Julian Alfred Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhove, better known as Dandelion (Polish: Jaskier), was a poet, minstrel, bard

Dandelion’s appearance is little described, although it is mentioned more than once that he is a dandy and handsome, and so much so that it is easy to confuse him with an elf – this only serves to benefit his fame and success with women. Dandelion has blue eyes and blond hair, which he let fall to his shoulders at the beginning of his career and began to curl gracefully on the irons. The bard is quite tall, thin, prefers to dress in fashionable shiny caftans or jackets of bright colors, usually purple, plum or red wine, with pouf sleeves, lace cuffs and frills, and a collar with teeth, wears a plum-colored cap with an aigrette and a white heron feather and always a lute – an invariable attribute of his profession. He never carries a gun, but you can find combs and a corkscrew in his pockets.