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Hot meal walkthrough

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I’ll take this! (a flower hairpin)

Hello! You look great!

Wow! That’s a big portion

I’ll be glad to chat with you

Do you always open the door when you have breakfast?

But opening the door is a great idea!

Hungry people will follow delicious smells! Like me, for instance

Everything we have is big!

Did you win?

And my hobby is eating!


We didn’t have any problems!

No way!

Don’t be upset. You cook wonderfully!

No way!

I think that’s even better

Sometimes onlookers see things more clearly!

I’ll be able to buy them for you tomorrow! I’m used to getting up early!

It would be my pleasure to help you

Let’s play, but I don’t know many riddles


 What has a head but doesn’t have any brains?

A village elder


It tastes sweet on the tongue but cold under the tongue

Frozen fruit?


You need to lick it in the rear in order to stroke it in the front

Umm… A cat


Hard goes into soft and balls hang around



A white stone melts in the water



There are balls on branches and they are purple in the heat

Umm… Balls


The hairy head tickles deftly inside the cheek.

A carrot


They don’t dig or bore, but they get water

A rain barrel


What do you need most of all when you’re having dinner

A spoon


Frankly speaking, no. It was average

That’s easy! A lock!

You don’t need magic, nothing is sexier than you

I bought you a hairpin, by the way