Sex Games News 05/15/22 5 (1)

Hi everybody. News about the development of our games.

The Solomon Convent News

This week I finished all the images. In total, there are more than 2070 of them in the game. The last 155 images were made during the week.

The rest of the time I was engaged in various checks and improvements of the game. For example, I clarified the text colors of the characters, changed the font in the text pictures. I spent a lot of time on the selection of sound effects and moans during sex. I found low-quality sex animations and remade them. I changed the cursor in some situations — when you need to select something on the screen.

Now it’s a small matter — we have to wait for the screenwriter to check all the errors and typos in the text and translate the text into Portuguese.

As you noticed, I added a picture of the progress of the game to the site. I hope it will help you understand at what stage the game is currently in development.

I have changed some of the subscription levels. Walkthroughs are now available with a $3 subscription instead of $7. The new game, which will be developed by us, will be in early access for a whole month. Previously, access was 2 weeks.

That’s all the news for today. As always, many thanks to those who support us, like us, write comments.

Porn Games News 05/08/2022 5 (1)

Hi everybody. Another batch of news. This time there will be nothing about the bungler.

The Solomon Convent News

My computer has been working for more than a day. Video cards are running at full capacity. All in order for the game to be done as soon as possible. I made almost 250 pictures in a week. Basically, these are images for animation.

The flowchart has been slightly modified. Added another ending. You will get into it if you do not cope with the main goal of the game. Before that, there were only good endings. And if you could not do what you need to complete the game, then an incomprehensible hopeless situation would turn out. This is what the scheme looks like now.

Now I have the following tasks in front of me:

1 — finish pictures for animations (90% done)

2 — make pictures of achievements (0% done)

3 — translate the whole game into Russian (90% done)

4 — add sounds to the game (10% done)

5 — make a final picture with a list of the best people in the world (0% done)

6 — insert Portuguese and Russian translations into the game (0% done)

7 — compile the game and check for errors (0% done)

I’m thinking of making a picture with the progress of creating the game. It will have progress bars on important tasks. Do you need this? I will do a survey on this topic on the patron.

And all the news on this site will now be immediately publicly available. There are very few subscribers with just access to the news. And open news helps in promoting the site in search engines.

And thank you all for your support. Even the smallest amount helps in creating new games.

The tales of a Teen girl torn between right and wrong 4.5 (2)

My name is Mandy, I’m 13 years old, 5.2” 26” hips and waist 28AA breasts, yes I’m a tiny teen girl, I live with my mum, dad & 2 older brothers, we have a big 5 bedroom home in its own land not overlooked, our closest neighbour is about 1 mile away, we have open fields around us and a dense wood about 800ft from our house (my dad said it was that far)

In our back garden we have a small pool at the back, a jacuzzi with a bar next to it where the summerhouse is, the BBQ etc, we sun bath on loungers in between the pool and house on a large lawn, the lawn also expands around either side of the house where 1 side is a large garden shed the other side a large green house where my mum and dad grow plant vegetables and fruit so we can be a little self sufficient, the behind the greenhouse is a vegetable patch, the back garden is south facing so is always hot.

My dad had the house renovated some years back, very modern, open planned, the downstairs has a lovely large walk in hallway, to the left is mums study room where she does beauty therapy and massage for her clients, to the right is a large front room with real fire, and the back is a big open kitchen dinner, upstairs 5 bedrooms, mum and dads have a en-suite overlooking the front, my bedroom is at the back, a large family bathroom in the middle, with a large walk-in shower, the bathroom has floor to ceiling glass which the shower is up against (my dad thought no one overlooks us so why not) and the door to enter the bathroom is glass with glass panelling so as you walk past you can see in and also out, the large toilet is next door and the other bedrooms and closets. We are a very religious family as well and go to church every Sunday.

My family have always been naturists, always walked around naked in front of each other which is why the bathroom being totally exposed is not so strange, my mum and dad have always been open with us children about our bodies, sex and exploring our own bodies, it’s been strange growing up looking at my brothers and how their cock have grown longer and thicker, my mum waxes us all so we are all nice and smooth which I also think looks better.

Whilst I sun bath in the garden I often see my brothers in the shower looking at me naked on the loungers, my brothers are older by 6 years and 9 years, as they shower I watch them stroke their cocks, I sometimes open my legs to give them a view, it just feels good, I have my sunglasses on so pretend I can’t see them, I lay there and watch them climax over the glass window then clean it off, by then my pussy is usually soaking wet, once they have finished I usually dip a finger in to my tight wet pussy to make myself cum, my brothers joke at me when they come down and say how sexy I look just laying there but I usually laugh at them and nothing happens, one day I was sunbathing and my dad had finished work early and was taking a shower, then I see my mum walk in with him, she knelt down and took his big cock in her mouth, he gripped her hair and started to fuck her face, balls deep whilst looking at me, he seemed to enjoy it that he thought I was watching, I spread my legs for my daddy and ran my finger up and down my pussy, I was soaked and so nervous at doing this, with that he stood mum up and pushed her back against the glass, lifted 1 leg and slid his cock in her and began to fuck her, I couldn’t help but stare as his big fat cock impaled my mother whilst he was still staring at me, it’s was as though he was pretending to fuck me, I could see his cock fucking in and out of my mums wanten pussy, her hand around his shoulders, his hand holding her leg up, the other on the glass as he continued to fuck her hard, I could hear her moans out side all the while he was staring at my tiny naked tight teen body, my legs open and a finger ducking my tight pussy, after I cum I got up, took off my sunglasses and walked inside, all the while looking at the amazing sight in the bathroom, I went to my bedroom and left my door open and started my homework, all while listening to my dad pound my mum, when I walked past the bathroom I could see he had bent her over by then and was taking her from behind, whilst I sat in my bedroom I could hear the sounds of the wet bodies slapping together as he pounded her hard and fast, her cries of pleasure and begging him to fuck her harder and deeper and how she wanted to feel him explode in her cunt.

I have heard mum and dad fucking all the time, my bedroom backed on to theirs and when they fucked I could hear everything, I knew mum was his slut because he always called her that when he was fucking her, she would always reply with the same thing that she was and always would be his slut, to use however he wanted and that she liked it since they had met.

My dad was 6 years older than my mum and met when she was 12, he had been fucking her since they met, he took her virginity at his parents house whilst they was away for the weekend and he used to take her to woods in his car every weekend, strip her naked and fuck her over the bonnet, in the back of the car or walk her naked deep into the woods, tie her to a tree and spank her hard with his belt and use her, my mum was a whore for him, she worshipped him and would always do whatever he wanted, very soon after they met he always told her not to wear underwear as it was sexy and easier for his hands to roam, this has always carried on and as a family we have hardly any underwear as we are not allowed to wear it, even when we go out shopping or to church.

A few days after the shower incident I was in my bedroom, reason a book listening to some music, my mum was in her room with a client and my brothers were out, my dad walked into my bedroom and told me he wanted to speak to me about wha to saw, I told him I have seen and heard them many times, he asked me if I enjoyed it, I told him I liked to watch and I enjoy watching porn, whilst I was telling g him this his hand was running up and down my bare thigh and brushing the tender soft folds of my pussy, each time his hand brushed my private delicate parts it made me jolt and it felt like electricity was flowing through my pussy and it was getting me wet, I told dad to stop as I wasn’t interested in what he was trying to get me to.

On the Sunday we went to church as normal, I had a dress on that came half way up my thighs, I put on some long white socks and some shoes, I had no knickers or bra on as this was are normal attire, we always sat at the front, this time as we sat down I took off my coat and placed it by the side of me and we had foot stools, as I put my feet onto it and relaxed my knees fell open and I’m guessing the reverend was getting a good look as he kept smiling at me.

After the service I wanted to speak to him about what my dad had tried to do, so I told my mum I was staying behind and would walk home as I wanted to talk and confess my sins, the reverend saw out the congregation and locked the door, he said we wouldn’t get disturbed now and we could talk on confidence, he took me to a room out the back and offered me a glass of squash, I was ver thirsty and nervous, I quickly gulped it down and asked for another, as he handed it to me he sat opposite me and started to ask what was the matter, I told him what I had seen and that it wasn’t the first time and that I could always hear them, I told him that my mum was my dads slut as she kept telling him this every time he was fucking her, I told him it really turned me on watching and the thought of a man doing that to me, then I told him that my dad came into my room and was brushing his hand over my bare pussy and that he wanted to do to me what he does to my mum, I told him no it was wrong but the thought turned me on but I knew it was wrong, so I told him what I was really after was some guidance from the lord above on what’s right and wrong and what I should do.

The reverend came and sat next to, he took my hand in his and told me that all service he had been able to see up my dress and that I wasn’t wearing any knickers and that in church it’s a sin and I need to be punished, he told me that what my dad was proposing was because he loves me and wanted me to feel good and for me to enjoy my first experience of intercourse and that I should encourage it with my dad and 2 brothers, that way I would get to experience 3 different males that would all be gentle with me and teach me what men really like.
He said now for your punishment, he told me to stand and turn my back to him, he unzipped my dress and pulled it over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor, he told me to bend over the table which was in the middle of the room, I looked at him nervously, he said god needed me to punish you for being naughty and this is they way he wanted me to do it, he told me to relax that I would be fine and my sons would be washed from me after, as I lay across the table he put some cuffs on my wrists and then tied them to the table legs opposite, he then cuffed my ankles and put a spreader onto them to force my legs wide apart and then tied my knees to the legs to keep me open, he then put a gag in my mouth to stop me screaming.

He stood behind me and started to feel dizzy, very weird sensation as though I was really spaced out, he said to me, relax my child, the drink should be helping you by now, I’m going to wash the sins from your body inside and out, I just laid on the table all relaxed when I felt a hard whip across my arse cheeks, it stung, a loud muffled cry come from my mouth, then another whip across my cheeks, tears running down my face, he told me I was being a really good girl, then I felt his hands rub my cheeks as if to heal them, then I felt his open hand across one arse cheek and then the other, more muffled cries came from my mouth but I couldn’t scream, I was tied and gagged and useless to resist him, then smack smack across both arse cheeks, it hurts but was also starting to feel good because of the memories of dad doing this to mum, a few more slaps and I was moaning at the same time now, you’re enjoying it now I see, slap slap, more moans of pleasure, the slap, the whip was now hitting my pussy, a few more slaps and I was crying again and trying to squeal, I felt his fingers open my lips and out flowed my juices, I can see how much you’re enjoying, you are a little slut, he held my lips apart, slap slap I felt the whip on my exposed clit, more juices ran from my pussy, he rubbed his finger over my clit which was now soar but felt good at the same time, he rubbed some of my juices of my clit and made it really wet, slap slap, another 2 thrashings, it kept getting harder and harder, my clit and pussy lips red and soar but the juices were flowing, then I felt his hands on may arse again, needing rubbing and spreading my cheeks, what a lovely pink puckered arse you have, he kept me spread and then I felt his breath against my tight pink hole, then I felt his tongue run up it, it made me jump but turned me on so much, you’re enjoying that I see, he said, then licked again, then again, then from my clit up to me arse, mmmmmm you taste so sweet, I really need your virgin arse and pussy you filthy slut, then I felt his finger probing my arse, then it slipped in to his first knuckle then the next, it hurt a little bit felt so good, he could hear me moaning with pleasure as his other hand explored my pussy and clit, he pushed a finger inside and curled it down and found my g-spot, this made me just and cry with pleasure, he started to finger fuck both holes, it felt amazing, much better than I had ever thought.

After a few minutes I could feel the pleasure building up inside me, I knew I was about to cum, a few strokes later and my arse clenched on his finger, my pussy on his other finger then my pussy convulsed and exploded, juices flooding out over the floor but he didn’t stop, he continued to finger fuck both holes, then another orgasm and more juices flowing out, then another and another, I lost count and I must have passed out, a few minutes later I woke to feeling of something g very big and hard piercing my wet cunt, it was hurting like nothing I had felt before, I screamed as much as I could, relax my child, this is the work of god, this is your punishment, this is gods will and you need to learn to take it like a slut, I could feel he very hard throbbing cock inside my tight blood soaked pussy, he was sliding in and out very slowly but with purpose, he was taking it steady, I have to feel every part of your pussy my slut, I have to take it slow so I can feel how good and tight you are, I have to allow you to get over the pain and start to enjoy the pleasure, after what must have been 20 minutes of slow deep penetrating I was starting to enjoy it, my pussy was responding by clenching and dripping juices over his cock down over his balls, my hips bucking with every gentle thrust, he took off my gag and told me to be a good girl, I told him I am his slut to use me and I wanted him to fuck me like a little whore, he started to build up a steady rhythm getting harder and faster, my moans getting louder, my pussy getting wetter and wetter, I could now feel his hairy wet heavy balls slapping again my clit, with every slap it was turning me on more, he was snarling as he was ducking me, he got deeper and deeper until he was balls deep inside me, my tiny tight pussy was filled to the brim with his piece of solid man meat, he now started to pull my hair with one hand whilst his other took turns to spank my arse hard and twist and pull my tiny nipples, this really was starting to turn me on, so much so that I orgasmed again, pussy juice flooding over his his huge thick cock, over his balls and down his legs, you’re making me very wet you slut, he continued to fuck me deep and hard but because of my organs my pussy contracted on his cock, my muscles massaging him inside me, then I felt it swell, cum inside me reverend, fill up your dirty slut, fill me with your hot white seed, then I felt him explode inside me but as soon as I felt him hit the pussy walls inside it started to flow out as I was full up, dripping all over the floor, a few more strokes and he was finished, I must have felt about 7 red hot loads of cum hit the top of my pussy, our bodies covered in sweat, his sweat dripping over my back and down my arse crack, I had never felt so alive than I did whilst he was fucking my soaked cunt.

He untied me and told me that I was a very good girl and that the sins had now been washed from my teen body and I was now a young woman, I fell to my knees in front of him, put my hands together in a prayer style and thanked him for washing the sins from my body, as I looked up at him standing towering over me I noticed his cock getting hard again but still covered in our mixed juices, then by the time I had taken this all on he was rock hard, that’s it, prey my child and open your mouth, you need the seed of god in your belly.

As I opened my mouth and the bulbous purple throbbing head approached, I could see it glistening with our mixed juices, cum still oozing from the cock slit, open wide and taste our juices he commanded, my tongue ran over his slit, I could taste his salty cum, then I licked up and down his hard ripples shaft and could taste our mixed juices, it all tasted amazing, my head was still reeling from the amazing fuck I had just received, the smell of his sweaty musky pubes was flowing up my flared nostrils along with the pungent smell of our mixed juices, this was making me dizzy as the bulbous head was forcing its way into my mouth, my mouth was stretched and my teeth scrapping over the head of his enormous cock, he pulled out, slap, his open hand landed across my face sending me flying across the room, get back here slut and mind your ducking teeth or you’ll get it again across the other side, I told him it was to big for me, he said rubbish now open wide you fucking slut, I could hear the anger in his voice, he wasn’t messing now and was going to use my mouth, I felt the tip on my lips and instinctively open my mouth wider, his head went in then more of his cock, he told me to sit on my hands as he began to push his cock further and further in, it hit the back of my throat and he wasn’t even half way in, that’s it, gag on my cock you fucking whore, this is gods work and how he likes me to take the sluts sins away, he told me to get used to cock on my throat as I’d be getting it a lot more now, he with drew, I gasped for breath then he forced it back in, hitting the back of my throat then I felt him thrusting into me, holding the back of head forcing it down my throat, then he succeeded, he went down my throat, I thought he was going to rip it open he was so big and fat, my muscles contracted on his cock, yes that’s a good girl, just like that keep going slut you’re really working my cock, he pulled back out, breath bitch, then he shoved it back in, pushed it right down, he was balls deep in me now, I could feel him fucking my throat, pulling in and out slowly then faster, a few more strokes and he pulled out, take a deep breath slut, then he was back in fucking my throat, this lasted about 30 minutes then Dudley the last time I felt his cock swell in my throat and then I felt his body shake, then I felt his hot load, rope after rope of hot sticky cum hitting my throat and into my tummy, it was being shot down inside me, I was gagging, running out of breath, but he just kept coming inside my throat into my tummy, then I passed out as I couldn’t breath, the next thing I knew I awoke on the sofa in the room, still completely naked with my legs spread wide open and now my dad on top of me naked and deep inside my pussy with the reverend now rock solid stroking his cock, time for double penetration my slut.
I couldn’t believe what was happening, my dad must have set this up with the reverend, the rest in the next part

Porn Games News 05/01/22 5 (1)

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Tracey’s first job whilst still at school Pt2 4.5 (2)

So Saturday the weekend was finally here,Tracy had just left school and she was really looking forward to starting work so she could help her mum financially at home, when she arrived at home after school her mum was out shopping and her boyfriend was home, she was so excited to be starting work that it’s all she talked about to him. He made her some dinner and told her to get changed so he could wash her uniform ready for next week, she stepped out of her skirt and blouse in front of him, his mouth dropped and he just stared, she looked at him and told him he’s seen it all before but he said, you have no underwear on, she told him she doesn’t wear it anymore as it makes her feel more sexy and also that the teachers enjoy it in class, he laughed at her and Calle she’s a slut, she giggles and asked him if that’s what she really was, he walked over to her, held her hands, walked her backwards to the wall, put her hands above her head and told her to keep them there, as he let go of her hands she stayed still, he told her to spread her legs, she immediately did as she was told, he looked at her and laughed, he said yes you are definitely and obedient slut, he kissed her and fingered her pussy, she started to get wet so he knelt down, pulled her forward so she was arched right back and begin to eat her pussy, he looked up and told her she tasted so sweet and would love to carry on but that she best get dressed before her mum gets back, she kissed his cheek and told him that one day soon she’d let him fully have her, then she went to her room and put some comfy clothes on.

Tracey came down when her mum arrived home, she asked Tracey if she was excited and looking forward to her new job, which she was and couldn’t wait to start, her mum told her all of her new uniform had been washed and ironed and was in her wardrobe and that she needs to make sure she has a shower tonight before bed so she smells nice and clean for her boss tomorrow, Tracey looked at her mum and smiled, she thought to her self, if only she knew what I had to do to get this job, mind you she’d probably like it because I’ve seen and heard her in bed and down stairs on the table, in the kitchen, in the shed, she knew what her mum was like and she wasn’t quiet about it either, she came out of her daydream and just said ok mum I’ll go up in a bit. She finished off her dinner and helped her mum wash up, her mum said she was going for a coffee with her friend over the road she’d be a couple of hours then she left, Tracey said she was going for a shower and would see them tomorrow night after work.

Whilst Tracy was showering her mums boyfriend snuck in, he was completely naked and got into the shower with her, he told her he had locked the door so her mum couldn’t get back in, he started to kiss her, his hands were all over her body, he was like an octopus, her pussy was wet and her nipples hard, he spun her around and finger blasted her from behind, she was moaning loud, he got faster and faster then she almost collapsed when she came, he held her right around her waist to steady her but carried on, the juices were squirting in bucket loads, he finished and slowly let her sink to her knees when she then see his hard cock right in front of her face, he looks down and told her to be a good girl, she knew what to do, she looked up, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and he guided his 6” cock into her mouth and started to fuck her face, slowly at first then he built up a steady rhythm, holding her hair at the back of her head and under her chin with the other hand so he got good access, his cock got further and further in until he was balls deep and down her throat, she was choking, he wouldn’t let go, he was turned on and in a frenzy, he pumped and pumped until her saliva was dripping over her breasts and down to her pussy, he looked down and told her that her mum was a slut just like you and enjoyed doing this, a few more thrusts and his body stiffened, she felt his cock harden even more and grow a little, he then pulled out and told her to keep her mouth and eyes open, he wanted her to watch him cum all over her, he pulled back and forth a few times then he exploded over her face, about 7 large ropes of thick white sticky cum shot over her face, into her mouth, over her hair, up her nostrils and over her tits, he’s stuck it back on her mouth and told her to clean it up which she eagerly obliged, once finished he got out and thanked her and told her to clean up which she did as she was told.

Once out the shower he was waiting for her by her bedroom door, he told her that one day soon she would be his obedient little slut and he would take her and her mum on holiday somewhere hot by the sea and they would have just the one family room so that he could see her naked everyday, Tracey just smiled and said that would be nice, she walked into her bedroom left the door open and dropped her towel and spun around for him to ogle at her, she slowly put her pyjamas on giving him a good view of her pussy and tits, she then climbed into bed and he closed the door and left.

The next morning Tracey woke early, had a wash, brushed her teeth got her uniform on minus the underwear quickly had some breakfast and off to work to start her new job, she arrived 10 minutes early but Linda was already there on her own, she told her to go up to the board room, Linda locked the door behind them and followed her up, once inside the board room Tracey see a massage table, she looked at Linda, Linda explained that if you’re selling massage oils etc you have to try them so you can see how they feel and smell, it was nice and warm on the office so she told Tracey to remove her clothes and get onto the table facing down, she did as she was told, she was now laying naked on this bed, her face between the hole, she could hear Linda playing about with some stuff but just assumed she was getting things ready, Linda had stripped and was now naked to, she poured a lot of oil over Tracey’s back and started to rub it in, all over her back and up and down the backs of her legs then slowly begun to massage her gently and softly, Tracey was enjoying it as she has never had a massage before, Linda then moved to her legs, massaging up and down them whilst at the same time opening her legs to get a good view of her tight smooth pussy lips, as Linda was reach the top of her thighs her fingers were gently brushing over her lips, each time Tracey’s hips lifted instinctively to give Linda better access, her fingers dived underneath her pussy to give it a good rub, it was silent apart from the soft moans from Tracey’s lips, then Linda pushed in 1 finger to fuck her with then 2 fingers and she started to pump away at her pussy, with her other hand she worked a butt plug with a crystal end over her tiny bum hole, she told Tracey to relax as she eased it in, Tracey moaned a little louder with pleaser, Linda then told her to turn over, she then pulled Tracey down to the bottom of the bed so her arse was on the edge and Linda put her feet onto make shift stirrups to hold her legs up and wide apart, Linda told her she looked gorgeous and George would appreciate the view when he got there in another 15 minutes, she massaged her front, gently over her small breasts whilst her thumbs tweaked her nipples until they was nice sensitive and erect, she then moved down to her legs, putting one on her shoulder and gently massaging it, again her hands brushing over her wet pussy, then the other legs doing the same, Linda put her feet back and this time tied them to the device, she walked behind her and cuffed her hands together and then with some rope pulled them above her head and tied them to the legs up the other end of the bed, Tracey now couldn’t move, was fully exposed to be used by Linda and her new daddy, Linda went between her legs, pulled up a chair and gently began to lick and slurp away at Tracey’s pussy, pushing fingers in and curling them up, making her squirt, but because tracy was tied she couldn’t move apart from her hips, so Linda tied a rope tightly around the bed and her hips to keep her still, then another around the top and bottom of her breasts squeezing them tight, then a ball gag in her mouth, Tracey was now completely helpless, Linda went back down and carried on for a few minutes until George walked in to the most amazing site, he walked over to Tracey pussy and slapped it hard with a whip that was beside her making her scream but it was useless as it was all muffled, he slapped again then another and then another 5 times, her pussy was red, he told Linda to lick it and kiss it better whilst he stripped, once naked he pushed Linda to the floor and told her he need to cum so he could last longer inside Tracey’s tight virgin pussy, she got on her knees on a chair and stuck her arse out and in the air opening her legs and told him to take which ever hole he wanted, he eagerly obliged and ducked her pussy whilst his thumb worked her arse, then he slid into her arse and fucked her deep and hard, all the time her was smashing her hard he was looking at Tracey’s face and down to her red pussy, telling her that her turn would be soon, as he was about to cum he pulled out of Linda and pushed her to her knees and told her to open her mouth, he thrust his cock down her throat and she could feel him cummin, she swallowed every bit until he pulled out and shot 2 ropes of cum over her face, she leant forward and cleaned his cock up then scooped it from her face and eat it whilst licking her lips, Linda went for a quick shower then came back and got dressed, on return George was eagerly eating her pussy and arse for everything he was worth and Tracey was moaning like a whore, Linda walked out and locked the door behind her, she needed to open up and greet the other workers and to tell them that the boardroom was locked due to Tracey’s induction.

After a while of intense orgasms and squirting, George stood up, his cock was rock solid, he looked down at Tracey, his heart racing, he wanted this tight young virgin, he wanted to see if he could squeeze his thick piece of meat into her tiny pussy, he could se her lips closing up and her clit sinking back in, he looked down at his cock, precum oozing from the slit, he moved forward until his cock was touching her pussy, he moved forward more but pushed his hips backwards, he held his large cock and rubbed it up and down her lips, slowly opening them, as he rubbed over her tiny hole and her clit he would hear her moan with pleasure, he told her he was really going to enjoy this, as he pushed forward a little she could feel his large head penetrating her tight pussy, she breathed in and held her breath and let out a muffled squeal, he told her to try and relax and take deep breaths, as she did as she was told, he pushed really hard to force it in a little more, as the head slipped and and a small length of his shaft she was trying to scream but it was all muffled, he split her tiny cunt open, as he pulled back slightly he could see the blood on his cock, he looked down and told her he had popped her cherry and she was no longer a virgin but he still had to make her a lady by slowly fucking her, she was trying so hard to tell him no but nothing was coming out of her gagged mouth, just cries of muffles, he held his cock there for 5 minutes so she calmed down, then all of a sudden to her surprise he started to slowly penetrate her tiny pussy, he was a qtr of the way in and told her she was lovely and tight, tears were now coming down her face but she was tied so tight to the bed and her legs tied spread wide that she really couldn’t move and she realised it was totally pointless struggling as he was going to take what he wanted no matter what, he slowly pushed in a little more and was half way in, he looked down and could see her pussy stretching over the girth of his thick manhood, he pushed a little further and could now feel the walls inside her pussy, he laughed and told her he was only just half way in and she was already full of thick man meat.

He held it there for a minute or 2 whilst he fondled her tiny breasts and played with her nipples whilst watching her body wriggle and listening to her moans and cries, he then slowly pulled his cock out whilst looking at her blood soaked pussy until he could see the head of his cock, he slowly pushed back on listening to her moan and pulled out, he did this for a while nice and slowly to let her get used to his cock, he then started to build up more speed and a steady rhythm, he could feel she was so fucking tight for massive cock and he knew if he sped up to much he wouldn’t last long, he slowed a little to make it last but as he looked down at Tracey she was trying to moan and wriggle so he released the gag and he could hear her loud moans now so he sped up a little, she looked up and asked her daddy to fuck her that it felt so good but she could feel it stretch every part of her tiny opening, so daddy being daddy just started to fuck her harder and faster, the more he did this the more she moaned, he told her she was a nasty little whore and she was going to get used all the time by members of the management, she just begged for it now, she was truly broken in and locking daddy’s cock inside her, he pushed and pushed to her more in but her pussy was to small, he told her when he breaks her arse in tomorrow morning he will push it all in, she needed to learn to take it hard and deep on both holes for when they go away on conferences and shows as the regional managers are always there and always horny for a nice young bit of pussy, as he continued to fuck her he pulled out, her pussy squirted a little and he shot about 10 large ropes of thick white sticky cum over her, he shot so hard it reached past her head and hit the wall, went in her hair, over her face, tits, tummy and over her pussy lips and dropped down over her arse, he stroked himself until he was fully empty then started to pick it up with his fingers and feed her, she eagerly ate his cum and licked her lips.

As she finished her meal she noticed all the blood on his thick semi hard cock, she looked shocked and asked if she was still bleeding, he said no that she had stopped a while ago but they will both need a shower, he slowly untied her wrists and ankles, untied the ropes around her body and tits, you could see the rope marks that had been holding her down. He asked her if she had enjoyed her first induction and was looking forward to tomorrows, she blushed and told him that it really hurt at first and it made her cry but after 20 minutes or so she really enjoyed the feeling of his big hard cock penetrating her tiny pussy, he told her she was a good girl and helped her off the bed, she was a little unsteady so held her up as they walked to the shower room, the shower was big enough for the both of them so he walked her in and turned the water on until it was nice and hot, he soaked her all over and was gentle over her tense pussy until she was clean and refreshed, then she cleaned him up and stroked his cock clean.

After they had got dressed they tidied up the board room, put the bed away and was now ready for work, she could walk properly so he told her he would train her on her till for the rest of the day.

All day he was patting her arse, lifting her skirt to get a good view of her used pussy and tiny arse and kept telling her he was going to enjoy that in the morning, they rest of the Sadat went well and at the end she told him she had a really good day and was looking forward to meeting daddy again tomorrow morning, he told her to be in nice and early again for 7am so they have a couple of hours before anyone gets in.

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Tracey’s first job whilst still at school. Pt 1. 5 (4)

Tracey was a good friend of mine when we grew up in the 70’s and into the late 80’s early 90’s, she was a beaut young lady but always told me about some of the things she had gotten up to in her early teens with older guys.

Tracey was 15, a few months before her 16th birthday she was able to start working, she applied for a few weekend jobs at the local shops and supermarkets in the hope they would need someone, if she got a job she’d be able to help her mum a little with some money for the house, they didn’t have a lot, it was just them 2 but they had already had each other, her mum had a few boyfriends that made passes at her, touched and kissed her whilst her mum had gone to the toilet but her mum never knew and she didn’t want to spoil things for her mum.

Tracey was 5.3, 26” waist, 30” hips and 32” but B cup, dark brown hair that fell down her back just above her perky tiny bottom, she had slender firm legs from her gymnastic days, you could see she was in good shape. The top of her thighs where tight together, she was a virgin, never had time for boyfriends due to gymnastics, netball and hockey that she played after school.

Tracey had sent out about 15 applications and only heard back from 1, she was very excited to get an interview, she was thinking of all the help she could give her mum finally and they’d be able to have a nice holiday in the sun.

Her mum took her shopping for a nice dress and shoes for the interview, it was a short yellow dress half way up her thighs, and a pair of flat white shoes, her mum gave her some money to buy a little bit of new underwear, she brought some white g-strings that’s she’s always wanted, not much fabric to them, just about covered her smooth tiny pussy and the string sank into her bum cheeks, she found a couple of white sheer bras, nothing much to them but you could clearly see her small breasts through them, she looked at her self in the mirror, her hands gently gliding over her nipples as they slowly become erect, down her flat stomach to her knickers, her middle finger running up and down the length of her pussy giving her goosebumps, she knew she looked sexy and she wanted this job at any cost, she took them off, put them back in the packets, put her white flowery knickers on, white T-shirt, no bra and tight jeans and trainers, she looked at herself again in the mirror at how her jeans were hugging her arse and pussy as the jeans were a couple of years old now, she thought to herself how hot she looked and her nipples were still poking out, she went to the counter and paid for the underwear and met up with her mum, they went for some food and then home.

Once they got home her mum said to her to go and put on all her new stuff she wanted to see what she looked like, so Tracey went to her room threw off her clothes and got dressed in her new stuff, as she put her bra and knickers on she couldn’t help admire herself again in the mirror, again touching her private parts this time her hand went inside her knickers whilst watching herself on the mirror, she was a little horny at the thought of what may happen to get this job, she put on her dress and brushed her hair all the way down to her bum, put on her new shoes, 1 last look on the mirror and down she went.
Once in the front room her mum see her and said how beautiful she looked and any boy would be proud to have her on his arm, she gave her a hug, her hands rubbing up and down her back as mums do but she accidents caught her bottom, she asked if she was wearing any knickers which Tracey said of course I am mum, so she lifted her dress and spun around to show her, her mums jaw dropped and said there’s not much to them but god you look sexy, she slid off her dress and asked her what she thought of her bra, totally see through her mum said you look amazing darling, growing up fast, but there isn’t much hidden, she told her mum that was the idea, I like people to see me, I want o show my body off, with that her mums boyfriend Richard walked in the front door and coped an eyeful, jeez is that our young Tracey standing there half naked, her mum nodded and said yeah, what do you think, he said I looked amazing and very fuckable, her jaw dropped and her mum slapped his arm, but she just stood there so he could get a good look as she liked the attention.

The following Wednesday and it was interview day, she waxed her pussy and arse, showered then got ready, she got the bus into town with a few guys starring up her dress because she left her legs open on purpose, it was a hot day and she was glad to wearing such a thin dress and underwear, she arrived at the shop, the manager came down and introduced himself, his name was George, they shook hands then he showed her up to the board room, looking out the large windows at the back over a lake with Ducks and swans in, he asked her if she wanted a cool drink, she asked for water, when he returned she gulped it down in a flash as she was so thirsty, some of it spilled down her chest and onto her dress, she didn’t realise it became see through now, he asked if she would like a towel to dry herself, she wiped her chin and her chest and exposed tiny cleavage but left the rest as she thought it was nice and cool on her body, again not realising what her potential new manager was looking at.

Anyway the interview started good, he was ideally looking for a young female to look after the woman’s section of the store, makeup, hair products deodorant perfumes etc.. he had a mock display set up in the board room which was a mess and asked her to arrange it so it was tidy, presentable but inviting for people to come and look at products, Tracey immediately tipped everything onto the floor to start afresh, he was impressed, she lined everything in order, as she was bending over to sort the products and pick them up her dress was rising so he had a real good view of her arse and he was just about making out the lips of her pussy, her knickers looked a little wet, he then felt the movement in his pants, he was starting to awaken at the sight of this beautiful young lady exposing her sweet parts in front of him, he started to fiddle with his cock and accidentally let out a soft moan of enjoyment as she bent again, she looked behind her to see his eye had just closed and his hand was on his cock through his trousers, she could see this huge bulge and realised what she had accidentally been doing, she turned back and carried one, she then heard him get up, he told her to carry on and would be back in a moment, he returned with a box and told her to arrange these on the bottom 2 shelves.

Tracey was now on her hands and knees, her arse and pussy fully exposed, she was doing a great job, he knelt behind her to slightly re arrange the products, as he learned forward over her she could feel his hard manhood pressing against her exposed arse, she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, as he lifted himself from over her he held onto her hips and ground himself into her again but this time with purpose but ever so gentle, she moan again, he told her she was a good girl and doing a really good job, she finished off whilst he was still rubbing his cock, she would look back and smile at him every now and then.

She got up and sat back down on the chair next to him but facing him, he pulled his chair a little closer making her open her legs to miss the chair legs and his feet, now he could see the sheer panties that she had brought, he could see she was wet and they had become see through exposing her plump tight lips, he stared them raised his eyes to meet hers, she knew what he had been looking at, he asked her a few more questions then asked if she would be looking to do overtime, sometimes it maybe just her and him, also if she got on well there was an awards ceremony each year for the highest sales people in Birmingham, they usually stayed in a Holiday Inn close by for the night as there was dinner and drinks which was all paid for by the company, she said she was ok with this as long as he would look after her and keep her safe, he smiled and said of course, he’d make sure he took extra care of her.

The interview ended, they were chatting and he said he’d seen a few girls today and was seeing another later, she looked at him with a sad face and told him she really needed this job as she lived alone with her mum and maybe her mums boyfriend when she had one, she needed it so they could finally have a holiday and buy some nice things, she told him she would be a really good worker and would do anything he asked, she sank to her knees, put her hands together, she begged him to give her the job, she would do anything, he stood up, his crouch was right in her face, his bulge was easy for her to see as it was 2” away from her lips, he looked down and said to her that is she was willing to do anything and everything she asked, without question no matter what it was then he would give her the job, she jumped up and hugged him, she said I will I will I promise, anything you ask, so he said, ok let’s put it to the test, she said ok, so he told her to remove her dress, she looked at him, he said this isn’t uniform, remove your dress, to which she did, he said now I want you to totally rearrange these shelves again but make sure you’re on your knees with them slightly open, he told her he knew she had caught him looking at her and that she was a very sexy girl and he wanted to have her as a staff member as well be her daddy, she look around at him and said she already has a dad, he said no, I want to be your daddy in a sexual naughty way, she looked and smiled and said that some of her mums boyfriends over the past 3/4 years have told her the same and enjoyed time alone with me whilst mum had been in hospital or was shopping or in the bath, he asked what’s sort of things did they do to her, she turned to him, could clearly see his excitement, she crawled over to him which made him hornier, he opened his legs, she knelt before him and said she would show him.

She looked into his eyes as she unbuttoned his trousers, pulled his zipper down, she could see he had no underwear on, she pulled out his huge cock, he slipped his trousers down a little to give her better access, he was about 9” and she could barely get 2 hands around his shaft, she gulped and said she had never seen one so big, he laughed and just told her to show him, she licked and sucked his balls whilst stroking his solid cock, she looked up at him and asked him how old he was, he told her 56 and works out every day, she smiled then licked up the underside of his huge cock whilst at the same time pulled his forskin right back exposing this Monster of a head, it was huge, she put her little tongue on the underside of his big head and started to lick slowly whilst stroking him and needing his balls, he looked down and told her she was a very good girl and had been taught well, after a few minutes his precum started to ooze from his cock, there was now a big blob, she run her tongue over his slit and licked it up, she told him he tasted good, she wanted all of it, she pushed her tongue into the slit of his cock, he was now moaning loud and dripping, Tracey was eagerly licking up every drop, she pulled her tongue away and slid her mouth over his enormous head, she struggled, he held the back of her head and told her she would get used to it and he couldn’t wait to be inside her and stretch her tiny tight pussy, he started to pump into her mouth, forcing his huge cock on now, he was a quarter of the way in and could feel her gag as he was hitting the back of her throat, he again told her she was a real good daddy’s girl and would eventually take it all in all of her tiny holes, he pulled out, looked down at her and asked if she was going to be a good girl for daddy and do everything he wanted, she nodded and said, yes daddy anything you want, anytime and where ever, he pushed his course l back in and told her he was going to cum, he advised her to take her underwear off, she struggled as he face fucked her, she managed to remove her bra and knickers, he pulled her to her knees and continued to fuck her mouth still with just a quarter of his length hitting the back of her mouth, he then moaned and erupted, he told her to drink but she couldn’t drink fast enough, her mouth was small and full of his stool cock, it was flowing from her mouth and over her tits down to her pussy, he pulled out have a few long strokes and shot 5 large ropes of hot thick cum over her face then told her to clean his cock.

He stood back, told her to put her hands under her bum and spread her legs, he buttoned up his trousers sat back down and admired the mess he had made on his obedient young girl, he smiled whilst he watched his cum drop off her face to her small breasts then down to her tummy and then slowly dripping over her small pussy to form a puddle on the floor, he told her to scoop it all up and drink it like a good girl, she looked at him and said ok daddy anything for you, after she had finished he showed her to the toilet which had a shower, she cleaned up and walked out all fresh and naked.

He looked at her and said can you be this good all this time for your daddy no matter where we are, she looked and said of course, I really need this job and I want to please you however I can so I can keep this job, he told her she had the job and to get her dress on and leave the underwear off as he was going to show her around and where she would be working, he took her down to the shop and showed her around her section, she met a couple of guys who worked in other departments and a couple of other young girls and a few older ladies, he introduced her to a lady called Linda, he told Tracey she was the deputy manager and she also had to do what she asked of her, she looked at him, he winked and asked her if she could do that, she replied with a soft and nervous yes, she asked Linda to show her where the staff room was, fire exits and toilets, as they got out of ear shot, Linda asked her if she had the full interview treatment to get the job, she looked and smiled and said yes I think so, I did everything he asked of me, Linda looked at her and smiled and told her she was going to fit in really well.

Linda was 48, married, 3 children all in their 20’s now, her son worked in one of the departments, James his name was, Tracey had met him a few moments ago, Linda was on the plump side, large 38DD breasts, 36” hips and 34” waist, she had short bobbed blond hair and hazel eyes, she had a lovely soft smile with a devil look to her.

As she open the door to the fire exit this then closed behind them as they walked in, Linda showed Tracey outside and where they would meet, they came back in and she closed the door, as Linda turned around she told her to remove her dress, Tracey looked puzzled, Linda told her she was told to do as asked and now you are to remove your dress, she shyly removed it and held it in her hand, Lind told her to turn around and put her hands on the wall step back and spread her legs, Linda walked up behind her, got real close and started to caress her back, her bottom, her breasts, pinching her nipples, Tracey let out a small squeal, her hands then went to her pussy and her finger slipped into her lips, Tracey was very wet, Linda let out a soft moan, I see you have been a good girl in your interview, he has made you nice and wet for me, Linda kissed her way down Tracey’s back, she opened up her arse and her tongue started to devour her tight spinster, easing its way in, she bent her right over giving her access to her tiny pussy, she inserted a finger whilst her tongue was on her arse, she squealed again, Linda pulled out and told her she was very tight then asked if she was a virgin, Tracey said yes she had never been penetrated and that he was going to use her holes and use her like a good little girl, Linda laughed and said yes he will but he’ll struggle with you tiny hole with that huge cock he has, she told Tracey he uses all the ladies and girls here, it’s seems to part of the job but because he is so big all the woman love it and don’t mind. She spun her around, lifted her foot onto her shoulder and told her she was going to give her an orgasm like never before, Linda slowly licked her pussy, inserted 1 finger and slowly started to finger fuck her, then another finger, the momentum got faster, her fingers curled inside Tracey to find her g-spot, she tongue now sucking on her clit, Tracey was moaning loud, her hips were moving back and forth with Linda’s fingers, the juices where flowing and then that was it, that special moment, she exploded like a waterfall, Linda tried to drink up her juices but it was no good, Linda got soaked, she carried on for a few minutes as it was now to late as she was already wet and thought she may as well give Tracey this amazing experience, Linda slowly pulled out and watched the last juices flow from her pussy over the floor, Linda stood up and kissed Tracey on the lips, her tongue darted into her open mouth, Tracey’s mouth and tongue responded, she could taste her sweet pussy juice on Linda’s tongue and lips, after a few minutes of kissing Linda told her to get dressed and walked her back upstairs to the board room where George was waiting, he could see Linda was a little wet, he stood up approached Linda and asked if she was good enough for the job, Linda said most definitely and then George kissed her open mouth tasting Tracey’s pussy on her, he said that was good as he wanted to give her the job.

He brought in a few blouses and a couple of skirts, told her to take off her dress and try them on, he sat down and admired her tiny body, smooth pussy, small breasts and hard nipples, after a few changes she got the right size, he took the others back and brought her out a few items of the same size and told her this would be her inform and no underwear, she would have overtime available and could come in after school if she wanted, overtime would be with just him and Linda, the other boys and girls are not needed, he pushed her against the table, put his hand up her skirt and slid a finger into her pussy, her mouth opens so he took advantage and kissed her full on, as he pulled away he asked if she was going to let him take her virginity, she looked shocked, he told her he had watched what Linda had done and could hear everything, she smiled, sat back on the table and spread her legs, her bottom was on the edge pussy fully exposed for George, she looked at him and told him that she was his when ever he wanted her, he knelt down and slid his tongue into her pussy and have her another good licking until she cum, licking and sucking on her clit whilst his fat fingers fucked her tiny hole whilst he listened to her moans of pleasure.

Once finished he stood up and told her to strip and get dressed properly as they were now finished, again he sat back and admired her body as she stripped and dressed, he walked her down to the shop front doors and told her he would she her bright and early at 7am for her induction and training.

She knew the shop didn’t open until 9am so she could only imagine what sort of training she would be doing, she skipped home to tell her mum the good news

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Me and my young lover 4 (5)

This is a true story and happened not to long ago, they still continue to meet and play

I’m a 47 year old lady, 5.9 without heels, slim long 33” legs, 30” waist, 36” hips 34C breasts, long blond hair down to my waist and piercing blue eyes that my husband says are come to bed and fuck me eyes. We have been married for 26 years, I have an amazing husband, we have never had children as I have had problems so couldn’t conceive, so we have had a good life, lovely holidays, nice things, meals out, cinema etc etc plus a great sex life until recently, he was promoted again at work to a nation sales director and spends a lot of time away, sometimes 2/3 weeks at a time, back for a few days then away again for another week or so, I’ve started to get lonely and very frustrated so I decided to register on an adult website where I knew I would get the pick of guys and couples.

My Ad:

Lonely house wife, very submissive, 5.9” long blond hair, blue come to bed eyes slim figure, nice 34C breasts, sensitive nipples, smooth eager pussy, like anal and oral sex to, and interested to explore my Bi side, never been with a woman but I’m willing to be shown the ‘ropes’ quite literally, I am an expert at deep throat (well with at least 8” anyway) I love to be filled with cum as well as swallow and covered in it.

I’m very fit and go to the gym regularly and have a very high sex drive, I like to be fucked multiple times so if you can’t keep up please don’t apply, I’m not ruling out multiple men but it must be somewhere safe maybe a sex club, I’m looking to explore an experienced couple as well, age not important but my preference for all is slim fit and hung. If we become a regular thing once I trust you I wouldn’t mind being taken somewhere, tied up and used by you and your partner or friends, I’ve never had multiple cocks but wouldn’t say no either.

I sorted out a few naughty pics for my profile, kept the ones with my face in private (just in case) and my main pic was me naked with my whole body and legs spread, I knew this would grab peoples attention as I have a lovely neat pussy, tight lips that make a great painting lol

Once finished I start looking, I start to get plenty of messages from guys, some older some younger, most of them not slim, beer belly’s, small hairy cocks and stuff then I have a message from a 19 year old lad, 6.5” fit black hair, blue eyes with what looks like a massive smooth cock, he is holding it hard in his hand and there is plenty handing out the other wan with a lovely bulbous purple head with a tiny droplet of cum at the slit.

I reply to him and say hi, lovely body and cock but I think you’re a little to young and may not be experienced enough for me. He was polite and kind with his reply and didn’t take it to heart but told me he had been with a couple of married ladies since he was 14, one was his mums friend and another he met at the park, because he had a big cock this is what they was interested in plus being a teenager they said he would be a good repeater, so he has gained a lot of experience over the past 5 years, he is still seeing one of them now, and said he always satisfies her multiple times a night when they meet and fucks her several times as well.

I agree to meet him, down the pub on a Thursday evening for a drink or 2 and a chat to see how we get on. So the evening comes, I’m so nervous, I really don’t know what to wear, I want to show off my legs but what if he takes it as a come on, I just want a drink for now, that’s it I put on a summer dress, half way up my thighs and shows just enough cleavage, some high heels to show off my calf’s I wear a thong but no bra, I’ve always been lucky that my breasts stay firm and upright, a little eye liner and lippy, put on my denim jacket and I’m ready, I call a taxi and I’m off to the pub, I arrived 15 minutes early, so I order myself a vodka and Coke for my nerves, and take a seat at a table on a little cove type place which is a little private.

After 20 minutes I notice him walk in, I smile at him and he walks over, nice pair of shoes, tight jeans showing off his big limp cock, white t-shirt and a nice Fred Perry jacket in blue which matched his eyes, as I said hi to him he kissed my cheek and he smelt so nice, I asked him and he said it was Hugo Boss, I told him one of my favourites, he asked if I wanted a top up, I thought yeah so far so good so I asked for a vodka and coke, he brought them over and sat opposite me at the table.

He looked at my painted nails, then my breasts, then up to my face, I was smiling, he then looked into my eyes, he my pictures don’t do me justice, he prefers me with clothes off and that I really do have come to bed fuck me eyes, I nearly spat my drink out and just laughed, I told him maybe soon and that he was a naughty boy but that it lightened the mood, he then told me naughty boys need punishing, again this made me laugh, I smiled and said maybe.

We chatted for a few hours and had some more drinks, then it was last orders, I really couldn’t believe we had been chatting for at least 4 hours, with this drink inside me, his good looks, lovely aftershave, charm and tight jeans I was feeling rather horny, I couldn’t believe myself, I wanted this boy badly, I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit, his cock in all my holes, being fucked hard by his piece of meat, I snapped myself out of it when he brought over last orders.

I asked if he lived far, which he said no just around the corner with his mum and dad and 2 sisters. I asked if any of them knew he was here which he said his twin sister, I asked if she was as good looking as him, which he laughed and said no much better, he said she was very much like me, enjoyed going to the gym with him, was 6ft slim, same size breasts, long black hair and blue eyes, I asked him if they where come to bed fuck me eyes like mine, he laughed and went red, then said yes, I asked him if she aroused him, he said yes many times when he had watched her shower or when they had shared the hot tub, he told me one evening when they where 14 that their mum and dad had gone out, they had gone into the hot tub, had been drinking and she took her bikini off and was naked standing up showing her body to me, she asked if he liked what he see, he said of course not you’re my sister but under the water my cock was rock solid at the sight of her and thought of fucking her, she told me it was my turn to strip and stand to which I did very slowly and nervously, I was still very hard and it just stood proud in front of her face, she has a big smile and all I heard was mmmmmmmmm can I touch it, so I said no you’re my sister and it’s wrong, to which she said, says you turned on with the hard cock, she leant forward and grabbed it and started to stroke it, it then become fully erect and solid on her little hand which didn’t go around it. My head went back as I tried to breath as I felt the head go in her mouth, she was so warm and inviting, she could only manage a qtr but that felt good and within a minute I shot down her throat and she swallowed it all, she then told me her older boyfriend had taught her but she said there is no way your getting that thing inside me it’s to big, with that she got out, grabbed a towel and her bikini and said she was going for a shower and then to bed, I stayed there for another 20 minutes and then went to bed, it’s happened again a few times since then but she won’t let me fuck her as I’m to big for her, she is very tight.

I just said maybe I’ll meet her one day, he said if things go well he would introduce me, I finished my drink and said I just need the loo, I got up and felt I was all wet in my knickers, I went to the toilets and into the cubicle, I pulled down my thong and it was soaked, my clit was poking out and very sensitive, I touched myself and nearly cum there and then, I was so turned on by his antics but didn’t realise that much, or was it because I hadn’t been ticked or sucked a nice juicy cock in 6 weeks, either way I felt dizzy and horny, I had to take off my thong I couldn’t wear it like that so decided to go commando as I had taken my spare pair out of my bag, I finished in the toilet, washed my hands and went back out, he asked if I was ok as I looked a little flushed, I said just a bit warm, I put my coat on and he walked me out, he asked if I lived far, I said about a 20 minute walk but I’d get a taxi, he said he would walk me if I wanted him to as it was a lovely warm evening, I said I wasn’t sure, he said no strings, I’ll walk you home as as I have had a lovely evening and just wanted it to last a little longer, so I said ok but that’s it.

As we was walking we diverted through the park and headed towards a large field, he bumped my hand as in to hold it so I let him, my other hand held his bicep, he was firm and larger than I first thought, I thought in my head he must be strong and that if he really wanted me he could just take me when ever he wanted now, my legs wear weakening and I could feel my juices flowing down the insides of my legs, he asked if I was ok, I said yes just a little unsteady, he see a bench and helped me over to it, as I sat down my dress came right up but not enough for him to see anything, he said I had amazing legs and that he would love them wrapped around his head, he sat next to me, I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead, something my husband used to do all the time before he was promoted, I let him do it a few times, he kissed down my cheek and then to my mouth, it opened instinctively and allowed his tongue to explore my open wet warm mouth, he tiled I tasted so good, he continued to kiss me then his right hand landed on my right leg, my legs just parted, it was like I wasn’t in control but I was perfectly capable of standing up and walking away but I didn’t, I let him continue, his hand slowly slid up the inside of my thigh until he reached my pussy, I could feel I was soaked, he made my heart beat faster, I was nervous and scared, he was younger than my nephews, his finger slid up n down between my lips, parting them, making me moan out loud which I tried to hide, his finger easily slipped inside me and then 2, he stopped kissing me and lied me down on the bench, opening my legs, one over the back of the bench and one foot on the floor, he started to slowly finger fuck my pussy, I was getting wetter, the bench was starting to get wet, I could feel it run down my arse crack on to it, he curled his fingers up and built up a steady Rhythm, I was so hot and horny it really didn’t take long for me to start squirting, by this time he had stood up and moved to my side, my juices were going everywhere, I was moaning so loud now he was covering my mouth to keep me quiet but continued to make me squirt, after 10 minutes of this I was helpless to anything now.

He knelt on the floor and positioned himself between my legs, he then lowers his face and started to clean up my juices and eat my pussy expertly with his long tongue, I knew now these woman had really taught him well, he was massaging my clit with his tongue, then it would dart into my pussy, then he push my legs up to my head and eat my arse then he would start fingering me again and suck on my clit, I started to squirt again which I love to do but this was crazy, he was making my head go dizzy again, he was drinking me up and by the moans from him he was loving every drop, this went on for about 30mins tea, his tongue and fingers exploring both holes making me squirt time after time.

It was now about 12 midnight, the sky was clear, the moon was out in full lighting up the world, I was on my back, legs open wide and pussy soaking wet, he looked at me and told me he had to have me now, I told him no but he said his cock was rock hard and he needed to fuck some good pussy, he lifted me up and removed my jacked and then my dress before I even knew what he was up to, he pushed me back down, legs over his shoulders and hand around my throat telling me that I was going to be his older sex slut now, he unzipped his jeans with his other hand and removed them, he then took off his jacket and t-shirt, we was both now naked, I looked down, his cock was massive, I’d have said closer to 10” and so thick, he pulled the skin back, his head slowly popped out and was dripping, he was worked up and really wanted me, he pushed the head up to my lips, I could feel he was big, it popped inside me and made me squeal, he laughed and said that’s what happens to most woman but he would take it slowly to start, I told him no he was going to hurt me, he told me to relax and all would be well, he very slowly inserted the full shaft into me, balls deep, I couldn’t believe I could take it all, he looked at me surprised as well, he just said well well, you can fit me, me are going to have some fun, then he pulled right out to the tip and slammed it right in, I squealed and moaned as he continued to fuck me deep and hard, he started to get dater harder and as deep as his balls would let him, I was really enjoying it and he could tell, my pussy was starting to leak again, his cock become a creamy white with my juices, he held my ankle high and wide and really fucked me hard, after 15 minutes ish, he pulled out and put me on my knees, he stood behind me and started fucking me, taking it in turns in my arse then back to my pussy, he would then walk to my face and push it right down my throat, stretching my mouth and passage, I could taste the mixture of our cum, then he would go back around and continue to fuck me, after ages of fucking he come to my face pushed it balls deep and emptied himself, stream after stream of hot cum, large lumps of seamen hitting my stomach, he much have ejaculated about 10 large ropes of cum into me, the sweat was pouring off of him, he pulled out because I was choking, he then sat on the bench naked and laid my head on his lap.

He was stroking my hair and told me I had a lovely pussy and that I was a good slut for him, he said he likes olde woman as they appreciate a younger man with a big cock more than girls his age, he told me he wanted to see me a lot more so he could enjoy my holes and listening to me moan, he told me I was very noisy and my pussy was like a tap but that’s what he likes, my hand run up his leg to meet his cock and he was still hard, I moved so I could suck him, I could taste our mixed juices, it tasted amazing, I was taking half of him in my mouth and he was moaning so good, I told him he was a good boy and if he wanted to he could call me mummy, he said yes because even mummies like his young cock, I could feel him starting to leak at the thought, I asked him if the thought of fucking mummy turns him on which he pushed more into my mouth and said yes mummy now shit up and suck deeper as it went further in.

I stood up, he was sat there, legs open, cock pointing to the sky rock solid, I thought my husbands hasn’t been like that in years, I stood on the bench, feet either side of my lover and lowered my self down and impaled his pole deep into my soaked cunt, I started to ride him slowly, looking into his eyes and kissing him, he was balls deep, I could feel his head pushing on the walls of my insides, he was at the entrance of my cervix I could feel the head trying to open it and slid in, he whispered that I was a really good slut and he wanted to see me a lot more, I told him he could stay for the weekend as her husband was away on business, he lifted mu arse and started fuck in time with me riding him, we fucked like this for about 2 hours, nice and slow, then he told me he was close to cummin, I asked him where he wanted to empty himself, he told me my pussy but from behind as he wanted to give me it really hard, I said ok, he asked me if I was a good slut and I’d be his sex toy, I said yes and he could do anything he wanted to me, I was his mummy and he could use me all the time, he told me to get on the bench on my knees, he knelt down and cleaned out my pussy, he then stood behind and slammed his cock into me balls deep in 1 hard thrust, he told me I was his slut and would do anything he wanted, where ever he wanted and with who ever he wanted and asked if I understood, I said yes I understand, he then said good mummy and started to really pound me hard, slapping my bare arse with his belt until it was stinging and I was crying, he told me to shut up and take it like a whore, no man has ever talked to me like this, he was clearly getting off on it, I was just agreeing with everything he said, he got more dominant and physical, he said you old whores love to be used, I nodded and then he shot inside me he shot about 5 large jets into me then pulled out, shot over my arse then forced himself into my tight butt, he put the belt around my neck and pulled as he thrust into me, I was being chocked and painfully analysed now, he was deep and hard, I was going dizzy, I think I passed out as I woke up and he was still fucking me, he had hold of my hair and was pulling my head back as his belt was whipping under me at my breasts, he was like a wild dog taking what he wanted, he finally started to jerk as I felt his hot load shoot inside my arse, after his cock went limp he slowly pulled out with a pop lol

He laid me down on the bench, my legs were like jelly, I couldn’t move, in that moment I was his to do what ever he wanted with, I could move run or anything and he knew that, my legs splayed open, cum dripping from my arse and pussy, he held his cock into my mouth and commanded that I clean him up, I could taste my pussy, his cum, my arse juice all mixed together, he stayed limp, I licked up and down his soft shaft and sucked him clean, I looked at my watch 04:30hrs, it was starting to get light very slightly, a man in the distance walking his dog looking over at us, both naked and exposed on the bench, he walked closer, my lover told me to stay put, he was now 10ft away, I was laying with my legs spread, covered in cum and still dripping from me, his large limp cock dangling, we must have looked a sight, he winked and just said morning, after he got a good look at my body he walked off into the distance into the woods.

My boy asked if I would have fucked him if he has told me to, I said in this state at this moment yes I would of allowed you to command it, it now got to 5am and was much lighter, the morning was fresh and I could feel it had cooled down as my temperature fell, I put my dress and jacket on and then my heels, he got dressed to and continued to walk me home, I invited him in, we both showered together and then went to bed, we both fell asleep straight away and didn’t wake until 3pm later that day, I woke to him eating my pussy, and so begins that story.

Grandad and Me 3.8 (4)

This is a story told to me by a friend, is it true, who knows, but knowing my friend lol

Me and my granddad have always been close, every since I was born until now I have always been his little princess, he has dotted on me and always given me everything I have wanted (within reason) my nanny has been the same but I know I’m grandads favourite and I love spending time with them, I’ve always had sleep overs since a baby and granddad has always bathed me which I’ve enjoyed, I know he taught me my alphabet and numbers when I was younger with rubber stick on letter for the bath, we would spend ages learning them then he would stand me up and wash me with nice baby shower gel and his hands, this went on for many years until I was about 10, his hands and fingers covered my body, he told me we needed to make sure I was nice and clean everywhere, after the bath Nan always told him to make sure he put talc everywhere, I used to lay on my front so he could do my back and bottom, then I would lay on my back so me could do my front and my legs, he would lift up my leg and open them wide so he could reach all my parts including my lady parts which he did start to take his time with as I got older, it did start to feel nice and I would lay there and just let him powder me and I’d enjoy his touch.

My mum had a falling out with my Nan so I never went around for a while, I wasn’t sure what it was about but I think it was Nan just speaking her mind as my mum would always ‘dump’ me on them just so she could go out.

When I got to 12 I started to go back around and stay over, again grandad started to wash me, they now had a shower fitted as it was easier for them to get in and out of, the shower was a nice long one, sliding door one end to get in and out with 2 shower heads, I like the rainfall shower head as I can stand underneath it and relax. Grandad would then come in and ask if I wanted a wash, I would go to the end by the door, turn my back to the door, he would open it and squirt body wash all over my back, his hands would then start to rub it all over my back, down the backs of my legs and up the inside and then underneath me to the front, his hands would slow down and I always felt his finger slid between my pussy lips, as his finger ran over my tiny clit I accidentally let out a soft moan, his finger slowly run over it again a few times, my knees started to buckle, his other hand went around my waist to hold me up, he stopped and pulled away and told me to turn around, as I did he told me to hold onto the shower frame above me head so he could wash me all over, again more shower gel over my breasts and tummy (my breast were just starting to develop and were a small 32AA) his hands started to work the lotion over my body, down my tummy, my legs and then back up, his thumbs started to circle my nipples, they slowly begun to harden, I closed my eyes and smiled, it felt so good, it was really exciting me, a lot more than when I did it my self, then I felt his hand running over my pussy, his finger slipped between my lips again and found my tiny clit which was now starting to stick out a little, now I was starting feel really good, like never before, I could feel the energy flowing through me, I’d never felt this doing it myself or my boyfriend, but then he was the same age as me so not as experienced and the expert touch of my grandad, his big finger slipped just into my pussy and made me jump and yell at the same time, he pulled out straight away and asked if I was ok, I said yes but he better go and Nan would be back from the shops soon and that if he wanted we could finish off another time.

He left and went down stairs to make a cup of tea, just as I finished rinsing the soap off I got out the shower and heard Nan come on the front door, she looked up the stairs and asked if I wanted grandad to put talc on my back, I said if it was ok as I couldn’t reach, I then went into my bedroom, I thought little does she know what’s just happened.

A few minutes later I was drying my hair and I felt hands on my shoulders, I turned off the dryer and I spun around to see grandad again, I smiled at him and he returned a warm smile and kissed me on the forehead, he said Nan was sitting in the back garden having her cuppa, he looked at me and said ‘you wanted to talc all over’ I just laughed and said only if you wanted to, I laid on my front, he sprinkled it all over my back and started to rub it on, all over my back, down my legs, up the insides, I instinctively parted my legs as his hands got to the top, I felt the palm of his hand on my bottom as his fingers ventured under me to rub my pussy, I was still on a high state of arousal, it felt so nice, I really didn’t want it to stop, my arse lifted on the air to give him better access, I could feel the cool air breeze over my little pink arse as it opened up, I heard him moan a soft sigh at the sight before him, his thumb then went to my clit, my pussy was starting to get wet now, his finger entered me, he told me I was very wet and so lovely and tight, then I felt his younger against my arse, I tended up, he told me to relax, he pulled his hand from my pussy and with both hands pulled my arse apart then I felt his tongue enter my arse, it felt so good, it was amazing the shocks flowing through my body, I was softly jerking as his tongue worked my tiny tight arse, then he pulled me up onto my knees, he said this is better then I felt his tongue lapping up my wet pussy, licking from my clit to my arse, I didn’t realise this was a thing that girls like let alone men, but I was was in heaven, his tongue entered my tight love hole as his thumb worked my clit again as I started to orgasm, he pushed my head into the bed with his free hand and continued, after a couple of minutes of this I collapsed, my body shaking all over, he rolled me over and talced my front again playing with my nipples but nice and gentle, I could see a massive bulge in his shorts, I asked if he needed help with it but he said another time.

I got dressed and went down stairs, Nan and grandad were now in the kitchen making dinner, we was having spaghetti bol. After we had finished dinner we sat in the front room, they watched telly and I was on my phone to my best friend telling her what had happened to me, I was getting turned on again, I looked up to see grandad looking up my little cotton nightie I had on, my pussy exposed glistening with my juices, I looked at him and he smiled at me, I closed my legs, and carried on messaging my friend.

A little bit of fondling carried on for a couple of years when I stayed around theirs or we went swimming together as a family he would have a quick feel of me, even though I was young I really enjoyed it, I would play with myself at night thinking about what grandad was doing to me, how he was making me feel and I’m sure it made him feel good to, my Nan and grandad were both in there late 50’s early 60’s when I reached 14.

One weekend my mum was going out for the night on a Friday, this had been planned for a couple of weeks so again I was staying with my Nan and grandad, I went straight there after school, I was in my uniform but was waiting for mum to finish work so she could bring me some clothes and night clothes, I already had my own toiletries there but not clothes as it wasn’t a regular sleep over.

Nan got a call from work, they asked her to cover the night shift as they were short, she asked grandad if he minded her going in as he would have to look after me, he said it was fine as I was no trouble, so she agreed, got her uniform on kissed us both good bye, told us she would see us in the morning and that I had to look after grandad and make sure he was behaving whilst she was at work then she left for work.

As he walked back on from closing the door he looked at me with a big smile, I smiled back at him as I knew what was on his mind, he told me one day he would go all the way and turn me into a woman but only when I was ready, as I was looking at him I softly said to him I think I’m ready, he just asked me if I was sure, which I said I think so yes, he said we would wait until mum had dropped off my stuff and then we would see about it later in the evening.

Mum got there about 30mins after Nan had left so it was about 7:30, I had my dinner and was watching telly sitting next to grandad on the sofa, the curtains were closed, the front door was locked and he was gently stroking my nipples inside my school blouse, he opened the door and said your mum must have locked it as she has been called on to cover at work, mum asked if he would be alright looking after me, he joked and said she was told to look after me haha, mum laughed and told me to behave and do as I was told then she left.

Grandad told me to follow him upstairs and he took my bag up, he started to take my clothes out to put them in the draws and hang them up, he hung up my dress I like to wear, some jeans, a blouse and jumper, then he put my T-Shorts in the draw and then pulled out a couple of g-string panties in white, he held them up and looked at me and said, not much material in these my girl, pointless wearing them, I looked at him and said I’m not, he looked shocked and then asked me to prove it, so I lifted my skirt and showed off my clean smooth pussy that I had waxed the night before, he just looked, licked his lips and said yummy, but I was a bad girl for going to school with no panties and would be punished, I just smiled at him and laughed as my grandad never punishes me.

He told me to strip as it was time for my shower, once naked he told me to kneel on the bed with my face in the pillow and my arse in the air with my legs together, I could just about see myself in the mirror my arse was fully exposed and my pussy lips held tight exposed between my legs. His finger ran up and down my pussy and then I felt his hand slap my arse, it stung and really hurt, I let out a loud Yelp and told him it hurt, he told me to be quiet, you was told to be a good girl, do as you’re told and you’ve been naughty, with that another hard slap across my backside, again it really hurt, I let out another loud Yelp and a tear ran down my face as I cried into the pillow, he told me to be quiet and accept my punishment like a good slut, then I heard him undo his belt, then I felt 2 quick hard slaps across my backside, I turned over and was crying, he used the belt to tie my hands behind my back and then he told me he was turning me into a woman but an obedient little slut that my future boyfriends would enjoy and he will teach me how to pleasure them.

I was now on my knees with my back to the wall facing him, he stripped off and exposed his very hard 7” cock, I could see it was wet with his precum, he stepped closer to me and asked if I liked what I see, I nodded and said yes, he told me I was to lick it like an ice cream and suck it like a lollipop, so he slowly slid the head into mouth, I started to suck the head of his cock, he told me to do it with less suction and to slowly move up and down the shaft, as I worked down the shaft I felt it hit the back of my throat and it made me gag, he told me I had to get used to it as that’s what guys liked, they enjoyed a girl that gags a lot and also more so a girl that can take a cock into their throat, he told me that would really please a guy, he pulled out and started pushing it further and further down into my throat, after the third attempt I had to rush to the toilet as I was sick, so he followed me, got me back on my knees and started doing it again, in between he was getting me to lick up and down his shaft and suck his balls, he was nice and smooth, he was freshly shaved and it felt so nice. He told me he was close to cummin, he was going to throat fuck me like the slut I’m becoming and he was going to pull out as he was cummin, he wanted me to keep my mouth open and swallow what went in, so I said ok anything you want, he pushed it back into my mouth and started fucking my throat, he was balls deep and I could feel it down my throat, he told me to clench my throat muscles whilst it was down there, it felt wired but he told me I was being a really good girl and doing a good job, he continued to fuck my mouth, it got faster and faster, as he pulled out he told me to watch as he shot stream after stream of thick hot cum, he must of shot another 10 long thick streams of cum, rope after rope across my face, into my mouth and over my tits, I was swallowing like mad, it tasted nice, he told me to lick it and scoop it from my face and tits, there was a lot, even though he had finished as I was cleaning up he continued to stroke himself fast, then he told me to open wide and stick out my tongue, with that he thrust down my throat and I could feel his cock spasm about 6 times as his body jerked his hot cum down my throat.

He told me it was time for a shower, he untied my hands and got in the shower with me, his hands gently rubbing the body wash over me paying particular attention to my breasts and clit, slowly bring me to and amazing orgasm right there, it felt amazing being brought off by someone else was unbelievable, I got out and he told me to go into their room, he showered himself and followed me, I was already dry and laying naked on the bed with my legs open rubbing my pussy, sliding my finger slowly into me as he walked through the door, he told me to continue as he climbed on the bed and knelt next to my face and told me to show him what I’d learnt, and slowly sucked his whole cock deep into my mouth and down my throat, it seemed a lot easier now and he was clearly enjoying it as much as me, my pussy was dripping now, told me to stop then he pulled away.

He looked at me and asked me if I was ready to become a woman and his toy, I said yes but asked him to be gentle, he said he would but it would hurt me at first but I’d get used to it, he kissed my on the lips, his tongue farted into my mouth as his hands explored my young soft naked body, over my nipples and down to my pussy, spreading my legs in a single motion, I could feel he was an expert and had pure lust in him as his tongue was hitting my through I was pinned to the bed, he kissed his way down, tied his belt around my ankles, lifted my legs up and over my head, I put my arms through my legs and he pulled the belt down behind my head, I was now bent in half, fully exposed and open and helpless, he told me he had been looking forward to Geri g me in this position for a long time, ever since he started me and gymnastics all them years ago, he slowly licked from my arse up to my pussy and back down, spending time licking my clit and pushing his tongue on my arse, he told me he would take my arse one day soon but not tonight, he licked back up and I could feel his tongue dart into my pussy, licking all my juices out, I was moaning with pleasure and this encouraged him to continue more and more, he could feel my juice flowing, he licked up to my clit, sucked it into his mouth and expertly held it there whilst his tongue clicked it backwards and forwards, around in circles, then he’d gently grind his teeth on it whilst sucking it, I don’t know what or how he was doing it but it started to make me cum, his fingers entered my soaked pussy, I could feel them curl up inside me, I later found out that was my g-spot and I would be gone to really enjoy playing with it, he started to slowly pull in and out now, gently massaging my clit, he slowly worked up a rhythm whilst still mouthing my clit, I was so hot, so turned on I thought I was going to pass out when all of a sudden it happened, he stopped and carried on finger fucking me, juices were squirting over his face and he was drinking it up, I couldn’t stop it, I was pined into a position were I couldn’t move and he was taking full advantage of me, he pulled his fingers out, with that my body spasmed, I was still cummin, juices running out of me then I felt the head of his cock at my entrance, I was so relaxed he just slid inside so gently, then as the head popped right in I really hurt, he stopped, and pushed my legs back, he told me to breath deep and relax, after a minute or 2 I had calmed down and I told him to continue, with one hard quick thrust he burrows himself balls deep into me, I screamed out load as it really hurt but he continued to pin me down as he held himself inside me, he told me to relax, he told me I was a really good girl and I was doing great, after a couple of minutes he pulled out slowly to the head then slowly pushed in, it was very uncomfortable and again I was told to breath deep and relax and that I’d get used to it, he slowly started work back and forth, after 10 minutes of slow penetration I was getting used to it, he felt my body relax then he started fucking me, fucking me with purpose now, deeper and faster, his fingers squeezed and pulled my nipples, he told me I was doing great and that I’d make a great slut toy for him to use, after about 25mins yes of fucking deep and hard he shot his load inside me, I felt him tense up, I felt his cock grow more inside me and his cum hit my Virgina walls, stream after stream, he must have emptied a bucket in me as it was pouring down over my arse, he pulled his cock out, I could see it was covered in blood, then I felt him rub it against my arse, he slipped the head in easy with all the cum lube, this really did hurt, he held it there and just gently pushed a few times and cum again in my arse, he pulled out and told me he would take my arse next time but would give me a butt plug to open me up ready.

He untied me and I went for a shower to clean up and stop the bleeding. He followed me in and we showered again, he was very gentle with me now, he dried me off and we went down stairs, it was now 11 pm and he poured himself a whiskey and downed it then another then took the next to the sofa, I got myself a squash, as I walked in his limp cock was exposed from his robe, I knelt before him and told him to relax and I started to suck him hard again, then I was deep throating him but I was working him slowly, really taking my time, he directed to lick just under the head were it’s sensitive, this really got him going, my head was soon bobbing up and down faster taking him all the way, then he told me he was cumming again and pushed it right down and shot his hot load again into me.

We snuggled up on the sofa, he was running his fingers through my hair, the next thing I knew he was tucking me into bed and kissed me on the forehead goodnight and said thank you and he would see me in the morning.