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Hi there! My name is Dworkin, I’m an engineer, but not just that. I’m trying my hand at screenwriting for our new games.

I love reading and, probably, have read more than thousands of various books. The desire to write came to me 10 years ago, yet first it was useless without ample life experience. Afterwards, I have read and heard lots of different life stories and known lots of people from all walks of life (those who earn from $1200 to $1000000 a year). Some of them belonged not to real life, but a virtual life – brought by 5 years of online gaming. In general, I believe that games are best to bring us closer. In the game, for example, I found my wife :-). There’s just one flaw: most of my friends were Russians, so my scripts will have a kind of national flavor. However, I have a German girlfriend, I think she can add a little spice to certain scenes of the game ;-).

I prefer sci-fi to other genres of literature. I even have a small sci-fi library at home: Heinlein, Harrison, Sheckley, Asimov, Zelazny and others, famous and not so much. If I’ll ever have my own house, I’ll make a library room with a rocking chair by the fireplace :-).

That’s why, I’m glad that our first big game will be about space, cyborgization, heroism, survival, science and, of course, some other things ;-). Our heroes will have to make many important decisions and live a small life in your mind and in your heart.

It’s my earnest hope that you will like the plot of our game and enjoy the gameplay a lot not only first time, but also second and third. We promise not to bore you ;-).

If you dislike something or want to add something, go ahead and criticize! We are newbies who need experience that you can give us.

Yours, Dworkin

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