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News on a series of games Cybergenic. The games are available by this link.

Cybergenic 6 – development news. 4.3 (3)

Hi everyone.Work on creating our new game from the Cybergenic series will soon be completed. I only have a few pictures left to make. Then I will do programming. I need to finish the program code for the desktop version of the game. There is still a lot of programming to do for the online …

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Development news 05.02 3 (1)

Hi everyone.2 weeks have passed and it is time to tell you again about what we have done during this time. A lot has been done. I work on games every day, seven days a week.The new series of the erotic series “Cybergenic” has 86 new images. As the screenwriter says, he wrote the entire …

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Virtual Passion. Development news 04.04 5 (1)

Hi everyone.Work on creating a new porn game is in full swing. 41 images were made in 7 days. The screenwriter wrote dialogues for the new location, mostly these pictures are made. In this game there will be one girl with a sexier outfit. This version of the game will be available to patrons for …

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Virtual Passion. Porn against coronavirus (news) 0 (0)

Hi everyone.I’ve had enough work to do this week. The coronavirus doesn’t affect my work that much. I just sit at home, create pictures, program. I think this disease will force the entire nation to develop the Internet industry. Over the past 14 days, our site has received 16 % more visitors. And now more …

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Virtual Passion. Developer news 0 (0)

Hi everyone.This week I worked very productively on a new erotic game from the series “Cybergenic“. The screenwriter gave me new scripts for two sex scenes. The first porn scene involves 3 girls. And it will be BDSM. The second sex scene involves a man and a girl. This will be a regular fuck. I …

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News about creating sex games on March 6th 0 (0)

Hi everyone.First of all. Now we are developing a game for adults from the “Cybergenic” series. The script is written, just very slowly. Only 80 frames were written last month. And that makes me sad. Therefore, the news is very rare – there is nothing to write about. Secondly. I made an agreement with a …

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November 10th News 1.5 (2)

Hi, everybody. It’s time for more news about our games for adults. For almost 4 months we have been working on our new video game from the series Cybergenic. And I’m happy to say we’re almost there. I finally finished all the pictures. The script is also fully written. Therefore, the smallest works remained. I …

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October 3rd Update 0 (0)

Hi there!We continue to work on our next erotic series of Cybergenics. More than half of the script has been written. And this part of the script is given to the translator for translation into English. Pictures have also been made. I really hope that in November our new erotic game will be ready.

August 3rd news 4.5 (2)

Hi everyone. Another news about the creation of our games. For technical reasons, the release of our next porn game about Bungler is postponed. This time I will not say the release date, so as not to make a mistake. The game is almost ready, just have one problem with the translator. And we have …

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A new porn game will be published soon 5 (1)

Hello to all. I want patrons to tell the good news – next weekend I will publish our new game “Cybergenic 4: Low Blow”! It remains to make a few images, sounds. Need to check the game code. Patrons $ 6 dollars and more have already appreciated part of this game. This time the game …

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