A Night Out with My Wife



My wife and I hadn’t gone out in a while. We finally had a sitter and a night to ourselves. We were headed to dinner, but of course out for drinks first. I couldn’t sit to get home from work and go out with my beautiful wife.

When I got home, I was quite happy to see that she was wearing that dress with a slit that goes way up too high. Her legs are amazing, but still she still wore panties just in case. I didn’t really like that she had panties on, but was happy to see that she had no bra. I could see a lot of cleavage, and basically her whole breast on each side. The little bit you couldn’t see could be easily imagined. Not just for me, but anyone who could see her.

We sat at the little wine bar. There were a few people around, maybe the place was half full. Several of those people noticed her of course, primarily men. A couple young men were clearly talking about her over in the corner. Nothing creepy, hopefully. Or maybe I would be okay with that too. I briefly imagined her going over and flirting with the two men and teasing them a bit. It’s not something she would probably do, but I like thinking about it.

I was wearing somewhat tight jeans, which might prove to be an issue as I was really enjoying looking at her and thinking about all the things I wanted her to do. But no one here really seemed to see me at all. I was ok with that. We got drinks, then she told me she needed to use the bathroom, and she went to the back to find it.

She was oblivious, but I stared at her every step as she walked away. I wasn’t the only one. Those two guys, plus another at the bar too. I enjoyed that. At the bar I was waiting for her, somewhat impatiently. I really wanted to be closer to her. I wanted to touch her. I was quite aroused from just watching her walk, and seeing the other eyes on her.

Finally she strutted back in, with a big smile on her face. She cozied up next to me. God, she is sexy. How is it that this is my wife? She looked up at me, then diverted her eyes down to her purse. I looked that way, and I could see her little panties inside. My mind was racing. She had no panties on now. Of course I liked that.

It was dark enough in here, I thought I could get away with a little bit. I ran my hand up her thigh. She slightly spread her legs, encouraging my touch. As I got near, I could feel the heat coming off of her. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one turned on. Maybe she had noticed everyone looking at her. Or maybe she just liked being nearly naked out in public.

She touched my neck, she kissed it softly. She whispered in my ear “I need you.” I was trying to be cool, but I was aroused beyond belief at this point. She probably could have talked me into anything.

We finished our drinks, and ordered another round. Again, she whispered in my ear “I need you to pleasure me”. I smiled, I said “later tonight.” She continued to get closer to me. She was touching me everywhere, somewhat subtly, casually, but getting bolder every second. Her left breast was nearly out now, and she didn’t seem to notice. I noticed, and so did the bartender. He pretended not to look, but I liked seeing him look at her.

Again, she whispered in my ear “Not later, now.” She grabbed my hand and stood up. I stood up awkwardly, trying to hide my growing excitement from the others at the bar. I glanced at the bartender, trying to indicate we would be back. She was pulling me towards the bathroom. Fortunately they were the private types of bathrooms, with a lock.

She pushed me into one. She kissed me hard, and pushed me up against the wall. She stepped back slightly and motioned for me to go to my knees. There was no way I was going to resist. She lifted her dress up, she put one leg over my shoulder. She pushed her very wet pussy onto my lips.

I tried to start slow. But I was so turned on, and she tasted so good. And she was so wet. I put my lips on her clit, and flicked at it with my tongue. Then I ran my tongue down, and slid it inside her. Her juices were already dripping off my chin. She grabbed my head and directed my mouth back to her clit. I again sucked on it lightly, then stopped and rolled my tongue around it. It didn’t take long. I could feel her orgasm quickly building. She seems to have no restraint tonight. She moaned quite loudly as she came. It was so loud that I was sure the whole bar heard.

I got up, and cleaned up a little. She was already composed as if nothing had happened. I started to unbuckle my pants. I really wanted to be inside her now. She stopped me. She whispered to me “Later, tonight” and headed out the bathroom door, back to the bar and our drinks. As soon as I composed myself, I hurried to rejoin her at the bar. While I wouldn’t have minded seeing other men flirt with her, at the moment I just wanted her attention on me.


It had taken me a bit longer to compose myself in the bathroom than I would have liked. I was still so worked up that I thought I would run inside, grab my wife’s hand, and get her out to the car to finish things. But when I got back to the bar, someone was sitting in my chair, next to my wife. From looking at my wife now, though still sexy, she seemed like she hadn’t just had me service her needs in the bathroom.

Sitting next to her was a woman, and a man was standing behind her. Honestly, I no longer remember their names, but let’s call her Allison and him Rob, for the purposes of recalling this story. My wife quickly introduced all of us, then went back to whatever she was discussing in-depth with Allison. As she did, I looked over them both. Our new friends were maybe a few years younger than us, but not terribly so. Allison was a cute petite blonde. She had a tight skirt on, not crazy short, and a little tank top. She wasn’t dressed as sexy as my wife was but she was still nice to look over. Rob, her husband, was my height, give or take, and had dark black hair. I sized him up, he was probably in a bit better shape than me, but not dramatically. From his button-down shirt and nice shoes, I figured he was probably in some sort of sales role. I complained silently to myself, I had little interest in talking to any salespeople at all – especially when what I wanted to do was finish things with my wife in the back seat of our car.

My wife turned around and grabbed my hand, and told me that the four of us were going a couple of doors down, to a martini bar and restaurant to try to get a table, and possibly do some dancing. The first part of that made sense, but dancing? That certainly wasn’t something I did. But I smiled and agreed. She quickly engaged again with Allison as we left for our short walk over there, and I was left behind to talk with Rob. I was trying to come up with some small talk when Rob pointed out the dress my wife was wearing. He commented on her legs and hinted about seeing her breasts practically fall out of the dress. Hearing this younger man with a hot wife of his own appreciate my wife was nice. I commented on how Allison looked in that skirt, and he smiled and nodded, but said he wished she would dress a bit sexier. When I said she looked pretty sexy to me, he said what he meant was sluttier, he wanted her to show off. That made me laugh a bit, and further eased the tension I was feeling. Clearly, we both liked showing off our wives.

When we got to the next place, as we were being seated, my wife and Allison headed off to the bathroom. Rob and I ordered drinks and proceeded to talk more about our wives. I started to wonder after a few minutes why they were gone so long, but Rob poked me and pointed to the dance floor. There was my wife, shaking her ass to some song I had never heard before. She was sliding her skirt up a bit, showing off her legs even more. She was face to face with Allison and strangely close to a woman she had just met. I noticed some other men watching them as well, and the two of us just sat back and enjoyed the show.

They had been dancing for a couple of songs now and deflected at least a couple of would-be suitors who tried to join them. They came back to the table to grab a drink, and suddenly my wife had a little grin. She asked Rob if we could borrow Allison for a minute. While that sounded kind of sexy I figured she meant something innocent. He agreed, and both of the women grabbed one of my hands, walking me towards the bathroom.

My wife pushed me into a private little bathroom, a little smaller than the previous place, but big enough. Allison followed us in. My wife sat up on the counter next to the sink and hiked her dress up. She motioned for me. Allison meanwhile was standing off to the side, watching. I wasn’t quite sure what I was being asked to do, so my wife grabbed me, pushing me to my knees. She told me she needed another orgasm. I wasn’t about to say no, but I was a little shocked at having the audience. I ran my hands up her thighs and followed up with my tongue. I could already smell her sex. She was soaked. I slid one finger inside her, then two. As I started to flick her clit with my tongue, I sensed movement in the room. Allison had moved over to be right beside her on the counter. Allison was watching us, well really she was watching her, not us, and had started to touch herself through her clothes. It wasn’t long before my wife started to do that little thing she does, where her body starts to tense before she comes. She grabbed my head, holding it in place, and cried out. She had what seemed like a shuttering orgasm, and then pushed my head away.

I stood up, unsure of what was next at this point. Allison, while still fully dressed, was still slowly rubbing herself through her skirt. My wife still had her dress pulled up around her waist, her beautiful pussy exposed. Allison was looking intently at her and told her she was sexy, and that she wanted to see more. That’s when my wife looked at me and said “Ok, Now”. She had been teasing me all night by telling me “Not yet”, so I wasn’t going to question her at this point.

I quickly pulled my jeans down. I was rock hard and ready. My wife just reached out her legs, wrapped them around my waist, and pulled me to her. She was as wet as I had ever seen and I slipped into her easily. As much as I would have liked to put on a good show, I knew I wouldn’t last long in this situation. So I focused on drawing myself all the way out of her and then slamming it back in. I love the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her, it’s one of my favorite things to see. Fortunately, it seemed like our voyeur friend liked this as well, as she had her skirt and panties pulled aside, and was furiously rubbing herself. I closed my eyes to concentrate, trying to hold off coming as long as I could.

I heard Allison now moaning, and opened my eyes to see what she was doing. She had a look of crazy lust on her face and was clearly in the middle of a good orgasm. That was all I could take and cried out as I made one last forward thrust into my wife. My wife grabbed me, pulled me out of her, and held my exploding cock in her hand as I shot all over her. That was something she had never done before.

Our collective afterglow was rudely interrupted by a loud knock on the door. My wife and our new friend burst into laughter at the interruption. The three of us scrambled to put our clothes back in order and clean up. When the three of us emerged from the bathroom, the ladies who had been knocking went from angry to amused. We quickly made our way back to the table where we found Rob, who had apparently run into another guy he knew. He shot us a big smile as we approached and made some joke about us being gone so long. I grabbed a beer and sat down, somewhat in disbelief at what had just happened. My wife looked at me and smiled, as she now sat down between Rob and his unintroduced friend. I wondered if the night was over or not.

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