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Cybergenic 4: Low Blow. Walkthrough

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Only the phrases of your answers are written here.


Ugh, it feels like a Bandersnatch jumped on my head

Why did I wake up? My alarm was supposed to go off in just five minutes

Well, it looks like the engines are working. They have some serious power, too. But where are we going?

Oh yeah, there’s no AI here. That was a rhetorical question, I guess…

Well, at least I still have some time to reflect. I need to shower, get dressed, and head to the bridge.

Now I know to go straight to Emma for an assignment (take a shower)

We’re really moving. They’re even using our fresh water as engine coolant. (leave the cabin)

Yep, now I’m the XO. After that brief but harsh fall, my career is really taking off. (get dressed and go to the bridge)

Hello, Billy.

That’s not like her

Where are we flying off to so fast?

How does it work?

Sounds strange

And what is your job?

I used to captain an entire ship

What does it say?

I don’t really want anyone going through my dirty laundry

Got it!

Ok. I’ll go look for Emma. ( leave the bridge)

How do I know if I can go inside? (call Emma on your tablet)

Umm… Are you in your cabin?

I was looking for you to get my assignment

(Wait a minute and enter the cabin)

Sit in the chair

Of course, I woke up when the engines engaged.

I wonder what we’ll find…

And when do you expect to arrive?

They’re not my friends!

Emma! Don’t mess with me. I have trauma, you know!

Don’t try to be funny, it doesn’t suit you.

The color pink.

Nice one!

Like you and the smiley?

What kind of “upgrade” will this be?

That sounds boring. How is that different from an ordinary camera?

I like it.

I can handle it.

Just do it already.

Interesting, how do I do that?

I see the symbol. Everything feels normal.



This will be easy. I know exactly where to go first!

I’ll be back with some answers in no time!

Hi, everything’s great.

Unfortunately, no. I have orders from Emma!

Go ahead, report. What is it?

(Go to Greta’s cabin)

Why do you need me?

Why would Emma ever be upset with you?

And what’s so scary about that?


And what am I supposed to see?

Entirely empty.

There’s Andrew



The situation is actually quite serious. Emma is also on alert.

I think she knows about your mishap.

I’d be very happy to help you.

This is a huge responsibility!

Await my victorious return, beautiful maiden!

(leave the cabin)

Nadia’s Cabin

( pick up the master-key)

I think I better check if she’s here. (open door)

Hey, she should be in the propulsion bay. What if something happened? (look in the shower)

Oh my god, am I too late?

I better leave before she notices me.

Recharging before getting back to a tough job?

Oh, yes, of course, excuse me.

Damnit that was awkward.

I’ll just go to my own cabin for a bit.

I think I’ll follow Nadia’s example.

(Undress and lie on your bed)

Oh yeah, baby, grab me.

Damnit, I forgot to close the door.

Umm, this is a bit awkward.

Well, you know how that stuff is. Sometimes you feel like you did it, even though you didn’t.

Into your room or into you?

Excuse me.

Don’t worry about it. After all, we’re friends.

At your breasts.


They’re amazing!


I want you! Come here!

Ohhh, Nadia!


No, no, I didn’t mean to offend you!

Of course not! You’re as light as a feather!

I want to be inside you!

I’ve been looking forward to this!



Achievement unlocked: Pleasant awkwardness

It’s always nice to know that you share interests

Okay! I’m getting to work soon too!

Billy’s Cabin

Interesting, does Greta’s master-key have any extra functions?

Enter password from previous game

Wow. This is cool. It’s the same drone Greta used to draw that ass for Andrew.

Hmm, I thought Greta would be in her cabin.

Is this happening right now or is it a recording?

She’s a pilot, what’s so amazing?

What a strange conversation. How can you pilot a ship without thinking?

Andrew also told me he designed it…

That sounds more likely though.

I can’t tell if this is useful knowledge, or if I’m just getting more confused. I wish Emma had given me that tour of the ship.

That’s insane! It’s a legend!

No, what?

Aren’t they gathering on the bridge soon?

But what if someone comes in? These girls are either thoughtless or reckless! I don’t know which I like more!



Apparently, there’s nothing more to see! Too bad! I better go keep looking for other oddities!


Hi, it’s no big deal.

Well, sure, she just needed a helper, and you all are busy already.

That’s how it is.

I wanted to ask you one question.

Dang, my head is spinning, and I can’t remember.

Yeah, probably.

Have you noticed anything strange lately?

I’ll ask her.

And how is Adriana?

I’ll do that!

It was nice to see you! Until next time! (leave the cabin)

Sick Bay

Hi! Is everything okay?

Did I offend you somehow?

Umm… Emma sent me here to find out if anything strange was going on (start to walk around the table)

And I think what I’m seeing right in front of me is very strange! (go faster)

Fine, you don’t want to look at me, but tell me why?

What happened?

These two? When did they manage it?

The Christmas mannequins.

They seemed really sweet to me. What should we do now?

Is this just an excuse to kiss? Why does kissing need an excuse?

No, I just want to analyze the situation! For the future!

I don’t believe you! (advance quickly and turn the chair around)

Well, well, well girls. Come on out! I see right through you!

I sure did! And now I get to punish you!

Slap on the ass

Where did you get this inflatable doll anyway? Real guys are way bigger!

(take out your dick)


( Continue )

It was amazing!

( Continue )

Come on, girls. No fighting.

Ohh, I guess we should get back to work.

I would venture to say that I doubt Emma indoctrinated you this way.

Well, girls, you are very creative, but if it wasn’t for Adriana, I would have never taken part. I just wanted to kiss her!

(kiss Adriana)

( Continue )

This will help me carry out Emma’s orders.

I’ll tell you, but only Adriana!

( Continue )

( Continue )

(tell Adriana after Greta leaves)

Adriana’s Cabin

It’s Player!

(enter the cabin)

I’ve been dying to see you too!

Honestly, I really didn’t.


What’s wrong with that?

I don’t really understand why you’re so offended.


Wait, wait, Adriana!

But you’re forgetting phobias! Sure, they’re irrational, but there’s nothing you can do about them!


As you like, no problem.

(wash up and leave the bathroom)

Do you have a license to practice medicine?

Even this?

I have complete faith in you!

Oh, how my hands have missed them!

Sex scene

She’s capable of it!

I won’t keep you! (dress quickly and exit to the corridor)

Andrew’s Cabin

You have to go to the cabin 4 times.

Achievement unlocked: Master planner

You clearly understand your objective and work persistently towards your goal.


Uni! Hey! Where are you?

I’d like to speak with you.

Well, I haven’t asked any yet.


You know, I overreacted.

I can play lots of games.

Why did you think of that game specifically?

Are you nervous?

And I am one of your commanding officers. Please answer my questions.

I don’t think you’re a machine.

And what’s your opinion?

Do you wish you had friends?

Are you afraid of anything?

Name the first word that comes into your head.

Uni. Maybe you don’t know about that…

Well, you were part of a little test…

You aren’t a robot. You’re a person. What do you say to that?

It’s a mystery, yes.

No. I’ll just order you to remove your helmet.

I can. Robots carry out orders. Or should I consult with Emma?

I promise.

Okay, fine. (leave the warehouse)

Complex maneuvers? Hmm. I’ll go report to Emma. I’ll bet she didn’t know anything about Uni.

Emma’s Cabin 2

I figured it all out. Our saboteur has been found!

How did you figure it out?


But violations are impossible, right? After all, the laws of the universe can’t be broken.

I’m not sure I follow.

Either you or Andrew.

Oh, well, a person then, but I still don’t get it.

Is it about the unknown variable?

And therefore, everything they do, from the computer’s perspective, violates the logic of things?

Then why don’t we use this system to find the saboteur? After all, they’re connected to cyborgs!

But who created this system?

And how did you find the violations?

We think a lot alike, Emma!

Some people don’t care, as long as the ship flies and doesn’t break.

And I always thought the Environmental Safety Service kept things organized. Everything has to be standardized!

Why is that?

Well, this will probably make you happy, then. I came to a completely different conclusion.

Your method relies on deduction and logic. But I, as a new crew member, simply looked at everything with a fresh perspective.

But you have to promise to hear me out.

On my first day, I met the whole crew, and I was mystified by Uni’s identity.

But I didn’t know that, because you never gave me a tour. So, I thought she was a real person.

Hey, miss skeptic! Why are you so certain she’s a robot?

If you have tested Yuni incorrectly, you will get an achievement.

Achievement unlocked: The Truman Show

But Andrew never knew

I saw her without a helmet. She’s human.

So, you believe me?

What kind of evidence do you need?

Tell me more.

Sounds dangerous. Soon I’ll be half machine, like those blasted cyborgs!

For example, they stole my ship.

Andrew is definitely not involved here, but I suspected Uni from the very beginning.

Okay, I’m on my way! (exit to the corridor)

Dang, I need to give the masterkey back to Greta. She might need it. I’ll check the camera at the same time! – ending 1 with Greta

Achievement unlocked: Candid Camera

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera, and the ladies love it!


I need to hurry to the warehouse! — Continue the game

I think it’s best not to call Uni, but quietly sneak behind the boxes and check everything out.

Interesting, what’s going on… (launch camera)

She’s not a robot down there either! Did I hear her say my name?

I did hear that! And she likes me!

And she’s got the gear! How did nobody notice she isn’t a robot?

I’d like that too… This camera is amazing! But I need to speak with her!

Uni, I’m looking for you in the warehouse! Where are you?

I’m almost there. Hi!

Uni, are you going to tell me you’re a cargo loader again?

Yes, everything is quite clear now.

I just don’t understand one thing. Why didn’t anybody else find you out?

Do you really like me that much?

Way to go, Uni. No matter what, you’re on our team! (go back to the warehouse entrance)

I wonder, what is Uni doing now? (look)


I need to hurry and tell the captain everything. Time is wasting! (go back to Emma) — Continue the game

Did she spend the entire conversation on that dildo?!

( quickly go back to Uni) — ending 2 with Uni

Achievement unlocked: Cooking

Don’t forget to flip those steaks when you grill them!

Achievement unlocked: The main thing is skill!

But a longer rod gives more thrill!


No, I need to tell Emma about this! — Continue the game

Emma 3

Emma! You better sit down! I have good news!

But how?

How thoughtful!

An example?

Do you like peeping?

Thank you, I like getting praise from you.

Take measures to eliminate the damage?

At your service!

Great! Finally, some real work! (go to the propulsion bay)

Me too!

Yes, can you help me?

I need to disengage gravity in the utility room. Emma and I are doing some work in there.

Can anything go wrong?

Н I hate surprises!

(go to the utility room)

Thanks, it was easy!

So, are we going to set things straight after the sabotage?

A bench by a lake, fluttering butterflies on the Samand during a meteor shower?

I used to love to read poetry. There was even a small library on my ship.

Time, yes…

Then why do we need to undress? Let’s go in and take care of business. (turn around and undress)

But I’m the biggest one here.

And what happens now?

I’m ready. Shall we go?

Ok (enter the utility room)

Wow. My ship didn’t have anything like this. Neither did the Academy.

What should we do now? And what’s the g-force in here?

Did Uni get into the propulsion bay too?

We could have used her suit and saved the energy on these force fields…

What about charging it?

I’m sure she still would have confided in me!

I don’t even want to think about such a terrible deed!

They weighed their options. And I delayed them enough as it is.

What should I do?

Looking at you gives me the strength to do anything!

This is team work!

Wow! Kick back!

As you say. Are you sure you’re comfortable with that?

Good point. Especially since I already…

Yes, maybe Uni drugged us with some kind of gas?

The days when subordinates strived to thwart their captains have long since passed!

Emma, you are the most mysterious woman I have ever met!

And I’m tired of waiting for this! (give Emma a boost)

Of course. (look up)

Uni had too little time to do anything complicated. (look with the camera)

I could hold you forever!

I’ll bet I could in normal gravity too…

I could carry you all over the ship, can you imagine the others’ faces!

Thank you!

And it fell on me!


Then you can press as you like

If you didn’t get the right amount of Emma’s sympathy points:

Achievement unlocked: A

Just a bit more for an A+


Achievement unlocked: The perfect ending!

The right place at the right time


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