Demo-version of game “Prequel” of the Cybergenic

Very soon will release our first erotic game from series “Cybergenic”. It will our prequel, our first experience of teamwork. Before that me and Stranger made only games which wrote by themselves.

Today we want to present to your attention demo-version the prequel. In this adult game the plot is happening in far future, when the interstellar and intergalactic journeys are possible. You are the captain of the ship but flight engineer of your ship has retired. And now you have to find a new flight engineer. And you have found the substitution – the pretty girl Stella.

How will evolved your relationships — depend on you and your actions.

Try the demo-version of this game and leave your comments. It will helps us to make the games what you will love!

Features of the game:

Number of pictures: 108
Language of the interface: English, Russian
Browser game
Date of release – March 2018












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