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News on a series of games Cybergenic. The games are available by this link.

Adult Games News 01/15/22

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Porn Games News 01/08/12

Hi everybody. I haven’t written anything since last year) So it’s time to tell you something. But first I want to congratulate you on all the past holidays. May everything be wonderful for you. May all your endeavors be successfully realized! Solomon Convent News It’s been exactly a month since the last time I added …

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Porn Games News 12/25/21

Hi everybody. I haven’t written news for a long time. This is because I rested for almost a week and a half and didn’t do much. And now it’s time to write something. Solomon Convent News In this game, the screenwriter is also resting. He will continue to write the script only next year. In …

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Porn News 11/26/21

Hello. A new batch of news is ready for you, my dear patron. Solomon Convent News The flowchart looks like this. The entire block of dialogue with the guardian who guards you has been written. During the dialogue with her, you always have to choose the right lines. Otherwise, you can pass by the sex …

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Porn news 11/06/2011

Another batch of weekly news about how we make porn games. First of all, thank you to everyone who supports us! I say welcome to the new patrons, I greet those who have been with us for a long time. Solomon Convent News This week we started making the next series of the game “The …

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Porn Games News 10/30/21

Hi everybody. Solomon Convent News As you have noticed, the first game in “The Solomon Ring” series has been released. You can play it on this page. By tradition, for the first two weeks it is available only for $7 patrons. Then it will be available to $5 patrons. When the second game in the …

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The game for adults is almost finished. News 10/23/21

Hi everybody. Solomon Convent News The first game in “The Solomon Ring” series called “Cumvent” is almost finished. All the main pictures are made, they turned out to be 1114. This is taking into account the version with a sexier outfit for one of the nuns. It remains only to wait for the screenwriter to …

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Porn Games News 10/16/21

Hi everybody. Solomon Convent News The whole week was spent in work, quite a lot was done. As always, I post a screenshot of a fresh flowchart. Now there are 782 pictures in the game. This is a big increase in the number. It occurred due to the fact that new animations from the sex …

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Porn World News 10/09/21

Hi everybody. Again, it’s time to tell you about what I’ve done in a week. And enough has been done. Solomon Convent News In the porn game about the Solomon Convent, new pictures have appeared. At the moment there are 660 images. A week ago there were 531 pictures. Basically, these are again animation pictures …

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Adult Games News 10/01/21

Hello everybody! First of all, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who supports us. Your support is important to us, thank you very much. The Solomon Convent News We have done a lot over the past week. The flowchart has become even bigger. I was mainly engaged in creating animations of sex scenes. …

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