my pussy boyfriend, I want to get fucked like your mother was on that film we were watching. Nodding my head thinking I need to stay quiet and do what I was told to do as seeing I’m new to all this.

Sue lays down asking me to join her there and as I do I kiss her with so much passion I did not know I had for her. Grabbing her ass and squeezing her tits as we make out, naked on the floor. I dreamt of this day for so long, seeing Sue’s body for the first time, her long athletic legs, her perfect firm C cup tits and that ass of hers was just like her mother’s, it’s an ass I hope to fuck soon. I travel down Sue’s body kissing, sucking and licking everything my lips touch. Lying down now between a clean shaven legs, I take one long lick from ass to clit, that was my opening move, I saw it on a number of porn movies and all the girls seemed to enjoy it. I roll my tongue as I lower it slowly into Sue’s wet pussy. The taste makes me hungry for more and more as I begin to tongue fuck Sue for the first time. Sue grabs me by the hair pulling me in closer, yelling out oh fuck that feels good, please don’t stop. Not even close to stopping as I push a finger inside her excited pussy, lying there playing, licking her pussy lips and clit while I fuck her slowly with my fingers. After getting my hard on back up, which was not to long a wait. Kneeling close to Sue I laid my cock down across her abdomen seeing how far it will be going in. Leaning back some, I started by rubbing the tip of my cock up and down Sue’s pussy lips I had just finished kissing. Sue moaning with the feeling of my dick as I slowly push it in, inch by inch, I continue to feel that velvet touch of Sue’s fuck tunnel of love. In seconds I began pushing harder and harder as Sue yells out, that’s it John fuck me hard, I want to feel what your mom was feeling. Grabbing Sue’s legs and bending her in half I begin slamming down hard, Sue screaming now I’m cuming John don’t stop fucking me please, don’t stop John. I see Sue’s eyes roll back as her legs rap around my neck and squeeze, I feel her pussy now, squeezing my cock as hard, with two more strokes inside Sue’s fuck hole, I fire off six loads of warm cum deep inside.

Lying there in the after glow of making love, Sue tells me that she hopes that this does not change our friendship and that we can be just better friends now. Looking into her eyes I asked, do you want this too be just us? Or did you want what our parents have? An open, honest, relationship that each of us knows what the other is going to do before hand, not finding out next week or one of us walks in on the other. Sue looking at me with such love in her eyes said she was not sure yet, but thought what our parents are doing was kind of interesting and would be up too seeing if that is something she would like to try.

You should know that my mother wants me to start fucking her soon, it has to do with the size of my dick really, so that is nothing more than just sex I think, but she is my mom so there maybe some love involved? I don’t know, what do you think I should now, with what has happened between us? Sue looking away starring at the wall with my family portrait, she says do nothing yet, I am still not sure I want you or your dick in anyone else just yet, I want us for now to be just us. That is, if we try what our parents are doing I want to be there with you or you with me. Ok, I get it, but I think I better let my mother down for now or I might just wake up one morning seeing my mother riding my cock. I tell Sue we need to cleanup as my parents will be home soon from work and I need to let down my mom easy. Sue nodding her head starts to get dressed and clean up some of the mess we made. I can’t believe I have a girlfriend now. Oh shit, I almost forgot about Mr and Mrs Barrs. Sue I need to tell you about my art teacher at school and his wife. Sue stopping what she was doing and looked at me. Before we went down this path in our friendship I had sex with Mrs Barrs today in front of her husband, my art teacher. I am still not sure why they wanted that from me of all people, I’am not that special that they need to use a teenager for sex. Mr Barrs’s wife is hot for an older lady, so they could have had one of their friends I suppose help them. You know Mrs Barrs was there only because the agency did not have anyone they could send to model for us and well I drew her nude, but she had on a bikini and I still see her nude. Looking down shaking my head I am not sure why I said that out loud, why would I have to draw Mrs Barrs nude? Looking at Sue for an answer, as Sue is somewhat in shock that I had sex with someone much older then she is, more experienced. Sue shaking her head thinking out loud that it could only be that wish you made on your birthday, tapping her chin with her index finger, thinking, yes maybe there is something in what you drew and how people seem to react to those drawings. Think about it, the first time you saw your parents having sex it was as you described it, was more fantasy then anything. They are into swinging and we are of age that kinda makes sense. Now you have made a number of drawings of them and when you stumbled on them did anything seem different to you? Sue asked. Thinking back as we continue to clean up the rooms and get the computer shut down without anyone knowing we where here. Yes, I said, their bedroom door was open and that has never happened before, they are very careful about being caught by me, well that was before all this anyways. Also mom seem to convince my dad more of me having sex with mom and mom also seemed eager, or excited at the possibilities of having sex with me and I don’t think now that it has all that much to do with my size, she can get that with Mr. Johnson. It was her more than dad I drew that night. Tomorrow Sue said, we need to try a test to make sure of what we think might be. How, I ask? Well I have a friend, her name is Margret, she has her own place and as she is a freshman at college here in town. I can ask her to do some modeling for you for your art class and that she can keep the drawings as payment if she wants to, but just in case you need to bring a hundred. This way we can control what may happen and if we get lucky, you get lucky and may get to fuck us both. Sue was smiling just thinking about Margret, my guess is she will be good looking knowing Sue. After cleaning everything up and sitting on the couch I take Sue’s hands in mine and tell her, looking deep and long into her eyes how much I have fallen for her and that I would do anything, just anything to make her happy. Smiling she repeats the same back to me and reminds me not to draw her as she wants to be sure that this is real and that she in not under any kind of spell or magic or whatever this is. Kissing one last time as my parents pull up in the driveway.

Braking away from those lips of Sue’s was difficult, so soft, wet and inviting they seem to me now. I needed to talk with my parents and get thing straight with them both, well I hope that thing can be kinda normal away. I watch Sue with her school bag leaving, waving at my parents telling them bye and watching my dad checking out her ass, which of course I was as well. When your dad is checking out your girlfriend’s ass you just have to shake your head. As my parents get to the porch I tell them I have something to talk to them about and is was very important that we talk now. Stopping themselves as they look at me making that statement, my mother starts to smile and now both smiling at me thinking, wow our son is a man today and he wants to tell us all about it. They start walking again coming into the house, they drop their bags at the door and head over to the couch, my mother sits down on the couch and dad takes his chair, while I come in behind them and sit down with mom. Thinking now how the fuck do I start this conversation with my parents? Mom, dad I have magic powers. I can’t start it that way. Thinking as the seconds tic away. I got it, I get up telling them to stay where they are, that I will be right back. I run upstairs and get my sketch pad as a prop and in hopes of convincing them that it is true, well, I hope it is true anyways there can be nothing else to explain my new found form of great art work. When I return, mom has unbutton her shirt which is now hanging open and she has a glass of white wine and my dad has a beer. Getting back on the couch with mom with her shirt open showing me her tits, which still have a bra on them, small yellow push-up bra with some lace on top that barely cover her nipples. I, a teenage boy with too many hormones running around inside my body like crazy lunatics, now I’m here checking out my mother’s tits. I tried to explain my story to my parents as they take sips of their drinks, from my point of view from my birthday wish to today with Sue. Telling my swinging parents that I am now a master artist, when I draw a person now, I think that person becomes infatuated with me to the point of doing anything to get my attention. Well that is what Sue and I think anyway as I finish up my telling. Mom or dad did not say anything at first, just taking a sip of wine or beer as the case maybe, than mom asked to see the drawing pad, saying I did not know you were drawing again, we have not seen you pick up this pad since your birthday or we thought anyways. Handing over my pad, my mother gets up with her shirt still open flashing me her chest, she walks over to dad and sits into his lap and opens the drawing pad to the first page. They see the first image. I watch closely, their eyes open up some, dad places his beer on the end table next to him, mom take a large sip oh her drink which finishes the wine she had in her glass, than leaning over dad and places it next to his beer. Mom with her now free hand seems to focus more on the drawing, rubbing it slowly with her hand. Dad though takes his free hand and reaches into mom’s shirt and gently starts squeezing her breasts, slowly and gently as if he did not want to break some spell he was in. Mom flips the page to the next one with just her and dad’s lower self. Mom and dad look up at me for a moment not smiling or anything really and than they looked back at the page. Again mom is still gently rubbing the page of her nude body in the middle of her having an orgasm. Her portrait on this page in identical as the first page, hair for hair no difference, as mom flipped back and forth a few times. Dad reaching over unhooks mom’s bra from the front and moving it out of the way he begins to pinch and twist mom’s nipple, first the left then the right causing my mother to moan softly as dad plays with her tits and I’m sitting there watching him do just that, while the both of them look over my drawings. Mom reaching the last of my six drawings asked, why did you draw some with your father out of the way? I’m not into dad, I said to my mother. You mentioned you did us in a water color picture as well? It looks like someone took a picture of us having sex? Yes that’s in my room covered up. My mother asked me to go get it and wants me to take a minute as she wanted to talk with my father. I was heading up the steps when I heard my mother moaning out loud, saying don’t John, sucking my tits while our son is just upstairs, he could hear us if we start anything so stop for now, please. Just as I enter the room dad pops his mouth off mom’s tit, leaving her tit exposed for me to see. I walked over to them and flip the painting around and hand it to mom to hold. I walk back over to the couch with a large bulge in my tight jeans I happen to be wearing, in hopes of squeezing my dick down preventing it from growing out to much, but with my mother’s tits hanging out for me to see, it has become very uncomfortable to say the least. Before I sit down I unzip my jeans and fix my cock so it leans against my stomach flat and not all bent up. With that taken care of I zip up my jeans and take a sit on the couch watching them looking at my portrait of them having sex, no not just having sex, it was the moment of their orgasm that I caught. After a few minutes of them looking over the portrait I asked them if they could sit it aside so I may ask them to do something for me. Mom places the picture down and they both are looking and waiting on me.

I said, mom, I’m not sure if you are under a spell or you both would like me to join in on your swinging lifestyle, but I have Sue now and I want that relationship to workout more then anything. I propose and Sue is ok with this is that if you have to have something, as to not drive you mad mom, I would be willing to watch the two of you anytime you like having sex, or at one of your parties or anything you want, in exchange I will draw paintings like the one you have now of any of the times you want to remember. But that is all I can do for you two for now. My mother looking at me as if I took her favorite doll away asked, can we talk with you while you watch? Could I hold your hand or touch your feet or anything like that? Sue and I agreed to talking would be ok, but no touching. We are hoping that will be enough for now, we are still working on why I can draw this way and why it effects you both in your own ways. Looking over at my father I asked, if this would be ok with him too as he is part of all this. Shaking his head as his reaches up and grabs hold of mom’s left tit gently squeezing, asking if I have tried other mediums of art with this new ability? Looking back at dad, like what are you talking about dad, face. My dad as he licks my mother’s tit like a serpent, flicking the tip of his tongue at mom’s tit making her moan some, ask like clay, metal work, computer drawing, anything other then your paints and pencils? My dad sucking softly on mom’s tit as my mother is holding his head like a child feeding off her now. I mentioned earlier about Mr and Mrs Barrs invited me over to their home this weekend to try clay work and I do think he mentioned sometime ago in class that he has metal equipment in his garage, so I will try out that than as will. My dad reaching under my mother skirt as he sucks hard and deep on her tit begins fingering her. Mother tells me as I am watching this, your father told me years ago to stop wear panties to work, it took time away from men from the office to fuck me on break while your dad watches me. He does like to watch most of the time, he will also join in putting his dick in my mouth while some guy fucks me hard in the men’s bathroom. Oh fuck mom, I did not think you would be so graphic, so soon. I thought you might have waited some before getting to the good shit. My mother smiling leaning back now as she gets fingered by dad asked, did you and Sue agree that you could not masturbate in front of us while your dad and I fuck? Yes mother, Sue was pretty damned thorough with what I can and cannot do while I am watching. It is all about getting you to see me here watching you get off. You should both know and as far as I know is at some point I will have a picture stuck in my head of you two, to be honest I am surprised that I don’t already have one.

I watched as my dad strips the clothes off mom like some animal, he was so worked up listening to mom talk about guys fucking her at work, or when dad bent her over the dinning room table at her parents home while they were throwing a party for her dads 45th birthday and were caught by her mother, who by the way sucked my dads dick after he came inside my mother’s cunt. They think that was most likely the night I was conceived. You know your grandmother still fucks your father when she come over to visit and your grandfather still does not know, will mother never did say one way or the other whether she told him or not. I asked mom while she was sucking dad’s small cock, do you think grandmother would like a taste of my dick while she is here, in what, a couple of weeks is when she is due to arrive I think? My mom pulls out dad’s dick and said, I don’t know if she would or not, you will have to ask her for a blowjob to see, that’s how your father started with her. While mom was busy sucking dad’s dick my father spoke up, telling me to be careful if you ask your grandmother for that blowjob. If she gives you one, that you better be ready for some kinky stuff, when she is done with me I am out of it for a week now, I use to recover in a couple of days, but now it takes me over a week when she gets done using me. My father looking over at me while now fucking mom doggy style said, don’t plead with me to help you out with grandma, that is if you can convince her to suck your dick that is. You need to make sure Sue would be ok for you to fuck your grandmother or whatever she may do to you.

Dad went on, I know what it is like to love someone so much you would do anything for them and if this relationship you have with Sue is to last, you must always be open and honest with her, no matter how much it may hurt, never, ever, lie. The moment she finds out you lied to her she will never be yours again. Just as my father finished his speech, mom screams out, fuck me hard as I am cuming you cock of a husband. Fuck me, yes that’s it fuck, oh fuck that feels good. I see it now the picture of my parents fucking just as mom has her orgasm, but dad is still pushing hard to get his rocks off. There maybe something to that, I will need to let Sue know how and when this picture in my mind developed. My mother lying on the floor in her after fuck glow radiating from her face and body, asked, what’s for dinner?

The following morning at the bus stop I tell Sue everything that happened after she left. Nodding her head I told her what my parents did after I explained what has happened. Sue than lets me know that her friend Margret will be picking us up after school so don’t get on the bus, to just meet her out front of the school.

Just as the bell for six period ends, in walks Mrs Barrs in a nice short tan skirt and flowery blouse with her hair up in a bun. Just as she leans over her husband’s desk with her ass facing towards the class, well there really was just a couple people left by this time, me and one other person, a girl that I did not know. Asian in looks, slim body, small chest, black hair and eyes, but she was taller then most of the girls in my school, 5’10” mostly legs as she always is wearing jeans with a low waist cut. Once when she bent over to pick something up I saw and most of the boys I guess, saw her ass crack that day. What I could tell she has a good looking ass. Well just as Mrs Barrs was leaning over all of a sudden she was there nude. I could see her pink puffy pussy lips as if she had just got fucked not more than 5 minutes ago. Her brown eyed ass looking moist and if I may say, ready to be fucked. After leaning over and giving her husband a kiss she stood back up and turned around looking at the girl, smiling asking what’s your name sweetie? The girl replied Neo Lee. She lowers her head is if she was somehow nervous talking with Mrs Barrs who I got to know well yesterday. I was packing up my bag to leave when Mrs Barrs ask me to come see her up front of the class. When I finished loading up my bag I walked up to the front, I leaned in close to Mrs Barrs and whisper who did you just fuck, as I can see a just used pussy between those legs of yours? Mrs Barrs steps back a little shocked at my statement, which of course tells me that Mr. Barrs is not aware of her affair she is having with someone here at school. Smiling I turned to Mr. Barrs asking if everything was still good for this Saturday? Shaking his head no as something came up. I and Mrs Barrs have to leave on weekend retreat with a friend of ours and won’t be back to late Sunday. Sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to us getting together. Mrs Barrs saying the same. I smiled again at Mrs Barrs and waving good bye to Mr Barrs leaving the class and heading to study hall to wait on Sue and her friend.

Just as I sit down in the cafeteria for my study hall time, Neo sits down across from me and for over two minutes she sits there staring at me as a science experiment. It starts to get creepy as I put my English book down whispering, can I help you?

Slowly Neo asked in her broken English, how do you know? Know what, I asked? How do you know lady fuck soon? How did you hear what I told Mr Barrs’s wife? Oh that, I hear good since my birthday. I don’t know why, but I hear anyone talk, if I see them. So you lip read people? Neo shaking her head no, I hear what they say, not read lips. I quickly cover my lower face so Neo does not see my lips, I whisper, you have a great looking ass. Lowering my hand I asked, what did I say just now? That I great looking ass, shrugging her shoulders way did you say that about my ass? Well I wanted too know the truth of your hearing abilities and wanted it to be something truthful that no one would say out loud around you here at school. When is your birthday by the way? May 17. My mouth dropped open and said mine too and I wished to be a great painter, but it seems to only happen, I think if a woman has had, or is having an orgasm that I can draw really good. Everything so far that I have tried drawing is good, but just normal. When Mrs Barrs came into the room I saw her naked when she bent over the desk. For some reason it hit me when or how I should say when I get my mind photo. Mine photo? Neo asked. That’s mind with a “D” and it is what I draw from the picture in my mind stays there so far for good as I still have the first picture in my mind. Oh what is your picture you have. Shaking my head, I said no way I am telling you anything about that picture.

So besides my little whisper a little while ago, what else have you heard? Lots, but I seem to only hear sex stuff. Sex stuff? Like what I teenage boy who is getting hard asked of a teenage girl. Looking away for a second, thinking of something, then leaning on the table getting closer to me, so I mimic her, lying my arms on the table leaning in for what I hoped to be a good story. It was soon after birthday, we still in China, living in apartment building very high up. There are many large buildings around and one across from my bedroom window I see couple. At first I not know what they do, then lady screams out in Chinese do me harder, do me harder. Then the man says shut up slut I fuck you better then your husband. My mouth dropped open listening to Neo story. Now I do not see them in flesh, but behind lit screen I see them as shadows of him moving from behind her. Nodding my head as I can see what she saw that night, but not like my other pictures, but I seem to have one all the same. Looking at Neo I said, tell me a story when you could see the people in the flesh and not behind a screen, please. She seems shy for some reason in telling me something more than what she already said, as I am still a strange boy she just met. I reach into my bag as I hold up one finger as the international symbol of wait one moment please while I do this, kind of motion. Looking in my bag I find what I was looking for, my art book, that I used in class to draw Mrs Barrs, which no one else besides the Barrs have seen it. I flip to the page of Mrs Barrs drawing and I hand it over to Neo to show her what I can do with my birthday wish. Taking my pad she stairs at it for a long time really and then I asked do you like it? Than she looks closer, gently rubbing the drawing in small circles as if she was petting Mrs Barrs pussy on the page, which was for me exciting to watch, but strange too. I asked quietly if I may have my pad back, reaching out with my right hand, hoping she would give it back. Neo looking up started to smile a little weirdly, I could not put my finger on it, but I know she is feeling something, just not sure if it is me or Mrs Barrs. Neo slowly hands me my drawing pad back and I place it back inside my bag. Sitting back up I asked Neo. What was going through your head when you were looking at the drawing? Neo said, it was the most beauty thing ever saw before, it seem real to me Neo went on to say, like I could feel her body, if I only go slowly, touching the drawing. I asked, why Mrs Barrs’s pussy and not her face or legs, even if you could feel? Neo shrugs her shoulders, just says, I not sure why just wanted to, which is strange as I not lesbian at all. I asked again this time hoping that me showing Neo my drawing would relax her some to tell a story and see if I get a clearer picture this time.

Neo leans in close again as she does she looks around to make sure no one is watching or listening to her. Neo begins.

I was two month ago, late I get up from bed and go to toilet to pee. When I finish and go back I hear a noise from parents room. They always have door open, so I walk over to see what noise was and when I look in I see my parents fucking. I quickly ask what position were they in? Neo continues her story by saying my mother was on top, she was moving slowly back and forth, dad lying there quiet like with his hands on her thighs rubbing them slowly too up and down her legs. I asked what angle did you see and how far from them were you, as I’m getting a picture foaming in my mind. Nodding her head Neo says from where I was standing in the doorway with the door almost closed, just little bit open, I see the sides of them, my mother bare chested with long black hair like mine hanging over her breast, but I could see her right nipple, which look hard, my mother’s chest looks nice, but breast are small, my dad was lying on his back with his hands on mother’s legs, but dad is kinda fit strange upper body, with short black hair. They were whispering, my father asked mother not to be to loud as I was sleeping down the hall. My mother was nodding her head, moaning some, but I could barely hear her, she must have been really quiet than, as she pick up speed she was going fast and fast and father was whispering what a good whore he married, grabbing her nipples, playing with them roughly too, which caused mother to moan louder, but I know it was just a whisper, but one my father could not hear too. Mother muffles a orgasmic orgasm as she lifts some off father dick and my father’s dick was good size for a Chinese man Neo mentions. Than mother slams herself down on father hard and repeats this four or five time, when she sits up and my father’s dick come out with mother squirting her orgasm all over father. Father smiling holding mother’s tits squeezing hard and pulling her towards him for a long and very passionate kiss. While they were kissing my mother continued her orgasm it must of lasted more than a minute if not two. To me I thought at first she was peeing on father but she kept saying I cum, I cum over and over again. When mother finished, she and father got out of bed and mother got on her knees in front of father and father just used mother’s mouth until he came in to and then went to sit in the chair they have in room while mother naked changes the bad covers. A few minutes later they both asleep. I found I had a very good picture of Neo parents in my mind now and asked if she had a picture of them? Neo pulls her cell phone out and shows me a picture of them in China when they took a vacation to The Great Wall. With seeing their faces and bodies my minds picture is complete now. The school bell ring just than and as I get up to head out to the front I tell Neo that I think I could draw what she just told me of what she saw. Neo nodding her head said, yes please draw picture. I give her my cell number letting her know that I leave mine phone at home, my parents don’t let me bring it to school, so I asked if she could text me hers later. I head at front to meet Sue and Margret, Sue’s friend to test out somethings about my new abilities in drawing and what effects it has on people. I was only there for just a minute when a red 64’ Ford Mustang comes roaring up sounding great. Sue jumps out pulling the seat forward so I can jump in the back. After Sue closes the door and I sit my bag next to me I said you won’t believe what just happened in study hall, well really at the end of six period and also in study hall. Those two girls got excited quickly as I was getting excited in telling a new story to Sue and I have new information I think, about my drawing abilities. Looking at Sue as she is turned half way around leaning on the door with her back, her knees bent up to her chin. Sue was wearing her favorite flowery dress and if I didn’t know better I would think if Margret wanted to see Sue’s panties, that is if she was wearing any at all Margret would need to do is turn slightly and down. Sue told me last night, that drove me somewhat crazy, is that when she is wearing dresses she does not like wearing underwear, something her mother told her a few years ago about feeling free or something like that. I told her last night that she will need to get her mother to wear a short dress when I come over next time, laughing she said she would try.

Well guess what, I said in the back seat to Sue. Smiling she asked what? You know the new student we got a few weeks ago from China, the very tall girl with long black hair? Sue shaking her head no. Ok that’s fine, she is in my last class and today Mrs Barrs comes in just as the bell goes off dismissing everyone to head to their next class. Will she comes in, goes to Mr Barrs and while leaning over his desk with her ass facing the class, well it was just me and Neo, the new student, while looking up front as she was kissing her husband, it’s when I saw it. Hold back for the dramatic pause, Sue shakes her head rising her hands asking what did you see? I saw and could tell for some reason, I don’t know yet, that Mrs Barrs was just fucked good, not more then five minutes before walking into class. Her pussy was so puffy fucked and her asshole was, seemed, I’m not sure, but I think it needed or wanted to be fucked right there in class or very, very soon that is. I walked up to the front where Mrs Barrs is standing as she had something to tell me, but before she spoke I leaned into her and whispered. Who did you just fuck, as I can see a used pussy between those legs of yours. She looked very surprised at my statement. So I picked up my bag again and I left the room and headed to my study hall. As I sit down, Neo the new person sits across from me and stares at me for awhile, weird like, you know. Sue shaking her head saying yes go on. I continued with the story, I asked what she wants and then she said, I hear what you told Mrs Barrs. There was no way she could have heard me, I barely heard myself what I said, who did you just fuck as I can see a used pussy between those legs of yours. So, I covered my mouth and said to Neo, you have a great looking ass. Then she repeated what I said. Get this guys, we have the same birthday, we’re the same age and she wished that she could be the best listener in the world, but just like me she only hears people having sex or talking about sex. Sue asked if I got her number? She has questions of her own to ask now that she has heard my story. Before Sue spoke that through she remembered that I don’t have my cell with me. She pulls her’s out and makes a few calls, when she finally gets Neo on the line Sue pressing the speaker button she holds the phone out some telling Neo that I and her friend Margret are in a car heading to Margret’s apartment to try somethings with John’s abilities. Sue tells Neo that we are dating as of yesterday when we fucked like animals on his family room floor. I speak up like a dumpy and ask why are you telling her all that about us? Sue looks back at me like I was some kind of alien when I asked that question. You told Neo she has a great looking ass Sue replies and then looks back at the phone. Now Sue, looking back at me says, when a guy says shit like that it gives us girls thinking, is his into me, can I suck his dick, will he lick my pussy when I am horny? Shit like that so I am letting you know Neo that John is taken. Sue, looking at Margret than says, to know one really that way and if as long as I am part of any sexual offerings to my boyfriend I could be down with that. Sue than speaks up a little letting Neo know that her boyfriend and her have a very honest relationship as we tell each other everything we do, say, and what we think about anything, everything. Neo, Sue asked, do you like to know everything a person thinks or does or says? As soon as Sue stopped talking we hear a moan with some wet slushing sounds coming from Sue’s cell. Listening for another 10 seconds or so Sue demands to know where the fuck are you Neo? Neo muffles a scream then the phone goes silent for almost 30 seconds when Neo come on the line and says, I in my bedroom lying down, my parents not home yet, not for a few hours. Sue looking at Margret and Margret raising her eyebrows giving a short nod causing Sue to grin big time and hoping. Lifting the cell phone closer to her lips Sue asked softly almost a whisper, Neo would you mined if we came over and talked to you about your abilities and maybe try a few things with John’s with you? There was dead silence for over two minutes, no one in the car was breathing as we all in our own way wanted her to say, sure come over and fuck me. Than Neo spoke, saying okay, but you all will have to be gone before my mother gets home, she normally beats my father home from work about an hour earlier. Sue gets her address which was not far from where we were. We pull in front of Neo’s home and head up to the front door. Sue ring the bell and when Neo open the door wearing a very short house dress that is tied in the back, Sue seemed to loose it some, as she just walked right up to Neo standing on the tips of her toes, grabbing the back of Neo’s head and landing one long hard kiss on Neo. Who after just a few seconds to get over the shock of a girl kissing her, Neo joined in, lowering her left hand down to Sue’s right side to her ass cheek squeezing and rubbing. A minute later Sue had her hand under Neo’s house dress/coat fingering her pussy. Myself and Margret stood back some after closing the front door and watched those two make out. Margret whispered, are you jealous? Looking down at my loose pants I see a full on hard cock pointing at the two making out, telling Margret nope, not jealous, just horny to fuck someone. Smiling Margret drops to her knees, unzips my pants and pulls out my cock and sucks it hard and surprisingly deep. Sue hearing the slurping sound of a cock being sucked, stopped making out with Neo and turned around seeing Margret sucking my cock like a good slut would. When our eyes met I told Sue to get licking on Neo pussy I want to see you be a little cunt licker while your slut friend here sucks me off. Without a word she turned back around pulled off Neo’s house coat revealing that she was naked underneath, I stepped closer to Neo pulling Margret with me while still sucking my dick. I push Sue’s head some letting her know I was there and telling her to make Neo scream for me. Neo screams two seconds later, saying your girlfriend is nipping my clit hard and I’m cuming. I reach over and grab Neo’s nipple and pinch down hard yelling out to cum on my girlfriend’s face then leaning over while holding Margrets head closer to my balls as I fire one shot after another down her throat, I whisper into Neo’s ear that I what to watch her lick her own cum off my girlfriend face when she is done with her. Looking down at Margret while she cleans my cock I watch as a waterfall of pussy water comes gushing out of Neo’s body soaking Sue’s face, shoulders, dress, hair and floor as Sue attempts to drink every last drop coming out of Neo. Releasing Neo’s nipple I lean down some and gently kiss, lick and slowly suck on her tit. Neo holding my head some while I feasted on her small tit she looks down at me smiling, saying she wants to lick Sue’s face now. Taking a few more licks of Neo’s tit as well as Sue was doing the same to her pussy. Me and Sue finished our last licks, we all readjust our clothes some and Neo leads us to her home’s basement, where she hangs out with a tv mounted to the wall, stereo over to the right, play station with hundreds of games on the shelve next to the tv. Two couches, bean bags and one chair in the corner of the room. This and the red lighting was the baddest ass room I have ever seen. Thinking to myself I need to come over here more often. Seeing Neo standing in the middle of the room naked and us still with clothes on became a little uncomfortable for just a second, than Sue lifted her dress off and unsnapped her bra dropping in on the floor. Before Neo could start cleaning Sue off with her tongue, I moved quickly forward grabbing Sue, turning her around as I lean down and rap my arms around her waist lifting her up I gently start licking her nipples and breast and working my way up to Sue’s neck then lips as she was slowly lowered. When we parted after a long two minute kiss Sue said, you are not leaving Neo much to clean off me and I will have to start over getting wet from that pussy shower she gave me. Smiling at Sue I let her down and giving her a soft slap on the ass I said, well Neo get started now cleaning my girlfriends body off of your pussy juices. Neo grabs Sue’s hand leads her over to one of the couches as I head over to the other couch with Margret who is already naked now. Sue’s friend a gorgeous red head with a billion freckles over her body, I had to ask, has anyone every licked, kissed or sucked all your freckles? Margret dropping back on the couch, shaking her head no, but I would not mined it if you gave it a try. Taking my clothes off now lying there in the middle of Margrets legs licking her pussy, kissing her thighs and stroking the back of her knees, Margret screams out, oh fuck that feels good John, please don’t stop. Margret as with Sue when I eat her pussy held my head down hard, not letting me up for just a second. When Margret’s pussy began leaking a steady stream of her pussy favored cum. I kept it up, making her cum for nearly 4 or 5 minutes before she pushed me away saying she could not take it anymore. I look over at Sue with Neo between her legs sucking on Sue clit while fingering her pussy. Sue with her face smiling as in heaven she jesters for me to come over to her. I move quickly to Sue. Leaning down to give her a kiss, she puts her hand up to stop me for a second and whispers so softly that I almost did not hear her. Sue said, I want to see you fuck Neo’s pussy while she continues to lick me. Then Sue grabs the back of my head pulls be down and give me a hard passionate kiss than pushes me away telling me that she loves the taste of Margret’s pussy and will be eating her soon and to get back there and fuck my new Asian slut slowly at first please. I want to watch her face when your large cock goes into her for the first time. I kneel behind Neo feeling her ass squeezing it just a little and rubbing her clean shaven pussy while just thinking of what I was about to have. I really did not know Neo at all, not like I thought I knew Sue. I guess as we get older I thoughts and actions do change. Getting Neo’s pussy wet with some of my hand petting techniques I grabbed ahold of her ass cheeks and I went down on her from behind and licked her pussy some, sticking my tongue as far as I could inside her, reaming her ass with my tongue too. I stayed there for just a few minutes as I know Sue wanted to watch Neo’s face as I penetrated her wet hole. I lined up my cock tip to Neo’s entrance, I leaned forward grabbing a hand full of her hair I lifted Neo’s face from Sue’s pussy whispering, I told Neo to look at my girlfriend as I push my cock into your pussy for the first time, tell her what it feels like to have my cock slide so easily into you. Neo breathing heavy now as my cock slowly enters her, she speaks out to Sue and Margret who is now over with Sue playing with her tits, kissing, sucking, licking them as if they belonged to her. Sue sitting up some on the end of the couch moans out loud what Margret is doing to her. I push further into Neo’s pussy and when I have made it half way I whisper knowing that Neo is the only one that could hear me, I said, tell them what you are feeling now that only half of my cock is inside and I hope I can take more. Still holding her up by her hair she yells out, yes I can take more of your dick. Sue looks past Neo at me and asked are you whispering to her as you fuck this slut? Nodding my head answering with a whisper so only Neo hears, I said, Neo tell Sue that I will be whispering through this fuck hole mouth of mine until I finish screwing our new slut buddy. Neo repeats this and I see a big smile from Sue as she says this is one kinky fuck. I whisper, I know right, as I slap Neo’s ass a little. I asked her if she likes to have her ass spanked hard or soft? Neo speaks out saying she likes it hard, yes I like hard spankings. Fuck me hard and maybe Margret there can slap my ass some too. Margret lifting her head off the tits of Sue moves to the side of Neo, reaching underneath squeezing and pinching her nipple hard getting Neo more excited. Once I’m fully inserted to this new pussy and start slowly as Sue asked me to. While Margret is pinching Neo’s nipples and slapping her ass, Sue ask for me to release Neo’s hair so she may continue to lick her twat so that she can get off again. As I release Neo’s hair I started moving faster joining in with Margret slapping her as just a minute or two I grab Margrets hand and moved it in-between me and Neo. Guiding Margret’s hand I use it to play with Neo’s rosebud and pushing the tip of Margret’s middle finger in. Margret takes over and begins slowly penetrating Neo’s ass. I hear her moaning louder and louder as she eats Sue pussy and starts to finger fuck Sue’s ass. I whisper how do you like getting finger fucked by Neo. Neo repeats this causing Neo to orgasm over my cock which at the moment is buried deep inside her. Feeling the pussy juices flow around my cock, I fire off some heavy loads and just as I finished cuming, Sue screams out, oh fuck I am cuming so fucking hard I never felt this before, oh fuck me. Neo not letting up her fucking Sue’s ass and sucking on her clit while Sue is spraying Neo’s face as she did Sue’s earlier. Collapsing back on the couch, I watched as Margret moves behind Neo and begins cleaning licking, sucking her pussy and sucking hard as if she could retrieve the cum from Neo’s used pussy that I buried cum so deep in, it will be a week before that cums comes out. After a few minutes I moved over to the other couch watching as Margret gets to lay down on the couch, Sue gets in between Margret’s legs and Neo puts her pussy on Margret’s face letting her know she can continue sucking John’s cum out.

For over an hour now those three women switch places a few times and during those times, I whisper softly so only Neo could hear what I wanted and she would repeat it to the other two, which seemed to heighten the excitement being directed that way. Neo was lying on the couch with Sue’s pussy getting sucked hard by Neo and Sue licking Neo’s pussy and Margret had pulled out a small dildo from her purse and was fucking Sue’s ass with it. I looked over at the stairs and there standing at the bottom of the stairs was Neo’s mother. Her blouse undone, bra lifted as she played with her tits with one hand, her other hand was down the front of her open tan pants, rubbing her clit fast and hard. She could not see me as I was ducked down slowly stroking my cock as I was watching the three girls play. But Neo’s mother had the perfect view of watching her daughter get used by two other girls. I whispered to Neo that to not stop licking my girlfriends pussy, as your mother is here watching you having sex with these two girls and your mother is masturbating herself. Neo moans louder then the others when she hears me tell her her mother is getting off watching. Her mother stepping out of her pants and pulling down her panties and throwing off her blouse as she moves closer to the three. I watch as she unclips her bra and drops it on the floor next to the couch, I stand up and slowly, moving over behind Neo’s mother, I push her over the arm of the couch catching the attention of the other two girls. I quickly push my cock deep inside Mrs. Lee’s wet pussy, I get almost halfway down as she screams out, oh fuck yes, I position myself better as I start to hammer hard into Neo’s mother pussy, who is naked except her 5” heels, bent over the arm of the couch pounding away at Mrs Lee’s pussy, her screaming for more and harder. I whisper to Neo to get her skinny ass over here and shove her pussy in her mother face. Moving, Neo quickly gets in front of her mother pulling her hair up some than shoves her mother’s head right into her already gushing pussy, Just seeing her mother being fuck this hard did it to Neo, spraying her mother’s face with her clear watery pussy juices. Sue and Margret get on each side of me as I fuck Mrs. Lee they start spanking her ass both of her cheeks hard within a minute Mrs Lee’s ass was red and Mrs Lee was screaming out, I cuming, I cuming. I feel the squeezing of her pussy muscles rapping me in a warm wet bath of her juices as I continue to fuck Mrs Lee at a steady rate so she can get through her orgasms as I feel I have more to give before I finish. 30 seconds or so later the squeezing slows down to almost a stop as I see Mrs Lee’s head lying itself down on the cushion with her eyes closed. Slowing down and stopping the spanking, we check to make sure she is still alive, which luckily she is and I start back up as the girls moved over to the other couch and begin licking each other’s pussy while Neo stayed with her mother as I continued to fuck Mrs Lee. Holding onto her waistline I just go into a study fuck rhythm. It was not more than 3 or 4 minutes that Mrs Lee wakes up to me fucking her and her watching two girls 69 themselves while her daughter sits by her head watching a boy fuck her like no one has ever fucked her before. Mrs Lee smiling and moaning some as I do her, I whisper to Neo to lay back down so your mother can lick your pussy good this time. Neo gets into position and grabbing her hair like she owned her mother, pushing her mother’s head towards her cunt, telling Mrs Lee to start sucking her pussy before dad gets home and catches you getting fucked by this boy and you sucking on my clit. Neo flashes me ten fingers letting me know we don’t have much time left before her dad shows up. I pick up the pace some as I pound harder and harder into Mrs Lee’s wet juicy pussy, telling her that the next time I’m here I’m going to fuck her pretty little ass giving it a good slap as I said that. With that in mind I started to cum hard inside Neo mother birth channel, saying that she is a good fuck and would like to do this again soon. Mrs Lee lifts her head from her daughter’s pussy agreeing with me on having to get together again soon.

Before her father gets home Margret asked Sue if it would be ok to clean my cock before Neo’s dad gets home. Sue nods ok and starts to get herself dressed while Neo and her mother grab their clothes and head upstairs where they got dressed. When Margret finished cleaning my cock off of Mrs Lee’s juices she said it was quite good tasting and would not mind a drink from that source. At the front door I lean down to Mrs Lee giving her an hug were I squeezed that ass of hers and her right tit while giving her a good bye kiss, did the same with Neo who I said I will see you in school tomorrow. With that we left and headed to my house were I was dropped off. Giving Sue a more sensual good bye kiss while Margret stayed in the car. I told Sue that I feel so much closer to you now that the stars have aligned for me to see what had laid underneath your cloak of life and I love what I saw today. Leaning into Sue I give her my last kiss of that day and headed inside.

The following Sunday I went with Sue’s family to church where her mother, Jane who is small, but has the best ass in the county and is the church’s secretary and chief organizer. While Sue’s dad, Tom who is your average looking dad 5’9” with a dad body, was busy driving and Jane was reading her Bible on the way. I slipped my hand up Sue’s short dress and rubbed slowly on her wet pussy to tease her and get to her hyped up for later. I found out over the last few days she does enjoy some risk taking in our sex. Just as we arrived in the parking lot, Sue let out a small moan of pleasure, I pulled back some so no one would be the wiser I hoped as I played with Sue’s pussy. After we parked, Jane turned in her seat and asked if we could help her move some boxes and Tom would pick us up later this afternoon once we are done? We both agreed of course that we would help out in anyway she needed. Jane turned back to face forward to get out of the car, but I saw for just a brief moment her smiling at her husband as if she just trapped her prey that she has wanted for a long time, but never caught it, until that moment. Tom knowing his wife so well was going to have some fun.

Sue and I headed upstairs to sit in the balcony area of the church were very few people go and we can talk about what has been happening. Normally just one or two people would be found there and we were correct this time. We reach the top of the staircase and I see Mrs. Johnson my neighbor and good friend to my parents and Sue’s family, as we know from the movies Sue and I watched earlier this week. I leaned over to Sue saying want to join Mrs Johnson today and have some fun? She smiles back, nods her head once and with some very determining eyes Sue walks over to Mrs Johnson asking, will your husband or son be joining you day? Mrs Joan Johnson looks up, sees Sue there and me behind her smiling, she made quick work looking us over in a spilt second, Joan nods her head once saying please join me, would you two, come sit here with me I like to have company, but my husband has not wanted to come to church in almost 6 weeks now and my son does not believe in our Lord and Savior. Joan shaking her head thinking of why he is not there, she pulls her dark flowery dress down a little with her white gloves and than pushes her glasses up just a little on her nose. Sitting there next to Joan’s left and Sue on the other side, we sit there quite for a bit. I was thinking of those dates listed on the files stored on my fathers computer, that it was about six weeks ago that the Johnsons were not part of any movies. Had she not had sex in six weeks? I’m thinking that can’t be right. Even if Mr Johnson was not there Joan was in other movies by herself with dad or just mom and her while dad filmed. I do like those with just her and mom licking each other and when Joan is on top, how she sits up and just grains her pussy so hard into moms face screaming out loud I’m cuming slut you better keep fucking sucking my pussy, I’m cuming, I’m cuming. Over and over each time Joan orgasmed she was a different person, very demanding and a taker too. She once in one of the movies just as her orgasm was just starting, Joan inserted her two middle fingers on her right hand into mom’s pussy and pulled very hard back towards her as she sat up and started yelling at mom to keep sucking and Joan has my mother bent with her feet on Joan’s shoulders as Joan finger fucks mom with one hand and raps her other hand around mom’s waist to keep her pinned. When Joan did that I saw my mother spray her pussy water all over Joan’s face and body, it was the wettest female cum spray I have ever seen in any of the movies I saw. The movies my parents have of them, that was the strongest time my mother ever came. Muffled as she was eating out Joan’s pussy. Just thinking about that scene between mom and Joan got my dick hard and anyone in hundred miles could see I was horny with such a bulged in my pants.

As the sermon begins, I see as I look over at Sue that she has noticed my hard on and smiling knowing she will get to have it soon. While checking out Sue of what she was doing I notices that Joan’s eyes were seeing my hard on as well, even though she has her head facing straight forward, her eyes were locked on my bulge.

I turn just a little toward Joan, placing my right arm over the back of the pew and behind Joan. I lean in close to her ear as she sits there not moving, I whisper softly that, I love that little arrow pointing towards your pussy on the right inside part of your thigh. Just thinking about licking those thighs of your has got my cock hard and it is all your fault Mrs Johnson for having the best pair of legs in this church. Just as I lean back in my seat I see Sue make her move. Slowly Sue turns facing Joan, now with her right hand on Mrs Johnson’s upper right leg and with a hush voice were I can hear but no one else could from below. Mrs Johnson I have seen your goods and I want to lick your pussy in front of my boyfriend and I know he would like to see those pink pussy lips of yours first hand and not in some movie on a computer screen. Looking at Joan with a small bead of sweat on her temple I lean back over and whisper in her ear this time using my left hand I squeeze down on her left tit hard letting her know that this is truly real, as this is going to happen right here in our church. Now, no one below could see us with a wall in front us, so Sue slides down onto the floor and does a short crawl in front Mrs Johnson, were Sue begins pushing Joan’s dress up and her legs out. Just as we think we would see what color panties Mrs Johnson has on, we found out that she has a bald, clean shaven black pussy with pink lips and she is already somewhat excited. Whispering to Joan I said, I can see why my mother loves to eat your pussy just by its looks and according to the many movies I have seen of you and the close up photos, that everyone enjoys your tasty pussy. Sue begins licking that gorgeous chocolate pussy, I hear Joan starting to moan some, than putting her hands on top of Sue’s head to steady herself. Sue ramps up her oral treatment of Joan. With hush voice now I said, I would love if tonight you come over to my house and fuck me while Sue watches those pussy lips of yours rap around my white cock, yes? Do you want to see my fuck stick Mrs Johnson? Holding back as much as she can of her moaning while Sue starts in with her fingers digging deep into Mrs Johnson very wet pussy, back and forth, Sue is just hitting as hard as she can Mrs Johnson’s pussy as she knows it’s what she likes done to her from the few movies Sue has seen of her. Mrs Johnson gives me a quick nod yes to my question and looking at her lips trembling as she is on the verge of a good orgasm, I say to her, I need you to say it, John show me your white cock that I will be fucking tonight. Just as she finished saying that the people below standup and began singing a hymn loudly, I take my hard cock out and start stroking it right next to her. I slide away just a little, I grab the back of Joan’s head and pull her down on to my cock telling her to suck me off while my girlfriend does you. A little resistance from Joan saying we can’t not in the house of the Lord, I should not suck a young boys dick. I continued to pull Joan’s head further down onto my cock where, as her soft black lips touch the tip of my dick I say only, open your mouth Mrs Johnson and suck my white cock. Knowing that phase from the movies breaks down Joan’s barriers no matter where she was at. Knowing she is a submissive slut all anyone has to do really is tell her what to do. She opens her mouth and gives great head while I watch and listen to today’s sermon. After thirty minutes sucking each other off up there in the balcony, first Sue sucked Joan’s pussy while Joan sucked hard on my cock, than we switched and I sucked Joans pussy while Joan suck Sue’s white pink pussy. I was ready for more of Joan later that night were I told her as we got ourselves put back together that I want to use her ass tonight for some real good fun, so bring over some oils and lube tonight. As the sermon was over we all walked downstairs where we went our separate ways, Joan to her car and us to the secretary’s/Sue’s mother office to help in moving some boxes.

When we arrived Sue’s mom was not there yet and we began kissing, sharing the flavors of each of our own cum, it was a nice mix I was tasting from Sue’s lips. We broke apart our last kiss before Sue’s mom entered the room, I asked her if she would like to see me fuck her mother, bent over her desk? Sue smiling said, yes just as her mother entered the room causing us to separate a little. Sue’s mother maybe small, but she commands respect in her presence. While Sue’s mother walked behind her desk all I could think of now is how do I get her bent over this desk and bang the shit out of her in front of her daughter who just told me that she wants to watch me fuck her mother?

I was sitting there nodding my head in agreement to whatever she was asking of us to do thinking back to some of the early movies of her with my dad. She was even demanding than, they always did what she wanted, only she got to tell all of them what they could and could not do, until in one of the movies we see dad go right up to her and slap her face hard, it was so hard that it knocked her down. Than dad just told her in a normal voice to suck his cock or leave, he had enough of the bitches demands and told her so. Without another word from her in that movie she sucked my dad’s dick until he came. Not only did she swallow some of his cum which until than she would only let him shoot onto her tits, him or anyone else in their group. That time she swallowed all except dad’s last two releases. Hitting her forehead and right cheek. My dad when he finished grabbed Sue’s mother’s chin forcing her to look him In the eyes and he asked, are you going to be a good slut now and do as you are told? She just nodded her head at first, then dad slapped her hard again asking the same question. This time she responded with a verbal answer of humbly saying yes. Dad released her and walked off scene leaving her there. So she needs to be dominated in order to be fucked that way and I am not sure I have the balls yet to do that I’m thinking. Sue’s mother asked if we had any questions? I look over at Sue as she shakes her head no and we started to leave to do whatever we are going to do.

We get to the basement where we are met by Sandy Conner our Minister’s wife. Now for an older lady she was good looking, mid fifties, slim build with black hair that went down to her small flat ass. She has one of those asses you just want to spank. Her tits had some work done a few years ago, it was the talk of the town when she came back to church that Sunday. It was not if she got triple E tits or anything, they were close to D cup without seeing her bra size, but they were firm you could tell as when she walked they did not move much, like some of the ladies in our church do.

She was there to help direct us which boxes to move where and Sue was going to label them as we went along. Looking at Sandy, she had on a nice blue dress that showed maybe more cleavage than her other dresses and it was maybe a little shorter as it hanged about halfway down her thighs, she was wearing stocking with 4” spiked heels, like the ones you see women wear when they are going out on a date and her face seemed to have a little more makeup than she normally wears to church. Her hair though is tied back off her face giving her an angelic look as the sun light hits her through the basement windows.

Sandy is over on the other side of the basement counting the last box contents and Sue is next to me relaxing, drinking some water. Just as she was about to take another slip I whispered out loud, I like to see what kind of slut Sandy is. Sue stops her moment of drinking the water and looks at me asking, do you want to fuck every woman you see? No, not everyone, just some of them and I want to fuck her while she licks your pretty little pussy. Sue smiling looks back over at Mrs Conner and starts to look closer to what she is wearing and then it hits her, whisper back to me she said that woman there is heading for a date and it is not with her husband. Nodding my head, I said, I think you are right. So how do we get her to fuck us, asking Sue?

Sue snaps her fingers knowing just what to do and all she said is that Mrs Conner is a watcher, a person who would need to see something before she can commit to anything, so just follow my lead and what ever you do, do not speak a word, understand? Nodding my head yes, still not knowing what just happened, we head over to where Sandy is counting the last box contents. By the time we walked over to Mrs Conner, Sue had unbuttoned the top four buttons on her dress, showing off her assists. Sue asked straight up, Mrs Conner who are you going to meet up with later? Sandy still counting, looking into the box said no one. Now, now Sue says, your dress, shoes and makeup says something different. No my husband is taking me out to dinner later that’s all, as Sandy becomes a little nervous with the questions Sue is asking. Standing behind Sue having a raging hard on poking Sue’s ass with it slowly. Sue grabs my right hand and brings it around and pushes it inside her dress. I scope up her left tit and slowly start squeezing and playing with Sue’s nipple. Sue let’s out a soft moan of pleasure, which brings Sandy’s eyes towards Sue. Sandy seeing my hand inside Sue’s dress messaging her tit says nothing, just standing there now watching as I play with Sue’s breast. Following instructions to say nothing, I take my left hand and slide it under Sue’s dress, which caused Sue to lean back onto my chest. Sue pulls up her dress with her right hand knowing that she is not wearing any panties shows Mrs Conner her bald pussy and my hand now rubbing her puffy pussy lips as she is getting more excited with all that is happening. Sue says to Sandy you like my pussy Mrs Conner? Sandy watching closely as my hands play with Sue’s pussy and tits. Sue looking at Sandy tells her to take off that dress for me, I want to see those breasts of yours. Mrs Conner shaking her head as if coming out of a foggy thought asked what did you say Sue? Sue replies a little louder strip, now! Putting the clipboard down Sandy moves over to a desk in the corner and unzips her dress, dropping it on the floor she stands there in matching black g-string panties and a very lacy black bra. Sue breaks away from me and goes over to Mrs Conner, taking her right hand Sue cups Sandy’s pussy, squeezing it causing Sandy to moan out loud. Sue looks back at me saying this slut is already wet and ready to be fucked. Moving over to where they are in the corner, Sue spins Mrs Conner around bending her over the desk and started spanking her hard, but slow asking Mrs Conner to count out these slaps. One Sandy says out loud. Sue asked, you like to watch don’t you? Sandy speaks softly that Sue nor I could here. Sue slaps Sandy’s ass again asking the same question, but telling her to speak up. Two. Yes I like to watch people have sex. I moved to the other side of Mrs Conner rubbing her ass where Sue slapped, tell Mrs Conner what a nice ass she has while messaging her ass. Sue nodding to me to move my hand as she slaps again Sandy’s other ass cheek. Did you like watching my boyfriend play with my pussy, Mrs Conner? Sandy moans louder this time, than says three, yes I enjoyed him playing with your body. Slap. Four, slap, five. Mrs Conner I am going to remove these nice panties you have on and I’m going to wear them as a reminder of my boyfriend fucking you over this desk. Seeing Sandy’s trimmed pussy I unzipped my slacks and released my cock from it cage. Pointing to what I believe is a very wet pussy, I move closer, holding onto my cock I rub it slowly up and down Sandy’s love channel lips. Lining up I pushed 3” in and I hold, given Mrs Conner the minister’s wife’s pussy sometime to adjust to my cock. Sandy moans out with passion as I pull back and slam forward another 4” in. With nearly my whole cock inserted in her pussy. I lean over to Sue giving her a tender kiss on her lips, I lean back to Sandy while looking at Sue I say, Sue get in front of Sandy so she can have your pussy to scream into as I am going to fuck her to heaven. Not 10 seconds had past before I see Mrs Conner licking and sucking Sue’s ass and pussy. Sue brushing Sandy’s hair out the way, smiling asking is her pussy as good as you hoped John? Surprisingly tight as if she never has had a large cock in her before. Letting her head come up some, Sandy mentions that no one has been as big as you John, please fuck me to heaven and I will be yours until the day you throw me away. Sue pulls Sandy’s head back down to her pussy telling her to suck my clit whore. I then start my hammering, grabbing Sandy’s hips I don’t let up for a second, for the next 6 or 7 minutes I slam into her as hard and as fast never letting up as Sandy cums over and over again, screaming into Sue’s pussy each time she orgasms. I lean down over Sandy’s back as she finishes coming hard one more time. I whisper in her ear, loud enough for Sue to hear. I said, I have not fucked an ass yet do you want to be my first? I stand back up looking at Sue for her ok as she begins spraying her flavored pussy water into Sandy’s mouth. I continue to slowly fuck Mrs Conner as I wait for Sue to finish her orgasmic cum spray all over Sandy’s face. Almost a minute passed when Sue opened her eyes shaking her head no. I took my middle finger wetting with my mouth, moving in slow motion I begin to message Mrs Conner’s rosebud, smiling I shove my cock and finger hard into Mrs Conner telling her I’m cuming slut, take my seed like the good Lord says to keep your man’s seed warm. Pumping a few more times I start covering Sandy’s pussy walls with my cum as the last few shots I have left, I pulled out of her pussy and I eject my sperm over her red spanked ass. Pulling Sandy’s hair up, Sue tells her to clean her boyfriends cock before we leave. Sue pushing Mrs Conner’s head away from her pussy, giving Sandy room to turn around and lower herself to her knees, Mrs Conner begins sucking, licking and overall cleaning my cock, while Sue watches. Once Sandy is finished cleaning my dick and we have our close back on, Sue tells Sandy from now on you will only be fucked by my boyfriend or both of us. They exchange numbers than Sue and I head back to her mother’s office. Where we find Sue’s mother with her dildo stuffed up her cunt watching the security screen on her computer replaying the scene of us fucking Sandy hard and asking her if she wanted to be my first ass fuck. She see us watching her and pulls out her dildo and cums all over her chair and on the floor. I quickly closed the door and Sue without saying a word, goes over to her mother, gets on her knees and begins licking her mother’s pussy. I move closer too, watching my girlfriend lick and suck on her own mother’s pussy. Leaning back on her desk I ask, did you enjoy the show Mrs Waters? I slowly unzip my slacks, pushing them down to my thighs, are you thinking what I’m thinking Mrs Waters? That maybe, there is just a little flavor of Mrs Conner left on my cock for you to lick off, maybe? I stroke my dick slowly teasingly looking only now at Sue, watching her take her tongue and plunge it deep inside her mother’s pussy and slowly lick up just before her clit and then move back just enough so only her breath is touching that fantastic looking mom pussy. Trimmed down to a little heart shape that sits on top of her pelvic area. Sue using her fingers now to slowly penetrate her mom’s very excited and horny pussy, it’s as if she is stalling, she is working hard not to go all out fucking her, but why? Oh shit as I snap my fingers, I know way now and I’m not seeing that happening again today, my balls are already drained and I want more then a quickly with Sue’s mother. I pull my slacks up, zip back up, and fix my belt while moving over to the couch. What’s wrong, Mrs Waters asked? Nothing ma, it is that your husband will be here soon and well, Sue and I would enjoy a few hours with you alone, well to be honest when I saw Sue slowly sucking that great looking pussy of yours, it hit me, she knows that her dad will be here any moment and would like to have him join in, maybe he would be the front guy placing his small dick in your soft, full lips of yours, while I slam my python cock in your pussy to start with all the while Sue there gets your ass lubed and stretched out for me to fuck. Just so you know Mrs Waters your little girl there likes to watch me fuck women in the ass and most of the time they are dry fucks too. Do you like to be dry fucked in the ass Mrs Waters? She screams out NO just when both of her hands reach behind her daughter’s head, holding her tight against her clit while she explodes a good orgasm all over Sue’s face. Drinking as much as she can, but still having it go down her dress, soaking her skin by the time Mrs Waters finishes she seems exhausted. Arms just hanging there by her side while rocking side to side in the chair. Sue gets off her knees and comes sits next to me asking, what’s wrong with my dad that he could not join in? Turning slightly I lean into Sue and start slowly licking her face of her mother’s juices. Kissing Sue so softly that a breath of air could have passed between our lips. I continued for a couple of minutes enjoying the drink of Mrs Waters when I spoke again to Sue. It’s not your dad, it’s me I need some rest and time to reload some before we jump in fucking another person, even if it is that gorgeous mom of yours sitting there smiling as if she had just gone to heaven. It seems, while I was looking at Betty that Sue is gotten a whole lot better at eat cunt recently to have effected her own mother that much, or it was just a dream of her mother’s that had finally come true.

While walking out to the car where Sue’s dad was waiting on us. Sue stopped for a moment and looking at her mom said, mom I am going to spend the night at John’s house and seeing there is no school tomorrow due to the parent teacher conference I don’t see why not. Mrs Waters takes a minute to think about this and than agrees on the sleepover, but just one thing. What’s that mother, Sue Asked? I would like to see some movies of you two fucking. I said that would not be a problem as we will have both cell phones filming us and if we are in the right mind we may FaceTime you while as you put it fucking. Taking Sue’s hand leading the, over to the car and Sue’s mother smiling more which was kind of weird to see her do.

It takes almost thirty minutes to get to my house where Sue’s parents dropped us off and going inside found the house empty. Heading into the kitchen for food and drinks I see a note on the table addressed to me with my mother’s handwriting. Sitting down I open the letter.

It said;

Dear Junior,

Your father and I have to drive out to see your dad’s sister Aunt Beth. She is not feeling well and we expect that we won’t be back to next Saturday. I left you an envelope on the table you will find some cash and a credit card with the information needed to use it. Please no guests while we are away. Also, I asked Mrs Johnson to stop by later to check on you to see if you are ok and if you need anything.

Love Mom

Sue looking over my should, nice, Mrs Johnson coming over with an excuse now. Unless she already told her husband why she is coming over for real. Speaking out loud, I wonder what is wrong with my Aunt that they would have to stay there a whole week? Well Sue says, I’m not sure but, we could order a couple of pizzas, strip off all our clothes and binge watch that show all the kids are raving about in school. Cool I said, as I we went to call for pizza and change out of our clothes I had to asked, was that your first time licking your mom’s pussy? Nodding her head yes as she takes off her wet clothes. Sue went on to say, after seeing her in all those movies of her, out of all the women, I knew my mother was the one I wanted most of all. I swore if I ever got the chance to do my mom I would take and yes I was going slow so that my dad could join in to as I really want to be more like my parents I think. I want to try at least once two dicks or more, I don’t know, maybe. This, want we have right now, is so good. I don’t want to lose any of it but, do you know what you would do if you see another dick in me? Would you get jealous? Would you leave me, would you tell others what a whore I am at school? Sue opening up like this is good for me to hear. I take two steps over to Sue and rap my arms around her so tight, inhaling her sent as well as her mother pussy smell, which of course gets me a little excited remembering Sue licking her mother’s pussy just a little while ago. Now, I have to picture another boy(s)/man(s) fucking her. What do I feel about that? Sue has been there from the start, but it has always been my dick only in the mix. Do I want to see her sucking on another cock in front of me or worst she goes behind my back and than tells me how much she liked being fucked by someone else? I push Sue back so I can see her eyes, those gorgeous clear blue eyes of hers. I say I don’t know right now how I feel about having another dick in the mix. I can picture it some and I don’t seem to mind to much as it is with your parents that we try that with, or mine really, I think I could handle that. Right now though to be honest as we said we were going to be I don’t want that yet. Sue looking back at me asked, what about the Johnsons their son is back at college and it is just those two right now and Mrs Johnson is already coming over? Well his dick is almost as big as mine and so it might be a lot for your first time with two cocks? Also there is something wrong happening with those two. Remember what Mrs Johnson said at church this morning about not getting anything for the past six weeks and I remembered that the movies of those two together stopped about six weeks ago too. Sue nodding her head agreeing with me just said we need to ask her about that when she comes over. Just then the door bell rings. We both grabbing robes head to the front door and before we open it we see it is a guy delivery boy. Taking Sue’s robe off her I hand the cash to her saying get the pizzas. I open the door standing behind it while Sue stands there naked holding the cash out swinging her body just a little to make her tits swing side to side. Sue speaks up after 30 seconds or so, seeing the guy has long enough time to checkout my girlfriend. Waking from a wet dream the boy is having says sorry miss, it’s just that you are so beautiful I got lost for a moment. Taking the money and handing over the pizzas, Sue steps back one and closes the door. Speed walking to the kitchen Sue yelling out fuck me now, I need to be fucked good by my good looking boyfriend. Without a word I disrobe showing my hard cock into a surprisingly very wet and welcoming pussy. All 9” goes in without pause, grabbing Sue’s breast I hang onto these and pounding her pussy for the next ten minutes. I could not stop thinking about the boy checking out Sue’s body, and thinking what it would be like to see her on her knees sucking his cock as a hungry cock slut, like my mother is. Hearing Sue moan, saying fuck oh fuck me John, I fucking need your cock so much right now, oh yes John that’s it keep fucking me hard, as I’m a naughty cunt thinking, how good it would be if that boy licked my pussy or better yet you fucking me like this and he was pushing his manhood down my throat, making me gag hard as his dick goes down my throat when you are pushing me to go down more and more on his dick. Fuck, I feel it coming John, oh fuck me, yes fuck me. I pound harder and harder into Sue’s pussy as she tells me these thing about the boy just a moment ago took in the sight of my naked girlfriend. Just as I feel Sue’s love tunnel squeezing my cock the hardest I have ever felt before I push back hard all the way inside Sue’s yelling what a cock whore I have as a girlfriend, I grab her hair pulling her back whispering now, you cock whore that just wants to suck any boys dick that smiles at you don’t you slut? Sue nods once and I fire off my load after load deep inside her cunt canal while feeling these pussy muscles of hers squeezing every last drop of my cum she could milk out of me. Releasing her hair I look down at her ass and slap it hard yelling out this is my ass to have and no ones else’s. I want to get plates as Sue is rubbing her sore ass asking so no second dick than? Not yet, but it does excite me to think about you sucking another cock or even getting fucked as I watch, but I am still a little nervous to try for real for now. I ask Sue with the plates in hand, do you mine waiting? Sue smiling at me, no silly if we are to be open and happy about all this then we each have to respect the others wishes as I love watching you fuck other women and if you have not noticed, I like other women. So for now we keep our sexual adventures to only one dick at a time. Now never ever slap my ass that hard again, that hurt a lot. Sorry, I said, as I started to slowly rub that hurt ass, leaning down and giving her a very passionate kiss.

After eating a few slices of pizza we went over the the family room to watch some tv. I don’t think we lasted more the ten minutes before we both were asleep. Waking up I hear this ringing sound in my head, ring, ring, ring. Oh shit without thinking I rush over to the front door, opening it, I see Mrs Johnson standing there in her house coat with a bottle of wine in her left hand. Mrs Johnson why are you here? With her smile lowered some with disappointment now, she said, you asked me over this morning at church for a good night fuck, don’t you remember? Slapping my forehead I stepped aside inviting Mrs Johnson in and apologizing as I am still somewhat a sleep. Sue and I must have fallen asleep watching some movie. Going into the family room were Sue is now sitting up and has her robe on but open, asked Mrs Johnson as we entered the room how she was doing since this morning. Mrs Johnson smiling again seeing Sue sitting there handed me the wine, telling me to go fill some glasses, then she undid her robe letting it fall to the floor. Betty standing there in a white fancy lace matching bra and panties almost as if she was modeling the outfit for us. Giving the display in front of me, I gave her a wolf whistle and headed into the kitchen to pore a couple of glasses of wine. Coming back into the room Mrs Johnson already has her full black lips on my girlfriends soft fucked pussy lips, softly licking up to her clit. Sitting the two classes on the coffee table I head over to the big recliner to get comfortable and watch the show.

I slowly started to stroke my cock as I watched the two have more than just sex. Joan had that same look this morning as if she was reliving a beautiful dream that she can feel and lick and poke. Moaning, Sue pets the top of Joan’s soft long black hair and speaking softly which I could not hear, I could only assume it was letting Joan know how she felt with those lips and her tongue pleasuring my girlfriend’s twat. Watching and looking at Mrs Johnson’s body more closely as she pleasures Sue. Lying their, I know she is kind of tall 6’2”, as her legs are bent under her, but what legs they are. She is still athletic, she runs most morning in the neighborhood and goes to the gym, I have seen her in her yoga pants many times and I would use those images as spanking material all those morning waking up with a woody needing some release. Seeing Joan’s ass sticking up there waving just a little as she gets lost in the pleasure of sucking on Sue’s pussy, humming something I don’t know, it is beautiful to hear none the less. How does she keep her stomach so tight, maybe a little crunches or sex maybe, either way it is nice to view. For a tall black woman I thought she would have larger breasts. Incased at the moment in that white laced bra the prefect size in my opinion soft but firm C cup tits that one can squeeze softly or hard to ones own pleasure or hers as I found out this morning at church. Her long neck so exposed to nipping, I almost hate to see that at the moment no one is, so I asked Sue, could you stroke Joan’s neck for me slowly, please? With my request Sue moves Joan’s hair over and out of the way and begins sliding her fingers gently across Joan’s neck, shoulders and top portion of her back as she continues to moan and wiggle some now as I see Joan is fingering her pussy a little harder. Joan playing with Sue’s right tit, squeezing her nipple gentle, twisting, pulling softly over and over again she seems to have a pattern to her tit play. Sue gently touching Joan’s neck and shoulder with one hand is playing with Joan’s tits with her other, but she is more aggressive, pulling her tit by the nipple out as far as she can before it rips off, squeezing hard, pinching her nipple flat as if in a press. I see Sue now as her head flys back, eyes closed, mouth open nothing coming out, chest flying up and down, her left leg now rapped behind Joan’s head pinning her to her pussy. 10 seconds maybe more I watched as Sue begins to have such an orgasm to all orgasms she has had. Than Sue yells out I’m cuming John, I’m cuming. I see a tear roll out her right eye as she cums, spraying Joan in the face, Joan drinking what she could, but not slowing down her assault on Sue’s pussy. Sue screaming out, oh fuck yes, yes ,yes, oh fuck me this is the best I have ever had. Sue continues to enjoy her orgasm, I get up and go over there, kneeling next to her I grab her hand and lean in for a kiss, it was passionate and loving and sweet, so many emotions ran through me at that moment of her orgasm I was falling head over heels in love with Sue that very moment it hit me, which caused me to release tears from my eyes as I released Sue from our kiss I spoke only three words, “I Love You”. Sue coming down from a heavenly orgasm released me from her embrace, letting me know she is going to eat Mrs Johnson’s pussy for me. Shaking my head no, I said, looking into Sue’s eyes, not yet please, I have some questions I would like to ask. Could I not lick her while you ask your questions? No, I thought we could move this, get to gather, to the bedroom shortly after I ask. It’s important to me and to some extent to you too. Sue nodding her head and exhaling a huff she sits up more as I head back over to the recliner and take a sit. Sitting down Sue moved closer over to Joan and begin to play a little with Joan’s body, stroking her stomach, legs and breast, while they both sipped their wine.

Looking at this black goddess I asked, what happened six weeks ago that you and your husband no longer come over for the orgies with my parents or Sue’s?

Joan lowers her hand after taking a sip of wine. Joan said, your father called us the N word while I was sucking his cock and my husband was fucking Sue’s mother. It was just the four of us that night over at my house. We were all role playing different people that night, but when your dad said that word, James lost it bad, he pulled out of Sue’s mother’s pussy so fast and started screaming at John to get the fuck out of my house. He was throwing clothes at your father, pushing him to hurry up and get out now. It was bad, real bad that night. Your father of coarse apologized a thousand time that night and days that followed he did not want to lose James as a friend, but so nothing has helped to get James to let that night go. Now when your dad did use the N word, I was on my knees enjoying suck his cock like I have done hundreds of times, hearing him said that word lit my pussy on fire, I wanted to hear more of his new slave fantasy, was I a house slave for cooking or cleaning, did I work out in the field with my husband. All kinds of fantasies hit me at that moment, as no one has ever explored that with me and my husband before. Thinking about that, about that type of fantasy as I sit here telling you this story I don’t have that same fire running inside me, as I want that one to be with my husband some day. I want a white man to use me as a slave girl in front of my husband. Too really cockold him good. I would love it when the white slave owner would come in to the room wearing only a loincloth carrying a riding crop in his hand. I would be chained to the bed with clothes on and James tied to a chair that was secured so he could not move. Also I see in this fantasy of mine that James is ball gagged so he cannot speak. The white Master would slowly crawl over to me on the bed picking up a knife that was on the nightstand and starts cutting away my clothes, threatening me with death if I don’t do what he says. The Master would cut button after button off me, saying what a slut, whore and cunt I am. He would slap me for his pleasure as he continued to cut the old slave period outfit I had on. Just before he exposed my body he would lift up that loincloth he has on, straddling my face he would push that cock of his into my mouth holding his knife close to my eyes, saying, suck my cock slut while your lazy husband there watches. Now I know my husband can’t see this with the white Master over my face and his loincloth covers even more, I start licking slowly at first his small white dick to see if it gets any bigger? To my disappointment it did not get much bigger even when he pushed his dick into my mouth. I sucked hard enjoying this role playing though, moaning for more, saying out loud please Master do more to me, please. I make my Master cum for the first time in my mouth, which lets him go back to cutting my clothes off.

John, sorry but could you get us girls some more wine please? I will finish telling you two the rest of my fantasy as I do need to use the bathroom.

Returning with the wine I placed the glasses on the coffee table and with a soda in my hand I head back over to the recliner. Just thinking about Mrs Johnson’s fantasy is keeping my cock rock hard and I’m thinking if she does not finish soon I will need to cum, in, on, or over someone(s).

As the girls come back from the bathroom giggling they settle back down on the couch picking up their wine glasses, taking a sip Mrs Johnson continues.

There I am chained to the Master’s bed, spread open, my ankles and wrists chained to each bed post and there sitting not five feet from me is my husband, tears running down his face as our Master uses me as his pleasure toy. My Master using his skills with the knife continues to remove my clothes. After only cutting the buttons from the top of this dress I have on, he moved down to my waist and pussy. Cutting away all the fabric, he now has a good view of my hairy black pussy. My Master while twisting the knife in his hand, smiling saying, that is one great looking black slave pussy. While Joan is telling us her fantasy I see Sue start rubbing Joan’s pussy slowly and Joan opening her legs more for Sue to access better that partly covered black pussy I so much want to fuck. Joan continues telling her fantasy. The white Master looking at my husband, his slave, telling him that from now on, I am the only one who fucks this slave’s pussy. The Master grabs my cunt quickly and hard making me moan from that touch. Master just starts to finger fuck me while looking at my husband telling him how good it feels inside his wife’s black cunt. The velvety feeling of my walls as my Master continues to fuck me with now three of his fingers. Unable to hold back from the pleasure my white owner is giving me, I loudly moan yes more please Master, more. Moving my hips to get that extra pleasure my Master is giving me hoping beyond hope to have some release and just as I was about to cum, my Master lowered himself down to my puffy pink lips, lifting my little hood sucked hard on my clit and pressing even harder inside my leaking pussy g-spot. That caused me to shoot up in the air hard causing me great pain on my wrist and ankle, but I explode with such great force to the likes I have never cum before. Spraying hard at first in my Master’s face as he drinks my water, for more then a minute the Master has me cum all over on his face and me screaming asking him to stop, it was to much pleasure at once. Looking for my husband to help and not to help for I was never taken to such heights before that I feel guilty that my cockold husband sitting there watching crying not able to fight or help me. I turn my head back to my Master who is now taking his small dick and now looking at me says, this dick that I have will be your only cock from now on. With that statement he fucks me hard, ramming his cock into me, pulling my legs, hurting my ankles as the chains are still attached. Knowing men I know this will not last long and yes I was right the Master came two minutes later. I could feel his sperm spraying my womb, he is hoping to get me pregnant as I lay there in bliss. My Master gets up and leaves the room. After a minute of no talking I had to ask, what happened next? Taking a sip of wine and pushing Sue’s head down to her pussy telling Sue to start licking my pussy little one. Joan then looks back up to me as Sue begin licking and sucking Mrs Johnson’s black pussy. She says that he just leaves me there. I am his fuck toy in that fantasy and he can do what ever he wants to me. The Master could even bring over others to use my body if he so chooses too.

That is a fantasy I think I may one day do with you or someone as I watch Sue lick your pussy and me soft stroking my cock as I am ready to fuck you.

I get up and head over to the couch where the girls are. As I approach Sue lifts her head asking are we heading to the bedroom as I am so fucking horny after hearing such a fantasy like that I need to get fucked. Mrs Johnson getting up with Sue we all head back to the master bedroom. When we get there Joan heads over to the closet and pulls out a box, sitting it on the nightstand she pulls out a strap on, smiling at Sue, Joan says that she want to fuck her while her boyfriend fucks me. Snapping on a 7” rubber cock to the strap on, Joan pulls out a bottle of lube and start to apply some. Looking up at us Joan smiling said, this is both of your parents best sex position of all of them as I love to fuck women and I love to be fucked doggy style. Rubbing Sue’s pussy as Joan tells us some of the other things she does with our parents makes Sue even wetter and hornier, so much so that she yells out please just fuck me Mrs Johnson I can’t take this touching any longer. Sue jumps on the bed getting on all four, Joan next getting behind Sue adding just some lube on Sue pussy as she massages it. Slowly Mrs Johnson pushes foreword with her rubber cock, penetrating Sue’s pussy causing Sue to moan as she feels her first relieve of her sexual buildup. Sue dropping her head down onto the pillow looking towards the door as inch after inch of that rubber cock goes smoothly into Sue heated love cunt. Slapping Mrs Johnson ass making her jump a little and causing her cock to jump further into Sue making her scream out just a little fuuucccckkkk me that feels good. I whisper in Joan’s ear bending over my sexy slutty black slave. Whispering back Joan says Yes Master. It takes a few tries to get rhythm down as I fuck my black neighbor’s pussy slowly and she is wanting to fuck my girlfriend hard and fast. I grab some ass off of Joan and by my squeeze we get into a good fuck rhythm, I squeeze hard we move hard as I squeeze softer we slowed down. I was looking at Sue when she started to smile while she was staring out the whole time toward the bedroom door. For some reason, it may have been Sue’s smile or maybe a noise I heard, I turned my head towards the bedroom door and there standing in the doorway was Mr Johnson. Standing there with his clothes on the floor next to him stroking his cock while watching his wife fuck my girlfriend and me fucking his wife. First fight or flight hit me quick as I stopped fucking such a hot ass pussy. Than I saw him just standing there slowly stroking his dick, getting off watching us three fuck. Just out of thought as we three are still frozen in position, I raise my hand back and quickly and very hard slap Mrs Johnson’s ass as I yelled out get back to fucking my girlfriend, Slavvvvvvveeeee. Stretching out the word slave to make sure Mr Johnson understands what this fantasy role play we are having is going to be. I felt Joan’s pussy squeezing my cock while I pushed back into her, causing her to moan out, Yes Master, while looking over at her husband, Joan starts up with, yes Master please use my slave pussy for your own pleasure, oh God Master your dick is so much bigger than my cockold husband’s is. From now on I will only fuck you Master and no one else, that is, unless you tell to fuck them. Slapping Joan’s ass again yelling now, oh fuck my slave I can see it now, you there on your knees in the morning and me holding your head as I fuck those black lips of yours until I cum all over your beautiful face. Than telling you to have that husband of your clean it off later after I fuck this gorgeous black slave ass. Just as I said that I pull out of Joan’s pussy climb around in front of her, shoving my dick down her throat causing her to gag a little, still while she is fucking Sue I cum three strong, long, cum loads and just as I know I have a just a little left, I pull out of Joan’s soft mouth and lips and release two more loads of cum on her forehead and chin, smearing my seed all over Joan’s face. I then dismount the bed and head over to the chair in the other corner sitting down exhausted. I looked up and I see Mrs Johnson continues to fuck Sue, but Mr Johnson has moved over in front of Sue and is now inserting his cock into Sue’s mouth and Sue is now the one in the middle being used. Mr Johnson looking at his wife while gently fucking Sue’s mouth tells Joan, that he is sorry for everything. That he was wrong to make all what they have with their friends so personal about John using the N word, that he should have known it was just fantasy as we all were going off into other realms. The Johnsons lean into each other squeezing Sue in the middle making her take in more and more cock in both holes causing her to gag some as Mr. Johnson’s cock entered Sue’s throat and while that happened they started to kiss and make up with some small tears of joy. Breaking apart Mr Johnson took Sue’s head and held it firm like as he began to cum inside her mouth, as I just recently came in his wife’s mouth. When the dick that was occupied inside Sue’s mouth left, Sue screams out as she collapses her head down onto the pillow, fuck I came so many time I still feel like I am cuming. We’re all getting comfortable on the bed, me and James on the edge, the women in the middle, me next to Sue and Joan next to her husband. Just lying there enjoying what just happened. A few fantasies came true, well somewhat anyways, small steps as some would say. Me, having my girlfriend in my arms thinking, wow, I’m not being a jealous asshole at all right now, but I think for now that I would be ok with others enjoying Sue as I do, but with me being there to, I think? No solo runs just yet. I looked up at the ceiling, I asked all, who is hungry? With four hands in the air we all laughed and head down stairs naked where Mrs Johnson grabs Sue’s hand and they head into the kitchen, where I follow Mr Johnson into the family room.

James takes a seat in the recliner, I sit on the couch when Mrs Johnson came in with a beer for James and a can of soda for me. When Joan leaned down to hand me my drink I had to reach up and give her tits a gentle squeeze, saying, that I enjoy these very much. James after taking a drink of his beer and me still squeezing Joan’s titles, James asked if what I said earlier is a fact? Thinking I know what he was referring to, I asked two questions. Are you James, submissive enough to except that fact that your wife is my property to do with as I may? And Joan here to be your Master while in her home when you two are alone? James taking a larger drink now of his beer and than sitting it down, says this as he looks at me while I continue to fondle his wife’s breasts. I will as long as it excite me and does not trouble my sleep or work. Turning Joan around so she is facing James, I get off the couch and stand behind Joan having one hand around her front squeezing hard now her nipple asking, does my pinching your nipple like this my black slave feel good to you. Joan smiling at her husband says oh Master please pleasure yourself with my body as your pleasure is my pleasure and she than offers just a soft moan to show it does please her having her nipples pinched hard. Slapping Joan’s ass hard I say out loud to suck James cock before he has to leave us for the night as me and my girlfriend will be enjoying your company in our bed all night long. I then head into the kitchen to talk with Sue as Joan gets on her knees and gives James a blowjob. Entering the kitchen as I hear Joan slurping on James’s cock, I see Sue sitting at the kitchen table fingering herself as she heard everything that was said. So what do you think? How do we handle owning a slave woman who by all means can teach us everything we want to know and we have a week to learn it all too?

During that week Joan called the school letting them know that we came down with the flu and will be out. Both Sue and I used Joan as much as we could, but she used us too. We asked about the movies and how that all got started and are there others in the group besides the three couples. Joan mentioned she is part of two other groups, each having two couples and one group has their son joining us from time to time. We stayed naked as why bother getting dress really as one or the other person would just strip the clothes off anyways. Joan showed us how to do some cooking naked and what to avoid cooking when naked as well. It was one of my best weeks of my life. Friday night came around as the last night that we had as my parents would be coming home tomorrow and it seems they will be bringing my Aunt with them. After dinner we all headed up stairs for a full night of debauchery, as we had saved up all day, with all of us just teasing with soft touches, kisses, grab assing or texting what we wanted done to us tonight. With drinks in hand we three head upstairs. Watching Joan’s black beautiful ass swinging in front of me as well as Sue’s white gorgeous ass and not having sex all day, I was sporting one massive hard cock, looking forward to using it well tonight. Sue calls James on Joan’s cell phone and asked if he would like to watch his wife get fucked? James asked, now? Sue told James more of a command than a request said, James go to your bed, remove all your clothes and call this phone back when you are ready, you have three minutes or no one will answer this phone. Sue hangs up. We all start kissing and lightly touching each other as we waited for James to get ready, well let’s face it, Joan has a mild case of wanting her husband Cockolded and she enjoys the role of the slave. Sue though seems to enjoy the Master role or let’s say Mistress more than I do. Sue found my mother’s leather choker and a leash Wednesday morning and walked Mrs Johnson out to our back yard where James could see his wife through our connected fence gate door to each other’s homes which was put in last year. James stood there watching Joan next to Sue on all fours as Sue petted her head, letting James know what a good bitch she has been and what a good slave as well. Sue standing there naked in front of James as Sue went on telling James all the fun she has had with her new pet and was hoping she will get one of her own soon. James asked, getting what soon? Watching his wife start licking Sue’s pussy in front of him makes James dick grow some. Sue looking at James with a smile on her face told him I want my own slave, a male slave I think, that would please me and tell me bedtime stories, and play with me like John’s slave does for him. Sue moans out, that’s it my pet, lick my pussy good. Looking down at Joan as Joan looks up while licking Sue’s pussy, Sue asked is the dog next door, the one at this gate now, is he any good as a pet? Now, I am on the patio watching and hearing all this as I’m only 10 feet away, sitting there slowly stroking my cock. Joan stops licking Sue’s pussy and speaks, I don’t know Mistress, he does play well with other dogs though. Sue pushes Joan’s head back into her pussy, thinking as she looks at James who is now on all fours as he caught on to what was happening. Sue looking over shoulder with a face of, can I have a dog of my own too, kind of face. I said, for only a little while, so we can talk about it later tonight about getting you your own pet. Smiling, Sue looking down at James and Joan there, tells James to roll over, James rolls over on his back, his dick hard from watching his wife eat pussy in front of him for the passed Five minutes. Sue than straddles James and tells her pet to get her new male pet wet so she can fuck her dog. Joan moving around quickly starts sucking just a little bit on James’s cock to get it wet ready. Sue sitting up seeing that James’s cock is good enough tells my slave to insert her pet’s dick into Sue’s pussy. Sue slowly lowers herself onto James’s cock while Joan keeps it pointing up, moaning the whole way down, Sue yelling out, fuck it feels good, oh fuck me I need my own pet too John. Once Sue was fully down on James, Sue begins riding him hard and fast as she was already just as hyped as James was with all the story telling and Joan licking her pussy. I grab a bottle of lube off the table I had been using to stroke my dick and went over to where Sue is fucking James and Joan is helping herself by rubbing her pussy in James’s face while watching Sue fuck James. Pushing Sue foreword I get behind Sue and with a lubed finger, I push it in fast into Sue’s rosebud looking asshole. Sue grabs ahold of Joan and screams out moaning and taking in Joan’s left tit into her mouth and started sucking hard all at once as Sue moved so quickly. James not really knowing what is going on with the sudden change, but felt Sue’s pussy squeezing his cock tighter. In seconds I had another finger inside Sue as I lean in, I whispered into her ear, I want your ass now my love. Pushing Sue over more and with a short nod from her I pushed hard a third finger into that virgin ass of Sue’s. Pounding away with my hand as James lays there enjoying it all and understand now what is happening. Joan bends back as much as she can as Sue bends forward more so that I can get in behind Sue with my steel hard cock all lubed up I push slowly for the first time into the ass of my girlfriend while she is being fucked by my Black neighbor and his wife’s pussy is now in Sue face for her to lick. By the time I get to the bottom Sue is screaming out I’m cuming, I’m fucking cuming. I pick up the pace some as I just got started. Not more then two minutes goes by when James speaks out, oh god I’m going to shoot my load now, fuck me this is too fucking good. Just than I see Joan spraying Sue’s face with her explosive orgasm, one long spray as Sue’s mouth stays open drinking all she can and me in the back pounding away hard now as the other three are releasing all their cum. With such a tight ass, I did not last long either and fired my hot loads right down that dark sweet tunnel of Sue’s ass. My cock along with James’s dick reducing some in size are slowly pushed out of Sue’s body. We’re all lying there exhausted and fulfilled in some strange ways. I get up with the help of Joan and together we carry Sue into the house and lay her on the couch to recover. James got up and went back into his home to sleep. I looked at Joan with her collar on and the attached leash. I looked down at Sue as she fall asleep there on the couch, I grab the leash and tell my pet to come, like I would any pet on a leash. Following me on all fours again, I headed towards the master bathroom where there is a walk-in shower. Getting the shower going I get down on my knees next to Joan and unhook the leash and take the collar off. Looking toward Joan’s sweet black ass I start to rub it softly saying that one day soon I would like to be the man behind you fucking your gorgeous ass. I slip in my middle finger, probing inside just a little causing Joan to release a soft moan with her eyes closed thinking of just that. Breaking the mood just oh so little I lift her up onto her feet and we walk into the shower. With Joan wet from head to toe now, I grab ahold of the sponge and body soap and start to message/wash Joan’s body slowly, taking care of some areas better than others, but no complaints from Joan. Washing Joan off she does me the same with the same loving care saying, over the last few days you and Sue have let me be what ever I wanted or what you or Sue for that matter wanted from me. You two have fulfilled a number of my fantasies which is saying a lot considering the life I have. You two are more than lovers too me more than just a neighbor or a friend. I don’t know what this, that we three have at this time, at this moment in our lives, but I can honestly say that I love the both of you with all my heart. After that I could not say anything to match or expand on what I was feeling for Joan, all I could do was take Joan in my arms tightly and whisper that I know what she is feeling and that I felt the same way and that I too loved her just as much. With that said in the shower we embraced with a very passionate kiss. Our tongues started dancing an ancient dance of love, one that only those who have felt that old hand of love could feel. Tears running down our faces, we release ourselves softly from such a hard embrace of arms rapped around our bodies as if our lives could go no further with each of us being inside the other. Pushing Joan against the wall hard this time as my passion for her has grown to a hotter level, taking my legs in between hers and lifting her left leg to rap around my waist I put my cock on the tip of her entrance to her love tunnel for the first time as a partner, lover, more than friends and no longer as a role player or a sex toy for either of us, this time it was more, much more and we both knew it was. Inch after inch as my dick goes further and further up into Joan’s love tunnel all I heard from Joan as she looked long and deep into my eyes as if saying without speaking, I love you, I love you John. With that look I leaned in and kiss Joan as my lover and partner now. We made love for the next 20 minutes in that shower in a few different positions. I was cuming in Joan’s mouth at the end, I said to her, as she was sucking my cum down her throat that I love you more than words could say. We did a quick wash and shut off the water and dried off each other and went back downstairs to check on Sue. She was still sleeping hard as we went out back with drinks this time to talk more.

I looked into Joan’s eyes holding her hand, I ask that we keep our, what ever this is between us, just between us for now. Joan shaking her head that morning agreeing that we have something special and she does not want to change anything, but would like to have some private moments from time to time if that is going to be even possible.

James called back just at the three minute Mark was up and with the cell phones on so that each can see the other we begin by Sue taking the phone and directing Joan and I.

My good Slave Joan, get my boyfriends dick hard so he can fuck me, Sue moving around giving James great angles of Joan sucking my cock and hearing Sue and I commenting on Joan, that’s it slave suck my dick, take it all in that gorgeous black mouth of yours. Sue grabbing Joan’s tits, pinching her nipples gently causing them to go stiff. Sue at times watching James stroke his dick while watching his wife suck the Master’s cock. For over three hours that night we all fucked each other all the while James just watched. Joan riding Sue’s face or me sucking on Joan’s pussy and fingering her ass as Sue rode Joan’s face it was a great night of sex with the three of us at the end when Sue had fallen asleep and James was watching this last part as Joan lying on her back and me on top slow fucking Joan’s pussy, kissing as lovers do. My hand on her ass squeezing softly as I pumped away harder and harder hoping above hope that we would cum at the same time this last time. For 15 minutes maybe we kissed and groped and slow fucked each other, I whisper softly that I feel my dick filling and is about to explode deep inside my love and just as I started I could feel the muscles of Joan’s pussy at that time squeezing my shift as it was the second time we made love. It was to much for me as I felt so much love into a few squeezes from Joan, I started to shed a tear of joy and as my last of my seed exited my body and entered hers I leaned into Joan and gave a very passionate French kiss. By the time we uncoupled the cell phone was off and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The following morning I wake up with Sue giving me a blowjob and Joan gone. Asking what happened to Joan and telling Sue how beautiful see looked sucking my cock. Sue pulls my dick out, telling me Joan left to go back home to her husband and that she will see us again later. Ok than, I need to have you my love, ride me one last time before my parents get home. After we both came Sue called her mother to come pick her up. Twenty minutes later Sue was gone and I was still naked working around the house as I cleaned up a little. It seems Joan would not let us just, let the house go to shit while she was there, so we kept it clean the whole week.

My parents pull up into the driveway as I open the front door, puzzled as I don’t see my Aunt with them. With bags in hand they make it into the house dropping them right there at my feet. Dad smiling at me asking if I would mined taking these upstairs. No of course not dad I said as I picked up what I could and after making a few trips up the stairs and placing their luggage on their bad I was a little beet. By the time I get into the family room both of them are nude and my mother is sucking dad cock in the recliner. I sit on the couch checking out moms ass as she sucks dad’s small dick, I ask when my eyes come up seeing my dad watching me as I was watching mom. I asked about Aunt Beth. Mom lifts her head and yells out BITCH and goes back down sucking dad’s dick again. I take it things did not go well there dad, last night? Well you could say that thing have change some because of what happened last night. Well we told you that Beth was sick, well that was a lie, we were going over there as we have for years now for a week and fuck, suck, role play everything we normally do when we visit. I have to ask dad, does Frank know about this week of play? Dad shaking his head no says that we visit when he goes on his conference week at his work. We don’t know when it will be each year so we kind of plan it as a last minute thing. We tell our bosses something each year and just head out, like we did this year. When we got there I started right off fucking my sister’s mouth as she gives the best head in the world and your mother can agree about that as she does oral like no one does. All week we are naked and fucking, eating, role playing, daring each other. This one time I dared your mother 100 dollar dare that she could not get the pizza guy or girl as we don’t know who will show up to ask for a blowjob. She had to mime it to the person who delivers the pizza, so no talking is allowed. The catch was your mother needed three tries to get that person to ask. Sure I said, the first night we ordered and it is a kid next door who delivers pizza on his bike for the neighborhood. So your mother is there naked as a jay bird on her knees with cash in her mouth and hands behind her back with Me standing behind the door so the kid can’t see me or my sister. I’m thinking oh shit this kid is going to run home screaming to his parents that his neighbors or naked or something. But when he sat the pizza box down next to your mother and slowly grabbed the cash from her mouth placing the cash in his pocket, he leaned down some and squeezed gently her breasts, than unzipped his pants pulling out a 6” semi hard cock and slide it into your mother’s mouth, telling her to suck his cock good if she wants to do it again in the future. I don’t know if your mother had that arranged or not as it was my sister who kind of egged me on to do it to her, to dare her that dare. To top that the kid lasted for over ten minutes as your mother sucked, licked and deep throated him. When we closed the door I just pushed her over while she was down there already on the floor and fucked her good. My sister just grabbed the food and took it into the kitchen and eat. Last night things happened that have never happened before. The kid knock on the door early yesterday afternoon asking if he could join us in whatever we had planned for the day. Nothing really as we normally just pack and get ready to leave. We have a good hard fuck later in the evening true, but he was there before we were truly ready, well me and your mother that is, my sister though was horny as fuck for that kid. So while we were packing around 7 last night, Beth and the kid were fucking hard in the front room. He was riding her like a wet rag when Frank came walking in catching her just as the kid shoved his cock right into her ass for the first time and she screams out, of fuck me kid that’s just too much cock. She must have had her eyes closed as the kid continued to pound her ass and she continued to love it. The kid fires off his load, slapping Beth’s ass telling her what a cum slut she is and when he is just about finished asked Beth why is your husband home and at the door looking to kill someone. All hell broke loose than, I came out getting Frank off the kid before he killed him. Beth running to the bedroom to hide, your mother tending to the kid, getting his clothes and getting him dressed and out the door as quickly as possible, before Frank got his gun out and shot someone. When things settled down, your mother and I loaded the car up and left, with reassurance that Frank would not do anything crazy. The next morning Beth called your mother tell her that, She and Frank had made up and seems Frank spilled the fact he was fucking the kids mother for the last few years while the kids dad was out of town on business and the kid seemed to take advantage of what happened and fuck Beth as payback. Now the four of them have a date later tonight as the kids dad is out of town and they want to have a foursome. Well that turned out ok I guess, I was kind of hoping to see Aunt Beth though? Any chance she still coming? Not for awhile, dad was guessing as he cums in mom’s mouth.

I headed upstairs after handing my dad my sketch pad as this is what I have been up to. I was exhausted from everything that happened that week.

Over the next few months me and Sue grew as a couple. The only other cock that Sue enjoyed was Mr Johnson, when we visited him after church, as we three continued to play up in the balcony, just the three of us, it is our place. Me and Sue for now have done nothing more with our parents other than watch them play. Sue I know has asked a few times that she would like to join the girls night at least, but I ask if she could hold off as I needed more time to except this life style we are on.

As I sit here, eyes closed, with my parents, Sue and her parents along with Joan and James as they all sing Happy Birthday too me. I can think of only one wish this year for me to have and to make my life better. I wish to live life, as life is to be lived. In the moment!

I complete my wish by blowing out each of my candles one by one until they are all out. Looking around I standup and I go over to kiss my girl Sue, than I moved over to my mother and kiss her slowly and with lots of passion. After her I slip my arms around Sue’s mother, leaning down I give her a lovers kiss. Then I turn around seeing Joan there with a hopeful smile, I walk over and as a gentle rap of my arms around her waist I push up on my toes some and press my lips to hers as one would do for a long lived lover could only do. Releasing my arms around Joan I step over to Sue again and smiling I lean down to her left ear and whisper, are you ready? Leaning back and looking deep into Sue’s eyes when she realizes what I am just said, Sue’s smile grows as I begin to undress her in front of everyone.

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