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The bungler and the witch walkthrough

This is the walkthrough of the erotic game “The bungler and the witch”. Link to the game.



Hello, boy!

My name is …, and I’m looking for a local witch. Could you tell me where does she live?

I’m not stupid. I’m just not from here.

Hi, I’m Player! This is why it’s so empty in here!

I’m also new here!

I have a delicate problem…

Why shouldn’t I want it?

How can I leave you without paying you any money?

It’s okay. Let’s begin. What will I need to do?

All… right.

Eek! What will be the result?

Awesome! It’s wrong to desire anything else! I agree to everything!


Take a bunch of grass


Give me this! I’m ready for any sacrifices!

Unusual feelings. Like someone’s eyes bore into me!

Click on the cat

(Give coins)I’ll stay overnight in the tavern, and then I’ll go to town

Are you sure that I won’t disturb you?

Click on the cat


No. One by one of course!

Click on the cat

Settle down and have a wife with kids

I’m afraid of magic a little bit

Even of broken nails?

Click on the cat

Achievement unlocked

“Pussy lover”

Use magic?

Frankly speaking, I can’t…

Hello, you look great!

Do you wanna go anywhere?

What are your hobbies?

Would you like to drink a tea at my place?

Cum in Zenny’s mouth and hold a herb close to her nose

Achievement unlocked

“Sly fox”


To unlock achievement “Good boy”


Hello, boy!

My name is Player, and I’m looking for a local witch. Could you tell me where does she live?

Shut your face, little shit!

Run from the dog

Get away leaving a piece of your pants


To unlock achievement “I’ve got this hint”

It is enough to choose not what is right)