The Witcher Hunt. Early access. 5 (1)

Raise from the bottom, fight monsters, get money, taste as many prostitutes as your money can pay,  and have some adventures with the beautiful girls that need your help, or can help you!
You are a man with a traumatic past, looking for redemption, and a chance for something greater  than what you’ve been experiencing until now. And you just found it. A job that will allow you to grow stronger, smarter, faster, and will get you admiration… And some fun, even! You will become a Witcher!

Update 1: Girls available: Fiona (blowjob), A girl from the street (Hardcore, Anal), Shani (teasing), Margaret (blowjob).


Sex Games News 09/25/22 1 (1)

Hi everybody. During this week I made 117 images. I continued to create pictures for the quest with Shani and in the forge. Pictures of pumping charisma are also made. One of the ways to increase charisma will be having sex with a prostitute.

The flowchart looks like this.

To date, there are more than 650 images in the game.

I plan to officially publish the first part of the game soon. It will be in early access until the next update. In general, I plan to publish parts as follows: the latest game will be in early access. The version preceding it will be available for $5 patrons. The third version of the game, which will be older than the latest two updates, will be available for free to play online.

That’s the news for today. Thank you all for your support!

Adult Games News 09/18/22 0 (0)

Hi everybody. We’ve done a great job this week. I made 72 pictures. Basically, these are scenes at one of the merchants and on the shore.

The flowchart looks like this.

Quite a lot of text has already been written in the game. The most recent version has about 5700 words. And this is just one quest with Shani. The game promises to be big, full of various interesting moments.

If you want to play a more complete game than the demo version, then become our subscriber on Patreon. Then a link to the latest version of the game will be available for you.

Many thanks to everyone who supports us! We really need your help.

Porn Games News 09/10/22 5 (1)

Hi everybody. As you have already seen, I have published a small demo version of the game “Witch Hunt”. There are not many events there, they end with you going to the forest for flowers. If you want to see more, then subscribe “Be First!” to Patreon. Then you get access to the latest version of this sex game.

Work on the game continues. This week I made 54 pictures. Added a new conversation with Shani. A new location opens — the forge. In addition, the player can now upgrade their characteristics: intelligence, strength, dexterity and charisma.

The flowchart looks like this.

Now we are planning to finish the second stage of the quest with Shani. A location with a new girl will be opened and the player will have a sword.

That’s it. Many thanks to everyone who supports us!

The Witcher Hunt. Demo version 4.7 (6)

This is a demo version of the game. It is short and made in order to show the mechanics of the game and the capabilities of the player. If you like it, support me on Patreon.

The game takes place in the Witcher universe. The main character is a young guy, a student of the witcher. The game will feature such familiar characters as Ciri, Keira Metz, Shani, Dandelion.

Write your comments in the comments. This will help make the best games for you!


Porn Games News 09/03/22 0 (0)

Hi everybody. This week I made 158 pictures. The first small sex scene has already been made. We want to make dreams or daydreams in the game so that the player can dream about having sex with some girl. As the game is created, the number of such variants of sex scenes will increase.

The location “Nearby Forest” has been added to the game. In it, the player will be able to pump his dexterity. But first he would have to escape from the wolves.

We also added a scene of the player’s first encounter with the witcher to the game.

The flowchart now looks like this. The diagram shows several locations together.

Now we are working on creating a quest, the result of which will be sex with Shani. The first third of the quest is already done. I think the second third will be done this month. Then we’ll switch to some other girl so that you won’t be so lonely in the game.

I want to publish a demo version of this game next week. It will be free and available for everyone to play online. If you want to support this project, I will be very grateful to you.

And many thanks to those who already support us!

Sex Games News 08/27/22 0 (0)

Hi everybody. Two weeks have passed and during that time we have done something.

The flowchart has become bigger. New locations are being opened. The player can go to Shani’s clinic, to the forest, to the merchant.

The screenwriter and I have different opinions about creating dialogues and quests. So I make some notes on the flowchart. Of course, we eliminate all disagreements.

To date, there are 303 pictures in the game. Here are some of the pictures.

For those who can’t wait to play the unfinished version of the game, I made a link to the Patreon. The link is in the post with links to early access.

Here is this link.

I want to warn you right away — the game is unfinished. In some moments, there may be no pictures or the game will end unexpectedly.

Thank you to everyone who supports us! Thanks to you, we continue to make games for you.

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Sex Games News 08/15/22 0 (0)

Hi everybody. A little late news of the past week.

This week we started working on the creation of a new sex game “Witcher Hunt”. We discussed the main points of the game with the screenwriter, created a plan for the whole game, planned a lot of quests, characters, locations. And we started creating, writing the script, creating the first pictures.

As usual, there is always an introduction at the beginning. So in our game the introduction is pretty well described. The flowchart looks like this.

I made 90 pictures in a week. Here are some of the images.

That’s all the news for now. Wait for the continuation.

Many thanks to everyone who supports us!

Sex Games News 07/31/22 5 (1)

Hi everybody. We have started working on a new game — “Witcher Hunt”. And there will be my news about her.

Witcher Hunt News

This week we discussed the quests that will appear in the first release of the game. These will be two small quests of the main plot and two quests with girls. There will definitely be sex scenes.

I think that next week the screenwriter will start creating a flowchart, everything is ready for this. And I made pictures for the available locations of the city of Oxenfurt. These are the places.

Player’s House

This is a large medieval house. There will be several zones: the player’s room, the first floor, the backyard, etc.

Dora’s House

This is the first girl with whom there will be an opportunity to have sex.

Brothel “The Rosebud”

In this brothel, the player will be able to increase his charisma by using the services of the girls there.

Nearby forest

Here the player will increase his dexterity by running. And there will also be some quest stages.

Thinkers Park

A lot of things can happen in this park.

Hotel “Three Little Bells”

Some of the characters will live here, for example Keira Metz.

The map of Oxenfurt itself looks like this now.

Made with

It was the news about our sex games for the week. There will be no news next weekend.

And as always, a huge thank you to everyone who supports us. Your support is very important to us.

Adult Games News 07/24/22 5 (1)

Hi everybody.

We have finally finished creating the game “The Solomon Ring 3: The Temple of the Body“. The game was not as big as the previous one. We wanted to make it faster so that you don’t wait for it and don’t get bored.

I wish you a pleasant game. And “Get more”patrons can download from the archive a version of the game in which 2 girls have sexier outfits. Here is a link to the archive via Patreon.

Witcher Hunt

Our next game will be a big game for adults with a lot of characters. As I have said in other posts, updates will be released for this game every few months. Each update will add either a quest with a new girl, or bug fixes. To date, I have already come up with 15 girl characters.

There are 27 locations planned in the game. Perhaps there will be new places in the future. The draft version of the city looks like this.

Made with

In the first version of the game, we plan to do several quests of the main plot and the story of two girls.

That’s all for now. Thank you very much for your support, you are the best!