101 Days of Lockdown



“It doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t need to. We both know what this is and what we both want. These are extenuating circumstances. As far as I’m concerned we’re not blood relatives, barely even related. We’re just an emergency fuck.”

WE ARE A HUNDRED AND one days into a weird sort of totalitarian lockdown. A hundred and one days without going out, seeing friends, going to school (never thought I’d miss that) or going to the shops. A hundred and one painfully long, boring days unable to do anything remotely normal, all because someone actively chose to scran a bat and introduce the world to novel coronavirus.

Thanks for that.

Well, that’s if you choose to believe that bullshit anyway. The only certainty about this whole weird alternative world we’ve found ourselves in is that however it started it has fucked it for the rest of us. We have to wear masks. We wash our hands a hundred times a day. I use hand sanitizer like my life depends on it. There’s a daily death report on the 5 o’clock news each night that we’re all absolutely glued to watching, to the point that it has become a rote part of daily life. A ‘new normal’ in a weird new world that George Orwell wrote about back in 1948 with an almost frightening degree of accuracy. Big Brother was indeed watching, albeit it he donned a ridiculous hairstyle and struggled to string a sentence together most of the time. Now this all could have come about because of a dodgy bat from an illegal food market in Wuhan, but it could also have been because some bright spark decided to experiment with strains of deadly diseases in a ‘secret’ biological facility, and one of them managed to infect themselves and it got out. If it were to come out that China (Chyyyna, if you’re a thumb with hair that managed to get elected President) had been secretly testing on the SARS virus all along I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

It’s 2020 after all…

The other certainty that’s become extremely apparent in all of this is that my stepsister, Tia, seems hell bent on making my life a living hell throughout lockdown…

Well at least it gives her something to do, I suppose.

Tia is fifteen. She has dark purple hair and she is in that ‘discovering herself’ phase. She is a couple of years younger than me and we’d never seen eye to eye at all. We don’t like each other. She’d come into mylifeyears before when my Dad married her Mum. He moved in to their house and I chose to live with Mum. I saw Dad on the weekends but rarely stayed. But, since the lockdown I have been uprooted because Mum is high-risk and is self-isolating, and so I came to live with Dad temporarily, which automatically puts me on the back foot. I’m stuck in a small three bedroom terraced house with the world’s strictest parents and a step-sister who hates me. This is her back yard. Naturally, a fifteen-year-old only child and a seventeen-year-old only child now forced to live together was never going to be easy. For the most part we ignore each other. Any argument I lose anyway so I find it best to stay out of the way. She screams even if she is at fault. Dad shouts at me irrespective just so that he can keep the peace with Julie. I’m a quick learner. Any fault is my fault in this place. We don’t get on so I keep to myself and stay out of her way… life is easier that way.


IT’S MONDAY AND I’M up early even though there’s fuck all for me to do, but I don’t get to use the bathroom for nearly ninety minutes because Tia is in there doing some sort of ‘beauty regime’ which is code for God knows what, and whenever I even think about knocking on the door to see how long she’ll be I get screeched at. It’s a warm and sticky morning and I’m woken by the sun peeking in through my blinds as if to tell me that I’d slept too long and that I need to get up. After all, I have a busy day of doing not very much ahead of me! At this point I’d probably spend the next half an hour stroking my rock-hard teenage wood that was currently pitching a tent in my shorts but I’m bursting for the toilet so it kills the mood.

The news today is about the ongoing lockdown and if they’re going to extend it. Infection cases are still on the rise even though everyone is meant to be under a ‘stay at home’ order and the consensus from the administration was that a further extension was needed in order to get the R number down and decrease the rate of infection. I try and make sense of it but I get bored of the stats and endless commentary so I switch off.

I head to the bathroom door and try and listen to what Tia is doing in there, but it’s just a mass of phone noise and the occasional buzz from either a razor or an applicator or whatever else she’s up to. I’m busting to use the bathroom but telling her that would only make her slow down so I stay quiet and I just wait on the fringes until I can’t take it anymore. Part of me just wants to burst in there but it’s not worth the inevitable backlash.

Eventually she surfaces, and I hear the door unlocking from the inside so I spring to attention and race to the door before anyone else can “just nip in” and take up another chunk of time I don’t have. Tia opens it in a world of her own and is taken aback at my presence, jumping startled and a weird shrill sort of noise escapes her lips. She’s only in her underwear and for a minute I’m taken aback too and we’re just sort of eying each other up.

She’s wearing a cute little white number and I’m in awe at how she looks. Her hair is tied into a tight, slick ponytail that bobs at the back of her head so her face is fully on show, her eyes sparkle with something but it’s masked behind the shock and panic. She’s wearing a white-laced bralette from Oh Polly!, which leaves nothing to the imagination. Her abs are defined and on show and she’s got a slender, lithe physique and a really voluptuous, tidy body. She’s a hardbody allright. She’s wearing a silky white thong with lace at the sides and it clings to her frame. The thong is tight against her and I can see the outline of her labia through the material. Her legs are a golden brown from the fake tan regime she does, and they seem to go on forever.

Fuck knows what she has doing in there but I can imagine and right now I am doing.

Through the lace’s bralette I can see her puffy nipples and her areolas and I feel myself stirring a bit in my pants. My morning wood is very much back. I’m topless because I’ve just got up and not yet showered and I’m wearing some baggy sweats, which is good because looking at her makes me growin my pants.

She regains some sort of composure and stammers, and she catches me eying her up. Her eyes are unreadable but from her expression mine really are not. She can read me like a book.

“Why are you staring at me, perv?”

That brings it back down to reality and I snap out of this trace.

“Don’t flatter yourself you selfish cunt,” I spit out, even taking myself aback at the venom in my tongue, and she’s visibly surprised at my vicious reaction. “You’re not the only one who lives here.”

“Fuck you.”

“You’re not even fit anyway,” I lie as she barges past me, covering herself a little too late and she slams her bedroom door behind her.

I go into the bathroom and close the door; a normal conversation to start the day.


It’s a warm morning anyway and now I’m sweating. I drop my pants and take a look at the erect cock that springs out. It’s just over seven inches, and pretty thick. It aches upon release and for a minute I just look at it trying to compose myself. She looked pretty fucking hot. I’m a little confused mentally because she’s my younger stepsister, but seeing her like that stirred things inside me. I was not expecting that. I try and compose myself and attempt to use the toilet but I fail miserably.

“Fuck,” I say again.

I play back what I’ve just seen and my cock swells to capacity. I’m sat on the toilet, thinking about my stepsister, nursing a throbbing hard on. It’s something I never thought would happen but here we are, we’re rolling with it. It’s intense being stuck within these four walls 24/7. No privacy. No escape. Gone are the days when I could go to the park and ogle at girls in their summer dresses and short skirts. My Dad is always walking into my room whenever he feels like it so trying to wank off in this environment is such a challenge that even when I do get the chance the moment is gone as there’s always that thing in the back of my mind telling me I’m going to get caught. People are always around. I’m seventeen. I need to release. And being stuck around the same three faces everyday is killing me. Tia and I never speak. I’ve never given her any consideration until now, but seeing her stood there in her underwear, the tightness of her body and the way her ass and cunt are packed into those panties… I find myself masturbating, my cock groaning out in appreciation at this uninterrupted ritual. I cum quickly and I cum hard. I have to stifle a groan because it comes so overwhelmingly I involuntarily start moaning out into the room.

Hormones are fully flowing now and I have no other means of release. Being stuck in the same confined space is difficult, and she may be a twat but she’s attractive and when Tia is walking around the house in just her panties things happen. It’s not like I have anyone else to stare at. Thinking about her tight little body gets me hard again. I play back seeing her labia through her thong. I think about what’s between those lips, if she’s clean-shaven or whether there’s a landing strip. I picture her pussy clean-shaven, wet and warm and then I’m playing with myself again. My hand strokes my shaft smoothly up and down, the tip of my head groaning to be inside of her. Jesus, I need to get out of this house. Suddenly needing the toilet is at the back of my mind as I stroke another one out thinking of my stepsister and her tight cunt. My groan is louder this time and I cum hard again.

The bathroom is next door to Tia’s bedroom and there’s a good chance she’s heard me but I don’t care. I finish and I jump in the shower to clean up. I try and think about what she was doing in here for so long but I can’t, my head is shot. I clean up and head back to my bedroom for a bit of privacy and to try and make some sort of sense of what had just happened.

Tia avoids me for the rest of the day but the image of her in the white lace stays with me for the foreseeable. I manage another quick wank in the afternoon thinking about her on my bed, legs spread and my tongue between her legs. I chalk it all down to being stuck in the same house as her for weeks on end, with nobody else to look at. Sure, I talk to mates and stuff but it’s not the same as physical face-to-face contact. I am safe in the knowledge that I won’t be the only one who has these sort of fantasies, and so long as I don’t go shouting about it from the rooftops then things will be fine.


IT’S 2AM A FEW days later and I’m watching porn in my room when everyone is asleep. I groan out as I run my fingers up and down my thick shaft and I’m mid tug when I’m disturbed by a creak outside my bedroom door. My pants are down by my ankles, cock being firmly tugged away whilst on the screen of my laptop a young girl is being given a perfunctory railing. I stop wanking and listen as the floorboard outside my room creaks again.

Someone was listening.

“Shit,” I stammer.

On the laptop the girl moans out loudly as she orgasms.

I stop, flustered, and scramble for the pause button. By the time I have managed to get my still erect cock shoved back into my shorts and reach the door, pitching a tent between my legs, whoever was outside has gone. I fling my door open fully, just in time to see the tail end of a door closing at the other side of the corridor.

I feel my face glowing with embarrassment.

“Fuck,” I say to myself. It was Tia. I approach her room but it’s silent inside and I retreat, face still glowing red. My room isn’t the most private. It’s the spare room and between the door and the doorframe is a big enough gap to see through. If she was stood outside looking in she definitely saw me playing with myself. This is just more ammunition for her, I think to myself as I close my door. I’m suddenly limp and I shut off the porn on my laptop and take out my phone.

I start having a browse on the social media sites to take my mind off what has just happened. I’m watching some stories on Instagram, and seeing what boring shit people are posting at this sort of time. I don’t follow Tia, but I follow a few girls that do and one of them has shared her latest post and there’s a link telling people to go follow her. I have to do a double take when I see it. She’s in the same white laced set from the other day, on her knees with her legs open and she’s pouting into the camera. There’s a link at the bottom that one of her friends has included along with the comment ‘follow here’ and I click it. It takes me to another profile, a modeling one, according to the bio and I stare at it in awe.

You’ve got to be shitting me, I think as I stare at it.

She must be one of those wannabe Instagram influencers or something. The profile is littered with bikini and underwear shots and the sight of her in some of those outfits is enough to get me hard again. Now I know why she takes so long when she’s in the bathroom. I have flashbacks to that morning I saw Tia coming out in her white lace and I start to stroke my memories again as stare at the pictures on the screen in front of me. I find one of her just stood in a towel barely covering her. She’s laid on the bathroom floor with it just about covering her nipples and her sex, and everything else is on show. I find another of her in some almost transparent Lounge underwear and I start pumping faster and harder. I’m groaning out into the room. My hand still clutches my phone and I accidentally like the photo I’m looking at.


I carry on anyway because I’m close to reaching an orgasm and I start pumping faster and groaning harder when I hear the creaking coming from outside my room again. I throw my phone down, put my cock back in my shorts and race for the door. I open it and clearly catch Tia off guard as she takes a sharp intake of breath and jumps a step back. She’s in a pair of short bed shorts and a strappy vest and she’s without makeup. She looks kinda cute stood there, cast between the glows of her bedroom light and mine but I’d never tell her that.

“Shit,” she mumbles.

“Can I help you?” I ask matching her step out into the landing. She’s silent so I preempt her answer and say “what do you want, Tia?”

“Why are you stalking my Instagram?” she spits out.

“Why are you stalking me?” I retort. “Like what you see, huh?” I add with a smirk.

She looks flustered.

“Shut up,” is all she has to offer.

“Enjoying watching me, yeah?”

“Perv,” she throws back at me.

“Oh pick a new one, Tia,” I hiss. “Have you got no other lines or is that just your go to, huh? You’re the one spying on me.”

“Wanking over your stepsister, yeah? That’ll go down well won’t it?”

“In your dreams, Tia, but watching me wanking … twice. Who’s the real perv here? Besides, I’m sure you modeling account will go down a treat when your Mum sees what’s on there.”

“Oh fuck you,” Tia hisses and starts to walk off.

“What’s your fucking problem, Tia, huh? What’ve I ever done to you? You’re such an uptight bitch. You think you’re all this don’t you? You’re not fucking special,” I say, following her into the landing. “You’re just a silly little girl with a big fucking head, way too much self importance and far too much vanity. What? You think you’re better than anyone else because you get your tits out on Instagam for a few thousand followers? Get a grip.”

“You don’t know a fucking thing about me,” she spits. She turns to me, makes up the distance between us and then hits me hard across the face. There’s some force in her slap, which is more of a punch by the end as I’m knocked off balance, and my cheek stings painfully from her hand afterwards. She says nothing and she just stands there glaring at me disdainfully. I can’t tell if she’s on the verge of tears or not.

“Bitch,” I spit, and then with both hands as an almost involuntary reaction I push her back against the wall. It’s not far or hard and I cover the distance she moves angrily although I don’t know what I’d do were it to come to anything. I’d never hit a girl. Tia is really testing me though. She groans as she goes into it and for a moment we just stare at each other, barely any ground between us. All you can hear against the silence of the early hours is our increased breathing and the motors in our heads turning. I’m not entirely sure what happens next but suddenly Tia has grabbed me and we’re kissing. She’s up against the wall, and I’m pressed tightly against her, her hand clamped around my head, nails in my hair and my hands firmly against her waist, searing her skin with my touch. For a moment the only sound is of our kissing, sloppy and frantic, tongues wresting with each other. She starts to push me off and I push her back, and she moans out into my mouth as she’s stuck against the wall, our mouths still locked as if her lips were the air I needed to survive. My hands are against her side, teasing with the waistband of her shorts. We break off after another minute of kissing and I look at her partly stunned. She stares back, with unreadable eyes masking her true intentions. I try and play it back.

“What the fuck…” I go to say.

“Shut up,” she says, breathlessly, and she grabs me again and pulls me back in.


MY COCK HAS SWELLED to capacity and I don’t think either of us is thinking rationally as we make out in the hallway of our terraced house. Her hands claw at the back of my head, mine are scratching at her side. Her nails against my scalp turn me on immeasurably. Her mouth is warm and inviting, and I can taste the sweetness of the cherry lip balm on her soft, small lips. Her tongue energetically plays with mine as my hands move to her tight little ass, cupping her cheek and feeling the firmness of her buttock against my hand. She responds well, drawing me into her.

We need to get off the corridor so we fall back into my bedroom. She pushes me back onto my bed and then she’s on top of me, straddling me so that our groins are touching, and she grinds against my shaft as we resume kissing. The only things separating our naked groins are the thin bed shorts she has on and the boxers I’m wearing. My cock throbs against the warmness of her loins. I have a burning lust for her that I can’t explain or control. It’s been well over a hundred days since I last had sex, and I can’t speak for Tia but I’m guessing it’s similar, and right now the beast within me is taking firm control of the situation.

I flip her over and a squeak leaves her lips as I move on top of her. She’s on her back, eyes looking at me with part lust part innocence as she loses control. I waste no time. Her top has ridden up a bit exposing her navel so I start moving down her body, planting precise kisses on her chest and side. My hands find the sides of her shorts and I start to pull them down. She lets me. Tia arches her back to give me ease of access and I slip the pink cotton shorts from her body. I can smell the musk of her cunt as soon as I remove the fabric. She’s clean-shaven, her lips are open and I see the film coating of moisture coming from them, and then between that the inner entrance to her desire. The smell of her cunt fills my nostrils, sour and sweet all at once, like nectar to a bee. I run my tongue between her lips and she shudders and moans out and her hands scrape my hair. She has that gentle, bitter taste that I can’t seem to get enough of and as it touches my lips I become addicted. I spread her legs further apart, hands squeezing at her thighs and nails scratching at her skin as my tongue probes her cunt. I suckle at her clit, which has swollen in the moment, and I flick it with my tongue causing squeaks of pleasure to elicit from Tia’s parted lips. I caress the form of her vagina with my fingers, tracing her lips up to her clit and then down to her entrance. My hard-on is throbbing with urgency but I had to concentrate on this first.

Tia’s eyes are pressed shut and she claws at the bed and at herself as I eat her out. I put one of my hands on her stomach to steady her and she breathes deep. I part her thighs more apart and I flick my tongue up and down the lips of her sex, savouring the flavour of her desire. I take her clit between my lips and suck on it, and Tia arches her back, pulls at my hair and convulses hard. Her gentle moans fill the room. I stop teasing her lips with my finger and I slip it inside her. She groans out and sucks in air through her clenched teeth. She’s tight, and I start pumping my finger inside of her, adding a second and moving in and out, deeper and faster. She responds with increased breath, and her walls start clenching against me. She’s so wet I easily slide into her now, thrusting and pulling with ease, sucking at her clitoris even harder until she climaxes hard, her walls contracting and squeezing my fingers against her. Her hands come behind my head, pressing me into her, and her back arches. She’s shaking, my tongue still flicking and suckling her clit and my fingers still working into her. She bounces and writhes but I held her down with the hand on her stomach, fingering her ever faster with the other.

I give her no time to compose herself. As she rides the wave of her orgasm I remove myself from my boxers and pull off my top, my cock aching with longing, throbbing with an unknown urgency. I take the tip of my cock and move it between her lips, coating myself with her expressed juices before entering her. Tia arches herself as my thick cock slips inside her, offering no resistance to my intrusion. She’s tight but that only adds to the pleasure as my tip passes her entrance and slips deep into her. I remove myself after a couple of inches and then slam myself fully into her. She cries out and then clasps a hand over her mouth so as not to wake our parents. With a free hand I grab her side, and then I fuck her. I can feel my orgasm building almost immediately but I try and put it off as long as I can. I slam into her, and she arches her back to let me in deeper, wrapping her legs around my back. I’m taken aback by her energy and urgency. She pulls me into her, her tongue in my mouth and her nails clawing at my back like a wild animal. The room is filled with the sound of my balls slapping against her ass and she cries out into my mouth. She’s rough and aggressive, her teeth biting my lip and drawing blood, her nails carving into my back. I break myself from her lock, force her down with one hand and pound into her. She’s moaning from her throat now, an almost deep gargle as she’s railed by her stepbrother. And then it hits me all at once, the orgasm I’ve been suppressing. It starts as a tingle in what feels like my toes and then like a champagne cork being ejected from the bottle I’m releasing inside of her. Without warning I’m blasting ropes of pent up semen into her tight little cunt. I keep her held down, even as she writhes under me. Four, five, maybe six strong blasts erupt from my member into her, and she’s convulsing too, I’m not sure if from orgasm or from this sudden blast of liquid firing into her, but I fall onto her and her hand comes around my head and she holds me against her. I can taste the saltiness of sweat on her neck. Her breathing is harsh and irregular. I can feel her heart pounding in her chest.

I fall asleep quickly, not a single word spoken between us throughout the entire activity. I wake up around six and Tia is gone. I almost think it a dream until I find her pink shorts at the bottom of my bed. I bring them to my nose, and I smell the scent of her cunt on the inside. I can still taste her on my lips. I’m not awake long, and I sleep again until mid morning.


IT’S 10 O’CLOCK AND I drag myself out of bed and head across to the bathroom for a shower. I run my hands through my hair, still processing the events of earlier that morning. Thinking about it makes my cock stir. I hear my Dad and Step-Mum downstairs talking but I don’t pay attention to what they’re saying. I’m still in that period between being awake and aware and as I go to close the door Tia interrupts me, pushes me back into the bathroom and closes the door behind us.

She locks it.

I go to speak but she covers my mouth with one hand, and reaches for my cock with another. She shakes her head and says, “Shhhh. don’t speak.”

She’s in a thin silk dressing gown, which is loosely tied, and she’s got nothing on underneath. She removes her hand and then pulls her hair into a high ponytail, securing it with a bobble on her wrist. She drops to her knees without another word and pulls down my boxers. I’m already hard at the thought of last night playing back in my head, and she responds by taking me in her hand. She teases me with her hand for a beat, slowly moving it to the base of my shaft and then up to the tip, teasing the head with her fingers. As I groan out she takes me in her mouth, flicking my helmet with her tongue before taking all of me. I’m surprised at how well she copes, taking all of my eight inches inside her. I reach the back of her throat but she doesn’t gag and something tells me this isn’t her first rodeo.

“Fuck,” I explain into the room. My hands find the back of her head and I pull her further onto me. I hear the sloppy noise of my inside her, and then she withdraws, a string of saliva connecting my tip to her lips. She takes breath and then goes to work, her hand pumping mu shaft as her lips tease my head. She’s bobbing up and down, slurping my length and then I feel my orgasm building up. I warm her and she responds by going faster, pumping me harder until I groan out into the bathroom. My hand on the back of her head pulls her onto me as I cum in her mouth. She’s good at this, and she swallows my load with ease. Her hand still pumps, and my body starts shuddering, triggering a second mini orgasm that cripples me. My legs ache and shake. She withdraws me from her mouth and I fall back onto the toilet seat.

“What… the fuck,” I say.

She’s still on her knees, watching me from the middle of the bathroom.

“What?” she shrugs. “You were too eager last night. You didn’t let me have my fun.”

A laugh escapes my lips. “Hah.” Then. “I’ve heard about double orgasms but I’ve never had one before.”

A mischievous smile forms on the corner of her lips.

“So how about we get you cleaned up?” she says, stripping from her dressing gown.

Ten minutes later I’m inside her, her hands up against the glass side of the shower, my balls slapping against her ass and her moans masked by the noise of the water falling from the shower head.


QUARANTINE IS TOUGH. THE house is cramped. It’s not the biggest, just a normal sized terraced house on a working class street so we’re constantly getting under each other’s toes and tempers flare easier than normal. I haven’t seen Tia since that morning in the bathroom and I’m wondering how long this grace period will last with her. We haven’t properly spoken since we started shagging; we’ve just let the aggressive nature of the act do that for us. It’s mid afternoon and I’m walking upstairs thinking about it when Tia appears at the top, grabs me and pulls me into her bedroom. We’re kissing as soon as the door is closed and I push her up against it.

“I want you inside me,” she moans and I’m not going to argue. I’ve been in a perpetual state of hardness since last night so I’m going to take advantage of this as much as possible. We transfer to the bed and shed our clothes. Tia is in a black-laced bodysuit and she’s already wet. She gets onto her hands and knees and turns away from me, thrusting her butt up at me and wiggling it around in my face. She rolls over and pushes me away with her feet. I start jerking my cock, keeping myself hard as I masturbate myself to the hardbody on the bed. The bodysuit has a clasp between her legs and she lifts her legs high into the air, spreads them, and unclasps the lace. The fabric parts and I see her parted lips, glistening with moisture. She sheds it slowly, keeping me at bay and then once naked, she’s lying back on the bedding and inviting me in. Julie and Dad are in their bedroom across the hallway, Dad is decorating and Julie is putting some clothes away. They are oblivious to the fact their kids are naked in Tia’s bedroom and about to fuck.

Tia’s legs – well worked out and muscular – are spread and I’m on my knees going down on her whilst playing with myself. In the time I’ve been eating her pussy out she’s already come once and she’s on the verge of a second, and her cunt is tight and warm and wet for me. She’s moaning out into the room, trying not to be too loud in case our parents hear, and I keep her legs spread open, fingering her with one hand and maintaining my hard on with the other. Tia convulses and writhes against the bedding and I hear her say “I want you to fuck me now.” She pulls her legs back as I straighten up, spreading her vagina, fingering herself and making me suck her fingers, her nails with their purple varnish are coated with the juices from her cunt and they glisten in the late afternoon light that comes through the window. She rubs it over my lips and she has that addictive bitter taste that I can’t get enough.

I move her to the edge of the bed and then slide my dick gracefully into her, kissing her mouth hard and thrusting into her with long, slow strokes. She tastes herself in my mouth. My hips work into her on their own, stuck on autopilot moving on their own desirous momentum. I feel my own orgasm triggering so I pull out and tell Tia to bend over. She’s done this before because she turns onto all fours, dripping for me. Her back is arched, breasts flat to the bed and her butt raised towards me. I jerk my dick at the sight in front of me and then I put my tip at her hole and slip back in. I start to groan out and I have to bite my tongue to stop myself groaning fully into the room. Her luscious pink butthole looks back at me, ripe and tight and virgin. “Not today,” she says as if reading my mind and I push the vision to the back of my mind. I place my hands on her hips and then start fucking her hard, with long, fast strokes. My balls slap against her and she screams out into the bedding as I rail her tight, wet cunt. I take a handful of her purple hair and wrap it around my hands and then I pull it tight, her head arching up as I fuck into her. She’s red in the face as she contains her screams of pleasure and I leave it until the very last minute before letting go and she moans and cries out into a pillow, biting at the bedding as she comes all over my dick, which is fucking her deep from behind. I’m ready to cum when she moves herself so I fall out of her and it takes all of my will power to not blast ropes of cum all over her bed. She manages to get herself up and she pushes me onto the bed. I’m on my back when she straddles me, impaling herself on my cock and riding me to a tsunami of orgasm. My hands grab at her perky little tits, feeling her hard nipples as I thrust up into her. She tenses her muscles and milks every last drop of cum from inside my balls. I shudder, cry out, swear, and claw at her tits as I ride this powerful wave. She slows down, still riding my cock and then once it is settled and my breathing is more stable, she climbs off me, my cock plopping out of her along with ropes of my semen. It trickles down her leg and onto her bedding.

She grabs a fistful of tissues from the box at the side of her bed, puts them between her legs and then she comes and lays down next to me. We don’t speak for a good five minutes. I look up at the patterns on her roof. My mouth is dry and I want a drink.

It’s Tia who breaks the silence eventually.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she says eventually. “I enjoyed it the first time so I came back for more. It doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t need to. We both know what this is and what we both want. There are extenuating circumstances and we don’t need to talk about it. No heart to heart. No declaration of love. No “I thought you hated me” bullshit. No debrief.”

I don’t look at her; instead I look at the roof and just process what she’s saying. I almost have to pinch myself so that I know I’m not dreaming. She’s rote, clinical and to the point. This is a business deal I can get behind. She continues. “Your Dad is fucking my Mum. That’s it. We’re not blood relatives. We’re just two horny teenagers who like fucking and who happen to be stuck living together for God knows how long. Yeah?”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. “Yeah,” I say. “Absolutely. We help each other out and there’s nothing else to it. Mutually beneficial. Nobody’s getting hurt and we’re both satisfying a need.”

“Exactly. And I don’t know about you but I quite enjoy it. It’s a natural instinct, it’s what we’re designed to do. End of. We don’t need to ever talk about it again once this is over and done with. As far as I’m concerned we’re not blood relatives, barely even related, so we’re just an emergency fuck.”

She looks at me and I look back, and laugh. “You’re full of surprises.”

“So are you. Very…pleasant surprises. And who knows, after this, maybe we’ll stay as an emergency fuck.”

I look around her room. There’s clothes strewn everywhere, makeup pallets and nail varnishes and perfumes litter her dressing table. Posters and pictures cover her walls. Friends, family, what I think might be a boyfriend. I glance over at it and she shrugs. “Facetime doesn’t cut it and he definitely doesn’t fuck like that.”

I laugh.

“Let me ask you something,” she says. “Do you really think that’s all I’m about? Getting my tits out on Instagram?”

I look at her. “I mean, they’re very nice tits.”

She laughs. “Hey I do Tiktoks too!”

“Fucking Tiktok,” I laugh back. “Jeez.”

She looks at me for an answer. “No,” I say. “I don’t really know anything about you, you’re right. And you don’t really know anything about me.”

“We know the other can fuck,” she shrugs. “That’s all we need to know for now.”


WE’RE ALL DOWNSTAIRS WATCHING the news by 5 P.M. The Prime Minister is making a ‘big announcement’ that the country is on tenterhooks for. The usual commentary team are on spouting their usual nonsense bullshit and thankfully they’re cut off mid way through by the broadcaster announcing the arrow rival of the PM. The shot cuts to a mop with hair approaching the lectern in some big Downing Street briefing room and he begins his speech. It’s facts and stats and figures that don’t really make sense and then it’s done. “So I am once again asking you to stay home,” he says, “so we can protect the NHS and save lives.”

Lockdown extended. Another twelve weeks of being stuck in this three bedroom terraced house. We collectively sigh.

“I’m going upstairs,” I say directly the speech finishes.

Tia looks over at me licentiously. Her unreadable eyes flash salaciously.

“Me too.”


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