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Revenge sex can be a lot of fun Deb’s friend and I got revenge for Deb cheating with her boyfriend.

Revenge sex with Cindy

This is a true story about how my girlfriends, friend Cindy and I had an affair in revenge for her cheating with Cindy’s boyfriend.I had forgotten about this as it happened 35 years ago and her name came up in conversation.

I have known Cindy for many years and was a good friend of my girlfriend . I also worked with her before I knew she was her friend,Although I never talked to her much at work I would often see her and marvel at her beauty. She was a pretty girl 25 yrs old,short curly brown hair,brown eyes, a slim body, a tight butt and small breasts. I always thought she was way out of my league until Deb(my girlfriend) met her at our work’s xmas party.After that she began to be a real good friend of ours and more often a girl I fantasized about.

Cindy would often come by to visit us ,then the two would go out and have some drinks. Deb said she was trying to find Cindy a boyfriend and soon she did, he was a friend of mine, Mike.For the next three years they were inseparable and spent a lot more time with us.They finally moved in together and all seemed to be going well and were happy.

As guys would do, Mike would comment on Cindy’s sexy body . He would also brag about how good she was in bed.He would tell me how she shaves her pussy and just how good she can suck a cock. Not wanting to be undone I would tell him just how good Deb was and how she swallows.It was getting to the point I would fantasize about Cindy even more.

My fantasies continued more after she was promoted to supervisor at work.I now had to work more closely with Cindy and some times I imagined having sex with her over her desk. She was always well dressed and her perfume would be so intoxicating when she would be near me.We started to spend lunch times together which would keep me aroused the rest of the day.

Usually on Friday nights the girls would go out and Mike and I would play cards at a friends house. On Saturdays we would often have a barbecue at our homes, we began to spend a lot of time together.Even though I often fantasize about Cindy I never figured it would happen.

Cindy informed me at work that we had to go to a meeting in Albany on Friday and that we were to leave on Thursday. Since she was my supervisor she made all the plans for hotel rooms ,thinking it would be better to go the night before.

I didn’t think much about Deb asking me throughout the week when I was leaving and when I would be home. She also didn’t say anything when I told her I would be going with Cindy.

It was a five hour drive to Albany and I was in heaven smelling Cindy’s perfume throughout the car,not to mention how sexy she was dressed. I did sense something was on her mind and after several times asking her what was bothering her she finally told me. I was shocked when she said that Mike was cheating on her,then she told me who he had cheated with

“ Mike didn’t play cards with you guys last week did he?” she said “and Deb went out as usual right”.She then told me that she had to work overtime and when she returned home Deb’s car was in their driveway.She said she had told Deb that she would have to work late so when she saw our car she became suspicious.

Cindy said she waited in her car down the street for almost an hour until she called Deb. She told her she was on her way home and asked if she still wanted to have a drink or two, but Deb declined. Deb claimed she was ill and was home in bed and would take a rain check on her offer.Ten minutes later she watched Deb leave, she then waited another ten minutes before she went in.

I asked her what she said to Mike and she said “nothing,he claimed he was also not feeling well. He was still in bed and acted differently when I tried to give him a kiss.”I fumed for the next few days then I decided I would just get even”.

She then told me to get off at the next exit”we are not going to Albany and there was no meeting”.She said “ I arranged for tomorrow off and I reserved a room at the casino”.I still couldn’t believe that Deb has been sleeping with Mike but when she said “revenge sex”, I agreed.

Inside the motel room we both sat on the bed ,you could feel the nervousness radiating between us.We both would look at each other yet neither one would say anything.Cindy put some music on the tv ,”so”she said “have you ever cheated on someone”.When I said no she agreed that she has never either,and leaned back on the bed.

I could see down her well proportioned body as she kicked her sandals off just how sexy she was.”I wonder how it all started with them”she said then looked at me for a reply. “I think Deb was the aggressor”I said “at least that was how she cornered me”. Cindy had propped herself up on her elbows “it might be my job”she said laying her legs flat and slightly spread “I have been working a lot of over time”.

Being able to see more of her cleavage I was beginning to get hard so I rolled over on my belly to face her. I thought it would slow my erection but instead it made it grow as I was able to see farther up her dress.”Come to think about it, Mike has been missing a lot lately at the poker games “ I said trying to keep eye contact with Cindy.

“So “she said again “what should we do ,should we confront them or just say screw it and have our own affair”. This time she spread her legs a little farther to where I could see that she had nothing on under her dress. I ran my hands along her stockings expecting her to change her mind but instead she whispered “lets just screw”.

It didn’t take long for us to stand up and get naked,and begin to kiss each other.We then fell back down onto the bed with me between her long legs.”I have thought about this for a long time”I said while rubbing my hands up her thighs.Her breasts look bigger from this angle,but I had my sights set on her shaved pussy.

“Oh so you are that kind of man”she said as I kissed her thighs then licked up between her moist lip’s.I only responded by sucking her thin lip’s deeper in my mouth while moving her legs wider.My tongue dipped farther inside her as she moaned and threw her head back”oh your good”she whispered . I looked up with my mouth still on her clit watching her expressions change . I watched her nipples begin to grow as she rolled and pinched them with her fingers. She was becoming wetter and her moans became longer and when I pulled my mouth away she grabbed my head. “Don’t stop “she said, taking a deep breath and moving my head back down “ I don’t get this at home very often”.

I went back to licking her slit and sucking on her clit watching her squirm when I slid two fingers easily inside her.I love eating pussy and hearing her moan but Deb doesn’t let me do her often. Deb would rather give me blow jobs especially when she comes home from a night on the town. Tasting Cindy’s juices in my mouth through several orgasms was a delight . I could have gone on longer but finally she stopped me by telling me to fuck her.

She pulled me up with by my arms kissing me until I pulled away and said “I don’t have a condom”.She smiled and said “shut up and fuck me ,we don’t need one”.I watched her eye’s widen when she felt my thick cock pressing against her pussy.She took a deep breath”go slow you are much bigger than Mike” then lowered her hands down on my hips.

“Oh damn you feel so good”she said before sucking on my neck,the deeper I went the harder she sucked.The longer we fucked the wetter she was getting ,with her hands gripping my ass even harder. My fantasy has come true and the last thing I wanted was to cum.

I felt her cum when a warm stream seeped out alongside my cock ,but just kept driving it in and out of her.If this was to be a one time fling I wanted to make it last, I wanted to make it the best she has ever had.Deb would have stopped me by now but Cindy just kept pushing her hips up into me. Her fingernails now were racking up and down my back and grabbed my shoulders when she came again.

“Cum for me “she finally said “god damn you feel good” extending the word good as more of her juices seeped out of her.She sucked my tongue in her mouth when I kissed her and started cumming.Her fingers dug into my back feeling my cock throb unloading my seed deep inside her.I could feel her pussy pulsating on my cock as if milking me dry.

When we finished and slowly came down from the best fuck I ever had she just smiled and said “wow”. We kissed waiting for my cock to slip out from inside her , neither of us regretting what we just experienced. “I don’t think we should confront them about their affair”Cindy said and smiled.”I think you are right” I said “I also hope that there will be more company meetings now too”.

I moved away giving each nipple a suck then moved lower kissing on her belly. Her hands stopped short from kissing on her bare mound”let’s get dressed”she said “I am hungry”.I gave her hands a kiss “room service “I asked she smiled “we have all night and most of the day tomorrow,let’s go down and eat”. I chuckled “I like to go down and eat” I said “I see that “she said as we sat up and got dressed.

During supper she was much more relaxed ,she told me the only oral sex she has is sucking Mikes dick. “He never goes down on me”she said and also said I was lucky Deb doesn’t let me do it to her. “I feel bad because Deb has been lying to me”she said “she has told me you are terrible in bed and have a tiny cock.Mike is not the only man she has cheated with,you might be surprised if you were to go oral on her”.

She took my hand and said, “ I just don’t know why she would say that about you,you are better than anyone I have slept with”. I told her that I don’t do oral with her because I don’t know who she has been with . I have no feelings or even want to have sex with her.”That’s probably why she says I am terrible in bed” I said

We finished our dinner and walked around the casino for a while then went and had a few drinks.Cindy and I sat there talking when the subject came around again about cheating. “They are cheating not us” I said “we are just getting even, and if it lasts longer than tonight well it will be fun for sure”.

I could see Cindy was thinking about what I just said ,then I said “I know she has cheated before. She apologized and I accepted her apology but I also told her three times and she is out”.Cindy just about choked on her drink then said “she should have been out a couple of times by now.I know, but I also didn’t forgive her so I am just waiting for her to feel so guilty enough to leave.Cindy finished her drink “let’s go back to the room and have some more fun”she said.

I got a bottle of wine from the bartender along with a couple of glasses and we walked with our arms around each other to the room.”Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me “she said then giggled. “If you get drunk on a bottle of wine I will kiss you and put you to sleep”I said pulling her close to me.”I promise I will not take advantage of you” she giggled again “damn “she said.

In the room I told her I would get some ice and be right back, when I returned she was in the bath ,telling me to join her.As I stood by the tub getting undressed I was admiring her beauty and commented how sexy she looked.”You’re quite handsome as well”she said looking down my body”and that is not tiny at all”then reached up .As her hand went under my semi hard cock she took a deep breath and said “Mike is considered tiny compared to this”.

She held onto my cock as I sat down in front of her and ran my hands up along her breasts then kissed her. One kiss led to another with each kiss slipping our tongues deeper in each other’s mouth.She had placed her legs over mine and while holding my cock she pulled herself closer.“This is nice “I said “it has been a long time since I have actually made love. Deb is just a whore to me, just another blow and go,I enjoy sex, and with you it is very enjoyable”I said while she stroked my cock.

Neither of us were in any hurry, we both were enjoying kissing and holding one another. With the warm water around us we felt passion growing as we held one another “this feels nice”Cindy said . She laid her head on my shoulder and sighed “no man has ever just held me like this. By now they would paw at my body or try to get me to suck their cock.It is all about foreplay “I said “I prefer to take my time and make sure you will be with me again”.

Cindy kissed me “I think I do “she said then moved up reaching for her glass of wine.With her chest in front of my face I took my chance to suck on her tiny nipples. I didn’t expect her to linger but she did. She placed her hand on my shoulder sipping her wine while I sucked her nipple farther in my mouth.Her hand slowly moved up the side of my head pressing her chest tighter .”Oh my god “ I heard her say then moved my head to her other nipple.

After a few minutes of enjoying me kiss and suck on her chest I slowly ran my hands up her thighs.Surprisingly she stood up and pushed her hips against me ,still sipping her wine while I kissed her bare mound.I had a hold of her hips, while my tongue licking up and down between her moist lips.Her fingers replace my nose that was rubbing on her clit then let out a satisfying moan.

After ten minutes or so of eating her out she placed her hand on my head moving it away”lets go to bed”she said.I was ready to fuck her but she had other ideas when we reached the bed and sat down. With one hand on my cock she handed me her wine glass,”hold this “she said then licked along my shaft.With both of her hands free now one held my cock while the other rolled my balls around.

“Oh that feels good “ I said looking down as she was looking up at me,she smiled and rubbed my cock against her cheek.She went from one cheek to the other slapping it against her face before sucking it into her mouth.I moved my hand carefully up behind her head as she bobbed back and forth on my cock.Past experiences I have found some girls don’t like a guy to do that so I took care not to pressure her.

If it were Deb I would have pushed her head hard making her take my cock deep in her throat. She liked that and wouldn’t pull away ,only gagging while her saliva would run down her chin,but she was a slut anyway.

Cindy was doing a nice job sucking me ,only taking half of me while jerking me as she sucked.Several times she would take her mouth away ,looking up at me with her mouth open . She was jerking me faster as if she was waiting for me to cum, I was close but didn’t want to send it down her throat. Maybe some other time I would feed her my cum but now I wanted to fuck her.

I moved back and lowered my head and began kissing her wet lips,tasting my pre-cum on her mouth. “I want to make love to you” I said moving her back farther on the bed.As she laid down I slipped my cock into her and began kissing her .She was ready and my cock slipped easily into her wet pussy.It didn’t take long and we were in a steady rhythm with both of us getting close to cumming.

Each time she threw her head back she would moan loudly,she would also cum while her fingers scratched along my back.I wasn’t going to last much longer although I tried my best to hang on.Feeling her juices increase and being pushed out on my balls I had to cum. She cried out yes several times when I said I was going to cum then had a big orgasm when I started.

We kissed all while shot after shot of my cum entered deep inside her already over-filled pussy.She was taking short breaths staring at me while my cock throbbed inside her,she then smiled .We stayed connected feeling our hearts beating against each other ,not saying anything until we recovered .

I knew I might be causing her some discomfort laying on her so I sat back and pulled her legs up to my chest. Not wanting my cock to slip out we talked for a while in that position.We both were enjoying the feel of our cum that pooled inside her.

We did finally uncouple and go to sleep cuddled together only restarting before breakfast. We did it several more times that day before making a decision to go home. She gave me a blow job even swallowed as we drove down the highway,chuckling as the drivers blew their horns in passing. Neither of us said anything about what we did or even that we knew about Mike and Deb’s affair.

After a summer long affair Cindy feeling guilty reconciled with Mike ,and Deb left me as guilt overwhelmed her. I did however was able to fulfill a fantasy of having sex with Cindy bent over her desk.

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