Dora’s story walkthrough

Together with Dora, you need to unravel the reasons for the disappearance of her mother.

Performance requirements

Intelligence — 6


To start the story, you need to unlock the location “Dora’s House”. You will do this during the passage of Shani’s story. The blacksmith will send you to Dora’s House to collect the petals of the Lip flower.

In front of Dora’s house, choose the phrase “Chat with Dora.” Then choose the answers about hobbies, riddles. If your intelligence is more than 2, then you can continue. She will ask the first riddle.

The answer will be in the merchant’s elf shop. You will need to go to his warehouse and find a box with a note there. This note unlocks the location of the Thinker’s Park. There, after talking to a passerby, you will find a bucket with a note. The note will tell you to come back and tell Dora the code phrase “Forgotten Book.”

Hearing this, Dora offers to help you solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. She’ll give you a burnt book. If your intelligence is more than 4, then you can help the girl. And the first stage will be getting a special flour. This unlocks the location “Windmill.”

When you come to the mill, you will find out what ingredients are needed to create a special flour. And you will go to the market for them to a traveling merchant. In exchange, he will ask you to take a book with erotic pictures to the elf trader. After you take this book, the traveling merchant will give you the ingredients. You will grind these ingredients into flour and return to Dora.

At Dora’s house, her father will meet you instead of her. He will treat you unkindly and ask what you two are doing. You have to answer that with plants. Otherwise, he’ll kick you out of the yard. If you answer correctly, you will be able to spy on Dora, who is washing. After this sex scene with peeping, you will meet and continue the conversation. She will send you to the seashore to collect sea urchin caviar.

On the seashore, if your intelligence is more than 5, you will collect sea urchin caviar. This will be a mini-game in which you will need to control the bucket with the arrows. Sea urchins and shells will fall from the top of the screen. You need to put the bucket in the right position to collect sea urchins. The collected sea urchins will have to be taken to Dora.

When you come to Dora and give her sea urchin caviar, you will inform her about the next ingredient. It will be the sperm of a young man mixed with the saliva of a young girl. Dora will have no choice but to give you a blowjob. After receiving your sperm and mixing it with your saliva, you will go to the academy for stardust. You can get there if you only complete several stages of Merten’s quest.

In the astronomy department, Teacher Linden will refuse you this dust. You have to say that you will do anything to get this dust. She will ask you to help her set up the telescope. After an erotic procedure, he will share the stardust with you. And you’ll have to go back to Dora again.

Dora will send you for the last ingredient — rhino horn. You will buy it from a traveling merchant for 300 coins. You will grind this horn into powder at the mill and you will have to return to Dora. But before you return, you’ll need to get a full set of Manticore School armor during Merten’s quest.

Returning to Dora in armor, you will complete the creation of what Dora’s mother worked on. It will turn out to be a scary little monster with a huge dick. This monster will want to attack Dora and you will have to defeat him. After the victory, Dora’s dad will appear and say that you created this creature incorrectly. And Dora’s mom ran away with a homunculus man she created. After the reconciliation of dad and daughter, you will only have to get your payment.

This payment will be passionate sex with Dora. There will be six poses in the sex scene. Three poses are classic sex. The other three poses are anal sex. After you cum in or out of her, Dora’s story is over.