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“Prequel” of the Cubergenic walkthrough

The beginning is the scene in the bar


Approach a girl in the corner of the room. (Cute girl. I hope that she’s looking for a job of a flight engineer)

A glass of soda

Look at the tables

Approach the girl in the corner of the room. (There are not many candidates, but I don’t think that I’m mistaken)

Good evening.

Yes, and I need a crew member.

Give soda

No one is expert in cocktails in our days. Alcohol is becoming a thing of the past.

I’ll pass, but I don’t see anything bad in this.

So, I’ve read your profile. You’re high qualified specialist. Why’ve you decided to leave the planet? A wanderlust?

Only general information…

That’s right! It’s strange that you don’t have a husband and three children yet.

You’re embarrassing me…

Yes, will you be able to upgrade my ship?

I think that it was an interesting task.

Shall we conclude the contract?

Is everything alright with you, Stella?


Come on in!

Flight engineer? I see that you are carrying out your duties already?

You weren’t acquainted with Igor. He could run into the bay only wearing his drawers 5 minutes prior departure.

It’d have made us close as a new crew!

It’s possible to forget about everything just looking at you.

God damn it! Begin preparation!

I ceased feel myself as a captain here for several moments…

What’s more important for me? Stella? The ship? Subordination?

Deactivate life support system

Level temperature at the captain’s bridge!

Turn on a connection with Stella in a couple of minutes

Calm down. Just check the telemetry data.

I’ll check from my side

Everything is okay. Little troubles with life support

Life support to maximum

It was a good experience

I’ll join you

I’ll get some rest, and read a book too

What did you have in mind?

Beauty fascinates forever.

You never lose interest in it.

I am, as you are, Stella

I got the hint! I’m not disturbing! I’m out.

Come to the box with cameras

Take the box with bio-lenses

Next day

Open a channel with the propulsion bay

You look great. Did you get a good rest?

I like spaceports and communication more

We were both lucky

Do you think it’s fun when there’re incidents?

Only if it doesn’t last for a long time

It depends on where they occur

Outside of the ship and inside of her

Yes. And we didn’t have adventures inside the ship!

Sure, I have lots of stories!

But I warn you! My story will be very indecent!

But I’m a gentleman!

I read classical literature

Hm. It happens that I think about different situations, and about how would be better to act in such situations

Yes. For instance, what would be if I learned how to dance in the childhood and shine on the Graduation Ball

Were they afraid of your rejection?

Were you preferring machines?

It’s not always clear about machines!

You are a specialist! And I’m a specialist in other things

Diplomacy and flying a spaceship basics

In fact, we’re taught a little bit about everything. I’ve just highlighted the most essential in my opinion.

Sleep again in an hour? Why should we go through a warp in a sleep?

It’s said that there are some people who can go through it without any losses.

Great idea!

Show me a weather vane spinning in the wind!



It seems to me that our game is getting to a new level! Truth or dare

Show me like you swing your tail!

Damn it!



I’m coming!

Turn around

I was expecting since the moment of our acquaintance.

Aye aye, flight engineer!

So, what should we do, flight engineer?

I rely on you, flight engineer!

Do whatever it needs to be done, flight engineer!

Full access, flight engineer!


May be you’ll turn everything on like it was before?

Where am I? Who are you?

Space pirates. I thought that you don’t exist

You’re full of fun. Why everyone else are silent? Stella?

I’ve got it already. And Mike?

Wow. What do you want from me? Why haven’t you just hijacked the ship?

From where? They’re known in a destination point!

Everything is bought on credit! I won’t tell you them anyway

What did she tell you?

What’s the point of being a pirate? You can get everything you need if you work for it!

Truth about what?

Of course, commander

What is it?

It sounds odd and not convincing!

I’m better

What will you feed me with?


Next, whatever you like