The Witcher Merten


Merten is an old Manticore School Witcher. He has one sword. The sword is made of steel, and the core of the sword is silver. His Manticore School had its own fighting style, primarily focused on defense rather than offense. Use a huge amount of elixirs, and a shield made of silver and meteorite steel in battle. Kind and sociable. He cares about people, even strangers, and though he, naturally, gets paid for killing monsters, he wouldn’t hesitate in saving a life for free. When pushed to the extreme, however, he can be extremely cold-hearted and methodical (this side of him isn’t supposed to show up frequently, just 1 or 2 times in the entire game).


Started his training to become a witcher as a child, he was given to the witcher school by his parents, and back then (120 years ago) the training was much tougher due to the urgency the witchers were needed. During training, he lost many childhood friends, and when he grew up, he became your usual grumpy witcher. Later, he fell in love with a woman, but because of his bad behavior (caused by his childhood, and the way most people mistreated him), he never approached her. Then she married a drunkard, who ended up killing her by accident. Merten avenged her, but soon after, his few childhood friends also died in their missions. Then, he realized that everyone had a very limited time on earth, and that, if he kept pushing people away, he may never get the chance to really approach them ever again. So he changed into the more sociable and kind Merten we now know.


Morning: The Witcher’s House
Day: Academy
Evening: The Witcher’s House
Night: Unavailable